Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Has EVERYBODY in the Republican party lost their freaking minds?

Sarah Palin's bombshell that she is resigning as Alaska governor actually has boosted her a bit among Republicans, a nationwide USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, though it also has dented her standing among Democrats and independents.

Two-thirds of Republicans want Palin, the party's vice presidential nominee in 2008, to be "a major national political figure" in the future. Three-fourths of Democrats hope she won't be.

Ow, ow, ow! That just makes my damn brain hurt!

Let me get this straight. The woman QUITS because of ETHICS complaints filed against her by her CONSTITUENTS and that makes her MORE Presidential?

I knew the GOP was in bad shape but this is absolutely unbelievable.

Regardless of what she says she was not hounded out of office by Democratic political operatives. She abandoned Alaskans when she joined McCain's campaign which cost her support from her own party, attacked President Obama with racially charged statements and accusations of being a terrorist which cost her support from the Democrats, and lied repeatedly about EVERYTHING which cost her support from most other Alaskans.

Every single thing that happened to Sarah Palin, was caused by SARAH PALIN!

The fact that anybody buys her bullshit about being attacked for being too pretty, or too effective, or too Alaskan simply means that there are a lot of criminally ignorant people in this country.

But hey go ahead. If you want to nominate her and actually have the balls to put her up against Barack Obama, then you have my blessing. I was afraid that the Democrats might actually have to campaign to win in 2012, but if Sarah runs she will do the dirty work for us.

Like I said she is her own worst enemy.

I am beginning to wonder if even the story that I have been working on will be enough to make people turn away from her. I have long believed it is the only thing that will destroy her base, but now.......well now I am not so sure. (By the way, stop referring to my research as the "iceberg". The iceberg was Dennis Zaki's story and he already revealed it. I am now just deleting comments that have the word "iceberg" in them. Just so you know.)

You know the Alaskan bloggers were supposed to meet with one of Palin's most ardent supporters, but she pulled out at the last minute. Too bad I would like to have asked her some very pointed questions. And perhaps share a little "gossip" with her.


  1. Gryphen,

    Please don't give up on what you are working on. Remember what I said in an earlier post. Some people are 'blind'. They will never see. But there are some that only have their eyes closed because they feel that Sarah is in some way like them. These are the people that I feel your work will help to open their eyes.

    I think that what you are working on will be so embarrassing to Palin and her supporters. This is why blogs like See4Pee won't even entertain the thought.

    Hang in there, Gryph.

  2. I must have missed something -- what was Dennis' Zaki's story?

  3. Anonymous11:04 AM

    He revealed the iceberg? How did I miss that? I heard things being alluded to, but I never saw anything definitive. What was it? (big "duh" to me I guess)

  4. Gryphen, I must have missed the Dennis Zaki story. Would you refresh my memory please.

  5. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Then why don't you tell us about what you have been working on? The old story of put up or shut up comes to mind.

    So many of these blogs including yours and Palin Deception love to tease the shit out of things and never produce. If you arn't going to produce, dont tease it please. Its fustrating.

    You have no one to blame but your self for the dreaded I-word being used on your blog.

  6. Alaska Is My Home11:20 AM

    Don't worry - you are doing your job just right. Of course the R's are hanging on - they are desperate. And when did ethics ever mean anything to that part of their party? NEVER. Only when they can throw it up all over someone else, but NEVER them. You can't judge them by the standards set by honest folks - if you stop doing that, then the surprises go away. D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E.

    Don't worry, the TWIT can't handle national scrutiny for any length of time. She'll buckle, so she won't go for it. She's a Buckling Buttercup. And she'll NEVER appeal to the middle, nor R's who have common sense (and yes, there are many - they are just being quiet and letting the whack jobs out of their cages).

    She's hear to stir up hate and prejudice, we are here to block her. It's what we do. We don't give up - EVER.

  7. Gryphen, I share your frustration, but there are two aces that are still held against her.
    #1 Shannyn apparently has direct access to KO. Shannyn knows all. I personally would buy her an airline ticket to New York if she could wangle a face to face meeting with him to tell all.

    #2 Andrew Sullivan published a long list of lies yesterday. One was not among them i.e. #1 grandson. I'm starting to think he saved it for last in order not to look like a cad. I think the MSM has been afraid of this issue all along, but with all the other lies one can say, "Exactly what would the woman not lie about?"

