Monday, February 22, 2010

A Tale of Two Babies by Sarah Palin.

(Keep checking back throughout the day for updates.)

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times…”

For Sarah Palin back in March of 2008, this was especially true.

She was right in the middle of trying to convince the people of Alaska that, despite all appearances, she was indeed pregnant with her fifth child, after surprising even her own staff with the news on March 6th. (Though at first she did not seem to put a lot of effort into convincing people as you can see from this photograph taken on March 29th, at the Spouses’ Luncheon. This is a scant twenty short days prior to Trig's "birth." You will notice that she's wearing what appears to be a raincoat inside of her own house. And there's nothing under those hands but a black scarf.)

Obviously as she got closer to her due date she would have to put a little more effort into the deception. Perhaps a little padding would help.

There, that's much better. (The above picture was taken at the end of the legislative session in Juneau, on April 13, five days before Sarah supposedly gave birth, and only fifteen days after the picture from the Spouses' Luncheon was taken.)

The next twist in our storyline was Sarah's trip to give a speech at the Republican Governor's conference in Texas on April 18th. What really happened there? No one knows. But what is known for certain is that Sarah left the conference abruptly in the early afternoon of April 17th and came back to Alaska, a ten plus hour trip involving two four hour flights and a layover in Seattle. (Not only did this decision seem abrupt, but even Sarah’s security staff was not contacted and did not know she was arriving to have a baby until after the birth.)What is also known for certain is that no one has ever come forward to say that they noticed anything special or different about the Gov during this trip. In fact, she was seen reading a book in the lounge during the layover in Seattle.

Whatever the truth, by noon on April 18th the Governor's office had announced that at approximately 6:30 that morning Sarah Palin had given birth to a son.

So now Sarah did not have to wear that cumbersome belly anymore and she could enjoy the warmth of spring in her shorts and sweatshirt.

See how much more comfortable Governor Palin looks only a few days after she had that baby? And look at that beautiful baby boy!

Let’s see if we can't get a a better quality picture of that precious child shall we?

(Below is a screenshot from, Palin best friend, Kristan Cole’s website which shows photos that Cole posted of a baby shower she hosted for Sarah Palin on a weekend in May, either the 3rd or 4th, I believe. A photo, not included here, but obviously from the same day was later provided to OK Magazine of Sarah and her newborn.)

And here is the OK magazine shot, and its doppelganger from the baby shower.

Now from that same baby shower we have this much more detailed picture of the child known as Trig Palin.

(Please note that I have chosen not to show the face or release the name of the young girl holding “Trig” as she was a minor when these photos were taken.)

He IS just adorable isn’t he?

But wait a minute. Is there something a bit odd about this picture?

Take a close look at this baby’s ear.

Do you see that?

Perhaps a closer view might help.

According to one of the physicians I talked to that is a malformation of the helix. In this case, it's noticeable and distinctive. And, although not as clear, in another picture taken at the same event, this time of the baby's left ear, a similar malformation is possibly visible. Ear defects are often "bilateral" which means on both sides.

Isn’t that odd? I don’t remember the Trig Palin who was photographed so many times on the campaign trail having that particular malformation.

Oh that is because he didn’t.

In fact it appears that Trig Palin has two absolutely perfect little ears. As you can plainly see in this photo of his left ear.

Yet as you can see in this side by side comparison, it is crystal clear that the ear on the infant Trig does NOT match the ear on the older Trig.

I showed the baby shower picture to a number of medical professionals, including an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist, a physician, an audiologist who specializes in children’s hearing issues, and a pediatrician (None of them knew they were looking at a picture of Sarah Palin’s child). Each agreed the ear is visibly malformed. I asked them if this defect could “heal” or disappear on its own. “Of course not”, they each replied. I then showed them pictures of Trig Palin's ear from the campaign. Again, none knew they were looking at a photograph of Sarah Palin's son. I asked all if it could possibly be the same child, four to five months later. The answer: "No."

Furthermore I learned that to correct conditions like this surgery is required, and that these surgeries are never performed before the age of four. And even if someone could have been located to perform plastic surgery on a child so young, the result would not be the "perfection" that Trig's ear shows. Some scarring would still be visible. We have countless high-definition photos of Trig Palin's head. Nothing of the sort can be seen in any of them.

“So in other words” I asked. “You are saying that the child in the baby shower pictures must still have that same ear malformation today?’ Each of them answered in the affirmative.

In fact here is a direct quote from one medical professional:

"There is an approximately zero percent probability that these two sets of ears belong to the same infant."

So what does all of this mean? If that baby’s ear could not have healed on its own, then how can the Trig we see today have two perfectly formed ears?

The answer is simple and shocking. Sarah presented an entirely different child to the world as Trig Palin on August 30, 2008.

Just a fluke, you say? A trick of the camera? A shadow? Well, there's more. She did not just do it once.

Look again at this picture of Mercede holding this mystery baby in Sarah Palin’s kitchen, taken on a different day with a different camera.

Look closely at that ear. Do you see it? It was there all along.

This picture was taken the week right after Sarah "gave birth".

Here is another one. This time of Levi holding the child identified as the Governor’s son. (Seen for the first time on the Tyra Banks Show)

(For those who wanted confirmation of the day these pictures of Levi and Mercede, with "ruffled ear" baby were taken I just learned that it was on May 3rd, Levi's birthday. You can see his cake in the background in the picture above.)

Do you see the ear? Again, although it's not as clear, the ear of the baby in these photos has the same "ragged" pitted appearance. And you can see it in every shot taken that day.

As most of you know I have been absolutely convinced that Sarah Palin did NOT give birth to a baby on April 18th, 2008. But what has come as a huge surprise was that on two separate occasions, she presented a newborn baby to two separate groups of people as Trig Palin her newborn son with Down syndrome. (She did it once in her own kitchen while presenting him to the Johnston family, and again at a baby shower given in her honor.) As you can plainly see THIS baby has a distinctive malformation of his ear. However the baby that was introduced to the nation only four months later does NOT have any malformation of his ear whatsoever.

In fact, though today's Trig has many of the characteristics of a Down syndrome child, he also possesses two perfectly shaped ears.

As Andrea Friedman pointed out so eloquently: "My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes"." Perhaps with this new evidence we can understand, now more than ever, why Sarah treats this child like a prop.

Because that is EXACTLY what he is.

It is well past time that the “lame stream media”, to use Sarah’s very own phraseology, start to ask the really hard questions about Sarah Palin’s pregnancy.

When the questions first arose the Alaska media failed to do so.

When they resurfaced five months later the McCain campaign failed to do so.

And in all of this time since the world discovered Sarah Palin the national media has also failed to do so.

It was left up to a rag tag group of bloggers to stay with the story until some real evidence could be produced. Well we have done our part, will the rest of the media do theirs?

There are still so many questions left to answer. Who is the baby's real mother? Who helped Sarah pull off this deception? Who else in her family knew about this? Exactly why did she feel the need to lie about her pregnancy?

I am still conducting interviews and digging for those answers, but it would be ever so helpful if reporters with expense accounts and the support a national publication or television network would lend a hand.

(By the way I encourage EVERYBODY to download pictures off of this post, and take screenshots of the blog. There is a very good chance that this will cause a tsunami of anger directed at me and the Immoral Minority. I have already saved it as a pdf file and I have many friends who have done the same. But just to be triple sure it would be nice to know the content is safe on friendly computer hard drives all across the world.)

Update: Speaking of a "rag tag group of bloggers" my friend Bree Palin is on the case as well.

Update 2: Palin's Q & A joins the party!

Update 3: I notice that some people are getting fixated on the young woman whose face I blacked out. That young lady has NOTHING to do with the baby. She was just a girl who happened to be at the shower. It is also not one of the Palin girls. I would not have felt the need to protect their identity since they are already well known.

Update 4: It looks like Todd did indeed quit the Iron Dog at Puntilla Lake. Hmm I wonder if he received a frantic phone call? (By the way thanks for the link Anonymous.) (The Fairbanks Miner has more.)

Update 5: The Alaska Report asks the obvious question.

Update 6: Let me clear up another misconception, this time about the photo on OK magazine. I did not say that it and the photo next to it were identical. I actually referred to it as a "doppelganger", in other words, a "look-a-like". If it had been the same picture I would have said "Look the same picture shows up in OK magazine." However what is clear is that those two pictures were taken the same day, with the same camera, of the same baby, and only moments apart. The important point is to prove that Sarah herself had identified that baby as Trig Palin to a national audience. She was not just trying to fool a few friends and potential family members, she lied to the whole world.

Update: Oh wow! I think I inspired a Facebook group. Cool!


