Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Levi Johnston's Vanity Fair article.

Sarah told me she had a great idea: we would keep it a secret—nobody would know that Bristol was pregnant. She told me that once Bristol had the baby she and Todd would adopt him. That way, she said, Bristol and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Sarah kept mentioning this plan. She was nagging—she wouldn’t give up. She would say, “So, are you gonna let me adopt him?” We both kept telling her we were definitely not going to let her adopt the baby. I think Sarah wanted to make Bristol look good, and she didn’t want people to know that her 17-year-old daughter was going to have a kid.

This is the smoking gun.

I have known about this for over a month now and had to sit on it until this Vanity Fair article came out.

Just ask yourself this question, "When would Sarah Palin be most likely to fake a pregnancy and then adopt her daughter's baby? When she was mostly out of the public eye as the Governor of an "off the radar" state like Alaska? Or while standing on a stage in front of millions of possible voters and camera crews?"

Do you really think that she would have been willing to fake her pregnancy while being interviewed by Katie Couric and Matt Lauer?

Once again Levi is giving you a hint of what he is going to say in his book without letting the cat all the way out of the bag. But I can tell you for an absolute certainty that when Sarah sees this it is going to set her drug rehab/post surgery recovery/talk show classes/or whatever, back to square one.

I know this is making your head hurt, believe me it has caused me numerous sleepless nights. But if you think this is confusing just wait until you hear the rest of the story.

I will be gone to a class for much of the day, but when I get back I will try to update this a little and hopefully clarify a few things. I still cannot give out too much, but I might be able to at least steer you in the right direction.

Take some Tylenol, that has helped me more than a few times.

Update: The baby Levi is talking about is Tripp. And yes I do have other information about the circumstances surrounding these comments. I also want you all to know that I have been very involved in trying to get this story out to the media and have spent many hours on the phone and in meetings negotiating with people to finally reveal the truth about this bizarre situation.

I have made some very good progress, and you have seen that on this blog. But there is still a whole lot more to tell that will be coming out in another venue. I promise.

Update 2: Hmm it looks like Meg Stapleton has nothing to say about these allegations. (Scroll down to Update ll.) Interesting no?

Update 3: MSNBC has more where Levi talks about how often the subject of divorce came up. Hint: A LOT!

Update 4: LA Times: Says Johnston: "I couldn't believe it when she would come over to us and sometimes say, playing around, 'No, I don't want the retarded baby -- I want the other one' and pick up Tripp. That was just her, even her kids were used to it."

I wanted so badly to post this part when I did the "Splitsville" story, but I knew that this kind of allegation would have started a shit storm. Little did I know I was in for such a huge one anyhow. I will add this nugget, (I have not seen if it is in the Vanity Fair article yet or not) according to my source Sarah does not pick little Trig up unless there are cameras around to capture it.


  1. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Unfortunately, it doesn't say that Levi talked about Sarah faking the pregnancy, just about adopting the baby. I was hoping for more from the VF article, to be honest. Looks like everything's still a secret.

  2. Finally FINALLY the truth is slowly leaking out. Can't wait to read the full VF article.

    And, the tease for the next update to your post is gonna kill me. I'll be anxiously waiting all day. :)

  3. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Please dont make this into something it is not. It is clear that Palin said she would ADOPT Tripp. Not fake a pregnancy for Tripp. ADOPT Tripp. She would have lied about her daughter being the mother, but this part of the article never states anything about faking a pregnancy for Tripp. Just adopting him. She could have just told the public I am adopting a baby who needs my help. It does not state that she was planning to fake a pregnancy. He clearly states Bristol is 17 at the time of this suggestion so it is clearly for Tripp. He is letting people know that Palin is capable of lying to the public and would do it in a heartbeat, but he is not saying anything about a fake pregnancy plan.

    Honestly I believe if Trig is Levi and Bristols that Levi will never tell. He will look like a disgusting human being who disowns one son with developmental problems while lovingly raising the other in the same house. That would make him look like a monster to a lot of people.

    So please dont try and say that this article is the smoking gun, it clearly does not state what you have suggested that it does. It states that Palin is capable of lying big and is willing to push a fraud on the American people. Hold on to your secrets if you dont have proof of them that you can use yet. It will only hurt you in the end.

  4. There was never a doubt in my mind. The other shoe just dropped!

  5. This is the smoking gun, along with the picture of Levi with a hospital bracelet holding Trig.This is why he has bodyguard protection 24 x 7. Good for you Levi...stay safe.

    I eagerly await the facebook rant from Megamouth Stapletongue.

  6. Right on Gryphen, you're the man! Now don't let any jerks get away with derailing the facts.

    So here's what I just wrote on PD because it's long past time they got the bone in their teeth too.

    What bike is really saying is that people like Dangerous keep instilling doubts in the minds of intelligent thinking people. And the mods on this forum are too fking stupid to stop him. In any case, it's gone so far now that it's too late except for those who are confident in themselves and know to believe in themselves.

    And now that I mention it, consider that what ails the political left and a lot of socially responsible people is their lack of confidence. The confidence to know that what is true is true when it's as plain as the light of day. Had this been an issue of the political right they would have carried the ball over the goal line long ago. I would strongly suggest that it's the reason why the healthcare ball hasn't been carried over the goal line years ago in your country.

    Way ta go Gryphen!!!!

  7. Anonymous8:18 AM

    so the question I am assuming is which baby is Levi talking about

  8. Anonymous8:22 AM

    OMG I can't believe this... Ok, I can, but I didn't expect the information to come out in Vanity Fair.

  9. L.A. in S.F.8:27 AM

    I am out of my f'n mind. I can't wait. I can't wait to pay full price for this issue. I can't wait for her to be humiliated and caught and forced to fess up. I wish that boy well. Heck, I wish Bristol well. I know what it is to grow up around mentally ill people and it's no picnic. These two kids have a chance to move on with their lives. May the force be with them.

  10. No one has ever gone on record with this damn thing.

    Does this mean that Bristol had two illegitimate kids?

    Say so, or shut up.

  11. Thanks, for a great birthday present!

  12. Anonymous8:47 AM

    The following excerpt from the VF piece can be found at the link below:

    The Palins didn¹t have dinner together and they didn't talk much as a family. Throughout the years I spent with them, when Sarah got home from her office--almost never later than five and sometimes as early as noon--she usually walked in the door, said hello, and then disappeared into her bedroom, where she would hang out. Sometimes she'd take an hour-long bath. Other times she sat on the living-room couch...watching house shows and wedding shows on TV. She always wanted things and she wanted other people to get them for her. If she wanted a movie, Bristol and I would go to the video store; if she wanted food, we¹d get her something to eat, like a Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell. She'd try to bribe everyone to clean the house, or give us guilt trips. She used to make Bristol feel bad by telling her that she did everything for her. This was unfair because, even before the campaign, Bristol was already the mom in the house, and she got tired of having to take care of her siblings.

    This shows a concern for Bristol and a tale of the kind of person that we've come to know with regards to Sarah Palin. Selfish, lazy and willing to use anyone and everyone in any way if it benefits her.


  13. Anonymous8:52 AM

    OMFG. I cannot wait to hear the full story, after so many months of piecemeal data that in my mind led to this incontrovertible conclusion...

  14. Anonymous8:54 AM

    It's clear that this cannot refer to Tripp, because if Sarah had just had Trig AND were in the running for VP (which we know she was), then she would not have been in a position to fake the pregnancy with Tripp. He's definitely talking about Trig.

  15. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Which child are we talking about? Trip or Trig.

  16. Anonymous8:57 AM

    This is a smoking gun? Really.

  17. Blooper9:01 AM

    Thanks for your take on these events, Gryphen! If this is going where I think it's going, it is going to be major.

  18. I believe it--Levi has no reason to lie, because he knows he can't be sued for slander; Sarah HAS no proof she delivered Trig, and if she gets ugly about this, the rest of the sordid details will all come out. Just back up the VF "story" to when bristol was 16. Bingo!

    The one thing Sarah said about Trig that I believed immediately was that he was the "easiest" of all her deliveries....well, duh! All she had to do was watch bristol deliver him, and check her blackberries!

    P.S. For a self-professed F-in' redneck, Levi plays the cat and mouse game really well. Some quitter we know will undoubtedly be shrieking and pulling out her hair extensions this afternoon.

  19. SoCalWolfGal9:14 AM

    OMFG, I never really thought he would come out and say it! My head is hurting, will take the Tylenol. Thank you dear Gryphen for all the hard work you have done to expose this and get to the truth.

    Namaste my friend.

  20. Surely people will realize Levi MUST BE talking about Trig, not Tripp.

    I mean, think about it!

    He can't possibly be referring to Tripp...

    Let's imagine it's...

    ...August 2008: Picture Sarah with a newborn baby (Trig) on her hip (well Piper's hip, mostly), BEGGING to adopt ANOTHER baby..., while running for a national political office?!

    How in the WORLD could you keep your daughter's pregnancy a secret and adopt her baby while running around on the Maverick Express?

    ...Now it's late 2007/early 2008: Picture the family with ZERO babies present. Sarah is standing there, BEGGING them to let her adopt their baby - loooong before the lower 48 has heard of her.


  21. MaineMom9:18 AM

    Thanks, Gryph -- I can't wait to see the rest of the article. And check out the comments on the VF site -- the Palinbots are already working overtime to tear this one down. I'm sure $carah is blowing a few stitches over this!

  22. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Andrew Sullivan's blog calls what Levi said, the proof principal, or something like that. He has admitted it was Trig, but it proves that she IS capable of faking a pregnancy.

    But of course it's Trig.
    She wanted to fake a pg while campaigning for VP?

  23. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Go Levi! I notice you did not mention if it was Trig or Tripp that Palin offered to adopt. I think this tactic is just to JAB Mrs. Palin. They all know the truth and so do your followers, Gryphen. After seeing the video clip of Bristol with Jennifer Lopez, (palingates) in October of 2007 it is apparent she was pregnant then, too.....with Trig. So I do believe that Toad and Mrs. Palin did adopt Trig from Bristol and Levi and they tried to do it again with Trigg. Now I know why Rex Butler said it was an ugly and unbelievable story.

    I am not surprised that Mrs. Palin did no cooking (unless Greta or Matt Lauer were in her kitchen). I remember an old video clip of her when she was asked how she kept up with all the household duties on top of being governor. Her snippy reply was something like....."Well, Todd handles all that" (as she crinkled her nose.) She really is the biggest fraud I have ever seen in my lifetime.

  24. Damn Gryphen, I am going crazy waiting!
    But I know you have good reasons for it. Won't be too long now, will it?

  25. Finally the dike begins to leak. Many on HuffPo are asking which baby Levi is talking about. It doesn't really matter does it? It shows her state of mind to hide Bristol's pregnancy, ah but she didn't try to hide the 2nd one did she?
    Haha, yes, back to rehab for Sarah. Just watch the attacks on Levi now, her grandbaby's father.
    By the way Palin just turned down a speech before Republican women. Who does she think is going to vote for her? Wow, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  26. "Do you really think that she would have been willing to fake her pregnancy while being interviewed by Katie Couric and Matt Lauer?"

    OMG Gryph why not? I don't think it would cross her mind at all.

    Do the c4peers ever wonder why Levi still has a bodyguard & a lawyer? If he wasn't sitting on a big something then they wouldn't be giving him the time of day.

