Wednesday, December 16, 2009

NOT the legs of a runner.

I got into a very civil disagreement (argument) not too long ago with a fellow blogger about whether or not Sarah was still a runner.

I was told that indeed she DID run, only now she did so indoors at a gym.

I beg to differ, I said, but I have a number of friends who are runners, and I sometimes train people to get back into shape, and SHE does not have a runners body.

I also pointed to her pictures in Runner's World, and said her legs were too thin and shapeless to be doing much running, and that the nylons she was wearing were undoubtedly hiding something.

So, Ta-Da! I think we can put that whole "I am a runner" B.S. to rest now. She has no defined hamstring muscle in the back of her legs, no shape to her quadriceps in the front, and a virtually non-existent gastrocnemius (calf muscle). Those are the legs of somebody who does a hell of a lot of sitting and not much else.

I would like my apology in writing please. And you know who you are.


  1. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Would a runner hve cellullite or that much??

  2. She needed those tights for the runners magazine to hold her flabby thighs and calves together and out of site.
    Gryphen, I have run, rode(horse) and worked on construction sites when necessary for our business, this Grandma is also a handful of yrs older than Sarah and my legs are toned, my calves are muscular and tight. Its been so obvious that this is just another lie. While it is just a little lie, it certainly says alot about her personal values and integrity ( she has none). Plastic surgery, secessionist husband, xtain--but doesn't attend's all a madeup personna...Sarah is nothing more than a prop.

  3. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Would you like another Crispy wrap taco supreme Sarah?

  4. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Sister Sarah is following herself on her blackberry...

    Navigate: POLITICO Ben Smith Palin pushes back on hat report Main Content
    Palin pushes back on hat report - Ben Smith: Palin pushes back on hat reportDecember 16, 2009
    Categories:Sarah Palin
    Palin pushes back on hat report

  5. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I'm willing to bet she'll start running her ass off now, just to spite you. You do understand that a rigorous regimen of running this past fall would have caused all those plastic surgery stitches to pop. So I'm guessing Scarah had an excuse. Then, that darn bus tour didn't provide an opportunity - except for the phony turkey trot effort. Now we know why she couldn't complete that!


  6. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Your best post ev-ah!

  7. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Oh Gryphen!
    Of course when she said she was a runner, she meant she was a runner -- for public office! How could you think she meant someone who runs on scree covered hills or thrashes her abs running up mountains in Alaska? (unless that's the explanation -- she doesn't use her legs at all when she runs; some how, extraordinary Sarah runs powered solely by her abdominal muscles).

    When she went for that "run" at the end of her book, when she was in San Diego and was wondering what was wrong with Californians -- why weren't they "out running" -- she meant for public office!

    I do wonder if those extraordinary abs of iron that no other woman in the history of humanity has had will make an appearance in Hawaii.

  8. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Has this been photo shopped? If not, she just made a 70 year old feel pretty damn good.

  9. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Busted, disgusted & can't be trusted.

  10. Darn it. My husband was weary of all my criticism about Sarah - he begged me to find something nice to say about her, something I admired in her.
    So, I said: "I really admire the fact that she is a runner....she has done marathons. I think that takes discipline, and I admire her for that."

    Now what can I say? That was ALL I had.

    Funny - over in the pee zoo, the women have noticed the flab and cellulite and they think it is TERRIFIC, because now the liberal women will vote for her for prez (!) because they can now see she really is like us!
    The men are slilent.
    Newsflash to the pee zoo: We do NOT vote based on looks - good or bad, pretty or homely. We actually vote based on intelligence, knowledge and ability to unite the Country. That is why we said "NO" to Mrs. Palin.

  11. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Maybe she just had too many Quiznos sandwiches on Thanksgiving. She was in flabul ... I mean fabulous shape after the half-the-Turkey-trot, but then Thanksgiving happened, and I'm sure Harper Collins evil minions never gave her a chance to run on the bus-jet tour. The sorry state of her legs is all HC's fault. Oh, and Obama's also. Too.

  12. Anonymous8:27 PM

    From the school district in Wasilla's student handbook:

    Studies have shown that student attendance at school is directly related to student success. Additionally, student attendance is one of the factors used to determine Adequate Yearly Progress under NCLB. Parents, students, and schools need to work together to promote attendance and success. In order to effectuate positive results and good communication, an automated telephone call will be made to the parents when a student is absent; a written notice will be mailed to the parents after five days of absence. After nine days of absenteeism, the student’s absences will be considered habitual and another written notice will be mailed to the parents. In cases of habitually truant students, a referral may be made to the Office of Children’s Services. After ten cumulative absences in a semester an administrative, parent, and student conference is required. Schools are encouraged to have positive incentive programs to reward good attendance by students and staff. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in student attendance and to alert the school when their child is to be absent. It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements to keep up with school work when the he or she is absent from school.
    The principal shall have the final authority and discretion on matters related to such discipline for truancy.

    So there now you have a legitimate reason to report her to Childrens services.

  13. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Peelanders, sorry, no, large globs of cellulite on the backs of one's thighs does not qualify one to be POTUS. These photos, while useful in exposing another of her lies (and inspiring me to continue getting regular exercise), do nothing to alter my opinion that she isn't qualified to lead our nation.

  14. I wonder what her drooling fat white old male fans are going to think of the picture? Now they see that under those clothes and makeup is just a cellulite ridden( probably ridden very hard and put up wet)old looking woman. Boy S'error is going to be ranting to Van Flea about you now Gryphen :) and the tro//s will be here in full force very soon :)

  15. Anonymous8:30 PM

    No wonder Todd doesn't want to pork her anymore. You should see his new girlfriend!

  16. Anonymous8:31 PM


    We weren't the ones who put SARAH on a pedastal based on her looks.

    Spin it all you want. This is bad news for her with the mens. LOL.

  17. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Not so much.

    That sound you hear is the blood rushing out of the manhood of those Redneck P-bot teet-suckers.

  18. c'mon man8:38 PM

    Palin is a liar, fraud and hoax.

    Believe it.

  19. Anonymous8:38 PM

    I believe she wore this same outfit around the pool in AZ the day after the election and it seemed really shabby then - considering all the cute swimsuit coverups that are available. (But then, this is the woman who consistently wore sweatshirt hoodies and windbreaker jackets to official state activities.) She can wear crushed velvet coats and purple suede boots to lure her pee-man-bots, but she obviously does not want to be seen in a swimsuit. (disclosure - neither do I!) However, for being fairly slim, you have to wonder - what is the secret to what we would see if she was back in that pageant swimsuit??! Must not be too pretty.

  20. I know someone who runs daily and has more cellulite and less muscular definition than seen here, so I don't think the legs mean Sarah isn't a runner. Genetics, diet and the type of running (speed, distance, intensity) all play a part. I doubt, however, that Sarah runs as much or as competitively as she suggests.

