Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Another Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist gives his stunning response to Trig Palin's amazing "here today, gone tomorrow" ear deformity.

It has been ten days since I posted "A Tale of Two Babies by Sarah Palin".

As many of you know it received a lot of attention. A LOT of attention.

Some of it was very supportive and, simply put, amazed. And some was of a different type altogether.

The second type were the nay-sayers if you will. These people saw the same evidence that all of you saw.

But instead of being puzzled or amazed they were inspired to prove that I was incorrect.

Now the approach of these "nay-sayers" was very careful and, oh so much more reasonable than in times past.

None of this: "Gryphen you f**** a-hole, I'll shoot you dead." No, this bunch is way cooler than that. They can write. And the letters all sound pretty much the same: "I agree with you about the baby story but you're off base about the ear."

And then, the writer will go on to explain, with great sincerity and earnestness, using big medical words and terms, how that malformed ear we see on May 4th could somehow have morphed into the tiny perfection we see only four months later, on August 30th. In some cases, the writer personally knows a child whose ears were miraculously healed using ear molds. The phrasing in the various letters has often been quite similar and it occurred to me that many of the writers were either

1. The same person or
2. Getting their info from the same websites.

The goal is always the same: To get me off the ear story any way they can.

My guess is that they thought I would become so unsure that I would simply drop it and move onto another, safer approach to dealing with Sarah Palin's fake pregnancy.

Apparently these people do not spend much time visiting this blog, or they would know me better than that.

What I did instead is to seek out other professionals to get their opinions.

I decided to ask yet another physician his opinion on the ear last night, and wanted to ask him specifically about these "ear molds" numerous people have mentioned. To judge from my mail half of the kids in the U.S. have had ear molds. How common are they? How effective? And what about this "Stahl's Deformity," another term that's come up more times than I can count in the last ten days? Again from my mail it sounds like this is something that's pretty common, like chicken pox maybe.

This physician was an Ear, Nose, and Throat board-certified specialist. Most people will refer to these doctors as "ENTs," but the actual word is "otolaryngologist." He is trained to perform and has performed reconstructive surgery on ears. In the course of his more than 30 years in medical practice he has seen many cases of deformed ears on babies and children.

Here is what I learned:

1. Ear molding is a new procedure that has been developed in the past decade or so to give a few kids whose deformity is not severe "a chance" at avoiding surgery. This physician has never personally known of a case where it was attempted. It's rare, and not typically very successful. There are only a few large prominent pediatric plastic surgery centers that do it and it must be started almost immediately after birth, when the level of the mother's estrogen in the baby's blood is still high. I performed a quick Internet search and found one center that encourages the option in St Louis, and another in Texas. You can't pick up ear molds at the local pharmacy and we know for a fact that Palin did not travel anywhere with Trig in the first week of life. (No, she was too busy giving interviews and speaking to the Junior National Honor Society at Mears Middle School.) The molds must be worn continuously and adjusted weekly. They must be held in place by a headband or surgical tape, which we see no sign of in Sarah's baby on May 3rd or May 4th, when the child was allegedly over two weeks old. (Come on, people! Sarah Palin can't even keep Trig's glasses on.)

2. This board certified otolaryngologist had NEVER HEARD OF "Stahl's Deformity" by that name. When I showed him some pictures from the Internet he conceded that he had seen a few ears that looked like that but had not heard the phrase. He also pointed out after reading the websites I showed him that the ear of the baby at the shower did not have "Stahl's Deformity" in the first place, and that every single website says it's almost unheard of in Caucasians, being almost exclusively a deformity of Orientals (This last part came directly from the website on "Stahl's Deformity" and NOT from the doctor. Why they used it I have no idea.) This is a red herring pure and simple.

So my conclusion? Desperate to defend Queen Sarah, a few critics have frantically googled anything possible to explain the difference between the two ears over a four month time frame. Thanks to the Internet they've managed to come up with a couple plausible sounding explanations using big medical words. And then, because some possible explanation can be found, no matter how remote, they use the old fall back that's been applied to so many of the aspects of Sarah's pregnancy and birth: If a "one in a million" chance can be identified that could POSSIBLY explain [whatever it is that we're trying to explain that day] then Sarah MUST be given the benefit of the doubt and that explanation MUST be assumed to be true.

Oh, and as far as fancy medical terms and big words go? I should probably tell you his very first reaction to being shown the pictures in the first place. When asked specifically if a treatment or procedure or molding or, well, anything at all, could change the May 4th right ear into the August 30th right ear, he looked surprised that anyone would even ask the question and responded:

"No way. No how. You can't shine shit."

(I just LOVE medical lingo, don't you?)

For those who have forgotten just how damaged this baby's ear was, let me refresh your memory with this closeup.

This precious child's ear did NOT heal itself in four months! It also was not reformed through the use of a "ear molds". In fact I would bet almost anything that it looks very much like this even now, almost two years later.

Now I am going to give some of the people who left comments or e-mailed me the benefit of the doubt. It is within the realm of possibilities that some of you were genuinely concerned that I was mistaken or that I had overlooked some other explanation. And, if true, I apologize for lumping you in with the others who were clearly working overtime to get me off of this story.

Remember, I DID spend ten months preparing. Quite a bit of that time was spent doing research, and I am by no means finished yet. I am still awaiting opinions from other experts, some in the medical field, some not, that I will post at a later time. And like I mentioned earlier if any credentialed journalists wants to speak to my experts just e-mail me and we will make that happen. Or they could do what some other journalists I have spoken to are already doing, and simply find their own experts and ask them the same questions that I posed to mine.

I have little doubt they will reach the same conclusion that I have reached. That then Governor Sarah Palin passed off more than one baby as "Trig Paxson Van Palin".

And I further believe that once we get to the bottom of this deception we will also get to the bottom of the controversy known as"babygate".


  1. Gryphen, again you have my heartfelt thanks. This is as good as sunshine, disinfectant, and even a lovely rousing bit of music. I'm glad you are so stubborn. It's a virtue!

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Good job Gryphen! Truly phenomenal!

    Susan in MD

  3. mocha8:50 AM

    What Mark Twain wrote 150 years ago, " a lie can travel halfway around the earth while the truth is putting on its shoes" is even more true today with the internet. Once the ear mold, named deformity story got posted on one website, it quickly cloned from place to place. Now you can do a search with those terms and find dozens of links. Anyone who came to the story late, would think there was something to it. I have seen this too with the Obama birther stories. Someone makes up yet another excuse how Obama's mother could have possibly given birth in Kenya and then slipped back into the US undetected gets duplicated and circulated until it is accepted as the plain truth. Good for you for calling them out Gryphen. I could almost bet the deformity and ear mold story was circulated from a few key Palinbots via email. These are the same people that copy and paste form letters to send their congressmen. They don't have an original thought. So just what happened to Ruffle baby? I look forward to reading more. Nice job.

  4. Great post, Gryphen. Thanks for your dedication and persistence.

  5. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I'm not going to advise you to stop. You are just too much fun when you are tilting windmills.

    No journalist is going to pick this up. No doctor is going to confirm this. Oh, yes, you'll say they will, but we will never hear from them. Does anybody doubt me? Wait and see. Wait and see.

    Actually, I'm surprised that it took you this long to come up with this. 10 months? Come on, I could come up with better in 1 week. I'm quite disapointed.