  1. TwoBlueJays4:06 AM

    Brilliant, fact-based reporting. Thank you, Gryphen!

  2. WakeUpAmerica4:23 AM

    Wow! Just wow!!

  3. grasshopper4:26 AM

    Keith Olberman has a new segment on hi show called "Hypocrite of the Week". We should contact him and at least get the Daughter of Satan nominated for her hypocrisy concerning the insurance double standard with Tripp and possibly all the Wasilly Hillbillies.

  4. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Gryphen, as someone who has been working on this whole mess for oh...let's just call it A LONG WHILE...if this is right (and it sure looks good)...I vow I will make it up to AK sometime in my life, track you down, and give you a big kiss on the cheek.

  5. Holy shit...who is Trig Palin anyway? People thought there were two Tripp's but it turns out there are really two Trig's. This is unbelievable. Just email this to the National Enquirer. They will take the ball and run.

    The Palin's lies, tax evasion, corruption and racketeering must be stopped.

    I have already downloaded pics and took screen shots!

  6. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Brilliant. My daughter was born with such a condition of her ear. I never worried about it because it didn't affect her hearing or how much I loved her. Today, at 31, she still has her 'elf' ear. It doesn't go away. Terrific reporting.

  7. Anonymous4:36 AM

    I've never posted here before but OMG OMG OMG. PLEASE show these pictures to Mercede and Levi!

  8. Excellent work, Gryphen! Keep it coming!

  9. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Bravo Gryphen, you put it all out there, along with our other pathetic pj clad American bloggers brave enough to take on Sarah.

    Given the lack of vetting and forethought, how on earth did McCain's team in Alaska scrub so much information?

    How and why would Sarah try and pull off such a collosally stupid and irresponsible deception on the public? It was a calculated risk that got her where she wanted to be, a part of the Right's glitterati.

    Oh, and she's mental too, also.

  10. Gryphen, you are DA MAN!!!

  11. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Go over to Bree's...OMG OMG OMG. Book tour Trig's ears don't match RNC Trig's ears either! This is weird as hell.

    Does Trig exist at ALL? Or does Sarah keep borrowing babies to pose as Trig?

    WTF is going on?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Anonymous4:47 AM

    Did she have a normal baby and "trade" him for a ds baby?

  14. Irishgirl4:51 AM

    I'm speechless. What the hell has been going on?

  15. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Well done sir. Well done.

  16. sunnyjane4:53 AM

    Oh, what a beautiful MONDAY, oh what a beautiful day, I've got a beautiful FEELING, this sure will ruin her day!

    Wonder how she's gonna spin THIS one!

  17. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Awesome sleuthing, Gryphen!

    That photo of Palin at the Spouse's Luncheon on March 29 is very compelling - everyone should click on that one to see it full size - it blew me away!

  18. Just WOW....and just how does she remember the "facts" to all her lies. Yikes -- I can not imagine how the family can spin this one away. This is a huge WHAT THE FORNICATE revelation. The devil truly is in the details.

  19. Anonymous5:00 AM

    And wouldn't the real Trig have been much larger than the baby in the kitchen anyway since he was born earlier than 4/17 (or 4/18, depending on different Palin versions).


  20. Sharon in FL5:01 AM

    Mygawd. Amazing story Gryphen. I'm stunned. What kind of psychos are those people to try to pull something like that off? And for what purpose? I've accepted that Sarah Palin will do anything for attention (and money) but to go this far? I can't even put all the questions together in my mind.

    If the Trig that the world knows isn't the newborn baby in these photos - obviously he isn't - then where is that baby? What happened to that baby? And who's baby was it? WTF is going on in that family?

  21. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Is this why we never saw book tour Trig in glasses or hearing aids? The "other" Trig needs them but "prop" Trig doesn't? Amazing work, Gryphen! Thank you so much for your research.

  22. Holy shit, (oh, Virginia Voter already said that), but this is incredible! No wonder Sarah hates Mercede. The ear was showing in the pictures from Mercede's MySpace. Sarah carefully hid the ears for the magazine photo.

    I hate to ask the dark question, but don't you wonder what happened to the baby with the malformed ears?

  23. TwoBlueJays5:05 AM

    Gryphen, I know you have your MSM contacts, and have probably alerted them to this post, but if everyone can get this out there, via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, HuffPo comments, we can get it going viral even faster than it probably already is.

  24. Sharon in FL5:05 AM

    So this is why she can coldly and cruelly name that poor little child - WHOEVER HE IS - TriG.

  25. Anonymous5:06 AM

    When you ask "Who is the baby's real mother?" Do you mean babies? Are you saying she gave birth to neither of the 1 or 2 babies?

    Is it possible Bristol gave birth to a DS Trig around Jan, then later SP announced pregnancy with a DS baby to help her with VP nomination. So then she presents another baby after the wild ride that she has borrowed from somewhere, and later swaps it with DS Trig who has been in intensive care since Bristol gave birth to him?

  26. Wow. This pretty much blows everything up.

    The baby that Sarah Palin carries around like a loaf of French bread today has DS. I have no doubts in my mind as he has the very distinctive face, which has only gotten more pronounced over the months.

    So, I have a theory. Shoot it down as much as you like. Sarah rushed home during the wild ride to make it appear she had a baby. She had believed that today's Trig was ready to go home. He wasn't. So, for a few weeks, she used ragged ear (that sounds inhuman, but that's simplest way to describe this other child). That's the infant she presented to KTUU when they went to the hospital and that's who she sent to the baby shower.

    She apparently was willing to take the ruse far enough to fool her children's friends. Sadie appears to be none the wiser as to who she's holding. Levi, too.

  27. Wow! Unbelievable. I have saved a copy of this. This needs to go viral. Thank you Gryphen!

  28. eva marie5:07 AM

    Gryphen - please be safe.

  29. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Shazzam! If this doesn't stir any doubters minds out there, nothing will. Gryphen, you are a patient and appreciated man.

  30. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Incredible. So many of us were trying to conjure up compassion for Sarah, wishing she would learn to shut up and sit down, enjoy her home and family. But, this deception is downright criminal. To call this woman insane would be a compliment. Losing touch with reality is not deliberate, but creating a false reality and trying to make millions of people a part of it? And taking their money smiling? wow.

  31. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Wow. Before I get deep on this photo diary, I want to point out to Gryphyn on palingates someone posted a newsletter with a photo of Palin wtih Lo Nelson, who won the Head Start teacher of the year award. Palin is in a ZIPPED up jacket but the date is elusive. I can't find out when they had the award ceremony in 2008 but I suspect it was in early March.

  32. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Bree has a pic up of Sarah during the book signings and the Trig she is carrying has those misshapen ears.

  33. Nan (aka roswellborn)5:18 AM

    Gobsmacked. Just - gobsmacked!

  34. Anonymous5:20 AM

    WTF? Was the real Trig too ill to show at first and so, to cover for the irresponsible "wild ride" she used a different baby?

    Or there was the THREE baby theory on the blogs for awhile and the Tripp was Trig before he was Tripp clue (although I might have that mixed up!)

    Her star has fallen to the point where the MSM will not ignore this story if the photo evidence keeps mounting up!

  35. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Is it possible that Sarah and Bristol were pregnant at the same time and then Bristol got pregnant again??

  36. Gryphen, can you add to the group of three pictures (of the newborn and RNC babies) the picture that Bree has of Trig on the book tour in the green striped shirt? It seems 3 babies are involved in the babygate deception! The ear on the book-tour-Trig looks totally different from the first two Trig babies.

  37. Lidia5:25 AM

    Gryphen, there was some speculation over at Bree's during the book tour -speculation that I joined in- to the effect that there was another "Trig" on tour with Sarah. There are one or two instances where she shows up with an inexplicably perky baby, capable of focusing his eyes and making 'contact' without glasses.

    He was wearing a blue jacket. I don't remember seeing stills, just videotape, but if someone can find that video it would be well worth examining in just the way you have done here!

    At the time, those who suspected a book-tour baby switch were a bit ridiculed as being "too out there". But as we know, and as her mom confirmed, Sarah is capable of anything.. ANYthing.

    Congratulations, Gryphen! There was always something 'off' about those early Trig pics.. it was staring us all in the face, but you found it! Bravo. All the best, and stay safe.

  38. "what up iron dog" indeed! What up?!?

    Going back to the months-ago murky comment "trig is tripp":
    all I can puzzle out in terms of this new bombshell is that the original baby with the bilateral helix malformation, presented as Trig, is "Tripp" in the sense that he was Bristol & Levi's first baby. Was he even DS?
    Something happened to that baby #1. Where is he? The DS boy #2 on the campaign & book club trail is a different kid, also referred to as Trig.
    (The baby referred to as Tripp is clearly not #1 swapped in. See
    So there are at least 3 babies??

