Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Andrea Mitchell interviews Sarah Palin. Get ready for some more "word salad"! With a side order of "WTF"?

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"Everytime we do something we get hit with an ethics violation charge or a lawsuit". You know Governor if you conduct yourself ethically those things don't happen! Just thought you should know.

"Thousands and thousands of hours in state time, and millions of dollars in state resources to continually fend off these frivolous and wasteful ethics violations." Of course the Personnel Board just released the total cost of dealing with these ethics charges and it was not even $300,000. And yet the Governor continues to allege that it is costing the state MILLIONS of dollars. It is like she is allergic to reality. (Which by the way makes me doubt that her figure of spending 500 thousand to fight these charges is accurate either. I mean once you start lying....)

By the way what "political game" is being played by finishing out your term? Can anyone answer that question?

You know if the goal was to show some kind of family unity to dispel rumors that there were "Other problems to cause her to resign" perhaps they should have had more children in the video then just Piper and Trig. Didn't Palin "tweet" that her kids were in Bristol Bay during her emergency press conference? (As has been the case for decades, family is commercial fishing in Bristol Bay-I look forward to joining the work crew for 1 day picking fish) Where are they?

"My focus is on my state and it always will be." God I cannot tell how much I want Sarah Palin to focus on something else. Please lady have you not done enough?

You know speaking of of being in your own reality I also read soemthing kind of bizarre in an ADN article today. After a reporter talked about criticism toward Sarah from Lisa Murkowski (Sen. Lisa Murkowski said after Palin's resignation that she was "deeply disappointed that the governor has decided to abandon the state and her constituents before her term has concluded."), the Governor responded with this:

"The double standard that's applied here is a bit perplexing. ... Didn't Lisa Murkowski leave office to go take her dad's seat? (Govs.) Huntsman left, Napolitano just left ... ," Palin said, referring to governors who took positions in President Obama's administration.

It seems like Plain simply cannot discern the difference between quitting to take another position in government and just up and quitting for no well defined reason. It really makes me wonder just how mentally unhinged she might truly be.

By the way there is another rumor swirling as to why Palin quit. If it turns out to be valid it will be a doozy. Stay tuned kids.

Update: "If I die, I die. So be it." You have GOT to see this ABC News video where Palin makes the accusation that her problems stem from "opposition researchers" that "bombarded Alaska"trying to dig up dirt on her since the campaign. Is she talking about the Alaska bloggers? And does she not understand the difference between "concerned citizen" and "political operatives"?


  1. Anonymous5:20 AM


    Unswervingly, but yet grumpily, staying tuned. You know we hate it when you offer up these "doozy" rumors.

  2. Anonymous5:26 AM

    and yet ANOTHER ethics violation to usher her out of the Govenors office... not that she ever spent any time there.

  3. Oh Gryphen...please me, don't tease me!

    I am confused as to why she is staying in office until the 26th. When is Sherry's next hearing? Is it to have time to shred baby shred? Will all the ethics investigations cease once she is out of office? Will CD get the emails she requested by the 26th? Do real fishermen in Alaska wear brand new Cabela waders and have fresh manicures? Will Levi seal the book deal by the first of August? Is Bristol pregnant with her third child??????????????? Sorry, I got carried away!

    Love the new new term being tossed around...Iquiterod!

    Hoping for a real doozy!

  4. By the way there is another rumor swirling as to why Palin quit. If it turns out to be valid it will be a doozy. Stay tuned kids.

    I see Palin's lawyers have you scared.

  5. Anonymous6:09 AM

    If she quits, you will not get the emails, right? No Gov, no ethics to complain about.

    I think she quit to prevent more complaints since we know that they all go away when she does.

  6. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Andrea Mitchell just dropped to the bottom of Journalistic pile. I've said it before and I will repeat for emphasis. I live in Florida and I knew about the fake pregnancy rumor by 6:00 PM August 29th. How? Simple, I did a bit of googling. I was sure that the MSM would be all over it in days - then came the fake pregnancy picture courtesy of Bill McAllister (the Gusty shot). Fact Check swallowed the picture hook line and sinker and the MSM clammed up.

