Monday, August 24, 2009

Sherry Johnston update.

I just got off of the phone with one of my sources and learned that Sherry is doing fine right now.

She is still in jail, but she IS receiving her medication.

The hope is that she will be out and placed under house arrest in the next few weeks. If nothing else comes up of course.

I passed on the words of support that have been expressed on this blog, and asked if there was anything that we could do for Sherry right now. I was told that she was doing fine and did not need anything at this moment.

I am going to see if Sherry will agree to an interview once she gets back home and settled. That could take up to a month or so however.

By the way I also found out that Levi's Vanity Fair interview is due to hit bookstores on September fifth. My understanding is that this will be a good one.


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    This is good to hear.
    Also the open letter from

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Good news concerning Sherry.Looking forward to Levi's interview.Bombs away baby !!

  3. I know Rex Butler went to a lot of trouble to make sure that Sherry would be properly looked after. I'm sure he did a good job.

  4. Anonymous2:58 PM

    That is great news. I live with chronic pain and can't imagine someone just stopping my medication. It's cruel and sick so that's great to hear.

    I can't wait for the Vanity Fair article. Could it be why Sarah is hiding?

    Maybe it will be online sooner. Does a "good one" include babygate? We can only hope.

  5. Can't wait for the article. Can't wait to hear The Bimbo's reaction.

  6. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Mrs. Johnston deserves her medical treatment. I am glad for that family.

    I still don't like why the pink handcuffs are allowed. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio makes Alaskan Court Services and Officer Pierre Burkett look like an idiot. He is the one who should be humiliated. I wish someone would post a picture of that asskkklown.

    Judge Eric Smith could have put her on treatment at home and didn't need to play to the Arpaio loons. Smiths picture should be posted. Is he elected?

    I'd like to see Alaska grow a few and stand up to failures like Pierre Burkett and Eric Smith. The Johnston's will be polite, but I sure don't feel like it.

    Is Levi still doing a book? If so, I don't see how he can reveal everything. With Todd and the gun, Bristol and the cell phone possible connection to his mom and there must be lots of what went on when the McCains sent handlers for them. I'd like to see him break open those stories.

    Palin might be hiding from the Feds at this time. Someone wants to serve her some papers.

  7. Why does Bristol look so much like Sherry? What's the connection between the Johnstons, Palins and Heaths? Really Bristol looks a lot like Sherry. Probably more like Sherry than she does her own parents. Strange IMO.

    Good to hear Sherry is o.k.

  8. I am so relieved to know she is being taken care of. My PTSD was really triggered worrying about her. She had a real lawyer which helps. I really had no lawyer as they completly ignored me. They do have a unit for people with medical problems. They do whatever they can to discourage women from being in it. She is famous and she had a good attorney negotiate for her. I had to go to serve the sentence for my original charge which is another crazy story, funny too. But, I did get my medication that time. But I've got more crazy to tell. I called the people in administration at the DOC relentlessly. I had one real sick and disturbed nurse try to withhold them from me, but finally got them. This second time was at Wildwood. The public defenders told me I would be there at least 30 days, but they released me in two days. Couldn't take me any longer.LOL. The DOC decides how the sentence is served. The Judge can make a recommnendation, but they do what they please at the DOC. She has to apply for home detention. It is quite expensive, I imagine Levi will be helping her pay for it.

  9. InJuneau4:09 PM

    Anonymous @ 3:28 pm--In Alaska judges are appointed to vacant seats by the gov. and then are subject to retention votes every so many years (4 years for most I think). The only way to get rid of them then, really, is to vote for non-retention. This rarely happens.

  10. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Gryphen -- so good of you to check in with Sherry. And to let her know about all the posts here wishing her well -- and that many of us are watching, hoping by doing so publicly that we will help Rex Butler get fair treatment for her. It's hard for me to understand what's wrong with home detention. She's not a threat to society, the jails are overcrowded (or so we read), it's expensive to jail someone. I'm very glad Mr Butler is on the scene. The fact that the buyers all got off for turning into witnesses, and that the money used to buy the drugs came from the authorities (these ARE the facts, right?) just SCREAMS entrapment to me. Isn't entrapment illegal?