    When your enemy is driving himself off a cliff just get out of the way and enjoy the show. That's what I think I'll do. I don't think all your readers will follow you off the cliff though.

  6. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I finally have a Unified Theory for this whole mess - which I will call SUB (Switcheroo Unifed Baby theory) theory. A unified theory in this case must incorporate motivations as well as actions, and I think that this one does - though some of the details have yet to be fleshed out. The latest analysis of Ruffles vs Chubby has really solidified a lot of my thoughts, so here goes.
    I believe Bristol is the mother of Ruffles, and that Levi may or may not be the father, but absolutely believed he was when those kitchen photos were taken. I think Ruffles suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or some other affliction (not DS) that was brought on by said alcohol or activity of the mother. (aside: I remember wondering why so many commenters thought that Trig(Chubby) has FAS - he clearly has DS; my theory is that some Wassilans heard that Bristol's baby had FAS and posted this). I think Bristol has tremendous guilt regarding this, which has predisposed her to do whatever her mother tells her. I think Levi was with Bristol during her partying days and feels somewhat responsible, plus he witnessed SP's abusive ways toward BP, and naturally feels protective of her. I think the trip to NY ( while BP was pregnant) was for further testing after an ultrasound came up funky in AK - this is where the idea for DS was first planted in SP's head. I think the tests did show abnormalities, but no definitive diagnosis (maybe possible FAS) and the extent of Ruffles' disability was unclear until birth. They didn't know at this point whether they would be able to keep him or not, whether he would be relatively normal or not.
    Meanwhile, there were more noises that SP would be up for the VP spot... what to do? As someone who has improvised throughout her life, SP hedged her bets and started wearing the scarves - no pregnancy announcement yet, just wanted to leave her options open. When Ruffles was born, Levi was staying with the Palins - was the baby being cared for by Dar? - and SP decided the baby had too many anatomic problems; people would find out it was FAS. Meanwhile, she realized the benefits to her political ambition if the baby had been DS instead. When McCain got the nomination, she forged ahead with the pregnancy announcement and adoption/borrowing of the DS baby. And yes, the "Wild Ride" wasn't so wild, but planned, as evidenced by the ditching of the security detail. I think McCain et al clearly knew at some point about this entire hoax, and that is why they were sent to the Johnston's - to erase all evidence of Ruffles. But thanks to Mercede, some photo evidence still exists, and she has slipped them in here and there. And Chubby Trig? I do think that CBJ has helped to acquire a DS baby or two, as well as to help find a home for Ruffles. And I do believe the church fire was set to erase any adoption records, if they exist.
    During the GVS interview, remember how much Bristol emphasized that it was her decision to keep Tripp? and how perfect and healthy he is? Understandable if Ruffles was her child, who she was forced to give up.

  7. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Call me a troll or don't post this if you like, but I still think its problematic to make a definitive call based on a photograph. Shadow and light can do funny things. Are there other, more clear photos? Did any of the doctors mention that it is hard to make a final diagnosis from a (somewhat blurry) photograph?

  8. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Gryphen, I love you. Stay safe, friend. All of these posts can't really be being ignored--so there's got to be some serious whack job flipping out going on up there--and we want to know that you're safe from it. BTW--are you getting any indications that there's any serious whack job flipping out going on, and if so, what's your guess as to what will happen next? I'd just love to be a fly on the wall when she sees this stuff online.

    Keep it comin', Gryph.

    xoxo from SC

  9. mocha9:01 AM

    I forgot to add, I am also curious to learn how the baby with that perfect little ear from the Republican convention turned into the floppy earred baby we saw an the book tour as Trig. Can ears tops go to floppy as a baby grows?
    (I even think there were two babies on the book tour. A smaller, gentler baby to sub for the unruly-seeming, floppy-eared Trig. That baby is big and if he is as unruly as he looks, he will be uncontrollable in another year.)

  10. Anonymous9:04 AM

    I am more interested in the opening to the ear canal that is not where it is supposed to be. How can that be altered because the later photos of Trig do not show that opening be in the wrong place. Did any of the medical experts comment on that?

  11. So glad you are still on the case, Gryphen! Too bad Leno or FOX won't ask Sarah about TriG's ears. She seems to be dodging yet another bullet.

  12. Anonymous9:05 AM

    "Orientals"? Seriously? Who uses that term any more? I have trouble believing that a "board certified" medical professional would be crass and uninformed enough to use outright racist language like that.

  13. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Please don't let them buy you off, keep pushing & thanks!

  14. The bloggers in AK are the THE most tenacious I have ever seen....thank goodness.....from Shannyn to Jeanne to Linda (I call her Tenacious D.)and you Gryphen ....I used to refer to the gals as the "trifecta", what will I call it with you in the mix Gryphen?

  15. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Honestly I thought you, Palingates and Bree were barking up the wrong tree with this babygate stuff because I just couldn't understand WHY she would do something like this. I read you every day but when you start on babygate I just skip over your article. UNTIL last week. Your pictures last week convinced me that she not only faked the pregnancy but used multiple Trigs after the "birth". People that say there is a one in a million chance that this condition fixed itself are the same people that sit on juries and wont convict because the FBI said they are 99.99% sure the semen matches the accused so what if he is of the .01% of population. Reasonable doubt is reasonable but I think you nailed her, in a good way, this time. I also think this may be the reason Meg took off without any statement from Mrs. TP.
    Thanks for all the work Gryphen. So what are you going to do after you bring her down?

  16. Anonymous9:10 AM

    OtoRHINOlaryngologist, Gryphen. It's worse than you think.

  17. The ear is by far the best evidence so far in babygate. It made a believer out of my disbelieving spouse.

  18. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Everytime I think, well, that ear top is just folded over, I see the HOLE outside the normal ear parts and then, WTF!!

  19. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Terrific research Gryphen. I agree that it would be impossible for this deformed ear to miraculously heal itself in a couple of months or ever for that matter.

    One thing struck me, though, and that was that this particular deformity affects persons of Oriental background. Are not Alaskan Natives genetically related to Orientals? Is is outside the realm of possibility that this little babe is a Native child?

  20. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Great work. I honestly admit that I don't know why anyone would believe any of the claims that Trig wore ear molds, but if they do, you provide a great rebuttal. After all, these are the same people who apparently believed that somewhere in Ms. Palin's medical records is a drop of wite-out over the word "abortion." I used to be a medical transcriptionist, and let me tell you, it doesn't happen. Period.

  21. Rationalist9:28 AM

    Ahhh. I agree with Marcy. And VERY happy to hear about the journalists...

  22. Anonymous9:31 AM

    I still think something has her distracted. I didn't see any tweets about the last 2 USA hockey games she was sooo supportive of and attentive to only days before.... She looked awfully tired in the pix posted last week... maybe time to lay in the bad she made??? For those of you tough enough to check out Leno tonight, maybe some clues to what's going on will surface??

  23. Anonymous9:31 AM


    Good... No ... Terrific post!!!

  24. Anonymous9:33 AM

    As usual, great work!!!!! Patience is a virtue. It surely has paid off in this instance, hasn't it? Thank you for all you continue to do.

  25. I love the 'medical lingo' of the expert you consulted. The folks who frequent this blog will not be confused by the "big medical words and terms" used by those who are trying to distract. Some of the folks who will be confused are often referred to as teabaggers or Palinbots.

