Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"She ain't nothing" Says defiant Levi Johnston about ex-future mother-in-law Sarah Palin. Now we are talking!

In his custody fight for son Tripp, Levi Johnston says he's up against a powerful foe: Sarah Palin.

Johnston, 19, claims the former vice presidential candidate has been part of an effort to keep Tripp away from Johnston by exerting influence on 19-year-old daughter Bristol, who is Tripp's mother.

"She has a big impact on what Bristol does and thinks," Johnston tells Entertainment Tonight. "Bristol looks up to Sarah. I don't know why they just don't want me in his life."

But Johnston insists he doesn't fear Palin as he gets ready to sue for joint custody. "She ain't nothing," he says. "Just because she ran for vice president and was the governor of Alaska, doesn't intimidate me. Sarah has no legal thing on Tripp, she's just the grandmother."

He adds: "By the end of the year we're gonna go to court for joint custody. I'm just done with it. When there's a kid involved you ain't walking away."

It looks like Levi is digging in.

Even though my sources told me that Levi does NOT want to go to court to see his son, it looks like things may be heading in that direction if they keep using his son to punish him. Levi is starting to stand up for himself, even with his handlers.

I have also heard that one of the sticking points is fear from the Palin's that Levi will let Tripp be photographed.

Go ahead, ask the question.

Why would it matter if he were photographed if there are already pictures of Levi with Tripp in GQ Magazine and a televised interview with Bristol and Tripp conducted by Greta Van Susteren?

Yep that is the question alright.

Update: Here is Levi's interview on ET.

By the way it appears that Levi's real quote is "She ain't NO thing", instead of "She ain't nothing" as was quoted by the People magazine.

Did you hear this part?

Diane Dimond, when asking Levi about Palin's resistance to letting him see Tripp, "What grandmother would take that away from their grandchild?"

Levi's one word answer, "Sarah". I love it!


  1. hmmm, could it be that the baby we thougt was Tripp is not Tripp and maybe the real Tripp isn't a baby but is a toddler....

  2. My guess, it's not the same baby?

  3. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Gryphen, Is there anything that we can do to help or to support Levi in his quest?

  4. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Huh? Color me stupid. I don't get it. Am I the only one?

  5. Anonymous 4:40.

    Yes. Buy his book when it comes out.

    And go to websites that cover him and make positive comments to balance out the Palin-bots who regularly slam him.

  6. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Can some one let me know what was going on with Trig during the campaign? Klieg lights and HDTV? Is it only proper to stage a 4 month old DS baby for cameras?

  7. Ooh. Interesting. Sounds like some of the speculation of substitute babies may be true. And the questions about Bristol's "pregnancy" (I'm thinking we can put it in quotes now) might be on the right track.

  8. Wes ben, I had the same thought when I read Levi's recent comments. Tried to propose this theory last night on another post here. Still fits, even tighter in my read. Today's statement-- she is just the grandmother tells me that Sarah and Todd did not actually adopt the toddler.

  9. Anonymous4:58 PM

    "...fear from the Palin's that Levi will let Tripp be photographed."
    That is almost funny. If she had those reservations sooner she wouldn't be as loathed for using T1 as a prop.

    Heh, I hear parents do take photos. Levi is a free man and I don't think he should be restricted because someone's karma is biting them on their butt. Grow up Palin poops. The old ones are hopeless, Bristol could make a get away, I don't see that happening.

    Bristol, get to talking to those teens and telling them why you chose abstinence-only and what happens if it doesn't work. Your parents teachings suck and now you want to cheat your child out of time with his father over things like he might do what your mother did? Levi won't go near doing that. He has much better sense. What a selfish weak person to keep Tripp from his family. That is not love.

  10. Got two reasons why I cry away each lonely night,
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    The first one says she's got my child, but it don't look like me.

    Set out runnin' but I take my time,
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    If I get home before daylight, I just might get some sleep tonight.
    Robert Hunter

  11. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Nobody wants to go to court.

  12. That is just RICH - SP shoves her children in front of the cameras every chance she gets.
    Now they are worried Tripp will be photographed?
    Makes NO sense (not that scarah EVER makes sense).