    How did I learn so much? Simple Curiosity. Are you telling me that not one of our fine journalist as any curiosity?

    Greyphen, Audrey,AKM and CD

    Please write the white paper account and get it out there ASAP. I know you don't know how it's going to end, but you are clear on the beginning.

    Start writing. There is a Pulitzer Prize waiting to be had. I guess a blogger can get PP.

    MSM sure doesn't deserve one.

    Love Livvy

  7. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Larry Persily was correct, you bloggers have no standards or proper training to be doing this.

    Munger, Zaki, Moore, et all knowingly spread lies about somebody and are gleeful about it.

    That is fucking sick, much sicker than the person that you're stalking.

  8. Chris6:19 AM

    she really needs a phyc exam. Today.

  9. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Kenosha. Yea, were sooo scare of van fleas. He wrties a letter, threatening to sue, then puts out a statement saying Palin has no intention to sue? Where did he go to law school? Crackerjack prize U?

  10. I have a question about her original speech. She says she polled her children and got 4, "yes" and 1 "hell, yes." That accounts for all 5 kids, but does Trig really have any insight into politics yet?

  11. the problem child6:37 AM

    Anonymous @6:17 @ You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself. (Gently, of course.)

    For bloggers, standards are about what one holds oneself to. And the AK progressive bloggers measure up admirably, especially when you consider the lack of real reporting and fact checking going on in the "real" media.

    When things are rumours, the responsible bloggers call them that. When things are facts, they also call them that.

  12. Call her Grandma6:42 AM

    The woman has jumped from dimwitted to babbling-loony-fool. What a PR mistake -looks like she's wearing enough make-up for date-night in her fancy fishing attire, (with a one-year-old in tow for some unimaginable reason). Any person that has heard of the heating fuel fiasco last winter and the fishing rights debate will think Palin looks like she is stealing fish from the villages.

  13. I can't watch it. I am so sick of watching this woman lie and no one challenging her on it. Talk about a WMD--Woman of Mass Distractions.

    I friend was telling me last night about a coworker who sets everyone against each other and curries favor with the boss by taking little things that happen or that people say and twisting them into something ugly. I thought, God, that's what Sarah does. I can't believe the press are such gullible idiots. Every once and a while you hear someone who obviously sees her for exactly what she is, but must suck down a huge portion of her lies and half-truths. I'm beginning to despair.

    If there is an iceberg, I don't think she knows about it. She just wants to get back to her cheering crowds and make lots of money. Alaskans proved fickle. You guys just don't love her enough any more to keep her.

  14. Anonymous6:51 AM

    AAARRGGHH!! Why don't these so-called reporters do their homework?

    In her interview with Kate Snow that aired this morning (ABC News), Palin again lied that ALL ethics complaints against her have been dismissed.

    She repeats this lie; the $2- million-cost-to-the-state lie; and her $500,000-personal-debt-lie so often and nobody ever asks any follow-up questions! (I thought her debt was up to $600,000 but, hey--what's $100,000 to a grifter?)

    BTW, since Palin does not want to milk her lame-duck status (ha-ha), is she using vacation time to go fishing? It is a work day, after all....

    One would think transitioning the governorship to a new person in less than 3 weeks' time would keep her way too busy to take time off. If not, then why bother with the 7/26 effective date?

    Palin is a lying, narcissistic, delusional, grifting ignoramus who must be exposed for the good of all.


  15. Anonymous6:51 AM

    It seems to me some of these ethics complaints could be turned into criminal charges, like embezzlement and theft. I've heard of employees who used company credit cards for their family's travel or cheated on per diems going to jail. Why should she be any different? She even deliberately falsified claims.

  16. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Huffington blogger, Chris Weigant, has a great piece "Sarah Palin, Preparing to Run," which is worth a read. No, not running for president, but it references her Runners World interview.

    Sarah uses such phrases as "determination and setting goals," "Don't complain when something's hurting," "You're in it for the long haul." She brags about her endurance, even boasting that she could outlast Obama in a race because of that incredible endurnce. She can't make it around the clubhouse turn.

    So what happened to change things? Quitting is not acting as a public servant. Another ethis charge? Either it's a wake up call to get your act together and stop acting in a questionable way, or turn it over to your lawyer, forget it and get on with business.