  8. Anonymous11:22 AM

    SARAH PALIN - her new motto
    Not politics as usual...but,
    Politics as highly unusual.

    We know lots of people have been thrown under the bus, but have Bristol and Willow thrown themselves out of the boat? AWOL from both the resignation and the fish/media blitz party.

  9. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I agree, it is scary, very scary.
    That is why we must remain vigilant and vocal.
    Never forget that nearly 60 million Americans voted for McCain & Sarah Palin to be our president & vice president. Only 70 million voted for Obama.

    When Bush won, not once, but twice I couldn't believe it. Who are these people? They are in a very small minority in my Northeast professional world. I don't know them, I don't understand them. On television and radio they come across as buffons and hate mongerers.

    But I must admit, they excist and there seem to be a lot of them.

    For example today, Sarah is twittering about the massive deficits that are being created as our government tries to stimulate the economy that they have inherited. But there is no mention of the record deficits of Bush and his war and bumbling of the economy for eight years that got us into this depression.

    It is bizarre stuff, but we must remain vigilant and continue to expose their ignorance and hypocracy.

  10. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Have to admit it. I'm with the crowd that missed Dennis Zaki revealing his story. Could you or some other better informed person please post a link or fill the rest of us in a bit?

    Please (and I promise to be patient with you :)

  11. I missed Dennis's iceberg too. Was it an ice cube? Please let us know what it was....

  12. Anonymous11:36 AM

    When did Dennis reveal his story?

    This is what it says on his blog, so I am a bit confused:


    Rumor Central: Big story still heading towards the S.S. Palin
    A deal-breaker is heading toward the Palins. Can it be stopped? I don't think so. Will it topple the house of cards, all signs say yes. Stay tuned..."

    Last week he wrote if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, it is a duck.

    So what is Dennis's iceberg? You said he revealed it. At least tell us what you mean.
    Getting tired of the crypic comments sorry and I am a big supporter of what you are doing

  13. Anonymous11:37 AM

    It just shows you HOW IGNORANT AND STUPID the Republicans are. What kind of person affiliates with those morons?? They are so so stupid. There is no other way to say it. Just remember, they are only 25% of our population but that is still too high

  14. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Anon @11:23

    No worries- Bush was not "elected". Remember, he was appointed by the Supreme Court after his brother blocked the recount in Florida, and even after hundreds of thousands of ballots were determined to have been mistakenly thrown out in Florida.

    Then there was the election fraud by Republicans in Ohio. When that investigation got hot and heavy, a republican IT operative who had the goods on them but did NOT want to testify was subpoenaed. His lawyer begged for protection from the DoJ (you know what that got him). Bush henchman said no.

    He testified one day but had yet to turn over the technical data and computers. Guess whose plan crashed for no good reason?

    Yes, there are plenty of crazy LIVs out there -- but they didn't elect the drunk.

    And they won't elect this clown, either.

  15. Anonymous11:41 AM

    All bloggers need to work more to end Sarah's political career for good.

    Maybe Levi has enough information to finish her off.

    The "Todd and his buddy built the boat" lie needs more coverage and needs to make it into MSM. Sarah lies.

    Todd and his buddies built the house is most likely another lie..

  16. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Please don't delete me because I'm a regular reader, but if Dennis Zaki released the iceberg, I missed it. Can you link?

    And many Americans are extraordinarily ignorant. Sarah plays to them, stirs up their hatred and sense of disenfranchisement, and feeds it. If she ever gets into the White House, she's going to set up a Department of Law and start shipping all pesky newspeople, bloggers, and elitists to Gitmo.

  17. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Keep up the good work, Gryphen. I agreed with Anonymous @11:23

    Well, I think outing the fake pregnancy will sink Palin slowly. Oh, at first she may say I was covering for my teenage daughter, forgive me. All well and good, but, at what lengths would she go to deceive the world for her own personal political gain?????????????????????

    If God was really on her side as she seems to think in that pea brain, a fake pregnancy would not have been necessary. Lucifer is the deceiver.

  18. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Those Americans who think they are disenfranchised are no such thing. They vote, I vote. End of story.

    One party wins, one loses but everyone who wants to vote, can. They are not "disenfranchised" they just don't like losing.