    Have you seen Katie Couric's legs?

  21. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Michelle Obama is far better toned than our lying Sarah. What an idiot! Her continual lies are always proven and I can hardly wait for some of the charges against her to gain speed and put her where she belongs w/the 'bastards club'!

  22. Anonymous8:46 PM

    She went to Hawaii, defaced a visor to appear incognito and gets phographed in all of her natural beauty... What did she expect?

    If she really didn't want to be seen why didn't she spend some of her book money and find a place with privacy. She can afford it. Other celebrities do it all the time.

    Nope, she wanted to be seen. She just doesn't look in the mirror and see what everyone else sees...

  23. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Michelle Obama has gorgeous arms and legs -- as does Dr Biden!

    People in the know say Sarah doesn't run; it must be true. Nice pantyhose she wore for the Runner's World pictures. LOL. What a loser to have to lie about herself constantly.

  24. Anonymous8:54 PM

    No muscle tone whatsoever for all her years as a runner? What else is she lying about? What kind of excuse will she have now?

  25. Anonymous9:00 PM

    I am ten years her senior and am not a runner, but a walker and my legs are in MUCH better shape than hers.

    The bottom line - we don't care about her cellulite or her plastic surgergy. We CARE about her hypocrisy!

  26. Anonymous9:00 PM

    I'm not a Palin supporter but I don't think cellulite on the back of the thighs means you aren't a runner. There are many differnet levles of running. She may not be a sub 20 minute 5k runner but I have seen a lot of women with more cellulite than that, that are damn fast

  27. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Anon at 827 said "Studies have shown that student attendance at school is directly related to student success....attendance is one of the factors used to determine Adequate Yearly Progress under NCLB."

    ALL of Sarah Palin's children have been "left behind", in one way or another. That can happen when a parent has a pathological need to compete with everyone--even their own child(ren)!!-- for attention and family resources.

  28. Anonymous9:08 PM

    We should soon be hearing that Piper is being home-schooled. Fundies LOVE that, so she will not lose any points there.
    I know that some home-schooling is good, but I wonder who monitors the studies in Alaska.
    I have a friend who says her daughter is home-schooling the grandkids - she says it is 3 hours per day, over half of those hours is bible study.
    Is this allowed?
    Again, I realize not all home-schooling is non-academic, but I am leery of it in Palin's case (if, in fact, that will be the excuse for Piper's lack of attendance). I have noticed that her followers have a disdain for education - it is "elitist."

  29. Anonymous9:11 PM

    For someone who wants privacy for her children and family (on her terms), and wanted to be incognito (does she know that the word means), Sarah has managed to be photographed on two different occassions, wearing two different outfits and hats.

    How cute is it that she and Todd have matching "get the hell outa here" t-shirts to wear around little Piper who must know how to read by now (or maybe not, she has missed alot of school).

    All they seem to do is talk on their phones. It would be a vacation if they left the phones in the room and spent some quality time with the kids. Speaking of kids, did Piper run off again?

    The photos have shown us that Sarah looks just like the rest of us, until she spends hours doing her makeup and hair. Too bad she dissed McCain; he did hire a stylist that made Sarah look great. It is a pity that none of it rubbed off on her.

  30. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Well, she did it! She went to Hawaii and tried to be incognito and made it in the tabloids! She actually had to call Politico and explain how much she adores John McCain .... yadayadayada

    MSM not paying attention? Sister Sarah you are really going to have to try harder - how many days do you have left?

  31. Anonymous9:13 PM

    POTUS w/ cankles and herpes?

  32. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I've read that cellulite is caused by accumulated toxins that stores itself in fat cells, and lack of circulation. She is a coffee, Red Bull, fast food type. Lots of water, less food additives, would help get rid of it, and at this stage, regular spot massage to help circulation.

  33. NYCgirl, now you've got me singing the Mamas and the Papas. Well, slightly altered:

    Broke, busted, disgusted
    People can't be trusted
    And Todd he wants to vote AIP . . .

  34. Anonymous9:33 PM

    She just couldn't do all the plastic surgery at once; too hard to heal.
    Next will be the liposuction on the cottage cheese thighs and probably a tummy tuck with lipo and lipo on the lunch lady arms and a boob lift and laser on her old lady hands and neck! There won't be a real thing left on her, which is a perfect senario for the "$carahbou Barbie"!!! I really do think someone should market this and make millions...

  35. hdtracy9:37 PM

    Perhaps off-topic but I posted this at Bree's blog, but thought I would share here as well if nobody picked it up...

    Zooming in close on the pic at shows a book lying in the running stroller.

    Does this mean Palin reads? Huh? Zooming shows it's a book by Max Lucado - think she just tweeted a quote about him recently.

    But what is rather ironic is the book cover and what is says:

    It's Not About Me
    Rescue from the life we thought would make us happy.
    There really is more to this life than you've been told. Pop culture and psychobabble urge us to make ourselves the center of the universe in order to be happy. Even some churches communicate that God exists to give us what we selfishly want. It's Not About Me encourages us to re-center our thinking, discovering life the way it was meant to be.

    Oh lordy lord - go figure! Just sayin' ...

  36. Gryphen OT,
    I think you wrote awhile ago that Todd's sister ( the burglar) was going to be sentenced in Jan. Whats her status? Was that child ever removed from the home after being brought along on a crime? ( child endangerment). It will be interesting to see how her sentence measures up against Sherrys tough one, please keep us informed.

  37. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Sorry, as much as I would like to believe this picture, she has a different hat and a different t-shirt on. Is this a different day?

  38. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Great book sleuthing, hdtracy! I noticed the book, too - and knew I'd have to do some hunting to figure out what book it was.

    Maybe Toad is reading it?! Or Piper. If only Sarah was really reading it and is going to take some of it to heart and change her lying, attention-getting ways. (Love the mention about the churches)

    Just sayin'!


  39. @9:47 - It is her highness all right. Changed clothes and hat - more pics here, in same outfit:

  40. Anonymous10:11 PM

    She's on her phone in just about every single picture on the celebrity site!

  41. The photo above tells more. If Trig could talk would he say: I'm used as a prop for my handlers fame, and all I got was this stinking lei for freezing my ass off and being handed from one stranger to another.

  42. That photo will have Todd back up on the roof in no time!!

    and the Grifter, Sarah Palin is gonna be pissed !!

    I bet they deny that it is her in that photo!!

    There is gonna be a whole lotta grumpy old white men that are gonna have to double up on there viagra from now on to be able to overcome the loss of blood caused by that photo!!

    That arm and elbow ain't much to look at either!!

    Man, I love KARMA!

    Sarah, you better get writing another book if you're ever gonna get these parts of your body fixed!!