    Really have no other words. Chills all over~this is abolutely remarkable.
    Gryph, you have done a fantastic job. Please stay safe.

  40. indylindy5:28 AM

    Wow...I am trying to get my head around all of this.

    Gryphen, I have saved this on my computer at work and will save it on my home computer as well.

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work. BE SAFE!!! This is really going to tick off the Paliban.

  41. I'd like to see some pictures of Tripp's ears.

  42. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Here's a theory -

    "Someone" has already given birth to Trig. Maybe Bristol. Maybe Sarah herself. Maybe someone else. He's been hospitalized weeks even months. When it became clear he was going to live Sarah has to do something. So she's "pregnant." But ... big problem. She's gonna have to bring him home at some point and he won't be a newborn. What to do? What to do?

    But hey - babies grow on trees in Alaska, right? Well, they actually don't so you've got to find someone somehow that will let you swap in a newborn just a few times.

    So someone is lined up. Someone who is due in May. But then damnit how effing rude! Mom of donor tot goes into labor early while Sarah is in Texas. So Sarah has to hurry back because the window of opportunity for appearing in hospital etc with the loaner is small. So ... this explains the wild ride once and for all?

    According to my recall she has a new born at the hospital with the Heaths, in the kitchen, at the shower, and at one interview with the Anchorage Daily News. Four times in the first two weeks and then... when's the next time we really see Trig? After she's picked right?

    I think Holy Shit just about sums it up.

  43. Anonymous5:41 AM

    You would think that some of the Palinbots seeing actual photos of this scam, will begin to distance themselves from her. What amazes me is the fact that Sarah's parents, Chuck and Sally Heath, and her best friend Kristan Cole are involved also, too.

  44. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Did you wait until Todd was in the wilderness racing before bringing this up? Todd is not going to be a happy camper today.

    Sarah have a happy day.... Gryphen has busted you.

    Gryphen stay safe.. the bots will blowing their minds thinking of a way to get even with you.

  45. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Better yet, find the idiot mom who let Sarah Palin "use" her baby as a stand-in. (Although maybe it was one of CBJ's teen delivery babies borrowed without the mother's consent.)

  46. Molly5:48 AM

    SO, is one of those babies Tripp #1?

    Or, as Steve Martin used to say....


    Who in their right mind borrows prop babies? Yes, I know she's insane, but THAT insane? I've misunderestimated her whackiness.

    I still think ragged ear baby is Bristol's and the other one (two?) are not Sarah's.

    What a bitch. LYING in full view of the public, getting away with it thus far, and having the audacity to point her bony fingers at bloggers who she KNOWS are on to her. No wonder she is so obsessed with the AK blogs. She needs to keep tabs on her deception.

    Wow is it ever going to take her a lot of lifetimes to make up for this one!!! (If you believe in that sort of thing.)

  47. Anonymous5:49 AM

    No wonder the release of Geoffrey Dunn's book "The Lies of Sarah Palin" was moved from April to July. This has got to be on the top of all of Sarah's lies.

  48. indylindy5:49 AM

    I went to Huffington Post and asked everyone to come to your blog and read a new story about Sarah Palin. I posted the comment on Shannyn Moore's story about Tripp receiving free health care from the Native Alaskan Program.

    Hope it helps!

  49. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Very clear presentation of facts. Kudos, Gryphen.

    The most important thing is that the McCain campaign KNEW this and let Palin continue to lie.

  50. Rationalist5:52 AM

    Virginia Voter and ProChoiceGrandma are up earlier than I am, so I'll quote them: "Holy shit."

  51. Anon 5:37. There's a picture of her in the grocery store with a baby (whom we knew as Trig). I think he's in a sling if I remember correctly.

  52. WOW! just WOW! Really, did we just land in the TWIN PEAKS of the twilight zone or something?

    I agree that the "real" trig could not be shown for some reason--too big to be newborn because of earlier birth date than originally given? Perhaps Bristol was supposed to "give up the baby" and just couldn't once she actually had him--happens all the time--now what was Sarah to do. Wait, she'll pretend to be pregnant and then give birth herself but she needs a smaller one for the newborn photos. This is so weird.

    BTW---good to see you BREE. I was worried that you'd miss all the fun. Everything going good?

  53. Laura5:58 AM

    Absolutely incredible. Great work Gryphen. Stay safe.

  54. Anonymous6:00 AM

    OMG--I just realized--this may be why she postponed giving the State of Alaska Trig's birth certificate for so long.

    had she given them the birth cert. immediately after she said Trig was "born", the discrepancy between the birthdate and the appearance of the child Sarah was showing off as "hers" might have been called into question. And of course, if Sarah was proven to have defrauded the government she would be looking at felony charges.

  55. indylindy6:02 AM

    Damn...the moderators at HuffPost are out in full force today. They keep deleting any references to this on their site.

  56. Anonymous6:02 AM

    In her diabolical mind, Sarah is probably laughing at us, that we haven't figured out the puzzle yet -- like the Joker.

  57. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Audrey would be proud, Gryphen. Take care and keep safe.

  58. Anonymous6:03 AM

    you know why this story is not believable? because it says palin was seen reading a book at an airport for a layover. everyone knows sarah palin cant read! lies! filthy lies!

  59. An extremely minor league addition: I've said all along that $P posed with the breast pump and made references to breast feeding only to give herself fake "mama lion" credentials, and to make people back off for whom this was Too Much Information.

    However, ONLY a formula-fed baby could be "borrowed" in that way. Do I hear an amen from the Amen Corner of former breastfeeding moms? I had a marsupial relationship with all of my sons, who would not easily or happily go to anyone else for very long as newborns. And nobody else could feed them; they took a dim view of expressed milk in a baby bottle. (See? TMI!)

    $arah, you big liar liar liar!

  60. Anonymous6:04 AM

    The photos of the non-pregnant Palin are clear to ME but others can equivocate, but these photos are CLEAR. Horribly ragged ears and perfect ears. No shadows or photoshopping could possibly explain this one.

    Great work!!!

  61. Anonymous6:04 AM

    "Did you wait until Todd was in the wilderness racing before bringing this up? Todd is not going to be a happy camper today."

    Really! He'll be so nervous, he might even forget to sabotage his competition's gas cans.

    Todd becomes an IronDog Quitter in 3....2....1....

  62. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Palinbots can reason away ANY evidence of any wrongdoing of their queen, but it will be interesting what they come up with.

    Very tortured logic allowed them to smear the DS actress!!

  63. I agree with Rationalist.

  64. Anonymous6:06 AM

    This is the kind of information that might start to shake loose some people who have not wanted to talk until it looked like it was going to come out anyway.

    Keep hope alive!

  65. Oh. Wow.

    A while back someone speculated that there were more than the two babies. One being used as a stand in. I didn't believe it. I'm now beginning to...

  66. sunnyjane6:09 AM

    Gryphen, send it to the RNC, McCain, James Dobson, C4P, Rachel, Keith, etc. This puppy needs to take WINGS!

    Oh, wake up, Sarah. It's gonna be a shitty day for you. SO SORRY! Get Todd on the horn and tell him to get his ass off that snowmachine and back to Wasilla. You're about to have a meltdown.

  67. Anonymous6:09 AM

    The spouses luncheon is also on tape and I have seen her walking through the tables after siging something and when she bends to sign, her coat opens and shows no belly.

    The tape of this must be over at Palins'Deceptions.

    Also, don't forget at palingates another March 08 photo of her in a newsletter with a zipped up jacket on. A commenter posted the link.

  68. BAustin6:09 AM

    The part I don't get is Willow....If all this is true.

    It seems like maybe Track knew/sensed something wasn't right and distanced himself from the family.

    Bristol is making lots of cash, so we know she won't spill the beans on Sarah. Piper is too young to notice, and she likes playing mommy too much to care.

    But what about Willow? She is old enough to figure some of these things out - afterall wasn't she the first who said the newborn looked DS?

    Hoping that Sullivan and MSM pick this up!

  69. johnie2xs6:10 AM

    Inundate her facebook page with queries as to what the hell she thinks she's pulling off.
    Be respectful,but let her know we're on to her. Tell as many people as you can to do the same.

    Happy typing!

  70. On the Shannyn's HuffPo article, Irishgirl 999 posted a comment and I replied with a link to IM. HuffPo later removed both my comment and Irishgirl's! I took a screenshot. I swear that all the moderators at HuffPo are paid Palinbots!