  11. Anonymous4:52 PM

    There was a comment with the letter to Levi and Mercede. It made the point about selling and manufacturing should be punished by dragging dealers behind a truck.
    That person must be suffering as a result of drugs that were sold. I hope no one thinks it is alright to sell or break laws, but over reacting to dealers won't solve anything.

    It is a shame there is not more information about medical, street and all manner of drugs, the businesses and wars around drugs. The media has failed. The whole so-called war on drugs does more to harm than helps. Getting mad and punishment is not the answer. Knowing any addict is frustrating and you may feel like doing awful things at times. That is not the answer. I had alcoholics in my family, I never thought of dragging the liquor store owner, grocery clerk or Budweiser distributors behind a truck.

    Yes, Sherry Johnston did sell. That is part of the disease. She is going to be punished. Is she worse than other dealers? Are they equally as bad? Are some dealers worse, some better? What is all the focus on dealers being the worst problem? Dealing is a crime and it does need to be addressed. Punishing all dealers would not stop teens or adults from getting drugs. It is like Afghanistan. You get rid of one and next two, three and more show up. The drug problem is bigger than the dealers.

    We have Cartels. I just read where one is a billionaire in Forbes. That is not a little mom and pop business. The Pharmaceuticals are so huge and rich we don't dare mention them. How do so many of their products get in the hands of your kids?

  12. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Your "source" sure knows a lot. And I am sure he knows much more.

    What is going on with further investigation of the ethics complaints and also the bribe accusation and trust fund money???

  13. Anonymous5:48 PM

    I'm glad to hear that Sherry is getting along OK. I'm not too sympathetic to drug dealers, but there do seem to be quite a few extenuating circumstances in her situation. I hope Sherry gets home confinement, and someday we hear the full story. Thanks for letting us know about Sherry, Gryphen

  14. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Yup, I was wondering about the trust fund money and Cole. Haven't heard a thing about that situation.

  15. Hi Gryphen,

    I've been wondering for awhile now whatever happened with that threat of a lawsuit from Van Flame...have they left you alone?

    Also, good to hear about Mrs. Johnston and that she'd doing OK, considering.

    Now, does your source know anything about the whereabouts of Ms. Former Governor-in-name-only? We can pretty much eliminate "sitting at her desk writing Facebook articles" off the list of possibilities.

  16. Parken6:38 PM

    People all over that are hearing about this and aren't judging. When people hear of Sherry Johnston's medical they don't want to come down so hard.

    I'd like to know more about entrapment in general. This bust in particular, there is too much coincidence. What are the laws in Alaska?

    Levi and Mercede may not want to say the name of the kids that informed on their Sherry. I hope they will tell the story as they know it without outing the rats by name.
    Did I read the kids were picking up a mail delivery to sell it to other kids? Was the package from a Pharmacy? Blackmarket? If anyone can go
    on-line and order oxycontin, you know kids will have it.

    Mercede talks to the Star but she could be doing her own writing or even a show. Each member of the Johnston family has something positive to offer.

  17. Gryphen, thank you for the update. Sherry is an example of what is seriously wrong with healthcare in the country when insurance companies acn pick and chose what they will pay for, and decline some things even when a medical Dr has ordered it. I hope Sherry is comfortable and will be home soon.

  18. I have held my breath too many times waiting for Levi to actually say anything worthwhile. I guess I have lost my enthusiasm for Levi. Levi’s revelations have been much like a store that uses the bait and switch technique, advertising the sale of a really cool product but substituting with a cheap product. Babygate will have to be exposed without Levi’s input because I personally do not want to wait until Tripp is 18.

  19. Anonymous9:29 PM

    I wish Sherry, Levi and Mercede all the best. I am glad that they are getting to a place of better tomorrows.

    OT: I have been reading about the 42 year old father that died suddenly, Segundo Strongheart. Wasn't it a heart attack? Does anyone know the circumstance? Had he ever taken medication for another condition?

    Michael Jackson died from a fatal combination of drugs. Homicide by his own personal doctor.

  20. Anonymous9:45 PM

    I am not looking for Levi to reveal the baby mystery. He could have been tricked. He has plenty of other areas he could cover. It will be a heck of a lot more honest than the other book.

    I hope he does well and can help his mother and his children.