  43. What the hell happened to her? I cant stand her but i admit she is an attractive woman. I had to look at those pictures twice because i didnt believe it was her? Alot of makeup and a wig make a huge difference i guess..

  44. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Man, I hate to post this...but until you start posting about REAL issues again...I'm done with this blog. It's bad enough when regular commentors start strong arming anon's with minor but valid criticism. Now, Gryphen, it seems you have taken up the papparatzo approach. I feel like tomorrow there will be nude pics of Lindsey Lohan or photos of Debbie O and Starr at Mcdonalds together. Perhaps a scandalous pic of Dan Coffey walking out of Cafe DelMundo toting an ice latte?
    Point is - Pics of Queenie's cottage cheese thighs while contradictory to her proclaimed self mantra AND totally hilarious....are better fodder for the likes of TMZ, Star, National Enquirer, etc. I don't come here for trash dude. I hit this blog because of your insight, connections, point of view, humor, moxy, brass balls.

    Not a bunch of shitty "fat B-list celebrity on beach" pics.
    Sorry to be harsh, but you can do better.

  45. Ripley said: (I don't like the new sign in, btw)

    *HORK* I did NOT need to see the back of her thighs this morning... OMG. That's not a pretty sight...

    Honey, put some long pants on... you're embarassing yourself.

  46. Remember when she scraped her hand during the campaign? Story was she did it while running. Now I'm guessing she couldn't keep up and took a dive so she could quit.

  47. My, the camera is sure not kind to Sarah when she isn't coiffed, fluffed, and all covered up. It must be exhausting to be a Palinbot, always making excuses for Sarah's behavior...quitting, stiffing a hairdresser, not dressing her baby properly, flying on private jets for her bus tour. It makes my head hurt.

    Palinbots, liberals won't vote for Sarah because she is an empty shell, a thoughtless, brainless twit, who would be 100 times worse than GW Bush ever was...a sock puppet tool of the religious right and the neocons that almost bankrupt our country morally and financially. The only hting Sarah has that keeps you fool coming back is her looks, and even that is smoke and mirrors with the "trough" of makeup, hair extensions, wigs, and plastic surgery.

    Everything about her inside and out is fraudulent.

  48. Not only is her running fake so is her charisma, which is put on like a hat when she is out in public. She learned in beauty pagents and in journalism classes how to act with charisma. It is easy to do. I went online to wiki how to be charismatic, followed the instructions and BINGO. First time out I had strangers eating out of my hand like Palin. I even had two old men try to pick me up and I am 70 years old. Read the instructions and you will see Sarah following each step.


  49. Hilarious! Gryphen, no political expose or thoughtful deconstruction of her policies while in office will curl her hair more than this photo of her cellulite-ridden thighs - because she is above all, such a vain creature.

    She probably did run quite a bit when she was younger, and may run now from time to time, but as she always does, greatly exaggerated her accomplishments in Runners World and wore support hose to make everything look more trim than it actually was.

  50. (Oh, wow! I'm going to defend Sarah Palin.)

    In all fairness, most women in their mid-40s don't look very good from that angle. And, of course, cellulite doesn't necessarily mean she isn't in shape. As much as Sarah uses and is used for her good looks, it seems beneath us to make nasty comments about her thighs.

    Instead, I'll comment on how Sarah, the media whore, has become a true celebrity in the worst sense of the word. She is now going "incognito" in plain sight, wearing hats and shirts designed to get a reaction. Commenting on her own tabloid coverage.

    And, I'll continue to comment on what horrible parents Sarah and Todd are to keep taking Piper out of school at an age when kids learn good educational habits. They also have a teenage daughter who is being supervised by whom? Considering the behavior of Sarah's two older kids, maybe she and Todd should be more watchful of Willow. Of course kids will be kids, but parents need to be vigilant.

    And, put a hat on your children when they're out in the Hawaiian sun, Sarah. You're wearing a hat and sunglasses and your kids are squinting. Are you really that stupid?

  51. Nylons at the beach may not be the best idea but then again....if she wears them running then what the h e double hockey sticks....

    Oh by the way...trolls who think S'error will be prez. . . .once she even comes close she'll be pounced upon for every lie she has ever told...and she is sorely lacking in integrity, intelligence, education to name a few. . . . it will all come out...evertyone is just holdin' on to everything...the rethugs will be eating their own...oh happy day...oh happy day....

  52. Despite my complete disdain for SP and my affection for Gryph, I do not think the presence of cellulite is indicative of whether a person is a runner.

  53. Gryphen Cankles, cottage cheese thighs, lunch lady arms, cold sores, facial lumps, loss of hair, and over-sized second toe...Wow, the true inner ugliness is starting to come to the surface for Sarah Palin.

    Bravo! This will make her day. Can't wait until she reads the blogs today and blows a gasket.

    Gryphen, you have just ruined her vacation.

  54. "Would a runner hve cellullite or that much??"

    Some do. One of my sisters was a runner. She ran every single day and did the marathons too. She has the cellulite but she also has the legs of a runner. Strong muscles in her upper thighs, below her knees were tight muscles. (I don't know the technical terminology) but Gryphen is right. $arah, if she ever did run, was on a treadmill for a couple of hours a week.
    I wonder why she didn't get that cellulite fixed up when she had her plastic surgery?
    And as to $arah being a runner, she just has to lie about things that don't need lying about. Pathological. Remember when she said she could beat Obama in a race? She knew damn well he would not take her up on it. She needs to brag about things that are not even true.
    She really needs long term psychiatric help.

  55. "Remember when she scraped her hand during the campaign? Story was she did it while running. Now I'm guessing she couldn't keep up and took a dive so she could quit."

    The bandage on her hand was so she would have some crib notes at the Veep debate. She never hurt herself. The campaign had to jot some things down for her in case she got a 'gotcha question'.

  56. Okay, Gryphen. I am a loyal reader of your blog and a New England liberal. I am also a runner, and yes, I have cellulite. Some runners do. I hate my cellulite, but it's not going away. I think you crossed a little threshold of what is acceptable. Let's not get into body stuff. I despise SP for her politics and lies, but let's leave body critique out of it.

  57. Anonymous4:53 AM

    One thing is for sure, Sarah will be fuming over the current coverage. Expect a rant about how petty people can be.

    Of course, her choice of hat and shirt (and parental ineptitude) counteracts any feelings of sympathy some of us might actually be feeling for the first time toward Sarah.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. I'm sure Sarah and her supporters will insist that this coverage is sexist. Unfortunately for her, once you cross over to the realm of celebrity, all bets are off. Tabloids have posted plenty of pictures of a flabby John Travolta, Russell Crowe, etc.

  60. Though the cellulite was the first thing that I noticed when viewing this picture, my opinion that she does not run was based on her muscle tone and overall body type.

