Friday, March 27, 2009

You know the difference between Rep Mike Doogan and Mt. Redoubt? One is a sulphur spewing ash-hole and the other is just a volcano. UPDATED!

Today a so called "Democrat" outed the progressive Alaskan blogger known as AKM, the creator of the fabulous blog "Mudflats".

Mike Doogan has been stalking AKM for over four months, ever since he found his inbox crammed with e-mails sent by supporters of Alaskans for Truth. In response Doogan sent out an angry dismissive response which was posted on Mudflats in December.

He seriously put his foot in his mouth and received a lot of blowback over it, as well he should have. But instead of admitting that he had been insensitive and sending out a mea culpa, Doogan got pissed.

Since then he has been on a mission. A mission to reveal the identity of my very good friend, and fellow anonymous blogger AK Muckraker.

Well today Doogan finally managed to get his revenge. He has revealed that the mysterious AKM is in fact......wait for it........just a regular concerned citizen of Anchorage, Alaska. Her name is (redacted) and if you stood next to her in the line at the grocery store you would probably see nothing strange or exotic about her. Simply put she is just a person like any other except that she has taken her disgust with politics in Alaska, put those thoughts into words, and published them on a blog.

And what incredible words they turned out to be. So incredible that Mudflats has many tens of thousands of visits a day. So incredible that AKM was able to help inspire thousands of people to come out for several different rallies in Anchorage, and Juneau, and in many other places around the country. So incredible that Mudflats won the "Best Political Blog of 2008".

And that is the person that Mike Doogan decided to attack today. That is the powerful progressive voice that an Alaskan Democrat decided to attempt to injure.

Oh Mr. Doogan how can you be so incredibly stupid?

If Mr. Doogan thinks his actions have done anything except anger the very people whose vote he is hoping to attract when next he runs for election, than he must have been living under a rock for these last six months. If Mike Doogan fails to realize that he has essentially struck out at an individual who many progressives see as a hero, than he is definitely too stupid to continue representing Alaska in any capacity.

You see Mr. Doogan after many, many years of standing in the shadows and watching this state get raped and pillaged by one corrupt politician after another, we have decided to band together to put a stop to it. You could have been part of that effort. You could have been part of the team. But instead you decided to put your ego ahead of your conscience and have sided with those who want to shut us up.

But we will not be shut up. We will not be marginalized any longer. You cannot attack one of us without attacking ALL of us. To paraphrase 70's icon Helen Reddy, "We are Alaskan Progressive Bloggers, hear us roar!"

Go here to read AKM's response on Mudflats.

Go here to read Shannyn Moore's response.

Go here to read Think Alaska's response.

Go here for a response from We're Not That Stupid.

Go here for a response from Phil Munger at Progressive Alaska.

And now even Alaska Gubernatorial hopeful Bob Poe is weighing in on this issue over at Mudflats. Please take a moment to read what he has to say because he REALLY understands the importance of blogs in the world today. Well I am proud to say that, I Know Bob Poe!

Go here for a response by Palingates.

Go here for a response from Mamadance.

I will update this post as more Alaskan bloggers and others weigh in.

If you want to contact Mike Doogan to express your feelings about today's events here is his contact information:

Mike Doogan: CONTACT ME
Ph: (907) 465-4998
Or (800) 689-4998
Fax: (907) 465-4419


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Isn't doogan showing up at the Spenard Rec Center with French & someone else on Saturday, from 1-3p?

    Sounds like the perfect venue for a pro-1st amendment rally to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous4:36 PM

    The Bill O'Reilly's helper Tammy Bruce, is the same kind of "Democrat" as Rep Mike Doogan.
    They are the lowest of the low.

  3. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Boy, does this really make me mad. After seeing what C.Diva is going through, How could this imbecil be so ()*(**&^&**( stupid!!!! I can't even get onto Mudflats and was wondering why. Shheeeshhhh, won't this ever end???

  4. This is the email, that I sent to Doogan this afternoon:

    From: ]
    Sent: Friday, March 27, 2009 1:26 PM
    To: Rep. Mike Doogan
    Subject: Mudflatts

    Wow, that was petty and vindictive. And here I thought the republicans had that market cornered. You did all democrats a disservice today by stooping so low.

