Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Update! Sarah-ville is almost complete! Gee I wonder what kind of attractions it will feature?

So now there is very little doubt that this new building is a house. A large house. A VERY large house. There was some talk that this structure was to be a hanger, but clearly that was inaccurate. This is, in fact almost a doppelganger of Palin's other house (sans Wasilla Sports Complex windows of course).

My spy also informs me that there is a brick workshop/garage connected to the back of the house which you can make out fairly well in picture number three.

Now there is speculation that Palin will tear down the house on the right, and her old house (try to prove we stole those windows now!), and simply live in this shiny new Harper Collins/SarahPAC financed mansion. After all it is clearly BIGGER than her old house, though why she needs the space when there are so many rumors circulating that Todd has flown the coop I cannot imagine.

So what do you guys think? I am interested in your feedback. Is this the beginning of a "Secret Sarah Compound"? Is it possibly an early divorce present to herself? Or is this Bristol's gift for clamming up? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    What a jumbled up mess.

    Palin ugly.

    Like that otter purse at the Grid iron dinner. Doesn't keep her warm, but an otter or otters died.

    This woman has no taste at all, in anything.

  2. Anonymous9:47 AM

    the first post said exactly what I was thinking.
    This woman has no taste.

  3. My opinion: Sarah will live in the BIG house (until she is carted off to a different "big house") with Willow and Piper. Todd will appear to be living there, also, too - and when forced to "do his time" at that location, will live in the workshop/garage (equipped with recliner, fridge full of beer, and spy pie equipment).
    Bristol and her babies will live next door, in old house - Track will stay with Bristol until his escape from the entire clan is complete.
    OR: Old house will be turned into a museum, a shrine to the legend-in-her-own-mind, SP.

  4. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Compound. Yup, that's it. My guess is, the new place will be a place used as a religious place for like-minded souls for meetings and indoctrination. Sarah is not a "homemaker".. If Todd and Sarah are taking up separate houses like they supposedly take separate bedrooms, Todd will "live" in the old house. There is no way they can get divorced now with Sarah having too much power via Murdock clan, they need Todd for the family image. But your speculation is warranted, tearing down the old house may be what they have in mind, to get rid of the Sports Complex windows and materials.

  5. peeping tom9:56 AM

    Am I losing my mind? Please go to first picture.
    As you face the photo, there are three windows on the left. Blow up the picture and look into 3rd window - it appears there is a preganant person standing there.

  6. Anonymous9:58 AM

    She needs some place for all those gifts from her adoring fans.....and the grandkids.

    A Brick garage in Alaska? Sure it isn't a bomb shelter?

    Where is Todd?

  7. Midnight Cajun9:59 AM

    It looks in the one photo as if the houses may be connected; are they?

    I'm wondering about the timing. How much time was there between when Sarah closed her book deal and the ground breaking for this construction? Most people take time to pick out blueprints, select and schedule a contractor, decide on windows, shingles, siding, finishes, etc.

    Todd may be willing to live a lie for a while, but eventually his eye is going to start straying and the new woman may make trouble. Bristol and Willow will bring young men into the family who will learn the truth, then leave and tell their tales. It's a big house, but it won't hold all those lies forever.

  8. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Todd did a nice job on the roof.

  9. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Hey, she's just one of us... you know "a real American". So this house is what she meant by quitting to help Alaska. I just wish she would stay home and live in her alternate reality.

    As my spouse would say, what an ass wipe!

  10. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Well we're movin on up, To the east side.
    To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
    Movin on up
    To the east side.
    We finally got a piece of the pie.
    Fish don't fry in the kitchen;
    Beans don't burn on the grill.
    Took a whole lotta tryin'

    Just to get up that hill.
    Now we're up in teh big leagues
    Gettin' our turn at bat.
    As long as we live, it's you and me baby
    There ain't nothin wrong with that.
    Well we're movin on up,
    To the east side.
    To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
    Movin on up
    To the east side.
    We finally got a piece of the pie.

  11. Mmm, I think you've got it all wrong. That's the new Best Western Lake Lucille Inn Day Spy for Fertility Challenged satellite location!

  12. Anonymous10:17 AM

    So this is what happens when wasilla-billies get money? Neither house has any style, although the new one is a little better. It kind of reminds me of that Steve Martin movie (the Nerd) where he gets some money & finally build a new home, but it is really just a larger version of the old run down shack. (I guess you have to see it)


    I think it is a bribe for Bristol & Tawd. Maybe the old house has structural problems because it was built poorly. Who knows what crazy people do?

    Someone please expose her before it is too late! (her approval rate is rising)


  13. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Gryphen - from speaking with those who have helped build the facility - all I can tell you is that Todd gets a hangar, Bristol and Trip get an apartment, Track gets an apartment and Sarah has the entire top floor for an office suite.

    Maybe Todd's hangar is not part of this structure - ?

    Don't know. But do know that Todd for sure gets a hangar. (This is all common knowledge around Wasilla, btw)

  14. Anonymous10:22 AM

    As my dear mother would say "who vacuums all that?"

  15. MC, very confusing, almost an optical illusion: like all things PAYLIN.

    they don't connect.

    BUT in the back of the new one there is big-ass garage. the TURRET (LOL) distorts the picture.

    this addition is horrible, the first one at least was simple. this is one is a mess.

  16. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Looks like three stories + attic. That looks like a masonry structure attached/behind the house. The excavation was for the 1st floor/basement? Gotta tell you ... I wouldn't pay the architect of that one dime.

