Monday, February 22, 2010

A Doctor's response to my "Tale of Two Babies" post.

I have received multiple e-mails today from people providing helpful links, interesting pictures, and, of course, scathing rebuttals to my post.

Hidden within this avalanche of correspondence was one e-mail from a doctor who offered some interesting insights and provided contact information in case I wanted to question him further. Well of course my interest was piqued, so I called him.

The first thing I did was to establish that he was indeed an actual doctor (After all on the internet we can pretend to be experts on just about ANYTHING. I actually know of a politician who quit her job yet still pretends that her opinions are on the same level of importance as those of the President. Imagine that.) After only a few minutes of conversation there was no doubt that this person was indeed a physician, and very bright one at that.

We talked for quite awhile and when we came to the end of our conversation I asked if he would be willing to write a brief post outlining some of the things that he had mentioned. Here is that post.

While I am generally unimpressed by conspiracy theories, I have to say that I find Gryphen's pictures compelling. Clearly these are two separate children; I haven't any more idea than anyone else as to why the former governor would perpetrate such a hoax, although her history of erratic behavior I suppose would support almost any explanation.

I have had a passing interest in the Trig Palin story ever since Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's odd, carefully-worded statement concerning Governor Palin's health was published in the late hours immediately before the 2008 election. The link to the actual text is below:

For the most part this is a simple boilerplate statement, but it is remarkable for its lack of a birthdate for Trig - doubt about which was of course the reason for the statement's release in the first place.

From my point of view, however, as a practicing physician, the larger question is whether Governor Palin's physician was aware of this hoax, and if so, to what level did she participate and if indeed she did, was that participation medically, morally or ethically improper?

In its role as the ultimate guarantor of public safety, the State has a vested interest in the ethical and legal behavior of physicians it licenses. In fulfilling that role, each and every state has a state physician licensing board. I believe there is more than enough evidence for the Alaska State Medical Board to investigate Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's participation in this matter, and to determine if she breached standards set by that Board for physician conduct. They will ask - and she will answer - pointed, unequivocal questions concerning exactly what took place at the birth of Trig Palin, and as a doctor with thirty years' experience, I can assure you that no physician would ever risk losing her medical license by answering falsely.

It would seem to me that the issue hinges around four questions: firstly, did Cathy Baldwin-Johnson advise Sarah Palin to board an airplane for a ten-hour trip at altitude while showing signs of active labor? Although I am not an obstetrician, if she did so, I believe that would clearly constitute malpractice. Secondly, I would ask whether she assisted in falsifying records concerning the birth date of Trig Palin; if so, that is most likely a felony, which would result in a physician's losing his/her license in all fifty states. Thirdly, I would ask Dr. Baldwin-Johnson to chronicle exactly what took place in the birth of Trig Palin and to explain why Governor Palin felt compelled, as a Vice-Presidential candidate to lie about or obfuscate concerning those circumstances. Fourthly, I would be curious as to what the actual explanation is for the two different children Palin has presented as her son Trig and if Baldwin-Johnson had any prior knowledge or complicity.

This sad little charade has nearly unraveled; all that remains of this pathetic tale is the denouement. The Alaska State Medical Board has the opportunity - and the authority - and the responsibility - to open this abscess to the fresh air and bright sunlight that will bring about its cure. There must be numerous physicians in Alaska who are scratching their heads over this whole tale just as I am, now more than ever. The time has come for them to step up the plate, contact their medical licensing board, and demand that these questions be answered once and for all.

Update: Somebody just asked why I don't provide the doctor's name. Is this really a question that needs to be answered?

I did not think so.

Scurry back to the "Ocean of Urine" my little friend and report to your queen that once again it did not work.


  1. L.A. in S.F.5:47 PM

    Yeah, baby, Yeah! Way to go. Very well written. Let's lance this thing for once and for all. Great work, Gryphen and Dr. Whomever.

  2. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Holy shit.

    Good job Gryphen.


  3. Anonymous5:51 PM

    my, my goodness.
    that lays it out nicely.

  4. Anonymous5:52 PM

    If the Gulf of Tonkin fraud, Iraq wmd fraud, and state torture don't deserve prosecution, then what's the harm in this? It's not like she's blowing people up with remote controlled drones. She's just making a living like Jon Gosselin.

  5. FEDUP!!!5:52 PM

    All I can say is: The doctors words in someone-of-authority's ears!

  6. onejrkitty5:52 PM

    "There must be numerous physicians in Alaska who are scratching their heads over this whole tale just as I am, now more than ever. The time has come for them to step up the plate, contact their medical licensing board, and demand that these questions be answered once and for all. "

    I hope this good doctor has, or is planning to, contact the Ak. State Medical Board and not waiting for someone else to do so.

    Also, he has more faith in that board than I do. I filed a complaint against a surgeon several years ago, and not only was he not censured, Murkowski put him ON THE BOARD ! Please note that the state's peer review board DID honor my complaint and DID censure this surgeon. And it was not for malpractice, but for an ongoing anger management problem this surgeon had with more than a few patients. My complaint was not the first they had heard of this surgeon.

  7. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Can a citizen bring a complaint before the Board? If so, I suggest Gryphen/other AK based bloggers do that.

    Great commentary from the doc.

  8. Anonymous5:55 PM

    It seems to me you would not have to be a physician to file a complaint with the Alaska medical licensing board regarding Dr. Baldwin-Johnson. I think you would only need to be a resident of Alaska. However, if Dr. Baldwin-Johnson works at a clinic that receives federal funding, I think any taxpayer should be able to file a complaint.

    Gryphen, quite the excellent story today! Dr. ?, thank you for your insight. Gryphen, have any of the doctors you have spoken with said whether or not the "baby shower" Trig or B.S. Trig shows signs of DS or not?

  9. What an eloquent post by the doctor. Did you see that the Cee of Pee folks are actually calling attention to your ear discovery?

  10. Anonymous5:58 PM

    WOW. just WOW.

    Way to go, Gryphen.

  11. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn6:00 PM

    "The Alaska State Medical Board has the opportunity - and the authority - and the responsibility - to open this abscess to the fresh air and bright sunlight that will bring about its cure."

    And I really, really, really hope they do. However, look what AK has done in obscuring and denying the rest of the Palin family's antics. Can a possible investigation of CBJ be taken to a national level, since SP ran for VP?

    Great reporting Gryphen, and an intriguing, well written must-read by the physician. Thanks to you both!

  12. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Why don't you name the doctor, and then we can verify if the statement is accurate?

  13. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Wow. Just Wow.

  14. Is there any reason why these doctors choose to remain anonymous? It would help silence the critics and perhaps move this into the MSM if we had verifiable names behind these expert statements.

    And to those who think we are crazy to think SP faked a pregnancy because they can't conceive that anyone in the public eye would risk such a thing, I have three words: J. F. K.

    Do you think in 1962 that any American would have believed that the Camelot President was sneaking women into the WH for late night trysts? Anyone who suggested such a thing would have been burned at the stake. We bought the myth then, just as the Palinbots are buying the Palin myth now. Poor suckers.

  15. Wow, Gryphen - amazing work.
    I can recall some posters suggesting putting CBJ in the hot seat (starting months ago).
    Most are reluctant, since it cannot be denied that CBJ has done good things for children in the State of AK.
    Sorry that a doctor of CBJ's status maybe thrown under the Palin bus. But the truth must prevail - CBJ would not be SP's first victim (by a long shot) IF, in fact, CBJ was complicit.
    What a sorry mess ms. quittypants leaves in her wake.

  16. Anonymous6:14 PM

    "Slam, Bam, Thank you" Sir!

    This is the groundbreaker Gry. It is!

  17. Dr. X,

    Thank you for summarizing a path forward, from a medical professional's perspective. It is helpful to those of us who are not familar with such investigation pathways, but have long felt that some scrutiny was appropriate.

  18. Re: onejrkitty:
    I agree with you totally. This physician seems to be very honest but I question the ethics of many state medical boards. It is an "old boy/old girl" network. The watchword is "protect your own". I hate to say he sounds naive but he does. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson would have alot to lose if she was actually involved. I can imagine should she be called before the medical board to elude the truth at all costs. The board would probably "believe her" to avoid scandal.
    Please give us an update. Have you heard from Palin's attorney? I remember when you announced that the Palin's were divorcing, you heard from Van Flea very quickly.

  19. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Wow! Has there been any response to any of this from our favorite ghost writers and the Quitter Twitter Queen yet?

    Good job Gryphen!!!

  20. Anonymous6:22 PM

    If a request for investigatopn must come from Doctors then perhaps each and every alaskan should contact his or her doctor and request they do the right thing! Call your doctor! Call your hospital administrators! Call your hospital boards! None of the above want to alianiate patients.

  21. .
    Are you saying the doctors won't come forward and put their names to their opinions because they are afraid of lawsuits or some kind of retribution? I guess in the "kill the abortion doctor" mentality, this makes sense.

    (It would be nice if people who ask questions weren't treated like trolls. It makes it hard to have a discussion or ask a legitimate question.)

  22. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Where is CBJ now? Is she still practicing in the Valley?

  23. Anonymous6:30 PM

    I'm sure when this hits the MSM the Dr. will go on the record...which should he give his name now? So all you bots can harass him?
    I hope this Dr. will proceed to file a complaint with the board in Alaska against CJB. Get the ball rolling here.
    Another medical person posted about
    the little ear TriG, and that manbe he passed. I hope not but remember
    Rep Gatto passing the "stillbirth bill"?
    There are so many "funny" things around the Paylins, oh and Davis, well he was hurt so bad that he and Toad had to quit, but guess what? He was on Baby Eddie's show today??? You would think he would be at a drs getting treatment?
    Frauds all of them!

  24. I wonder how much the Palins or the RNC or whoever paid CBJ to keep quiet? I bet CBJ received a nice lump sum of 'hush' money. Plus I am sure CBJ needed money since she is not able to openly practice anymore due to her involvement with Sarah Palin. I read something once on the Alaska Report how CBJ used to be a visible person in Wasilla and now hardly noone sees her. This happened after the birth of Trig. I wonder why she went in hiding.

  25. Gasman6:34 PM

    The lack of a birthdate for Trig in Dr. Cathy Cathy Baldwin-Johnsons letter still seems quite odd. Could Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson have been carefully parsing her words and been unwilling to go that final distance in this subterfuge? You Alaskans need to be pestering your state medical board to look into this issue. This now calls into question the welfare of at least TWO children.