  26. Anonymous9:35 AM

    The more that I look at the ruffled ear, the more unusual it becomes. If everyone reading here would do a simple experiment, I will explain what is so unusual about Ruffles.

    Put your finger in your ear. In my case, the cartilage of the ear lobe surrounds the opening to the ear. It is nature's way of both protecting the ear and amplifying the sound. I hope that when you check yours, you get the same results.

    The opening in Ruffles' case is outside (below) the cartilage of the ear lobe. Gryphen, I hope you will ask pediatricians and the other experts if that is common or unusual for babies. We probably need a quick survey of baby pictures which should show that the opening of the ear is surrounded and protected by the ear lobe cartilage in most cases.

    By the way, a relative had a child with ears that stuck out at right angles from his head (think Prince Charles). The earliest that the doctor would consider a simple surgery to "pin his ears back" was when he was between four and six years old. He doesn't look like Prince Charles any more.

    Thanks, Gryphen, for your really dedicated research. How about the theory that Ruffles was born really premature, and wasn't expected to make it. Or, if he did, he was born with a number of serious problems in addition to the ear thing. He would not make good photo op material. Sarah was gaining favorable publicity with the Religious Right for her brave choice to have a child while serving as governor. That may have prompted Sarah to have a baby on standby, plump enough to pose with the Heaths. Word may have even come from the religious crowd that a disabled child would be a plus.

    I know that skeptics would say that those religious people would never play games with peoples' lives. Just watch them on the issue of Health Care Reform. Just watching Bunning rant on while holding up government payments. Just remember GWB sending thousands of troops to Iraq for no good reason. (For what noble cause did they die?) Would they play games with peoples' lives? You betcha!

  27. Anonymous9:35 AM

    You're being paranoid over this Gryphen. Not everyone who questions your evidence also wants you to give it up. In fact some of us want you to investigate the matter to it's conclusion on the parentage of Trig, Tripp, etc. We also want you to be fair and post all messages by those who disagree with your findings and comments.

    This includes being honest now and saying whether or not you still are claiming that Trig is not Bristol's and Levi's baby. Or more properly, the baby that Palin faked as her's to begin with.

    So what are you saying? Are you more interested in creating some illusions by staying with that claim?

  28. Anonymous9:37 AM

    I just don't understand why Palin's followers don't just encourage her to put this to rest once and for all. I mean, if they are so adamant in their certainty that she had this baby, why not push her to shame all these bloggers and doubters with irrefutable evidence that Trig Palin came out of her body on April 18, 2008? It wouldn't be hard. This was not a baby born 30 or 40 years ago, the attending physician is around somewhere and Trig's birth records should still be easily accessible, as should Sarah's.

    Also, too Gryphen, some people might not care, but I think the preferred nomenclature is Asians, not Orientals :). I do love your work!

  29. Actually, Mythbusters showed that you can shine shit. The point's still taken though.

  30. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Did your doctor comment on the hole in front of the right ear?

    It seems pretty distinctive, and definitely not something that would likely (?) go away with time.

  31. Random thoughts:

    Did the ENT say what causes ear deformities?
    Did Sarah ever tell anyone she was having a DS baby during her "pregnancy"?
    With the absurdity of her postpartum situation, was anyone interviewed at her office about the appearance of the baby & if she was ever seen breastfeeding or pumping? Was she tired, etc?
    Just saw footage of Sarah with baby in sling on stage for some speech & wouldn't doubt if it was a doll, the object never moved or peeped a sound.
    Loving picture of Levi w/sister & baby wouldn't make sense if it was Sarah's baby. Sarah looks tan in picture & can't use tanning bed if pregnant so when did she have time for that?
    She refused to release her medical records for VP role-suspicious.
    The whole lie could be why they fought for private custody hearing.
    Brisol's baby has blue eyes, they all have brown + Levi, except Todd & I know that doesn't mean anything, but odd. Still can't fathom that Bristol had 2 pregnancies as teen, though.
    The theory that Ruffle baby had FAS & was switched with DS baby for more favorable response seems beyond Sarah's thought process based on all the obvious lies of her pregnancy & delivery.

  32. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Keep on keepin on. You are so right, they just want this to go away. I think you need to continue posting the original story every 10 days or so, just to keep it going.

  33. psst! hey gryph, it's not standard to call Asian people "orientals" anymore. i'm a few weeks from 30 and can't ever remember it being okay, asian people are asian. the term "oriental" is still used, but only for objects, like rugs. so many asian people feel that calling them "orientals" implies they are objects, not regular humans, and they find it deeply offensive or at least annoying.

    just thought you should know.......

  34. also, "Stahl's Deformity" is commonly also called "spock ear" or "elf ear" because that's what it looks like. and it's usually hereditary.

    so anyone arguing that yes, that baby has "Stahl's Deformity", and yes that baby is the biological child of todd and sarah needs to start explaining why no one else in the immediate or extended fam has pointed "elf ears".......

    but people, that doesn't look like a pointed "elf ear" at all, so no dice.

  35. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Well I guess it's time for us get busy (again) and make this post go VIRAL!

    Thanks Gry! Your the greatest!!!

  36. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Gryphen: I have NO DOUBT that there are at least TWO [2] babies that Scarah Paylin has ACTED as if she gave birth to. The first baby, with the 'ruffled or cauliflowered' ear [who was in the photo with SP/Mercede kitchen holding this baby and another photo of Levi holding it as well], could not have been the same Trig we have seen from the time of the RNC.

    No baby's ears will change on their own in that short amount of time without surgical intervention. And no physician in his right mind would perform surgery on an 'infant' unless that doctor wanted to risk death to the child and end his career. But more importantly, the BABY TRIG, with the 'very noticeable problem ear], IS NOT THE SAME TRIG Scarah has presented to the public at the RNC since she had obviously switched babies.

    Also I have NEVER seen a man [Levi] who is 'NOT MARRIED' [but possibly LIVING with the girl despite the fact that Scarah has vehemently DENIED that Levi ever living with Bristol] TO THE DAUGHTER, 'KISSING' the mother's [Scarah] new baby - think about this statement please! No man, I don't care how 'into' the daughter [Bristol] he is would not be kissing the mother's [Scarah's] new baby. I can only ASSUME that this 'ruffled ear' child is Bristol's and Levi's due to Levi's actions [emotions] in the photos. I think Levi and Bristol had TWO CHILDREN and the ruffled ear baby is theirs.

    You have done a hell of job with so much HARD WORK AND RESEARCH on this story. Just because you have 'bots' trying to make you change the subject [par for the course in everything Paylin - diversion], please stay on top of this because I believe if this is answered, [you are right] that then we will ALL finally learn the TRUTH. Thanks so much!!!!

  37. Excellent Gryphen!! And Marcy let's just say he is tenacious rather than stubborn, don't you think it makes him sound more reasonable?! And I do agree absolutely, that once Eargate is solved, so will the truth about Babygate be revealed. G-man, YOU ROCK!

  38. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Why do you think the Palin machine has completely ignored this story? It appears to me that she is caught and has no abilty to explain this clear evidence and immoral behavior. Anyway, keep up the good work and keep firing away at her.