  17. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I noticed a spelling error in the title of this piece. It should be spelled Sarah-Vile!

  18. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Looks like they have lots of fireplaces (NOT)
    for energy conservation. She's such a hypocrite.

    Sarah sucks at life!

  19. It's not a pregnant person. It's the Virgin mary.

  20. i would dare say that no architect was involved.

    this monster externalizes sarah's crippled soul.

  21. Anonymous10:36 AM

    As my mom used to say, "The more you have, the more you have to take care of."

  22. Anonymous10:37 AM

    3rd pic down ... mostly obscured by the old house ... there is a garage door that is a lot bigger than the one closer to the lake ... that may be the hangar. Storage hangar? For winter? It would be a pain to winch/tow a plane up to the door all the time.

  23. You are a poet, Way of Peace, a poet. Her crippled soul, indeed

  24. Anonymous10:42 AM


    **a spell to keep the entire batshit crazy clan on that property FOREVER**

  25. Anonymous10:43 AM

    @9:56 - losing mind - well if that is a preg person in that window then there is an alien in the top center window. Seems appropriate!

  26. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I say the new one are apartments.

    1 for Tawd
    1 for Bristol
    1 for Track which will convert to Willow's eventually

    That way it has the appearance they are still together and her attempt to keep all the kids close for her to control them.

    Note how a number of large trees were not cleared - kept them for privacy so you can't see Todd in one of the apts. The other house the land was cleared. Shameful.

  27. indylindy10:47 AM

    Wow...the other posters are right...absolutely no taste whatsoever. The house is definitely bigger than the old one but the design leaves alot to be desired.
    I am a homebuilder and I would definitely make some improvements on the exterior...I would not attach the workshop/garage the way they looks too commercial to be attached to the home like that. I would have suggested an enclosed breezeway between the workshop and the house so that you could get between the 2 without going outside. The way it is now is tacky.

  28. Anonymous10:47 AM

    So this is the house that Palinbots built. Or is this owned by the Alaska Fund Trust?

    la villa de palinista - what a sham (scam)

  29. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Please tell us more about Todd's new hanger? What, where, when?

  30. laprofesora10:50 AM

    I really don't care what the deal is as long as she is hermetically sealed in forever without an internet connection!

    1. Anonymous5:40 PM

      sorta like nuclear waste...bout describes $carah.

  31. Anonymous10:52 AM

    In addition to my 10:44 post, part of the new house will be a play room for Bristol to continue caring for the kids. Also the extra space, bedrooms as Bristol taking care of Piper, Trig & Tripp while Ditz is flying the coop so often. It too makes it easier for Tawd in that it would be like having visitation at his how and now having to have much interaction with her in the old house. All the kids will be at the new house more than they would in the old one as raising the kids would be the responsibility of those in the new one.

  32. Public service announcement:

    No architecture was harmed in the building of this house.

  33. Anonymous10:57 AM

    The workshop being joined to the house probably would not have been allowed if there had been building bylaws there as running a number of pieces of equipment inside it, could be a danger to the air into the house. It also could be a fire hazard

  34. Deb in WI10:58 AM

    Thanks for the update, I have been wondering what was going on. I don't know why Todd and Willow would be in Palmer if they could just stay there in the "old" house and Todd could watch the contruction. Who is making sure the contractors are there? Bristol and Track? Why if they have so much money is Todd fixing the roof on a holiday?

    Actually, keep spending that money, Sarah. I hope she spends it all and forgets to pay the taxman. I don't think that 5-7 million was after taxes. I bet she turns into one of those people that wins the lottery and in five years declares bankruptcy.

    She already has a nice big house, way to put the money in the bank for your and your children's future.

    Oh, I know, I would guess one house for the family, and the other big enough for Sarah's head.

    She'll also need that money for her future legal bills. Todd better divorce her now, and ask for a chunk of cash right now, before the legal bills/settlements take everything in her name.

  35. Anonymous10:58 AM

    It looks like a cheap tract townhouse on steroids, but I'm sure it qualifies as a McMansion. Will the new digs be publicized in the National Enquirer (***hint, hint!***) so $P's addled donors can see where all their hard-earned funds went? Whyyyyy not?

    Yes, faithful sheeple, Sistah Sarah (who leads you all around by the leash of ignorance) lives JUST LIKE YOU!!

  36. Anonymous11:00 AM

    She had the entire state -billions are acres, to build upon, but decided to stuff a house in between 2 other houses. How very Palin. Don't make them match or anything...egads.

    Another thought... maybe that building is where she'll be living when she's "Prez." Movin' Washington to Wasilla? Not unlike she did as Gov???????????? What a total hairbrained idiot.

  37. That's Todd's house... a present from Scarah to keep him happy so she can continue to fool the American people into thinking that their a happily married couple.

  38. Anonymous11:07 AM

    And I'm sure there's room for a live-in housekeeper, nanny, security guard, et al--leaving loads of time for Miss Wasilla to fish, hunt, or hover her finger over the nuke button. Enough--bring her down!!

  39. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I assume the turret holds a circular stairway? Hope so, for otherwise I would question why there are no windows except for the upper story? Hmmm... Maybe a heavy, bolted door at the bottom? If any of the females let their hair grow super long... may I remind you of Grimm's "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down" tale? Snark...