    How extensive is this coverup? Have actual crimes been committed? This is no longer a personal issue for the Palins, this is about the integrity of the medical profession in Alaska and the welfare of at least two children who appear to be little more than window decorations for Pallin's V.P. pageant.

    Alaskan doctors, this is your cue. Call the Alaskan Medical Board and demand an investigation. If none is forthcoming, ask publicly why not.

  26. anon. @ 6:02 - So, the doctor should give out his name, huh?
    So the crazies in the pee cult can set his house on fire, shoot his dog, and worse?
    I don't think so.
    Cult members at pee zoo accuse us of being afraid of SP.
    Got that right. Have you noticed what happens to those who cross her?

  27. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Congratulations, Gryphen. You've put the final nail in the coffin.

  28. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I hadn't seen the letter from Cathy Baldwin-Johnson prior to this. I may be wrong but I seriously doubt she would put her medical career in jeopardy by lying about Sarah giving birth to Trig. On the other hand, she is being very evasive in only providing a date of 2008 rather than an actual date of birth. I am so lost on all of this. Can someone help me with all of this??

  29. cyber history6:35 PM

    ~~~ 5:52 PM ~~~
    She harms the environment and vulnerable people. Sarah P. has a lot to answer. She will lie, the sooner she is under oath the better. When the medical community gets together, writes a public letter and wants answers things will happen. Dr. Baldwin-Johnson is a Christian or a Christianist. Historians must thoroughly vet the letter, it is cyber history. Dr. Baldwin-Johnson must be scrutinized. Questions all around her and her operations. A sick community needs healing and Dr. Baldwin-Johnson can do that when she tells the truth in an open court.

  30. Anonymous6:39 PM

    I am unimpressed. I know doctors too, and just because one doctor is willing to say this, of course not publically, it does not change my mind on THIS subject. Of course, I agree that it is malpractice, but doesn't the patient have to be the one to bring up malpractice claims for the board to investigate?

    I don't believe for a second she told Sarah Palin to board the plane in active labor. (I don't believe she was in labor.)

    I am just not falling for two baby theories. I see the similarities in the ears.

  31. Anne NC6:43 PM

    As to those who asked why the doctor remains anonymous, can you recall what just happened with the judges that Crazies4P threatened with email and phone calls? Even if he hadn't asked to remain anonymous, it is in his best interest to do so. What he said is not naive as I don't know anyone in the medical community, being a Pediatric nurse Practitioner, that would have recommended to a 44 year old high risk patient whose water had broken that she get on a plane, no matter how long the ride. He is also not naive in thinking that CBJ could easily lose her license if there is anything not on the level in $P's records regarding the birth of Trig.

    The only person in this whole story who is naive is $P in thinking she can get away with this without any problem.

  32. Anonymous6:44 PM

    THIS is the lead to pursue. A doctor whose license might be on the line is bound to talk at some point. From what I've read, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson is a respected physician. There's no way she'll risk her entire career to perpetuate Palin's lies.

  33. Anonymous6:46 PM

    For those who ask that the physician's identity be revealed, I would remind you that there are some tough conservative bloggers who have no qualms about threatening people, their families and at their place of work. A favorite blog mistress was shut down by one such bully, threatening to expose details that would be upsetting for her husband's medical practice. If you need any more proof of how violent and nasty these people are, kindly revisit the threats made against the judge hearing the custody case between Bristol and Levi.

    Gryphen has presented one person's very well written point of view. I appreciate his detective and reporting skills, doing far more than the McCain vetting team, the MSM and the Alaska press combined.

    If there are different points of view, air them, especially if there are facts to back them up. If not, threating this physician will not change the facts. Dr.CBJ's statement always seemed suspect, from the sloppy signature and decetive wording. Why did Dr.CBJ omit Sarah's two miscarriages, especially the one that was called an "abortion" before the white out got to it.

    Great work, Grypen!

  34. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Hello!!!! Thank you!!!! I have been suggesting that we complain to the state licensing board for a year now - started this suggestion with Audrey at PD. I have known in my heart that the key to this breaking would be by going after CBJ. It's her license and I do not think she is willing to lose it for SArah Palin, despite their common religious beliefs.

  35. Bravo! The truth is out there.

  36. crystalwolf aka caligrl6:53 PM

    Yes Ella! They are not above Shooting innocent dogs or burning houses or causing plane crashes!
    And Stalking Alaskan bloggers houses!
    The Dr. should just file a complaint and later tell us what came of it.

    Oh yes Gryphen you are right the peezon has a special post on you.
    I have heard them claim if you attack Sarah you are attacking all of us! Jim Jones anyone????
    Lemming following her off a steep cliff?

  37. Anonymous6:53 PM

    wow~ maybe some people are starting to pay attention...
    sorry grifter granny..."karma is a bitch'

  38. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Am an outsider here, but I checked the State of Alaska Ombudsman site. The Ombudsman investigates citizen complaints against state government agencies and employees. If Dr. CBJ was employee of the State of State agency, could this open the door for possible answers?

  39. Anonymous6:54 PM

    In all fairness to CBJ there is no evidence whatsoever she actually wrote that letter. In fact the letter fails the smell test on several levels. In addition to the extremely carefully parsed language, it appears to be printed on forged letterhead and signed with a forged signature.

  40. Wonderful article Gryphen.
    And thank you Doctor!! As an RN, I have been wondering for a longtime why CBJ has not been brought before a review board.

  41. I dont hold much hope on the medical licensing board. Something else needs to have weight. Is falsly filling out a tribal health acceptance form a felony?

  42. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Each and every person who comes here trying to sound oh SO reasonable while denying the evidence of EVERYONE'S eyes that those are two different babies, is stating loudly and clearly that Gryphen's arrow hit the bullshit eye on SP.

  43. Anonymous6:57 PM

    To Anonymous 6:39, you are in heavy denial.

    The similarity you see in the ears must be that they are attached to the head. Otherwise, you must have a poor internet connection or you need to put on some good glasses.

    At least you don't believe Palin was pregnant, but you have to be concerned that Palin is the one who put the good doctor's name in play. She didn't have to say she talked directly to her personal physician, but she did to add some sort of credibility to her claim.

    I've wondered if she is still one of the doctor's patients after that little gig.

  44. anon at, a patient does not have to complain for a Dr to be brought before a medical review board. And if CBJ didn't tell her it was okay to fly--then it exposes another one of Sarahs lies.
    Personally I think the "belly bumpit" was safe and sound during the flight back to Alaska.

  45. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Wonder why CBJ didn't have Palin go to a hospital with a NICU? Good question to put to CBJ.

  46. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Any patient or family member can file a complaint with the Medical Licensing Board. On the other hand, filing a complaint doesn't mean the Board will find against a physician.

  47. kdusmdd7:03 PM

    Grypen...I'm a Southerner...born, raised and live in the South. One of our greatest phraises of affection is..." I just love you to death"...and that is soooo true. I love you for bringing this awful "woman" into the light.

  48. "Cathy Baldwin-Johnson would have a lot to lose if she was actually involved."

    She's involved, all right. If she isn't actually an active part of the mess, she's certainly covering for Palin, in itself a giant problem.

    I've been suspicious of her ever since I saw that letter the first time. For one thing, there is the lack of actual information, and for another, why does she feel the need to point out that she has changed jobs? Whole thing is pretty poor performance on her part (as a physician, as a private person I could care less what she does).

    And as to retribution, you bet. Furthermore, there are different ethics considerations for those in the trade when it comes to reporting issues....At least you can take some solace in knowing that you have one physician (I suspect there are many, but one who is willing to speak up) with a clear sense of professional behavior in the medical field; thanks to him!

    One can only hope the state licensing board up there has better ethics than the legislators in these matters of deceit, waste of taxpayers' monies, and most of all the ability to have trust in one's elected officials: this happened while she was still governor and everyone involved, no matter how slightly, should be held accountable.

  49. Sarah certainly gave the impression that her doctor approved of her flying back to AK. But Sarah's doctor did NOT give her an okay to fly. CBJ, went on record with the ADN:

    "Palin did not ask for a medical OK to fly, the doctor said.”

    The statement is very carefully worded. Of course, if Sarah wasn't pregnant.....

  50. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Once again, G-man, you bring it home.

  51. imnofred7:09 PM

    I hate to pee on the parade, but even if this all turns out to be true, it will not stop Robo-Palin.

    She will play the victim card, blame the "lamestream" media for picking on her, and Fox will back her 100% along with plenty of airtime to claim it's all a lie.

    She seems to be like "Teflon" John Gatti, she does a whole lot of stuff and doesn't ever pay a price.

  52. Anonymous7:11 PM

    here is the link to complaint form

  53. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Except for the top outer ear, the ear looks the same.

    The change in the outer ear is easily explained by the soft cartilage of a newborn. Could I add....a premature newborn?

    In the last post, in the comments, I suggested that having a doctor come forward and attest to this would be a help. It didn't happen. Last post was 4 anonymous docs. This time one anonymous doc.

    I am not a troll. I think Sarah is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the public. But the argument that there are 2 - no three! - Trigs - is still totally unproven. To me, it is simply wishful thinking till there is at least a shred of evidence.

    Gryphen, forget the unnamed doctor. In the entire U.S., you must be able to find one that will be named, that actually can be shown to know what he is talking about. If not, you have no right to put up this story.

    Yes. The question (provide the doctor's name) needs to be answered. And yes, you can call me and others trolls once again. That doesn't prove the point. You have gotten lost in your campaign to take down Palin....


  54. Ratfish7:15 PM

    Why doesn't someone file a complaint against the doctor with the medical board?

    Then, I assume, she would have to disclose the missing facts, and one way or the other, the story would be told.

  55. Anonymous7:17 PM

    But imnofred, Teflon John eventually died in prison. Miss Sarah will get her karmic retribution eventually.

  56. Sarah is a fraud. I know.


  57. Simply

    Huzzah! Huzzah! For you Gryphen a thousand and one Huzzahs!

  58. Gryph,

    Thanks for these informative posts! Your blog actually got me addicted to the blogosphere and the internet news cycle. I have always been politically active but the election of Obama and the threat of opponents like Palin particularly enerigized me, and I have been waiting with baited breath since June for the news you've promised to break. I sense we've seen the tip of the iceberg, and I trust you can work with your sources to expose even more damaging evidence of this controversy. So long as you do it before November of this year to help to illustrate the hypocrisy of the Republican party before the midterm elections, I think you and your compatriots at Palingates et al. can literally earn a place in the history books as the next Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

  59. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Anonymous @6:46 PM

    People should be careful. Read that form carefully, especially the penalty clause.