    I just read at Palingates that the two bloggers that increased Gryphen are now going after Palin's Deception.

    Do keep us up on how Sherry is doing, Gryphen. You are a busy man, I thank you for all you are doing.

  21. onejrkitty9:57 PM

    Anyone one who has read any of my posts knows I am extremely anti-Palin. I tell you now that I have nothing against Johnston and wish only the best for Levi; I hope he DOES make money as a model, in the movies, and in any legal way that pleases him.

    I want to remind everyone that there are bad people in this world and just like in the open letter to Levi & Mercede, "you didn't cause it and you can't cure it." That also applies TO ALL THE REST OF US, INCLUDING "REHABILITATION."

    I am NOT against rehabilitation for addicts of any kind and think the alcohol and nicotine industrys are just as "evil" as other dealers BUT-- LET US NOT LOSE SIGHT OF THE FACT THAT A GROWN WOMAN WAS SELLING DRUGS, AND MOST LIKELY TO KIDS.

    I think too many people here are assuming Sherry is 1) and addict and 2) addicted to the same drug she was selling i.e. Oxycodon.


    Yes, I understand she has chronic pain BUT WHO SAID IT WAS NOT BEING MANAGED WELL WITH HER TWO INPLANTS?

    Most dealers I knew did NOT use the drug they were selling except for marijuana. Obviously, then, they were not "addicted." NONE of the dealers I knew were addicts. The addicts I did know did NOT sell their own supply ! They NEEDED their own supply for their own addiction.

    Sorry, people but I think Sherry Johnston is plain and simple a dealer who got caught with 178 oxycontin ( which she got through the mail, not at a local pharmacy !) with a VERY HIGH DOSE OF 80MG PER PILL ! and sold them for about $80 per pill. I have read nothing that states she was addicted to the drugs she was selling NOR that she did not have access to the drugs needed in the inplants for management of her chronic pain.

    Rehabilitation is not the answer. WHY? Because the Big Boys who supply the dealers DONT SUPPLY DEALERS WHO ARE ADDICTS~ THE REASON BEING "ADDICTS" skim off the top, cheat the Big Boys out of a desperate need for the drug and get loose lipped when they are high. Addicts are usually more than willing to cooperate with police and rat out the Big Boys who supply dealers.

    Drugs are big business, BIG BUSINESS and junkies are too weak and vulnerable to trust with the knowledge of the behind the scenes Big Boys who are bringing the stuff in.

    Sherry Johnston got a good deal and she knows it and so does Rex Butler. As much as I love to blame Palin for all the wrongs in the world, she did NOT put a gun to Sherry's head and make her go out and sell drugs to an informant --who I understand-- was a very young adult.

    Just like palin should stop blaming everybody and everything else for her sins, we should not blame anyone but sherry johnston for what she did and she sold drugs to kids for big money.

    It is not right to blame everything else in Sherry's life for what she did. SHE IS A GROWN WOMAN AND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HER ACTIONS AND THE CONSEQUENCES THAT FOLLOW.

    She was not entrapped. How she was caught is standard procdure for nailing small time dealers.

    As for Palin, I think it more likely Palin and Todd and Bristol were buying from Sherry rather than "setting her up." And forget the cell phone Bristol returned. Sherry took advanatage of an opportunity and sold to the informanant of her own free will.

    I dont hear Sherry blaming all this other crap for why she did it. All I hear is people here, making excuses for her and MAKING HER LOOK LIKE THE VICTIM JUST LIKE PALIN DOES.

    And remember, the reasons why someone does something are NOT excuses for their actions. I have compassion for this woman, I am sorry so many things went wrong in her life and for her chonic pain, but while those may be REASONS FOR HER CRIME, THEY ARE NOT EXCUSES!

  22. Susan in MD6:12 AM

    @ ProChoiceGrandma - I feel the same way. No revelations from Levi. That's been disappointing, especially in light of how it's been so hyped up. So I've lost my ethusiasm as well. I don't think anything will ever come of babygate either. In any case, seems like there's enough legal stuff out there that will continue to chip away at Palin's credibility. That will be satisfying enough.