    Someone with such a thin skin cannot even dream of being Vice Prsident or President. Daily comments from the opposition party, unfriendly nations and nasty bloggers, pundits, columnists, TV personalities, late night comediens would wipe her out the first month in office.

    According to an article in the Christen Science Monitor, only a handful of governors- ever- have quit in their first term. Most people in public office leave for another position, for serious health or family issues, but not because they can't take the heat. There's another adage that applies here, "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen."

  17. I posted this over on Mudflats, but it may fit here, too.

    I tried to watch the Fox Exclusive Interview this morning, but something happened to their video from the "On the Beach" interview. Half hour later, they showed only the Springer guy on a street in AK, and only a small clip of Sarah on a boat. On the blog roll at the side of your blog it shows under the Alaska Standard the headline:
    Fox News shows balance on Palin 37 min ago
    But, there had been something wrong with the clip and it didn't show. Yet, the AS had a headline already done for it! If you click on the link they have, it says page not found. So much for "fair and balanced!"
    They are compiling all the video on Sarah's Exclusive Magical Isolated Beach Interview Marathon.

  18. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Palin gave notice at the Lincoln dinner when she first started complaining about the ethics complaints, she developed her plan of getting a book contract while in office, setting up the legal defense fraud and travel overseas for photo op......can she pardon Sherry?

  19. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Thanks Gryph for a glimpse into the question that has been on my mind, namely, what other gov's or elected officials have "quit" their positions. What I'm reading from the rabid right indicates that our beloved messiah, as they like to call our President, did just the same but does not get criticized for it like Sarah does. Well, on that count I do happen to know that he didn't resign his senate seat until just before he was sworn in as POTUS.

    I also know just from watching/reading coverage that all of these other politicians only resigned their positions early because they had been elected to a higher/other office. How on earth does she think that compares to what she's done? It shows me that she is quite crazy manipulative (not like a fox, more like a patient). She has in the past and continues now to distort the truth to fit her own needs. She's insulted every governement official serving in their last term as being a "drain" or as "ineffective." That's bullshit. This is so terribly obvious that an elementary school child could spot it for what it is.

    That said, I've been thinking about everything I've read over the past few days. I feel that the emails between her and Schmidt during the campaign regarding Todd and the AIP are perhaps the most telling glimpse into the modus operadi of Sarah. If you apply the same tactic she attempted there to her ongoing explanations for resigning, you can see without a doubt, the thought process that went into her "reasons" for resigning. I believe that in that respect only, Sarah truly is transparent. In spite of the manic and angry delivery in which her resignation was given, she also, as before in most all interviews, is obviously just spewing talking points. And doing even that quite poorly. But I digress.

    With regard to icebergs and rumors and investigations and so on, I am coming to the point where can almost see where those rumors probably aren't true. I can see where Sarah, grifter and projectionist extraordinnaire, saw her chance to "dump" her job and responsibilities at an opportune moment. That moment being defined by having many many convenient excuses on which to blame her decision, none of which are her own fault, but are excuses that lay the blame at everyone else's feet. (what comes after victim? MARTYR!) Also, too, they are excuses that mightily stir up her supporters, which to her would only bolster her (false) sense of dignity. Don't you see? Now is the perfect time for her to ditch and blame it all on someone else! The fact that she can rile up the hate factions only serves to strenghten her position (i.e., create a divide!). Sarah speaks and millions believe and defend. That is the scenario she has exploited.

    Seriously, I am so sick of her and hearing people complain about her. For me I think this is because of the larger issue I see at play in politics and the media, in that, nobody gives a rat's ass about facts anymore, it's all about spin. This is particularly evident in the current religious right frenzy to prove (by way of distortion) that the US is a "christian only" nation. My fear and disgust have reached levels heretofore unknown to me.

    Guess I better end this rant now or I may just run into some drywall, on purpose :)

    Bloggers, esecially Alaska bloggers have much to be proud of in terms of having kept the pressure on this insane woman. I am sad, however, that she's set women back about 50 years in terms of progress on the political landscape. My wish is that she would receive the same treatment as any male politician - and have to speak to her record only, without bringing her emotional hysterics into the equation. By taking this sort of look at her resume and a review of her professional fortitude and accomplishments will clearly show a summary of Ms. Palin that = EPIC FAIL.