    This is his response:

    From: Rep. Mike Doogan
    Sent: Friday, March 27, 2009 4:34:01 PM
    Subject: RE: Mudflatts

    What? You see this strictly as a political question? There’s a surprise.

    This was my response:

    To: Rep. Mike Doogan
    Sent: Friday, March 27, 2009 6:49:55 PM
    Subject: Re: Mudflatts

    Your response doesn't make sense. I might also add that it is very unprofessional...not what I'd expect from an ELECTED official.

    I'll let you know if I get a response back from him. I'm kinda doubting it though (now that his responses to Dave have gone "viral") :)

  5. FEDUP!!!4:48 PM

    I am still speechless about the happenings today to AKM and yesterday to celtic Diva...

    Here are a couple more emils for this douchebag:

    I think he used the CGI address - at least for *some* of his emails. Definite violation of their bylaws, so at least we can try to shut THAT spouting hole up.

  6. Is he not violating her right to privacy? And if I'm not mistaken, DooDoo is writing all these nasty emails to AKM's supporters on State computers during work hours.
    By the way I absolutely LOVE your headline!

  7. Greytdog4:51 PM

    Time to stop this type of political terrorism! That's all Doogan and his ilk are - terrorists. 8 years of terror under Bush are enough. Not only did Doogan place Jeanne & her family in very real harm's way (remember those wonderful Palin rallies during the campaign? Well, those wingnuts are still out there), but he really does believe that this enormously stupid act of his will stop progressive bloggers -

  8. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Words fail me, in my attempt to express my anger and disgust at Rep. Doogan's behavior to purposely and willfully use the power of his elected office to search for, and single out, a concerned citizen exercising her 1st Amendment right to take a position on current Alaska political affairs and wishing to remain anonymous. Someone please tell me what purpose this has served, other than as a boost for Rep. Doogan's bloated self-image. I plan to contact the Legislative Ethics Committee in the hopes that there will at least some action taken against him for his unethical behavior.

  9. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I find the timing amazing-- Celtic Diva is being threatened for filing an ethics complaint, Gryphen asks posters to mind their manners, and now Mudflat's wonderful author is outed,on State time by a State officer. I am reminded of another strongarm guy-- the image that I have is Todd Palin, sitting at a table in Sarah Palin's office, threatening people with I-don't-know-what if an ex brother-in-law isn't fired. You guys play rough up there in Alaska, watch out, Gryphen! And, by the way, great work, great writing and you must be getting to your thin-skinned governor.

  10. Anonymous5:25 PM

    AKM, I can't get onto Mudflats, so I'll leave my message for you here-- Doogan, Palin, WAR, and the many, many other slimy AK politicians play dirty. You know that. That's why you set up Mudflats in the first place. This 'outing' was bound to happen, you knew that. And you get to choose how to respond. The wingnuts are truly dangerous because they don't value the rule of law, and they are f*cking bullies. This is a very precarious time-- and the change agents, from Obama on down to you and Linda are at risk. No one would blame you if you shut down the site-- you have contributed more than most to the uncovering of corruption, dirty politics, numbskullery, tomfoolery, and downright lunacy. If that's your decision, so be it. As much as your legions of fans and supporters love and admire you, we can't ask you to do something just for us. As much as I hope you will continue to write your brilliant blog, I know you'll make the right decision for you and your family. I support you either way.

    Signed, Lisa Keller, aka wired differently also, too, an ugly old fat LIBERAL FEMINIST b*tch (but beautiful to myself and to my family and friends)

  11. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I couldn't get onto Mudflats either and was concerned about Jeanne.

    I liked the Think Alaska post which asked if this was misuse of government resources by Doogan. It certainly wasn't an ethical action on his part and I do wonder if he hasn't broken one or more laws by going after a private citizen.

    Blessings to Jeanne and her family.


  12. Here is the 2nd Degree Stalking Statute from Alaska (perhaps Doogan needs about 500 emails that include the text)???:

    AS 11.41.270. Stalking in the Second Degree.

    (a) A person commits the crime of stalking in the second degree if the person knowingly engages in a course of conduct that recklessly places another person in fear of death or physical injury, or in fear of the death or physical injury of a family member.