  19. Anonymous12:13 PM

    If Todd is saying he and his buddies built that boat, when in fact they didn't, this is quite reminiscent of the house comment. Someone up there might look into just how that boat was paid for.

  20. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Another Lie Andrew Sullivan forgot: she said that Levi never stayed at her house, but he said it many times in many ways...."well, my stuff was there, so whatever."

  21. The iceberg is the IRS investigation.

    There were also three new ethics investigations mentioned. The IRS investigation can still be classified as a rumor since the IRS rarely goes on record concerning a working investigation, but Dennis is absolutely never wrong.

    Like Shannyn said on her show last Saturday, she has NEVER received a tip from Dennis that did not prove to be accurate. Now what kind of IRS investigation is still open to speculation, we don't have all of the details yet.

    I am surprised that you all missed it when I talked about it on this site on June 25.

  22. I've checked out the chat on Team Buttercup and they are a cult! The lies are being swallowed whole, Fox is the only news, they trade giggles over the latest inanity from Sean or Glenn or Rush or Billo, Letterman is now public enemy number one, tumbling Katie Couric, and they are still recruiting new members and giving money they can't afford.
    Don't stop what you're doing! - here's an example of "humor" from their chat last night:
    "Anyone find the teeth knash mark on the grass hut in Kenya yet that is Obama's BC?"..."LOL this is so much better than therapy"...and while the moderator will admonish those talking about s-e-x, the mod on the board (and identified as such in her name) let these stand.
    When you hear Team Buttercup baying....keep going!

  23. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Here's another example of Sarah's eloquent speaking style: Time Magazine's Jay Newton-
    Small did an interview with Sarah and asked her how her whining about the press is different from the criticism Sarah leveled at Hillary for whining about the press.

    "That's a whole different situtation. But that's why when I talk about political potshots that I take or my family takes, we can handle that."

    Listen, Sarah, someone takes political potshots AT someone else. You and your family are not taking potshots, you are the recipients of potshots. Someone is taking potshots AT YOU!

  24. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Most of the members of my family are Repubs. They are also Wiccan. The reason they vote Republican totally confuses me. I no longer discuss politics with them.

  25. Anonymous12:42 PM

    The poll was with 1000 people of equal numbers of republicans, democrats and independents. 7 in 10 republicans said they would vote for Palin but even with the Dems and the Indys for Palin it would mean a landslide for Obama. Sara is the only republican making any noise at the present time. Huck and Romney are almost silent right now so the dumb Repugs don’t even know who’s all in the race. Mike Steel has also said that Palin was off the table for 2012. My guess is that when Sanford throws his hat into the ring the republicans will all jump on his bandwagon. The bigger the nitwit the more the repugs love ‘em.

  26. Gryphen: It was interesting how there was a specific denial from the FBI that they were investigating the Palins. However, speculation has always been that it's the IRS that may be investigating. You're right of course, the IRS will say nothing. But if there is a potential for tax fraud, and it's being investigated, that would make far more sense than the FBI at this point.
    Just my opinion but I never leaned towards FBI.

  27. Anonymous12:57 PM

    There is always hope! Palin might attempt to un-quit. That would put most people's flake warning on red alert.

  28. Remember the FBI isnt investigating! How often do they go out of their way to deny or confirm an investigation? Something smells like rotten salmon!

  29. Jackie1:09 PM

    I'm with Anonymous at 11:23 am - Regardless of the votes - we still ended up with Bush for a 2nd term - I just cannot believe that there are so many stupid people out there who believe that Sarah is or has the answer to anything!

    I hate to be petty but it also really gripes my butt that she has made out like a bandit financially.

    While it's great that she's no longer going to be our governor - it is frightening that "Her Ignorance" could even be considered as a leader for our country and the only way to see that possibility ended is to get all the dirt out there & carried into MSM.

  30. I think we all saw the post, but missed the importance. Guess we were waiting for a big sucking sound as the S.S. Palin went down. Do you think this was the reason for the resignation?