  23. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Do you have to scream and lecture everyone onejrkitty? You don't know anything about Sherry Johnston yet as usual you you act like you do.
    How do you know she wasn't addicted or an addict? Most people who take opiates for pain (by pill or pump) have a biological addiction to them for one thing. That is a physical addiction, sorry you do not understand opiate drugs.
    Secondly your writing is again putting everyone down, but you are right. It's hard to read or even pay attention. Please do not tell other people how to think or deal. Please when you type in all caps, it means in internet language that you are screaming.
    My vote is Sherry needed the money. If she has those illnesses, she probably has big medical bills. I feel for her, and that is my right.

  24. Agreed. If her sentence was egregious (i.e. they threw the book at her) then it wasn't fair. Would it surprise me if Sarah was involved (at least in the beginning)? No. She'd have her nasty fingers into anything against Ms. Johnston.

    Is her sentence excessive based upon the charges? I don't know - but if it was, then someone should try and find out why.

    RE: Levi - y-a-w-n

    Oh yes he knows a lot. So far nothing. Listen closely. (crickets) I have no particular belief that anyone will hear anything from him about secrets. OH sure at first. But now? Sarah's disappeared (hopefully at the bottom of a well) and although the blogs still keep it alive, the whole Palin thing really isn't going anywhere.

    What about the potential attempted bribery charge? Now that one needs to be followed.

    But Levi? Nah....

  25. Anonymous7:52 AM

    onejrkitty - You make some good points and I can agree with some of it. Not the addict part.

    I don't think we know enough about the Johnston arrest and court case to say if she was not an addict or the type of dealer. I don't think all dealers are from the same mold, all teen dealers are not the same. There are ones that are in it for the money only and don't use. I don't know anything about the relationships Johnston had with the informants or if they were addicts or not. What do people mean when they say addict? If Johnston was on a prescribed drug like OxyContin long enough, she was addicted and was an addict. Denial is no stranger to addicts and their families. To my knowledge Rush Limbaugh never admitted he was an addict. His deal did not include what many conclude to be treatment or rehabilitation. What he did was between him and is doctor. A viagra treatment possibly cured him.

    Teens can be psychotic and as dispicable as an adult. I am not saying the unknown informants were, we don't know. There could be one or two young professional criminals out there with the protection of the police now. The informants did order their own shipment of drugs, if I remember. Wasilla has a severe drug abuse problem. Ordering drugs and dealing could be a common way to supplement the income of many in the area. The everybody does it situation. Just b/c those dealers are teens doesn't make them the better dealers. We know they worked for the police. Why did they target Sherry Johnston? They possibly knew of many other dealers to target. They could have known a much bigger catch. Her age and pain could have made her an easy target for them. They may have been influenced by others with political motivations.

    We do know that Wasilla is a small town. This is a group that knows each other. The group looks to be part of Bristol Palin's life. I think the informants are known in Wasilla. There are some charming characters that everyone likes and wants to help. How do you know they aren't another criminal or psychotic that operates under the radar with impunity?

    Being a snitch in drug circles where I live is the lowest form of existence. It is a big deal. That is how the gangs stay in business, they make sure no one talks and no snitch gets off. Something is different in Wasilla.

    I don't blame Sarah Palin for this mess. It could be more on the McCain people. I'd like more investigations. It was reported that the police held back on the arrest b/c of the political campaign that Palin was in. Entrapment didn't come up with the courts. That doesn't mean it wasn't entrapment or that we don't need to learn the truth. The worst criminals can go free in entrapment cases. That won't happen here. Johnston is paying her dues. The teen informants are possibly adults now and free to operate.

    Campaign reform might be in order if it was alright to use law enforcement to manipulate the timing of an arrest to benefit candidates.

  26. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Onejrkkitty - I sincerely believe that these people have no idea who the victims are when Oxy is sold on the street. Maybe because I've lived here in Alaska for generations I'm more privy to the devastation this drug leaves in its wake.

    Sherry Johnston was no victim but every pill she sold prolonged the agony of the abuser. Oxy is a very lonely and isolating drug that makes the users "know" that they can kick it anytime they want.

    Carlos Boozer was in Juneau recently for a basketball camp - if it tells you anything, Carlos got more requests to speak to our children about OXY(sorry if that makes your head hurt with caps) than anything else. I don't think you have done your research if you think that there is any way in hell that she was justified to sell this on the street. It's no secret the Oxy trade relies on the teens. It's an epidemic in Alaskan teens people. Time to research and realize who the victims are here..