    Popping tums in MD,

  20. lol....scared of Palin's lawyer. "Laurie is looking around.."....nope...doesn't look like anyone is too scared around here.

    We keep talking..funny thing...no lawsuits. Where is your brain today? Still sleeping...or too busy remembering Palin in her naughty monkey shoes?

  21. ne term was enough? She didn't do one term. I am getting ready to file a lawsuit, perhaps several. I was wrongfully imprisoned and tortured(and more) while several gov agencies knew about it. I believe it was mostly for political reasons. Her staff told me the department of law told them not to talk to me or help me. She has created all of these problems and now she is bailing out so someone else can clean up the mess. I was looking forward to her being there.

  22. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Sarah has always wanted fame and fortune... without having to work for it.

    McCain gave her fame and now she quits to get her fortune.

  23. It is 7:46 AM. I am sitting in downtown Kaladi Brothers. There is going to be a press conference about the governor soon right outside.

  24. Anonymous7:55 AM

    The delusions of this woman! I do think she plans on attending to her higher calling - she thinks with her fervent supporters that she is outside the regular rules of politics - and she is going to attempt to step up and fill that big gaping hole of GOP leadership and exploit her supporters for all she can.

  25. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Wondering like everyone else... Do you think the republican mover's and shaker's told her she was rapidly not being seen as a "real contender" for 2012 because of all the PR miss steps and ethic violations filed against her? Her being Sarah, decided that the best course of action was to just quit being govenor, thinking if she did that, it would magically erase the mess she's made of everything? I'm scratching my head over her thinking process... she clearly does not posess critical thinking skills.

  26. These latest comments really make it sound like she wanted to play the game according to her own rules and when legislators and Alaskans demanded that she play according to the official game rules, she took her ball and stomped off the court. Now she's free to play her own game at repug rallies with nothing but cheerleaders and no one to question her lies and ethical lapses.

    While I'm happy for Alaskans to no longer be saddled with a Governor-in-Name-Only, I fear for those of us in the lower-49 who may get stuck with seeing more of Ex-Gov Quitter.

  27. As someone who knows her from Wasilla said, she craves adoration and will go to where ever she can get it. I believe that to be a true statement.

    Who was that, hmm, can't remember, but someone who worked on her campaign for her and knows her well.

    Better than the fluff monkeys who just follow her around the web spouting tons of fawning garbage. Shoot me if I ever do that to anyone, especially some political figure. *gag*

  28. From the ABC interview: "I don't need a title to be the one to usher in what it is that needs to be done in our state or our country."

    Title? Really? That sounds like she's a Beauty Queen, giving up her title of Miss Alaska, rather than quitting an elected OFFICE!

  29. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Susan in MD @ 7:14am

    ...she is quite crazy manipulative (not like a fox, more like a patient)...

    Hee-hee-hee ... hee? Too funny, too sad, too true, too scary, no?

    Excellent post. I'm sure your almost-can't-take-it exasperation and disgust with SP is shared by countless others.

    Take heart: I'm sure with perseverance and targeted efforts we can expose the truth about this lying, ignorant, arrogant, vindictive piece of kaka.

    BTW, did anyone else pick up on SP's comment about how fishing teaches the kids (including her nieces) about hard work and that none of them are divas?

    Well, that's good, considering she's diva enough for the entire state of A-LAHS-KA.

  30. crystalwolf aka caligrl8:53 AM

    Just when I thought I'd seen it all with her she surprises again! "todd built this boat with his buddies 20 yrs ago"(so that means he can build a house also, too) The whinning,about the cost of stuff to SOA, unbelievable! She is acting like she has finished her term already! And is she getting per diem for being on vacation again? She's basically been on vaction since 6/2 "L@@K @ me" tour! She dees not want "to milk it" umm, maybe she was caught and can't "milk it anymore?"
    If she had just said I'm handing over the reign's to gov Lt for a couple of months b/c of all the stress (and not whinning about bloggers, opertives etc.) took her time off and comeback she prob. would of been a martyr! But she is quitting! "I'm done, I don't want to play anymore" I don't buy it. She knows the iceberg is awaiting, and is trying to keep $$ flowing into the coffers as much as possible. She would never give up the power she has as gov. unless she had to.
    Her political career is toast.
    She is a Quitter, She ABORTED her term!!!