  40. Anonymous11:12 AM

    If you look closely, the upper two photos were taken earlier in the building process, because only in the lower two photos is a building visible between the old house and the new one. I don't know if that structure connects the two buildings, or if it is a third building, perhaps that hangar the locals are talking about. It has those garage doors, so it would fit the bill, I imagine.

  41. This is my first posting. I'm a frequent visitor and enjoy your blog. I get a big kick out of the many comments written. Just want to say thanks.

  42. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Turret area with windows only at the top? Very odd House. Strange all the way.

    I would guess they had no architect getting in the way of their dream house .

  43. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Oh, you said that already Gryphen. Sorry. But couldn't that addition also serve as some sort of hangar?

  44. Deb in WI11:19 AM

    Annomous at 11:00 The Palins' own all three houses, I heard here or somewhere. Perhaps someone can verify that.

  45. Deb in WI11:20 AM

    anonymous -- sorry, typed too fast.

  46. Forever Anonymous11:23 AM

    Where is the main entrance?

  47. Yes you've lost your mind; no pregnant person in window. However, look at Pic#2 for two people standing by door?

    Don't agree that new house is MUCH bigger than old house, and I vote for them keeping all three houses--the old red one, the white one that I believe you said they also purchased, and the new one. Big one for Sarah, with man-cave for Todd, old red one for Bristol, and let's say the white one for Track. Keep it all in the family--wouldn't want STRANGERS living right next door to you, ya know. Especially as close as that new house is to that white one...WHOA.

    It looks like the new house is awaiting siding on the house portion. Think it'll be another red one?

    Thanks a bunch for the update, Gryphen, I've been wondering about the progress. :)

  48. Anonymous11:47 AM

    As my Father-in-law says, some people just have a taste for shit.

  49. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I'm surprised she didn't build a balcony on the top floor so she could wave to her adoring crowds, sort of like the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

  50. Anonymous11:49 AM

    All her fans that live in trailer parks and send their gas money to sarah to keep her out of jail are happy to see that she is going to have a comfortable place to live and doesn't have to be bothered by those pesky kids and husband.

  51. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Deb in WI, I heard they rented the house next door but I also heard the owner died so maybe the survivors sold it to them?

    Some speculate that they kept Bristol there while pg with Trig!

  52. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Money can't buy taste, love or peace.

  53. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Ditto to espresso4me.. nor can money buy class..

  54. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Anonymous at 11:49, Some time ago, Bree had posted a post by some poor soul on Sarah's facebook or c4p that the fan was only going to give her kids rice dishes, so she could save enough money to give to her. Yeah, starve your children for this lady who has millions and travels in private jets -- so tragic.

    Blind leading the blind.

  55. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I can, sort of, understand the idea of having a closely-knit family community, a compound if that's what you want to call it. If people want to live close to their families, it makes sense to build closely. But I wouldn't build it on a dead, toxic lake, and I would tend to think of having the houses surrounding a cental lawn/playground area... this is just ugly.

    If part of it is an apartment for Bristol to care for the three youngest, apparently nobody ever expects her to leave. And what's going to happen when Bristol turns up pregnant? Anybody seriously think that won't happen? Because DH and I have a small cash wager on it. It was profitable for her sister, why wouldn't it work for her?


  56. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I can draw two conclusions. 1) Must not be any zoning laws governing this location. Those homes look pretty close together for sewer/water distances. Doesn't look like much side footage. My township even has ordinances for how close a shed can be to a side boundary. 2) Builder must have a problem with anything but right angles. And, a closing thought. . . Those who want to look like they've "made it" usually do tacky things. The design is tacky. Give a hillybilly money and they're still a hillbilly.

    1. Anonymous5:47 PM

      My guess is it's on well and septic. Just the distance from the road would point to that - you would know this Gryphen what are the municipal water/san boundaries? If they didn't put in a new septic, but tied into the old one - any photos of it pre construction? there would likely be permits for septic - even the most unzoned and regulated areas tend to pay attention to shit like septic placement. Esp. on a lake.

  57. Ripley12:21 PM

    I'm taking bets that there will be an unexplained fire in the illegally built old house that erases all evidence of Housegate.

    In 5....4....3....2....

  58. "A Brick garage in Alaska? Sure it isn't a bomb shelter? "

    Well, $carah DID say that when Armegeddon comes around, Alaska will be a chosen place. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I think it's a family compound, ala 'Dallas'. She is controlling her family at all times. The only way the'll have lives of their own will be when Scarah kicks the bucket or goes to the real Big House in un-real Amurika.

  59. crystalwolf aka caligrl12:34 PM

    OMFG! How does a house get built that fast! 2 mos?
    Cool tho...lake is frozen, ANYONE (Enquirer?FBI,IRS) can walk out and take pics :)

  60. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Anonymous 12:20 I have often wondered why the Palin's were 'allowed' to clear cut the old parcel all the way down to the water. Is that not in violation of Shoreland Protection zone ordinances?

    In my state, they make you replant MATURE trees if you do this and level a hefty fine on top of that.

  61. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Look how fast the Tiger Woods fairytale evaporated from one Enquirer article.

    Looking forward to Palins fairytale unraveling just as quickly one day soon.

    Tiger Wood lived a lie, and so does Sarah Palin. It catches up sooner or later.

  62. Gryphen, we have heard from people connected to the building project that the airplane hangar will be attached behind the building.

  63. MaryJane Jetson12:55 PM

    I think the turret is an elevator. The inside is lined with mirrors. The elavotaor is made of glass, so she can admire herself as she raises up to her office overlooking her dead lake.