  60. Sarah is an outright FRAUD7:24 PM

    "She seems to be like "Teflon" John Gatti, she does a whole lot of stuff and doesn't ever pay a price."

    You seem to forget that she quit being a governor after just two years in office!

  61. Just when we thought things couldn't get any crazier........they did.

    Yet again!

    CBJ had a sterling reputation until she got involved with $P. Bet she rues the day THAT happened. I'm thinking she's between the proverbial rock and hard place. I feel really sorry for her. Hope my feelings are not misplaced.

  62. imnofred @ 7:09 Are you aware that John Gotti died in PRISON a few years ago? I think that the Teflon wore off.


  63. There has to be another way to get the questions answered besides the medical board.

    Since CBJ said she didn't ok the Dallas to Anchorage flight, how can she be brought before the medical board. She also never has specifically said she delivered Sarah's baby in 2008. I don't think Sarah's ever used CBJ's name either.

    The MSM doesn't need the name of the doctor's Gryphen consulted. All they need to do is take the pictures to their own medical expert.

  64. emrysa7:33 PM

    reading that letter from cbj again... that paragraph about sarah's last pregnancy is just so out of place - sticks out like a sore thumb. it has nothing to do with sarah. I wonder if the reason cbj stays quiet is the same reason that others stay quiet. maybe at this point she doesn't feel safe. curt menard was a really good friend of sarah's, too....

  65. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Dr Disappearo may be licenced and she may be respected, but when the ADN decided to investigate Babygate why did they need to interview Dr Disappear in the presence of her lawyer?

  66. Thanks for the post tonight Gryphen, and Dr. Whoever You Are. It does seem very strange that Dr. Baldwin should have become such a recluse after the birth of Trig. To me this speaks volumes. The truth will out sooner or later.

  67. Anonymous7:42 PM

    I am thrilled to death that someone has brought this up. I don't know what Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnson's role is in all of this but maybe she's been threatened too? Anyone ever think about that? No one has ever suggested that she is anything but an absolutely repected doctor who has done lots of good work with abused teens! I can't figure everything but maybe Sarah went to Cathy Baldwin Johnson and begged her to help at the last minute somehow. Shocked she agrees but has no idea what level Sarah will expect her to lie to. There was a post on Audrey's blog a long time ago that compared Sarah's statements to Cathy Baldwin Johnsons. CBJ did talk to the media a few times in the days right after the baby was supposedly born and then... nada... nothing... zip... zilch. Even when a simple statement that she attended the birth and the whole conspiracy was nonsense could have laid this all to rest 24 hours after it started. And she's never been willing to do this. No matter what anyone thinks about photographic evidence or lack thereof or tight abs or whatever, Cathy Baldwin Johnson's complete ongoing silence and total reluctance to come forward should give everyone real cause to wonder just wtf really happened.

    Who knows what she might have been threatened with? This doctor might be a victim as much as anything else and might welcome the opportunity to come clean once and for all. Anyone think about that?

  68. Anonymous7:42 PM

    here is an observation from the outside. i'm not left or right, but i am a parent of a down's child.
    i see a large disconnect between palin and trig. i never expected to hear of this issue, but i saw trig was nothing less than a prop during the campaign. and that's not just politics. that's no emotional connection between the two. if this story is true, it makes my observation mild at best.regardless of palin, trig does not deserve this!!!

  69. Anonymous7:43 PM

    As much as I loathe Palin I still don't get why she would do this.

    If Trig was born in April, she as not even a "blip" on the McCain campaign screen until August at the earliest. McCain was gung ho to include LIeberman on the ticket so that kind of shoots down that theory.

    If Trig is supposed to belong to Bristol, it would appear that there were merely scant weeks between is birth and Tripp's conception, surely you would think that somehow Bristol would have been put immediately on some form of contraception rather than to take the chance of this happening again.

    Levi would know the inside on this and it would appear to me at least that this is the ammunition needed to assist him with this lawsuit of visitation and child support.

    Somebody help me to get to the same place as the rest as I am having difficulty connecting the dots. Granted the difference in the ear size is unusual but I am unable to judge what her motive would be in all this, much as I would like to see her taken down.

  70. Anonymous7:43 PM

    She either faked it all OR she has extremely poor judgement/act of negligence

    its either one or the other and blogs media have not framed it correctly

    both are core sanity questions

  71. Anonymous7:44 PM

    "Teflon" John Gatti? Gatto? Didn't he die in prison?

  72. SallynGarland,Tx7:49 PM

    Well Baby Jane must be posting at sea of pee--says you need a rat attached to your door. Lovely people. They also said something about your address and google earth. They really aren't very smart about the threatening things they post. They should be turned in.

  73. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Sorry Fred. The crazy is just too big for this to be spun away.

  74. Sharon in FL7:54 PM

    Gryphen, For the second time today, I find myself saying "WOW".
    Thank you Mystery Doctor for taking an interest in this.

    Under no circumstances, should that doctor's identity be released. Under no circumstances should that doctor "file a complaint" and then report back to us. As the lone doctor filing the complaint, I'm sure that his identity would be instantly publicized. (That isn't an accusation against the Board, it's simply saying look who we're dealing with). I say protect the doctor's identity at all costs as Gryphen is doing.

    Wasn't Curtis Menard's mother on the Board of the hospital where CBJ was on the staff at the time "Trig was born"? The same Mrs. Menard, Sr. who is now an AK state Senator? Bigger fish have fallen around the country for a lot less than this but everybody up there needs to proceed with caution.

    Thank you Gryphen. Thank you Mystery Doctor. It's refreshing to see examples of integrity such as you both display.

  75. Sharon in FL8:01 PM

    I'm not 100% sure that Fox will back her if her behavior is too over the top. Last night I went on C4P, looking for Adrienne Ross' campaign to call the sponsors of Family Guy and to "be sure to call Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes and FoxNews". She said to call Murdoch, Ailes & Fox first and had published everyone's phone numbers. I couldn't find Adrienne's post and couldn't find any mention of the telephone bombardment campaign.

    IMO, Fox slapped Sarah's hands. It's not nice to bite the hand that feeds you.

  76. Anonymous8:04 PM

    This will be the scandal of the century .

  77. Anonymous8:24 PM

    What does Levi and Mercedes have to say about this?

  78. Anonymous8:25 PM

    sister's lawyer will make a fortune on this...she'll NEED a PAC and a SAC and a RAC or maybe a HACK to raise enough dollars just to pay him.... even running for dog catcher after she tries to pay her legal bills from this little dust up should be interesting....

    Good job Gryphen... keep rockin...

  79. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Emrysa, I agree. Why all the detail about Trig's birth? It's like she's overexplaining. Maybe CBJ was promised a DC job if McCain/Palin was elected.

    I agree that the good doctor should stay anon. There's a lot of fanatic Palinistas out there.


  80. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Did CBJ arrange an adoption for Sarah, maybe.? Years ago , my aunt didn't have any children one day and the next day she appeared with a baby. A doctor called her from the hospital, said we have a baby for you and that was it. I don't know the details but no one has ever known, or found out, who the birth parents were. My aunt had a lot of money and I am sure some money changed hands.--small town town talk was she "bought" her baby.

  81. Anonymous8:32 PM


  82. WTF?

    I mean, seriously, WTF? I've been thinking about this all day. What does it mean? She used two babies? Where did they come from? What happened to the first one? That's what is making me nauseated. What happened to that first baby?

    I wish there was some way to get federal investigators in there. I don't trust Alaskan investigators.

    As far as CBJ goes: remember almost everything we have about her role comes from Sarah. I think CBJ has only ever been questioned once, and she brought an attorney and clammed up. But I would not take Sarah's word for anything, including what direction the sunrise is, let alone professional medical practice, about which she knows somewhat less than she does about thermonuclear physics.

    CBJ may have already been questioned by the state Board of Professional Practice, or whatever it's called. We wouldn't necessarily hear about it, would we? And if she says, "Yes, I have been Sarah's doctor in the past; No, Sarah was not pregnant; and No, Sarah did not ask permission to fly since she wasn't pregnant to begin with; No, I don't know at all why she said I had induced her labor, I never saw her, and No, I did not write the fakey looking letter."

    Who would you believe? I mean, hands down, I'd believe CBJ before I'd believe Sarah. Heck, I'd believe a hamster before Sarah.

    But what happened to the first baby?

    What was going on that made faking a pregnancy, presenting somebody else's baby as your own in public, and then swapping it out for another baby, look like the SMART decision?

    What happened to that first baby? Alaska must have two federal prosecutors like all the other states, right? Can somebody take this information to them?

    Is that baby okay?

  83. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Gryphen the peezoo is mad!
    They have emailed your blog to RUSH!!!
    Good way for the MSM to get involved, no?

  84. Anonymous8:35 PM

    I don't think CBJ had anything to do with the sloppy medical report, that was all Sarah and the McCain people. After the report came out what could CBJ do, she's between a rock and a hard place,so she is silent.

  85. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Anonymous said...7:43pm

    If Trig was born in April, she as not even a "blip" on the McCain campaign screen until August at the earliest. McCain was gung ho to include LIeberman on the ticket so that kind of shoots down that theory.

    Check over at Palingates for their l-o-n-g thread about the MSNBC e-mails. Somewhere buried in there are posts related an e-mail dated in APRIL 2008 from a 'friend' mentioning "good luck with the VP".

    Timing is everything with S'error.

    PMom (GA)

  86. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Something critical to think about:

    Find/save all calendars related to S'error as governor that cover from August 2007 thru August 2008. Somewhere in there is a treasure trove of info on the switcheroo timeline.

    PMom (GA)

  87. Gyalist8:50 PM

    Andrea Gusty and Bill McAllister are others that should be made to answer questions under oath. They know far more than they are letting on.

    There's nothing like the prospect of
    jail time to refresh the memory and loosen the tongue. Would they go to jail to protect Palin?

  88. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Didn't CBJ lose her hospital privileges?

    If yes, this switcheroo could be why she lost them.

    Timeline anyone for CBJ/hospital....

    PMom (GA)

  89. Anonymous8:55 PM

    8:29 PM
    Buying babies and children are part of the human trafficking racket. Highly criminal. All do gooders are not good. The federal agents that handle human trafficking should look at the different switched Trigs to surmise what is happening. They are trained to spot things. The part naked Trig and all the neglect flags pointed out.

  90. Purple Alaska9:01 PM

    And how large does "the insanity" loom when she has STILL been lying about Trig's illusive birth...even as late as a couple weeks ago, while stompin' with the Texas Gov.