  13. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Would Sarah be worried about NUDE pictures of Tripp? I hesitate to say this because it seems like a ridiculous line of thought, but I can imagine Palin trying to make a big deal of Levi's Playgirl appearance.

    We've seen pictures of Bristol and Tripp. Levi recently flashed a picture of a baby in a cowboy hat who is the same baby we've seen with Bristol.

    There can't be a third child that is hidden and never gets to go out. So...


  14. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I haven't kept a very good Levi time-line, so I don't recall how many visits Levi has had with Tripp, and if the visits were before or after Rex & Tank came on the scene.

    It might not be a photo that Sarah is worried about, but a DNA test. Levi thinks that he is Tripp's father; he was trotted out on the national stage as such. But, who know for sure, for DNA sure??

  15. Anonymous5:14 PM

    To quote the late Jim Morrison of the Doors: "The best part of the Tripp is the Tripp!"

    Woo Hoo!

  16. Lisabeth5:18 PM

    I'm confused. Maybe they are just paranoid?
    I'm really just wanting to know the truth already. Do you think we will ever know it Gryphen? I used to think definitely, but I don't anymore.
    Sarah has gotten away with so much it's immoral! What happened with the Alaskat fund trust and other unresolved ethics complaints. She is extremely crooked and is a pathological liar yet her base think she is so great! This isn't liberal bias. Look how many Alaskan Republicans see her for what she really is! I wish more of them would speak out!

  17. Anonymous5:27 PM


    @ minute 1:54

  18. Anonymous5:27 PM

    So frustrated. It is like you are speaking in an alien language. I don't get any of this information given bit by bit about the births and babies.

  19. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I thought a baby needed a mom AND a dad.

    I guess my interpretation of Christian values was incorrect.

  20. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Other than those original pictures of Mercede and Levi with a baby, have we ever even seen the original Tripp?

  21. Bree Palin has the ET video. Levi says that he and Bristol agree they don't want Tripp photographed.

  22. FEDUP!!!6:19 PM

    $$$arah does not want tripp to be photographed (and potentially paid) unless $HE $ays $o, because only $HE can make money from photoshoots (and then hide it from the IRS...)

  23. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Curiouser said... Bree Palin has the ET video. Levi says that he and Bristol agree they don't want Tripp photographed.

    They don't trust him not to take photos. What a reason to keep a child from his father.

    It must be DNA Sarah and Bristol are worried about. Didn't Levi say they were both faithful during time that T2 would have been conceived?

  24. So, Bristol is a hypocrite just like her mother, eh? (but we knew about that already, didn't we?)

    Maybe Bristol doesn't remember the People magazine cover she posed for, holding baby Tripp for all to see.

  25. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I don't get it. I don't understand the clues either, sorry.
    Why wouldn't they want to show photos of their sun? It's strange
    and when is las time we've seen Trig? Anyone know?

  26. lilyf6:37 PM

    "We don't want him on camera. We both decided that." That is his exact quote on the ET vid. Looks like there is nothing to see here. Sure wish there was.

  27. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Come on folks don't you think if there was a big story here someone in that Hillbilly heaven Wasilla would have come forward by now to collect a paycheck. If there is a babygate here it would take a lot of people to cover this up.I firmly believe that Gryphen is stringing all of of along. I have lived in Alaska a long time and know the Palin family (Todd's) and I can tell you that I have not heard a word about any major cover up. If it was there it would have been out by now.

  28. Anonymous6:45 PM

    The baby intrigue makes my head spin.

    Levi is incredibly handsome in that photo. I bet he knows how to use his gun.

    Babies do need mom and dad. Bristol is going rogue. She is mini-me Sarah. Big Sarah may give mini-me permission to try to get Levi to back off from legal joint custody and will allow them to sneak a visit while Big Sarah is gone.

    The floodgates are about to open.

  29. The original pictures of Mercede and Levi with a baby do not look like the same baby that was with the Heaths at the hospital.

  30. Anonymous6:48 PM

    I can't cut and paste here but please please google Trig Palin and look at google images, not google web. There are some phots that I have seen. In one of them dated 10/24/08, it doesn't even look like a child with Downs. Not at all. And then there is another that might be fake but this is interesting. Share if you find anything strange and please look at the one from the guardian dated 10/24/08.