  64. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Wow -- The East Wing and West Wing to hold all the Wing Nuts.

  65. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Anon 12:50

    I was just thinking the same thing about the Tier Woods analogy. A key thread starts to unravel and then the whole things goes.....Will someone PUH-LEEZE pull that thread very soon !

    Also, too...I interpret the "fixing the roof" comment as snark for managing new "leaks" (i.e. Wooten, Bitney, etc.)

  66. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Hey Gryphen - a question - has anyone looked into the money trail in terms of when this bldg project started? ie, for Todd and Sarah to have had this structure built - practically overnight, they would have had to have the plans designed, one would think, prior to late July when Sarah hung up the reigns of running the state. I'm not even sure which questions should be asked but it all just seems so neat, tidy and QUICK that it would seem something fishy is going on (and I don't mean the lake trout in Lake Lucille...) Just wondering. I know people have been focused on outing all the lies in Going Rogue, but it seems like untoward things may have been happening here too. I wish Huff would post these pics on their front page.

  67. SoCalWolfGal1:43 PM

    I don't think an architect was responsible for this. I think they bought plans off a website and, well you know how handy Todd and his buddies are. This just proves what we have said all along, no matter how much money $arah has, it will never, ever be enough to buy her even a little class or taste. God in heaven, this is one ugly house. I would not be surprised at all if, as stated in one of the posts above, that something unfortunate happened to the ugly red house, and there goes the evidence on Housegate. I think the white house on the right probably will be used for Scarah's preacher/pastor type guests while they organize their church. I can see her now with her Sunday morning mega church a la Joel Osteen's Houston money maker. That way she really wouldn't have to work hard at all, just talk about her real American beliefs, progressing conservative agenda, etc., etc. Plus, it would be all tax free, and we know how unAmerican $arah thinks it is to pay taxes. Hopefully though Todd and the children can a little space of their own. Living with that ego has to be very, very difficult.

  68. Anonymous1:46 PM

    The first time Gryphen posted pictures, my idea of the new structure as it wasn't far enough along to know, was for a studio -- so the Ditz can do her show from home.

    I would say now that they'll live in the new one and put studio/office in the other. Who knows, she may invite Burke to work there!! He does slobber all over her!!

    I apologize for upsetting anyones tummy!
    Barf Buckets for all!!

  69. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Look at the ratings for Joy Behar's show with Levi & Andrew. Her 2nd highest!

  70. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Why is she not being investigated for the building of her first house with matching windows and railings to the sports center. It is not right that she has gotten away with this obvious fraud. Ted Stevens did nothing compared to this woman.

  71. Line up sheeple to give your Queen more money because she's just like you!

    Spend, baby,'s not like Sarah and Todd have to worry about saving for their kids' college educations, they are 0 for 2 so far (and no I don't believe Bristol is going to school)

  72. Anonymous2:26 PM

    this will be forever known as `tawd`s erection`...

  73. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I'd say she's getting tired of her follows as she had down-graded them. In one of her tweets yesterday, she referred to them as "locals".

    Aren't they usually 'patriots' or 'real americans'??

    "Thrilled 2 meet Michelle Malkin&her beautiful family in Colorado Springs,along w/a couple thousand more fine locals;thank you CO!On 2 Nevada"

  74. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Palin computer hacker indicted yesterday.

  75. Anonymous3:01 PM

    OK, does anyone notice the 3 front windows right below the roof? Someone didn't measure very well. Look to the left, then look to the right.

    That place screams "Nouveau riche" and I'll bet it will be the same red color, as it appears that the outside is just OSB or plywood or something--no siding or brick yet.

  76. Anonymous3:01 PM

    The turret has no windows below for good reason. See, it's like the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. When Scarah drags Tawd or even Levi up to the top, wraps the rope around their ankles, their last view of Alaska, of freedom, of any semblence of free will is from those top windows, hence the "sighs". With those exhales done she then unceremoniously kicks them off the stairs and they get to hang upside down...kind of like fruitbats and Vampirascarah cackles maniacally as she descends to the bottom to spin them around mercilessly until they promise to do her bidding forever. lol

  77. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I've tried to post a link to this article and the pictures on multiple posts at HuffPo. Each time I've been moderated away.

  78. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Todd and his buddies should have built this one too!! At least they would have got the windows right!!

  79. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Gryphen: OT on pipeline project. Huff story says Obama has nominated Larry Persily.

  80. To the Editor:

    Re Anonymous at 12:20 and Anonymous at 12:34--

    You are correct that there is no land use planning, or even basic building codes in Wasilla. In Going Rogue, one of the MANY (She calls them "Legion," for they are many) things Private Citizen Palin hates are building codes. She complains about building codes all though the book. Considering I live in Oregon, it's no skin off my butt if Alaskan sewers back up, houses burn down from poor wiring, or families suffocate from incorrectly built chimneys. Cholera Schmolera, as Ms. Palin apparently believes.

    As for the Palin Compound, I am going to take a contrarian view. I have no idea what all will be going on there, but my prediction is that Private Citizen Palin will NOT be living there. Here's why I think so. In the Epilogue to Going Rogue (p. 397-398), Ms. Palin begins the chapter, describing how she is living in an apartment with "California sunshine," and is "in for a couple of weeks as [she] works on [the] book." Ms. Palin describes a phone call to Piper, where Piper complains about Bristol not helping Piper fix her (Piper's) hair for school picture day, the kids scramble to find change, and Sarah then tells PIPER to pack Trig's stroller! It's bad enough that the house has two small babies (and one a seriously disabled special needs baby), but ANOTHER kid is acting as care giver? That is just wrong.