  71. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Knew these people were nuts, but....what the f#ck?

  72. Gryphen,

    It may be important for visitors new to the issue to note that the photo known as the Gusty photo of a very pregnant Palin is itself mysterious. This photo was never seen until after McCain selected Palin and there were persistent rumors that Palin was not Trig's birth mother.

    The subject was investigated by bloggers, 2 of whom went dark following threats.

    A reference to Palin Deceptions and VeraCity for further discussion on the Gusty photo will provide further background.

  73. whoa .... $he is the Spokesmodel for Conniving Insane Flim Flam $chemes

    I'm going on trust here, that OK magazine did the mushing and not the person who flipped the cover shot, but the baby's head is slightly mushed to better characterize the 'look' of Down Syndrome.

    This is all quite unsettling. :-(

  74. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Gryphen, I never gave up on you, and I'm glad I donated to you. THANK YOU.

  75. EllenS6:14 AM

    Am saying a prayer for the various Trigs. Part of me wonders if Trig1 didn't make it, but Sarah of the wild ride and no prenatal care couldn't have Trig not make it without openning a can of worms (regardless if Sarah is a stupid BioMom or a sneaky AdoptiveMom) so there became multiple Trigs. I am really hoping that is not the case. I am really hoping that if something like Trig not making it happenned, SP would just own up to adoption of Bristol's baby (if that were the case), telling the world she did it to allow BristolBaby to have the best possible life with best insurance blahblahblah, and suck it up. Normal people wouldn't do that, but they might understand why someone would.

  76. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Growing up in th 50's and 60's a favorite movie of mine was "The Man In The Iron Mask." I found it scary, not unlike Sarah. Is this a B production re-make?

  77. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Gryphyn: here is the photo from maybe March 08 with her in a zipped jacket: someone on palingates posted it. Can't find out when it was taken though the newsletter covers March events:

    (Warning!) This is a big file but in it is a photo of SP with Lo Nelson, Head Start Teacher of the Year. This is the April/May issue. I cannot find out when the "Teacher of the Year" is awarded,

  78. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Ohhh, for Pete's sake Gryphen, there ya go again choosing science over divine intervention. The only thing that is evident is that Sarah's god stepped in and miraculously swapped out a perfect ear for Trigger to match his existence. ;-)

    And not for nuttin', but the only thing the Palinbots will ever acknowledge (concerning this particular slice of fact pie) is that the encounter at the airport proves that Sarah does in fact READ- Maybe not everything but at least ANYthing.

    Good detective work Gryphen! Long time coming but well worth the wait. You should be hearing from Von Flea in about 5 4 3...

  79. Here's a thought:

    Mind vs. Brain: Depression Affects Basic Visual Perception
    Wednesday February 17, 2010

    If the human mind is a product of immaterial, supernatural forces, then there is no particular reason to see material manifestations of that disorder in the physical brain -- yet that's precisely what we find, just as with physical disorders throughout the body. We don't assume supernatural causation behind dermatological or endocrine problems, so why assume it behind mental problems?
    When it comes to depression, for example, it's been demonstrated that people who suffer from it lack sufficient quantities of GABA, an important neurotransmitter. When the levels of GABA are raised, depression is relieved. Even more interesting, though, is recent research that has found another physical connection to depression: depressed people literally see our world differently. Even people who have recovered from depression don't do as well on tests of "spatial suppression," the ability to "suppress details surrounding the object our eyes are focused on."
    Jessica Hamzelou writes in New Scientist (December 4, 2009):
    [Julie Golomb and colleagues at Yale University] asked 32 people to watch a brief computer animation of white bars drifting over a grey and black background, and say which way they were moving. A Quicker response gave a higher score. Half of the group had good mental health, while the rest had recently recovered from depression.

    The latter were chosen so that medication would not interfere with the results, but Golomb thinks results from people with MOD [major depression] would be similar because the condition is thought to have genetic factors.

    When the image was large, the recovered volunteers found the task easier, which means they would do better in the forest scenario. But they performed less well than the other group when looking at a small image. "Their ability to discriminate fine details was impaired, which is the sort of perception that we tend to use on a daily basis," says Golomb...

    "Depression is often thought of as just a mood disorder," she says, "but it can impact upon eating and sleeping habits, and now we know it can even affect the way a person sees the world."
    We see physical symptoms and conditions associated with depression because depression is ultimately a physical problem this is because the mind is ultimately physical itself. We don't look towards anything supernatural or immaterial to explain digestive problems or a broken leg, so why do it when it comes to mental health? Neural connections and brain structure are what create the "mind," so it's only to be expected that changes in those connections, in transmissions, and in structure will impact the health of the mind.
    Every single piece of scientific research on the mind reveals that the mind comes from the physical, material, natural brain; absolutely no scientific evidence suggests that there is anything supernatural or immaterial about the human mind. Despite this, so many people continue to cling to the notion that there is something "special" about the human mind -- that our minds have a supernatural, immaterial basis even though the minds of other animals do not (they don't have souls, after all). Such a belief is untenable in the light of evolution, but these same people tend to either deny evolution entirely or resist the notion that humans evolved from the same ancestors as the rest of the animal kingdom. I wonder how much of this is ego -- a desire to be special and important, to transcend mundane, material nature.

    Bevets of told me that retarded people have normal souls, but are “driving a yugo”. They are effectively trapped in their bodies, but otherwise are just like everyone else. Brain damage turns your Ford in a Yugo.

    Magical thinking must be wonderful.

  80. Anonymous6:27 AM

    how someone already said you da man!!! good on you....

  81. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Yes!(Sound of hand slapping forehead...)Awesome job, G. It was right there, and I'm amazed frankly that I didn't notice. You see, a few years ago ears in a baby photo revealed that the baby shown, and always said to be me, could not have been...because the ears were totally different, and apparently ear shapes (cartilege at the top especially) do not change over time or with age. A family secret was discovered: my mother had "given away" her first daughter, my older sister, but kept the photo and passed it off as me, right up there on the shelf. My aunts knew about it in general, but the secret slipped out one day when I was visiting with my baby, and brought out some photos, one of which was a smaller version of the framed one. My 80 year old aunt said, "But that's not you!" before catching herself. Later, the ears told the story, which I could confirm. So, can't believe I missed the ears!

  82. Way to go people!! This is amazing. After all this time, I thought nothing would surprise me about Sarah, but I'm actually shocked at the brazenness...

  83. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Get busy LEVI, sell your story, it's going to come out anyway.

  84. The newborn presented as Trig, with malformed ears, is not the baby that was presented during the campaign. That was just proven by Gryphen.

    A couple of points or notes or questions -- whatever

    Many months ago, you mentioned that Bristol was quite angry at Sarah for claiming to be pregnant. They were having a war of sorts over this. Once Sarah began her pregnancy, it had to be concluded.

    Could it be that Bristol would not relent and give over her newborn to Sarah. Sarah had to find a replacement baby, so this little infant with malformed ears becomes available through CBJ, fundie church friends, nurse Dar as stands in?

    This begs the question of the fires. Do you think or know if there is any relationship to the fires and the mysterious baby?

    At some point, does the baby with the malformed ears go elsewhere after Bristol relents and allows her child to be claimed by Sarah.

    On the book tour, there were often DS babies and children presented to Sarah by fans. She was photographed with many, so I don't believe there is an ongoing baby triad. Looks like there was early on. The book entourage was clearly overwhelmed with looking after Trig, can't imagine there was bandwidth to look after 2 babies.

    Be very careful Gryphen. It is a good thing Todd is out of town.

  85. Irishgirl6:32 AM

    Prochoice Grandma and IndyLindy. Yes, I got one comment through briefly and then they deleted it. Maybe we should try compeletly unrelated threads?

  86. 5:37, the problem with your Wild Ride idea is that it seems that it was planned in advance. Hence arranging for Todd to go along and NOT the security detail. They didn't want any witnesses to the plane rides, travel in general.

  87. Whoops, I forgot to add that I am citing one of the emails that were released by the state of AK to MSNBC a couple of weeks ago when I discuss the ditching of the security detail for the TX trip (to anon 5:37).

  88. Laura6:35 AM

    Very interesting Duncan. Now I am going to ponder what kind of vehicle I am 'driving' these days. It seems to vary as to what is happening in my life--level of stress, happiness, etc. Very interesting. Thanks for the insight.

  89. So, in Hilary Clinton's world, "It Takes A Village" to raise a child, and in Sarah Palin's world "It Takes An Orphanage."

    I'm not sure what you've uncovered, Gryph, but it certainly takes this issue out of the realm of discountable conspiracy theories.