    Maybe they think President Obama is paying his expenses. You know so that he can discredit the person who is such a big threat to him.

  27. Anonymous9:36 AM

    MSNBC making Levi look like a vindictive liar.

  28. nswfm CA9:37 AM

    I knew you were on to something! Those press deadlines can be a bitch, but I knew this was going to come tumbling out!

    I've helped friends when they had high-risk pregnancies where I learned WAAAY more than I EVER wanted to know. I knew her story was was utter BS the first day I heard it!

    WAY TO GO!

  29. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post, is on MSNBC, calling Levi sleazy for having lived in Sarah's home and now doing a 'kiss and tell' gig. She just doesn't get it yet, does she? Wait till the whole story is finally out. The roar of jaws hitting the floor, all across America, will be deafening.
    Gryph - hurry home. We're all holding our breath.

  30. Remember the day she left office in Alaska? All of us who have been watching, waiting ... were to get our favorite drink(s) and blog (and bond)together. I decided champagne was in order for me. I like it; it is festive and that is how I was feeling. But I never buy it. I did buy a bottle and woke that morning with a sinus headache. The kind that lasts all day. I still have the unopened bottle of champagne in my fridge. Gryphen, thanks. But instead of tylenol, I may just have to crack that bottle open. Namaste!

  31. I posted this over at Palingates. Just one of many who, I'm sure, have lots of thoughts on this!

    I think I "get it" now. Sarah pressured Levi and Bristol to give up Trig to her and Todd for adoption, so that she could progress her career (at that point, she already knew she was on the short list of McCain choices). Even though they repeatedly did not consent, her arrogance led her to prepare for the deception by taking Bristol out of school and the wearing of scarves beginning in (Jan/Feb - I forget when the first date was). For Sarah it was an easy "just in case" move. It is no stretch of the imagination that Sarah felt her "power" and "influence" would win out here. The uncertainty of the situation does explain her actions, where she did not come right out and wear that empathy belly. Better to disguise, so that people could accept the "possibility" of a pregnancy.

    So she continued to pressure the kids. On the day McCain was announced (3/4), Sarah went into panic mode. She forced the situation by announcing the next day, to the Alaska press, that she and Todd were expecting. She did this solely to preserve her chances of being chosen by McCain as the VP pick. (If she had not, and her underage daughter had a baby out of wedlock, she would have been a much less attractive candidate). Think about the fight she and Bristol had in the fall of 2007 when she was banished to her Aunt's and subsequently kept out of school for 5 months. Bristol had no say in that. Sarah was making her plans, whether Bristol liked it or not.

    There are accounts from sources who say that her announcement on 3/5 enraged Bristol. I do not believe that anything else happened other than Sarah "forcing" those kids to give that child to her for adoption. I am sure she made all sorts of promises, possibly threats, as well. One thing I do wonder, though, is whether or not they knew the child had DS at that time? If, as many speculate, Trig was born in Jan/Feb, that would of course mean that was already knowledge to them, and Sarah may have forced the situation even more (much more leverage on her part, having that knowledge). But I do believe, whatever the timeline, that she did "coerce" them into giving Trig up. The April 18th presentation date and the wild ride must have coincided with either a hospital release date for Trig or possibly, a threat from Bristol. Either way, something told them to beat feet home that day. To be sure, the pics that were on Sadie's FB page are of a much younger Trig than the Trip presented on 4/18 - and that's a fact.

    This makes sense on so many levels and upon examining so many of the statements and known facts. It also explains why Bristol, angry at her mother, got pregnant again immediately. Those two young people, who probably have very good, albeit naive, intentions, are living in a tightly wound world. Imagine what they would have to accept if they came forward with the whole truth? You can only imagine the choices they have to make to try and figure out the "best" life for themselves and their children. Neither have any ability to make an income.

    Well, that's my theory. The cat is certainly out of the bag now. The dam, which had a very narrow crack in it, has now belched a huge gasp of water and the pressure will only build from here. While I feel that Sarah should be exposed for the fraud that she is, I feel bad for the rest of that family, who will most certainly end up being collateral damage.

    Susan in MD

  32. MadCityKaren9:55 AM

    Oh wow. And yes, it is making my head hurt ... but I'm so not surprised by this either. It does make the most sense to me that it is Trig that is being discussed here, mostly because (in addition to your reasons above), I cannot imagine Sarah adopting a second child within an approximate years' time.

  33. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Hmm, are you saying that this quote is referring to TRIG, not TRIPP?

  34. Anonymous9:57 AM

    So is he talking about trig or tripp?

  35. I'm glad Levi is finally telling what he knows. The bit about Sarah wanting to adopt Bristol's baby only gives more weight to the rumor that Sarah faked Trig's pregnancy.

    MSNBC is talking about Levi's interview now. Will this force Sarah out of hiding?

  36. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Sounds like they did have some sort of prenatal testing done since
    Sarah is referring to the unborn baby as a boy . . .

  37. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Sounds like they did have some sort of prenatal testing done since
    Sarah is referring to the unborn baby as a boy . . .

  38. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Thx thx thx Levi Johnston!!

    I cannot begin to tell you how sure I am that Levi was talking about Trig in that VF article.

    Also, I might direct people back to Palingates "Shrinking Trig" post. Remember how Sarah said right after Trig was "born" that 'ya can't tell by lookin'"? And I think she'd absolutely correct: they couldn't tell by looking when he was first born, or when the Levi w/Trig, Mercede w/Triggybear pics were taken. But LOOK at the pics of him as a "newborn", especially the one of Sarah and Todd holding him, and you can clearly see his little DS tongue sticking out, so by the time of his "birth", he had been diagnosed, and he did look like he had Down Syndrome.

    Remember too the discrepancy btw Sarah saying ya can't tell by lookin' vs Sarah saying Willow noticed it in the hospital.

    So....which was it, Sarah? I think it was both. They couldn't tell right away when he was born, NOT on April 18th, but by the time he was discharged, YES. OBviously yes, because by then somebody HAD noticied and he had had chromosomal tests done to confirm it!!

    What a Liar! What a Sarah Palin!!

    And I'm appalled that I now think that Sarah gave Bristol and Levi no choice and forced her to hand that baby over to her by publically announcing her own "pregnancy" and then making Bristol and Levi stay at the house and take care of that baby anyway, but now they were all sworn to secrecy for Miss Divine Governor. She makes me very very mad and very very sad for Bristol, and Bristol getting back at her by getting pregnant right away makes perfect sense now, as does the comment in the British tabloids that the Johnston's were hooting and hollering about how happy they were Bristol was pregnant (again), plus Bristol's statement about how "we we all surprised" that she got pregnant with Tripp (so quickly after having Trig).

    I'm amazed I have been so doubtful at times about this whole scenario. It seems now to be the only version that fits the given knowables and the published statements of family members.

    This woman is sick sick sick, and EVEN IF she did not steal that baby and claim him as her own, she is STILL unfit to ever have been considered as a VP, given everything ELSe that has come out about her.

    Can you see the steam coming out of my ears?

    Can't wait for the REST of the story, Gryphen!

  39. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Is Levi already writing a book? Sounds like he is and this is all prequel.

  40. Wow, I can hear the 'sizzle' from my front porch.

  41. Anonymous10:50 AM

    MSNBC has discussed this article several times today. Levi was trashed by someone because he said the Palins were not parenting, i.e., the kids were cooking, cleaning, doing clothes, and Bristol helped with Piper's homework. And, then they showed a snip of Levi answering a question from LKing, that conflicts with something he said. Oh, I don't remember what it was. Dang!

  42. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Oh it's gonna take more than Tylenol to get my brain unfuzzed by this.

  43. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Are you saying that Levi is talking about TRIP? Really?

    Also, I think Sarah Palin is out of state - maybe with just Piper - and Bristol and/or her Dad are holding down the fort in Wasilla with the two babies and sister Willow. If Trip is Sarah's baby, why would she NOT be taking care of him?

  44. Anonymous11:06 AM

    This whole issue is finally getting more attention. You know, if the media did not want to discuss the fake pregnancy, they could have reported on the "wild ride" story, but they didn't. The media disgust me!

    If this were Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama taking a "wild ride" while pregnant, this would have been all over the media. Why are they giving Sarah Palin a pass?

    Audrey, Patrick, Gryphen and all other bloggers should get a "Pulitzer Prize" for staying on top of this story. Keep it coming and don't give up. It's about to explode! I just heard Contessa Brewer on MSNBC discussing this story and what stood out to me is that she mentioned that Palin wanted to adopt Bristol and Levi's baby. This has opened the door for others in the media to discuss this. But will they? I hope so?

    Also, my husband did not know anything about this story. All I had to do is show him the pictures of Palin and the timeline of the pregnancy and the first thing he said to me was "how could she have a baby and she was never pregnant". Why is it that my husband can see this and the damn media can't.

    Even though the "National Enquirer" is a gossip magazine, I don't understand why they haven't touched this story. This would have been a great story for them to cover, with all the pictures displayed on Palin Deceptions and other blogs. They did expose John Edwards when the media wouldn't touch it.

    This is all just my opinion.

    Reesie in VA

  45. Oh, I love watching this develop. And I find it funny: Levi says that neither Sarah nor Todd cook- most of the time, he said, he'd grill chicken or steak on the barbecue. So Sarah's slow-simmered moose stews are another lie!

  46. ACMJane11:18 AM

    OMG! I KNEW Levi would end up being the one to let us all in on what really happened. Or bless his crazy little fame-hungry heart.

  47. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Tried Tylenol - didn't even make a dent in the tangle in my head from Sarah Palin nuttiness.

    If Levi is not lying, Sarah thought she could hide a daughter's pregnancy under the media exposure of a VEEP run. Not the sign of mind capable of, say, commanding nukes.

    And, we still don't know WHAT impeachable act forced Sarah to resign.

  48. Anonymous11:42 AM

    oh man -- this has made me be a first time commenter (long time lurker)......holy cow gryphen. this is no time to have a day job !!!

    signed - ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck

  49. Okay, this is making my head spin.

    Let's say that Levi and Bristol finally said OK to the adoption thing for Trig once they found out he had DS. Couldn't Sarah have just announced that she was adopting a DS baby instead of faking a pregnancy as if the child was hers? Or.. maybe nobody knew Trig had DS until he was born. But still, why not just pretend to adopt someone else's child instead of faking pregnancy? Not enough punch for the anti-abortion people as bearing the kid herself?

    It makes no sense that SP would want to adopt Tripp. I mean, that would give her 6 kids and she was like, on the way to the White House, in her mind. People were already saying she should stay home with her large family. What possible reason could she come up with for, out of the blue, adopting? And I agree, no way in heck would she fake a pregancy while running for office. No way.

    Jeez, Gryphen. So Levi has to be telling a partial truth here, referring to Trig instead of Tripp. Wow, just wow. But we still need to figure out why she didn't just up and up "adopt a DS baby" instead of doing the whole scarves and fake belly routine...

  50. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Seems like some doctor in Wasilla should be about to lose her license.

  51. I had faith you were telling us the truth. I could have some kind of a stroke waiting to find out the rest, I better take an aspirin and thin my blood. Wonder how she got the father of the other one to keep quiet and let them adopt Trig or is he really close to the family.