    I am going to look for Trip.

  31. Anonymous6:52 PM

    May be they don't want to show photos because the baby came down with a disease caused by the pollutants in the soil, air and water.

    Both babies may have environmental toxins that are manifesting. You can't hide those things forever.

  32. Anon @ 6:42 Perhaps you should re-read your own comment. The purpose of a cover up is to HIDE something, so... if there is something being hidden, THEN PEOPLE WHO KNOW ARE SUPPOSED TO BE KEEPING THE SECRET -- THAT'S WHY IT IS A COVER UP!!!!!!!

  33. Anonymous7:03 PM

    SAME nonstory

  34. Anonymous7:06 PM

    For all the people saying that Gryphen is stringing you along because the deep dark secrets have not been revealed yet, you are wrong.

    I personally know that deep dark secrets can remain hidden for years. Dysfunctional people and families are not aware of the suffering they cause and continue on the merry go round for all kinds of reasons. Causing alot of pain and suffering in many many lives.

    Lynn SoCal

  35. Aussie Blue Sky7:20 PM

    Anonymous 6:42 - it's not a cover-up if everybody knows about it! Please make an effort to understand that, and leave Gryphen alone.

  36. Anonymous7:23 PM

    It is a big story if those kids are hidden because they have developed welts or sores from that disgusting lake and all the poison from no regulations. Under Sarah's tyranny they allow medical waste to go into the earth. Some one will be paying big time for that before they die a slow painful death.

  37. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Early on there were photos. But...

    It has occurred to me that one reason (if what Levi said is true) that they (Bristol and Levi) don't want photos of him in the press is because the two of them (Bristol and Levi) experienced exploitation, watched Trigg be exploited and don't want that for their baby.

    I don't know--just a thought.

  38. Churches keep deep dark secrets for years before some old pervert like a Warren Jeffs finally gets nailed. It does happen. The Palins are a religious family. Who knows how skewed their church is. Sarah tried to cover the fact they try to fix gays by telling them to be hetro. She tries to cover Todd and her association with the AIP.

  39. Aussie Blue Sky7:31 PM

    from the People magazine website ...

    Thomas Van Flein told Britain's The Guardian on Oct. 30, "Other than noting that Tripp's father is always welcome to visit his son, we are unable to respond to these allegations as it is inappropriate to discuss child custody matters publicly."


  40. Anonymous7:40 PM

    kajo, That is one of the worst magazine cover exploitations of a baby I've ever seen. It is just the tackiest photo. I don't understand why even People Mag would stoop that low.

  41. Anonymous8:14 PM

    7:26 PM ~~ Look at the People magazine cover. Bristol is into child exploitation like her mother. She was using that as an excuse.

  42. CorningNY8:15 PM

    Great quote from jjgg5 on an article about Levi in HuffPo:
    "I support Levi's full frontal nudity and Sarah's full frontal lobotomy."

  43. lily r8:23 PM

    I've heard Oprah will talk to Sarah via satellite for the Nov 16 show. Sarah will be in her own home. Does this new photo phobia mean she will not allow Trig to be on camera?

    I have a friend that is a grandmother and every picture I see of her now she is with her grand child. I can't believe Sarah is so ashamed of being a grandmother. She would never be in a photo with a known grand child.

    If she has to exploit children I hope she will stop exploiting the down syndrome boy. Piper seems to enjoy attention and she is old enough to say she just won't do it if she doesn't want.

  44. Anonymous8:26 PM

    @anon 6:48
    That baby looks like it's almost 1 yea old. I went in and looked at Trig's piucture like you said and some of them just don't resemble the same baby, they look like different baby's. One picture doesn't even look like a DS baby.
    Gryphen, have you studied all of Trigs pictures from the get go, there's got to be as they say A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially the day old pictue of Trig, sure don't look premature to me and then goes to work with Palin 3 days later. A premature DS baby is let out of the hospital in 3 days?My I guess she thinks all of american people are really dumb hicks.

  45. Anonymous8:29 PM

    I always thought Levi looked a lot younger in this photo. Look how long his hair is:

    Then look at this photo with short hair:

    I wonder how old the baby is in each photo and how fast Levi's hair grows...when did Levi have longer hair?