    Skip from Asheville, NC

  39. My son was born with a little notch in the helix of his left ear.

    He is now 18 yrs old. I havent thought about it in many years, but after your story broke, I took another look at it.

    Yep, still there! Even though his ear is larger now, the notch grew with it. It is the proportionately the same size and shape as it was when he was born. If I can find a good picture of it when he was a baby, I will post a picture of then and now on my web site with a link to this story.

    From the pics of the 'April-just-born-Trig', this looks like round-earred Trig, based on his nose. Ruffled-ear Trig also has a straight-bridged nose. Round-earred Trig appears to have a little, almost, no-bridged nose.

    Why would you show a round-earred Trig to the media first, then a smaller, ruffled ear Trig two weeks later at a shower and some pics in the kitchen, (that was not meant to be seen by the media I assume)and then go BACK to showing round-ear Trig?

    And yes, I have seen the pictures of elf-earred Trig at Bree Palin's site for the book tour. But I think focusing on showing there are at least 2 different babies is the more productive at this point.

    And, trying to figure out a third one at this point makes my head hurt.

  40. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Keep it up! Truthiness is so...honest!

    PMom (GA)

  41. I have absolutely no doubt you are on the trail to the truth. The silence from the Palin cult has been deafening. No pun intended.

  42. Anonymous10:09 AM

    And precisely because the naysaying comments are now, for the first time, LITERATE, we can conclude that they are, by definition, not coming from real BOTS but from well-paid repug consultants who are probably on a mission for Murdoch. We are now dealing with LAWYERS AND POLITICAL SPINMEISTERS POSING AS BOTS – sinister people whose true goal is disinformation, disruption, and to throw us off track – even though they (just like McCain's opponent J.D. Hayworth) know that much of what they peddle is pulp fiction. But for the sake of raw political power, they peddle it anyway. These posting imposters are just as tansparent as the emperor's new clothes.

  43. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Gryphen honestly now, I do see a resemblance between the right ear of 05/04/08 and the right ear of 10/02/08. Please everyone, look very closely now. If we allow for a slight change in ears as babies get older, the similarities can't be ignored. Notice how the ear of 10/02/08 has the hole appearning abnormally low down toward the ear lobe. Is this a normal ear? I don't think so and I'm not an expert. I just know what I see. Now look at the ear of 05/04/08 and notice what appears to me to be a bump on the front side of the hole. Is the same bump not visible in the other picture?

    The ruffled appearance certainly doesn't appear to be the same in both pictures, granted. But allowing for the straightening out of the ear as the child gets older, can that bit of evidence become secondary to the other abnormality?

    Now take a close look at the Y shape that is formed in both ears near the top front? Is that not a similarity? No, it's not exactly the same Y shape but could it change over 2 months.

    Now look at the last picture of 10/18/08. Compare that with the middle picture and I think it's pretty obvious they are the same ears. But if you compare the picture on the right with the one on the left, they don't look all that similar. Yet the similarities can be seen in the left picture and the middle picture.

    As much as I would love to see your theory as certain proof, I just can't help being objective and honest about it all. And to accuse all those who are attempting to be honest of being in the Palin camp is just not right.

  44. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Cover all bases

    Check with Rev Muthee to see if the ears could be fixed by praying the witch out of poor Trig.

    Gryphen keep up the good work...

  45. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck10:15 AM

    no amount of ear molds is going to help that exposed ear canal. just have to wait the four years or so until the child can withstand the surgery and general anesthesia.

    thanks for the new info. you are teh bomb

  46. Thank you from the bottom of my patriotic heart for sticking with this story, all the research and follow up and careful review of the facts and most of all for your time and effort.

    For the sake of the children involved and for the welfare of our country - the truth must be brought to light on all the dark secrets that Sarah Palin and her backers are keeping.

  47. krbmjb0510:21 AM

    Great job!! Keep the Grifter's feet to the fire! If you can, also bring in the infamous CBJ....she has some "splainin'" to do (as Ricky Ricardo would say)!!

    CBJ needs some added pressure to come out of hiding! Where fore art thou CBJ? What say you???

  48. Anonymous10:21 AM


    Exposing sister as a COMPLETE FAKE will be the best gift that the WORLD can get anytime soon...

    Winski in Chicago

  49. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Another great post! Where in the world did this baby go?? I know AK can seem remote, but can you really hide a person? Without anyone knowing? The other possibility is too sad to consider.


  50. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn10:26 AM

    Thanks as always, Gryph, for your well-researched, fearless work.

    I hope this child, no matter where he is at age two, is doing OK.

  51. Thanks Gryphen. And yes, you really did start something with this post; a lot of us here, at Bree's, at Palingates looking at a lot of "baby" pictures.

  52. Anonymous10:28 AM

    There is NO miraculous ear healing.

    Keep going Gryph.

  53. Enjay in E MT10:33 AM

    Could it possibly be ???

    Months of praying - and it was a miracle. Or Muthee was back doing a bit of "witchy-removal" on the ears.

  54. GrainneKathleen10:43 AM

    wow, were those the only two explanations that sarah's supporters came up with? imagination might not be their strong point afterall. keep plugging away!

  55. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I'd like to see evidence that 'Trig' actually used this ear-mold thingy. When did he use it, when Palin was foisting him around the lower 48 Walmarts??

  56. Gryphen - (((boisterous cheers & applause))) You've done it! The evidence you've uncovered is definitely enough to blow babygate wide open as it gets verified by other journalists!

    Come on, MSM. Pick up the evidence and run with it!

    Meanwhile, Sarah's most ardent supporters will find a way to excuse her while she looks on them with disdain for being so easily fooled and manipulated.

  57. Gasman10:49 AM

    Keep up the good work. I still say you need to e-mail the folks at the National Enquirer a link to your original post as well as this followup. They will not shy aware from it. They would go after the story with a vengeance. Imagine their glee if they could add Palin’s pelt to that of John Edwards.

    I’m sure there are still many Palinbots who accept that prayer-of-the-faithful-inspired-miraculous-intervention is what healed Trig’s ears.

    I want to know to whom these children belong and can we verify their welfare and safety? Palin was willing to use these kids as hand props. She doesn’t give a fat rat’s ass about the genuine welfare of any of them. The health and safety of these children is the number one reason this issue needs to be fully explored. Many people around Palin are lying about this. Why?

  58. Smiling.

    You called them on it--now they'll just have to go back and regroup, I guess. That should take them a while--they are rather slow thinkers, after all...

    Thank you, Gryph. Your hard work truly is appreciated.

  59. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Oh Gryph, you really are from Alaska.
    Here in the lower '48, we haven't used the term "Orientals" to refer to Asians since about say circa 1960.

  60. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I sure didn't mean to sound as if you were making something up in my comment last week... I do believe there is a big fat lie involved in the birth of trig, I just don't know anything about ear surgery or malformations and thought it was possible that some type of surgery had fixed it.

    I read your blog everyday, love the work you do but just didn't want to see this somehow blow up in your face. I sure wouldn't put anything past Sarah Palin.

    Bill Halter for Senator of Arkansas! Blance needs to go!

  61. padoreva11:12 AM

    When oh when is the mainstream media going to pick up on this story? It seems likely it fits the broad definition of "missing and/or exploited children".

  62. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Great job, Gryphen!! Hope you are able to expose the fraud before another switch. You know they're praying for a miracle.