  52. L.A. in S.F.12:03 PM

    And another thing....he CAN"T be talking about Tripp, he MUST be talking about Trig. And here's why. Let's say SP really did have T1. She knows McP is interested, but she's just given heroic and "chosen" birth to a special needs baby. McP picks her, and we're to believe that NOW she would say, oh, let me either pretend to be preggers or let me just say that I felt a strong urge to adopt a baby for no obvious reason right now. Either way, she would want the world to believe, during the Couric intv. or on the campaign trail, that she is a viable candidate with Irish twins? That is lunacy. Also too....their whole premise it that Bristol couldn't have had T1 because she's now pregnant with T2. So, how is it any more likely for us to believe that: Sarah is pregnant with T2 having just had T1. It's not. She wanted to adopt (and might have) T1 for all the reasons Audrey and team have pointed out: two teenagers in over their heads with an expensive baby who, oops, has special needs. She takes over, they knock up again, and this time mama is pissed. And it showed.

  53. Anonymous12:23 PM

    If he's IDing Bristol as 17 years old for Vanity Fair, and he is in fact going to dish on the little potato baby (name?) in the book, then he isn't keeping cats -- he's being mendacious. Disingenuous. What's that other word?

    So, he won't be our next Garrison Keillor, will he?

  54. I think thats what Levi and Bristol did with their first one, why else would Bristol have been out of school and shipped out of town for 5 months with "mono". I'm sure that one was easy, because they probably threatened him with statutory rape. I have never heard of parents kicking their child out and shipping them off to live with an aunt for 5 months because of a "mono" diagnosis. I can hardly wait until this article and Levi's book comes out.

  55. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I'm so glad this is finally being put out there for all to see. Thanks for all you've done.

  56. Anonymous12:52 PM

    OMG! Gryphen, you sure know how to sit on information! This is unbelievable - in a totally believable kind of way! I can't wait to for the article - and can't wait to see the c'pers go nuts with this one!


  57. Aussie Blue Sky1:00 PM

    Poor Gryphen, you must have been about bursting!

    People were often a bit doubtful when I said Sarah Palin was the laziest person in the world, thinking that her mania would surely keep her quite active ... but - nope.

  58. Anonymous1:07 PM

    If Bristol couldn't have been Trig's mommy because she was pregnant with Tripp, then the opposite is true: there's no way Sarah could have pulled off covering up Tripp's pregnancy as hers, because how could she have had two babies in 8 months? Doesn't Sarah think we're smart enough to figure that out either?

    This quote is referring to TRIG. Levi's coming clean.

  59. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Why no comments yet??

  60. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Let me try to untangle this. You're saying that as Bristol "gave birth" to Trig that she would get pregnnat again, only this time just before the national election?

  61. Anonymous1:18 PM

    How can Levi say "adopt HIM" if he is referring io Tripp? The only baby whose gender might have been known before birth would be Trig, if the amnio that SP referred to did in fact take place.

  62. ginny1:19 PM

    I am beginning to become suspicious that perhaps Levi (and maybe Bristol, too) signed some kind of legal agreement to never tell anyone that they are the biological parents of Trig. It seems like Levi really, really wants to blurt it all out, but all he can do is leave hints for others to follow-up on. How bad can the whole truth be? How much of a mess is this? Those poor kids!

  63. Irishgirl1:31 PM

    I think she is toast now.

  64. Anonymous2:02 PM


    If Levi was the fiance and a wedding was in the works, why in the world would Sarah be harassing the lovebirds to take over their baby?

    One would think that little plot of mom's must have involved an earlier baby.

  65. onejrkitty2:04 PM

    Sorry, but THIS is not a smoking gun.

    A smoking gun is Levi stating that he is the father of Trig--or stating that Palin is not the mother-- or showing the results of a DNA test that Trig is his child.

    As much as I believe Palin IS Trigger's mother, THIS is not a smoking gun.

    It is no more and NO less a statement that Palin wanted to adopt Trip. Personally I believe she had only her own interest at heart in wanting to adopt BUT it can be reasonably argued that she was "helping the kids out."

    I find Levi's statement that she did not hunt, fish, and didn't know how to shoot a gun much more of a "smoking gun" about her generic willingness to lie about everything under the sun.

    I also am very curious to know what was going on her Palin's head that caused her to decide she needed to know how to use a weapon. What was her interest in suddenly learning how to use a gun.

    I have said before and I will say again. Her NPD is playing itself out, she is reaching critical mass and I believe she is going to shed blood before all is said and done. There is a reason Tank is also a "body guard."

    I find it extremely pertitnent what Levi has said about Palin wanting to adopt Trip, but it does not come up to the level of "smoking gun."

    I would suggest, Gryphen, what gives YOU this impression is that you are aware of information==hopefully reliable, I don't know who your sources are == that adds to the importance of Levi's adoption statements. BUT, taken by itself, no smoking gun-- at least not yet.

    Enough emotional roller coastering comes with play outs like this. No need to cause unwarrented ups and downs. It dulls one's senses after a while and burns people out.

    Having said all that, I have no doubt there are smoking guns and their day will come.

    IF Palin sheds blood, the subsequent criminal proceedings will expose everything to light. Someone is going to have a big book and a big movie on their hands--eventually.

  66. onejrkitty@gci.net2:12 PM


    I meant to say, "as much as I believe Palin is NOT Trig's mother...."

    Want to be very clear on that. I totally do NOT think Palin is Trig's mother and yes I DO believe she faked her pregnancy to cover up for Bristol ( most likely ) or whoever is Trigger's mom.

    Wheweeeee. Bet I would have been hit hard if I had not caught that error :)

  67. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I'm somewhat amazed that there aren't any comments to this post. Maybe they are stacked up the "queue" and Gryphen hasn't cleared them yet.
    Brett in Alaska

  68. Hey Gryphen,
    Am I the only one who thinks its weird that she was going to pretend this last baby was hers when she just gave birth to Trig or is Levi referring to Trig???

  69. Anonymous2:24 PM

    I'm interested in the Palin family dynamic, especially when Levi describes separate bedrooms, talk about divorce, kids in charge, Sarah sulking in her own bedroom. How does that square with Governor Sarah dragging her family along to all of those state events, even before she was nominated? Was that to look like a family values candidate? Big kiss at the Iron Dog Race-- was it for hubby or Arctic Cat??

    The image that I can't get out of my mind is the strange smile on Todd's face as he stood behind Sarah every time she made a campaign appearance or speech. In fact, there was Todd in the background in the "I'm quitting speech," too. The adoring husband? Some one just waiting to cash in? In a macho state like Alaska, with the emphasis on the manly sports of hunting, fishing, shooting, snow machining, how does he stand in the background, holding her pocketbook (so to speak)? Oh yeah, I forgot. Alaska is also a community property state, yes? If they married as young kids with little property, there probably was no prenuptial agreement.
    In fact, if Todd plays his cards right, he may be entitled to a good chunk of Sarah's future earnings, too, also. If Levi needs a good lawyer, I would recommend a very good lawyer for Todd. Don't bother looking for that ring. Look for a good lawyer/accountant instead.

  70. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I betcha' her publisher doesn't know about half the junk packed in Palin's trunk.

    I will be forever grateful, however, that Palin was born with that special "divisive gene", also, too. I will also be forever grateful to Levi when the snow hits the fan!

  71. Anonymous2:59 PM

    No pressure Gryphen, but, how long is this class you are attending today??

    Eagerly awaiting your continuing thoughts, and the comments that must surely have poured in here.

  72. Anonymous3:22 PM

    You are priceless.

    You're sat on what you knew until everyone else knew it after a few blurbs were leaked to the press by Vanity Fair.

    And AFTER the article comes out you're going to tell us the rest of the story.

    Now that is a ringing endorsement of your status as the "Deep Throat"
    of Palin scandals.

    I'm going to throw you this nugget: there's an airline right now--I can't say which one--but the Feds are looking at it and there's going to be a catastrophic systems failure that kills more than 100 people.

    That's all I can say right now. I'll have much more to disclose after the crash (.i.e., the name of the airline, where it happened, and why it happened).

    Trust me on this one. It's going to happen and it's not going to be pretty.

  73. Posted this on Palindeception's blog. Crossposting here: Was watching the Ed Show on MSNBC. Wasn't able to capture it for the computer, but here are some of the quotes from the VF article. They're different than what has already been shown: *Ed quoting from article says that Levi never saw Sarah pick up a fishing pole. *Guest was Lionel--some sort of radio show host. Says she doesn't fish or hunt, no gutting of animal--field dressed a moose. *They talk about the adoption of the child. *Ed says she's a phony (well, we all knew that lol) *Worried people might begin to feel sorry for her. Quote from VF: "She says she goes hunting and lives off animal meat-I've never seen it. I've never seen her touch a fishing pole. She had a gun in her bedroom and one day she asked me to show her how to shoot it. I asked her what kind of gun it was, and she said she didn't know, because it was in a box under her bed." *Mentions that Levi doesn't have an ax to grind (said sarcastically) *Ed wants to know why he's doing this to the grandmother of his child. Lionel & Ed both agree it's to do with $$$$. (well, of course. He has to be able to support both his kids, and he can't get a job in Wasilla, probably, and probably in all of Alaska. So take those 15 mins of fame, and use it to his advantage. Go Levi!

  74. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Dangerous at palindeceptions is already saying that Bristol can't be proven to be Trig's mother. It has to be Tripp that Levi is talking about. It says that it couldn't be Trig because Willow is the mother of Trig. And good ol Craig at PD is back in a big hurry with some damage control too.

    Silly liberals, if there's one thing that you could all learn from the rightwingnuts, it's to trust your instincts and be confident about what you damn well know to be true!

  75. Ooo It's also on Hardball right now.

  76. onejrkitty: I would love to know why you believe that SP would have pressured Levi and Bristol to allow her to adopt TRIPP?

    What kind of sense would that make? Why Tripp? She had give birth to Trig, the DS baby, in "April" (or Feb/Mar, whenevr). Now she wants to adopt Tripp? Why? Everyone already knows Bristol is pregnant - happy wedding plans....blah blah blah. So all of a sudden the Media Whore starts pressuring them to allow her to adopt TRIPP ???
    Supposedly "she" is going to be heading off to Washington when they win the election. The "pregnancy" was announced during the campaign.

    Why would Sarah PRESSURE then to allow he to adopt TRIPP who was born AFTER the election?

    Now SP has a child who was 6+ months old at the time of the election and she goes after TRIPP? What earthly reason would she have for doing that?

    We all know that SP never does anything unless she's going to get something out of it.

    I believe that Bristol got pregnant right after giving birth to Trig. I think it was a big fat F You to her "mother". I think Bristol was furious for being pressured to give up Trig after having been shipped off in secret to her aunt's house with "5 month mono". I think Tripp is Bristols F*CK YOU MOM.

    The other thing - Levi mentioned that Bristol was 17 - that would be TRIG and NOT Tripp.

  77. Anonymous3:49 PM

    What is the lead time for a magazine like Vanity Fair? About 2 or 3 months, right?

    So, this interview was conducted with Levi in late June, early July.

    What happened- very abruptly and without explanation- in early July?

    Sarah quit. She knew this interview was coming. She knew her jig would soon be up.

    Game, set, match goes to Levi Johnston!

  78. Willow? Willow is the mother of Trig?

    It's actually simple. If Sarah is Triggers mother, he will have the exact same DNA as Willow, Bristol AND Piper. He will be a full sibling.

