Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sarah Palin tax dodging story goes national!

This from the AP:

Records show that Sarah Palin has not paid any property taxes on cabins that have been built on two backcountry plots partially owned by the former Alaska governor.

It's unclear how long ago the structures were built, but records show that there are no tax assessments for the buildings. Property taxes were only paid on the land — and not the structures themselves.

The issue has attracted the attention of local tax officials who conducted a scheduled aerial survey of the property on Thursday.

Palin's attorney, Thomas Van Flein, says it is not the responsibility of property owners to report structures that go up on their land. But local assessor Dave Dunivan says owners are required by state law to report any omissions or errors in their tax assessments.

The Palin-bots tried desperately to kill this story and complained that Jeanne had her facts wrong. But they do not know Jeanne Devon. She NEVER has her facts wrong!

Update: Anchorage news station KTUU now has the story as well.

Update 2: Add the Juneau Empire and New York Times to the list.

Update 3: Huffington Post has much, much more on this now.


  1. Yeah, Baby! So glad this story is moving forward.

  2. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Yes. Of course AKM sat on it until all could be verified.

    The fact that they received their assessment year after year with big fat zeros under the building portion tell the truth. Sarah is a scammer!!

    Oh, and the windows of the cabin look familiar.

  3. It is par for the course for the Palinbots to try to kill anything that reveals that their empress has no clothes. Good catch, Gryphen.

  4. aka...Rocky in texas said...

    it's ok teabaggers, et.el.,

    keep sending your money to your grifter sarah!

    She needs to forward a bunch of that cash to ya'lls buddy John McCain!

    You might wanna google "Being played for a fool" anytime now!

    just saying!

  5. Pardon my french but the peelanders are such $%#&ing retards.

  6. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I can't wait to see the reasons, er, excuses that are going fly from the hands of VanFlea Collar, Sarah, RAM and everyone else. For someone that constantly talks about honesty, morality, etc. Palin is the living, breathing antithesis of anything remotely so.

    I'm sure she'll accuse those nasty Alaskan bloggers of going after her, trying to cost her money and in general screwing with her business! Thankfully she's no longer Governor or she might try and have you all banned from Alaska! }:>

    I love seeing Sarah and her crew with their hair on fire. When do you think she'll understand that that alone is worth eleventy billion dollars? LOL

  7. AP article from Juneau Empire:

    "But Dave Dunivan, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough assessor, says owners are required by state statues to report any omissions or errors in their tax assessments."

    How is Sarah going to explain this?
    Does Dave Dunivan need a bodyguard now?

  8. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Spin Baby Spin!

  9. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Hey tbaggers:

    Don't you actually have to pay your property taxes before you protest about your property taxes being too high?

  10. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I think that it is the same thing as Todd accidentally checking the Alaska Independent Party instead of the Independent voting box - seven times.

    One oversight is easily forgiven. Two times overlooking $0.00 declared value, well, it could have been a busy year. But several times smells like the AIP excuse.

  11. Deb in WI4:56 PM

    "The issue has attracted the attention of local tax officials who conducted a scheduled aerial survey of the property on Thursday."
    Aerial survey on Thursday -- that was quick.

    I doubt they'll do anything to her. They'll just reassess it and give her a $250 fine and a bill for back taxes and sweep it under a rug.
    She has even more money to pay people off and "clear" her of this "petty" and "frivilous" claim of tax evasion, because nothing is ever her fault. She's think first-degree murder was "frivilous."

    I'm not going to hold my breath. She gets away with everything.

  12. Ripley in CT4:58 PM

    this has already gone viral. The LA Times has it... it's all over Huffpost.. that's where I saw it. It's on the 'Flats already... and the AP is busting it wide open...I love this.

    John Rowland from CT anyone? He did time for a much lesser offense...

    go to teh googles and read to your heart's content, and imagine just exchanging "Rowland" for "Palin" instead when you do. Especially the part where he had to go to jail and wear an ankle monitor when he got out, too also!

    Wheeeee!!!! Thank you Spirit of Al Capone!!

  13. Anonymous4:58 PM

    This one will not be a thrown under the bus. Thats probaly where she stufed Bristol. We need people at the carpet bagger conference holding signs saying pay your taxes with canmeras rolling. Then people should shout tax cheat, tax cheat

  14. Anonymous5:00 PM

    NYTimes has the story

  15. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I would love Chris Wallace to ask her about this on Sunday!! Maybe then she'll sit on his lap.