  31. Here is another lie...linked to on Huff Po...

    Palin claims these ethicc charges are costing the state almost 2 million dollars. She said specifically that this money is being drained from the budget of teachers, roads, emergency workers, etc, WHEN IT IS NOT. The legal work is being done by regular staff state paid lawyers and employees, who would have gotten paid anyway. These ethics charges just take them away from doing other work (whatver that is) according to David Murrow, hjer new spokesperson. The $2 million is what they estimate according to the work done by these employees who are already on the state payroll, and maybe are finally earning their paychecks.

    The lies continue

  32. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Well, color us stupid! Where's my sign? I thought that article was just musing about rumors. I didn't realize it was THE Zaki iceberg.

  33. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Sarah is going to campaign for Rick Perry in Texas. He can take her down to the border and show her Mexico so she can add it to her foreign policy experience. That'll make Russia, Canada, Mexico, and the airport in Ireland.

  34. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Thanks Gryphen. Now we sit and wait and hope for the worst for her politically.. That is sad and mean for me to say but she really does deserve it. I know Todd and his Dad and hope the best for them under the circustances

  35. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Missed it also. Knew of the IRS/pending ethics charges stories but never connected it to the iceberg. Why did Dennis not make a clearer comment on his site other than "a duck" stuff?

  36. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Mea cupla, mea cupla - walk away from your computer for a second - lol

    I did of course hear the IRS rumor, but I didn't realize that it was the same as Dennis' story.

    Thanks for being there for us :)

  37. For anyone who hasn't already read it, please take a look at Henkimaa's incredible, wonderful, luminary post:

    How to turn 296 thousand dollars into a multi-million dollar meme. And the stupid mainstream press repeats the lie!

  38. found this tidbit on Brads Blog:

    "Palin is about to be indicted for insurance fraud. She is not the mother of Baby Trig; but claimed the maternity benefits for his birth."

    SUE ME!!!

  39. Lisabeth2:34 PM

    CNN right now is going to talk about the ethics violations.wolf is saying that some ""Alaskan watch dogs" insist there is a smoking gun. He said that Sarah calls the ethics complaints frivilous,but are they?" I am waiting for the full story -he said it's coming up soon. I do not have big hopes.

    Gryphen, do you know what the IRS investigation is about??

    Shebis twittering away and I could not help making a few responses. I doubt she reads them.

  40. Penelope2:36 PM

    A couple of days ago I waded into the mucky sea of pee and several of them were saying that Palin is coming to CA (Reagan Museum) to do a dinner and speech - calling it her "roll out" to the National stage. Anyone know if it is true?
    I am thinking that it is not too early to have large groups of protesters wherever she appears.

  41. Lisabeth2:48 PM

    A follow up-it was NOT a good report. As an example they bright up Palun wearing the logo coat but failed to mention her husband received money from a company. They are repeating the 2 million dollar number which is made up. Thet did interview Andree. I hope people will watch the report and send a letter to CNN correcting the inaccuracies. Palun has no class! To blame her quitting on this is so low. Only an idiot would believe she left because of this.

  42. Lisabeth2:55 PM

    Anon 11:40...Wiccan Republicans????wow! Do they have a lot of money, maybe that explains it. My brothers became Republicans when they started making a lot. Why else would any gay person become a log cabin Republican. They don't want to pay taxes.

  43. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Gryphen, we can never be smug and you must keep plugging away.

    While Obama and the Democrats are popular now, Americans are fickle and easily deceived. We had Ronald Reagan - probably already in the throes of Alzheimers - leading us for 8 years and then, of course, George W.

    A horrible natural disaster, another terrorist attack, the economy continuing to tank, people will look around for anyone to blame and for saviors. People become irrational or delusional (I mean how did Hitler come to power).

    Sarah Palin is a mental degenerate and we must make sure she never ever gets anywhere near a position of influence again.

  44. Gryphen, I think Babygate will surely sink Palin's political future to the point she won't be electable to any office and there won't be any candidates wanting her campaigning for them.

    I expect her lies will finally get her...especially, the heartfelt one about considering abortion. People who contributed to her or to causes based on her moving testimony will feel duped.

    If the truth comes out in a way that Palin has to admit to it, there will only be a handful of the most fanatical supporters left.

    Keep up the good fight!

  45. Anonymous3:16 PM


    It looks like The Plum Line has been digging into Sarah's claim the ethics violations cost Alaska two million dollars so she quit to save the state money. And guess what? He thinks this "key reason" Palin gave for quitting may be false. Check it out:

  46. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Celia's Window,
    You might want to check the bite on Palin's leg. Heard she has not been told that what bit her has rabies.