    That's why no one will ever see DNA on this kid. Because the DNA will prove that he is NOT a full sibling.

    Sarah did not give birth to Trigger. Although the timing is tight - it is very possible that Bristol got pregnant right away to get back at her mom.

    Anyone here ever have a really pissed off teenage daughter????

    I rest my case.

  79. anon@3:22:
    Why don't you just shut up and watch the fun?

    You actually don't do sarcasm very well.

  80. dear scarah, PLEASE PLEASE sue Levi. pretty please with taco bell on top!

    SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE. Then TESTIFY UNDER OATH.......Whats that? vanfleabag bag just quit on you?

    puck you scarah !!!!

  81. Dangerous at palindeceptions has had some weird agenda for months. I dont trust him/her.

  82. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Someone back in the queue mentioned the threat of statutory rape charges against Levi. Not in Alaska. Teenagers can legally do each other as long as there is not more than two years' difference in age between them,
    and the minimum age of the parties involved is sixteen. I know, my daughter (being a responsible sort) checked into that info before getting involved with her boyfriend.

  83. What if Sarah's "pregnancy" was an attempt to put pressure on Bristol and Levi to let her have Trig? They refused. They refused. But, once the pregnancy announcement was made, how could a kid like Bristol throw her mother under the bus?

    That would explain why Sarah didn't just say she was adopting a baby. The adoption could have fallen through. But, with a public Sarah pregnancy, Bristol would have, almost certainly, had to go along.

  84. LeithAnne: All of these are possibilities since Sarah is a psychotic NPD with no social or ethical values. She'd do anything to get what she wants.

    And ... she probably has.

  85. Anonymous4:13 PM

    This is it? I'm too impressed. I don't like SP, but his comments don't seem like her. She'd not ask if they were going to let her adopt the baby-- she'd run with something else. Neither SP or TP cooked? Ever? Todd is a hunter and fisherman! Of course he cooks.

    I'm done with these peeps.

  86. Agreed about the statutory rape issue. Never really thought that was a factor. But here is mom, Dominionist that she is - religious in every fiber, and her DAUGHTER is KNOCKED UP???? Then they find out the baby is DS?

    Levi has to be talking about Lil Trigger. If it was Tripp, she would have no reason to want him.

    I think Bristol will throw her mom under the bus at some point. She's young and has been programmed to be a doormat. That won't always be the case. And hopefully Levi can get to Bristol and help her through this.

  87. Lisabeth4:19 PM

    Tripp??? Now I am really confused. Well it's all strange, very strange.

    And here is the strangest thing! Meg Staplemouth says that Palin will NOT be commenting on this story!! Now that is strange!

    I have been incredibly disappointed by the MSMs lack of coverage or even understanding of how devious Palin is. CNN is clueless! Ed on the Ed show and Chris Matthews haven't really researched Palin either. Really their staff should do that.

    And we know McCain didn't do a good vetting job!

    Can't wait to hear more!!!

  88. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Ok, I have waited all day for your hint.... pretty please?

  89. Wow Great job Gryphen..She is the biggest liar ..I really hope she gets whats coming to her..
    I feel real bad for Bristol, Willow, &Piper...
    They nevr asked for this...

  90. Sarah's love for her family, her "we eat, therefore we hunt", AND her love for Alaska has all gone down the toilet with the Vanity Fair article. Levi has painted this family as the poster dysfunctional family of Alaska.
    If Sarah does not sue Levi, it will be more than proof that everything that he has said is true.

  91. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Anon at 3:22 says there's going to be an airplane crash that will kill 100 people. Oooooooo, that anon must be more psychic than me!

    I confidently predict that there will be ten airline crashes that will kill over a thousand people!

    And if you don't believe either of us then you must be psychic, no psycho too!

  92. FEDUP!!!4:40 PM

    I just saw your update. Uncle Gryphen. - You mean to say Levi means TRIPP, the baby born about 8 months ago?
    That does not make sense to me, since $arah supposedly had already Trig, the one born 1 1/2 years ago, on her hands, and last October/November (when I assume you think she was pressuring Levi and Bristol into giving up the yet unborn child) she was on her way to the White House - in her wet dreams.
    Does not make sense to me.

  93. FEDUP, I cannot explain everything yet, but what most people think they know about Tripp's birth is incorrect. That is all I can say at this moment.

  94. "what most people think they know about Tripp's birth is incorrect. "

    Ummm. I venture to guess there aint no Tripp.

  95. get real4:56 PM

    Palins = Wasilla Trailer Trash

    As simple as that.

  96. L.A. in S.F.4:57 PM

    All right. So if he is talking about T2, then how exactly was Sarah going to hide her daughter's pregnancy during the campaign? How was she going to explain adopting a baby out of the blue when she had just had her own special needs one? How on earth are we to believe this? Where would Bristol have hidden for all those months? As opposed to hiding during those last months of the T1 pregnancy.

  97. sjk at 3:55, he/she has a book to sell. I, too, used to wonder about him/her. Then, when he/she started merchandising the book at, the lightbulb came on strong and bright. Tackyyyyyyyyyyy.

  98. Anonymous5:08 PM

    OK, Gryphen, now that my head is all spun around, my best guess is that SP has the Octomom disease and wants to be the Angelina of politics?

  99. OK Gryphen - your call. We've stood by you so far. The problem with your "the baby is Tripp" is that with Sarah's complete and total lack of character, someone like her would not make an offer like that. Without some reason that would benefit her.

    So I guess we will sit back and wait for some type of reason to explain why Sarah Palin would WANT Tripp.

    This is not a loving nurturing mother. There is some reason - she never does anything without a reason. And it benefits her.

    Patience is a virtue but it's making us crazy with curiousity!

  100. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Yea Grypen! I can't wait to see where you placed your exclusive!!! I hope you profitted off of it enough to make up for the heat the Cult dished out a few weeks ago.

  101. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Dangerous has been hawking his Willow-is-the-mother theory at Palin's Deceptions for months and they don't even allow any criticism of him-- that's why I don't go there anymore. Their moderation policies in respect to him stink. I know that Levi doesn't specifically say that Palin would have pretended to have the baby (I was surprised to hear Gryphen say it was Tripp; I was sure he was talking about Trigg) but if she didn't want to be embarassed by a pregnant daughter, how else could she have avoided that other than by pretending that she had him herself?

    If this is the biggest smoking gun that Levi has, why would he shoot it off in a Vanity Fair article instead of in his own book?

    Curioser and curioser.

  102. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Have we all forgotten there was an amnio? Or MAYBE there was an amnio, if what SP said was correct. We can never be sure, of course.

    That would of course have been an amnio on Bristol, since SP was not the one who was pregnant with Trig. Why an amnio for a 17-yr old? Why at 13 weeks?


    Could the desired info be "is the baby okay?" No, that would not be the question. Could it be "what gender is the baby?" Probably not. Could it be "Who is the Dad?" Aha! bingo.

    Levi was standing by, supporting, his beloved Bristol while she was pregnant with Trig. His child? If yes, then why the amnio? If not, could SP want corroboration of the Dad in case it is an unacceptable Dad?

    What motive could Levi have at this point for not claiming Trig is his own if he is? I say Levi is not the Dad, but had been supporting Bristol as if he were, anyway. Is perhaps still willing to take that role, if Bristol could get out from under SP.

  103. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Saw at another site where Levi said Trig IS Sarah's. So how did she stay so small until the end? Eating very, very little? Hmmm...

  104. The dots are not all connected yet. I am missing a few dots myself. But as sure as a moose poop in the woods, she is toast. There will be no threats of lawsuits. That in itself is telling since the fleabag threatened our esteemed host here, as well as the loveley Shannyn Moore. the flea didnt threaten to sue the publications that backed up the rumors they mentioned....

    SUE BABY SUE!!!!!

  105. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Wow, Gryphen, you've been busy.

    Tylenol, where's my Tylenol......

  106. crystalwolf aka caligrl5:35 PM

    OK said Trig was not born to Sarah!
    Ok, so he was born to someone else and sarah adopted him, but why is Levi and Bristol so sweet to him while sarah is cold? If Levi was talking about Trip...who is Trigs Mommy, if it not Bristol...? Todd have a affair with someone, her kid? Willow?Track's kid? This is really a twister if it is not Levi and Bristols?
    I am mystified? You have said all of this story will blow the lid off her as far as higher office?
    I guess we wait! Team Levi???

  107. Anonymous5:38 PM

    technically speaking, Levi did not say that Sarah gave brith, he said when Sarah "had the baby".

    Had the baby in her arms. Had the baby taken away. Had the baby as in gave birth.

    It can mean a lot of things. Not trying to read too much into this, but on the other hand, Levi seems to be dropping crumb clues.

  108. Lori in Los Angels a poster on Mudflats got a hold of the article and has been posting some real gems regarding the free campaign clothes, etc. The best one is that Levi said he was at the hospital "when Sarah had the baby at 6 am on April 18".

    WTF??? Why would her daughters boyfriend be at the delivery?

  109. hrh, yeah...dangerous is creepy and wanting to cash in. he/she never made any sense with the theories he/she postulated.

  110. Gryphen,

    Over at Mudflats a poster who has a copy of the full article is posting most of it verbatim--

    Levi talks about Sarah being pregnant and that he was at the hospital when Sarah gave birth to Trig...


  111. In the immoral words of Gene Autry:

    Something is happening here;
    What it is, it's not exactly clear.
    There's a man with a gun over there
    Telling me, I got to beware....

    There's battle lines being drawn.
    Nobody's right, if everybody's wrong.
    Young people speaking their minds
    Getting so much resistance, from behind.

    What a field day for the heat:
    A thousand people in the street,
    Singing songs and carrying signs--
    Mostly say "Hooray for Our Side!"

    Paranoia strikes deep;
    Into your like it will creep.
    It starts out when you're afraid.
    You step out of line, The Man come & take you away.

    For What It's Worth (to coin a phrase).

  112. Weirdness continues. First of all there ARE two babies - Baby T1 is an OBVIOUS Down's baby. No question.
    Baby T2 is an obvious non-Down's baby. Don't know who his mother/father is, but it very much appears to be Bristols and Levi's from their response to him (except for that pesky drugging-while-on-camera thing). Then again, giving her credit, Bristol is very loving with Lil Trigger.
    Sarah holds him like a scarecrow with a stick up his back. Facing OUT - very NON-MOM.

    But my question here is: why would SP want to adopt Tripp? What does she gain from it?

    The thought about the amnio was good. That would be the only reason to justify an amnio on a 17 year old girl. Who is the father?

    OK Gryphen - if you won't give us answers, can you predict when they will spew forth?

  113. I know, but we are not talking about Tripp's birth, we are asking about who Levi is saying sarah wanted to adopt. That is a different question. Levi was not specific so we can only speculate, but the arguments saying that it cannot be Tripp, to me are very strong.
    It doesn't make sense that sarah wanted to adopt Tripp because they announced that Bristol was pregnant and there was to be a marriage. With Tripp I cannot tell if Bristol was really pregnant or if she even had a baby or what date it was born. Remember even Sherrie Johnston got confused answering questions about Tripp. And why would 2 different people name their babies Tripp and Trig, those sound like brothers names to me.