  90. Anonymous6:35 AM

    The kids and Heaths are riding $P's gravy train and are expected to keep their mouths shut or be cut off financially and emotionally, or worse. They've been indoctrinated into the grifting way of life. Reminds me of that grifting and murderous woman Sante Kimes and how she raised her sons. SP belongs in jail.

  91. Lisantx6:35 AM

    Thanks for your persistence, courage, and unrelenting search for the Truth. I hope lots of journalists accept your offer and investigate this crazy woman. Her corruption needs to be exposed and the proper officials need to check on the welfare of all the babies involved.

    You're a profile in courage!

  92. Anonymous6:36 AM

    The two pictures that you show side by side, OK magazine flipped photo is not exactly the same as the one to the left.

    They were taken one after another at the same photo shoot. A photographer may click off a number of photos to have a selection.

    Baby's hand in right photo has something yellow behind it, not the case on the left. Two different, almost the same, photos.

  93. Anonymous6:36 AM

    You may have this, but here is a link to the interview Greta did with BP on Feb. 16, 2008.

    The second video is where SP brings in a baby to BP. There are some ear shots in the video. Maybe screen capture would show them better.

  94. GRYPHEN: first, I have not read the comments; second, my mouth is gaping open. This is unbelievable. But third, and MOST IMPORTANT: take care of yourself. BE CAREFUL. This is dynamite. You know I have been waiting for this story to break. Just be careful. Now I will scroll back up and read the comments and go to Bree's and Q&A. See you later!

  95. Anonymous6:37 AM


  96. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Someone should go to the police and report a missing child, the first infant with the ears. Sarah's been deceiving the country and telling stories, but we can survive that. This disappearing kid thing is different though. What did they do with the first one? Is he in an institution somewhere, did he die, what? Did they buy a kid or two, kidnap them or what? This isn't political anymore, it should be investigated and that kid has to be found so we know he's okay. Is this some real life house of horrors? Too sinister...

  97. EllenS, I agree. The first thing that popped into my mind was that Trig 1 didn't make it and she had to get a substitute quickly.

    Gryph has said the story was very sad and more complex than anyone could imagine. I hate to think it, but it's the only thing that makes sense to me right now. I never doubted you Gryph, just tried to be patient & let things unfold in their natural time. Now! Wow!

    Bravo Gryphen! You have my hero of the century award for this. Please watch your back & stay safe!

  98. ONLY a formula-fed baby could be "borrowed" in that way. Do I hear an amen from the Amen Corner of former breastfeeding moms?

    AMEN, Mrs. TBB, a-freaking-men.

    The pieces are falling--if not into place, not just yet, then certainly into a pattern that's the beginning of the Real Picture.

  99. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Someone is scrambling, the link to the video of Greta and Bristol has already been taken down. Sarah must have a set of downs triplets in a shed somewhere, maybe in that upstate cabin she doesn't pay taxes on. What a farce, time for the Palins to go back under the rock from where they came.

  100. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Gryph -- when you said you were putting the finishing touches on something big, you weren't kidding!


    Did you send this to Andrew Sullivan? He's going to wet himself!!

    Be careful up there!

  101. A small point that we might wish to research is exactly when was it that SP mentioned publicly that Trig was about to get his hippie-hair cut. Maybe that was the point at which she knew the baby with the distinctive ears would no longer be publicly presented?

  102. Haven't finished reading the comments: it is 9:42 am here and I need a drink! Too early to celebrate with my champagne; and I really need something stronger (won't have it folks so don't worry about me) just, wow! To whoever said, get the pics to Levi and Mercede: I think they know. Ok, going back up for more comments.

  103. Gryphen: one more thing: is the young woman whose face you blocked out the mother? The real mother of one of those babies?

  104. Sharon in FL6:51 AM

    Sarah would never have been able to admit that Bristol, unmarried and at the age of 17, was the mother of one baby with another one on the way. I'm thinking that Sarah only found it necessary to "announce her own pregnancy" when Bristol told mommy she was pregnant again with Tripp. Fundies will usually accept one illegitimate baby but NOT two!

    Trig (a real Trig) had been born earlier - probably sometime late December or mid-January and did have DS but was still hidden to the world so $P concocted the entire story.

    BUT who would carry it so far as to switch babies out? Or to borrow babies to cover their own lies?

    Until I hear the answer, I'm going to be thinking dark and terrible thoughts about what happened to that little baby with the ruffled ears? Where is that little guy? And is he alive and safe? And he's the poor little thing that that BI*CH dragged to her office 2 days after his birth? In April? In Alaska? WTF? W T F ???

  105. mocha6:51 AM

    Gryph, I am not so sure that this unbeknownst to Levi and Mercede.

    The big questions to me are - Where is the deformed ear baby now? Who is the elf-ear baby on the book tour? When people noticed there was an animated, walking Trig on the book tour and thought there was something amiss, I think they were right and there is a 3rd baby.

  106. LisanTX6:52 AM

    Here is a short video on Sarah's hoax for those who might not have seen it:

  107. This is probably the thing that Levi was talking about when he said there were things he could tell that would destroy her but that he would never tell those things.

  108. Well, I guess all those Down Syndrome babies look just alike.

  109. Can you imagine the level of freaking out that is going on? The brainstorming sessions on how to explain this?

  110. LisanTX6:55 AM

    Audrey wrote about the "indoor raincoat" event on her blogpost at:

    There is even a video clip from the event. Very interesting to go back and read/watch this.

  111. Ripley in CT6:55 AM

    when I started reading this and looking at these ear comparisons, I got a weak and icky feeling in my gut. That's an automatic reaction to a sociopath, Gryphen.

    wow. I had thought there were two babies, especially after the Heath's were shown posing with a really big baby presented as a newborn. I wonder about that baby's ear.

    Yikes. This is worse than I thought. She is worse than I can imagine. Ick.

  112. What's even weirder is that Levi is showing so much genuine affection for both infants---I don't think that they told him that the one wiht the ragged ears or the one at the convention wasn't really Trig....also how does he have a bracelet if it were staged in any way (remember,he shouldn't have a bracelet as just a friend of the family anyway--only fathers get these) It just gets weirder and weirder---YOu know, David Lynch of Twin peaks fame was often asked about how he came up with all these weird characters and bizarre stories, he just mentioned that you only needed to go to a certain Bar on this certain Ivy league campus and just observe reality--- truth can be stranger than fiction-(I often drank at this bar and can attest to his remark---normal is only until you get to know someone--then all bets are off) --we are so in twin peaks. I'm not even going to try to wrap my head around this

  113. TwoBlueJays7:00 AM

    Time to revisit Mercede's comments on the Palin kitchen photo with baby #1. Triggy bear? Mommy in law? Family love? There is absolutely no chance that every person in those photos was unaware of the origins of that baby. They know it was not Sarah's. And they know where it went. And where the RNC baby came from. The Palin family knows. The Johnstons know. The Heaths know. CBJ knows. And most importantly, the biological mother(s) of both babies know.

  114. Anonymous7:02 AM

    If SP knows folks are going to search around for Trig baby photos for comparison, she might have them scrapped. Hope this isn't the case, but for bloggers, it might be smart to screen shot them.

  115. I thought I would do my part in getting this story viral...

  116. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Way to go Gryphen, you are on the trail of unraveling the Queen's story. There has always been "so something wrong" with the story and I have been glued to these blogs as you folks have worked hard to uncover the facts. Sarah has no inner soul.

    When I look at the March 2008 Spouses lunch picture of Sarah and then at the Daytona photo, I am aghast at the changes in Sarah's face. I think, Sarah's so-called inner beauty is starting to surface and it ain't pretty.

  117. Anonymous7:06 AM

    WOW I clicked on to this story at 8 am,EST which means you post at 4 am. At that time there were 0 comments. Now this story has wings. You have been very busy. This is a great find.

    Thank you for your hard work & perseverance. Please be careful.

    Is there anything true in her pathetic life ? Oh & I hope the Toad loses the race.

    Be safe. WOW

  118. Rationalist said...
    Virginia Voter and ProChoiceGrandma are up earlier than I am, so I'll quote them: "Holy shit."

    I am also agreeing with all of the above --- This is great and I am sending lots of Thanks, Appreciation, and Love to our Gryph.

    G, Have a great day, and be safe!!!

  119. Irishgirl7:08 AM

    I posted the link on the Tiger Woods thread at huffpo. We'll see how long it lasts!

  120. Speaking of "scrubbed" sites, I just tried to enlarge the pic of Briston and Tripp on the Today site. Everytime, I tried the screen would freeze.

  121. Anonymous7:14 AM

    You've done it this time! This will NOT DIE.