    I have no doubt she ran at some point in her life, but like her energy expertise, her hockey mom credibility, and her so-called "honesty" this is just another example that Palin is a complete phony who seems to lie about every single aspect of her life.

    It is habitual, it is chronic, and it is a very clear indication that she does not deserve the fanatical support she receives from certain segments of the population.

  61. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Come on, now. This post is just COLD. Cellulite has nothing to do with what type of shape a person is in. I've seen iron-clad, ripped women at the gym who are in top condition WITH CELLULITE. It's genetic, for crying out loud and there's no way to get rid of it. Every body has to have some level of fat and this is how many women are genetically predisposed to carrying it.

    She's still a grifter, though. Also, too.

  62. Anonymous5:17 AM

    birdwatcher - Gryph never once commented on cellulite (although some commenters questioned it). He only talked about muscle tone and definition.

  63. Forever Anonymous5:26 AM

    This is the picture for Newsweek, you see, the photo were Sarah posed in running gear inside her home, leaning on a flag, full hair and make up, was taken out of context by a serious news magazine. I'm sure Sarah agrees with me.

  64. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Regular posters shouldn't have a problem with those of us who use Anonymous. It is actually very quaint that some seem to. It seems that there is almost a paranoid idea that there are only a few who use Anonymous, but we saturate these blogs while not revealing that we are, in fact, the same person posting over and over - this is ridiculous. There seem to be many, if not the majority, who prefer to use Anonymous, so people can rest their fears. And that pertains to a lot of comments. If there's an issue with the supposed inconvenience of having to reply, should one wish, to Anon @ such and such time, it would seem that the number of keystrokes is similar to that of some of these screen names. To me, what becomes obvious is that it is as if there has been a club here and on other like-minded blogs, and the regulars have found comfort in their "relationships" with other posters whose identities they do not truly know save a silly screen name. (Unless they do know one another in real life, and they meet up in this way online... Doubt it, though.) The truth is that there is no qualitative difference between these different types of posts, except that perhaps with Anonymous posts one can't necessarily follow a particular viewpoint and engage in discussion (read:debate) with someone who feels familiar, whose views are already generally known. In many ways, however, to use Anonymous takes the potential preconceived notions by readers out of every post, thus avoiding the back and forth discussion that can get very personal and is unproductive. I have a theory that some people have relied on these blogs for social interaction, and so they become a bit threatened when Anonymous's appear, people with whom they cannot develop a "relationship", people who may say things with which they don't agree but they cannot put it in perspective by assigning the view to one particular poster. I also think certain group social dynamics, a pecking order for lack of a better term, have been established by the regulars, and they are uncomfortable when an Anonymous appears who they cannot pin down, pigeon hole, track, etc. They cannot control something when they don't know what that something is, or how extensive its presence. One thing's for sure, these sites do not provide true social companionship, and anyone who is looking for that here is sadly living under an illusion. To me the purpose of these blogs is to share ideas about the topic at hand. That's all. Whether a comment is signed Anonymous, or something else, it should not matter.

  65. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Oh, and by the way, whether I use the name Loopdeedoo, or the word Anonymous, it is one and the same. Both are intended to disguise, or rather not reveal, my identity. And that is absolutely my prerogative. Just as it is someone else's. Let's not kid ourselves.

  66. Anonymous5:45 AM

    We took up the cellulite chatting. Gryphen said: "She has no defined hamstring muscle in the back of her legs, no shape to her quadriceps in the front, and a virtually non-existent gastrocnemius (calf muscle). Those are the legs of somebody who does a hell of a lot of sitting and not much else."

    In other words, her big deal on Runners World with cover photo, is another hoax.

  67. Anonymous6:06 AM

    The only thing is, there's no proof of a hoax based on a physical tendency towards cellulite. Show the medical data that says running eradicates cellulite. It seems a bit iffy that a man would run this particular picture, and all to "win" an argument. It's a disappointment, but it's not surprising. People tend to give into their worst impulses when it comes to Sarah Palin. Far better to discuss Piper's absenteeism. This is legitimate scrutiny. Making cheap comments about Sarah Palin's appearance is lame.

  68. CrabbyPatty6:07 AM

    IMHO, Palin looks pretty good. But that's NOT the point. If she hadn't gone on and on about being a runner, no one would be looking at her legs and knowing that she (again) is a liar. If she hadn't done that Runner's World interview about being such a physical fitness nut, no one would be saying much of anything. BUT once again Palin can't help herself and has to LIE about being a great runner. So sad.

    But I do think it's hysterical that the Peebots are now excited that "liberal women" will support Palin because she has cellulite. Perhaps if she had a brain, it might make a difference - sorry.

  69. Anonymous6:09 AM

    While some may argue that showing these pictures is petty and not relevant, I have to disagree. Sarah's entire life has been based on pimping her body. The Runners mag pissed me off because I am an active outdoors person, and not a single person I know gets tarted up like that to work out. Btw...I'm a few older, no nip/tuck or botox and look way better than Sarah. Maybe I should run for office.

  70. Anonymous6:17 AM

    I think the more relevant story is the T-shirt that says.....Bla, Bla, Bla....Get the Hell out.

    I'm sorry, that is NOT a shirt that would be worn by any "real" Evangelical Christian. I grew up with Evangelicals and most of my family members are still Evangelical Christians.

    I'm really surprised that Billy Graham is willing to put his reputation on the line for this grifter. This woman continues to show them who she is and they are ignoring all the signs that she is a fraud.

    The devil is standing right in front of them, and they bow down and kiss her feet.

  71. Anonymous6:24 AM

    I always thought the runners world pic was faked: She had compression stockings on - the ones that shape your legs and at the same time give them a nice shimmer...

  72. Anonymous6:26 AM

    I disagree. I have a family member who runs who is about Palin's age. She did 12 half marathons this year. She works out and runs almost every day. Her legs are much worse than Palin's.

    It's genetics, it's age, it's being a woman....

    Plus, I'm inclined to say that post like this will only help Palin because she will cry sexism and will gain sympathy from the public.

  73. Anonymous6:38 AM

    The shirt is a disgrace. WHY?

    Her knees, legs and hag face, who cares, so we all know the Runners world picture was compression stockings and photo enhanced.

    We know she puts makeup on with a trowel, stiffs her hairdressers while traveling, and wears wigs.

    These photos should go viral for one reason only, to show that she is a fool.

    That logo on the sloppy shirt?

    Palinbots think she is presidential material?

    Dream on.

  74. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Well, I didn't think I would ever offer a defense of $P, but I have to agree with the people who think the cellulite doesn't necessarily mean she lies about running. She may not run as much as she says, but cellulite doesn't mean she is a total couch potato.