    (1) “course of conduct” means repeated acts of nonconsensual contact involving the victim or a family member.

  13. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Here is the 2nd Degree Stalking Statute from Alaska (perhaps Doogan needs about 500 emails that include the text):

    AS 11.41.270. Stalking in the Second Degree.

    (a) A person commits the crime of stalking in the second degree if the person knowingly engages in a course of conduct that recklessly places another person in fear of death or physical injury, or in fear of the death or physical injury of a family member.

    (1) “course of conduct” means repeated acts of nonconsensual contact involving the victim or a family member.

  14. ok--2nd try!

    I couldn't get to Mudflats either, but clicking on the link above did work for me.

    Stalking AKM and outing her on stste time? Sounds like an ethics complaint needs to be filed!

  15. Gryphen thank you for posting about this! All of you that blog in Alaska need to circle the wagons and watch each others backs! I feel bad vibes coming out of Alaska! Stay safe and keep us informed please. Oh and if you see Faux News up there as Diva has blogged please give them the bird for me would you?

  16. Anonymous5:50 PM

    What's the difference between Doogan and Palin? LIPSTICK! Surely you saw that one coming! Getting onto AKM today is spotty; I think it's because of the HUGE volume of responses she is getting.

  17. Apology for the duplicate post. Since Doogan is being rude even to his own constituents, there is no point in my sending it to him from the SW lower 48.
    Do Alaska politicians answer to anyone?

  18. bonefish6:15 PM

    I am appalled and incredulous at what Rep.D. has done. I predict this action, in addition to the implied threat to other bloggers who speak out, may lead to a result neither he nor the Gov. would have foreseen.
    Progressive bloggers, speak out, pass the word, go viral. This Must Stop.

  19. Anonymous6:17 PM

    I also have not been able to get on Mudflats all day. I sent Doogan a couple of emails. Since I'm not an Alaska resident I don't know if he will bother to respond. Not that I want to hear from that asshat.
    After being saddened by AKM's outing and frustrated that mudflats was jammed up, I fell asleep and had a strange dream that I went to Alaska to meet AKM but got lost in a salt marsh and then found out she was meeting people in the Homer airport.

  20. Anonymous7:27 PM

    I agree with your headline for this article, Doogan is an sulphur spewing ash-hole. I was going to write Doogan, but instead I sent an email to the DNC. I asked them if Mike Doogan violated Mudflats civil liberties. I also told them that i was disgusted that A democrat state Rep would do this to a Democrat supporter. I am a registered Democrat for the first time, and now I am considering to be unaffiliated. I am proud that I made the right choice casting my vote for Obama, but I was never comfortable with choosing an affiliation. Bayh, Begich, and now Doogan has strengthened my insecurities for my selection. I will continue following your posts, and I pray that AKM's family is safe, and I hope she continues with her brilliant blogging.

  21. anon@6:17pm

    Not clear, do you require a party affiliation in AK? Could you register Indy?
    I lean Dem but would vote for a qualified Rep (if I could FIND ONE)...then again just because you are a registered Democrat you are certainly not responsible for the fact that there are some really awful ones.
    Look at the bright least it is not a dictatorship like it was for the last 8 years...sigh.

  22. Anonymous7:50 PM

    The Complete Guide on How to Deal with Bill O'Reilly's ambush producers

    "Democrat" Tammy Bruce explains everything in her book The New Thought Police where she tells the story of Dr. Laura to illustrate the importance of activism. You have to stir your audience into action.

    Just because someone says they are a Democrat it doesn't mean they are.

  23. Anonymous7:54 PM

    "Democrat" Tammy Bruce explains everything in her book The New Thought Police where she tells the story of Dr. Laura to illustrate the importance of activism. You have to stir your audience into action.

    The Complete Guide on How to Deal with Bill O'Reilly's ambush producers

    Just because someone says they are a Democrat it doesn't mean they are.

  24. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Enjay in Eastern MT

    There is a lot of love & support out there for AKM & The Mudflats site. Over 500 comments from the "outing" and more with Bob Poe writing in.

    This "outing" is wrong on so many levels.

    It is a sad day when a government official uses the power & resources of their office for a personal vendetta.

    Watch out Bloggers - the "Witch hunt" is on for anyone with a voice.