  27. Anonymous8:22 AM

    For some reason the idiots at the other McCain and his partner don't want BABYGATE to end. They may help it to resurrect. In time may we know who is pulling their strings. Levi may contribute some dates or what have you. He is still significant but may not be all telling. What all his family is going through is hellish. They deserve some slack to prepare for what they can do.

    There are other things to pursue with Palin. In the end I think she will be the main one to undo herself in BABYGATE. Everyone else must continue to help her no matter how small they think their part is.

  28. I agree with onejrkitty about drug dealers and addiction/addicts. It makes me uncomfortable to hear all the enabling talk that goes on here. I, too, feel sorry for Sherry but she seems very foolish. Those of us who have dealt with addiction in their families know how much of a horror it is. I see drug dealers and addicts as vampires. Maybe they once were good enough human beings but once they get that bite they are nothing but trouble and destruction to everyone they come into contact with. We will never know what conditions were like in the Johnston household but it can't have been good. Drug addicts always have a sad story for why they "had to" do what they did. Sherry, with her implant has her drug needs taken care of so I don't see how that gives her any excuse for selling to others, especially young people. It shows a callous disregard for other people. But addicts are so self delusional-- don't expect her to feel remorse and try to make amends by outing Sarah. Levi and Mercede and Bristol are part of Sherry's backup so they will continue to do so.

    I'm tired of waiting for this family to do the right thing. These are not heroic people!

  29. Anonymous10:54 AM

    OneJrKitty: please don't yell. It is considered bad manners. We appreciate calm discussion and fact-based arguments. There is a lot of supposition here on both sides since no one here was in the courtroom. But to talk everyone else down and make unsupported judgements about Johnston is unnecessary. Having strong opinions about dealers is fine. But you don't really know if she was a dealer or how it all came down. -Rob

  30. InJuneau11:43 AM

    Anonymous @ 9:29 PM--Segundo wasn't even 39 yet; he wasn't 42. I have seen nothing indicating that he'd been treated for any heart problems before. The entry about his death said he'd suffered a massive sudden heart attack that doctors said he wouldn't have survived even if he'd been at one of the world's best hospitals.

  31. 8:01 AM ---- Sherry Johnston was no victim.

    Sherry Johnston was a victim of her insurance company and medical pros.

    She is also a victim of drug policies, legal and prison system.

    That doesn't mean she is not a victim in other ways. I don't know enough about the other abusers to say what I think about them being victims or not.

    She did wrong and there is no excuse. The courts are taking care of that.

    Like Limbaugh, Cindy McCain all before her, you can say she is a vampire. I don't want to justify or enable a bad behavior. She will also have years of probation. There are extenuating circumstances and she did not cause or effect the epidemic drug madness in Alaska that much. The positive part is that this problem is getting attention. For each pill she sold, how many of those abusers would have found another dealer and bought or stole a drug to prolong their own agony? Most of them would still be using and she may have prevented a desperate addict like a Dianna Palin from a burglary with a child involved. I think the police have the 178 pills from Johnston, or whatever it was, so she gets a break on those pills.

    It sounds like all Alaskans are victims of a mediocre media that is not getting the facts out about OXY and the drug problems.

    The media shows little interest in the next generation of Alaskans. Why aren't more parents out there screaming for help in the media to focus on the problem? Why aren't more people out there trying to elect better politicians? This goes on everywhere to some degree. Why can't the powers that be get the true stories out?

    I am disgusted with dealers in general. Whatever their age. I just think it is a mistake to focus on a dealer and miss the whole picture and execrable culprits. To focus on a dealer will not change the epidemic of teen OXY addicts taking over. Dealers have to have a product to deal. Dealers are dependent on manufactures and distributors.
    They need to be in a place they can go undetected or make deals with authorities. When booze was illegal, the worst were the bootleggers and sellers. Vampires, murderers and torturers that formed some of our wealthiest families. Some went on to become lawmakers.