  16. front page huffpo!!! woohooo

  17. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Did that oath include upholding those Alaskan statutes?

  18. No doubt she'll start a new trust fund to pay for this. And, no doubt her supporters will rush to contribute. Poor Sarah, how can she afford this??

  19. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Where did she set the money before she quit to build all those wonderful things.. The IRS will get her now. She will have to do what would be the worst thing in her life. Testify under oath>. I don't know if she can take her charge annd not rat. I think she will look for a deal. But the DA probally can't trust her. but i think she is stupid ennough to have records.

  20. Anonymous5:11 PM

    This is great news!
    And Gryphen, you too deserve much of the credit. Afterall you have this ANTI-PALIN blog, which explores ALL PALIN PROBLEMS.

  21. Anne NC5:14 PM

    It's called lying by omission and I'm sure Granny Grifter is more than aware of it. If you get your tax bill and realize that it's supposed to be $2500 and yet they make a mistake and it's only $250, what should you do? You know your real bill is $2500 and you'll get caught sooner or later, so HONEST people pay the actual amount and alert the tax assessor's office to the discrepancy.

    Did Sarah, Todd and the Richters' alert the county to the building going on in regards to the structures they constructed? Or did they ignore that fact? Don't you need a permit to build? If so, what happened to the certificate of occupancy that is filed with the tax assessor's office when the property is complete? Maybe things are done differently in Alaska, I'm just going on my own personal dealings in having built a vacation home and our permanent family home in NJ and PA respectively.

    Palin, being Governor, certainly knew that it was wrong but as usual, she thought she could get away with it because what Sarah does is always OK. It's only the little people that have to follow rules. Isn't that right, Granny?

    For Van Flea to come up with the excuse that since they didn't bill her, she wasn't liable would be the equivalent of watching a sales associate fill a bag with purchases you made along with items you didn't pay for and walking out of the store with it. It's stealing no matter how you spin it.

    I love it when those who are always throwing their ultra-religious attitude in everyone else's face get caught blatantly lying and stealing.

    It would be another ethics violation if you were still the governor but since you quit, Granny, you might have to go to court just like the regular folk. No appointed panel to get you off on this one ;)

  22. Let me guess- the tax assessors are going to find them guilty for not reporting the structures and order them to pay the back taxes and a fine- then Granny Grifter will announce on Faux News that she was completely exonerated just like she did when she was ordered to repay the state for improperly charging per diems and her kids' travel.

    I don't expect this to be any more than a small speedbump at present for the Queen of the Teabaggers- but I have no doubt that Mitt, Mike and Tim will have it all filed away and ready to use as ammunition should $arah-the-Quitter decide to run for higher office.

  23. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Hey come on folks, people in Alaska (I doubt anywhere) squawk when assesment is too high and say nothing when its low. There isnt a person I know that calls government up and tells em thier taxes are too low. So stop crowing. This is a non story

  24. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Tee hee hee---I love it! She can whip out that Blackberry for everything else, but just never found the time to let the assessor know that there is not one, but TWO cabins that haven't been assessed.

  25. Anonymous5:38 PM

    this happens all the time up here. there are no roads and they will use that as an excuse. I want her to go down as bad as the rest of you but this will be swept under the rug as it happens all the time up here

  26. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Even though she's out of office now, can't this be an ethics violation for the tax periods while she was in office?



  27. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:44 PM

    Nothing may happen to Saint Sarah of the Teflon at this point in time (except for a hefty fine and the usual whining about how everyone is out to get her)--but the backlog of "gates," lies and now this new wrinkle may be a bit too much for Missy-Poo should she decide to run for POTUS. I hope everything presented on these fantastic blogs is being saved for future use.

    If running for POTUS is decided FOR her, however, expect all of it to be shoved under the rug or spun like a top. If this happens, it's up to everyone who has been informed about her bogus antics to make our voices heard. Loudly.

    BTW, did I hear correctly--is MSNBC really broadcasting SP's Teabaggin' speech on Saturday night? With commentary??

  28. What with this and teabaggin shennanigans and the whole Rush thing happening all at the same time. I can hear the popcorn poppin from every direction. Dont go buying any flowers Gryph i think Rahm got a pass.