  46. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Anon, that photo from the guardian 10/24/08 of Trig on google images is interesting. He does look very different from the other photos. Then there is one with a snow mobile that is strange, but maybe it's photoshopped. They don't look the same as the one of Trig from the quitters resignation picnic.
    And there are very few Tripp photos.

  47. emrysa8:41 PM

    people are jumping to some strange conclusions.

    seems to me that the reason sarah doesn't want tripp photographed is BECAUSE SHE'S A CONTROL FREAK and wants to control every image the public ever sees of him. she can't control levi and she doesn't want to see pics of her grandson out there that she hasn't "okay-ed" for publication.

  48. The Kids Are Always Losing Their Underwear8:45 PM

    I was looking at pictures online of Sarah and the Palin family, and came across something I hadn't see before. In a blog about astrology, there was a post in September of 2008 asking questions about the "wild ride". In the comment section, someone did a chart for Sarah based on her time and place of birth. I admit that I was chuckling to myself until I read the entire description. Here's an excerpt:

    "Neptune in Scorpio in her 4th house of home tells me that nothing is as it is appears to be & there are many ugly secrets in that family. I would be willing to bet that her homelife takes dysfunctionality to a whole new zenith."

    matthewastrology.blogspot.com Scroll down to the bottom until you see the commenter who refers to himself/herself as MrHedge to read the whole thing.

  49. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Sarah likes strange conclusions and rumors or she would have cleared things up long ago. She is addicted to having everyone speculate on the family girl parts or boy parts. She is full of self sabotaging quirks. That is why she is a popular celebrity.

    I forgot how dumb she is. Whoever keeps her behind facebook has a point. On Palingates there is a video of her moronic tv moments. It has been wonderful not to hear her voice but it is good to go back and look at why she lost.

  50. May I just add:

    "You thought you was the cool fool and never could do no wrong
    You had everything sewed up tight. How come you lay awake all night long

    Shake it - shake it, Sugaree..."

  51. Anonymous9:30 PM


    Ok, we got the question. What is the answer?

  52. sunnyjane10:03 PM

    I love it when Levi says, at the end of this tape: "I've got my book coming out, and you'd better believe SHE's going to be in it."

    Hmmmm...bring it on, Levi.

  53. Anonymous11:19 PM

    I am hoping Levi and Bristol will mediate an agreement and bring action before a Court to finalize such agreement, out of the MSM. A child should have the right to bond with both parents, not used a pawn.

    That was the first time I heard Levi mention a book. Wonder when that will be released?

  54. Anonymous2:31 AM

    Ok Gryphen,

    The only reason that this family wouldn't want a baby photographed is if it doesn't match up with a story. So here is my thought.... Bristol had a baby Dec 27, 2007 that they named Trip. SP wanted to adopt it, but when Bristol said no, she decided not only would she have her own baby, she would acquire a Down Syndrome baby (yes, as a result of McCain's nomination and her belief that she would get selected for his VP running mate), which she named Trig. I really think that they have Trip secreted away somewhere, and is part of the reason that they have built this huge house addition. I am torn on whether baby#3, born sometime at the end of 2008/beginning of 2009 is really Bristol's or not... the one named Tripp.
    You would really make my day (and year, probably!) if you could tell me if I am getting warm.
    ~A Faithful Reader

  55. rationalist,

    excellent! More hunter/garcia!

  56. I think what Gryphen is saying is that Tripp who was photigraphed and paraded out on news shows, the abstinenece tour, and People Magazine is not the real Tripp? The real Tripp may be quite a bit younger?

    I think if recent photos of Tripp get out, we will start comparing them.

    PLEASE...am I getting warm?

  57. Anonymous4:35 AM

    Anon. @ 5:13 - well, I can see why they might be worried about nude pictures of Tripp, seeing that there is already one floating around the internet from the GQ shoot. Hopefully, that will be the last one.

  58. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Attention Hollywood: I see a multi-million dollar movie in the near future about a female governor and almost VP and a shy country boy that is accused of impregnated her daughter. Please don't say it is based on Sarah Palin. she doesn't need the money and wouldn't allow the truth to be protrayed.

  59. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Good God, is it a full moon or is the lunatic fringe out in full force on this blog ?