  32. sry if I scream and this takes 2 parts

    What troubles me is that when everyone around the world could see the Wasilla family taking babies in public and the babies looked drugged. Very few people spoke up and they were ignored if they did. Please, do research on the phenomena of parents caring for children and giving them medications. It is not only that a child could have brain damage or die, these are babies that could grow up to be addicts and OXY dealers. Ask yourself, what would your reaction be if you saw your grandchild on TV and you were convinced they were drugged? If you were an addict yourself you may not notice or you may make excuses. It is common in the medical professions to give drugs, you may be of the mind that thinks it is the thing to do to babies. While OXY addiction in teens is loud and noticeable, someone also needs to pay attention to the younger children. These parents could be raising children to be addicts and dealers and they don't have a clue. I don't know all of the reasons why the Johnstons didn't say something about the drugged appearances. For the sake of all children, I do pray they will be able to open up about what we all witnessed and feel a part of. They may have as much to hide as the Palins, however.

    The parents that make a difference are the ones that are involved with their families and communities, and not busy covering up or denying. The best of people can end up addicted and go downhill. I don't see first hand what goes on up there. I have seen and read certain things. I'd say there are parents that need to take more responsibility for their own children. You may be the best of parents but if another 10 are ignoring the alcohol and drugs in your neighborhood you may not have much effect. Is all of Alaska like Wasilla? Do most parents leave the kids alone to drink and party? Is it acceptable for their parks to be drug congregations? Do the police all over Alaska let some teens get by with criminal behavior? If no one can open up and talk about what is happening your OXY problem will just be added to the METH problem and who knows what is next. The parents that care must speak up and keep on the media to help and be effective. Continue to fight to elect better politicians.

    Whatever the OXY and drug problem is now it will rapidly escalate if adults stay the same. Truth is the best disinfectant.

  33. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Distributing Oxy is distributing nothing but misery to those that purchase it and their families. The Sherrys of Alaska have enabled too many of our youth either in order to supplement their own habits or due to greed. There is no good excuse for trafficing this drug.

    If I had a dollar for every Alaskan teen that had no idea how addictive Oxy was and that they could become addicted on their first use, I'd be rich. I guess many don't quite understand the permanent impact this drug has on the brain and the nervous system. Many parents will never get their children they once knew back to normal again. It's a quick, downhill slide and usually takes a couple bank accounts from unsuspecting relatives, and friends or some kind of fraud being committed to discover the gravity of the problem.

  34. Anonymous1:58 PM

    It seems like at least some people are getting physical drug dependence and drug abuse/addiction confused here. Some people with chronic illness of various sorts have their lives made tolerable by use of strong pain medications and they will develop physical dependence over time. If their supply is suddenly disrupted they will develop every bit the awful withdrawal symptoms that an abusing addict who uses the drug recreationally and has become dependent on it will develop. In addition, the underlying painful condition that was being treated in the legitimate medication user doesn't suddenly go away just because the medication is taken away.

    People with addicts in lives or in their families have often lived under horrible stress and their families have been torn apart by the addict's behavior. It can be easy to feel like everybody who says they has a chronic pain problem is really just an abuser with people enabling them.

    But not everybody who uses strong pain medication is an addict, as defined by treatment specialists. As a matter of fact, many studies show that they vast majority of chronic pain sufferers who take strong pain medications are not addicts, although they will over time become physically dependent. And not everyone with implanted pain management devices has their pain controlled without needing to use oral medication as well. It is common for people with chronic pain to have both maintenance and breakthrough pain control strategies.

    I do not know if Sherry is/was an addict or not. However, I did read somewhere that she has two chronic severely painful conditions, and that her insurance company suddenly denied her coverage for her pain medications some time during the year before the arrest. Getting the medications through the mail may still have been done through the mail with a legitimate prescription, even possibly through the insurance company pharmacy, except now Sherry would have had to suddenly pay for her own medications herself. It is an expensive drug for someone who is unemployed and whose insurance suddenly stopped paying for the drug. That does not justify selling the drug even so, but is it really so surprising somebody might make this stupid choice when they are in desperate pain?

    If it turns out to be true that this scenario I read about is actually what was true, then Sherry STILL shouldn't have been selling the drug, but this situation was also created in part by our dysfunctional health care system. People in desperate pain might do stupid things, especially when they need money and they know they are surrounded by people who are willing to pay big bucks for the drugs.