    I was looking at the pictures on your post, "A Tale of Two Babies by Sarah Palin."

    KCole's blog page shows pictures of her and her daughter holding and feeding Triggybear. And two pictures of the ex-gov holding a baby.

    I see two babies on that page.

    Although Triggybear's photos show him with a bottle in his mouth, one photo with KCole shows more of a frontal view. That baby does not look like the baby the ex-gov is holding in last photo. The forehead, size of the head, shape of the head, hairline, the hair color (TB has a red tint), skin tone, and length of the babies. I see two different babies.

    Looking at the page, I think that the photos are arranged to distract. There are no pictures of the table or decorations or gifts, just a huge cake in Tood's lap. And most of the pictures are chopped. The quitter gov's head is chopped just about her glasses in the photo which ended up on a magazine cover. Even Triggybear is chopped just below his LEFT ear. I can't tell for sure if that is the ex-gov posed in the background with no baby in the photo of the daughter and Triggybear. But I think it is with her sleeve pulled up more than in the last photo. (See, nothing up her sleeve!) And no close ups of baby.

    I think the page was meant to reinforce both babies are one and the same. NOT!! So, I think the blog owner is also a party to the fraud.

    Keep up the good work, Gryphen!

  63. Well Gryphen, you have to admit the Bots "Have Come A Long Way Baby". They are far more sophisticated than the old FU Bots, but they are Bots just the same. There is no question in my mind that you are on to something & the fact that these people think they can dupe the American public & the Palin gang sits around shuffling money into their pockets with the deception is ridiculous. Hopefully Babygate will reveal the truth about these awful people.

  64. I've started to call it The Baby Trig Shell Game. Keep up the good work. I don't care what anyone says this is starting to get attention as are all Palins other gates.

  65. Ripley in CT11:26 AM

    Mrs. Palin will come up with many reasons for the baby switch and many of them will resonate with her minions as to what a good and caring mother she is.

    There is no WAY she'll be able to justify faking a pregnancy, however. THAT is what needs to be exposed.

    Also, too, the tax evasion and the money laundering and the Housegate. Faking a pregnancy is immoral, but not illegal... unless there is insurance fraud attached to it. Or murder of witnesses. Or arson.

    Work hard Gryphen. The multiple baby thing is practically proven. And she'll come up with "reasons" when she's caught. I would like to see her scramble for a "reason" to pad her belly and lie to the American public.

    Oh, and the opening of the ear that everyone is asking about is painstakingly discussed on BreePalin several days ago. It's the External Auditory Meatus and it is abnormally formed, as is the tragus.

  66. Anonymous said...

    The ruffled appearance certainly doesn't appear to be the same in both pictures, granted. But allowing for the straightening out of the ear as the child gets older, can that bit of evidence become secondary to the other abnormality?

    You obviously haven't read the posts .....there IS no "straightening out" as the child gets older.........that is a severe cartilage deformity.....NOT "ruffled" flesh.

    It is hardly any different than a boxer's "cauliflower" ear.

  67. Yup...there was a troll over on Bree's blog who called themselves "stillhatinpalinbutlogical" who just kept posting links to pictures of kids/babies with ear molds. No amount of ear milds can fix the deformity we see clearly here...this baby's ear canal is located outside of the ear! Any troll that posts anything else is clearly Van Flein, Sarah, Toad, or in Sarah's rapidly schrinking circle of trust.

    Unless you are a licensed doctor, please don't wast your time posting here.

  68. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Doesn't the fact that the media hasn't picked this up tell you anything? This "story" is so weak, the National Enquirer won't run it.

    Hey, where's Vera Baker?

  69. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Wow, this is great but I don't see how it is going to break this baby-gate story.

    Crumbs are crumbs, but we need the whole loaf!

    We need an eye-witness to the dual baby situation. I don't think the MSM will go for photographic evidence only.

    We're getting there!

    Good work G!

  70. "Orientals"? Seriously? Who uses that term any more? I have trouble believing that a "board certified" medical professional would be crass and uninformed enough to use outright racist language like that."

    I have to agree with that; I wish your source had been more professional. I also can't believe he'd say "You can't shine shit," which in this case would equate this darling baby's ear with "shit."

    Anonymous at 10:10: so we're supposed to believe that some parts of the baby's ear can change over months, but we're also supposed to believe that the parts that look the same, are proof that it's the same baby? Seems kind of disingenuous to me. Either a baby's ear is changeable or it's not.

  71. Anonymous11:42 AM

    The 10/02/08 "Trig" and the 10/18/08 "Trig" look different enough to me (forget, for a moment, the "ruffled ear Trig") to raise serious questions.

    The 10/02 Trig appears to have had a recent haircut with a bowl over his head. The 10/18 Trig -- six days later?-- has a smooth, even, full head of hair.

    And look especially at the lower parts of the ear around the lobe -- very different (at least to me).

    The ruffled ear baby is definitely someone else, but the two later Trigs look different enough from each other that I suspect ongoing baby-switches.

  72. Wow this is like throwing "Troll-chum" into the water, here they come circling like sharks.

    By the by I went back into the post and explained where the term "orientals" came from. It was NOT the doctor's phrase, but rather the term used on the website we checked out together and I copied it down verbatim without thinking to change it later.

    As for the hole next to the baby's ear, yes we noticed, it and yes I am going to address it more fully in a later post. It actually may have much more significance than the ruffled helix.

  73. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Yes, the term is "Asian". Gryphen: Thanks for clarifying that the term's usage came from a website and NOT you.

  74. Gryphen, I'm so sorry the crazies send you death threats. I can only imagine how it impacts your life. But I must say it made me laugh out loud to read "Gryphen you f**** a-hole, I'll shoot you dead." It's so irrational and over the top, all I can do is laugh.

  75. 10catsinMD12:16 PM

    Good work Gryphen, keep it up. BTW, I looked up the link and it does say "oriental" with lowercase "o".

  76. Anonymous12:16 PM

    FOX has a deal with her and they would have to pay out to get rid of her, at least most contracts work that way. It would really embarrass them if she is found to be a total wacko, which they might already have experienced! The other hosts seem to be humoring and helping her, she really is not cabable of thinking and talking back and forth like normal people.

  77. Anonymous12:18 PM

    It is odd that no pro-Palin blog has laid out a good case to prove who these babies are. They show the Gusty pic and say, done.

    The best thing to go viral would be the Elan Frank video where she pats the rectangular baby bump and it sounds like a waterbed.

    I wonder if Elan Frank would like to make a name for himself? He could. He has b-role for hours.

  78. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Two things - You've so hit a nerve. I've read through the current 70 remarks. It's clear one of the posters who keeps trying to logically disprove the ear story is nervous and doing everything he/she can to nullify what you've shown.

    Second - If indeed Trig's ear was healed through prayer (and I live in the Valley and know Sarah and her family and her WAG friends well); trust me, we all would have heard about it long before now. A miraculous healing on his ear would have been discussed as soon as it occurred.

    And just an FYI - Sarah Heath Palin is virtually never seen in Alaska, let alone the Valley. I suppose at the airport when she's coming and going; otherwise, nothing.

    I think she must feel some sense of shame that her friends and neighbors in the Valley - the ones who voted her into the mayor's office twice and then knocked themselves out to help her get elected governor (many of whom saw the underside of the proverbial Palin bus long before anyone else) - know that she sold out Alaska.