  122. Anonymous7:15 AM

    While I would like to see Palin exposed as a very weak person/politician, I cannot agree with the conclusions being drawn from the "ear" photos.

    The cartilege does not harden for several weeks after birth. There is nothing unusual about the appearance of Trig's ears. Newborn ears can be drastically different in appearance from those just one month later.

    I'm surprised you got any physicians to say these photos show two different babies.

    Conjecture such as this merely makes those of us who wish to expose Palin look bad ourselves.

    A simple internet search on "newborn ear appearance" will confirm my comment.

  123. Ripley in CT7:21 AM

    There is actually what looks like a third baby. At Bree's there is a boy in a green striped shirt who's ear is different than the baby in the blue striped shirt. These are BOTH different than the infant wrinkly-eared baby.

    I just cannot believe this level of pathology. All for politics.

  124. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Checked the Hawaii pics. It appears that the round-eared Trig was with the Palins.

  125. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Gryphen - keep updating, we are a tad concerned!

  126. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Some months ago I mentioned looking at the ears and feet of the baby with Mercede...typical of DS babies. The ears are floppy and the crease between the great toe and next...also one line in palm instead of a forked line. I noticed the ear was ragged, but the picture didn't detail it like the blow up Gryph's shows. I'm new at this computer stuff and didn't know how to blow it up. Notice too, that the hair color of those babies is different. That doesn't happen over night. Most babies loose there birth hair and it will come in a different hue. Our little girl was a carrot top at birth but second growth was almost white blonde. But this takes several weeks/ months to change. Our artist is sure painting a convoluted masterpiece! Has probably run out of paint and couldn't get the same he started with! :-) Not quite ready to hang in the Louve (sp) yet. But dang, you are a good artist many details. Thanks and stay safe.

  127. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Thanks Gryphen for all you have done and all you will do ! This is definitely good news!

    Be SAFE


  128. Anonymous7:26 AM

    OOOOOPS!!! If she has, at different times, had BOTH THOSE BABIES COVERED under Indian Health Service OR ANY OTHER HEALTH PLAN, she is in deep doo-doo now. The insurer's would now have grounds to demand DNA tests – AND SHOULD BE PROVIDED WITH A COPY OF THIS ARTICLE, INCLUDING ALL PHOTOS – ASAP.

    This also means the whole family is in on it – Todd, and the other children, though Piper may be too young to have noticed. And this Also means that people from McCain's staff, including McCain himself, were probably in on it, too. Would this be why they confiscated all of the Johnston's computers???????? THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!

    It also raises additional questions about the church fire IF IN FACT adoption records were stored there – something that would have to be proven.

    I always wondered why Mercede called him Triggy Bear. But no wonder: his ears look just like a teddy bear, and that may also be what Sarah also called him at first.

    Not only where did she get them both, but where did she dump him (Trig I)? And why? His lack of perfection???

    The brazenness of her stories never ceases to amaze me – lying and deceiving when there are documents and photographs that easily prove the falsity of her versions of 'reality'. But this must be taken to the authorities. The game must stop now. Lives are truly being tampered with, and it ain't pretty.

  129. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I'd love to see Andrew Sullivan weigh in, as well.

  130. Ya know, I think that first new-born DS Baby with the distinctive ears, probably is Bristol's, and he is living with her, Tripp, and the Palins. Having 2 babies could be why she is asking so much for child(ren) support?

    §carah has her 'prop' baby(s), for 'Show 'n Tell' - but who knows just where she keeps them???

    Whatever is going on, it is all pretty sad, as well as outrageous!

    Thanks again Gryph!!

  131. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Excellent!! Keep up the good work!!! Please be careful.....we all know the 'types' Granny Grifter attracts.

  132. Anonymous7:28 AM

    The hair cut; Vanity Fair-Sarah talks about her staff discussion re; my 3rd justice appointment etc and mentions she's picking up her handsome son to return to Juneau, Trig got his first haircut etc. This article is dated Aug. 2009

  133. Gasman7:29 AM

    You have outdone yourself. The photos certainly don't answer all of the questions surrounding the faked Palin pregnancy, but they sure make it clear that there is a HUGE campaign of deception going on surrounding Trig. What happened to the baby in the pictures taken in late April and early May? Whose child was that? Who is the birth mother of Trig?

    HuffPo needs to see this. If they won't bite, send it to the National Enquirer. I know they are bottom feeders, but they were they only ones who got the John Edwards story right. They would have no compunction about slogging through the muck to get at the truth of the Palin story. If they could embarrass the MSM, so much the better.

    I don't care who gets at the information. I want the truth to come out about Sarah Palin.

  134. After the initial shock of seeing this stunning revelation, I agree with Anon @ 6:39am above that this should be reported to the authorities to investigate (I would hesitate to use local authorities, however). No one would know to look for a newborn, or the body of a newborn, if they were never aware that one was missing. There was just something so desperate in Sarah’s determination to fake the pregnancy, and then to maintain the deception even after all the pictures and other facts clearly showed that she was NOT pregnant.

    And people can yell at me all they want, but I still get the heebiejeebies over the death of Dar Miller, the hospice nurse who was a former NICU nurse, who lived 1 mile from the Palin’s house, and she also owned a cabin in Trapper Creek about 5 miles from the Palin’s cabin.

  135. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Here's a link at Huffington Post with a picture of people magazine. Left Ear is also slightly pointed in this picture as well:

  136. Remember the picture of Levi holding a baby with another baby's arm in the photo?

  137. Anonymous7:34 AM

    agree with Anon @ 7:26

    Keep posting ... we need to know you are safe ....


  138. I think the VanPalin halo picture on the birth announcement is the smooth-eared TriG, and doesn't look like the other newborn baby.

    Do the ears show in the picture of the Heaths w/baby in hospital room or in the pictures going home (and to the office?) a few days later? Many of you have said that looked like an older-than-newborn baby.

    Try this:

    Bristol had TriG prematurely. He had DS and was in NICU. Sarah convinced Bristol to give TriG to her and announced her pregnancy.

    Sarah waits till after the legislative session ends and the important Texas speech is over and TriG is out of the hospital to "give birth."

    The real TriG is with her at MatSu and going home. But for a baby others can hold and look at closely, she needs a smaller, newborn version and borrows one, who happens not to have DS. Since Sarah has read that DS is not always apparent in newborns (except to Willow), she thinks she can pull this off. (And she would have if it hadn't been for you kids and Scooby--and ears.)

    After the shower, TriG mostly stays home and the stunt baby is no longer borrowed. By the summer in the Philly Zoo, TriG can pass.

    Soooo, are Levi and Sadie in on this, posing with a newborn they know is not really TriG? Or are they at the Palin house because they are close to Bristol and are fooled like everyone else? Seems either Levi is in on it or he is not the father of the real TriG.

    On the other hand, I can't rule out that TriG had cosmetic surgery at too young an age and that the crinkled- and smooth- eared babies are both the same baby TriG. Sarah doesn't seem overly concerned with his welfare and could have found someone to do the surgery.

    Yet, a borrowed newborn would answer the questions about the tiny baby with Sadie, the larger baby with the Heaths, and then the tiny baby again at the shower.

    Good job, Gryphen. Ear! Ear!

  139. SaskCat7:36 AM

    I've been following this story from the beginning, and I'm shocked!!!!!

    This could be on Jeopardy some day:

    Answer: Sarah Palin's baby-switching fake-pregnancy.
    Question: What 21st century hoax ended a political career and ensured prison terms for two of the more than half dozen participants?

    I can always dream, can't I?

  140. So, the cryptic 'Tripp was Trig before he was Tripp' means something more now (Or was it 'Trig was Tripp before he was Trig..?')

    And as someone else mentioned the captions below the images on Mercede's myspace scrubbed page may mean something more, now.

    I always felt that image of the baby, Levi & Mercede from the Tyra seemed sad. You have a loving father and sister, but there seemed to be something in the way Levi was holding the child and looking at him which made him look like he was going to be holding him for the last time.

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around how someone as dimwitted as Sarah could have pulled something like this off and fooled all of Alaska and rest of the country? Who came up with this? Who is pulling her strings..?

  141. indylindy7:41 AM

    Hey IrishGirl...I will try and post on other stories on HuffPost as well. Guess we will have to stick with it until we find a way to keep the moderators at bay.

  142. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Commenter at 7:15. You are 100% wrong. Newborn ears do grow. But there is no physical way the raggedy crooked ear shown in the shower picture could grow or become the absolutely flawless perfect curved ear that is only four months later. And if anything the left ear looks worse though we can't really tell since it's only the one shot. No way Hosea.