    I'm with Anon @ 6:37, for anybody who actually lives in Alaska, this kind of talk is just nuts.

    It seems that they've run out of tin foil hats for the lefty fringe.

  60. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Off topic: Any new pics from the "Palin compound" ?

  61. Anonymous6:37 AM

    By the time this gets exposed nobody will care anymore.

  62. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Gotta say, my patience is wearing thin, and I've been avidly following this whole story for about a year. You better believe I think there was some funny business with the babies, as well as a lot of other matters. But you know it's really getting out of hand when commenters are begging Gryphen "pretty please" to tell them if they are "getting warm" with their theories. Enough with stringing your readers along!

  63. "By the time this gets exposed nobody will care anymore."
    Timing is everything...

    How is the compound coming along?

    @ 6:10 AM
    Much of this is for Sarah. She does not want to clear up rumors etc. She likes the fun with all the wild theories. She gets more attention if there is controversy and drama. There is no bad publicity for a narcissist.

  64. Anonymous7:01 AM

    I think Palin got the ds baby through her church, thanks with help from the doctor CBJ (or is it CJB?), the church's records are burned so now there is no record of the bio parents. During Palin's governors term (before she was picked for VP) she helped change the laws to be able to obtain birth certificates with the urging of CBJ. Forward ahead and now Palin needs a fake birth cert to cover T1 so that it looks like she and Todd are the parents - what a strange/funny/interesting set of coincidences. A fake preg, a fake birth cert, a fake mother of T1. T1 was a prop for her national exposure and when things didn't work out Bristol took over carrying for T1.

  65. Anonymous7:08 AM

    @6:10 a.m.- Wow. That just stings us. "Tin foil hats." NO! "The lefty fringe." OUCH! OOOOH. We are all just so chastened and humbled by your original and acerbic epithets. NOT.

    (Do you guys on the right ever get a new meme? Because that one is about 17 months old now.)

  66. I knew that Scarah was the gold standard of stupid, but now I think she just may have graduated to the Platinum standard of stupid.
    Why would she give Levi such a hard time when it comes to his wanting to see his Son, especially when she KNOWS that he has got the goods on her?!? Why is she provoking him? Is she really that much more arrogant than I already believed, that she thinks nobody will believe him? Even if Levi were to blatantly lie, which I do not believe he would, the exposure to the story alone would damage her as it would bring up so many more questions than answers. Also, with all the different lies Scarah has told (the ones she can't seem to keep straight) there would definitely be more questions.
    She really, really is a total freakin idiot.

  67. @@@@@ --- 5:07 AM ---

    I am anxious for the movies. I would like SP to be the background noise. I am sick of her. Maybe one day a documentary to focus on all her fraud and corruption. Now I am more intrigued with life around the Valley and seeing what the kids are dealing with. The long winters, camping, burning man, hockey, snowboarders, the Lake, shopping, barristas, sex, drugs and rock and roll. Do a film the teens can relate to. Every town has some idiot like a corrupt city council, mayor or something that has power and is a control freak. Parents out of control and subjecting children to crazy religious ideology. This could be a film with lessons for all.

    Rebel Without a Cause did great things for James Dean.

  68. Anonymous7:41 AM

    7:01 AM ~ I admit I would like to hear Levi talk about his thoughts on Bristol's church. I think he was living in the Palin house and sharing a bed with Bristol at the same time of the fire. Does anyone know if that is right?

    He would know of things that were mentioned and attitudes about events. It is of interest to me.
    Did the ATF interview Levi?

    The only blame for the fire that I hear involves the LGBT community. There is absolutely no evidence, yet they talk like it is for certain. There is only one suspect of who is behind the church fire? Why are other suspects not mentioned?

    I think it is interesting that Levi has come out to be so different from a certain mind set in the churches of the Wasilla area (where LGBT rights are neglected).

    Go Levi!

  69. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Anon @ 6:47 etal

    One of the wonderful things about this great nation of ours is that--beyond high school senior literature class--no one can make you read anything you don't wanna--go to any blog with which you do not agree (or that you are dissatied with)or a site that simply doesn't say what you want it to say, when you want it said.