    She didn't quit her gov's post because "state business had come to a standstill" due to the ethics investigations - wow. All 24 or them.

    No. People out here may have been uninformed enough to vote for her in years gone by, but we see exactly who she really is. That with Sarah it's about being the adored constant center of attention (in just a few hours she gets to cavort with Jay on the Tonight Show and soak up just a little more limelight) and making gobs of the green stuff.

    I truly think she's ashamed - at whatever level she has the capacity to experience shame - that the people she lives the closest to now see straight through her (she'll never know how damaging her resignation was. That's when most men I know jumped the Sarah Ship).

    What can she do? Todd and the kids aren't equipped to live anywhere else. She's stuck here until she can start to coffee klatch it in Iowa.

  79. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Of course one can shine shit, look at miss wasilla!

  80. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I staged a wedding shower (helping English friend get a Green Card, he didn't so don't report me!) and I had Tiffany boxes and couples with kids, cake, total BS, just like the baby shower AFTER the birth with no other kids in the photos....

  81. ManxMamma12:21 PM

    Gryphen, the feet of the various babies do not match either. And thanks for your great work!

  82. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Anonymous @ 8:55 can't possibly be your garden variety Palin-bot. The author of that post actually uses correct syntax and grammar.

    No, this is someone of a completely different caliber.

    The polished composition of that post leads me to believe that 'Anon' is actually a well paid and educated (but stupid nonetheless) Palin sycophant. Since Stapletounge is no longer on the payroll, I am inclined to rule her out as being the 'im-poster'. I think it's most likely some paid political/image consultant from D.C., or maybe even the one and only Van Flea up in Anchorage having some fun on his coffee break.

    Nice try 'whoever you are', but you certainly ain't preachin' to the choir here. You'll need a much larger carrot to lure away those who are hot on the trail of the 'grifter in lipstick'.

  83. Anonymous12:26 PM

    why does the ruffled ear baby appear to have its hair trimmed?

  84. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I'm not a troll, whatever that is, and I'm not a Palinista. If I was a Palinista would I write what I write?

    Palin is a lying faking bitch who is too stupid to ever make it for a high political office. She's inept, she's incapable of being interviewed by anybody even as soft on her as Couric. She lies constantly and has been caught in her lies. Her followers are unintelligent wingnuts who have been taken in by her talking points and her good looks. And besides Palin being stupid, in my opinion there are too many stupid Americans who have been taken in by her nonsense.

    Having said all that, I will now say that I'm a Canadian and Palin's agenda is the farthest away from any politician's agenda that could be successful in Canada. Even our conservatives have more sense than that stupid cow.

    But I will again maintain, the ears in the picture don't do it for me. I once again suggest that people have another closer look. Don't wish it so because that is not going to close the deal on Palin. Make it so by exposing her.

    And sure, the babies may have been switched and the three pictured babies may not be the same. It's entirely possible and Gryphen's evidence is compelling. But the doubt I see is there is the same doubt the MSM are going to examine. They are not going to risk their reputations on something that could blow up in their face. This ear thing could! Would anyone here bet their life on the evidence gryphen has given us? I wouldn't because I still find it all shaky evidence.

    Look it over and push it as hard as you can Gryphen, but be aware that it's not going to be the final nail in the Palin bitch's coffin. The fake pregnancy is!

  85. Anonymous12:27 PM

    the media is not going to pick this up unless Palin acknowledges it in some way.

    How are you going to get that to happen?

  86. Rationalist12:31 PM

    I'm liking Anon at 8:55's theory.

  87. Gasman12:34 PM

    I suspect that the next tactic that Palin and her idiot tribe will use is to once again trot out the the all-too-familiar threadbare straw man:

    "Why do you hate all children with Down Syndrome? Why did you want me to abort Trig?"

    Hey, give them a break. They don't have much material to work with!

  88. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I am Asian, and the word "oriental" does not offend me. It doesn't offend any of my oriental relatives. Nor have I ever heard any of my oriental friends say they find it offensive. Then again, I'm a pachyderm, a thick-hided Republican elephant, who believes there is too much political correctness in the world. So do most of the orientals I know, including my mother and father, because we orientals tend to be conservative.

  89. those kids have been chum for a while now....sad..time to blow her lies up once and for all.

  90. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I am an avid lurker/fan of yours and have been so since that fateful day in August 2008. I am very familiar with the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) belief system and it can not be stressed enough that deformities, abnormalities and other physical problems are viewed as curses laid upon families due to sins often committed generations ago. My experience comes from a NAR church located in Palos Verdes, California which had a very affluent and "worldly" looking congregation. Same kind of players as Palin's church. There was a lot of shame and atonement necessary for those less than "perfect". I find it interesting how many time Palin has mentioned Trig's"perfection".

  91. I have a Chinese friend who doesn't like "oriental" because it doesn't mean anything other than an orientation from someone ELSE-- Asians were eastern from the people who made up the term. So I don't use it. My friend, however, wouldn't go all Sarah Palin on anyone's ass about it.

  92. Anonymous12:46 PM

    I think the baby with the ruffled ears is Trig's twin, and is being kept out of sight. Btw, just because someone writes under Anonymous, and then posts something that is in any way critical of Gryphen and/or his theories, does not make them a troll for Sarah Palin.

  93. thanks for the update, Gryphen.

    sadly, my feeling is that "Ruffles" is no longer alive.

  94. Anonymous12:50 PM

    What sort of doctor gives a professional opinion based on a couple of blurry internet photos?

    You've got a nurse here who may or may not know anything.

    There's a reason the news people won't touch this, there is no story.

  95. Anon 12:19 from "the Valley"...she won't leave Alaska because she is insulated there. You Valley folks don't have the balls to expose her because everyone knows everyone, and the town seems to be run by meth dealers and wanna be mobsters like Toad. The Palins know no one up there will out them, and there are not enough journalists or citizen watchdogs to take her down.

    Until you folks are willing to go on record, the cesspool of lies, fraud and deception that is the Matsu Valley will still be ruled by the likes of Sarah and Toad. Obviously Ted Stevens was small potatoes compared to the shit Sarah has been pulling. The apathy I see up there is astounding.

  96. Anonymous1:01 PM

    The big fat baby pictured with the Heaths cannot have been born four weeks prematurely. I wonder when the picture was released, and how it was dated. We had that same problem with the only two pictures of Sarah "pregnant" taken with Reporter Gusty camera that had an inaccurate time stamp on it. Where the Palins are concerned, I really have to doubt everything until it is totally proven.

    As for why they would trot out the fat DS baby and then switch to a much tinier ruffled ear baby, it makes no sense. The only clue we have came from Dr.CBJ who said that Trig had to return for light therapy. Both babies had some real health issues: jaundice, light treatment, hole in the heart, and little Ruffles was likely born much earlier than four weeks premature. He has no fat, he may have had breathing problems (common with premature infants), he may have been having trouble eating (premature infants need to eat every two to three hours). He may have been born with fetal alcohol syndrome and/or the effects of being exposed to drugs before he was born.

    Could the Palins be heartless enough to give up their own grandchild (Ruffles) for adoption and put the DS baby in his place? Were they that calculating? Or was Trig the better political opportunity.