  143. CATHY7:45 AM

    TOLL FREE NUMBER: 1-888-809-6799.


  144. Another thought:

    Could whoever birthed these babies have had twins...? Both with Down Syndrome..? It's possible, right?

  145. Anonymous7:46 AM


  146. emrysa7:50 AM

    f-ing a, gryphen, great work!!!!

    what does all this mean? you know, in the past when people posted the idea that there was more than one baby I just didn't believe it. now, with these pics and the pics at bree's, I see that we have

    ragged ear
    round ear
    elf ear

    I've never noticed this before even though I've seen all of these pictures before. this is way to bizarre. just mind blowing.

    and like others I am curious - what has happened to ragged ear? just how many babies/toddlers are living in the palin house? this is really freaky. are sarah's daughters in the surrogate business? this just raises too many questions.

    seriously at this point it seems like the law should be getting involved. passing off 3 different babies as one? scandalous.

  147. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I can't stop laughing. This is too funny. Desparate aren't you? This is a perfeect deflection away from the fact that you can never prove any of your conspiracy theories, Gryphen.

    A newborn's ears, as well as other features, may be distorted by the position they were in while inside the uterus. Because the baby hasn't yet developed the thick cartilage that gives firm shape to an older child's ears, it isn't unusual for newborns to come out with temporarily folded or otherwise misshapen ears. Small tags of skin or pits (shallow holes) in the skin on the side of the face just in front of the ear are also common. Usually, these skin tags can be easily removed (talk to your doctor).

  148. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Anon@ 7:15: Your comment doesn't explain the appearance of the baby's ear taken at the baby shower in May: To my eyes it looks just like ear of the baby in the kitchen photos taken a few days after he was born. I did look up "newborn ear appearance" and "newborn ear" photos and couldn't find any photos of "normal" newborn ears that look as irregularly shaped as those in the "Trig" photos. I agree that it is important not to jump to conclusions, but based on the photographic comparisons, I don't think these are photos of just one baby.

  149. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Perhaps someone had twins, and one has DS. The powerful people who back her are behind all of this, knowing she will do anything for power and $$. Thanks Gryph.

  150. Anonymous7:58 AM

    EXCELLENT investigative journalism, Gryphen! I tried posting over at HuffPo but I don't think it got through. I'm sending links to Rachel at MSNBC.

  151. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Idiots. IDIOTS.

    If there were even a shred of truth to this, don't you think someone would have said something by now?

    Do you really think Levi and Mercede would be covering this up?

    Do you think Bristol would have gone to court in a custody battle if there were the slightest risk of this news coming out?

  152. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Look at how in this picture they conveniently hid his ears in a hat


  153. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Check Tripp's ears...I can't tell for sure....

  154. Sarah Palin did not really give birth to Trig

    It's all a hoax, sorry


  155. Lisabeth8:01 AM

    Like everyone else, all i can think of is omg omg!!! How did so many miss this obvious clue. I always knew Trig was not Sarahs by birth, but I didn't imagine the real stort (whatever that is) to be so sinister and sick. It's also incredibly sad for the Palin children. That's what I keep thinking about. How could ANY mother involve her children and other family members in such diabolical lies! It astounds me!!!!

    And shame shame on John McCain and his team!! I believe they must know the truth. And McCain is still blabbing about how proud he is of Sarah??

    And shame on ADN and the MSM! I have lost faith in most "journalists!" And what is with Hiuffington Post!

    Thanks Gryphen for not giving up. Be very careful. I hope you are in touch with the right people.

    To the MSM... Do your damn job!!!!!!!!!
    Sarah is a sick, conniving manipulative woman! I feel sorry for Track, for Willow, for Piper. And even for Bristol for having such a disturbed greedy mother!!!

    Keep going Gryphen and all others who want the truth!

  156. Anonymous8:06 AM

    I would like to know when the authorities will do something? I suppose they will say there is nothing here. How the heck can anyone guarantee the baby with Sarah and Sadie is alive and safe? The Johnston once loved that child? Are they certain "he" is fine. What do they think happened to "him?" I don't get why the authorities have not been notified there is some baby switching going on and there are people who want to know the babies are alright. I know the Johnstons are between a rock and a hard place. I try to put myself in their place as far as I can understand the scene. I do think they were tricked. Do they think the first baby died? Are they still in touch with the child and know "he" is safe? Nothing makes sense and the authorities need to find out where all the babies are and if they are alright.

    I never did think the first baby looked like the baby with the Heath's at the hospital. This is astounding! Thank you Gryphen!

  157. Anonymous8:07 AM

    One of the earlier posts indicated that newborn ears are more pliable than indicated. One site does seem to indicate that this is the case. See below. I want this to be the truth but you should be aware that the excuses are already arriving...

  158. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Between the pictures on this site and Bree's site, I think I see three ears.
    1. the elf ear
    2. a mirror image question mark (similar to SP's ears)
    3. a C-shaped ear (except that the bottom of the C doesn't go all the way up - but the top of the ear curls like a C, an then is only slightly curved to the bottom

    I told a new friend, fairly liberal, that I thought SP was very bad, sick, unethical, immoral. She's not heavy into politics and not real knowledgeable about SP. She thought (in a loving way) I sounded like a crazy-conspiracy theorist, and is she really any different or worse than Cheney/Rove, and was I being hard on her because she's a woman. Hmmmm. It's not like there aren't crazy men out there too.

  159. Lidia8:08 AM

    I found what appears to me to be another "tiny baby" picture, but it's too small a file size to see clearly:

    The woman here had a whole shrine-like post devoted to Sarah, and this is one of the few pictures I hadn't seen before. Maybe someone has a clue to where a higher-resolution version might be??

  160. Anonymous8:09 AM

    If she didn't look pg with one, let's hope no one tries to tell us she had twins and one died or something.

  161. ruh roh...Yet another piece of the puzzle. $arah paylin, YOU LIE LIKE A RUG!

  162. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Thanks to the work of so many bloggers, we have been able to locate and DATE with accuracy, most all the photos and videos.

    So, to anyone whose friends may question this whole story, be sure to remember that the dates we have are correct.

  163. Anonymous8:11 AM

    In the picture of the Palin kitchen with Mercede holding "Trig" and Bristol standing over, there is a calendar on the wall behind them. I can make out that its a calendar but cant read it. Maybe some photo detectives could make it clearer.

  164. Anonymous8:12 AM

    I understand that since you are a man you have never been pregnant, but your readers who have been pregnant would have to admit that Sarah Palin's face in the first picture has the characteristics that some women exhibit when pregnant, a swollen looking face. In any event, unless you mention the doctors' name and their C.V. your comments do not hold water.

  165. Anonymous8:12 AM

    I dont think the MSM will pick this up.

  166. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Pearly girl, that sounds about right to me. And DS features do make many of them look enough alike at first.

  167. Rationalist8:14 AM

    Gryphen, this is truly amazing. Okay, team: time to go back to palinsdeceptions and look at every baby photo.

  168. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Don't forget Dar Miller's strange death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Lisabeth8:20 AM

    Anon 7:15 am as a doctor of Audiololgy, I can tell you that you are completely wrong!! Everything Gryphen wrote is true! Defects like this never correct themselves EVER without surgery. Surgery is never done at this age.
    If you are a Palin supporter and try to go this route, you will be proven wrong by any otologist, otolaryngologist or audiologist. These are definitely different babies.

  170. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Trigg's right ear is ALWAYS covered up in this video (which contains pictures) very strange, at which point did they make the switch from the wrinkled ear baby to the trigg we see today?

    Anna Lynne

  171. Anonymous8:21 AM

    So much work to do now! I hope someone is putting photos in a comparison link for the three Trigs!

    Tri = three people!!!!

  172. Milly8:23 AM

    An unstable woman and switching babies is not enough to open an investigation into the children's well being? Isn't the baby Trig with bilateral helix malformation missing?

  173. I feel like I am watching an episode of Fringe!! WOW.

    I have posted to my Facebook and Twitter. Everyone -- please do the same!! Spread the word!

  174. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Daaayyyyummm! excellent sleuthing Gryphen! They say the devil is in the details.

    I certainly feel this issue is one step closer to the truth.

    Way.To.Go! (And be safe!)

    Susan in MD

  175. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Gryphen, I haven't read the comments so I don't know if anyone else has mentioned it, but the photo from Kristan Cole's website was not reversed and used on the cover of OK magazine. They are very similar, but not the same photo. She was probably posed and many pix were taken. Look at Sarah's finger that the baby is holding. In the first pic it is straight and the second slightly bent. Also look at the baby' hand. In the first pic it is straight and the second, bent downward. The expression on the baby's face is slightly different too. You can also see more of Sarah's thumb in the first pic than the second.

