Saturday, January 02, 2010

"As if she were narrating her own acid trip"

I am a little busy this afternoon, but I will put up at least one more post before the day ends.

But just to tide you over, take a listen to this segment from the NPR show "Wait Wait...Don't tell Me!"

I dare you not to laugh.


  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I heard this today too -- fantastic! Exactly what it sounded like.

  2. What's a "cheekago"? (PetDad thought they said "cheese taco" and was really confused).

    I was amused that they pronounced Cheechako w/ a hard "k' sound in the middle rather than the soft "ch" like church.

    At any rate, still a really funny segment; love that show!

  3. Anonymous1:18 PM

    That was "a hoot".

  4. Right on the money, Thank You!

  5. Lynne (an Alaska too, also)1:29 PM

    It was pretty funny, but she was actually referring to cheechakos which are newcomers to Alaska as opposed to sourdoughs which are old timers. Not that it helps make sense of what she said. It wasn't cheese tacos anyway...just sayin'.

  6. That was hilarious! Thanks Gryph!

  7. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I heart Peter Sagal. And did you hear the roar of that crowd? Thanks for sharing.

  8. Anonymous1:57 PM

    I tried to listen but it doesn't play for me.

  9. Anonymous2:01 PM

    My, how funny was that! Thanks for the guffaw, far more fun and all encompassing than a simple giggle.

  10. the problem child4:49 PM

    V. funny. That show consistently delivers the goods.

  11. I heard this today. Absolutely hysterical! Sarah Palin you provide so much material, we really do want to thank you for that! In fact, I think it is what you do best!

  12. Anonymous6:00 PM

    I heard that segment when it originally aired last summer, but it still made me laugh again today. It really is an apt description.

  13. johnie2xs6:39 PM

    Stellar,....absolutely stellar.

    One question, though. Is Sourdough a girl's name or a boy's name. LOL

  14. Anonymous7:48 PM

    I love that as soon as they gave the guy the hint "you can see Russia from her house" he said, "Ohhhhhh, Sarah!" Tina Fey is my hero.

  15. She could name her next pretend pregnancy baby "Cheese Taco" or even "Crunchwrap"--what difference would it make? That one would just join the dysfunctional line up, so it might as well have a name to match!

  16. hdtracy1:01 PM

    This was an entertaining clip for sure! Being from Canada, I was curious as to the what was the meaning of "cheechakos and sourdoughs". However, looking up her resignation speech to figure out the context, I noticed that her original speech transcript published on The Mudflats ( contains this reference, while the transcript of her farewell address published by the former Governor's office to media outlets omits the "cheechakos and sourdoughs" reference all together - among other inconsistencies ( And why would there be a need for two versions?


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