  114. If Levi is saying scary was preggers and he was there, then he was paid to say that in exchange for leniency for his mom. Or its a shot accross the bow of the SS palin as the article hasnt hit the presses yet or there are 2 variations of the article depending on.....

    Anyway, enuff stuff was said to merit a LAWSUIT!!!


  115. "LeithAnne: All of these are possibilities since Sarah is a psychotic NPD with no social or ethical values. She'd do anything to get what she wants."

    The thing about NPD is, people with it look at every occasion as an opportunity to make themselves look like the hero. Everything they do is about keeping the spotlight on themselves. Kids are a terrific form of supply for a narcissist (especially if they have other people available to do the grunge work of baby care or child rearing, which Sarah does). What could be more heroic in Sarah's mind than keeping a baby with Downs' syndrome? BIG PR points, big kudos from other parents of special needs kids, lots of media attention, but she would have a built-in caretaker and baby-butt-wiper in Bristol. And the special needs martyr spotlight would shine on Sarah, NOT her rebellious teenager.

    Narcissists do NOT handle aging well. I can actually imagine Sarah adopting Trig just so that she doesn't have to face the fact that she is old enough to be a grandmother. Of course, Bristol took care of that by getting knocked up a second time immediately after she gave birth to Trig, possibly to spite mom for claiming her first baby. ha ha mom, you're a old grandma anyway!

    I suspect the original plan with Trig's pregnancy was for Bristol to be hidden at the aunts', then come out after the "mono" was gone, but with NO baby--the infant was going to be put up for adoption anonymously. Somewhere along the way they found out the baby could have Downs, possibly from a triple screen blood test B had in the second trimester. Crap, now what? Putting him up for anonymous adoption wouldn't work anymore, but how could Sarah salvage her political ambitions with this soon-to-give-birth teenager and a special needs infant? By pretending to be pg herself, suddenly, at 8 months.

    What may have happened is, even if B had wanted one, Sarah would never have allowed her to get an abortion anyway. Bristol likely had an amnio after the triple screen both to confirm Downs' and FOR DNA TESTING to determine paternity (bingo!). Sarah undoubtedly wanted proof of who the father was to control the scene of the pending delivery, cover the legal bases of adopting trig, and to protect herself from the fallout politically. The amnio was used to determine paternity.....but also confirmed the baby would have Downs, and Saint Sarah of Special Needs swung her sudden padding and surprise pregnancy announcement into action.

  116. yep says he saw SP getting bigger ... prego? giving birth at 6am

    Maybe the twist to this sorid tale is how reckless she was with the pregnancy.. like she lived on diet dr pepper and ran every day.. we were all telling her she was going to kill that baby and she didn't seem to mind...

    Oh i hope something like that! I'm so bad..

  117. huh??

    Palin, he says, paid more attention to Bristol and Levi's baby, Tripp, than she did to her own baby, Trig, who was born with Down syndrome and became a symbol of hope for parents of special-needs children during the campaign. Says Johnston: "I couldn't believe it when she would come over to us and sometimes say, playing around, 'No, I don't want the retarded baby -- I want the other one' and pick up Tripp. That was just her, even her kids were used to it."

    that is sick.. makes me think the sambo/bitch comment was true after all
    If this is true.. let that woman get all she deserves and she can take the Pee world inhabitants along with her..

  118. I post as Lori in Los Angeles on mudflats. I have the new VF and I read the whole story. Plenty of insight into SP's life (awful stuff), but Levi clearly states that SP was pregnant with Trig and SP gave birth to him.

  119. "If this is the biggest smoking gun that Levi has, why would he shoot it off in a Vanity Fair article instead of in his own book?"

    Because this isn't the whole story. Levi knows what really happened, and he IS going to tell the whole story eventually, but for now he's playing games with Sarah. Can't say I blame him, after the way she put those teenagers through the mill last fall and sacrificed her own daughter to boost her political career.

    Someone is helping Levi manage the release of this information,, and it is worded very carefully. Hidden in the story are clues which suggest that he knows more. Just because he says "Sarah had the baby", it doesn't mean she gave birth to it, it could mean that she just took Trig away from Bristol minutes after delivery!

    Levi's not done talking yet, and I suspect the book will be the iceberg. Of course Sarah is free to sue him for libel if she has any proof that her fairy tale version is the truth, you betcha! (Won't happen, though!)

    Another thought. I had never heard the theory that levi's dad was actually trig's biological father (and bristol the mother), but have seen it mentioned repeatedly today. If that is the case, and DNA tests confirmed it, it would have been even more important for Palin to concoct a Todd and Sarah's Happy Family Birth Story for trig. After all, who would want the world to know that their 16-year-old was screwing her boyfriend's dad?????? talk about some negative family value PR!!!

  120. Gryphen: Yes LoriInLosAngeles has been posting snippets all evening.
    Some of it is absolutely horrifying.

    Lori took one for the team. On (page 4) there was one part that was absolutely sickening - that SP called her baby.

    Dis-gusting hag.

  121. Anonymous6:23 PM

    People are critical of Levi for wanting the bucks, but I bet he is trying to become financially able to support BOTH of Bristol's babies, no matter who the Dad of Trig is. Not that it is guaranteed to work out that way, but I bet Levi wants the bucks for that -- to support a DS child plus his own. I would do the naked modeling and being interviewed with that vicious red-headed comedian too -- for that goal. Who would not? Plus remember Rex Butler is guiding Levi -- it might not work out perfectly in the end, but I bet it's a razor-sharp plan, an ethical one.

  122. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I've got to hand it to you Gryphen. You are a marketing genius. I would have never believed it would be possible to attract so many incomprehensibly gullible people to one site--unless you were Tony Robbins.

    Well done. Seriously. You are the king of peddling the thoroughly implausible.

    A class? For the entire day--the day before what will no doubt be remembered by fired Vanity Fair editors as "Black Thursday"--you
    go dark only to resurface 30 minutes after the issue hits the stands.

    I wonder: has it occurred to you that in all likelihood the Johnston kid
    will impeach your pet theory--"Babygate" when there is no mention whatsoever that Palin seemed to be faking a pregnancy?

    After all, if he was such an insider, surely that would have been leaked.

    He's put you in a very bad place. Perhaps that has occurred to you. What happens to your credibility if he acknowledges Palin was pregnant?

    I don't think that's occurred to you. You're like that hapless dime-store
    hustler in "The Twilight Zone" called "A Nice Place to Visit". Larry Blyden is small-time chiseler who dies and winds up in a place he believes is heaven. Every wish is granted. Ultimately, however, he learns
    that hell is a place where you get what you wished for.

    You wanted Levi Johnston to go mainstream. Well, you have him--just like Dan Rather wanted--and was given-- the letter from George Bush's commander suggesting the President was derelict in his duties.

    You'll delete this but you might want to keep it if only to remember the name of the Twilight Zone episode.

    This Bud's for you: A real man of genius...

  123. @ sjk -- you probably know that Dangerous is also known as Dan, these days, supposedly the author of a "fiction" book detailing a story very much like that of the Palins this past year.

    But he's about as schizophrenic a blog commenter as you could ever imagine, because he see-saws back and forth on the "Trig's mother isn't Sarah" theory to the "it's gotta be Willow" theory. He manages to confuscate the entire discussion every time he weighs in with his opinions, which I'm sure -- and Anon @ 3:26 PM and you've pretty much pointed it out too -- is his purpose. Maybe he's got a second book in the works...


    Also, regarding whether Levi was talking about TriG or TriPP -- I agree with everybody who's felt that he was referring to TriG. If Bristol Palin truly is Trig's mother, she got pregnant with him in mid-to-late May 2007 (right after Wasilla school lets out, from what I've gleaned from many past discussions) for a delivery date in February 2008. She was 16 years old when she got pregnant, but turned 17 on October 18, 2007.

    Remember, Levi said "...I think Sarah wanted to make Bristol look good, and she didn’t want people to know that her 17-year-old daughter was going to have a kid."

    If that's a comment about TriPP, it makes no sense at all considering Bristol didn't show much at all -- unless she was wearing skin-tight clothing -- until that revealing visit to Wal-Mart October 12, 2008 (again, in tight clothing), which was only 6 days from her 18th birthday.

    However, if that comment by Levi was in the context of talking about Sarah and Bristol a month or so after the Christmas-picture-taking session in fall 2007 (in which Bristol was wearing that giraffe print sleek dress in a is-she-or-isn't-she dare, I suppose), Bristol would have just had her 17th birthday, and would be 17 throughout her pregnancy -- with TriG.


    As for your hints, Gryphen -- "what most people think they know about Tripp's birth" is that he wasn't born on December 27, 2008.

    Am I right in thinking you're saying that's incorrect? Well, fine. There's more than 9 months between Dec. 27, 2008 going back to when a lot of us think TriG was really born (which is why no one has ever seen a verifiable document for either child's birth).

    If it's something other than that, possible scenarios are 1) "TriPP" was stillborn, and the GVS interview baby was some other child; 2) Bristol was never pregnant the second time with "TriPP".

    If it has anything to do with who the father of TriPP is, most of us don't really care, so it doesn't matter.

  124. Wow, Gryphen. Your comment that "what most people think they know about Tripp's birth is incorrect" has me wondering. Over at Palin's Deceptions, most people think he was born later than 12/28. But Audrey did a recent post on how she can't make sense out of how Bristol looked over time while she was "pregnant" with "Tripp". Must be something that will blow Dangerous's logic equations to smithereens. Waiting impatiently for the rest of the story...

    LA in SF - thanks for thinking up T1 & T2. Much easier way to be clear about which baby is being talked about.

  125. Anonymous6:43 PM

    *Warning*Do not threaten to sue Gryphen*This is just my opinion, and it is just a wild guess*
    If the story about Sarah adopting Levi & Bristol's baby refers to Trig (not Tripp), I bet that there was some kind of confidentiality agreement in place in exchange for the care that Sarah & Todd would give the DS baby.

    Levi's clever lawyer is there to let Levi know what he can say and not say. If he says that Sarah "had" the baby in the hospital in April, 2008, that's when she picked up Trig, after Trig was finally released.

    It doesn't make any sense for the boy friend to be at the hospital when his girl friend's mother is having a baby. The pictures of Levi and Mercede Johnston holding a newborn Trig are just too intimate for girl friend's mother's fifth child. They all (Bristol, Levi, Mercede appear to love that baby too much for girl friend's friends).

  126. Anonymous6:48 PM

    @sjk: good idea, bring on the lawsuit! That way Sarah will have to produce Trig's birth certificate and hospital records to prove that she gave birth to him on April 18, 2008. This time she can't just say it's because Bristol is pregnant, because that never proved anything anyway. I don't look at Sarah's Facebook or her devoted fans' website, but where is the lawyer brandishing the threats of lawsuits? He surely wasn't so quiet when Gryphen posted well circulated rumors,rumors borne out in Levi's article.

  127. Anonymous6:48 PM

    OK - for starters, if Levi was coerced into something involving Sarah, Bristol and a baby, I'd suggest forgetting about digging out all the comments he made in the early days. He was involved in a 'plan' and had a script, plain and simple - take what he said with a grain of salt and focus on what he's saying now. Something has happened and he seems to be trying to a. make Sarah squirm, b. set the stage for the truth to come out, or both a and b.