    I have been thin and active my entire life, and I have had cellulite since puberty. Weight lifting, running, and cycling all help minimize the appearance slightly, but it tends to look more pronounced on people with pale skin. Also, it's a bit harder for some women to get muscle definition unless they are endurance runners or they add a weight lifting program to their workouts. Madonna makes it look easier than it is. Estrogen can be a b*tch. ;)

    I agree with Gryphen that she certainly isn't the super athlete she makes herself out to be, and I also think that Gryph has for the most part tried to be fair, but the cellulite thing may be a too little harsh.

    ((FWIW, my life-long cellulite started to rapidly decrease in appearance this past year after I found out I was gluten-intolerant and cut gluten out of my diet. It was a very pleasant side affect. :) ))

  75. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Yes, it's unfortunate that people will cry sexism, but as usual, Sarah loves sexism when it works in her favor and decries it when it works against her.

    I'm far more concerned about her not putting hats on her kids and about Piper missing so much school. Let's not forget what Piper said to Matt Lauer last year about how hard it was to catch up from all the school she missed during the campaign.

    Sarah, you are teaching your daughter how not to care about school.

  76. lilly7:04 AM

    First pictures with the "if you don't like America get the Hell out" shirt, and the McCains name blotted out visor were for the plebes, and to give the finger to the McCain crew.

    Also no older kids, so this is a YOUNG family unit. HO HO HO. To show a family unit.

    No visor or shirt for Trig, but as close to a shot of her showing any affection as any of $.Palin with the boy.

    Of course she never has that blackberry out of her hands.

    She knew she was being photographed. Doesn't realize how much older she can look without makeup.

    And after all the fuss about security for her at all the book signings, why mingle with the masses? There are plenty of private spots.

  77. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Those who have commented this post about SP's physical attributes as inappropriate and diminishing to this blog is something with which I would typically agree. Not this time. SP has used her gender, sex appeal and her religion to market herself in the hopes we buy her way to fame fortune and or govt office. She put her looks into play. Someone earlier said it best: it's not about her looks, it's about the hypocrisy. by Frozenturdette (Anony

  78. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I'm far from a Sarah fan. But seriously, let's not resort to mean-girl comments ourselves. No, she doesn't look like a runner, but give it a rest.

  79. 10catsinMD7:30 AM

    Folks, the gossip mags are constantly going after celebrities and their cellulite. their trips south and to Europe will show up after Christmas. she has put herself into the spotlight, so she will get all the publicity, good and not so good, that goes with the territory.

    I am far heavier than Scarah and have less cellutite than her. I watch my diet rigidly, but cannot exercize because of Asthma. Also have a relative who does marathons and is very thin and wiry. Runner best body type that I know of is thin and wiry.

    Gryph is right about the muscle tone. My brother ran for years. Was a heavier body type, but his leg muscles were very well defined.

  80. That picture is a good indication of just how little hair Palin has, and how fine it is (the diameter of the rubberbanded hair in the poneytail). When she is usually seen in public, she must be wearing a couple additional pounds of hair extensions and wiglets.

    All you folks talking about the cellulite on the back of Palin's legs -- doesn't matter if she's a "runner" -- the cellulite's THERE -- and that's probably because she's been sitting on her ass for a month in a jet, a bus, on a chair in bookstores.

    Even if she goes back to "thrashing her abs" running again, at 45 going on 46 she's got an uphill battle to get rid of the cellulite once it's there.

    I'm still shuddering at the sight of the marshmallow-soft, marshmallow-white form of Todd laying there on the beach...

  81. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Being petty about Sarah's looks is insulting to all women. I don't like Sarah, but wondering about her cellulite is evil and ridiculous. All women, even runners and models, have cellulite. It goes with the territory. Whether she's running or not at the moment, her legs and the rest of her body look just fine for someone who's had four kids. Also, there are all kinds of "runners" and not all of them are skinny, wiry marathoners. I have an ultramarathoner friend who you would swear couldn't run a mile just my looks.

  82. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Petty? Really? When you've posed in shorts for Runners' World and were on the cover of Newsweek as a "Runner"? When you challenged the President of the United States to a race and said you would win?

    No, this post is not petty nor demeaning to all women. The comments here perhaps have been more so, but Gryphen's post is not.

    She is a total fake, and should not have opened the door by posing.

  83. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Steve P

    Gyphen I hate Sarah Palin but r you freaken serious????? You sound like a child in this article and so what if she has a flaw....We know she is full of crap but talk about her legs and your example is because she probably lied about running???? Please take a photo of you shirtless with shorts and how woud you like people writing that instead of a six pack you have a keg or did he order two chins instead of one....Not too nice is it...Get back into writing informative instead of this Natioanl Enquire stuff unless you want a target for people to look at you

  84. Anonymous8:00 AM

    the bots are here, expressing outrage over THESE photos -- but photoshopped photos of her in shorts were A-OK.

    Why is that?

  85. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Steve P - Did Gryphen challenge the President to a foot race saying he would win, while posing in Runner's World (and Newsweek)? 'Nuff said.

  86. Anonymous8:04 AM

    The 'bots cannot face the truth about her. She is a total fake. Their world would shatter if they had to face the truth.

    They are a celebrity cult, though--not a political one. She is their Paris Hilton.

  87. HolySwiss said @ 12:36 AM...Man, I hate to post this...but until you start posting about REAL issues again...I'm done with this blog. It's bad enough when regular commentors start strong arming anon's with minor but valid criticism.

    Well, thank you for finally admitting I was right. You could have done without the "Hey Kajo 'eff you" in your 11:23 AM slam on me last Tuesday, though. That sure made you sound like a C4Per.

    I would imagine Gryphen will weigh your criticism of him with the same amount of respect I have for you.

  88. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Sorry, as a 40-something woman I have to defend SP too. Every time I see her criticized in blogs for looking less than polished, I look in the mirror and wonder who am I to diss her for that?

    And Sarah dear, you might look into buying an attractive swim cover up. There are some cute ones which will flatter your figure, without making you look like an old lady. You'll look more polished than with Todd's old tee and a pair of old shorts.

  89. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Steve P

    My problem is that a non runner is writing an article about a potential non runner because of a picture that shows some cel. in the back of the legs?? She is in her late 40's so of yes she would happen to have some of that behind her legs regardless of running hard or not.....I cannot believe this article actually has me defending Palin. Look she is a loon and the fake pregnancy will be her downfall not an article about fat on her legs written by someone who is not a runner

  90. Anonymous8:19 AM

    S'error Palin may have her ethical and moral flaws but I am gonna agree with curiouser at 8:38 pm, above. I, too, know many women who run and many women who do not run, but the running is not always indicative of how their legs look. As for lack of a "defined hamstring" in the picture, what do you suppose those structures are under the cellulite??

    I'm inclined to believe the cottage cheese is more the result of multiple births, age and the fact that her father is uglier than a pile of dogpoop in a snowbank.

    regards -


    ht tp://

  91. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I have never for a moment understood why it is that so many people think Palin is attractive and am SO lucky that my 51-year-old wife, who gets an hour of aerobic exercise every day and weight trains 3x a week, looks much better with no make-up than $arah does fully decked-out.