    With the drug culture as pervasive as it apparently is in Wasilla, I find it interesting that after reading the ADN for the last year, I did not read about an epidemic of other similar small time busts in the Wasilla area. You know, a story like "police sting in the Valley nabs 15 small time dealers, including Sherry Johnston".

    I guess I am a bit suspicious of what was going on when one individual who just happens to likely have embarrassing information about the VP candidate is busted for selling 8 pills, and yet as far as I can tell the drug party in the area apparently goes on and on after Sherry has been arrested. SP has shown herself to be a very vindictive person and it is really not so hard for me to believe that she might have connections to get an insurance company to deny Mrs. Johnston coverage for her medication, and then the informants start badgering Mrs. Johnston for drugs...

    I don't know what the real truth is here. But I do know that our health care system is dysfunctional, quality of chronic pain management varies widely, and that we also need far more drug and alcohol treatment beds available to addicts who want to get help.

  35. Anonymous5:00 PM

    12:57 PM ----

    OxyContin is manufactured in official labs. It is distributed from the labs and some of it goes to street dealers. Dealers do distribute but they are not the main distributors.
    I don't know if you are meaning distributor or dealer when referring to the Sherrys of Alaska.

    Alaskan teens are probably familiar and know about Rush Limbaugh. They may listen to him with their parents. Ask some of them what the first thing they think of when they hear the name Rush. To some Rush and OxyContin are synonymous. Rush Limbaugh is promoted as he can do no wrong, he is a success. How can you say OxyContin is a one way street down to a kid? When it looks simple and luxurious when you think of Rush. Rush is not a manufacturer, distributor and I don't know if he did any dealing. In his way Rush is a walking talking promo for OxyContin and Viagra. He is an example and an advertisement.

    Sure you can target one Oxy dealer for a reason as to why Oxy is bad or to release your disgust for what the drug does. I doubt any kids will care. In the whole one dealer is insignificant. If it were not for the dealers the manufacturers and distributors would not make as much money. Manufacturers and distributors need to move product. Street dealers are the blackmarket little guys. They may be rotten but they are used by the bigger boys.

    Why don't you care about the internet distributors mailing these poisons to kids and to others who can sell to your kids? Is there nothing the post office or other mailing services can do? Where is the Oxy that makes it to Alaska coming from? Is it an Alaskan product? Whoever controls product probably can give you numbers on how much goes to the blackmarket.

    Sherry Johnston's dealing is being taken care of by the authorities. It's almost a done deal, whatever any of us think about it.

    There are 2 more dealers out there and no one knows the harm they are doing. They may be able to deal and they could have police protection. The police may want to set up another dealer with their help. Informants are treated well. The police will look the other way for them. The informants and dealers that are kids will have more of an opportunity to keep other kids using. They do much more harm to your kids than a Sherry of Alaska.

    I hope someone is on top of what is going on now. Sherry Johnston is being taken care of. Try to help the kids that are in danger now, please.

  36. Susan in MD at 6:12 am, I believe you misunderstood me or I did not make myself clear. By no means have I lost interest in Babygate! I simply have lost interest in Levi providing any information before Tripp is 18.
    Sarah Palin has "tripped" up several times, she will still be exposed for the fraud she perpetrated upon all those anti-abortion zealots who supported her "brave" pregnancy.

  37. onejrkitty10:29 PM


    crystalwolf a.k.a. caligrl Says:
    January 5th, 2009 at 1:03 AM
    Gryhpen had a blog about this earlier this eve:
    “However the question in this case is how many individuals were able to purchase drugs illegally from Sherry Johnston while this investigation was in limbo waiting for the election to be over and the Palin interference to an end?

    Were there twenty Wasilla teenagers who got high on Johnston Oxycontin during this time? Fifty? A hundred?

    “How many Valley residents, who had never tried anything harder then pot, found themselves becoming addicted to Oxycontin in the months that the Palin administration kept the Troopers from taking this drug dealer off of the streets? How many lives may have been damaged or destroyed in that amount of time?”
    Good job Gryphen, you took the words right out of my mouth, I’ve been wondering the exact thing…How many people/pills.
    If this was a ongoing investigation there should be documentation…doncha think?