    Good job overall tho. Thank you for staying on this. I can't wait for the Palin's to be exposed as the frauds they are.

    One question begs an answer tho, where is the first bay now?

  176. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Anon at 7:15 a.m. - I don't believe you are correct here. The articles you are referencing (I did google) talk about ears that are folded over or "misshappen" due to a childs position in the womb. That presentation firms up The cartilage becomes more firm and supporting as the child grows but that is not a deformity that reshapes itself, as would have to happen here. The ears on the Palin infant are "malformed," there are obvious divets in the cartilage and he would have to grow cartilage to correct that, not a case of the cartilage "firming" up. The second is common in DS children and is only correctable at a later age (4-6) with surgery.

    I googled both and there is a very distinct difference.

    Susan in MD

  177. mocha8:44 AM

    Hey Anon at 7:15 are you a doctor? 4, count 'em 4 doctors looked at these pictures and told Gryphen that ruffled ears absolutely cannot heal to normal ears on their own and yet you insist they can based on "a simple internet search". You think you know better than a pediatrician, an audiologist, an ENT and a physician? You're full of it.

  178. MaineMom8:44 AM

    Wow, Gryph -- this is great work. I can't wait to see how Team Paylin reacts. Can you get a reaction from the Levi camp to all of this? Please keep yourself safe. I look forward to the next installment of the revolving baby saga.

  179. Sharon in FL8:44 AM

    Bree has photos up that show a difference between the noses of the newborn and the baby that was introduced at the RNC. #1 photo shows a baby with a (reasonably) prominent bridge and photo #4 shows a baby with NO bridge in his little nose.

    I'm a mother and grandmother - I've never once seen the bridge in a baby's nose just disappear.

  180. GermanGoodness8:46 AM

    Very interesting post, Gryphen. Although it sounds as if you have a lot more information.

    All I can say is stay safe. I hope you have your own security team, of a sort and/or security cameras in your home, etc.

  181. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Gryphen - Just read yesterday through the transcript of John Edwards "coming clean" with ABC's Bob Woodruff on August 8, 2008 about what he described as a brief affair with Rielle Hunter - adamantly denying he had fathered a child with her (and of course now we know that's exactly what he'd done). Just a short 21 days later the world would meet Sarah Palin on a stage in Ohio.

    But here, in his own words, is John Edwards coming clean, without coming clean at all. The pathology of lying is some pathology.

    Does this creep anyone else out?

    John Edwards: "This is what happened. It's what happened with me and I think happens unfortunately more often sometimes with other people...ego, self-focus, self-importance...adulation, respect, admiration. Then I went from being a...young senator to being considered for vice-president...being a vice-presidential candidate and becoming a national figure.

    All of which fed a self-focus, an egotism, a narcissism that leads you to believe that you can do whatever you want. You're invincible. And there will be no consequences. And nothing, nothing could be further from the truth."

  182. Gryphen, you can permanently bookmark those web pages (it's free!) by using WebCite. You'll get an independent url where the original page is cached so folks can continue to look at whatever was on the page when you saved/cached it. If you do it now, you might be able to save a web version of those pages permanently.

  183. crystalwolf aka caligrl8:57 AM

    FWI Duncan is a old troll, just trying to thrown the conversation off with his BS!
    Great job Gryphen! Everyone who have face book post this, and @ Rachel,Keith& Richard Wolfe!
    I noticed during the book tour there was another TriG a boy in a blue hoodie...who was more alert, focused than TriG 2!
    I also think those pics with Mercede and Levi were taken when TriG/T1 was born and that was earlier than 4/18. I think Mercede and Levi know what happened to that baby and that is why the bad blood and why Sherry was busted. And they are trying to get Levi arrested too, that is how the paylins roll. Gryphen, be safe, to someone who would pull off something like this is truly dangerous!
    Gryphen sent this into the National Enquirer!

  184. Anonymous8:58 AM

    There is very interesting research about FearID - forensic ear identification, the ability to identify a person by his his ear.

    Lots of information an links to relevant articles:

    Ear Print Analysis

  185. GrainneKathleen8:58 AM

    what about the photo of sarah and todd with newborn trig in the middle? it was released sometime after the birth. which baby is in that photo?

  186. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Where do u get spare babies?

  187. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I've known since I've been caught in the whole Sarah/Trig undertow for the last year or so that's somethings certainly hinky about the parentage of that child.

    As impressive as these photos are I don't think they are any kind of "nail". Cartlidge in the ears CAN change from its appearance at the early weeks. I described my own daughter's first-few-weeks appearance to others as kind of a literal UNFOLDING, 'cause she really seemed especially "crinkled". (She's beautiful now of course.)

    Here's from the site HOW THINGS WORK:

    Ears. The cartilage in the outer ear is very flexible in the newborn. If an ear looks folded, don't worry -- it will probably straighten out. If the problem continues, talk to your doctor.

  188. GrainneKathleen9:01 AM

    the photo is in this huffpo story, among others with a newborn trig in them. but which baby is it?

  189. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Anon at 7:15...

    Thanks for taking a few seconds to google 'newborn ear appearance'.

    While I am highly critical of Palin as a politician - I am continually amazed at the leaps of logic made by people who question her as a parent.

    Clearly, a newborn ear picture is a poor identifier of a child. Again, use your Google - it's all there.

    The constant speculation of her parentage of Trig, her parenting skills...even criticism of how she holds her baby? People, stand back - take a deep breath - and look at what you are saying!

    No one knows what therapy is provided to Trig. No one knows how severe any hearing, vision, or heart problems may be. There is huge variation in this.

    This is groundless speculation. Without facts (other than the true statements that Trig has been underdressed sometimes). How can we complain about others who have elaborate conspiracy theories about George Soros and socialism and nazism...yet we happily join in these unfounded, wild speculations about Sarah and Trig?

    Sorry, I don't buy it.

  190. Anonymous at 7:15: Good try at putting a spin on this. Not gonna work. Big diference between cartilage not fully forming and a clearly malformed ear. Clear to everyone who looks. Gotta give you credit,'s about all you had to try it.

  191. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Game! Set! Match!
    Who is this imposter?

  192. Holy shit! Today is a great day for Truth!

    Looks like we may have reached the beginning of babygate's final chapter. Excellent work, Gryphen!

    I thought I'd feel happy when unquestionable, concrete evidence of Sarah's hoax surfaced. Instead there are tears. It seems like the story of the babies may be horrific. It's despicable that Sarah added lies upon lies and demonized those who questioned her, especially Levi.

    The sooner all is exposed, the safer all will be. (I hope I'm not being overly dramatic here.)

    Blessings to you, Gryph!

  193. She's a fraud, folks9:11 AM

    Sarah Palin is the biggest hoax and fraud in US political history.

  194. Anonymous9:12 AM

    There must be quite a few people in on this and I'd bet some of them are being paid to keep quiet. If some of them asked for more? Maybe the reason she quit so abruptly?

  195. Anonymous9:12 AM

    5, 4, 3, 2, 1 until Palin uses the wax and tape correction excuse for the ear differences. Not going to fly. Even the photos on the website reveal how similar in structure the ears were prior to the tape and waxing. Look at the before and after photos towards the end of the article.

  196. Just like I've been saying all along. Trig is not Trig. And we know who the mother is too don't we Gryphen. And now we know the reason why there needed to be a fake Trig to move the birth date.

    But why hide mommy's face? It's just a picture of a teenage girl holding a baby! Could be anybody's baby, right?

  197. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Irion Dog update: Toad "scratched at Puntilla on way back to Big Lake".

  198. Anonymous9:24 AM

    The wrinkled ear occurs on both sides on the newborn. That would suggest this isn't a case where one ear was folded or temporarily deformed during delivery.

  199. Anonymous9:25 AM

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best, Gryphen! This is what I think, and it's fine with me if you don't publish this right now. (I am too excited to read the above posts in detail, so if I am missing something important, sorry): There are actually THREE babies involved here. Bristol was pregnant (at least) twice and delivered twice, perhaps by different guys. And I still think the little guy we know as Trig might be the son of Track and Sherry Johnston. I will try to sort this out with all the incredible photo evidence and timeline you've provided. Thank you, thank you, and yes, keep yourself safe. You know, for what it's worth, I think the scary players/backers have already abandoned her, so I doubt they will care if you expose her lies now. Maybe you have information on that too, so you feel free to go with this, finally. You're a real patriot, that's for sure. 21st century bravery...

  200. Anonymous9:26 AM

    We need a criminal investigation to find that missing child.


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