    Not to mention that my wife is smart as a whip, with a masters degree, and our wonderful kids (26, 24, and 21) have not brought any extramarital babies into the world.

    Did I mention that we're non-Christian Liberals?

  92. jk, everything else you said @ 4:21 AM, I totally agree with...

    BUT when you said..."In all fairness, most women in their mid-40s don't look very good from that angle..." -- if you look at other pictures at that celeb photo site of Palin walking (and incessantly talking on her phone, it seems), she has thigh cellulite front and sides as well as in back -- and either a horrible huge resolving bruise on the outside-back of her right thigh (you can see it in Gryphen's picture of her yesterday, too), or a large cluster of varicose veins.

    No wonder she wore pantihose for that Runners World photo shoot.

    I'll bet she hasn't had a running regimen for MONTHS.

  93. Forever Anonymous8:38 AM

    anon @ 7:42- Totally agree. I find disgusting that in every aspect of discussion, Sarah takes one down to a level one rather not be at, but it is inevitable if the true Sarah is to be reveal.

    The look she is going for is that of a suffering patriot on vacation. She turns out looking better for a run.......i f she was a runner.

  94. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Surely she runs Gryph....for her mouth runs like a sh!t shovel. And its toxic also, too!

  95. I've seen her at The Alaska Club in Wasilla... STANDING on a treadmill while she talked on her cell phone.

    Methinks Sarah doesn't run much nowadays.

  96. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I don't think it's possible to loathe Sarah Palin more than I do....but I'll give her a break here. I've been running for 30+ years, I'm 56, wear a size 6, legs look pretty decent.

    But if I struck that pose, in daylight, there'd be some spongy stuff showin'.

    Kills me to defend the moron.

  97. Anonymous @ 5:33, I must respectfully disagree with your verbose and sweeping assessment of why using "Anonymous" -- consistently when one is a frequent visitor and commentor to a blog -- should be accepted without question by others commenting on the blog.

    In fact, you bring up many "reasons" that I'll bet never occurred to some of us here, me in particular, such as being "paranoid", or that there is a clique or club of posters with relationships -- all I can say to that is...LOL. Not here. Gryphen has been the target, not us, his friends, and he's been courageous about facing the evil of attacks on him. We can try to be as courageous ourselves.

    I, for one, don't feel "threatened" by the Anonymouses -- my only objection is that it's like conversing with someone who's wearing a black blanket from head to toe. I don't give a damn who they are, I'm not asking to "see their face" or care where they live -- I'd just like to know that the person who said "SOMETHING @ 10:00 AM" that echoes "a comment at 9:00 AM" either is the same person following up on that comment, or is a different person with the same viewpoint.

    When they BOTH use "Anonymous" and don't otherwise differentiate who they are, it's very confusing.


    P.S. DO call yourself Loopdeedoo, and use it consistently. I'm sure no one else would choose that name intentionally, and the rest of us would know it's you, time after time.


    P.P.S. Maybe I should just ignore all Anonymous comments. Even verbose ones that attempt a faux psychological analysis of why I feel the way I do.

    P.P.P.S. Is that you at 6:06 AM, too, Loopdeedoo? "Sounds" like you!

  98. Anonymous9:21 AM

    It says a lot about a person when they consider wearing a gigantic t-shirt a disguise - like the body is the only thing people recognize?

  99. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Gryphen don't apologize to anyone about anything you post about this compulsive nut job

  100. Anonymous9:28 AM

    There's rich irony in Todd,with his secessionist AIP membership history, wearing a t-shirt that says " if you don't love America, get the H*** out !" It could be taken another way ..just saying ;-)

    Another thought - after looking through the photos on Celebrity Gossip - the campaign stylists and makeup artists earned every penny !

  101. Blooper9:32 AM

    Steve P. @8:17:

    Normally I would agree with your opposition to criticism based soley on physical appearance (and of women's looks in particular.

    However, you miss the point of this article. Nowhere did Gryphen say ANYTHING about cellulite. He carefully and thoughtfully pointed out the lack of muscular definition in her legs and how this is probably not how someone's legs would look if they were a serious runner (which $arah claims to be). This ultimately serves to highlight $P's hypocracy.

    With all due respect, please look at the picture again, reread Gryphen's analysis, and then ask yourself again, is $P *really* as serious an athlete/runner as she claims to be? Hmmm?

    Perhaps this phrase says it best: Sarah can talk the talk, but can she run the run?

  102. Anonymous9:35 AM

    But it does make me feel a mite better about the way I look (being the same age as HRH, but not a makeup wearer, not a runner, not a hair afficinado). I think it's good for people to see what she really looks like. And it's normal to look that way at 45. Imagine if she had the makeup and the hair and everything for the beach--we'd say she was nuts. (Well, OK, we say she is nuts anyway, for other reasons......but....)

    I agree with previous posters--what kind of vacation is she having if she's talking on the phone or blackberrying all the time? Is she one of those people who cannot unwind?

  103. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Palin -

    We know, Sarah. We know.

  104. Anonymous9:40 AM

    She may be a "runner", but those are the legs of a QUITTER, someone that doesn't finish the run.

  105. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I was trying to think of how I'd feel if someone posted a picture of Hillary Clinton on vacation, wearing shorts. I can't help feeling like this is different. Hillary conducts her political life by going on trips to other countries, meeting with established political officials, giving public speeches, doing mainstream interviews, etc. If she were on vacation I'd feel like she deserved a little privacy.

    However, Sarah conducts her political life, such as it is, by Facebook, by carefully controlled public appearances, and by disingenuous public appearances that are made to LOOK private-- like her vacation to Hawaii, complete with a visor with McCain's name defaced. There is no separation of public and private life-- everything, her vacations, her children, her acquaintances, are grist for her political mill.

    I fully expect that Sarah MEANT to be seen on this vacation (hence the matching shirts) and I don't feel that her privacy is being invaded or that questions about whether yet another of her claims has been thoroughly debunked.

  106. In response to this comment;

    "Oh, and by the way, whether I use the name Loopdeedoo, or the word Anonymous, it is one and the same. Both are intended to disguise, or rather not reveal, my identity. And that is absolutely my prerogative. Just as it is someone else's. Let's not kid ourselves."

    Don't let people get to you so easily. Who cares what screen name you use? If you honestly don't keep posting the same thing over and over again, it shouldn't bother anyone.
    Just keep in mind that rethugs are known to project their own views, thoughts and opinions onto others.
    And a good rule to follow, Don't Feed the Trolls. They want you to get upset. They are egging you on. Sometimes it IS hard to ignore them, but that is the best way to deal with them. They live for getting people upset.
    Don't Feed the Trolls!