  29. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Two or three years of property taxes on a couple of cabins in the middle of nowhere?

    Congratulations. You guys have found a second story as pointless as the who's-Trig's-mother story.

    You know, if you ever DID come up with a story about Sarah ANYBODY would care about, nobody would listen, now, because you've cried wolf so many times.


  30. This opens the door for a full investigation - FBI, IRS, DOJ?
    Now that the AP has picked this up (THANKS to AKM and envelope delivery!) the public will demand to know: HOW did they pay for these so-called "cabins?" Where did the labor and materials come from? Palins were not rich (yet) when this was happening.
    Isn't this how Bill Allen (VECO) got busted?

  31. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I hope those aerial shots go public as well... maybe whoever took the photos of the buildings in making a while back can add theirs to the mix :D

    Palin painted her snuggly in the middle of nowhere cabin story to her minions.. probably thought it was liken to an old Abe Lincoln home and she read by candle light.

    Now they can FINALLY see they are two mini MANSIONS ... with a snow mobile workshop?

    Perhaps I am getting these places mixed up with her other home and the 2nd one that went up?

    Whatever it is! This frugal "just like the common folk" american has celebrity style homes.
    NOT little rinky dink cozy hunting cabins that she sawed the wood for.

    Put these next to her plastic surgery face and fake hair/eyelashes and maybe, just maybe someone on the dark side will see the light

  32. Anonymous6:18 PM

    "I'll do what I want until a judge tells me I can't."

    Wasn't that the quote?

    Here come da judge, here come da judge

  33. Anonymous6:18 PM

    She'll just blame it on Turd's friend and co-owner...unless he has the balls to stick up for himself. I doubt it.
    She LOVES this attention! Remember; it doesn't matter weather it's good or bad.
    "Scarah: You deserve the attention-whore of the decade award!
    Quit the BS politician act as well, STFU and go home"!

  34. Aussie Blue Sky6:19 PM

    Maybe the Borough will get smart and check all of the Palins' various properties against their assessments.

  35. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Yep Anon.. thinking the same thing
    will blame Tawd's friend
    HE was supposed to pay!
    I was Governor, VP Pick, Book Tourist ..we had all them kids! we had an agreement that he would pay! Let's pray for him!

  36. Anonymous6:25 PM

    PeePee land has no new posting about this... mum as usual (while they secretly consult RAM girl)

    The Van Flea comment was the exact same spin the C4Pee writer wrote yesterday.. just in different words

    Those simple minded folks (and I am talking about the people that run the blog) can't even "think" for themselves
    No wonder the flock is so creepy.. it just trickles down
    Brain Washing if you ask me

  37. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Deb in WI said...
    "The issue has attracted the attention of local tax officials who conducted a scheduled aerial survey of the property on Thursday."
    Aerial survey on Thursday -- that was quick.

    I doubt they'll do anything to her. They'll just reassess it and give her a $250 fine and a bill for back taxes and sweep it under a rug.
    She has even more money to pay people off and "clear" her of this "petty" and "frivilous" claim of tax evasion, because nothing is ever her fault. She's think first-degree murder was "frivilous."

    I'm not going to hold my breath. She gets away with everything.

    You are one of the few that is right here. This is a non-story. Only a few people know about this and soon whatever coverage it has will be quickly buried in the weekly news cycle. It will be forgotten about in a month.

    Palin's got enough money to take care of a minor problem like this. I wish some of you people would look at these thing realistically.
    You can't bring Palin down this way.

  38. Ripley in CT6:41 PM

    a few people know about this, @ 6:29?

    I'm thinking ABC news is more than a few people.....

  39. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Anon@ 5:26. Wow, you know very few honest people. If an error is made in my favor, I will always call attention to it. Doesn't matter if it's something small like the cashier at the grocery store giving me back too much change, or something big, like getting my tax bill and seeing it's obviously too small.
    Sarah didn't do a very Christian thing.

  40. My 88 year old mother says this Palin character is a real "Pot Licker" and she hopes she stays at our inn the next time she's in Wiconsin.

  41. Anonymous6:48 PM

    All these little stories will snowball into a great big one.