  25. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Good post--it's circle the wagons time.

  26. Anonymous9:35 PM

    He has yet another email address:

  27. crystalwolf aka caligrl9:39 PM

    Doogan "to much holiday cheer" is a drunk! He also outed all of us who wrote him re: troopergate on a state email acct. All our email address were there for EVERYONE to see. And you know who probably look at his email's? He is vile and disgusting and Stalked AKM using state resources, and posting on a state website and a state email newsletter. I hope AKM sues the sh*t out of him. I have reported this to CREW.
    Lets make that ASSHAT Sorry he ever tried to stalk AKM!

  28. Thank you for posting this information. I have been a lurker/every once in a while poster at Mudflats since August. This is so disturbing on so many levels. I posted about it on my blog as well, I really think it's important for the "blogosphere" on the "intertubes" to rally around AKM. This could happen to anyone. The fact that it was an elected official makes it that much more dangerous. Keep fighting!

  29. Gryphen, I was so mad when I read his newsletter, that I had to delete the first few drafts of my blog entry.

  30. Anonymous11:34 PM

    How interesting that Doogan should accuse AKM of being a political activist. Activist my eye, she is simply a woman with a wonderful way with words expressing her opinions, insights and views on a variety of topics. Politics and the happenings in her home state happen to be some of her more popular topics.

    She did not seek out to gather a following and seems continually amazed by how many people read her blog and the vast number of posters. Yes, most do agree with her on the views she has expressed but not all. Those that do not agree are free to do so without bother.

    What Doogan did was low, selfish, dangerous and stupid. When I can write coherently, and politely, I fully intend on giving that guy a piece of my mind.

  31. Anonymous4:35 AM

    What bothers me the most, this was done by a rep that is suppossed to not only know, but defend our constitution.

  32. Anonymous4:37 AM

    This reminds me -

    This so-called progressive blogger launched a quest to out the identity of Audrey from Palin Deceptions a few months back.

    When asked to explain what he hoped to achieve by doing so he went completely on the defensive and attacked everyone who questioned his motives for doing so. He has recently suggested that those who defended Audrey's anonymity are no more than cult members.....another douchbag imo.

  33. By the way I received a comment today by somebody who felt it was okay to post Mike Doogan's home address and phone number.

    I rejected that comment because I would never encourage anybody to harass somebody at their personal residence. That is NOT how progressives respond to this type of behavior.

    I have no problem with people e-mailing Rep. Doogan, or calling his office, or writing him a letter. But I certainly do not want anybody to go to his home, or call him at his home, when he is with his family.

  34. Anonymous8:03 AM

    You Have the Right to Blog Anonymously.

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation informs bloggers of their rights and helps in legal matters.
    EFF has fought for your right to speak anonymously on the Internet, establishing legal protections in several states and federal jurisdictions, and developing technologies to help you protect your identity.

  35. Doogan the douchebag is a disgrace to the Democratic's that for alot od D's? There are a few more I could have thrown in. I emailed him...will update when I get his response

  36. mlaiuppa10:41 AM

    Yeah, I'm in So. Cal and I found Mudflats shortly after McCain announced she was his running mate. Like the rest of the country, I said "Sarah Who?" and went straight to Google. I got a lot of hits, but I stayed with Mudflats and a few others. I've been a regular reader ever since.

    I have been amazed at what Alaskans will put up with in their politics. We recalled our Governor (Davis) for a lot less than what Palin has done.

    And Doogan? Did he not read his job description? Does he not know what his "civic duty" is? He obviously doesn't know what a public servant is supposed to be doing on the taxpayer's dime.

    And I'm not sure what he thought he would accomplish. Does he think anyone cares who AKMuckracker really is? And if for any reason Jeanne or her family receive any negative fallout from this (threats, stalking, retaliation, etc) it can be laid directly at his door and he can be made culpable in court. Did he really think this through?

    But I think the thing that astounds me most about Doogan (and Palin for that matter) is their complete disregard of the Constitution. Everyone has a right to free speech. Everyone. Not just politiicans. And not just mainstream media. Everyone. And net neutrality has given an everyday citizen like Jeanne the same power as a Keith Olberman to state an opinion. She is under no legal compulsion to state her name and address. She has not broken any laws. She has the right to freely express her opinion as long as she does not commit slander or libel. Which she has not done.