    How strange that Levi and Mercede were there for the just-after-birth pictures with Triggy Bear on Levi's birthday, and there is not one other picture of them with Triggy Bear, a baby they clearly loved posing with. If they loved him during the first week of his life, the next picture that shows any emotional connection is six months later when Levi tenderly kissed DS Trig during the convention. (Or was that staged, too, like almost everything else in their lives?)

  97. Anonymous1:07 PM

    This is a little OT from the ear issue but relates to the mindset of people who may attend Sarah's church...(& other Paliband members)

    I was talking to a former work associate one day whose uncle attends Sarah's church.

    When she referred the trouble at the church, she called it a "bombing".

    I thought it was a fire...

    The spin that the congregation was given is that their church was bombed. Hmmmm.

    Just wanted to put it out there for you G to see if you had heard this.

  98. Anonymous1:07 PM

    All I can say is, Gryphen - don't stop.

    It is the wackiest thing in the world that Palin did this, but it is NOT unheard of.

    Because it's so wacky, there is doubt. Who in the world could do something like this, and then go on in the public eye hiding it?

    Definitely hard to understand, but there are wacky people in this world, and sometimes they get famous.

  99. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Interesting expression by the doctor, "you can't shine sh...". It's also applicable to many other situations in Palin world.

    I'd be very happy to hear that you are sure "ruffle ear" is safe, secure and not in the control or reach of Sarah Palin or her supporters. "Ruffle ear" should get the chance to grow up and be all that he/she can be.

  100. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Judging by what happened at PalinDeceptions, I don't think they liked the fake preg being uncovered, either. When it got to the bold, this is real stage.... we are all still guessing what happened.

  101. emrysa1:18 PM

    I guess I better brush up with the pc dictionary - this is the first time in my four decades I've ever heard people refer to the term "oriental" as bad. for me that word has always held good connotations. there are lots of great people and things that are "of the orient"...

    glad you did a follow up post on this, gryphen. it is clear that there is more than one baby. but why? damn that's the trillion dollar question. and mocha's comment above has got me thinking. I wouldn't be surprised if you were saving it for another post, but now I am very curious if any of these doctors think it's possible for the round ears on rnc trig to grow into the elf ears that we see on book tour trig. my guess of course is that it's not possible, but I'm no med professional, either. if I am correct, that would mean there are atleast 3 babies. wtf.

    and someone else posted the idea that the shower pics were staged. that had not crossed my mind until now, but why would they need to be? if those were staged, then that would mean triggy bear pics were staged as well. it seems more likely to me that she had to present a "newborn" to these 2 mothers over the weekend, and trig wasn't going to cut it as a newborn. but whothehell knows. both scenarios are certainly possible in this crazy story.

    appreciate your work, gryphen! I know this sounds paranoid but I hope you have security cameras set up at your house. these people are wackos of the highest order.

  102. Gryphen, It occurred to me that one of the reason's you may be leaving us some bread crumbs might be because you know something big is coming down the pipe. A great big crescendo to this sordid tale.

  103. People are too emotionally invested to let this go unanswered or glossed over. This is not some abstract complaint open to interpretation. This is genuine, legitimate concern for a human being, a baby at that...(and yes curiousity also too as well!)
    It's 100% reasonable to question this and refusal to respond will simply create more suspicion. Sadly, we know all too well we can't be too careful today especially with the safety of children. Sarah understands the protective "mama grizzly bear" instinct. Why risk ignoring troubling concerns when we don't have to. If Sarah has nothing to hide surely her inner mama grizzly will be happy to allay any concerns this curious situation invites... (funny I accidently typed incites and corrected it but incite is probably more accurate!)

  104. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Someone needs to tell Oprah!

    She was so mad when that that author Frey lied to her.

    She is going to look like a fool upon discovering that SP lied to her about Levi only being at the house twice. If someone has a birthday party for you at their house, there is obviously some familiarity.

    Levi already let us know that SP was lying about the Thanksgiving invite. (Oprah must not be paying attention, because she had SP on again)

    Oprah has enough money to loosen tongues!

  105. Sharon in FL1:33 PM

    Another terrific post Gryphen. I'm always anxious to read the next chapter. There's no doubt in my mind that little Ruffles' ear did not miraculously heal itself. I'm convinced beyond a doubt that there are multiple babies involved - how many I don't know. Where she got them, I don't know but I'm of the opinion that it is through CBJ and/or through her fundamentalist church.

    It makes no sense that the adults in AK as well as the Republicans who know the true story don't speak out. Those who have the proof but are "waiting" even though they are relatively safe from Palin's sick and psychotic vindictiveness, that they would remain quiet to "protect the innocents" simply keeps those innocents and other innocents in Palin's line of fire. Have they no desire to step in to protect those who can't protect themselves from that sick woman?

    IF TriG is Sarah Palin's child, she could easily prove it rather than permit all the speculation about Bristol. She seems to enjoy humiliating Bristol - jealousy perhaps? During the RNC, I was shocked that any mother would humiliate her daughter by telling the world that Bristol was unmarried but expecting a baby. Palin had to know it would be humiliating to the girl - she herself snuck off to get married before people found out she was pregnant. Now, she's still humiliating Bristol by dragging this out. SP is bringing shame on her entire adult family as well as people who work for or with her.

  106. Anonymous1:34 PM

    The key to it all is that Bristols first pregnancy resulted in a (or several) children born with alcohol caused birth defects. Entirely caused by the irresponsibility of her mother. This is devestating to Bristol and Levi and a political death sentence to the almost VP. She can smell it and nothing will keep it from happening.
    Kids won't talk because of the guilt and things "were" working out. Now the dam has a crack and leaking more every day.
    Key to it all is the alcohol and drug use damaging the child or twins. Gov couldn't "have" a Fetal Alcolol baby and politically neither could her daughter.
    With the Alcohol and drug abuse aspect figured in with the mystery baby - this is where it gets juicy and very sickening.

  107. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Next Chapter said...

    My son was born with a little notch in the helix of his left ear.

    He is now 18 yrs old. I havent thought about it in many years, but after your story broke, I took another look at it.

    Yep, still there!

    Too funny! I also have a son, 14, who was born with quite a noticeable notch in the helix of his left ear. I hadn't really thought about it until this all came up, and sure enough it is still there. It's a lot smaller than it was, but his ear is a lot bigger now also, too.

  108. Anonymous1:53 PM

    "Ruffled ear" baby looks like he has spent time in a NICU and had a patch of hair shaved to give access for IV insertion into a scalp vein.

  109. Did Sarah ever explain the name Trig? It sure is freaky how it could be TRI(somy)G! At least we know for sure that she faked her pregancy & delivery due to the pure impossibility of the timelines and all other evidence.

    For the double babies, you'd think a lot of the people she's thrown under the bus and quit on would know something & talk. Another trail is that she would need to file for a Soc Security # for TRIG with his birthdate so how did she skirt that?

    Has anyone compare any pictures of Sarah's sister's kids who are disabled? Maybe she got pregnant again & didn't want it.

  110. Anonymous1:58 PM

    For talking purposes, lets say that Sarah has a real super tight vajayjay. Could that cause the ear deformation during birth and when Ruffled Ear trig was bathed, his ear just popped out?

  111. cheeriogirl1:58 PM


    My husband and I are both pediatric health care professionals, and we both feel confident your ENT is 100% on the money.