  42. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Anon @6:29 Maybe the story would've gone away if Palin had not made herself so public since she got off the campaign trail. This is no longer just a silly Alaskan issue. Sometimes it takes many smaller issues to see the light of day before the downfall. She can run, hide and spin but she can't remove the stench of hypocrisy in this situation. She has constantly portrayed herself as some morally superior, righteous, patriotic American.

    Well, this is now a national story and the timing is perfect. In a day when millions of Americans are losing their homes, they don't take kindly to someone that has profited off of the phrase Hard-working Real American only to find out that Palin doesn't think laws apply to her. Or think she can just brush things aside. At this point the hypocrisy is enormous. Sure, she'll still have die hard fans but this is not something she can bury.

    Also this may give rise to other Alaskans finding the guts to step and speak out...even if they still have to do it anonymously. I imagine there are many people in Alaska who through the years have been intimidated by the Palins and have had enough. It won't be simply payback, it will be Alaskans taking back their honesty and no longer being afraid of Sarah.

  43. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I hope the Gaylord in Nashville is well-stocked with Diet Dr Pepper and meth tonight.

  44. just up on ADN, no comments yet

  45. Anonymous7:00 PM

    So, according to the AP story, "The cabins are the size of large homes rather than the average backcountry cabin, but square footage estimates were not immediately available.

    Local real estate broker, Claus Steigler, said most cabins in the area are closer to the 500-square-foot range. Because they are in a hard to reach area, they generally sell for only $40,000 to $60,000, including the land."

    So... HOW in the world did they get the material into the inaccessible lots? Who paid for them? Who is/was the contractor? Do you need any building permits out in the wilderness? (I assume not...) I assume it must have been done by helicopter. The windows alone weigh a ton, not to talk about the lumber.

    Such large houses must be insured, I reckon. Can anyone access insurance/title documents?

    BTW: Van Flea claims the cabins are still in the process of being built - but, according to $arah herself, they go there all the time for some quiet time away from everything - (O'Reilly interview)

  46. Anonymous7:04 PM

    The Juneau Empire claims that the cabins are near Denial State Park. That is so funny. That explains a lot, she must live in the land of denial most of the time. LOL

  47. Anonymous7:06 PM

    anon 6:29: Is that you Scar-ah?

  48. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Cheating on taxes is in line with $P's amoral, X-tian character. No surprises here. WWJD?????

  49. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Actually, this reminds me of McInsane who did not pay HIS real estate taxes on some of HIS properties. I believe it was on some condos in L.A. He also never knew really how many properties he owned...

  50. WakeUpAmerica7:21 PM

    Judging by the troll posting several times here calling this a non-story, I would say that it is a big story. Otherwise, why would the troll bother posting about a non-story???? Hmmmm?????

  51. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Well. How come it's not redacted? Unpleasant things may not be stated nor printed regarding this very strange person in Alaska. Perhaps those who live elsewhere can courageously report without being told that they are just making it harder on themselves in the future when she receives the marionetteship of all times.

  52. Of course Van Flein would say it's not the responsibility of property owners. Every state in this country has a similar statute-- he's either lying or stupid. I couldn't say for sure which, since he keeps showing signs of both.

    No one thinks that this one issue will bring Sarah down. But especially after she refused to campaign for that guy before, because he owed property taxes, it's just one more sign of how miserly and hypocritical she is.

  53. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Hey sarah !! It's called personal responsibility , you grifter turd wrestler.

  54. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Every now and then, there is a story in the news where some guy discovers that instead of $95.99 being deposited to his bank account, a mistake is made and his account is credited with $9599.00. He doesn't get to keep it. There have been cases where it was much more, and the guy went crazy spending it, and he still has to pay it back.

  55. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Certainly makes you wonder how they could build the primary residence in Wasilla, the 2 houses and out building in this story, own a plane, Todd's snowmachine racing -- all on their incomes. I believe the last tax filing showed her income as $125,000. Todd's wasn't anything great. Even the fishing wasn't much. Yet they can build all these buildings, the properties they've bought, raise 5 kids.

    Somebody in the 'right place' up there better start connecting all the dots.

  56. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I left you a message (probably about No. 50) on the Levi Johnston with baby blog article. Kindly read it.

  57. Gryphen,

    I would think that a bush pilot, flying over the cabins and the Wasilla compound could get some new photos of where and how the family Palin lives and relaxes. Those photos will be in big demand tomorrow and could fetch a pretty penny. You have any friends to tip off to get out at first light? Safely of course. There may be a lot of small craft traffic tomorrow.