    Once this farce FINALLY breaks ~ I hope the MSM will reveal EVERY instance that she has used, abused and callously LIED about a child who is indeed the innocent.

    Pink Handcuffs would be too good for one who perfected the art of lying~ stemming back for decades now....

    Someone might want to consider securing the movie rights, for the untold story will be a blockbuster. Sad, but true.

  91. LisanTX9:02 PM

    According to Van Flein's documents that he released to TMZ, he is going to take Levi's deposition on Wednesday. With all this coming out, can you imagine the atmosphere of the deposition? Talk about bizarre and stressful! Of course, the parties could agree to reschedule the depo, especially if Sarah has diverted Van Flein onto something else. I'd love to be in VF's office now or in Butler's office and hear the conversations going on.

  92. Anonymous9:03 PM

    As other have noticed, crumpled ear Trig has a chiseled, straight nose and rounded ear Trig has a little button nose.

    CBJ is probably feeling pretty sick about now. She was probably a decent woman before she was involved with the toxic behavior of SP.

  93. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Personally I cannot stand the thought of this woman ever being in charge of an army, but.....................

    At first the ear looked totally different to me. But then I looked at the lower half of the ear (best comparison on Hypocrites and Heffalump Traps) and it looks like it could maybe be the same ear.

    My friends daughter was born with a club foot. They did nothing but massage it and by 9 months it was completely normal.

    I guess I'm saying that I think I need a little more proof! anne

  94. Anon 8:35 pm,

    I agree with you. There was an evaluation of the CBJ letter and it was quite suspicious. A number of areas were pointed to as questionable. I have always thought the letter was created by Palin, perhaps with the help of an advisor.

    I have never understood why Palin and/or the campaign bothered in the first place. To release the letter in the final hours of the campaign, when it was so irrelevant ---- why did they bother. The question of her medical history had long ceased to be of any interest. Am I forgetting something here????

    CBJ may have helped out with Bristol during her pregnancy, she may have even helped get the loaner baby. The rest, Sarah used her and threw her under the bus.

    She is not totally innocent in the scheme.

  95. "Governor Palin has been seen as a patient in our clinic since 1991. I have been her family physician since 1997. Over the past 17 years, Governor Palin has been in very good health. Her visits have been related to routine women's health care and pregnancy. She had four term deliveries in 1989, 1990, 1994, 2000, and one pre-term delivery at 35 weeks gestation in 2008."

    That quickly raises two questions: 1.) Why, in the context of Palin's overall health and health issues over the past 17 years, and focusing primarily on pregnancies, did Baldwin make no reference to Palin's two partial-term miscarriages? and 2.) Did Baldwin pull the rug out from under Palin's claim of having had two miscarriages, revealing it to have been nothing more than another sick, manipulative ploy for sympathy and attention?

    I feel for you, Gryph. It's difficult to sort things out on the other side of the looking glass where reality and illusion blend, and the variables in every question are more than doubled.

  96. CBJ is a grown up. If someone uses her name she is responsible to speak up or she claims it. She may be part of a Dodson, Palin and many babies deal. What matters is that she goes on record, along with others to get to the truth. There must be enough to present something to the DoJ. The corrupt state is part of problem. I don't think well of state or their medical board. They do need to be hammered about doing something along with others.

  97. Anonymous9:21 PM

    PMom (GA),
    I do not know of CBJ losing her hospital privileges. She worked in Anchorage and with a help the children home the last I heard.

    Whether CBJ was a sloppy letter writer or not she is central to Trig questions about flights, birth, ears and who knows what. It screams for forensics.

  98. Wow. Truth from the ears of babes. So now we have not one, but two (or three?) DS kids to be accounted for. I believe you, Gryphen, but I've been following the story for a long time. This new wrinkle (Palin's Rent-a-Trig?) will raise eyebrows among those who haven't. It's another nail in the coffin, but I think you need a bigger hammer to drive it in.

    Without taking exception to anything the anonymous doctor says, I think most of it is beside the point, and his opinions would allow the Palinistas to brand him a "Palin-hater" and fair game for harassment if his name were disclosed. Surely there are other licensed physicians (not necessarily Alaskans) reading this blog willing to go on record with a simple statement that, in their professional opinions, these photographs (assuming they have not been altered or retouched) depict two separate infants, and that the kind of ear deformity displayed does not disappear without surgery. That will whack the nail in.

  99. Anonymous9:22 PM


    Have your heard from your bud, VanFlea? He knows the real truth...and over lunch that day, he was fishing to test the extent of your knowledge.

    I tell ya....the SILENCE is deafening!

    We appreciate your due-diligence; and the conciseness of the Physician's voice.

  100. junasie149:25 PM

    Even if CBJ claimed she did not write the letter herself or authorize anyone else to write it under her name, wouldn't she be committing fraud by allowing it to be presented to the public as her letter? Wouldn't her continued silence about a forged document make her complicit in whatever deception Sarah was perpetrating?

    And even if she could claim to not know what Sarah was up to, wouldn't she still have a responsibility to speak out about the letter when she saw how it was being used to deceive the electorate (i.e. influence an election) in some official or professional capacity?

    In a best-case scenario (for her), where she didn't write the letter or advise Sarah that it was ok to fly, I'm wondering what legal responsibility, if any, she would still have here?

  101. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Found this pic of Levi holding Tripp, I assume. It has been cropped. Look at the left side below the writing on the t-shirt. Strange. Looks like an infant's arm.

  102. People are not being called trolls because they disagree with Gryphen's contention. The web definition of a troll includes people who post the same thing over and over (such as the same "I found this on google" post), people who post under different names (or under Anonymous and then say things like "I agree with Anonymous at 9:15...." and people who make posts that don't look at the evidence (everyone here, I think, is mature enough to handle an "I don't see it" post) but just says things like "You guys are crazy."

    This isn't the sea of pee. Posts that disagree aren't deleted. But anyone who posts as Anonymous and expects to be taken seriously just has to accept that they've placed themselves in a position that makes them look very much like the pee-ers. I hope that the serious people, who just don't want to post with a name, will just accept that and keep coming up with reasonable thoughts to share.

  103. Anonymous9:42 PM

    My understanding is that birth records are searchable public documents. Why wouldn't the Palin's youngest son's birth statistics appear on a simple search?

  104. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Keith Olbermann mentions Sarah Palin and eludes to her having had an abortion....

  105. A reminder to the Sarah fans -- Trig is not baby Jesus. Get over it.

    Thank you, Gryph, for bringing this story to light. I hope it will help the whole truth about Trig to finally be revealed. Stay strong.

  106. Anonymous9:54 PM


    There were groups formed back in 2007 pushing for $P for VP so that might be why the email mentioned the vp position.

  107. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Rob 7:14,
    Would you like to borrow my glasses? Ears both the same and the lame excuse of soft tissue, premature, etc. blah, blah, blah...

    Someone mentioned CJB had a great reputation before getting involved with Palin. Really? You know that? NO YOU DON'T. Unless you are up someone's butt 24/7, you don't actually know anyone -- Husbands, kids, relatives, friends, doctors, teachers, etc. You think you know them but in truthful honesty -- you know them by what they have told you or seen them do -- no more. A simple example is the number of marriages broken up by affairs that the spouse never knew about. Think about it!!

    She very well could have skeletons in her closet (I have no proof she does or doesn't, but you never know especially dealing with an association with Palin), which her 'patients' or staff or possibly no one would ever have known about. As a patient, even in AK, you aren't privy to personal issues or say an example of possible malpractice that no one complained about. That's why I always find it funny when people say they 'know someone'. Really???

    People who have kids that collect a stash of guns and go on a shooting spree don't know their kids that live with them, so why would you think 'you know the real doctor'.

    Having said CJB may have skeletons in her closet, this may have been something that Palin or Toad learned about through the use of all the private information they would be able to obtain by using the "Governor's office" of which we suspected Toad being too hands on via Troopergate, but has been confirmed by way of the emails released and so much info redacted and personal email accounts -- so many possibilities arise for shady stuff going on and which Toad not being elected or sworn in, wouldn't be held accountable for under the use of Governor's office unless proof arises of illegal actions.

    If the medical letter released publicly the night before the election and is in fact a fraudulent letter, CBJ had the responsibility to disclose that publicly immediately upon her learning about same that it was in fact not her medical letter or signature. It would have been faxed in that they were not in AK to receive it being on the campaign trail. If it is a fraudulent letter and she has not notified anyone, namely law enforcement, she has become a party of the fraud. You wonder as she did seem to slither under a rock for a very long time after the election.

    Again, as I mentioned skeletons in CBJ's closet -- if Palin and Toad knew of any, they may have used them against her in order to transact the letter fraud. Money exchanged?? We can toss the words possible blackmail in there too. Who knows. When either one of those two are 'crossed', never turn your back to them.

    This may be even bigger than CBJ and the medical licensing board -- for all parties.

    It has been posted elsewhere a short time ago that CJB is practicing at a clinic. I don't recall which one but it can easily be found.

    One in an orange jumpsuit has been on my wish list but two in orange jumpsuits would be like winning a lottery! As for CJB, her licence would be sufficient.

  108. Alaska law provides that birth certificates don't become public records for 100 years.

    CBJ has no duty, under civil or criminal law, to correct Mrs. Todd Palin's claim that the letter came from her. I have no idea what the medical board requires of its physicians.

  109. Rationalist10:03 PM

    Here are my thoughts about CBJ:

    Palin’s office announced Trig's birth on April 18th, and a reporter interviewed her parents. Sarah’s dad mentioned that the water had broken, which Sarah didn’t expect. Soon after, a reporter began to ask Sarah questions about the birth story.

    That’s where Palin dragged the doctor into it. Since Palin had claimed she called her doctor, CBJ had to either deny there was a conversation, very publicly calling Palin a liar, or agree that there was, which made her then accountable for advising Palin to fly during a high-risk pregnancy while leaking amniotic fluid. She issued a statement that it was “not unreasonable for her to fly back to Alaska,” then refused to answer any other questions and has refused ever since. In the next couple of days, Palin went on to elaborate on the birth story, Jon Lovitz-style (“The water broke…but it wasn’t really labor…that’s the ticket…”), with facts changing several times, including later adding the detail that labor was ultimately induced.

    And then…the story faded away. Before McCain picked her, no one outside Alaska really knew who she was. Palin was really popular in Alaska, and before the VP announcement, people saw her as a uniter.

    Meanwhile, Bristol got pregnant again. Then in August, McCain chose Palin as his running mate. Palin accepted the nomination, and that night the rumors about Trig blew up on the internet. Palin had nothing to give as proof except Bristol, so the McCain campaign outed Bristol a couple of days later as “about five months pregnant.”