    Jeanne has now joined the ranks for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (sans the writing staff) in showing the emperor has no clothes by using the emperor's wardrobe against him. If Doogan doesn't like having his words used against him, he should consider his choices more carefully before spewing them out. Cheney got the same treatment. As did McCain, AIG, Liddy and the list goes on.

    Blogs are the new "newspapers". And as far as I'm concerned, more amateur and professional journalists should proudly display the title "Muckracker" and act accordingly. If we had had more muckrackers the last two decades, maybe we wouldn't be were we are now.

  37. I am a regular reader of your and AKM's...have been visiting every day since September 08. I continue to be astounded by the corruption, cronyism, and outright folly that is Alaska politics. Do these elected officials actually believe that they are above the law? I know Uncle Ted did, I heard his FBI tapes. Apparently Sarah Palin does, also too. Now Mike Douchebag takes a page out of the Sarah ethics handbook on using state resources to pursue a personal vendetta.

  38. The worst part of what Doogan did is that it is irreversible. AKM can't re-hang the curtain he tore down. AKM can't undo the unmasking. It's out there.

    Three things, imo:
    1) I will continue to respect AKM's wish to respect his/her name and gender.
    2) What Doogan did is tantamount to cyber rape.
    3) What Doogan did deserves swift legal action, because if we don't hold him responsible now, others will only feel empowered to follow suit. It's time for someone to file complaints or lawsuits or both.

  39. I am asiangrrl on the 'flats, and I am simply furious with Mike Doogan for doing this. I have followed AKM since Palin was first chosen by McCain, and the 'flats quickly became my must-read in my daily battle with accepting that Sarah Palin was actually a VP nomination.

    I didn't care about AKM's identity; all I cared about was the writing. AKM wrote with clarity, insight, accuracy, intelligence, and humor.

    AKM is a beacon who has shown how corrupt and nasty Alaskan politics can be. Gryphen, you are another such beacon. I firmly believe that in this case, the 'good guys' are causing the 'bad guys' to run scared. Keep it up.

  40. New facebook group started to call out Mike Doogan for his shameful actions:

  41. Doogan’s “theory”: “My own theory about the public process is you can say what you want, as long as you are willing to stand behind it using your real name.”

    The Law: Anonymous speech over the internet is entitled to First Amendment protection. Reno v. ACLU, 521 U.S. 844 (1997).

    Anonymous internet speech in blogs or chat room in some instances can become the modern equivalent of political pamphleteering. McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Comm’n, 514 U.S. 334 (1995)

    Many participants in cyberspace discussions employ pseudonymous identities. For better or worse, then the audience must evaluate a speaker’s ideas based on her words alone. This unique feature of the internet promises to make public debate in cyberspace less hierarchical and discriminatory than in the real world. Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky, Silencing John Doe: Defamation & Discourse in Cyberspace, 49 Duke L.J. 855, 896 (2000).

    Doogan's "theory" is dead wrong. As a result, he may need to learn the theory of defamation, if AKM and her attorney choose to teach him that lesson.

  42. Greytdog6:28 PM

    Everyone is saying "circle the wagons" - but wait. AKMuckraker is laying low, there are guardians at the pass (as in the progressive voices of Alaska and across this country), and Doogan has unleashed a firestorm. . .
    So instead of circling the wagons, how about - expanding that circle? How about all of us step up to plate and Mudflat the world? Keep the homegrown terrorists like Doogan on notice that they are being watched, they are being measured, and they will not be allowed to use the people's voices and resources for illegal activity or to act with malice aforethought. Let these politicians know that anonymous bloggers are the new vanguard of The Bill of Rights and we will protect & defend our Freedom of Speech

  43. Hi Gryphen - I post on Mudflats as Small Steps, but will "out" myself here. Would like to ask you to redact AKM's name here, as she has removed his/her name at the About Me/Contact page. Please respect his/her privacy. Thanks!!

    BTW - I do enjoy your site as well. One of the sips of lemonade I'm taking from this Costco Sized Bag of Lemons is that I have broadened my blog-reading repertoire and found some other great voices from Alaska. Keep up the great work!


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