  31. Hey..Did you ever see A. Mitchell so unhappy in your life. LMAO. I loved Sarah taking Mitchell on that boat ride. Now come on, be fair, Sarah did sucker all those reporters who wanted to talk with her to come where she was. A. Mitchell is so pissed off it is so funny. S. Moore had her 15 min. of fame, but once A. Mitchell gets the word out about her, her days of fame are over.In the news business there is nothing worse then a reporter who gives false info.

  32. crystalwolf aka caligrl9:04 AM

    This is scary-funny "Every breath you take"

  33. She said that she was not a quitter. SARAH, YOU ARE A QUITTER or would you prefer ABORTER OF PUBLIC OFFICE?

    You are really a special kind of stupid.

  34. Where are the girls? They weren't with her at the resignation announcement either. Didn't see them standing with her, didn't see them in the background. What up?

  35. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Hey Susan in MD @ 7:14am

    This is great; it'll make you feel better.

    Everyone, please read this for a good laugh :-D


  36. Anonymous9:22 AM

    A few more conjectures:

    If it is true what one Alaskan legislator said - that Sarah Palin is capable of perhaps 15 minutes of focus on an issue before she gets bored and tunes out - along with her impulsive quitting history and her obvious irritability, then she might have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. This disorder runs in my family (pardon the pun!), and I'm well acquainted with its symptoms and effects. I've read other commenters speculate she might be taking Adderall, which is the prescription medication used often to treat adult ADHD, and it's certainly a possibility. Rambling, globalized speech with a lot of jumps to other subjects is another indication of the disorder - sound familiar?

    When someone with ADD or ADHD gets anxious, their speech becomes even more chaotic, often accompanied by panic attacks. Now if Sarah Palin has this disorder and discovered, oh ... let's speculate ... that her 15-year-old daughter Willow is pregnant, she might do something abrupt, impulsive, and seemingly crazy - like resign with no apparent real reason. The anxiety becomes too high to deal with; even larger doses of Adderall might not help and only heightens the anxiety, so quitting becomes an option to relieve her anxiety to have to try to focus on too many things outside of her control.


  37. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Susan @ 6:57 - your thoughtful response definately has some merit. And if you consider the "rumors" that Palin used the Ruedrich ethics issue as her way to gracefully get out of a job she really didn't like in the first place, then it clearly shows a pattern. However, the national attention is not letting this situation end "gracefully" for her.

  38. Anonymous10:00 AM

    "It seems like Palin cannot discern the difference between quitting to take another position in government and just up and quitting for no well defined reason."

    I think she knows the difference very well. She is just feeding the faithful their lines. I've seen Palin supporters by the droves repeating this stuff about how lots of politicians resign...including, of course, Obama...in comments all over teh internets.

    She knows she can safely keep repeating the lies about the cost of the ethics investigations because the MSM "reporters" are either too busy trying to curry favor with her or too lazy to do their job.

    My favorite Sarah snippet from today's media splash is this from ABC News: "As to whether another pursuit for national office...would result in the same political blood sport, Palin said there was a difference between the White House and what she had experienced in Alaska. If she were in the White House, she said, the "department of law" would protect her from baseless ethical allegations."

  39. Anonymous10:05 AM

    She doesn't "get" that these are not "political games being played". Ethics violations, lawsuits, people picking on her and her kids--these are all personal attacks!! LOL!! People don't like her PERSONALLY, because of the way she conducts herself as Governor and as a human being. People have felt the need to call her on HER actions, HER shady dealings, HER over-the-top reactions to mumblings and rumblings in the blogosphere, HER distortions on the truth. So, no, these are not political games, this is citizens from Alaska who feel the need to point out her hypocrisies, and, for the rest of us in the other states, who were simply appalled at her behavior and slanders against Obama during the campaign, who live in fear that someone like her oould gain power into the White House. She had to be stopped, and, frankly, if our little rumblings and musings and unmitigating posts and comments were enough to Bring Her Down, then I am very proud of having spent some of my spare time composing comments that would so irk her royal highness that she would resign her office in disgrace. :)