    Hey, this is just my personal opinion and observation, which might also serve as a remarkably sound suggestion to some: Set up a blog. Do your own research. Seek out your own inside contacts and whistleblowers. Verify and fact check their every statement. Cross your fingers that you haven't missed something that will contradict it. Put your own reputation on the line by composing narratives about what you have discovered.

    Then, allow all comments to be posted, no matter how insulting they are to you.

    After you've done all that, come back and post a link to your blog so that everyone here can come and take a look at all that you have done and the truth you have uncovered--and openly revealed to the world.

    All that, my friend, is going to take you a while to accomplish and will give us all a welcome little vacation from your troll-like baiting.

    Hey, everyone has their own opinion, right? Well, that is mine, Anon @ 6:47.

    Go Fish!

  70. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Toad has already threaten Levi once in public on record. Why would he remain silent when Levi is saying the things he has said already? He is the grandparent too and although Palin likes to be the only one in the limelight I'm surprised we haven't heard any grunting from him again. And another thing about Toad - what kind of man would put up with the fake preg, wild ride lie, and the continous lies of his wife? It can't be all about the money, protecting the rest of the family, riding her coat tales, can it?

  71. Anonymous8:27 AM

    anon @ 7:41, - For those who obsess about these sorts of personal things, then yes, I would say that your advice is sound.

    Most people that I know however, have lives.... you know, jobs and kids, putting food on the table and wondering about their financial security..... You know, stuff that matters.

    In a small state such as Alaska, being intrusive and asking personal questions of your neighbors isn't.....well, It ain't Alaskan if you know what I mean.

    Or maybe you don't.

    Why do you think AKM and Gryphen chose to stay anonymous ?

    I read the comments here more for entertainment than anything else, and some of these are up there with Orly Taitz and her Obama birther nutiness, regardless of what Anon 7:01 thinks.

    Because that's just MY Obama votin' opinion, and it's only worth pixels is takes to generate it.


  72. Anonymous8:53 AM

    @8:19 a.m. In answer to your last question - Yes, it can be all about the money. They are like Martin and Lewis, Sonny and Cher. They are trying to be the "GOP/AIP version" of Bill and Hill.

  73. Anonymous9:02 AM

    @ 8:19 AM

    There is nothing more tragic then the EX-shadow governor. First Dud is now last. He can only make up stuff about rape when it comes to his daughters.

  74. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Seems to me that Bristol & Levi had a kid way before the one we know as Tripp. Maybe Dec 27, 2007? If you look at these photos with 'Tripp' which I think are from the Tyra show, Levi doesn't appear to have his Johnston tattoo on his arm.



    So these photos can't be from December 2008, as Levi had the tattoo by then. So either Bristol got pregnant again to some other guy, or her pregnancy from April/May 2008 was a fake. And the real Tripp is a year older than we think and kept out of sight. And who knows where the hell Trig came from, possibly a stork.

  75. 10catsinMD11:13 AM


    The tatoo is there. the angle of the picture makes is very obscure.

  76. 10catsinMD11:14 AM

    Anon@10:42 comment.

    Mispelling: The tatoo is there. The angle of the photo makes it difficult to see.

  77. Anon @ 10:42 am: Levi has the tattoo. Please see this clearer version of the pic: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_t2gcapXTnuM/SvrD0ZEMfHI/AAAAAAAACUw/sFtjVZ8nuEc/s1600-h/tripp20.PNG

    In the image from flicker it does look like there's no tattoo, but in the version from Bree Palin's site, you can see the darker area on his forearm clearer which is the tattoo and not a shadow...

  78. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Sunshine 1970 & other anons: I'm still not convinced that it's the tattoo and not a shadow. I played around with the photo, and by reducing the highlights and shadows back to 0, increasing sharpness to 100% and exposure to 3.0 the shadow disappears. I also applied the same attributes to the photo of Levi holding 'Tripp' that clearly shows the tattoo. This makes the tattoo stand out even more clearly against the paler skin, not disappear. Try doing it yourself at home. I will try to set up a flickr or something so I can show you what I did. I think that it is a shadow, it is too narrow to be the tattoo I think, to me it looks like the shadow line of the bone next to a bulgey muscle. And it wouldn't disappear when the exposure was increased and shadows reduced. Does anyone who knows more about photography have an opinion???
    Anon 10.42

  79. RE: the tattoo - this doesn't matter -- this is really a red herring. The triggy bear photos which were posted in May '08 and certainly taken earlier, ARE NOT photos of TRIPP. Go to Bree Palin's blog (recent post) or to the archives at Palingates or Palins Deceptions (all on GRYPHEN's sidebar here) and you will see the difference.