  47. crystalwolf aka caligrl3:22 PM

    Thank you Gryphen! I've been pointing this out over and over! Dennis is referring to IRS/embezzlement and possible 3 new Ethics charges, one of which came yesterday!
    Meanwhile people aren't so happy about buttercup:

    Breaking- Judiciary Committee will decide Lt. Gov. confirmation

  48. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Hardball (MSNBC) with Laurence subbing was excellent today with a discussion of Palin. Hope the clips are posted everywhere. Laurence and Joan were excellent. Joan said of Palin, "Hypocrite that doesn't even know she's a hypocrite." Great show!!

  49. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Lisbeth... No, none of them have much money...working class people, no higher education. I think the women in my family become very conservative when they get older. I am a staunch independent liberal educator and am Wiccan... how's that for a dysfunctional family :)

  50. Jackie3:29 PM

    @2:29 pm - sjk said...
    found this tidbit on Brads Blog:

    Where did you find that one? Was it in the comments? Insurance fraud would be a good dent in the SSPalin...

  51. Gryphen, it is me again. Daisydem. Help us please. Make her go away. I cannot take much more (though the last week has been fun)!

  52. Let's get a grip here on this latest poll. It is estimated that 21-23% of all voters identify themselves as Republicans. That is the screaming rating, racist, homophobic, religious wackdoodles. The balance of these numbers (just under 80%) identify as Indy or Democratic voters.

    This poll simply reflects what we've known and talked about since the election. The Republican party has shrunk down to the size of Van Flea's penis....(am I allowed to use that word here?)

    The woman is a narcissistic evangelical wack job. There are people in both parties including the Indies that are terrific this moron could get near the White House. If you read the papers and the blogs (all of them), you will note this is not a popular woman among mainstream human beings that have brains in their heads.

    I am not worrying about her now. She will do something incredibly monumentally STUPID between now and whenever she stages her 2nd Coming.

    Have faith people. Has looney tune ever let us down?


  53. The Texas State News Network announced on the radio today that Sarah would be campaigning for Rick Perry. Perry stated that if elected, he would serve out his entire term!


  54. Maybe the signs outside the rallies that she attends for Perry should say, "You promise to serve your whole term? That's what she said to Alaska."

  55. You need to read the article on the Plum Line (Huffpo/Politics).
    The title is "Key Reason Palin Gave For Quitting May Be False"
    Basically, it says that monies for State Lawyers would have been paid to them anyway. None would have gone to cops, teachers, etc., as she had claimed.

  56. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Palin has been trying her best to take over the press, MSM, remember the 7 mountains??? Media??? IRS may come in time, but the press have let her play her game too long. Jim Jones comes to mind. Folks aren't listening to the native Alaskans who filed those ethics violation complaints. And now ol' Palin is trying to shame folks to shut up. Look how much it's costing the taxpayers; whose fault for all the complaints to begin with? Palin started Troopergate, not the other way around...out of spite.

  57. Anonymous at 11:22am:

    Hubby and I joked last night that the two older Palin girls didn't want to fish and just wanted to stay "home alone". We agreed that home alone never bodes well for the Palin teenagers :-)

  58. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Where did the Brad Blog get that info?? We all know it's probably true but what kind of insurance would she have-to Alaskans. Is Brad Blog just starting this rumor? To any one in Alaska, what kind of health insurance would she have ?

    I hope this rumor is true. God I can't stand that smug woman. Campaigning for Perry? I hope Kay blasts him-he is a Dufis. I could see Palin and Perry as a couple actually!!

  59. FEDUP!!!4:54 PM

    Somewhat O/T here, but this book seems to give great insight into the behind-the-scenes political macchinations - both of the Bushes as well as politics in general...

  60. Anonymous5:26 PM

    This couple has clearly "fallen up" through strategic alignments and the use of casual, unchecked lies. Congratulations for turning your attention to her and exposing her strategic devices.

    The more trouble this woman gets herself into with her and her husband's casual lies, the more her fans will support her. There's no informing them that ethics problems would not be dogging her if she didn't flirt with the parameters of legality and ethical rules.