    CBJ must have balked at releasing Palin’s records, but she was already irrevocably joined to the crazy (malpractice-worthy) birth story, and she was under significant pressure from the campaign to come up with something. So either she

    a. agreed to allow her signature on a letter to be used by the McCain campaign, or

    b. accepted the idea that because it was electronic she could deny having authorized it, or

    c. they released the letter without her consent. The campaign buried the letter, releasing it at 10:30 pm November 2nd. As expected, Obama’s election eclipsed it and no one followed up.

    I'm sure she's been waiting for the other shoe to drop ever since.

  110. Somewhere is a form that will need closer scrutiny and clarification. Thus is where evidence is found. Think of all the forms that were filled out in the last two years. There has to be one that is haunting.

  111. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Boy you sure got the bunch at C4P's panties in wad over this story. One wants to nail a rat to your door, another wants to use violence on you, and on it goes. What a sorry bunch over there. They have Gryph's picture, and all they can talk about is his EARS???

    What a group to stay away from.

  112. Anonymous10:16 PM

    9:42 PM
    That is not how they do it in Alaska.
    Can you find the birth records?

  113. Anonymous10:32 PM

    9:39 PM
    Anonymous said...
    My understanding is that birth records are searchable public documents. Why wouldn't the Palin's youngest son's birth statistics appear on a simple search?

    That's not true. Each state has procedures regarding B/Cs. There are some states that have online databases for records, but often they are for people born many years ago.

    Under AK law, access to a birth record becomes public 100 years after the birth.

  114. Anonymous10:44 PM

    You are all delusional if you think anybody is going to do anything to Palin. She is slicker than slick willie. It all slides right off her. The MSM will probably not even mention it, ever. They are too busy covering the birthers.

  115. Anonymous11:04 PM

    If CBJ knew Palin robbed a bank she may not feel obligated to inform authority, however, she could become an accessory after the fact at a later time.

    What CBJ knows is what babies she delivered or not. She (or someone under her name) made a point of listing Palin pregnancies yet 2 pregnancies were neglected.
    Something is very wrong because CBJ would know to list all the correct ones or why bring it up? Sarah went to her clinic for 17 years. CBJ would know how many times Sarah was pregnant. Did someone force CBJ to write an inept letter of lies? Did someone write it for her? Either way it is a lie. Why? Who is responsible? Did McCain know and also lie by omission? It matters because it is a hoax committed against the American people. A crime of the century that messes with voters and votes. Someones know who deceived everyone and they are too guilty to tell. Our voting system is weak and we need to look at the weakness to fix it.

    If CBJ delivered the Trig with the ruffled ear from bio mom Sarah and CBJ knows nothing about any of the babies with different ears, she may not have a problem. If not, then it is a massive criminal undertaking. There is no little bit pregnant, it is either or. The people just want to be heard and get some crucial answers.

  116. SME13111:28 PM

    This is the first of I have seen of this letter from CBJ which adds even more suspicion in my opinion. This letter must have been offered in place of her actual medical records.

    At the time it was made clear Palin had no intentions of ever releasing her medical records, but offering this letter in place of them shows there is much more to hide than a non birth of Trig.

    I have tried very hard to explain away most of the evidence that Trig is not Palin - always unsuccessfully - but I did try to play devils advocate rather than just accept what is offered. With each layer of new evidence it has been harder and harder to explain it away and with this it is impossible.

    I never doubted the crazy bitch lied. I just wanted to know I was looking at all of it objectively.

    I am guessing CBJ knew this day may come but Palin convinced her otherwise. What a sad day for a doctor, yet the payoff must have been there so I hope she goes down with Palin- only not as deep.

    The question now lies with who are these children and who is getting paid to supply them?

    Keep up the good work.

  117. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Why would CBJ risk her license and reputation?

    Perhaps she agrees that Sarah has a "higher calling" (aren't they members of the same church?). Perhaps the Palin's are blackmailing her. Or perhaps she's protecting someone other than Sarah. Doesn't CBJ specialize in working with abused children and teen pregnancies? Maybe she's protecting Bristol or some other young mother who is caught up in this whole thing. Although, given the knowledge she must have about the effects of abuse and her presumed status as a mandated reporter, it would not make sense that she would keep quiet (unless, again, there were threats towards her physical well-being or career...even then, I wouldn't think too highly of a doctor who would save her own neck before protecting a child.)

    It is obvious that there's something weird going on with CBJ. That's a strange letter that doesn't accurately reflect Palin's medical history and minces words regarding the birth of Trig. And she never says she OKed Palin's wild ride. She says that it wasn't unreasonable for Palin to fly back to Alaska. That's hardly a glowing endorsement of Palin's actions, not to mention that it comes in hindsight and protects her own ass.

    Imagine going to the doctor who delivered your children and telling her you needed a letter from her confirming the circumstances of the births of your children. She would plainly state the date and general circumstances and that she was the delivering physician. Why would she do anything else?

  118. Anonymous11:45 PM

    How ironic that Dr. CBJ's letter never states that she was the doctor who DELIVERED Trig – the very reason why McCain and the public demanded the letter from Sarah in the first place. In fact, while the letter states that CBJ was the FAMILY physician, she does not claim to have DELIVERED ANY OF THE PALIN CHILDREN, saying instead that Palin's visits to CBJ's CLINIC (as opposed to her visits to any hospital – where she could have been treated by an entirely different doctor) were related to routine women's health care issues and PREGNANCY – which is not necessarily the same as delivery or neo-natal care). Equally strange is the language "this child, Trig" and "he was able to go home at two days of age with HIS MOTHER" (as opposed to saying, "two days after Mrs. Palin gave birth to him, he was able to go home her") The language of the letter is so well-finessed that it could easily have been written by a lawyer or Palin staff member. IF the letter were forged, I am not sure whether HIPPA would have allowed CBJ to publicly disavow it: that would be an issue for a medical privacy rights lawyer – and court – to resolve.

  119. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Dr. CBJ went out of her way in her statement to explain why she no longer had hospital privileges at the hospital where Trig was allegedly born (she was too "busy" to stay on staff at that hospital).

    As a health care lawyer, I found it beyond bizarre that Dr. CBJ was discussing the chronology of her hospital staff privileges in a medical letter that was ostensibly about Sarah's health.

    Something is "off." There is a story here.

  120. Here's the write-up on what's wrong with the CBJ letter:

    I say CBJ did not write the letter. I say SP faked or altered it and gave it to the RNC to issue, hours before the election.

    Go Gryphen re ears!

  121. The medical and nursing boards are political entities. Guess who appoints the members of the medical board? You got it, the governor. Do you think Parnel made any changes? They will not investigate because they would displease the current regime. They do as they are directed. This includes unethical and dishonest behavior.

  122. BigSlick2:08 AM

    The simplest explanation is that Sarah was indeed pregnant, Trig was born prematurely and mortally deformed, and did not survive. The original Trig may have died from a heart defect which is common in both preemies and Down Syndrome kids - leaving Sarah to adopt another baby and name him Trig as a replacement.

    So what happened to the kid with the curious ears?

  123. Anonymous2:33 AM

    It seems the quickest way to get to the bottom of this is to approach Child Protective Services regards the missing child with the deformed ears. Where is this child now? Who is caring for the missing child?

    This is Amber Alert important.

  124. Anonymous3:02 AM

    Another fantastic post, Gryphen, and thanks very much to the doctor whom you consulted. For those who didn't follow it at the time, here is a link to a longer discussion of the CBJ letter:

    Mind you, this post was done a year ago and additional information and insights have emerged since then -- the omission of any mention of two "miscarriages" as risk factors, and there was also a lively blog "conversation" about some other discrepancies in the letter in the comment section (which was very long).

    For anyone who is somewhat new to this, it is also important to realize that Dr. CBJ was interviewed by Lisa Demer of the Anchorage Daily News, during a period when ADN tried to write a story to put an end to the "nutty nonsense" about Sarah faking Trig's birth. But here's the thing -- they were UNABLE TO DO SO. Dr. CBJ showed up for the ADN interview with her lawyer (who does that?) and, after refusing to confirm the most basic details of the birth story, she did not answer any other questions, on advice of her lawyer. THAT is a smoking gun that has long been overlooked.

    While Dr. CBJ may have gotten into this inadvertently, she is a big girl and should have acted responsibly long ago. There is nothing in HIPAA or any other law that would require her -- or preclude her -- from revealing that the November 3 letter was not authentic, for example. I have long suspected that CBJ was sanctioned by the hospital for her role in the hoax (thus the change in her status), but of course she is still in jeopardy for additional sanctions.

    Along with the need to get the Alaska Medical Board involved, I would urge any physician who is a member of the AAFP to file a complaint, because CBJ was their Family Physician of the year back around 2002, and this letter specifically mentions and exploits that honor, thus potentially tainting the reputation of AAFP.

  125. Anonymous3:25 AM

    Cathy Baldwin has remained a recluse since the election (as someone mentioned in the comments)

    this is odd
    You would think she would be somewhat of a celebrity doctor these days..
    swarms of people would want to use her

  126. Anonymous3:48 AM

    I've had a difficult time wrapping my head around this and why a respected physician would put her license on the line. Then I remembered that this was campaign time with Mrs. Palin as the VP candidate. Did McCain's people put the heat on her and stressed the greater good of having a conservative in office?

  127. Anonymous3:55 AM

    As a nurse, I would not be afraid to file a complaint against CBJ. The main reason could be that CBJ is a family practice physician who has not delivered a slew of babies. TRULY she had NO BUSINESS acting as Palins obstetrician. Sarah's was a(faked) high risk pregnancy. This is out of her scope of practice. Worthy of a report to the board - inducing birth in a high risk pregnancy in an ill equipped hospital is BAD MEDICINE.
    Now factor in the fact that Sarah wasn't realy pregnant and a hoax is perpetrated, I'd report her to the medical board for an ethics violation. Also an ethics violation if her name was used on letters and in the public as the MD and CBJ did NOTHING to clear her name. Nothing.Also illegal on SArah's part.
    Personally, my gut is that CBJ is some whack job rapture church person who believes SArah is anointed to bring on the rapture, and whatever lying she needs to do to help that along is A-OK with her and her god.
    CBJ is the key. I looked up the ethics code of the American Academy of FP physicians and of the AMA.It seems she is in violation.
    As a side note, I can't think of any sane physician who would not run to clear their name when dangerous medical advice is associate with their name. If CBJ was smart she should have said "I told Sarah to get checked out before boarding a flight." The nebulous "it was not unreasonable to fly" is stooopid - of course it is unreasonable for a high risk pregnant woman to fly leaking amniotic fluid - unless she wasn't pregnant. In which case CBJ is perpetrating the fraud.
    Sorry, long winded post but this has been the angle to pursue, I feel, since the beginning.