  80. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Just thought about something, Gryph ---

    look at the Tats on the boy -- AS well as the hair.
    Dunno about Alaska, but giving a tatoo on someone under 18 is illegal, without parental consent.
    Levi's "ring" tat... and the arm - which is terribly "fresh" and dark incomparison to the 'bristol' ring'.

    just check'it! Shouldn't there be some records of tatoos provided???

    -ske in atx

  81. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Love IM Gryphen; however,I feel as if I have wandered into the Twilight Zone today. "She ain't No thing!" as opposed to 'nothing' means...? If you know, please share!

    Apparently I am also obtuse today and the synapses are not firing. I will try this blog again from the beginning. Perhaps I will receive some understanding. OK, here I go. Wish me luck :)


  82. Anonymous2:31 PM

    My post did not appear, it was just before the tatoo posts, was it censored, was I getting to close in my theory??

  83. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Conscious at last- it is relevant because Levi is holding 'Tripp' in the photo, not Trig. If he doesn't have the tattoo, the photo of him with his son was taken well before Dec 2008 when 'Tripp' was supposedly born.

  84. Anonymous3:52 PM

    8:27 AM ~ Thank you for the concerns. We love our lives, jobs, kids and grow some of our food to put on the table. We work hard here and finances are doing fine.
    Some of my best friends are "in the business," writers, directors and actors. We discuss and explore various story lines. That is why I am interested in some of the theories. Orly is a hoot, but not the discussion here. I am more interested in the parts of Palin/Johnstons where hard evidence is possible.
    The Wasilla Bible Church Arson fits that category.

    The Wasilla Bible Church Arson was an actual event that is still under investigation. It is in the rhealm of reality and it could be solved one day. Something that would be good for all concerned. Meanwhile, we see it as one of the more interesting parts of your small state. Anywhere else people would be gathering in town halls, writing letters and asking for answers about the arsons that plague their area. Most of all a fire like the Wasilla Bible Church Arson Fire would get a lot of public scrutiny and discussion in other communities. The fact that is not what happens in Wasilla is a statement itself. Sometimes it is what you don't say. Since Wasilla has such an odd and unusual reaction, it is an alarm to others that observe you.

    I haven't given any thought to why Gryphen chose to stay anonymous. Your neighbors do what they do in Alaska. No, I don't live there, but we don't intrude on each other here either.

    A church arson where the ATF is involved and some are blaming a particular group of people is something else. I find what ANONYMOUS 7:01 AM ~ said relevant and important:
    I think Palin got the ds baby through her church, thanks with help from the doctor CBJ (or is it CJB?), the church's records are burned so now there is no record of the bio parents. During Palin's governors term (before she was picked for VP) she helped change the laws to be able to obtain birth certificates with the urging of CBJ. Forward ahead and now Palin needs a fake birth cert to cover T1 so that it looks like she and Todd are the parents - what a strange/funny/interesting set of coincidences. A fake preg, a fake birth cert, a fake mother of T1. T1 was a prop for her national exposure and when things didn't work out Bristol took over carrying for T1.

    It is of interest to explore what Levi would have to say, he would know things and about attitudes.
    There is only one suspect group for who is behind the church fire? Why are other suspects not mentioned?
    Levi does not come off as if he is like all the church teachings and he is supportive of others rights. Several churches are activists and support an opposite position.
    ANONYMOUS 7:41 ~


  85. 324105:17 PM

    The tat is the most important find. It's all making sense now. Forget the other drivel.

  86. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Bree Palin has pictures of Tripp on her blog- the second one with Mercede could not be Tripp(unless it was the first Tripp) because it was posted on Mercede's face book and was scrubbed right after the MaCain /Sarah pic for VP. Notice too that Levi is wearing the ring on his thumb..and he looks really young, more like 17 in that picture.

  87. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Levi is really getting the hang of it with his media appearances. There is no holding him back now.


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