  107. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Ooops I meant-- I don't feel that questions about her "running" claim being debunked are amiss.

    As an "Anonmyous" poster (damned if I'm going to sign up for yet ANOTHER site, and I'll sign up if this site uses one of the sites I'm already one) I usually try to sign my posts but don't always remember.

    And I appreciate the posters who organize their posts into paragraphs-- one long diatribe is kind of hard to read.


  108. Gryphen,

    Is this the article you mentioned yesterday? The one that you said we would love?
    Just curious.
    And.......I take your point completely. The whole piece was about $arah's dishonesty, lying and being, 'just like regular Amurikans'.
    I did comment on her cellulite only in response to some comments.
    Her body or beauty (although I do not see beauty when I look at her) should be a non-issue. But then again, if she weren't so gosh darn purty, she wouldn't have ANY followers. Zip. Nil. Not a one. So there is a point there as well.

  109. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Yes she does run. She RAN Alaska into the ground, then quit.

  110. Blooper10:07 AM

    Correction: My last comment was directed at anonymous@8:17, not Steve P. My bad!

  111. Holy Hell Holy Swiss...take a chill pill. Most of Gryphens posts are serious. Are we not permitted a laugh once in a while. Why don't you blog, and see how it makes you feel to have write everyday about the crappy stuff going on in the Good old US of A. a Canadian, who loves this blog, I could not for one minute put up with what you guys do.

    Canadians would be screaming coast to coast if we had a candidate the likes of Palin. We had a female Prime minister...for a few short months. She was and is an intelligent woman....but definitely not smart enough to lead this country I love. I say this as a woman who would love a good and smart female Prime Minister. Oh..and Kim..our prime minister...she had nice legs.

  112. A few unflattering photos will be Sarah's undoing. The magic is gone. How sad.

  113. Oooh, I just checked out the pics over at the link on Bree's website.
    Cellulite is the least of $arah's problem.
    The first pic, yeeech!
    She must put her make-up on with a puddy knife!

  114. crystalwolf aka caligrl11:13 AM

    For all of you wanting/needing to defend quitter queen...don't! She hasn't run since 2005. Maybe she was a runner but obviously isn't now. Its all part of the "Deception"
    And her palinbots, anytime we say anything about her, facts included, We are called, "jealous" "Fat" "ugly" notice its all about "looks" for them. So This is perfectly acceptable to post this, the queen is NOT perfect and we are NOT JEALOUS!!!
    So when we throw facts at you about her, Liar, grifter, quitter, can drop the jealous crap and STFU!

    Oh Kajo, re: Tawd...doncha know He's a athlete too? FeK9wnr... Yeppers! Looks like a athlete huh?

  115. To Kajo and Anon @ 5:33 - Regarding Anonymous posters. I used Anonymous here quite a few times because, being technically challenged, I couldn't figure out how to post a user name, so I would just get frustrated and use Anon. Then, the light dawned, it usually does eventually, and I realized I had to sign in to my Google account in order to post as 'luvstheblues'. So maybe some of these Anon posts are people like me. On the other hand, I'm sure, as Kajo said, some of them are the same poster agreeing with themselves.

  116. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Oh my god (gag, gag) the calloused elbows, legs that look like one of those maps that show mountain elevation. I think I see the Matterhorn in there. If she runs, it’s only to the refrigerator.

  117. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I was at a triathalon a couple months ago, and was shocked (but pleased), at all the different body types. A good portion fo the contestants were very fit and athletic, but there were also some flabby, overweight, cottage cheese looking athletes, too. It inspired me to start working out again.
    I have been suspicious that SP was no longer a runner...and probably hasn't been a serious runner for sometime (if ever). I've only read things where she says how she WISHES she could run. Nothing ever concrete to prove she actually does run.

  118. Thanks, luvstheblues...I hear took me a while to figure out the Google sign-in, too.

    If I had a mind to, I could REALLY confuse everybody (if they cared) by using my Disqus sign-in, or my WordPress sign-in, or my TypeKey sign-in, or my Yahoo sign-in. Beats me why, but they're all different.

    But I think being consistent is important, using one name even if it's merely typed at the bottom of a comment instead of a log-in, and that's all I'm suggesting anyone else here do, too.

  119. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I have always taken flattery about looks with a grain of salt, cause I see myself in the mirror in the morning.

    Knowing how easily people call others beautiful, I don't respond to those constant, "You are so jealous, you must be ugly" by the palinbots who have never seen us.

    Now the Palinbots who have used that line tens of thousands of times, can be reminded of these Hawaian shots.

    "Jealous of THAT?'

    Yes Palinbots everywhere. JEALOUS OF WHAT?

  120. Anonymous12:46 PM

    I think this Hawaiaan interlude will end earlier than planned.

  121. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Gryph is God! Go Gryph! You are the Queen, man! Keep up the awesome work! What a contribution to society!

  122. OhWell12:54 PM

    I wonder if we'll be getting a Face Book rant about those photo's? They aren't really all that unflattering...they just show she looks like any other 50 year old grandma

  123. Anonymous1:11 PM

    You know - the thing with Palin is that she is not what she projects herself to be and that is what most of us find so irritating. Plus, she is not smart and all the other things that are constantly said about her. Now, not a runner more than likely. She has more balls than a man there is no doubt about it!

  124. Anonymous1:36 PM

    And there's nothing wrong with being a 50 year old grandma. But her "shtick" is that she's the hottest, fittest, strongest, fastest, sexiest, blah blah blah. She claims to field dress a moose--she doesn't even hunt. She claims to be the Uber Mother--she neglects her kids shamelessly. And even the looks are manufactured.

  125. Anonymous1:44 PM

    OK -- So I doubted the photo when I first saw it. Once I followed the link to the other photos I've concluded they're authentic. Without makeup, there's no doubt she is not a MILF. Now Sarah has a real issue -- no depth of thought has now been joined with no depth of beauty. Makeup made her something she isn't. She's pure image with no substance.

  126. Anonymous1:48 PM

    1:11 - you covered it all in 4 sentences! It is the hyprocisy!!

  127. So here is my question-- After all of her phony hair pieces, plastic surgery, pounds of make-up---why did she decide to appear "au natural" for the camera this time ?? I'm wondering if she is basically coming apart. This Hawaiian "vacation" seems like a move of extreme desperation. The nasty messages on the visor and the t-shirt are childish expressions of rage. She is at her wits end--- as she should be, because she will NEVER get what she wants.

  128. Anonymous2:21 PM

    For the life of me, I just don't understand.

    Today, all around the world, children are hungry and sick. People, here in the U.S. are losing their jobs and homes--some are sick and without health insurance. There are homeless and mentally ill on the streets of our cities and on and on and on--yet, some folks, here, have their panties in a wad because some choose to post using "Anonymous."