  128. Anonymous4:03 AM

    This is not just about Palin and CBJ - it involves two, possible three infants, with at least one, or two or possibly three being special needs requiring early intervention, specific medical care, etc.

    It's About The Babies!!! Who are they? Where are their parents? Under what circumstances were they 'rented, 'used' 'switched' 'cared for'?? The state has a strict duty of care and supervision regarding our children's - all children's - welfare.

    If Palin took someone else's child out on the campaign trail. . .well, this just makes me ill to even think of it.

  129. the dingo ate my baby. Can I borrow another?

  130. thanks for the link "Curiouser"....

    As I reread the article... I hadn't realized that Doc Johnson had to "induce labor". I don't know if this is normal or not, or if the mother can request this.

  131. These are my thoughts on CBJ, the Wild Ride and the letter (sorry if they're repetitive): I don't believe that CBJ was involved in SP's "pregnancy" in any way, shape or form. I don't believe that she was called from TX. I don't believe that she met the Palins at the hospital in Palmer (or was it Wasilla), if they even went there that night. I think she had zero involvement. Same with the letter. I think that was forged by the Palin crew. I believe that CBJ was steamrolled into the pregnancy hoax and once it was ON, she felt she had no choice but to keep quiet and make a few half-hearted and confused statements before clamming and lawyering up. After all, she probably knows how dangerous the Palins are.

  132. I have been convinced Sarah Palin faked the pregnancy - there are too many photographs and video in which she is clearly not pregnant. The story never made sense either.

    But what I don't understand is how could they - whoever they are, she can't have done this alone - be so stupid as to substitute a baby with an ear that clearly identifies it as not being the real Trig?

    It's not like it isn't noticeable!

    Great work Gryphen!!!

  133. Sorry, I should've read all the comments. Basically, I agree with Rationalist (and choose option C. on the letter). LOL at the Jon Lovitz comment. That's the ticket!!

  134. Anonymous4:47 AM

    I'm thinking maybe the stunt babies used on her book tour were to get around child labor laws. It definitely looks like two different babies were used on that tour. (Elfin ear boy and regular ear boy.) Someone might have told her that she couldn't legally drag Trig around and put him to "work" for as many hours as she did, so that might be why a second child was used - so the character known as "Trig" could work double duty without child services having to get involved. If so, though, you'd have to think that a whole bunch of people were involved in the deception - the publisher, any HarperCollins people who toured with her or other staff, her parents - a huge list. Maybe that's why we didn't see Bristol on this tour? She'd had enough of that stuff?

    When babies or small children are used in TV shows they hire twins or triplets to get around child labor laws - like with the Olsen twins. So this stuff is commonly done in "show business" circles and in some ways isn't that strange. It's just given the context of this famous former politician who built a big part of her platform and appeal on having a Down child, and then she's using stunt babies to continue to exploit him and have him out all night improperly dressed, etc - it doesn't look good.

  135. Anonymous4:53 AM

    I suppose if Sarah had elective abortions rather than miscarriages, CBJ might not have known about them (until she read Sarah's books, that is). Or she may not have felt it was right to mention them in her letter.

  136. I really don't think there is anything here.

    Now, before I get jumped on and called a Palinbot, I'd like to say that I've been following this story since Palin Deceptions. In fact, I wish Audrey, with her infant experience, was here to weigh in on this. I definitely think SOMETHING went on with Trig's pregnancy and birth, but just what that was, I can't say.

    I wish we had more, better pictures of Triggybear to analyze his ear, because the ones we have are inconclusive to my mind.

    In fact, I can see several distinguishing features present in all three of the comparison photos Gryph posted in his previous post. I've highlighted them here: (forgive me the awkward Paint job)

    In doing research, I've read that even moderate deformities can be rectified in the first few months of life with ear molds. However, the one page I read that said this also said that to be most effective, they must be put in place in the first week of life.

    Clearly, the baby shower pics are well after that window. However, I'm willing to believe that Sarah was not as vigilant as a normal "mother" would be, and perhaps wanted him to look "cute" for photo ops, and so took his molds off for this occasion. Would also explain why his head is also covered in all other infancy pics.

    Description of ear mold therapy:
    Before/After pics of ear mold and surgical correction:

    That said, I hope this story breaks SOMETHING open, because you can tell the C4Pers are getting nervous. Even if this theory is totally off-base, maybe it'll shake something else loose.

  137. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Gryphen, if this was Scarah's 7th pregnancy, that makes me question WHY [in Cathy Baldwin Johnson's letter regarding the potential VP's health/history], she DID NOT mention the supposed TWO MISCARRIAGES SP had undergone? The letter mentioned that the primary reasons for SP's visits to her office had been for 'female issues', so if in fact SP had TWO miscarriages which are VERY IMPORTANT WOMEN.'S ISSUES, why weren't the TWO MISCARRIAGES even mentioned in that history? Something is VERY WRONG with SP's medical history - either the TWO MISCARRIAGES did not occur or what is going on?????

  138. LisaB5:21 AM

    The main thing all of this proves, IMO, is Sarah Palin is the biggest DRAMA QUEEN the planet has yet to produce.

    If all the suspicions are true, then she perpetrated some ridiculous charade to make a point about which NO ONE CARED. Really, who would have held it against her if Trig were Bristol's and she adopted that baby? It wouldn't be a first. If the baby were anyone else's and she adopted him, WHO WOULD CARE? No one. Everyone would be proud of this loving home that made room for a special needs baby. So, the elaborate charade is for the sake of the CHARADE.

    If all the suspicions are false, and against all odds she gave birth to the baby, then release the birth certificate. Game over. In this scenario, the fact this hasn't happened means one thing: the Palins simply must love the drama. They must love being the source of all this speculation. I can almost hear the giggling now.

    GROW UP, Sarah Palin. You are not in sixth grade anymore.

  139. Anonymous5:29 AM

    When CBJ's letter came out during campaign season, I thought it was written in an evasive matter (political). The country wanted to see Palin's "medical records" like the other candidates released. - Instead, Palin got a "note" from her doctor. It was odd that the letter addressed more about "the pregnancy" than was necessary. It should have been more matter of fact than defensive. I thought Palin provided the wording. I've read that CBJ moved out of state....goes to show you that misdeeds always come to light ... eventually.

  140. Good lord - Bristol going on Secret Life of an American Teenager

  141. Anonymous5:40 AM

    CR46: " Belly Bumpit"

    LOVE that!!

  142. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Gles: if your water breaks or even leaks, the seal is broken and the baby needs to come within 24 hours to prevent infection, since the plug is gone.

    so IF her water broke at 4am they needed to induce to get the baby before an infection set in.

    Big IF!!

  143. @BigSlick - you said, "The simplest explanation is that Sarah was indeed pregnant..."

    Except she wasn't pregnant, at least not in 2008. Remember, she didn't tell anyone (and nobody guessed, either) about her "pregnancy" until March 5, the day after McCain sewed up the Republican nomination.

    My take? She was trying to kill two birds with one stone: cover for someone who actually did give birth to Trig, while cementing her cred as a pro-lifer -- both in order to gain political advantage. The baby presented at the shower was a loaner because the real Trig was too old to look like a newborn anymore, especially a 5-week premature baby.

  144. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Here's my favorite picture of Levi, Bristol, and Trig at the RNC because Trig looks like a Downs' version of Levi. As a bonus, you can clearly see the ears of all three, too. I'm convinced "round-eared Trig" is their kid.

    This image is from Getty Images along with literally thousands of other photos from the convention. I doubt Palin can have this one deleted, but just in case, we should try to save a copy/screenshot, anyway.

    I've been reading the Palin blogs since before the election. I was skeptical about the claim that Trig was not her son at first because it seemed so preposterous. Audrey's fabulous blog,, quickly convinced me otherwise.

    I'll post this over with Bree, too.

  145. Anonymous6:07 AM

    When Trig was being incubated in some mother, no one could know that Bristol would be pg with Tripp, so no need to mess around with the birth or due date, unless...IF the baby was Palin's then the father might be in question if the actual due/conception date were known.

    Otherwise, why are there questions around this baby, ears, size, no official photos, no official documents shown, etc...if it is hers, why is it all so weird?

  146. To reiterate for everyone's benefit, but specifically for Rob the Palinbot @ 7:14 PM, re: "Except for the top outer ear, the ear looks the same. The change in the outer ear is easily explained by the soft cartilage of a newborn."

    Sorry, but that statement is just completely wrong.

    When one compares the picture of the baby wearing the rust-brown Carhartts overalls being held by Bristol Palin with two -- here, and here -- very good views of the toddler held by Sarah Palin during the book-shilling tour, it's quite apparent that there are NO features of those two childrens' ears that resemble one another.

    In fact, when one looks at the ear of the baby being held by Willow Palin at some outdoor campaign rally, THAT baby's ear doesn't resemble those of EITHER of the other two children!

  147. "It's not like it isn't noticeable!"

    No, it's not, but who noticed it? Gryph did. Did anybody else?

    Most people who saw the baby during the campaign saw him briefly and from a distance. I suspect even Sarah didn't notice. Who looks at ears? Major kudos to Gryph for doing so.

  148. Anonymous6:25 AM

    I am begging everyone to focus on the clearest evidence. Whether or not there are two different babies being presented as Trig Palin now, I don't know. I think some of the pictures might be suspicious but others are questionable, so DROP IT! Research it quietly if you wish (I encourage people to do so) but let's drop the public debate for now!

    Gryphen interviewed numerous doctors who agreed. I think we all need to assume that he would not have gone ahead with the post if one of the doctors had not agreed.

    Campaign Trig and Shower/Kitchen Trig are NOT the same baby.

    This is enough. Getting bogged down in endless discussions about blue jacket baby and Trig with no pants and cross-eyed Trig and active Trig vs. sleepy Trig is a distraction. It's fun to discuss, but at this point it's a distraction from the following FACT:

    Campaign Trig and Shower/Kitchen Trig are NOT the same baby.

