Saturday, January 02, 2010

As soon as I saw these I KNEW I had to share them with you.

These Australian guys have this television show where they make the most irreverent videos imaginable, called "Chaser's War on Everything". It is hysterical.

Before you watch make sure you have your sense of humor handy because, if not, these might make you squirm a little.

They disabled the embed on this video but if you click here you can watch it on the YouTube site. Believe me if you liked the first video, you will LOVE this one!

And you know, though me may laugh at the gullibility of the people who allow themselves to be manipulated by pastors and charlatans into giving them their hard earned money, it is so accepted by our society that even the man who delivered President Obama's Invocation prayer has arrogantly fleeced his flock for $900,000 just a few days ago.

And now even Fox News has learned the lesson from the evangelists and started to fleece their viewers in much the same way.

I must give hat tip to my friend Leah over at God's Own Party for discovering these two gems.


  1. sunnyjane6:56 AM

    Aren't these wonderful? I saw them on Leah's site earlier this morning and have watched them a couple of times already. And, if you go on YouTube and type in "Chaser's War on Everything," they've got more.

  2. GermanGoodness7:37 AM


    I think you just found my new favorite YouTube videos!

    I loved how the one guy said that some things in the bible were meant for "that time" but other things like homosexuality are meant for all time. Hypocrisy much?

  3. That was filmed 50 feet from my office. And approximately two miles from GWB's current residence.

    Way to be humiliating, Dallas.

  4. Those are just hysterical--love it!

  5. These guys ROCK! I haven't laughed that much in a long time. Yes, I have heard over the years many, many times that you have to "interpret" for the times in which you are living, or if you will, cherrypicking to suit your own beliefs, needs, whatever. I guess I just haven't had the right attitude about laundry; no harvest in that department. Thanks Gryphen and Leah. But then I am not sure everyone would appreciate such humor. Let's see, her name just escapes me at the moment.

  6. Anonymous8:49 AM

    These videos were so funny, but do have a good message about the hippocrites out there who try to pervert religion for their own agendas. Don't forget that while there are nutty people out there who are easily misled by their misguided religeous leaders, there are other people who are religeous in the right way, following God to help keep them morally straight so that they seek to do good for all. Jesus' commandment to "Love one another" should be the guiding scripture for all Christians in how they think and in what they do, but sadly many people who profess to be Christians have been led astray by their own religeous leaders whose agendas are not based on loving one another, but on more of a philosophy based on materialism and greed.

  7. jowen9:56 AM

    "This is why these humpbacked dwarf priests are roaming the streets..."

    haha priceless

  8. Anonymous10:22 AM

    sigh.........I certainly don't feel bad for any dipshit that forks over money to these clowns.Remember Jim and Tammy Faye and their PassTheLoot Club ??

  9. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Uncle Gryphen,
    You give us the best stories and videos ever!
    I have been sharing those videos all morning -- just too funny and sad and spot on (is there an asterisk -- ha ha!). The second one really shows those religious grifters for what they are. I'm sad so many are fleeced by such creeps. Thank you for those!

    Your nieces and nephews are always hungry for more, though. Do you have any more stories for us?

  10. Gryphen, those videos are complete gems, thanks for finding them and giving us the links!
    (loved the NPR segment on Palin's acid trip too! I missed WWDTM this week, somehow.)

  11. Sharon in Florida1:54 AM

    Morning news says Rick Warren collected $2.4 million from his flock with his desperation plea. All tax-exempt for the church of course and don't the donors get to deduct their contributions on their taxes? Wonder how much these mega-churches take in every year??

  12. OzMud has commented recently on these guys. These boys have some cojones!

  13. Anonymous12:34 AM

    The chasers are awesome. There is a few seasons of the War - search it on YouTube as well as a couple of seasons of 'CNNNN' which is older but worth a look! Check out 'stupid americans' (sorry I didn't title it, but it is pure gold and shows the type of ignorant people that think sarah palin is great)


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