  58. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Van Flein is a real dumb attorney -property owners are supposed to report additions/deletions or discrepencies in their tax assessment. I saw another website that listed the adjacent properties next to Palins. The other owners reported the building structures on their land. The magnitude of this "oversight" will just result in payment of back taxes. It's not an iceberg. However, I am glad the news came to light at the beginning of the Tea Party Convention. Good timing!

  59. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Unbelievable the gall of this woman to ask the president to fire RE from his job, all the while shirking her duty to pay what's due the taxman. This woman could have been Vice president? By a margin of a few percentage points? Yow. That was close.

    She would have been the first female dictator of the western world.

  60. CGinWI8:09 PM

    The AP story is showing up on Yahoo News now.

  61. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Did Bill Allen help her build those cabins?

  62. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Granny Palin Capone!
    It's going viral!

  63. CGinWI8:19 PM

    FWIW, sotry is now showing on the "most viewed" tab of Yahoo News.

  64. Gasman8:31 PM

    As a former partial Governor of Alaska who came into office pledging to have the most ethical administration ever, it seems mighty self serving for the Wan Flea to claim that it was not Palin’s responsibility to report the improvements to the property. How does this comport to her claims of hyper-ethics in her administration?

    So, while she was campaigning as the ├╝berethical Sarah the Pure, she was lying her ass off and cheating on property taxes by knowingly sending in factually incorrect assessment statements.

    "This is another blatant attempt to manufacture a story about the Palins following more defamatory swipes," says Meghan Stapleton, but she doesn’t find fault with the factual accuracy with the story. Hmmm. I guess royalty like Palin are simply not bound by the laws of us mere mortals.

    Judging by what appears to be the rather palatial size of the “cabin” pictured, this is another example of Palin’s Trailer Trash Chic ethos: everything about the woman screams “Look at me, look at me!”

    Could this be THE scandal which is the beginning of the end for Palin? One can only hope.

  65. this will all tie neatly into the original "housegate"....IMHO...

  66. GRYPHEN .. is DailyKOS about to SCOOP your Trig story????

  67. sallyngarland,tx8:44 PM

    If Palin runs for political office, not paying taxes will haunt her. Also, people very seldom ever justfify someone not paying taxes. It is wrong. People know it is wrong and there are seldom any excuses that aren't questioned.

    MS I Love America doesn't seem to love America.She is a lying joke who uses the American people every chance she gets. Some patriot, ha! She will surely loose the trust of some.

  68. Anonymous8:45 PM

    If you google the site for Palin's cabin, you will see 2 large buildings not a 500 sf building. With the picture of the front of the 'cabin' and the windows that look like more SBS/Wasilla ones we have been seeing and hearing about. This is no 10-20,000 cabin and shop. This is a major set of buildings worth quite a bit. Considering where they are and how they are built and size, this family owes a lot of back taxes. The google satellite map show this and its over 2 years old. Hmmm!! Just how long have these 'cabins' been there?

    The IRS could have a field day if they decided to pursue this. I say, if they are in the wrong(Palin's), make sure they don't do it again. If not, then someone owe the Palin's an apology. I doubt anyone will have to say that they are sorry to Sarah.

  69. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Ripley in CT said...
    a few people know about this, @ 6:29?

    I'm thinking ABC news is more than a few people.....

    I'm talking about a percentage of the American people.

  70. Anonymous8:58 PM

    There is an ongoing discussion at Bree's site - was the owner address changed to a PO Box in Big Lake since the story broke?

  71. thanks Mittens! He will NEVER let her get near his nomination. beck is in on it also too, imho.

  72. Ratfish9:00 PM

    She didn't pay taxes on her ill-gotten per diem or state-paid family travel for non-state business-

    until caught.

    I wonder what angry lying Meg Stapleton will say about that.

    Tell the truth meg: Has Palin paid back taxes and/or penalities for this fakery?

  73. emrysa9:01 PM

    anon @ 7:46:

    so true. there's just no way that a family with 3, 4, and now 5 kids can buy several properties and homes on what the palin's made. the numbers just do NOT add up - especially when you consider there was no mortgage on the house they've been living in for the past 8 years. apparently they built a 3500 square foot home with cash, while raising a family of 4 at the time. these people are cheats in a big way. the numbers don't add up.