    If Sarah was ever going to return to AK, why hadn't she at that time? What was it she needed to be in California for, that could not have been done in AK? I'm an old fashioned crank, but even I know how to use e-mail, faxes, express mail, the telephone, teleconference, telegraph....

    Second, is there ANYONE in AK (besides Meg) for whom Sarah has anything nice to say? Not anyone connected with the state Government. Not Todd, who is largely left out of Going Rogue. Not anyone affiliated with Anchorage Daily News or the television station. Not even Gryphen, who (according to Going Rogue) "forgot" what Todd Palin looks like without a shirt on, when he reported that the Palins were separating.

    No--my vote is that Sarah Palin will never return to Alaska to live, nor will she ever run for elected office. Instead, as the G-Man has reported previously, she is positioning herself to be the new James Dobson; the money's good and it's beats having a real job.

  81. Anonymous3:29 PM

    The EXT appears to be OSB at this time.
    Yeh, the windows do not appear plum(b).

    I also understood the prop to the--right facing--
    was 'taken over' in some way, it has a hangar.
    The residents were forced out, somehow.

  82. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I think they used the same plans as the VECO built house.
    Its EZ to frame in a turret difference.

  83. @Anon 2:40--Good catch on the discrepancy between the left and right front windows! I was ascribing a lot of the wonkiness to camera angles, but it really does look like the windows on our right are lower than the ones on our left. I'd already noticed that the turret windows don't follow the other window line.

    It'd be interesting to know what the overall quality of the construction is. The exterior certainly sets off warning bells.

  84. I do have a hunting cabin in another state from where I now reside and a few rental properties, but who in their right mind builds two houses right next to each other?? The only excuse will be to uphold a sham of a marriage, but Tawds been in Palmer hasn't he, with Willow? They also too must have a home there to you betcha.
    It IS a little better looking than the first one , but in all fairness the first house was built with materials for an industrial structure.
    Glad to see that Tawds off of Mrs Palins roof, it seems that he must have fixed the leak. What a scam she's got going, her fans taking food out of their childrens mouth to send Sarah $$$$$. I can hardly wait until that comes up in the news as a defense for child neglect in some part of "reel amurika"...Well judge the wife and I had to trade off the food stamps to send the money to Sarah Palin cuz she's purdy and she winked at me, so we figered it won;t matter if the kids just have rice to eat, I wasn't gonna send her my tabaccy or beer money.

  85. Turret area with windows only at the top? Very odd House. Strange all the way.

    My guess is that under the turret is a windowless above-ground dungeon....

  86. Aww, I take it back. After playing around with the house image in Photoshop, I think the lower looking right windows are because of the shadow under the roof on the left.

    That said, like a lot of things associated with Palin, there are a lot of things about this house that just seem off.

  87. Anonymous3:57 PM

    $carah will never live in that house. In the book "Sarah from Alaska" the authors quote her as saying that she wanted to publicly harp on Obama's connection to Ayers because she didn't want to have to go back to Alaska. Desperation. She craves the spotlight and Alaska is just too small for her now. That house/compound is for Todd and the kids...when Todd's not with his girlfriend, that is (wink wink).

    Someone really needs to nail her for the dirty deals she made for that first house to be built with Wasilla Sports Center materials and that same contractor.

  88. Totally off topic and I don't want anyone to take this as picking on Scarah's kids but the last pic we saw of Bristol was at the state fair.
    I could care less about pics, but does she just stay home all the time? Does she have friends at all? I know she is a young mom, but I don't think that is rare in Wasilla. Seems to me that she would be shopping, lunching and hanging out with a friend from HS or even a friend thats also a young mom. Or is she just living an isolated life in the compound, if she is that is very sad. Party friends or not, at least we know Willow has friends. But I do worry about Bristol though and even young Piper..shes not in school or school activities. My kiddos always wanted to be with their friends esp my daughter. Anyone with a girl will tell you how high a social life rates.

  89. Anonymous4:33 PM

    The person that builds 2 houses next to each other is someone who is scamming the little guys and keeps lots of secrets. Trying to control everything and everybody so there are no leaks, but eventually everything comes tumbling down.

  90. Anonymous4:36 PM

    This is Bristol's gift for clamming up. It is huge because it includes space for Todd, who is probably unwelcome at Sarah's pad; and a separate apartment for a full-time nanny, so that someday Bristol can GTF out of the house and like, ya know, get a job or get knocked up yet again, or something. (Although she is unlikely to move out as long as mommy pays for groceries, the nanny, new clothes, the TV, a new car, etc etc etc!)

    Also too if Trig is as disabled as he appears, he could well be living with Sarah as an adult (and Todd, unless he finally has had enough of living with a narcissist and blows out of town)....figure big space to accomodate therapy items and exercise space for a special needs family member through adulthood.

    Bet that will cramp Sarah's jet-set style in about 20 years.....oops, I bet she forgot to think about that also too when she needed a cute prop for the campaign!

  91. KaJo said: My guess is that under the turret is a windowless above-ground dungeon....

    Maybe that's for katie Couric! They'll lure her there promising an exclusive interview with Bristol....then toss her in the dungeon and she'll never be heard from again. Mwa ha ha!