    Don't allow the distractions to begin! As someone who has followed this story from the very beginning, this is what happened back then. A little history lesson: Around 1-2 days after $P was announced as the V.P. nod, the Daily Kos article came out outlining virtually all the top evidence against Queen Sarah being Trig's mom. Most everything in there was dead on. But ArcXIX included a famous picture. The picture of Bristol Palin wearing a green sweater supposedly showing a baby bump. The ENTIRE discussion descended into a debate about the dating of that picture (and, secondarily, whether Bristol was the mom) The picture was ultimately proved to be from during Palin's campaign to be Governor of Alaska (so 2006) and not from any period that Bristol could have conceivably been pregnant. And when that picture was disproved, people argued that it PROVED that everyone was crazy and just going after the kids, etc. And then somehow that also proved that Sarah was Trig's mom.

    The entire baby was thrown out with the bathwater, so to speak, and so much of what was 100% right in the Daily Kos article (like calling into question Sarah's entire bullshit birth story) got swept under the rug. Bristol might be the mom here. She might not be. She might have had one baby or two or twins. It would be GREAT to know. But knowing/proving either of those things is not necessary to show that Sarah's birth story is and always was and will continue to be crazy.

    Do not let this happen here. Unless someone can prove conclusively that Sarah Palin is walking around with two babies now, debating it makes us all look like loonies.

    Campaign Trig and Shower/Kitchen Trig are NOT the same baby.

    Focus on that.

  149. Anonymous6:30 AM

    I have mentioned this many many months before, Dobson has been Palin's underwriter for a year or two before the election. He has pushed her credentials when Bush was in office and when that didn't work he used her as a wedge when the repub primaries were going on. He has always claimed that God chose her to enlighten the world and save America. With his money and every repub wanting his endorsement Palin becomes the pawn in the church's - Focus on the Family to name a few - campaign. McCain was chosen as the candidate and in most polls is losing to Obama. McCain always always wanted Liberman for his vp. Dobson tells him to pick Palin as the vp and he could deliver the millions of votes from the church's flocks to put him in office. McCain picks Palin and the rest is history. Dobson is still backing Palin, along with Gramham and Murdock. Palin and CBJ are "high" officials in their church which believes in the end of times and with Dobson's backing Palin is convinced that she is the next leader of the flock. Annoucing Trig as "the choosen one" was no fluke -

    In the church abuse cases that are coming forward I am surprised that it has taken 20-30 years to uncover the abuse and the massive amounts of them all over the world, the latest being in Ireland. But look at the cover ups that Palin has already used in this short time, it may take years before the truth is ever told. I suppose that Palin is hoping the rapture will happen any time now to get her out of this latest mess.

  150. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Head Trip Honey -

    Thanks for the link but I want to weigh in here. I am also hoping that Gryphen can go back to one of the doctors he spoke to.

    I read what is on this website carefully and one point made over and over is that for molds to work you need skin and cartilage to work with. Here's the exact quote, cut and pasted: All of these deformities that may be successfully treated have in common an underlying cartilage malformation but no deficiency of skin or cartilage. Those deformities with absence or deficiency of skin and cartilage (i.e., constricted ear, microtia, anotia) respond less favorably to ear molds.

    I am no doctor but I do not think it takes much to see that a big part of the top of the ear in the baby shower picture is just plain missing. The part that folds over - which I guess is what the helix is - is mostly not there. From my reading of this, this sort of defect will not respond as well to ear molds.

    And even if ear molds were used, can anyone seriously think that the shape and appearance of the ear could change as completely as it would have between the shower - May 1 approximately - and Sarah Palin's pick as V.P. - September 1 approximately . This is four months. Look at the pictures again. I have two words for you: NO WAY.

    In the baby shower the ear is seriously screwed up. There's no other way to say it. At the convention, the ear is absolutely perfect. No sign of anything present four months earlier. No sign at all. Nothing could change that much in four months.

  151. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Where's the DNA evidence someone promised the other day? Sink with the Titanic?

  152. It's entirely possible that Dr. CBJ has already been sanctioned for her roll in this. Unless there was gross negligence and she was sued, no one would be privvy to this information. She may have lost her hospital privileges and can no longer deliver babies or practice certain types of medicine. This all fits in with her disappearance.

  153. Anonymous6:52 AM


    "Trig was Tripp before he was Trig."

    Where's Megamouth when you need her?

    She undoubtedly knows the whole sordid story.

  154. Anonymous6:55 AM

    5:43 Sorry...but you are wrong. I have posted this several times on this blog. My water broke 2 weeks before I delivered a 7lb 11 oz baby girl.

    The last week I was in the hospital walking the halls and I didn't even look pg. Employees and other mothers in the hospital were constantly asking me did I have a boy or girl. When I finally delivered my baby girl and left the hospital I weighed 7 lbs less then I did when I became pg.

    Sorry, to say many on this blog and others state things as fact. Some of you may be correct. But, I know as TRUE FACTS from my own experiences you are wrong on two things...the appearance of a pg woman near the end of their term and water breaking means immediate delivery.

  155. To Anonymous @6:38, I have to disagree with you.

    I don't see any part of the ear "missing." I see it as very crimped, but not missing.

    The problem is that these pictures are very low quality and it is possible to infer much that may not be there.

    And as for that transformation not being possible in four months? On the page you quoted, they say the molds take 6 weeks to work. Much less than 4 months.

    Just being the devil's advocate here, because quite frankly, I'm not convinced.

    And yes, Gryph got doctors to agree...based on a low quality picture where the ear was partially obscured.

  156. "If CBJ knew Palin robbed a bank she may not feel obligated to inform authority, however, she could become an accessory after the fact at a later time."

    Only if she helped Mrs. Todd Palin get away, or participated somehow in the crime-- mere knowledge wouldn't do it.

    I agree that it's possible that CBJ might already have appeared before the medical board and the press never got wind of it.

    I've never heard Bristol when she sounded comfortable speaking in public-- I can't imagine she's going to be very good on the show.

  157. Something to remember is that CBJ may have had nothing, or very little, to do with any of this. Sarah could have made the story up out of whole cloth, and what could CBJ do? She can't announce that none of it is true: after the election, either Sarah was going to be VP-elect, or continue as Governor, and either way has the power to make CBJ's life very, very miserable. CBJ has consulted with a lawyer and refuses to answer any questions: very intelligent. I'm sure she'll talk if she winds up in a courtroom.

    As far as the letter goes, I've long believed it to be a phone cranked out by somebody on the McCain campaign, probably with Sarah's compliance. I think somebody had a basic health overview letter so they could copy the format, and maybe a genuine letter from CBJ so they could copy the letterhead and the signature. That came out literally the Monday night jusr hours before the polls opened, and with the excitement of election day, it barely got mentioned- certainly it wasn't examined closely. After the election, who's gonna care? Who's going to think that bloggers are going to keep the issue alive? Who hears anything about former VP candidates? They drop off the radar. A year ago, I wouldn't have predicted I'd still be engrossed in this thing. (And if anything, it's gotten more interesting.)

    I think CBJ may have assisted in finding medical care for a pregnant Bristol, and if Sarah announces she's pregnant (which I think she did AFTER Trig 1.0 was born), there was nothing CBJ could do about that. Pictures were taken of a few family members at the hospital, holding a baby, but not of Sarah. That glassy-eyed, flushed, exhausted but exhilarated appearance would be way too difficult for Sarah to fake.

    We don't see or hear much about CBJ these days- she no longer has privileges at one hospital, which may or may not be mutual, but the hospital wouldn't release information if it wasn't. She has participated in only 1 interview, brought a lawyer, answered practically nothing and now refuses to speak to reporters.

    And as far as a review board goes, as I've said before, that may have already happened. She may have attended it, answered all their questions fully, and been exonerated. We would have no way of knowing.

    While CBJ's role in all of this is undoubtedly enlightening, we need to stay focused on the real perpetrator, Sarah. Only a proper investigation is going to reveal the full extent of her actions, and to what extent other members of her family and entourage (and McCain's election staff) were involved. I think there's a few people around that could be very enlightening, but they're probably going to talk only if they're promised immunity. No reason for them too, otherwise.

    And I'm still wondering: why TWO babies? Did Bristol refuse to allow Trig 1.0 to appear? And what happened to that first baby?

  158. crystalwolf aka caligrl7:39 AM

    Wonder who is CJB Lawyer?
    And the people who said she moved, as of last Oct. she was listed in the Wasilla yellow pages.

  159. For all of you are legitimately confused about this this "ear molding" goose chase I suggest you rein in your horses before you get too far off into the pucker brush.

    The ear molding did NOT happen. I prepared for this post for almost ten months, there are more chapters yet to be revealed. I know for a FACT that there was no corrective steps taken.

    I just wanted to flush out the trolls and competing bloggers who want to minimize the importance of the post.

    And I did.

  160. eva marie7:46 AM

    Anon @ 6:52

    You have outed yourself as a troll and probably a man (sorry guys!). There is no way you walked the halls of a hospital for two weeks after your water broke. Your birth story is as believable and as stupid as Palin's.

  161. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Pointing out an interesting little exception to the rules about being an accessory. Someone with legal expertise needs to weigh in here, but I am pretty sure that any time a "professional" (and this includes teachers, ministers, as well as doctors) even suspects any sort of child abuse occurred they are legally required to report it.

    I can't see any way these pictures (while not maybe proof POSITIVE) certainly don't strongly suggest that there are two babies. How could this be ignored by a medical professional? It does not have to be proof positive. Think about child abuse cases and teachers. Most of the time the teacher is not going to actually see the child being beaten! Of course not. What they see is suspicious evidence. If the standard is they have to witness the abuse, no abuse would ever be able to be reported. But based on "reasonable suspicions" they are required by law to report to proper authorities.

    I will say I agree with the posters that probably Sarah borrowed a baby for the reasons given: she needed a younger baby to show a couple of times. The baby is probably fine. But we don't know that.

    And if the standard really is "reasonable suspicion" don't we have that? Couldn't any teacher, minister, nurse or doctor at this point in Alaska take these photos to the police in Alaska and say, "Look... I am required by law to report suspicious evidence that a child might have been harmed. This qualifies." I know some lawyers are reading this... please answer this question!!!!!

  162. Anonymous at 3:55: thank you. You summed up CBJ's role nicely and with substantive proof that she is at least complicit in a coverup by allowing the letter to stand over her signature. I too have been saying that CBJ's role in all of this needed to be addressed since the early days of Palin's Deceptions.

  163. Anonymous7:49 AM


    If I new that the "triggy bear" version of Trig was safe, happy and well-cared-for somewhere, then it would be easier to be patient while the rest of the story gets rolled out.