  40. Her latest tweetie: Grateful Todd left fishing grnds to join me this wkend; but now he's back slaying salmon & working the kids @ the site; anxious to join 'em!2:01 PM Jul 5th from TwitterBerry

    With the "one kid who isn't old enough to say no" .. not sure the baby is working too much
    OK so here is time for her to take 1 day to be with her family fishing. (well 1/3 of her family). .. and she chooses to do a photo op/press conference with how many different media sources?

    2 things:
    1. Her poor family. How would anyone feel if their family finally got together to do something "together" and all these camera people come around. She can't even take one 24 hour stint and just be with her family.

    2. I think she is refreshing her image. Lately she has looked thin and weak physically ..and like a fragile cry baby. Time to get some footage out there showing some muscle!!

    Delusional and all about her.. once again.
    As for the media acting all sympathetic.. well that is how they earn their money. She has been a huge "news" source and the with the recent announcement of Quitting.. they gotta go easy on her or will lose their biggest story. I'm sure she did a pre-empt agreement with them that I am only going to talk about this and that and that.. not this or that... notice all her interviews had the same talking points? Might as well of been one interview all shot at different angles.

  41. Anonymous10:09 AM

    So she won't play the "political game" as governor (will she/won't she run for 2nd term) but she will play it for POTUS 2012.

    Every time I read an article on-line that quotes the $500,000.00, "millions" and all complaints dismissed, I post or email them the facts. I hope everyone else is doing the same.

  42. Take the $$$ and run, with a servants heart of course!

  43. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Breaking rumor:

    In search of a point guard that can break through full court presses, the LA Clippers have just signed Sarah Palin to a four year contract.

    Most sports reporters believe she will quit midway through her contract and sign a free agent deal with the Dallas Mavericks

  44. Yes, someone needs to ask her to clarify how it is that if "we won all 15 ethics complaints" why she paid back some money to the state. If she had "won" them, she would have been found in compliance and would not have had to pay anything back to cover for her errors.

  45. Anonymous10:57 AM

    By the way there is another rumor swirling as to why Palin quit. If it turns out to be valid it will be a doozy. Stay tuned kids.
    With a suspicious (investigative) mind, along with someone already posting that the rumor could be a DOOZY, and having done an Internet search, I'd presume the rumor could be a DOOZY, just seeing as how BALLISTIC Palin went, and how QUICKLY she is resigning. Just a rumor, of course. Keep an eye on images, just sayin'

  46. FEDUP!!!11:04 AM

    I saw somewhere that someone labeled her Miss'IQUITALOT' and love it. I think it is even better than BailinPalin. :P

    Now, to the photo-op of her family-time on the fishing expedition (Didn't she say she was on duty 24/7???) : I did not see any of her kids - only her grandson, Trig. The other kids were her nieces, but not her daughters...

  47. @6:17
    Larry Persily. Silly Larry.

    Still waiting for "Real Journalists" to give us "balanced news" instead of treating the corrupt bastards club (including Gov Buttercup) with kid gloves.

    There's a rumor you didn't have real journalists on staff when you were at the ADN. I heard it from you, Silly Larry; in training. You said the people on staff are fresh out of college and don't have the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to write. You said this and I heard you.
    So Sue Me.
    I get my news from many sources, not the Anchorage Daily Snooze. But what do you care? You have (had) a good gig for the Guv (how's the view, snorkeler?).

    Does it end now that your boss has Quit. I mean not Quit, but Fought. I mean not Quit but Abdicated, Disappointed, Terminated, Retired, Run Away.

    Choose your Perspective. You want better Journalism, Real Journalists? Then Energize and Do It.

  48. Wonder if the Lower 48 people will see her pulling in all those fish and think that the Yukon River people won't be starving after all.

    Buttercup will lie and say she pulled those fish in for them.

