Friday, October 16, 2009

Jon Stewart points out what most of us already know, the GOP does not understand the internet.

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I swear Michael Steele is NEVER going to stop being an embarrassment to the Republican party.

They thought they were getting a red state version of Barack Obama but instead got a talentless version of Kanye West.


  1. Anonymous3:40 PM


  2. Gasman4:45 PM

    Steele is at his worst when he tries to out "brotha" Obama. He has all of the street cred of Orin Hatch. There is no way in hell that you can maintain that Steele is anything but a token black guy. As far as the GOP is concerned, it doesn't seem to matter who it is as long as he is black.

    As to the technological acumen of the GOP, they have yet to adapt to an internet world. Theirs is a time before the Google, the YouTubes, and the internets. It is absolutely comical to watch them try and show us how "hip" they are. This is a crowd more comfortable with rotary phones trying to show off their internet savvy.

    These troglodytes are stuck in a social time warp of around 1956. It must suck to be a Republican.

  3. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck5:09 PM

    lordy lordy --- it would be funny (and it is really funny) if it wasn't so very sad. i think that is the first time i have laughed at a 404 error in my life. so fitting......there are no future leaders of the RNC. even the tubes get that

  4. That was hillarious. I almost hurt myself laughing. Is this the best they can do? It really is an indication that anyone who has brains has left the party. It is starting to feel like the two party system is simply the intelligent and resonable vs the brainwashed idiots who can't think for themselves. This is dangerous because we could end up with a one party system. In a way a two party system is not good, but one party is really bad.

  5. O.K. You guys.. That's it..

    Let's get a few things straight here..

    I go out my front door, walk straight up the road 200 yards, turn to my left facing south....I CAN SEE THE U.S.A....Really!!! Not like some other sightings..

    Now here is something else for your consideration..

    I go out my front door, turn right, go 75 yards,turn right again walk 50 yards to the east take a piss in the river and within an hour and a half that piss will be across the border to the south..

    So let's make a deal.. You stop sending your shit up here and I won't piss in the river...:)

    Just joking guys.. Where would we be without your shit cable broadcasts up here in the frozen north? But really you should sort out allowing minorities in the Government, same sex marriage (civil rights) dare I mention health care? While I'm at it might be a good idea to stop burning more oil than you can produce for yourselves(you know my country is currntly getting raped for tar sands oil production)and while we're at it perhaps a couple of civics courses for the populace so that you can spell out that a true democracy is fifty percent plus one vote not the horse shit you guys are pretending is democracy according to the "Shining City of Whatever St. Ronnie was/according to Fox."

    I love you guys but what the hell are you doing?

    Perhaps you need cooking instructions in French on the other side of the box?

  6. SME13111:50 PM

    Anyone with 2 brain cells firing knows the republican party is over.....but when will they figure it out. God, I hope it is SOON.

  7. Anonymous2:22 AM

    When's the "What UP" T-Shirt comming out?

  8. Anonymous8:09 PM

    The republican party selected Steele because he is able to say things about the President that they cannot say.

    Detroit Sam


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