    Second, Gryphen did not say this is about Tripp. He said what most people think they know about Tripp is wrong. That could mean lots of things,like:
    1. Bristol faked that pregnancy and is not Tripp's mother.
    2. Levi is not Tripp's father.
    3. There is no Tripp.
    And probably a half dozen other scenarios.

    I'm still leaning toward Bristol and Levi are the parents of Trig. Sarah faked a pregnancy and has passed Trig off as her own to save face and a political career. She may or may not have adopted him, but appears to have hatched a plan to do so.

    A rumor started about Sarah not being his real mother. Enter Bristol, pregnant, and far enough along as to make it impossible to be Trig's mother, thereby ending the speculation about Trig's parentage.

    So, is it possible we have a second faked pregnancy to cover for the first one?

    Oh Sarah! What a tangled web we weave....

  128. Anonymous6:54 PM

    i keep thinking - there is no spoon......

    look, we have all seen the photo analysis of palin before the birth of is obvious that very murky things were going on and none of it was sarah actually being pregnant.

    see, this is what happens when you get too close to the black hole of crazy. the brain starts to revolt....nothing makes sense - even with MORE information. how can that be?

    signed - ENOUGH

  129. Anonymous6:57 PM

    @anon 3:22, if you really have credible information that can prevent the death of 100 people, you must report it-- or you are an even worse hateful person than Sarah Palin.

  130. Anonymous7:01 PM

    How about this theory? When Trigg was born to Bristol or Willow, the baby was discovered to have DS. These children would not have insurance to cover the medical expenses so Sarah faked the pregnancy to put Tigg on her insurance plan. Knowing the expenses involved with the care for a DS child, she stiffed the insurance company for Trigg's medical expenses.

  131. Whew - lots of speculation. First of all just to clarify - a normal pregnancy gestation is not 9 months - it is 10 months/40 weeks. Trig was a 35 week preemie with jaundice and Down's syndrome (high risk).

    Right now, everything is muddy. I agree with the poster who said Levi's lawyer is sitting right next to him telling what is ok to say.

    I read all the snippets at Mudflats and the absolute WORST quote in all of them was this:

    "Palin, he says, paid more attention to Bristol and Levi’s baby, Tr!pp, than she did to her own baby, Tr!g, who was born with Down syndrome and became a symbol of hope for parents of special-needs children during the campaign.
    Says Johnston: “I couldn’t believe it when she would come over to us and sometimes say, playing around,
    ‘No, I don’t want the retarded baby — I want the
    other one’ and pick up Tr!pp. That was just her, even her kids were used to it.”

    This is Sarah Palin, in living color, monster-mother extraordinaire. This is what all of us have known and feared for a long time. Dumb, semi-illiterate, borderline education - no parenting skills and she calls her son RETARDED?

    This woman isn't qualified to clean a toilet. Honestly, in spite of Babygate, this tells me everything I ever needed to know about Sarah Palin.

    I hope John McCain realizes how lucky he is that he lost. I'm not quite sure just what that woman is capable of doing.

  132. Anonymous7:08 PM

    What if Sarah planned to secretly adopt Tripp and replace Trigg with Tripp? She would have gotten rid of the DS baby and claimed the early claims of DS were incorrect. Trigg would have been left on the doorstep of some institution and she would have had a perfect baby (Tripp). Look at the similarity of the names!

  133. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Let's figure out which baby Sarah wanted to adopt from Bristol & Levi. If we are talking about Baby #2, Tripp who was born (maybe) at the end of December, 2008, then conception took place in March (maybe). By the beginning of April, with McCain chosen at the GOP candidate, Sarah was hoping to be chosen VP candidate. It makes no sense to #1 pretend that she's pregnant when she wold have to keep up the charade throughout a grueling campaign, and non-stop camera coverage, or #2 announce to the family values crowd that your unwed daughter was having a baby and you planned to adopt it. That doesn't sound like a good campaign idea, and if McCain had heard that one, I doubt that he would have chosen Sarah.

    Let's try it out with Baby #1, Trig, the DS baby. As governor, hoping the progress her career, the unwed daughter scenario would have been a lead weight to someone who wanted to soar. Adopting a DS baby would solidify Sarah's family values,right to life credentials, and every pose holding the baby would be photo gold.
    Besides, the kids would not be able to afford to raise the child.

    We learn from Levi that Sarah didn't care that much about family, and people have been writing about how those poor kids were used as political props at every opportunity. Which baby makes the better political prop: Trig or Tripp?

    I think that Levi can't tell the whole story. If he gave up Trig, he gave up his right to tell the whole truth about him. But Mercede gave us a hint when she showed a new picture of Levi & Trig on the Tyra Banks Show. And, by not telling the whole truth, he can get some of the information out there without violating any agreements he has with the Palins. Besides, his mother may be a hostage, so to speak.

  134. Anonymous7:28 PM

    @GenieO - how about the secret is the Tripp was born later than the announced late December birth date? We never did see any proof of his existence until that GVS interview, 2 months later. Original gossip was that Sarah sold the rights to his first baby pictures to People Magazine, but that never materialized. What, no baby pictures? Maybe it was because there were no baby pictures at the end of December, and by January, Sarah's excuses were getting tiresome.
    Levi has to say that Tripp was born when Sarah says; she still has a tight hold on his other kid, too.

  135. Anonymous7:31 PM

    ella/lori@6:14 Thx for the advance VF info. So after reading it all, how do you explain Levi saying SP was pregnant with T1 after you look at these photos?

  136. Anonymous7:40 PM

    SP's confirming the identity of T1's Dad was important so she could make sure he would not blackmail her with this info later. Not interfere with the PalinHoax in any way. So everyone could be wary of him. So important not to wonder whether it could be him (when a simple DNA test later could reveal the truth so easily). So important to know what one was dealing with way in advance, if one is conducting a hoax.

    (When dealing with the truth, not so important.)

  137. There's this transcribed Levi comment: “Bristol was already the mom in the house, and she got tired of having to take care of her siblings. She and her mom fought a lot. “I hate her” definitely came out of Bristol’s mouth about Sarah, but that may have just been because she was mad at her mother.”

    Doesn't make any sense at all if this is mid-2009. Makes a LOT of sense if it was mid-2008.

    What Lori in Los Angeles posted in #153 and #155 at Mudflats sounds a lot like part of the "deal with the devil" that some of us are supposing Levi had to make with the Palin's in order to see his two baby boys:

    “Sarah hid her own pregnancy until a day or two before it was announced to the media., when she was seven months pregnant.” ...“We saw her (Sarah) getting a little bigger, but she tried to hide it. When we asked her “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?” she denied it.” Levi

    and “I was at the hospital when Sarah had the baby, a little after 6 a.m. on April 18, 2008……” Levi

    (To echo what Anonymous @ 6:43 PM said, too) Considering how thoroughly Sarah Palin dominated both of those children, I can't imagine he and Bristol confronting Palin about HER pregnancy. And how unlikely it is that Levi would rattle off the time of birth of his future mother-in-law's child?

    I'm absolutely sure Levi's sticking to an agreement that he dare not jeopardize for the sake of his kids.

    Follow the bread crumbs Levi is leaving scattered behind him, folks...


    P.S. I just assimilated the comment Lori-in-LA didn't want to transcribe, and that nswfm CA did instead... If ever a remark would solidify the notion that Sarah Palin is a soulless monster with the intellect and emotions of a nasty spoiled child, that remark does. And it also solidifies the nearly-proven suspicion of most of us that Sarah Palin is not the mother of "the retarded baby" whom she doesn't even refer to by name according to Levi.

    Ugh. She disgusts me (even more than ever).

  138. Also, I believe Tripp's birthday was "moved back" to December to match up with Sarah's story that she was the biological mother of Trig. In reality, People magazine didn't publish the first pics of Tripp until late in January. (If they had HAD pics earlier, I think they absolutely would have published them.) The reason the pics didn't come out right after New Years' was that Tripp hadn't been BORN yet, and they had to wait until there was actually a baby to photograph. When Tripp was born in mid- to late january, nine months after his big brother Trig!, the photos finally went to press.

  139. Kajo, good job you are very close to the truth.

  140. Ok- I'll bite- Since we are all spinning tales, how about this--What if Bristol had T1 sometime in early 2008 (before April). SP pressures BP into giving up the baby, SP fakes a pregnancy BUT... SP says .."don't fret Bristol, I'm the Gov. I'll get you another baby that you can have for your very own--later, after the election -- only thing is dear daughter, since I faked a pregnancy already, you'll have to fake this one." So Bristol goes along with the program. NOW REMEMBER THOSE TWO FIRES IN WASILLA AROUND THE TIME THAT T2 WAS SUPPOSEDLY BORN ?!?!?!? One was at SP's church, where there was a lot of destruction including the files which I think included adoption records. I won't even go into the other fire - but those who have been following the story might see a possible connection. Comments ??

  141. Aussie Blue Sky7:57 PM

    I don't believe and never will that Bristol would get pregnant again right after having a baby just to get back at her mother.

    Just yesterday I heard on the radio that immediately after you have a baby is the riskiest time of your life for getting pregnant again.

    And you're loaded with hormones.

    And if a bunch of adults took away your baby and broke your heart you would want to have another baby right away. Hormones.

    I think Bristol is doing a great job raising two babies.

    (And I'll be very disappointed if Tripp wasn't born on my birthday after all.)

  142. Anonymous7:59 PM

    also, too, when figuring out the timeline, please remember to include Sarah's "mommy makeover" tat she clearly had: tummy tuck, breast lift/possible augmentation. Recovery time: I don't know. One to two weeks before she could be "thrashing" her guts around.

  143. Anonymous8:11 PM

    So Ka-Jo -- You are saying that Bristol is the Mom of T1 and T2, Levi believes he is the bioDad of both, but he has to go along with the fake SP-is-pregnant story as part of a deal to see his sons? Am I reading you correctly?

    If yes, (and even if Levi is not the BioDad of T1) (but wishes to take on the role of Dad), then the hideous quote by SP (within hearing of others in the family yet!) would be reason enough for Levi to run not walk into any money-making venture, no matter how cheesy, to set up the financial security to "support his family," as he says (without specifying who exactly he means), if he can wrest them away from SP in the fullness of time.

  144. anon @7:31 - I have seen all the photos of Sarah's "pregnancy" and I do not think she was pregnant. I was merely reporting Levi's version.
    IF she WAS pregnant (again, I do not think she was), the wild ride story from her own lips is even more damaging than a fake pregnancy IMO.
    If the MSM wants to believe SP's version of events, they should at least report the insanity of traveling in the air 12+ hours to deliver a DS baby at a hospital in Wasilla AFTER LEAKING FLUID in Texas.

  145. Anonymous8:46 PM

    ConsciousAtLast@7:54pm -- a connection? Oh yes. Bingo, bingo bingo. BINGO. Absolutely. The lack of info is deafening. When you dig a little, as I and a couple of others have done, it becomes astonishing. But v hard to approach it.

  146. Anonymous9:11 PM

    My apologies re: my earlier post. I did not realize Gryphen had updates added to the original post and yes, he did indeed say that the baby Levi was talking about was Tripp.

    So that leaves me believing that both baby boys are Bristol's. And the rest of the details are forthcoming.

    Gryphen, we have all been good little boys and girls. Can you at least give us some hint as to when we can expect the rest of the story?

  147. "The baby Levi is talking about is Tripp."