  74. MSNBC has the huffpo article up on their site as well

  75. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Not so fast here on this land and cabin. Lots of remote land was sold up here in Alaska with the provision that you had years to make improvements on it. This was land sold cheap for the person who wanted to put the time and effort in improving the parcel. I'm not saying this is what is going on here but it could be. Also for not being able to afford this most guys snowmachine in the building materials during the winter. They pull sleds and make a party out of it. I've done it so I know. The big glass windows I don't know how they did it maybe someone knows

  76. Anonymous9:36 PM

    "Certainly makes you wonder how they could build the primary residence in Wasilla, the 2 houses and out building in this story, own a plane, Todd's snowmachine racing -- all on their incomes. I believe the last tax filing showed her income as $125,000. Todd's wasn't anything great. Even the fishing wasn't much. Yet they can build all these buildings, the properties they've bought, raise 5 kids." Amen to that one. And her $125,000 was probably before taxes.

    There is MUCH more to this than unpaid assessments, which are probably the LEAST part of the story. Cronyism, under-the-table income, bribe payments, you-name-it – all financial aspects of their lives should be investigated, including how the "cabins" components got there, when, by whom, and for how much.

    NOTHING about these people adds up, nothing. And write it down: she will be crying and sniveling victimhood – all the way to the bank. Each 'cabin' is probably worth close to, if not more than, $450,000. This while the average tea-bagger is worrying about being foreclosed. If Romney doesn't have his people investigating every angle of this, he is far dumber than I thought.

  77. Deb in WI9:59 PM

    Anon at 6:29, I hope you know that I was being sarcastic that tax evasion was a "frivilous" thing. Sarah thinks all charges against her are meaningless.

    But I was serious about her paying people to ignore it, while normal people would go to jail for this.

    Now, that more attention has caught this story since my last post, I'm not so sure the rug is that big to hide this one. This is going bigger than I initially thought.

  78. Anonymous10:04 PM

    The Palins have several set net sites. A few years ago when salmon prices were high these guys were clearing 70K on each of these sites for 6 weeks work With his slope job do the math. Lots of people here in Alaska do this

  79. Anonymous10:05 PM

    What? Did you say sewing machine racing? What's that?

  80. How the Palins acquired the property may warrant a separate investigation.

    By the way, it looks like Friday's storms along the east coast may interfere with attendance at the Teabaggers Ball. Lots of travel will be delayed or cancelled.

  81. Anonymous10:48 PM

    .... Each 'cabin' is probably worth close to, if not more than, $450,000.....

    And another Californian weighs in.

    That you Ellie Light?

  82. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Deb in WI said...
    Anon at 6:29, I hope you know that I was being sarcastic that tax evasion was a "frivilous" thing. Sarah thinks all charges against her are meaningless.

    But I was serious about her paying people to ignore it, while normal people would go to jail for this.

    Now, that more attention has caught this story since my last post, I'm not so sure the rug is that big to hide this one. This is going bigger than I initially thought.

    Don't bet against me.

    This story will be forgotten about in a week. Trust me.

  83. The crazies at c4p are convinced that the White House is behind this story. The crazies think the W.H. is behind publishing this story to create a diversion from the Rahm Emmnuel story.

    Those people are truly nuts.

  84. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Now if the out building was a grow operation?? That would pay for the buildings in no time. Just a thought.

  85. Anonymous12:16 AM

    C'mon, people! Don't behave like f'ing retards!

    If you're actively involved in getting the state to secede from the country, you shouldn't have to pay taxes!

    Besides, the Palins are like totally Eskimo.

  86. sunnyjane12:59 AM

    My imagination is running a little wild this morning as we wait for twenty-four inches of snow to come down in beautiful Central Virginia, starting any time now.

    Anyhow, I'm thinking about Sarah appearing on Fox News Sunday with Christ Wallace and imagine the following scenario:

    Wallace: Governor, how do you respond to the recent accusations that you have not paid taxes on your vacation properties?

    Palin: Yeah, exactly. And ya know, Chris, in this great land of ours in the state of Alaska of which I was blessed to be the chief executive of, we are real Americans and Todd and I, we don’t just wait for big government, we’re not like those east coast elites who don’t see Putin rearin’ his head. We know about dead fish. And our military, they’re out there in our neighboring country of Afghanistan fightin’ for commonsense solutions which we have a mandation to there, too, also.