    Can't have it both ways people !

  38. onejrkitty10:30 PM

    1. crystalwolf a.k.a. caligrl Says:
    January 5th, 2009 at 1:03 AM
    Gryhpen had a blog about this earlier this eve:
    “However the question in this case is how many individuals were able to purchase drugs illegally from Sherry Johnston while this investigation was in limbo waiting for the election to be over and the Palin interference to an end?
    Were there twenty Wasilla teenagers who got high on Johnston Oxycontin during this time? Fifty? A hundred?
    “How many Valley residents, who had never tried anything harder then pot, found themselves becoming addicted to Oxycontin in the months that the Palin administration kept the Troopers from taking this drug dealer off of the streets? How many lives may have been damaged or destroyed in that amount of time?”
    Good job Gryphen, you took the words right out of my mouth, I’ve been wondering the exact thing…How many people/pills.

    Can't have it both ways people !

  39. crystalwolf aka caligrl1:00 PM

    Hello one jerk kitty...
    note the "election to be over and the Palin interference to an end?"
    And it is RUDE to cut and paste someone else's comments without their permission and you definitely don't have mine, to do it.
    If you have something to say just say it! You certainly don't need to interject my name in there...

  40. crystalwolf aka caligrl1:08 PM

    one jerk kitty
    at the time this statement was made..
    crystalwolf a.k.a. caligrl Says:
    January 5th, 2009 at 1:03 AM
    Gryhpen had a blog about this earlier this eve:
    “However the question in this case is how many individuals were able to purchase drugs illegally from Sherry Johnston while this investigation was in limbo waiting for the election to be over and the Palin interference to an end?
    I don't believe anyone knew the circumstances about Sherry, except she was "caught" selling oxy. Since then many new facts have turned up and I suspect Gryphen as well as myself know that her arrest was not a accident, In face more likely a setup of a woman who could tear the lid off babygate. Also remember Bristols cell phone? There might be evidence even, JMO, that maybe Bristol was selling, or Bristol set up Sherry. I'm sure there are hidden facts we do not know at work her.
    Course you who know all....will broadcast whatever... out there.
    Don't use my name to do it. Its RUDE.

  41. onejrkitty6:29 PM

    I didn't "use" crystalwolf a.k.a. caligirl's name.

    I simply cut and pasted from HER message left on Mudflats on January 5, 2009 at 1:03 AM>

    These are HER words directly out of her own post so do you consider it "rude" to directly quote you? Sorry, that excuse doesn't fly.

    I think too many here are assuming an "enabler" position with dealer Johnston and making excuses for her behavior i.e Johnston is the victim instead of the teens she sells drugs to. Isn't that exactly what Palin does, make herself the victim and blame everyone and everything else except herself ?

  42. onejrkitty6:33 PM

    "And it is RUDE to cut and paste someone else's comments without their permission "

    So YOU get permission first before you ever quote someone who has had their comments published? Like every time you quote Palin?

    Sorry your whine does not make sense.

    Grow up kiddo. YOU said it, I just quoted it whether I retype and use quote marks or cut and paste. Nothing rude about doing that. You just got caught condeming Johnston as a dealer and are embarassed.

  43. crystalwolf aka caligrl12:34 PM

    one jerk kitty...well your name says it all.
    And I was quoting the blog, those were not my remarks...
    But you don't care B/c YOU the wonderful ONE JERK KITTY, like oz knows all.

  44. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Cops Sat on Sherry Johnston's Search Warrant Due to Palin

    There are new details the the drug case of Sherry Johnston, the mother of future Palin son-in-law Levi Johnston, who was arrested on oxycontin-related charges last week.

    The police busted a couple of her associates, turned them into snitches, wired them, and taped her allegedly engaging in oxycontin transactions:

    She allegedly sold OxyContin tablets to the informants on three occasions this fall, the affidavit states. Police said two of the meetings were recorded by a hidden camera and a microphone.

    The affidavit that has now been released says they sat on the search warrant due to Sarah Palin's candidacy and secret service protection:

    Authorities say the case against Sherry Johnston began in the second week of September, when drug investigators intercepted a package containing 179 OxyContin pills. That led to the arrest of the suspects, who agreed to be informants. [More...]


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