    Alternate residents:

    Bristol, if Sarah ever thinks she is about to spill the beans;

    Todd, if he doesn't just STFU and do what he's told, and BTW is that roof fixed yet?;

    Trooper Wooten, if Sarah or Todd can figure out a way to get him alone in the woods in the dark;

    Pajama bloggers (any);

    Basement dwellers (any);

    David Letterman;

    Meg S, if she doesn't toe the line;

    Willow, if she spills the beans about Trig;
    Track, if he spills the beans about Trig;
    Todd again, same as above;

    CBJ, if she lets out so much as a peep or is seen anywhere, ever again;

    Chuck Heath, if he doesn't stop yammering about things which conflict with Sarah's made-up pregnancy stories;

    Levi, if Sarah thinks she can get away with it;




  92. CR46 - you're right. In something or another Sarah recently said that Bristol is going to school and working 2 jobs. You'd think SOMEONE would get a picture of her if she's out this much.

    Of course this assumes that Sarah was telling the truth. We know there's a snowball's chance of THAT.

  93. phoebes-in-santa fe5:36 PM

    As I posted at Mud Flats about these houses, I used to live in Chicago where the northern and western suburbs were full of these awfully designed "McMansions", with turrets, porte-coches, copper flashings, four types of stone fronts, stone with wood, etc. Some are so hideous they make the Palin's new house look like a work of art.

  94. MacAndCheeseWiz7:28 PM

    Thanks for sharing this expensive nightmare! It's not big enough, IMHO. With all the kids, the kid's friends, playmates, and lovers hanging out, along with the housekeeper, nanny, and babysitters, maybe the turret is a padded womb ooops - padded room or a sanity oops sweat lodge where Sarah can go de-stress.

    Maybe Archetectural Digest can do a grand tour?

    I wonder how her self denying followers will feel after seeing this wretched excess?

  95. trishSWFL8:29 PM

    Looks like white trash trailer park on steroids!

  96. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Mysterious fires are big in this area....churchoffices holding adoption records, a neo-natal nurse named Darlene Miller....I'm just sayin'....does the old red house had fire alarms? If it ever burns we will all know evidence was destroyed.

  97. Anonymous11:02 PM

    To Gryphen:

    It's easier to pry into other lives than to work on our own lives.
    Gossip allows people with little to do and less to think about some way of feeling superior to others.
    it can also be an escape from real life.

  98. Nannies, babysitters,housekeepers, chefs, therapists for Trig (and for the head cases that her children must be by now)...dream on-I think Bristol will have to do it all along with Piper. i think Willow will bail out as Track has. And Mizz Scarah won't be responsible for the maintenance. If they employ outsiders then it will have to be blind Palinbots. Anyone else will be shocked at the inner workings of the Palin clan, spill the beans and become famous at Nat. Enquirer, TMZ. Tiger was found out, he was BIG. So will Sarah Palin. And her various hoaxes.

  99. sunnyjane1:00 AM

    I have no clue what's going on with the house, but this little limerick came to mind while reading the blog and all the posts:

    I’d rather watch TV than read
    But I have all the mouths now to feed
    So I’ll steal from my “base”
    And lie to their face
    And build all the houses I need

  100. Could ya just pee!!!

    Yes it's true, we live on a dead lake overlooking the White house!

  101. Anonymous6:07 AM

    I hate to bring up another pair of media hucksters--the Gosselins of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Their popularity was HUGE among an Xtian sheeple base that was very similar to Palin's. Once they were exposed in the pages of the Enquirer as frauds who were using the constant filming of their kids to make a fortune, their fans--who also gave them cash "donations" when they made personal appearances at churches to whine about how tough it was raising 8 kids--finally began to wake up and realize that these Bible-spouting cons were not what they appeared to be. The last straw for many was the fabulous, million dollar McMansion compound that the "financially struggling" G's acquired--plus all the plastic surgery, expensive cars, house staff, nannies, etc. Then came the inevitable affairs and separation, and now Kate is out shopping for a career of her own. Surprise! Once a house of cards begins to tumble, it usually picks up speed on the way down.

    Don't underestimate the power of the Enquirer with this Palinista demographic ...

  102. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Are those big containers of gasoline by the front door? No, that won't look wierd at all if the house next door burns down.


  103. Anonymous6:44 AM

    I can understand someone who suddenly strikes it rich wanting to build a big house. I have two problems with Sarah's new house: 1) she has her hand out to her followers and is getting their money by whining about how poor she is due to those mean ole libruls going after her; 2) the haste makes me go, hmmmm.

    One could say she moved so fast because she's been planning to build this house for a long time, except that they only bought the lot next door in July. To save time, the new house looks like it is being built off the plan of the old house with a few modifications: 1) an extra floor; 2) a corner turret; 3) different windows across the front; and 4) a mancave for Tawd.

    Why the rush? Is the family dynamic so hideous that they can't wait to no longer share the same house? My guess is that the corner turret was added because it is a staircase that will allow those living in the house private access to what are essentially their own private apartments. This wonderful American family must hate each other's guts.

    I'm also wondering if these windows, with doors and what looks like it will be decks, aren't what the plan originally called for and the Palins simply substituted the ones from the sports center on the red house. That red house is butt ugly. This one, still awkward but better.

  104. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Anon @ 11:02

    You need to learn and comprehend the difference between "gossip" and HOLDING A LYING, MANIPULATED AND MANIPULATIVE PIECE OF HUMAN FLESH ACCOUNTABLE.