    Wallace: (long pause) So, are you going to sit on my lap, or what?

  87. chancefavors2:30 AM

    It's been reported on our local news here in Michigan.

  88. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Imagine when the REALLY BIG news hits the airwaves! Stay courageous - we're progessing!

    "With Palin, people assumed that because she was a governor, she had a baseline level of competence, logic, general knowledge and mental stability. Wrong. On the Trig stuff, it was just too absurd to doubt her story, however factually implausible it appeared. With Edwards, people assumed that his own good looks, and his much less glamorous, though still lovely, wife implied a marriage of depth and love. We assumed that the shared loss of their son had bonded them for ever (while of course the evidence often suggests, tragically, that losing a child is a death-knell for many marriages). We assumed that he wasn't one of the biggest assholes on the planet.

    So we didn't go there. But he, like Palin, could have been president of the US at some point. And we barely knew him. I want to apologize to my readers for dropping this ball. And congratulate the National Enquirer for following the facts where they eventually led.

    There's courage in that. Pulitzer-level courage."

  89. Anonymous3:29 AM

    It may take a while but slime and scum always go down the drain.

  90. Anonymous3:30 AM


    Here is an excellent column discussing Palin titled "Grifters' Tale". You'll love it.

  91. Anonymous3:41 AM

    What I find interesting after more research is that Richter got a quitclaim deed for the property from his wife in the divorce. It's in the records. When was the Paylin's put on the title, or were all 4 on the title originally. The MatSu tax assessors office lists the Palin's and Richter in 08-9 though.

  92. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Yes, $arah will probably just get a fine and be forced to pay back taxes. What is MORE important about this story is that now the IRS has a big fat excuse for audits. Is she going to claim that when SHE filed, she had no idea her houses were worth anything? Are the houses insured for a certain amount?


  93. Anonymous5:08 AM

    O/T but here's your Friday funny.

    Book Review: Sarah Palin's Secret Diary by Joey Green

    Product Description
    This genuine imitation of Sarah Palin’s diary, fabricated by a bona fide satirist, reveals spurious behind-the-scenes happenings with all your favorite mavericks from the extended Palin family—Todd, Bristol, Piper, Willow, Trig, Levi Johnston, John McCain, and Joe the Plumber. They’re all here and more! Inside you’ll find the ersatz adventures of America’s favorite hockey mom, including such fallacious details as . . . How Bristol revealed her little secret. Going rogue with Joe the Plumber. Books the former Governor would love to ban. How to speak Maverick. Why John McCain chose to run with Miss Wasilla. Waterboarding Tina Fey. What happened to all those ritzy clothes. The concession speech she never gave. Campaign slogans for 2012. Will this laugh-out-loud lampoon of Sarah Palin’s intimate story give you an enlightening peek inside the most astonishing mind in American politics? You betcha! About the Author: Joey Green, a former contributing editor to the National Lampoon, is the author of dozens of books... (Click to LOOK INSIDE)

  94. Anonymous5:12 AM

    What do you mean? "How the Palins acquired the property..."

    Was it not in the usual way(s)?

    I'm curious. This story keeps convoluting.

  95. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Anon 12:16
    I think if the Palin's were ever successful in "seceding" from the rest of the country
    They wouldn't turn to back country cabins (err mansions)
    They would position themselves in some location where they could zip off on a private jet at whim to indulge in all the celebrity life below while their simple minded following funded their lavish lifestyle.

    She would make sure to make an appearance every Sunday morning (much like the once a week, sacrificed hour of a tv evangelist) to inform her flock they are living right, doinog right, keep up the gaurd, watch your back, and send money to her so she can make sure they are protected..

    Reminds me of a movie (dont remember the name) of a society that lived like the 1800's that was unaware the "regular" world lived right outside of the woods
    The peoples in charge had them so brainwashed they didn't dare step past "this line" or evil would get 'em.... I think a young girl or something made it to the highway.. overstepping the "boundary" because she was desperate to find help for someone that was dying ..