    She has them convinced that she is a victim. This is her game. She even got Letterman to buckle with faux-outrage and that is just the beginning of her campaign to chew through the country on a sympathy "I'm good, they're mean" campaign.

    She is a nasty, mean-spirited politician with no fresh ideas, only daggers for others.

    It's worrisome. Maddow said it tonight: her crusading against accountability is dangerous. There is no content to the platform other than "we are working people - she is one of us."

    Scary. She knows how to whip these people up. Keep up the good work.

  61. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I have had the same thoughts many times over the months since January. I didn't say it as well as you, but I made a post not too long ago asking the same question. I think I said frigging minds instead of freaking,but essentially the same idea.

    I guess the Repubs had no better alternative than to support a known liar. I find it just a tad sad that their party has been reduced to a do nothing, no saying, hate spewing bunch.

    What reason did the Palin supporter(RAM) give, if any? Fear? Afraid you guys wouldn't play nice? JZ was busy that day and couldn't make the flight with her? Why she no show?

    As for Palin supporters, I think Sarah could commit murder in broad daylight in front of a street full of people and her supporters would say the sun got in her eyes, she was defending her family, she tripped, she shot 'em for the good of the country; anything rather than face the truth. And the truth is they hate Obama, plain and simple.

    It was reported that she was going to appear at the Reagan Musuem, then she wasn't, then was, and now they don't know. Same old Sarah, let's keep 'em guessing and make 'em beg for every little crumb I deem to throw out.

  62. Hang in there Gryphen. July 22 is right around the corner.

  63. Well, from the looks of it, Anonymous @ 5:26 PM, David Letterman is getting even. He's featured jokes about Palin 3 nights running now, and I'll bet he doesn't let up as long as the MSM continues to write about her.

  64. There may be a huge number of idiots in this country that're buying this BS, but Sarah's still doomed.

    The poll said 19% would absolutely vote for her, and 41% would absolutely NOT vote for her. That leaves 40% sorta in the middle. Palin would then need 31% of this group to win the election. Somehow this doesn't seem like good news for her.

    The poll also said that she'd likely get 43% of the total vote. So in other words, 57-43 for Obama. In terms of presidential elections this is BAD. No candidate in a two-way race has ever done worse than 39%; a 57% Obama win would make 2012 the 9th largest landslide ever, out of 57 elections.

  65. Gryphen, you are right, some people will forgive Sarah any transgression because they are ideologically frozen. It is the same with climate change. The farmers in California are furious that they have not water and rather than understand that they are in for permanent drought and lowered snowpack in the Sierras, they actually blame the government! Likewise, some people blame the wildfires in Australia on arson and don't understand that permanent drought has turned the trees in tinder.

    People are stupid!

  66. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I was not asked. I think they did their poll somwhere down in the deep south, at amegga church that has a statue of St. Sarah the Quitter, on their alter, holding the sword they think she fell on.

    Not all GoP are in love with her. In fact, Steel said yesterday that she needs to forget about 12 and move on.

  67. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Her supporters have embraced her as a victim. A victim of what, I'm not sure. She represents their own frustrations. Frustration at what, I'm not sure.

    We should all accept the fact that for her die hard fans, no amount of evidence that ethics questions only follow those who warrant them will deter them. In fact: the more evidence that is unearthed against this woman, the more resolved they will be to support her.

    Blogs such as these will educate the open-minded and create a record of her shenanigans, but will not turn her devoted fans around. In fact, I could see her fans totally embracing Trig as Bristol's baby, if that were to be the case, and congratulating Sarah's ultimate parental sacrifice in claiming the baby as her own to protect her then-minor child.

    Count on it.

    We waste our time in trying to educate her fans. It's all interpreted as some sort of liberal (whatever that is) witch-hunt.

    Sarah is a master of manipulation. She has repackaged her own limitations as the essence of American integrity.

  68. Gryphen, Andrew Sullivan linked to you--great work!

  69. Verbose, I see it a little different. Palin starts out running for pres and then gets dropped out. She then gets chosen as a VP pick by the eventual R candidate and she brings a big % of the people along with her to that ticket. The R's take it.

    Just be confident enough in your fellow Americans that they are stupid enough to let that happen. And after all Verbose, isn't the object to destroy the other party as opposed to saving your country. It's a matter of priorities!


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