    Gryphen, do you mean Levi *says* he is talking about TriPP/T2, but he could really be talking about TriG/T1?

    Or do you mean that he says he is talking about TriPP and he is, i.e., that Sarah, at least before the RNC, actually hoped to adopt TriPP after he was born?

    Your post and your update seem to conflict.

    I think this revelation is important because Levi is showing that the scenario of Bristol having TriG/T1 and Sarah adopting him (and even faking a pregnancy) is a real possibility, part of her M.O. But I am missing your smoking gun.

    I suspect Levi is sworn to secrecy about TriG's birth and hints are the best we'll get from him.

    Most people think TriPP was born at the end of December. Many of us think he was born a month later. That could be the misinformation Gryphen is hinting about with TriPP's birth.

    If I took Tylenol every time Palin made my head spin and hurt, I'd have liver failure by now. (Kidney failure if I took that much Advil.)

    Finally, everyone should keep posting at Palin Deception and just ignore Dangerous's comments. I think Morgan and Audrey see the value of having him and Craig give different views from the majority. And I believe he is in the Sarah-not-TriG's-biomom camp, and truly believes a novel could help broadcast Palin's fakery. But I tired of not being allowed to defend myself against his insults, so I now ignore him.

  148. Uh...Gene Autry? "For What It's Worth?" That would be Steven Stills! But yes, great lyric.

  149. conscious at last--I've had a very bad feeling about those fires. There has been no follow up stories about either fire reported that I'm aware of. Yes, the connection is scary.

    In fact, Levi better keep security at all times. SP and RM have far reaching tentacles.

    This entire scenario is so sad and awful. But the truth is always more healthy than a lie.

  150. The doctor who supposedly delivered Sarah's baby, Trig, was Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnston. Interesting that this doctor is a family physician (NOT an OB/GYN) who founded "The Childrens Place" in Wasilla, an agency with the mission of giving children who have been victims of physical or sexual abuse a place to be heard and helped. She served as the volunteer medical director for the Valley Sexual Assault Response Team in Alaska and held a position with the Alaska Statewide Childrens Advocacy Center Working Group.

    I read that the doctor disappeared from Wasilla during the election. Did she ever return? Why did Sarah choose a doctor who specializes in working with abused children rather than a regular obstetrician /gynecologist?

  151. Anonymous9:26 PM

    If anyone questions the comments Levi made by Sarah about the "retarded baby", take a look at how she reacts to Trig...

    Notice how in this video clip, Piper hands Trig to Sarah only to have Sarah hand him right back to Piper and tell her to put him somewhere else.


  152. Levi says he was at the hospital when Sarah had "the baby". Not him, not her, no names given but just "the baby". Did Sarah truly give birth on 4/18 but to a baby that didn't survive? Did she then adopt Levi and Bristol's first born as her own?

    I feel so tawdry even posting that but it just occurred to me so there it is.

  153. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Ok, someone has to tell the rest of us about the fires!

  154. 1) Gryphen - I know you said Levi is not your source. But do you know if he reads this blog and the comments?

    2) Please enlighten me as to the second fire. I only know about the church fire. Can you at least tell me what to Google if you don't want to provide details or links?

  155. Two babies in a short amount of time - my extended family is replete with them. We call it "Irish Twins" Its what happens (sometimes) when one believes the old wives tale that you can't get pregnant while nursing...and when one can't use birth control because the Pope might get angry.

  156. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Another clue that's hiding in plain view:

    When was it that L & B were in the tatoo parlor when SP first devised her sinister plam?

    Crumbs, I tell ya... and I too am one who never believed that T2 was born in Dec 08; but rather some time in Jan. 09...

    Wonder if anyone yet has the movie rights?

  157. Anonymous10:50 PM

    OK. The story about Wonder Woman Sarah getting on an airplane from Texas to Alaska after her water broke - FAKE.

    She needed a cover for Bristol's delivery of T1.

    That lady doctor is in a heap of shit too.

    No wonder the Palins can't get out of Alaska fast enough. Alaska will have to bulldoze Wasilla so that disease can't spread any further.

    You just can't make-up shit like this.

  158. Going with the theory that Tripp was not born in December 2008... I recall an interview with Levi Johnston where he fumbled around when asked how old was his son. I think it was on Larry King Live. Anyone recall that TV moment?

  159. Anonymous10:54 PM

    I figure Levi told the story as an agreement for less jail time.

    From what I have read, most is family drama. Palin is good when it comes to family drama. And it has to be bad enough to be believable. I mean, come on, Taco Bell? Heck, SP should have stayed in the mansion with that chef!!

    Two things, Levi backed up Trig being SP's with time and date of his birth, and Levi indicated that she was not a fanatical fundamentalist.

  160. onejrkitty@gci.net10:59 PM

    WHAT 2 fires?

    There was the fire at the church, but why would any adoption papers be in the church???

    What is the other fire you are talking about cause I don't remember one and PAY A LOT OF ATTENTION TO FIRES AND PALIN IN SAME SENTENCE.

    I feel Palin is involved somehow in the fire at the church but to get attention after the humilation of 1) losing the vp election and 2) a "black" man in the white house. Remember Palin is racist and she lost the pagent title to a "black" woman.

    Losing is bad enough, but for a racist to lose to a "black" person is too humilating and I think she needed the attention the fire gave her in the worst way.

    BUT, I dont think adoption papers would have been in the church.

  161. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Regarding $P not wanting Trig but she "wants the other one": this sounds to me like she wanted to trade. I've adopted your son Trig (T1) but I've changed my mind I'd rather have Tripp (T2). Joke HA HA... just playing around.

    I can see her thinking this and then vocalizing it as well.

  162. Anonymous12:02 AM

    I am trying to remember the second fire..didn't a nurse die in that one? Oh, I am smelling a huge cover up.

  163. Anonymous12:16 AM

    So....the death of Darlene Miller (obituary in the Frontiersman) who died in a suspicious fire is a connection? She was a neo-natal nurse. Did she know too much? Oh, my gosh, what is going on????

  164. Anonymous12:28 AM

    To Conscious at Last.....In regards to the we know for sure files were destroyed? Is it normal for adoption records to be kept at a church? Is Darlene Miller , who died in another fire connected to the Palin's , babies, etc? Perhaps she knows about someone's delivery?

  165. Hey Gryhen - do you have an email address?

  166. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Like most here, I firmly believe Bristol is the mother of Trig. Regarding Levi's assertions that Sarah was pregnant w Trig, Kajo said,"I'm absolutely sure Levi's sticking to an agreement that he dare not jeopardize for the sake of his kids." Agreed.....which means that Levi has signed an agreement giving up his rights to this son, or he is not the biological father of Trig but wants to be there for him.

  167. Anonymous3:26 AM

    I have a question - had the hospice nurse (who died in the fire) recently taken care of any mother who had recently given birth?

  168. Gene Autry? "For What It's Worth?"...I've been playing that song for 25 years. Always thought it was Stills and Buffalo Springfield

  169. Anonymous3:58 AM

    Gryphen, as you obviously have a connection to Levi's inner circle, I ask you to convey to him the importance of maintaining Levi's credibility. It's fine for him to dish out some juicy details of Sarah's home life, but he cannot lie or deliberately mislead. If he does, he will soon be worthless. I know that Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig. To the extent that Levi implies that she did, he diminishes his credibility. Sooner or later, he will contradict himself and everyone will know that he lied. He needs to tell the truth, and if he can't, then he needs to say "no comment" instead of trying to artfully dodge and mislead.

  170. Anonymous3:59 AM

    For anyone who has seen the movie Soapdish..."Finally, drama!"

  171. Glenn Beck is always telling his supporters to "look for the pattern" in someone's behavior to get to the truth! Well said, Glenn, because as of right now we're seeing a pattern in Sarah's actions! If she can conspire to adopt Tripp then she sure as hell could conspire to cover up Bristol's first pregnancy with Trig by wearing a fake pregnant belly!

  172. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Anyone still have links to articles about those fires? I'd love to revisit, in light of all this new stuff coming out.

  173. I bet Bristol gave birth to Trig back in April 2008 (or earlier...hence no record of birth of Trig at the Mat-su Hospital) at Auntie & Uncle's house and then after he was born she got pregnant again after "dropping the soap in the shower". It can happen! Suuuuuuure can. This is why Bristol reported saying to her mother & father about being pregnant with Tripp, (paraphrasing) "What would be the worst thing to happen right now??!!!!". She knew her pro-abstinence mother would be livid with her for getting pregnant again because Mommy Dearest had political aspirations!

    The truth will slowly come out. Levi is not a highly educated guy so his words seem very childlike at times, but I believe he's telling the truth about Sarah and the family.

  174. I'm sure that if Levi is actually lying, Sarah will waste no time filing a lawsuit for libel and defamation.

    Then when her court date arrives, she and Todd will eagerly take a DNA test, proving that Trig is their biological child. Documentation from the delivering physician, hospital records, and photographs from delivery day would be the icing on the cake. Sarah will be vindicated and Lyin' levi will skulk off into obscurity.

    It would all be so easy, right? It would jumpstart her political career again and make her into a right wing hero. There's only one reason why it will never happen.

  175. The trolls have become rather polite...trying to seduce with their version of reason, and beguile with Twilight Zone stories...silly drones.

  176. Holy shit...this is more f'ed up than I wonder Willow is chugging Mountain Dew and vodka, I would too. Drink to forget..

    BTW, I recommend Alleve opposed to faster longer, and doesn't have the bad side effects...

  177. "Levi says he was at the hospital when Sarah had "the baby". Not him, not her, no names given but just "the baby". Did Sarah truly give birth on 4/18 but to a baby that didn't survive? Did she then adopt Levi and Bristol's first born as her own?"

    I don't think so. There are already serious doubts about her claiming Trig as her biological child. I suspect that Sarah's official medical record would probably show she had a tubal ligation after the birth of Piper, given her maternal age at that time (37).

  178. I just had another thought. At some point Sarah stated "I delivered Trig (on XYZ day, 2008)." Couldn't that also mean that Bristol pushed out the baby and Sarah helped the attending physician (or midwife) especially if it was a homebirth? Family members are sometimes permitted to help with a baby's delivery, even in a hospital setting. Just because Sarah said she "delivered" Trig, that doesn't necessarily mean he came out of HER body!

  179. Anonymous5:03 AM

    LOL! You all live on Pluto. Wal-Mart just sold out of tin foil.

  180. To those who asked about the “other” fire, I saw interesting comments on
    a couple of weeks ago. Very interesting, indeed! It has always raised my eyebrow. Too bad the FBI has not investigated, or have they? BTW, just want ya’ll to know I don’t smoke in bed. Just sayin’.

  181. Anonymous5:07 AM

    To simplify, why not take things at face value:
    1. Levi was talking about Tripp, re. Sarah and adoption pushiness, as was clear in VF article and as Gryph. underscored.

    This doesn`t mean that Sarah had not (successfully) done that adoption scence once before, with whoever, and Levi`s testimony makes clear that she is capable of that.

    2. more face value: assume Mercede meant her brother Triggybear when she wrote 'my brother Triggybear' ...

    3. ...Which logically makes Sherry Johnston Trig's bio mum or Keith Trig`s bio dad. -- two ideas already long in public domain. Johnston computers were scrubbed, nèst-ce pas, rumours of SJ not being able to have kids etc. who knows what is true.