  96. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Maybe when photos of her luxury cabins go main stream..
    people will zero their eyeballs in on those "very familiar" windows

    ones much like her wasilla home
    much like the shady out of nowhere sprung up Sports complex

    ..then pahllleeeze Babygate!

    on the babygate note :D
    I was thinking about her smug, tight abs clip where she looks possessed as she pitter patters her rectangular funky block "stomach" (I was prego people.. bellies are NEVER rectangle!!!)
    and though.. OH MY
    that exact same tone/expression... creepiness was the same as when she was followed by reporters during the campaign while she said "I have been cleared of any wrong doing" - regarding Troopergate

    She looks/talks the exact same
    and her Troopergate remark has been "Proven" to be a flat out lie

  97. LisaB5:35 AM

    What's funny is that they could have KILLED this merely by apologizing and promising to work with the assessor and fix the errors.

    BUT NO--

    "Not my fault! Not my fault! Just because my husband and I are not novice homebuyers and just because I was an elected official, that doesn't mean I know enough to know that property taxes go UP after you develop a property! No siree! Who knew taxes went UP when you built houses? Shucks, I sure didn't.

    "But then, I thought it was OK to conduct state business via a Yahoo account, get the state to pay for my kids vacations, and take per diem for living in my own home. Turns out these things are actually WRONG to do. So gosh, what do I know?"

    I always knew that "servant's heart" was going to get her in trouble. You betcha. Also.

  98. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Archivist said:

    "GRYPHEN .. is DailyKOS about to SCOOP your Trig story????"

    Archivist - Can you tell more???

    Susan in MD

  99. Anonymous5:55 AM

    @11:09 - I am going to bet against you. I think this story will be a lead-in to Housegate. I think this story will have legs. There may be a bigger Palin scandal coming--no doubt. But that doesn't mean this one will be forgotten.

  100. I am laughing at all the self claimed anonymous "Alaskans" on this blog who keep claiming this is no big deal, guys bring in the materials on snowmachines and have a party, happens all the time, Todd made $70k salmon fishing...blah, blah, blah. Well, I call busllshit. You Alaskans are responsible for electing an idiot for a governor in the first place. It is your fault this vile family is part of our political landscape.

    The bigger story is not the taxes, but how the Palin in the years from 2000-2007 was able to amass such a huge property portfolio on relatively modest means considering the cost of living in Alaska and the size of her family.

    All this and the original house in Wasilla were built at the same time. If your trying to tell me she was able to acquire and build all of these luxury homes on a governor and part time slope/fisherman salaries, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. The cost of hauling in the materials to a remote location for houses of those sizes had to run into the tens of thousands alone.

    There is MUCH more to this story, much more unreported income, and dirty backroom bribes and freebies.

    Plus, the hypocrisy of a woman who made her living that is PAID BY JUST SUCH TAXES, who then claims ignorance? Gryphen always says, when the trolls come our you know you have a story.

  101. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Did you check out the story on MSN? It's about Todd's role in state business. I can see why Palin didn't want to release any emails. He was included in on things that were none of his business. The list is too long for me to mention before work.....

  102. MSNBC has Sarah's emails online:

  103. BAustin6:53 AM

    interesting...the Palins are owners/part owners of 6 plots in MatSu (who knows if there is more property in other counties/borroughs - probably not since Sarah is tethered to Wasilla).

    Lots of quit claim deeds on their properties...seems like the Palins partner with a couple, sleep with one of them and then get a quit claim deed on the property.

    Still feels like the numbers don't add up....again 4-5ish kids, $125k per year salary plus $70k fishing bonus, expensive hobbies. Either land and real estate is really cheap in Alaska...or the Palins have called in tons of favors.

    I agree, while the tax story will soon die out, I do think it will open the doors to Housegate....and then Babygate!

  104. LisaB6:56 AM

    Anyone see Meg is already backing her "Rush/retard" statement?

  105. kerryann637:01 AM

    Scott Richter under the bus in 5....4....3...2...1

  106. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Virginia Voter - if I could fan your post - I would!! Well said...

    And with that..the damn is breaking all over the place...

    Susan in MD

  107. deb in WI8:47 AM

    Virginia voter at 6:31 -- well, said. I agree, kindling to a bigger fireball.

  108. Deb in WI8:50 AM

    Does the quit claim for Mrs. Richter include the value of the property on the record?

  109. Anonymous2:24 AM

    Deb in WI yes it does. It values each (3) parcels, block 4, lots 12, 13, and 14. Each is valued at $18000 for tax purposes. Land value only, since no buildings were listed as improvements.


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