  164. Gryphen, if you were calling me a troll, I'm extremely offended.

    I had legitimate concerns (and still do, but that's beside the point until you release more information), and just wanted to make sure that the investigation of Palin stayed on firm ground.

    If you weren't calling me a troll. Well. Watch your wording is all I can say. :)

    Hope you release more info soon.

  165. Anonymous8:14 AM

    We know that the Palins lies... but what is it that the Johnston family is not telling us?

  166. Gryphen, thank you for your post on this blog saying there will be more coming. I can't wait for further informtion. Personally, I had already along with others seen some small differences in the "Trigs" on the book tour that sometimes could be explained away in your mind by saying it was a difference in clothes, lighting, the way he was being held. But now after the ear thing, I am going to look again at the photos because I feel his hair and his general size seem to differ somewhat from time to time. The differences may be subtle but I really feel there are other differences.

  167. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I know with the State Board of nursing, if you have a complaint filed against your license that is investigated by the State board, it remains with you forever: When future employers check on your license, it will say there was a complaint and that it is opened or closed. Opened means it is still being investigated. Closed means it has been investigated and that the nurse was either exonerated or penalized.It is up to future employers to ask about the complaint. Its not a good thing for a nurse to have on her record especially in today's job market. Any doctors here? What is the situation for complaints against doctors' licenses? Do they remain on record opened or closed forever??

  168. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I agree with anonymous at 6:38. I worked as a nurse in a pediatrician's office for nine years. In all that time I never heard of or saw a child with ear molds. I know things change in medicine but my suspicion is that this is a newer thing that some parents who might want to avoid surgery for a child whose ears aren't that bad might try. Because if the molds don't work you haven't lost anything since surgery isn't going to be performed for years anyway. It's one of those "try it, it can't hurt and it might help" things. But I can remember seeing a few kids over the years with ear defects like this, or worse. (It's not very common so no one, unless they are in a pediatric plastic surgeon's office, will see much of this.) This is so clear to anyone with medical experience. This ear did not get better in four months and even with the best plastic surgeon in the world, the baby with the defective ear could never be turned into the baby with the perfect ear.

  169. @Anon 6:55 AM
    Do you mean your water broke, as in floods coming out, or did it begin to leak, you then called the doctor, and the doctor said 'get thee to a hospital!' so you spent the last two weeks in hospital so they could monitor the situation and make sure there was no infection? Also, what number was this baby? 1 or 7?

    Same scenario happened to my best friend's sister in law. They delivered a preemie at roughly 34-35 weeks. Baby was only 5 lbs. Stayed in the hospital for a week or two to make sure he was fine . He was, and he's two now.

  170. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Fool me once? Shame on...something. Fool me twice? Shame on...something. Fool me three times? Shame on...something. Fool the RNC? Once? Shame on something. Fool John McCain once? Shame on something... Fool the State of Alaska Ethics Board? Thirteen times? Shame on ...something. Fool the teabaggers? Shame on something. Fool the United States? Shame on...something. Say, let's get the Alaska Medical Board to take care of this whole thing. You betcha. /certainly.

  171. The only group who could help Palin pull off something apparently this monumental in utmost secrecy would be the inner circle of her church group. Isn't it an interesting coincidence about the arson incident at her church in mid Dec 2008? Just another strange thing during that time period.

  172. anon. @ 6:25 - THANK YOU! Well said!
    applause, waving wildly : )

  173. Anonymous9:39 AM

    anon @ 6:52, i agree. getting into all these discussions of the multiple incarnations of trig is confusing and will tarnish the ultimate goal.

    focus, people!

    you eat an elephant ONE bite at a time.

  174. an old trick9:44 AM

    The promised DNA evidence could have been from a Palinbot, knowing it would not happen.

  175. Anonymous10:05 AM

    6:52...I didn't say I walked the halls for 2 weeks. I said.."I didn't have the baby for two weeks and I was in the hospital for 2 days before I actually gave birth.

    I really don't care if you believe me or not. I know the truth and I have told the truth. You might want to goggle "dry birth" and a number of women have gone days after their water breaking before giving birth. There really is not such a thing as "dry birth" even if your water breaks you continue to produce fluid.

  176. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I don't know about nurses, but my husband is a doctor and I know that every single time he applies for a new license in a different state or credentials at a different hospital, he has to report everything. About twenty years ago, he made a mistake in a paperwork filing. He was supposed to report anything that had happened for the previous two years. He misread the question. An incident had occurred (malpractice case that had been dismissed before it even went to trial), at this point, about eighteen months previously that he had already reported the previous year (when it was LESS than one year.) So this particular year, he misread the question and thought the question said "in the last year" (instead of "in the last two years") and he knew he had reported it the previous year so he left it off the form.

    Well, they caught it and his medical license was put on hold until the situation was "corrected." He was "investigated." And now every time he fills out anything he must report that his license was put on hold once even though it was nothing but leaving something off a form he'd already put on the same form the previous year!

    This was procedural, but every single malpractice case, every single "burp" like this must be reported on every single form, no matter if it was dismissed or what.

  177. SILENCE10:23 AM

    What's up Van Flein....can't touch this? Or perhaps your two typing fingers are impaired?


  178. Anonymous10:36 AM

    The .pdf of Palin's doctor's statement shows a different text angle of the typing on the first page than on the second page. The second page has the doctor's signature, the text lines up from side to side but there is no company logo. I have done a lot of cheap as possible layout work (band posters mostly) and it looks to me like the second page is authentic but not supported by Providence, and the first page is new typing cut out and placed over whatever was on the first page to begin with which could have even been a bill or some other routine correspondence. It is completely obvious to me that the two pages were not typed at the same time on the same computer or typewriter. The pages were photocopied or scanned and imported into a .pdf file. I have done the same thing a thousand times to save on making new artwork for each new show or whatever and one of the trickiest parts is lining up the text. Was this noticed at the time? I wasn't paying attention.

  179. Anonymous @ 10:36 AM

    Yes it was. In discussions at Palin's Deceptions, we were quite critical of these aberrations.

  180. Anonymous @ 10:05 AM, re: "...a number of women have gone days after their water breaking before giving birth. There really is not such a thing as "dry birth" even if your water breaks you continue to produce fluid."

    Which is to say, if the focus of this blog, Sarah Palin, were to follow the path of your pregnancy and delivery -- it STILL would have been very messy and awkward continuing "to produce fluid" during her speech, during the trip to the airport, the first flight to Seattle, waiting in the Seattle airport (calmly reading a book, according to that passerby), flying another 4 hours to Anchorage, leaking, leaking, leaking...

    How much more comfortable it would have been for her to rest comfortably and leak fluids in the Dallas Hospital mere blocks from the hotel where the conference was being held.

  181. Anonymous12:49 PM

    @ Anon 6:55. While it's true that every pregnancy and birth are very different, what you say is the most damning of Sarah. First, you clearly state that you were in the hospital after your water broke. Your Sarah support would be better placed if you said that your doctor told you it was ok to take two 4 hour flights and then drive over a hundred miles AWAY from more qualified birthing centers to a regional hospital without a NICU over 24 hours after your water first broke.

    Second, many people do not look pregnant, but it takes a leap the size of the Grand Canyon to believe that after being photographed many times while pregnant 4 prior times resulting in live births(pictures of Track and Piper pregnancy are readily available)and looking obviously pregnant that suddenly with a 7th pregnancy no one who sees you daily knew you were pregnant, despite not announcing said until your 6th month. Pish posh, nobody's common sense meter is THAT deficient.

  182. Anonymous1:44 PM

    What would stapler say?

  183. Anonymous2:30 PM

    On the topic of "I leaked but...", I think it is key to notice that Sarah Palin has not said she was checked by a physician until reaching Mat-Su hospital. An amniotic fluid leak MAY result in infection, and it is IMPORTANT to find out ASAP. Given all the risks factors for Palin, it's VERY important. But she did not.

    from wiki
    Preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM) is a condition where the amniotic sac leaks fluid before 38 weeks of gestation. This can be caused by a bacterial infection or by a defect in the structure of the amniotic sac, uterus, or cervix. In some cases, the leak can spontaneously heal, but in most cases of PPROM, labor begins within 48 hours of membrane rupture. When this occurs, it is necessary that the mother receive treatment to avoid possible infection in the newborn.

  184. kdusmdd5:53 PM

    OH OH...I remember something.....

    I had forgotten Sarah has whacky shaped ears.....could this be a genetic flaw???? Passes down to children or "grand children" To me...this means it could be Bristol's, Tracks's or Willow's.

    Gryphen, am I getting warm?????

  185. Well I guess this helps explain the "Trig was Tripp before he was Trig" comment.

    Perhaps Bristol had a son who did not survive...who had been announced by Sarah as hers...and had to be replaced. Morbid, but considering who we are talking about, not out of the realm of possibility.

    Okay, help me out here - I remember Palin announcing that the baby would be 'special needs', but at what point was the 'special need' identified as Down Syndrome? It was later I know, but how much later?

  186. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Don't anybody focus so much on the baby. The portion of his exterior ear may have grown enough in 4 month out of utero for the remaider of the exterior ear does resemble the infants ear shape if we look closely. Let us focus more on Sarah P. play-acting that she is the one expecting, when it clearly was her daughter and not her. Was she trying to prevent a law suit or something for her daughter, being a minor ? She definetely was trying to cover for her daughter. How sick !
    Let us look more closely at her lying and being very comfortable in that role.
    The bible is very clear about there being two kind of beings in the earth, those of Cain's offspring and those of Seth. When Eve conceived Cain, she was overshadowed by the serpent, therefore Cain had this spirit forming his character being a muderer, liar, deceiver, etc.and all the rest which is satan's charakter.
    We rub elbows with that kind every day, yet it requires our spiritual eyes to become opened for us to who whom we are dealing with, namely the serpent seed line.See pictures of some of that kind posted on under the heading Reptilian Research. Also pictures of some of them posted on
    This lists only a fraction of the ones who are operating in our midst right under our noses. Almost all ruling ' ELITE' (ruling scum)are of that bloodline.
    Forget about suing Sarah Paline for being a liar. She can't help how she operates in the earth. It is her nature.
    The list of that kind is a long one, including Larry Silverstein and others. Why else did he lease the World Trade Center just a few month prior to those towers being brought down by a very sophisticated explive system put in place many weeks and month prior to the event and everybody involved with it being of one mind that those few ragheads did something they never had and never will have the capability of doing ?
    We are surrounded and controlled by the kingdom of darkness.
    Yhaweh have mercy on this nation and it's people, for we are in for some real bad times.


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