    4. The divorce and near-divorces in both families around this time point to other ideas long on public domain:
    Todd or Track + Sherry Johnston

    Sherry's sudden informant-directed arrest, the strategic timing of it (just after election loss but just before Christmas/birth around Levi&Bristol break-up time, thus silencing all Johnstons)and Palin going for the maximum sentence all suggests a degree of animosity and involvement not seen since trooper Wooten. Yikes.

    Todd and Sherry hypothesis -- two people in unhappy marriages (public domain).Pretty common occurrence.

    Track & SJ - oxy user (already in public domain) and oxy addict/supplier... young male hormones & drugs. In such a case Track being in the military may be a reason that local people are keeping quiet (social taboo etc. to dish on). He certainly suddenly enlisted around tiome of pregnancy and was schlepped far away.

    *Why wouldn't Levi & Bristol look lovingly at a mutual brother. Or be at the hospital. Or hjave photos taken with. My baby brother Triggybear.

    Last: just because Bristol was schlepped off to aunt`s (theory), could be many things: drug treatment, rehab, eating disorder issues, getting away from certain people, getting away from her mother, pregant with non-Trig, who knows. Her being pregnant doesn`t mean that someone else in family wasn`t also expexting a child. If many Palins are sexually active without birth control, any or all could be pregnant or impregnating others. I include Chuck Heath in that fact.

    This is all private messy family stuff--it`s already out that SP is a liar. Why pursue details further.

  182. I have always gone back and forth as to my belief on Levi being the father of Trig. I've always thought that Bristol is the birth mother but just wasn't quite sure about Levi being the father. Then Levi started saying things like he and Bristol were homeschooled at the Palin's house during the school year of 2007/08 (GQ Interview). I then thought that Levi had to be the father of Trig because Sarah would not have allowed him to see Bristol pregnant if he was not. So he and Bristol were hid away during her pregnancy.

    Now we are hearing from Levi in this Vanity Fair interview and he is saying that Bristol was actually sent to Anchorage to live with her Aunt during this school year and he often visited. This does not add up. Levi's hockey coach also mentioned that Levi was being home schooled while playing hockey and then suddenly quit in Feb. 08 and dropped out of school in Mar. 08. Was Bristol being home schooled at the Palin's or was she in Anchorage? Is it possible that Bristol was pregnant and was sent away to Anchorage to hide the pregnancy from Levi because Trig just may not be his baby? Is it possible that Trig was presented to Levi in April as Sarah's newborn but he knew that the baby was actually Bristol's and thought that it could be the father? Was Levi deceived too but think he knows the truth?

    Levi is hiding something. If he thinks for one minute that we believe that a 17 year old boy was at a 6:00 AM birth of his girlfriend's mother then he really thinks we are stupid. Why would he be there? And if it's because he was living with the Palin's at this time then why was he living with the Palins? This would have been before Tripp was conceived. Levi is really beginning to lose credibility. I can believe some of the things he say about Palin but only because we already know that she is a biatchhh!

    And would Sarah call a child she birthed a 'retard'? Sounds like she has no connection to this baby and sounds like Levi took offense to Sarah saying this about his son. Yea, I could see Sarah saying to Levi and Bristol while they were taking care of Trig and Tripp 'Give me my grandbaby, not the retarded one!".

  183. MaineMom @ 9:18 am, ROFLMAO! “I'm sure $carah is blowing a few stitches over this!” Good one!

  184. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Nothing that is said about Palin surprises me anymore...she wouldn't know the truth if it stared her in the face! She is a ruthless, manipulating, narcisstic!
    I'm wondering though, if Scarah and Toad were fighting, talking about divorce, and sleeping in separate is it that she got pregnant? Hmmmmm

  185. Contessa Brewer on MSNBC was just trashing Levi. She is so clueless.

  186. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Thanks, Gryphen--I've been following your blog for awhile now. I appreciate your sticking your neck out in search of the truth that escapes the mind-numbing, fanatic followers of the Thing. I always suspected there was a huge back story to all this madness that would eventually come out and have to be spun back into something to make Saint Sarah seem like the victim--again.

    All other revelations aside, the most rational question is: what caring mother would lug "her" beloved, newborn Down's Syndrome son around massive crowds like a hockey trophy, posing with him only for photo ops and passing him off to her daughters when not--OR call him "retarded"? I have NO reason to doubt Levi--he could have fabricated far juicier stuff than this IF he wanted to. IMHO, the "R" remark is what will ultimately, and thankfully, bury SP--though her faithful sheep won't go down without braying.

    What will Karl Rove do now?

    Levi, please watch your back. She's bat-crap crazy . . .

  187. motomax.. I'll say it. Bristol has TWO illegit kids.
    There. I said it, and it feels good to get truth in the sunshine.

  188. Anonymous6:12 AM

    I see that Darlene was a neo-natal nurse for many years (before becoming a hospice nurse). Is it possible that she took care of Trig from when he was born until when he was "presented" on April 18? Also, I wonder if she has any acquaintance with Dr CBJ?

  189. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Could you tell us if either fire is pertinent to the big story?

  190. Anon @ 11:57 am, I actually think Sarah threw CBJ under the bus as well.
    IMHO, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson (CBJ) did NOT know about Sarah’s fake pregnancy plan until Sarah announced her “pregnancy” on 3-5-08, the day AFTER John McCain won the Republican nomination on 3-4-08. I believe CBJ’s silence speaks volumes.

    I used to believe that CBJ was complicit in the conspiracy to fake the pregnancy. But that was when we were confused about the smokescreen “birth” date of 4-18-08. From more information that has come to light in the past couple of months, we now have even stronger reason to believe that Trig was born to Bristol sometime in January 2008. Sarah began to wear her long scarves on 2-19-08, AFTER the mysterious 2-15-08 American Heart Association “Go Red for Women” luncheon for which there is no evidence that she and her three daughters actually attended. I now believe that CBJ was probably stunned when Sarah announced her “pregnancy” on 3-5-08.
    I went back to review Audrey’s information about CBJ.

    Look at the whole scenario again, but this time, consider that CBJ was NOT part of the planning, but instead was unwillingly made a party by Sarah. Now read the Dallas Morning News report again:
    “Around 4 a.m. on the day of her presentation, Palin stirred in her hotel room to an unusual sensation. She guessed she was leaking amniotic fluid, she told The Anchorage Daily News. She woke her husband and called her doctor back home. Go ahead and give the speech, said the doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, who declined to comment for this article.”

    CBJ’s silence has been deafening, as well as another time when she brought an attorney with her when she was to be interviewed.

    Now realizing that Trig was born much earlier than when Sarah announced her pregnancy, the CBJ letter presented in the last hours before Election Day is even more suspicious, if in fact it was written by CBJ. I do believe that CBJ’s good reputation was thrown under the bus by Sarah Palin, but CBJ can’t say anything to defend herself because of HIPPA. Read the discrepancies about that letter on Palin’s Deceptions “The Purloined Letter” at:

  191. Gryph, is there any way you can set the order of comments so that the newest posts at the top?

  192. Anon @ 6:12 am, others have been wondering the same thing. Dar Miller and CBJ both lived in Wasilla. I don't know where CBJ lives in Wasilla, but I saw that Miller's house was about a mile from the Palin's house.

  193. Anonymous6:41 AM

    This article has another interesting comment about Todd offering to sign the divorce papers. This indicates that divorce papers have been drawn up indicating marriage problems over a long period of time. If this had been the first time they had discussed divorce, the comment would have been more want to contact the attorney about drawing up papers.

  194. Anonymous6:45 AM

    My two cents about the "retarded child" comment attributed to SP... I have worked as a special education teacher for many years. I have seen and heard many things that people would be shocked over. Although it is politically incorrect to call someone retarded, it is still used by ignorant people and those from a certain generation. I had many parents refer to their child as "retarded". I would gently remodel the more exceptable term "developmentally delayed or challenged", but they persisted. It's just ignorance - which SP definitely IS. Folks, I hate to say, it's really not all that uncommon for a mother/father/sister/brother/grandparent to have ambivalent feelings about a special needs child. I can't tell you the number of students I have had that lived with the grandparents because the parents could not deal with even the THOUGHT of a special needs baby. Same goes for the number of mother's who were suddenly single because the dad couldn't deal with a less than perfect child. Quite a few of my students were in foster care. It was a rarity to have an intact loving family. This is reality. Why would we be surprised and shocked that SP had these feelings? It happens behind closed doors more than we think.

  195. Gryphen, I've read the article. Re: holdig Trig: Levi says that at the convention after the speech "Sarah was holding Trig close because the cameras were on."

    He later says that "when Sarah would come home from work" [usually between noon and 5] "she would say she was to tired to take care of Trig. She would give him a kiss, act happy for 10 seconds before hibernating in her room until the next day started."

    Tylenol is not enough. No wonder so many of her children allegedly abuse drugs and alcohol. is it too late to rescue Piper? I'm too disgusted with her behavior, lies and shenanigans at this point to feel anything but profound sadness for her children. Whatever truth is yet to be revealed it cannot come too quidkly for those kids as well as the rest of us. Gryphen you have my profound sympathies for being steeped in this story for so long. Forget Tylenol, you're going to need a detox.

  196. Anonymous7:23 AM

    what's disturbing here is that levi is lying. he's lying about sarah's "pregnancy." so he may be telling the truth about all the other stuff, but really, how can we know? when the pee-ers call him a liar, technically they are correct. levi needs to understand that repeating whatever story he is "mandated" by sarah to tell, he is ruining his credibility elsewhere.

    levi if you're reading - it's much better to say nothing at all that to repeat sarah's lies. you're f-ing yourself.

  197. I've thought a lot about all of this - and I'm wondering if we aren't approaching this the wrong way.

    First of all, toss out any idea of info from the Doc. She cannot and will never say a word because of HIPPA. It is rigidly enforced and the fines are HUGE. Physicians do not ever spill patient info. They also risk their licenses if they speak without written approval. That avenue is a lost cause and not worth pursuing. Even if she wanted to come out and make a statement she cannot, without the patient's written release.

    Also, I'm approaching it from a different way. Like KaJo said, there are bread crumbs. But the bread crumb trail is mixed with rocks. I think we are seeing part of the truth mixed in with story and without more details, all of this is pure speculation on our part. Levi is dropping hints but not filling in the blanks and we won't know the truth until it comes out.

    Her comments and treatment of Lil Trigger say a lot about who and what SP is as a "human" (my apologies to all humans). She obviously considers the baby as "less" than "normal" and not worth her valuable time.

    In the meantime, I'll buy the mag, read the article and wait for more updates. We're doing fill-in-the-blanks and it won't really give us answers. We need more info and we're missing some critical pieces.

    Gryphen? Is there anything you can provide that might give us a reasonable timeline for additional tidbits? And thanks for staying with this story.

  198. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Anon@6:45AM: You are so right regarding ambvalence when one has a challenged child. But once you commit to giving birth to that child (and yammer on endlessly about how great that choice was), you owe the child a good life.

    I am not disagreeing with you. On the contrary. I'm just saying to all the Rebecca-of-Sunnybrook-Farm pro-lifers that it's a long road after you give birth to a developmentally challenged child, and you better be prepared to live up to your responsibilities to that child, as so many are NOT. You don't make jokes about "retarded" after you "choose life," as SP did.


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