    Sorry, I had to shout but, otherwise, I doubt that Anon @ 11:02 would have heard me--what, standing there with his/her fingers in his/her ears, and all.

  105. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Anon@ 11:02 PM:
    It's easier to pry into other lives than to work on our own lives.
    Gossip allows people with little to do and less to think about some way of feeling superior to others.
    it can also be an escape from real life.
    So then, why are you here-or on any blog- if you are so self-righteously proclaiming your psycho babble that no doubt makes you feel "superior to others?" Come on now, if you lived your life the way you talk about "real life", you wouldn't be lurking around cyberspace and reading blogs.

    What a shallow, hypocritical, self-righteous fool you are. Is this your "real life"--lurking to make your pathetic accusations that in turn give you a false feeling of satisfaction. You, sir or madam, are sad, empty, and needy.

    You are somebody who obviously doesn't have much of a life. Why don't you run along now and start working on your inner self and stop prying on other people's life. What you say reflects more about your own core being.

    Now moving on to more important matter...

    Money can't buy love, good taste or peace.

    The Ma & Pa Hillbilly "Compound" reflects the shallow-ness of the adults. What a mess! Obviously no self-respecting architect was involved. Tawd and his buddies just threw it together and called it good. Yee Haw! The bigger, the better. Wonder if they are going to paint it red like the cow barn?

  106. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Really Anon. 11:02 - Feeling superior to others would be a woman who depends on average americans to donate monies to her fund because she whines about huge legal debts. Feeling superior to others is taking money from the poor to increase oneself with wealth. Have you ever read the bible? It's all there.

    The bible also says in Prov. 22:16 " He who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and he who gives gifts to the rich -- both come to poverty".

  107. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I know this is sorta OT, but Todd has been in some of the photos of the book signings, which suggests he is traveling with her, and not living in Palmer???
    Brett In Alaska

  108. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Anon 7:42, I was thinking the same thing. She begs for money because of all of her legal bills, but she can afford to build this house. I continue to feel sorry for her supporters who blindly donate and follow her. Maybe actually seeing what she has been doing with their donations will open their eyes to what she really is....a fraud.

  109. crystalwolf aka caligrl11:39 AM

    anon@10:50 he just got there a couple of days ago.
    Don't you remember "Todd's been on the roof" comment greedy grifter made on Thanksgiving???

  110. To Leu2005 & CR46:

    My only sources for All Things Private Citizen Palin are Immoral Minority and Going Rogue.

    On p. 371 of the latter, Ms. Palin says "She [Bristol] graduated from high school on time with great grades, while raising her son and working two part-time jobs to pay for his diapers and formula."

    Later in the book, Ms. Palin describes a conversation she had with Bristol, where they talk about Bristol someday opening up a coffee shop with Bristol's cousin (I think Lourdes? I don't remember the name). Both Ms. Palin and Bristol worry that oppressive regulations from President Obama (like health care mandates--I am not making that up) may very well crush Bristol's dream of small business ownership.

    I also wonder how Bristol and her baby (Trip? I can't keep the names straight) have health insurance. I can't imagine that Mr. Palin's union job has benefits that extend to grandchildren of emancipated children. Many group providers will extend benefits to adult children, provided those kids are attending school full time--but I can't imagine how Bristol would be working "two jobs" and still be a full time student.

    The pieces never fit together.

  111. crystalwolf aka caligrl6:00 PM

    Funny how NO ONE mentions Bristol as working...Oh Candies foundation?? Spokesperson of abstinence?
    I love the other one, Bristol can't open a coffee shop b/c of PO HC mandate...booHoo!
    The whole fricken book and everything she says are lies, LIES!

  112. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Poor Bristol is a shut in and the most pathetic Palin. Levi does his best to keep a happy face about her. She is brainwashed and/or bribed to the max. Everyone knows she did not grad on time and parents bought her a diploma. Two jobs, Trig and Tripp. Or some scams? SkyPie. Friends know the real story and it will come out.

    Todd did go up on the roof, but he spent most of his time getting beauty treatments. Gridlock din-din. Todd, have you seen Todd hands?

  113. Anonymous6:29 PM

    - Bristol can't open a coffee ...booHoo! -
    She talks to B as much as she talks to Track.

    The whole fricken book and everything she says are lies, LIES!


  114. I don't see the trailer hook up for the house?

    How are they gonna pull it behind that bus of hers when they move south once and for all?

  115. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Love this site! It's new to me, with great reading, waiting for Palins DOWNFALL.
    (cant wait!!)

    Thanks for all you do!!
    (IMM, MUDDERS, PALINGATES & the rest!!)

  116. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Maybe she made some room for Brad Hanson in there?
    Afterall, he did seal the divorce papers when Sarah was nominated for VP and they clearly didn't want her cheating ways to get out in the open. ;)

  117. Tina Rowe6:31 AM

    Wow, you guys are sad. So she's building a bigger house. She has a big family! They need a big house! I want a bigger house. Don't you?? Well get out and work for it, like she does! Here she is, trying to represent the American people, and all you all can do is put her down. What a shame.

  118. Anonymous5:16 PM

    You liberals are friggin morons. Sarah Palin is a great American hated by you only because she is a conservative woman.

  119. Anonymous7:54 PM

    You people are really lame.

  120. Anonymous8:32 PM

    For all the people who don't like the design- well, I don't really either, but if you had ever been to Alaska you would know that this is typical normal Alaskan design. So maybe she is the real deal.