  49. Anonymous12:19 PM

    You are more of a tease than a fifteen year old girl with her first wonder bra.
    Remember when you first put up the Paypal to get you over the hump with your first promise to provide some explosive news? Then it was, you couldn't wait any longer and it would be by the weekend for sure.
    Then the investigation rumor and now today again another "doozy" on the horizon with more encouragement to "stay tuned" as if this were a Friday afternoon soap opera.

    Don't trade in your credibility for ratings Gryphen.

  50. My favorite part was when Andrea Mitchell told Sarah has quitting as some people thinking she can't handle the nitty-gritty of politics?

    "Can't handle the nitty-gritty?" Sarah screeched incredulously. "You mean like all this fish slime?"

    I guess she thinks any girl who can touch a dead fish has proved she's tough enough for politics.

  51. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Funny but that boat that Todd built sure looks like factory built aluminum to me. She just can't help herslf.

  52. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I found this on "Mudflats"

    pvazwindy Says:
    July 7th, 2009 at 12:51 PM
    That boat that supposedly was built by Todd, and a buddy? Actually, it’s a 32 ft Modutech Gilnetter, built by Modutech Marine, out of Tacoma, WA. Another lie?

  53. Howcome Sarah & fam gets to fish whatever they can in that deserted isolated stretch and the AK natives are being told they can't drop a net or a hook in a river@?@?!?!?!

  54. Anonymous1:49 PM

    More from Mudflats

    Miss Demeanor Says:
    July 7th, 2009 at 1:16 PM
    I just talked to Carl at Modutech Marine out of Tacoma, Washington, and he said the Palins bought a number of those boats from them.
    Buttercup, your britches are a’blazin’.

  55. It's hilarious over at HuffPo.

    The writer-contributers over there are practically falling all over each other filing their "takes" on the Quitta from Wasilla.

    And they aren't being kind, like the drooling idiots who have been interviewing her for the networks.

  56. f anyone here is from Arizona...you can use all this delicious Palinese word salad to put an end to McCain's political career once and for all. NO ONE should be appointing, electing, or listening to anyone who put this crazy woman up for the second highest office in the US. McGrampy's only plausible excuse for this farce is Alzheimers.

    I can't listen to this psychotic bitch anymore unless it is accompanied by Keith Olbermann's commentary

  57. I hope there is something coming down on her that will put her in her place. As far as her quitting could it be it is the only way she can collect her millions for her book deal. After all there is a rule about not being able to have a job outside of Gov. Why won't she admit that she is running for president, she has been campaigning non-stop even before the last election was held. c4pees were praying they would get elected and then JM would drop dead, such good little Christians SP and her supporters. It didn't help that on hardball they put up a survey when asked if they would vote for her president, it was 40 something Dem. and 70 something Rep. They didn't say how many were asked, but it sure will feed her and c4pees determination to get her elected. Why anyone would want her for president is beyond me, there is so much wrong with this person it's unbelievable. She would make a good Mary Kay representative though.

  58. Virginia Voter, I agree, I can't wait to vote him out of office. I have sent him an email saying he is responsible for unleashing this monster on the world, he needs to bring her down. County first my a$$.

  59. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Virginia Voter don't blame McCain. The dumb asses of Alaska are the ones who voted her in as Governor. I am from Alaska and watched all of her debates against Tony Knowles and Andrew Halcro. Belive me she did not do any better than than she s doing now. She was a complete idiot in all her debaates. Tony Knowles was too nice of guy to her and Halcro just had to laugh at her during the debates on what a dumb shit she was. Blame the voters in Alaska

  60. Anonymous4:10 AM

    hey all u delusional idiots obama was still getting paid while running for presidency 18+ months while still getting paid by chicago & doing absolutely jack shit for his state & we didn't hear a peep let alone all this cry fowl bullshit about that? Talk about a double standard??? i hope Sarah does run again & wipes the walls w/ 1 term pres o great likable 1 NOTT NOobama just look as OHIO goes so does country his pols are BELOW 50% FACT so put that in ur pipes & smoke it & die while ur at it u lying loser liberals :) & while ur at it all the 1's putting BS lying ethics complains better watch their backs because they people r planning 4 them to have "accidents" & screw w/ them big time in the works hehehe


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