    I post using Anonymous and am likely to continue posting in that way. Since Gryphen has my moral support and appreciation, I have no qualms in doing so.

    Even if I signed this post with Marilyn Monroe, Soupy Sales or Ghengis Khan, it would make no difference--nor would calling myself windjammer, orange juice, or seerockcity, fer chrissakes.

    These names would have no more reality and reflect no more truth about who I am than when Sarah Palin calls herself, " a Christian."

    Think about it.

  129. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I think saying she's not a runner meansShe is not the "runner" she claims to beremember how she would gloat aboutSweat is her sanityLoves thrashing her thighsthem tight abs prevented a pregnant belly?That funky cellulite on the back of the legs comes from one thing.. Sitting alot!I know!I was a waitress for years with be-u-tiful legs.. then got a sit down job.  Within 3 months the backs of my thighs look like thatShe may like "running" but she isn't the star athlete runner she likes to portray.  She truly needs to move past the beauty pageant years and star basketball player.Those were 20 years ago.... move on Sarah.And what's with the piddly excuse for the magic marker (or one of the billion Sharpee's she probably has left over from the book tour) on her visor.Whateveha!If you want to remain low key you wear another hat.. you don't go walking around with big flags on your shirt and oil logos on your other hats.  And TAWD.. in a big Flag tshirt as well.She is such a goof.

  130. Anonymous2:33 PM

    sorry my post was all run on sentences for some reason all the words smush together..

  131. Sarah she's so purdy teabaggers thoughts were so dir..ty
    then the pic of her thighs
    and that viagra erection just dies

  132. mocha4:11 PM

    "why did she decide to appear "au natural" for the camera this time ?? "

    Because when she looks in the mirror au natural, she doesn't see what we see in those pictures. She knew the pictures with McCain visor were being taken. I think she or someone tipped off TMZ where she'd be. I don't think she knew the pictures with the pink hat were being taken. Have you seen how she made sure her picture was taken running today?

  133. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Anyone who is a runner has well devined leg muscles, especially the calves.
    Sarah does not have either the thighs of calf muscles of a a runner.

    If you look at the interveiw about the Bush Doctrine last fall you can see she has terrible posture. Runners have great posture. Also look at the way that she is bent over in this picture with that big hump in the middle of her back. Again a person who is fit bends at the waist and their back stays straight.

  134. Hey Gryphen ... dear old $arah has been reading your blog again whilst on vacay ...

    All of a sudden, photos of her "running" surface today.

    Ha! (Cue in Chris Matthews for effect).

  135. PS. Hi $arah! Please put a hat on trig, too!

  136. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Yikes...that was a scary picture. I'm a snowbird who goes to FL during the winter. The retirees are obsessed with walking. They may have potbellies but by golly they have better looking legs than Palin. I'm serious! They're 80 with the legs of a 25 yr old. It's amazing. lol


  137. Hey if somebody could find the link to those Sarah Palin running pictures I would appreciate it.

  138. Here you go, Gryphen:

  139. Anonymous5:02 PM

    I thought some of the comments were funny.


  140. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I'm about to pull out my hair reading these stupid comments!!!! ARE YOU PEOPLE NOT READING????

    It isn't about the cellulite. It's about the LACK OF MUSCLE TONE. Gryphen CLEARLY said it was about muscle tone.

    But no, all you people with cellulite are projecting your own negative feelings on Gryphen.


  141. Anonymous6:09 PM

    KaJo gave me the giggles, thinking that posting as Anonymous is the online version of the burqua.

  142. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Gryphen - Thanks for posting this!..The more she is exposed for the fraud she is...I am female, and don't see anything negative in this..

  143. Anonymous7:39 PM

    ..That's McCain? He sure looks good for his age..

  144. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Responding to two comments:

    ** Anyone who is a runner has well devined (sic) leg muscles, especially the calves.
    Sarah does not have either the thighs of calf muscles of a a runner.


    ** It isn't about the cellulite. It's about the LACK OF MUSCLE TONE. Gryphen CLEARLY said it was about muscle tone.

    There was a time when I trained at about 100 miles per week. Note: trained. Yeah, I was pretty serious about my running. A typical 10 mile training run was at about 6 minute mile clip. I've trained with some pretty serious runners - men and women who could run circles around s'error palin at various distances and some of whom were members of the US Olympic teams.

    Although I ran a good quantity at a quick pace, I had no "defined" calf muscles. Calf muscles are not just the gastrocs but also the soleus, plantaris and peroneus longus. Of all the muscle areas of the body, the calf keeps its toned look the longest.

    I've taken the time to look at the various pictures of Palin taken during the past day or so. She's got good tone for her age and history. Although she's got some cheese on the backside, the hamstrings are clearly evident to anyone who knows anything about basic anatomy. The same with her quads. Does she have loose skin? Sure. But people have also said she looks like she lost some weight recently. One begets the other.

    There's really nothing wrong with her legs when you consider her age, her gender, and the fact that she's birthed at least 4 kids.

    Now, her head, moral attitude and whininess... well, you've got a point there. But you are way beyond yourself about her legs. Almost to the point of being misogynistic in the comments.

    regards -

    sauerkraut (yeah, I'm a stupidhead who hasn't the patience to jump thru all the hoops a non-blogspot user has put up with so I'm simply anonymous. but I sign my name).

  145. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Oh, one other thing for the poster who claims G "clearly said it was about muscle tone." G said no such thing. Never even used the phrase. And if he did, he'd be flat wrong.

  146. 1) When I was in high school soccer and x-country and skiing and doing sub 20min 5k's I had cellulite. Admittedly, I had and have a much different leg structure than she does. But don't be making people that are in some sort of shape freak out about themselves. That is just mean.

    2) Personally, I am looking to read critiques of Palin as a public figure and politician. Having to weed through the catty comments is almost as annoying as Palin herself.

  147. "Personally, I am looking to read critiques of Palin as a public figure and politician"

    She's not a politician. She quit. Her choice.


  148. Anonymous8:21 AM

    I have worse thighs. No matter what I do. It's genetics. I could run like Forest Gump and you'd see no change.

  149. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Snarky? Why not? She deserves nothing but snark.

  150. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Snarky? Why not? She deserves nothing but snark.

  151. Anonymous10:08 AM

    And we thought she quit the Turkey Trot because she didn't want the little people mobbing her at the end. Now we know it's because she COULDN'T finish the run.

    Ha Ha. . . snark snark . . . bad me

  152. Anonymous2:47 AM

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  153. Anonymous1:56 AM

    What do you mean? Darling, what do you mean? It was just this once. The Heart Is a Milkman. Why, yes, yes, of course. What can any one person do? But the public wont understand it. I have not seen him since.

  154. Anonymous12:58 AM

    tainted love the doors


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