  121. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Many of you people really need to get a life. Rather than posting snide comments about Sarah, how about stepping up to the plate and doing something for your community?

  122. Anonymous2:51 AM

    There are certainly a lot of spiteful jealous people that post here.

  123. Anonymous3:55 PM

    You people really are sad. It just shows the liberal jealousy toward people who know how to work and make a living for themselves. Its ok with me though, the working part of the country needs people like you. You sit on the computer and complain about the people that work, while we do the work, and make the money.

  124. Anonymous6:25 PM

    At least the liberals can make us laugh! I laugh my butt off every time liberals bitch and moan about someone that is successful!

  125. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Whether or not you hate SP or you like her, the hateful spiteful nasty comments here are absolutely inexcusable. What kind of people are you??? If you attend any church, you may want to go more often.
    Some of you have nothing better to do with your pitiful existence other than to stare at pictures of windows on her house to try and get a gander at what or who is inside so you can have more hateful things to say.
    Your kind does serve a purpose however, to show others what not to do. Shame on each of you, GROW UP AND GET A LIFE!!!! Stop being so jealous of others and take that time that you will gain and wash your hair or something.

    Disgusting people!!!!! IDIOTS!!

    It is this type of attitude displayed here that would push me towards SP because I NEVER want to be the type of person that would spew this nasty crap. True or not. It is none of your frickin business.

    Go Sarah.

  126. Anonymous7:17 AM

    OMG! I read a few posts (bashing is more like it). What's wrong with you people? I love watching Sarah's show in Alaska and all the things she does. From reading these posts, I see nothing but jealousy! I mean, really!

  127. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Who cares, you all would be complaining if she did have a big beautiful house anyway, you all always have something to rip on her about. Anyway, the new building you all call her "house" is not. It is where she broadcasts from. And I'm sure all you haters houses are nothing like hers. Wealth doesn't have to be expressed be such a lavish lifestyle, so don't be ripping on other ppl just bc you all don't have money. nough said...

  128. Anonymous1:54 PM

    For all you dumb shits out there. The building IS NOT A HANGER! The plane's they have are water planes, god you are all so illiterate. nough said again....

  129. Anonymous2:05 PM

    STFU Bristol bought her own house dumbshits! godd get to know your facts people!

  130. Anonymous8:40 PM

    why does it matter how big her house is. She does probably use different rooms for business and political interests. I mean, I'm sure you can find more dirt than this lame story. Also compared to most politicians house, this is quite small. Just for instance maybe that one guy who is the polar opposite of Palin, ummmm Al Gore. Ya he seems to be sitting one some pretty big real estate. So instead of trying to find small personal life stuff that has no significance whats so ever, go out and find actual important things.

  131. I hope it brings her and her family together for a long time, with many happy memories, just like the kind we all hope to have someday, keep with your faith, and only the best for you in your new home

    sarah palin supermom song

  132. I would like to wish sarah only the best in her new home, with many happy memories to come,

    sarah palin supermom song say's it all,
    "if she's true and honest, when the day is done"


  133. The envy/jealousy exhibited in many of these posts is just typical of those on the left side of politics who would be better off wasting their time on pointing out the short comings of bozObama & his "Movin' On Up" family. Sit down some day & tally up how many vacations, golf trips, family excursions to foreign countrys, apology tours & constitutional disregards this moron has made since he usurped the office of president, then compare that list to anything he has done good for our country & if you're honest about it, you won't be voting for bozo the next chance you get, but honesty may be asking too much of a left wing nut.

  134. Anonymous7:07 PM

    FW Hill
    The left in America is an amazing animal. They would like us all to live in a big mansion, but the catch is you shouldn't have to work hard to get it. So sorry Sarah Palin has lived the American dream. In fact, I apologize for all of us that work hard for the dream. Evidently we should now apologize for our success.

  135. Randy Huckabee11:32 AM

    With her commentary with Fox and additional speaking engagements, what is wrong if she wants to build a new home to accomodate her broadcasting needs as well as her family. I am proud of Sarah and Todd for their commitment to family and especially Trig. She is just like any other American who has been blessed and we may do the same if we were in her shoes!

  136. Anonymous5:35 AM

    All you Palin bashers are just jealous. She is a very good woman and will spend eternity in Heaven. You people make me sick. You deserve everything you get Sarah.

  137. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I like Sarah Palin. Always have since the first time I saw her speak. It always amazes me the hatred that is spewed at her and her family by these strange folks.

  138. Please give me some facts to back up your hate.Sarah Palin is an amazing woman. So why does the left hate her so much? You lefties really need to get a life!!

  139. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I like Sarah Palin as a person, just not as a politican. As for her home, its huge! I can't imagine needing a home that big as kids grow and move out.

  140. Anonymous4:46 PM

    You all really need to get a life. So she builds a big house, SO WHAT? We have hundreds of those where I live. So what? People really need to worry about their own lives.

  141. if this the palin house not quite what i expected for a women of her stature. it does seem to fit her personality, pure conservative woman with an attitude. she maybe drop dead gorgeous but her attitude remains to be in question. i must ask if she's for real from what i've heard her so called husband tod is apparently filing for a divorce and if that's true who gets this house? if i had to judge her by her incredible physical beauty, she would rank in my top 10 worldwide, but attitude is too strong, personality is very demanding and her over all persona is out of this world.


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