    There are without a doubt, several different babies that the Palins have been palling around with. At the very least, we see at least three; Ruffles, Round Earred and Elfie.

    FYI, "Orientals" was the term that had been used in medical textbooks in the past, prior to the more politically correct term "asians" used today.

    Keep up the great work Gryphen.

    And stay safe!

  112. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I do not agree with the contention that Anonymous 12:50 p.m. that "there is no story" here.

    There is. I do not know why the MSM isn't picking this up yet, but I suspect it has to do with the fact that very few people control the MSM because there are just a few mega-corporations who own everything from newspapers, radio stations, and broadcast and cable news.

    Republicans are more supportive of corporate interests. Most of the major new hosts on cable are married to or connected with Republicans. I have been shocked to see how true this is even with MSNBC. I don't buy that someone can keep their personal lives entirely separate from their professional lives.

    Anyway, it will take someone who is truly independent with an independent producer/director to go deep with this story - either that or someone who is hungry for fame and willing to risk infamy should the other side try to trash them.

    The only cable news folks I know who have that kind of gumption and backing are Rachel and Keith. Right now, though, they are busy fighting for health care and against corruption/hypocrisy amongst the Republicans.

    If health care reform does pass and the consumer protection bill pass, I think we may see them freed-up to look more intently upon this story.

    Besides, who can say they aren't investigating it right now? They won't move on something like this until they do their own in-depth backgrounding. That takes time.

    Keep the faith. Gryphen has planted the seeds. They may yet blossom into our dreams.

  113. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Remember - It's the alcohol related birth defected baby(s) that are the explination for this whole sickening charade.

  114. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I went back and looked at those Shower pictures this morning and came to the same conclusion. The pictures with Cole and her daughter are Triggybear, same baby as the kitchen pictures.

    The baby with Granny and the idiot with the cake in his lap(Toad) was set up before the shower, why else would Toad be there and none of their girls or Granma Heath? That baby is the hall way baby with the Heaths. I think these pictures were taken to cause confusion,dressed alike who would know unless you looked closely. Remember Granny probably didn't know Mercede was putting the kitchen ones on facebook.

    Later that day after the shower is when the shit hit the fan when Bristol said she was preg. again.

  115. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Response to Anonymous 12:46 PM

    "I think the baby with the ruffled ears is Trig's twin, and is being kept out of sight."

    Sarah can't sell the story about twins. Sarah's belly was not that big, she did not look pregnant 2 month before birth.

  116. Not all that many years ago, text books used the terms "Occidentals" to refer to Europeans and Americans and "Orientals" to refer to Asians.

    Along the way, the term "Oriental." was exchanged for the the word, "Asian," which is now the more acceptable term.

    It was only about fifteen years ago that someone pointed out to me that the word, "Oriental" had changed and had become less accepted and that its usage might offend someone.

    My point is that if the word, "Oriental" is used by and/or comes from someone who is older, it may be because that it is what they were taught and was in common usage when they were young. It is not necessarily intended as an affront to anyone.

    For those under 30: Please take it easy on us--it's just because we're old, that's all. We really are trying to keep up--but, you know, with these dang canes and all... lol

  117. Rationalist2:10 PM

    Hey - couple things. First of all, can I just point out to the troll(s) who keep posting that there are at least three eyewitnesses outside the Palin family - the Johnstons?

    Secondly, the ear story has officially roped in my most skeptical friend. She's very smart and has a great nose for bullshit, so I've started running theories by her. I forwarded her Anon at 8:55's post, above, and she pointed out that

    a. partier though she was, it's unlikely that Bristol could have drunk enough alcohol to cause FAS, and
    b. Even if she did, it's VERY uncommon among children born to teen moms. There's a long discussion of this in Dan Savage's great book "The Kid," about his boyfriend's and his efforts to adopt a child. Their son's bio-mom was a gutter punk alcoholic street kid and they consulted doctors about the likelihood the baby would have FAS. The answer was: not likely at all. It's part of why they decided to go ahead with the adoption.

    But! The baby could just have some kind of random birth defect that Sarah hated. And it's true that Bristol did make a big deal about her choice to have Tripp, and did make a point of saying he was healthy, so I will buy that Sarah may have used that baby and then forced Bristol to give it up.

    Why Sarah didn't just keep that one and claim it was hers, I can't imagine. As politically beneficial as it is to have a Tri-G baby, it's hard to see her committing to a life of raising one just for political reasons. "Choosing life" when you're pregnant at 43 is still good with the Right Wingers.

  118. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Virginiavoter I don't think you know what you are talking about. There are people in this valley that would sell out the Palins with no problem if there was enough money involved. That is why as much as I would like to see Sarah go down in flames there is no real story here or it would have been out months ago.

  119. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Are all of you sure you want the truth?? Remember when a poster wrote the truth may be so terrible that you will even feel sorry for Sarah. After all this is very private person business so no wonders the Palins want it private.
    Don't you people have other things to do? What if this is about Dr CBJs specialty?? Do you really want Bristol to have to endure the public humiliation of that? Is that kindness?? Think about it before you go to far. Trust me there is a reason this is secret. I will pray that some of you come to your senses before destroying childrens lives because that is what you would be doing.
    Do you really hate Sarah that much?

  120. I like these updates on the story, as well as hearing about the variety of responses you get.

  121. You need DNA on all participants and birth certificates for two(?) babies.

    But most of all you need two people who know the truth to come out and tell the truth. Nothing clinches it like two witnesses who were actually there or somehow involved either willingly or through intimidation.

    Anyone for sending info to America's Most Wanted? Opera? She has enough bucks to investigate and not be bought off or intimidated by the Palinistas.

    I would suggest that recent history shows how deadly dangerous are those who have a "Higher Calling", get messages from some gawwwd or speak for gawwd can be to anyone they have a real or imagined grudge against (Sadam Husain). They have a tendency to kill anyone who gets in the way of getting what they want, even if they have to start a war to do it! So use care but hurry.

    I would be concerned not only about the missing baby(S) and the Doctor involved but the potential for their sudden "ACCIDENTAL" demise or disappearance if things go on too long and it looks like the doctor may be subpoenaed along with others. That isolated cabin in the woods has such potential!!!

  122. Gasman2:38 PM

    Anon @ 12:50,
    "There's a reason the news people won't touch this, there is no story."

    Just like the news people didn't touch the John Edwards story. There was no story, until there was.

    You are free to believe whatever you want, but the overwhelmingly reaction on this site seems to be that this is evidence of some kind of Palin coverup.

    You obviously don't feel that there is enough compelling evidence to convince you of any impropriety by Palin. What would it take? What if this is true? Will you STILL support Palin?

    An absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

  123. And thanks mojoro - really thoroughly interested in an account like yours that puts all the pieces together. Your scenario sounds like a perfectly plausible series of events in Scattered Sarah's feckless life.

    Any random SP fan still clutching at the shredded straws of Sarah Palin's so called "political career" really need to get themselves to some professional help. You are suffering from severe delusion.

  124. 'Ear, 'ear, Gryphen!

    (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Looks like anon at 12:18 was inspired by your ENT friend to coin a new nickname for the woman who has so many: "Shined Shit." Ugly, but it fits: a shiny surface that reflects what people want to see, disgusting underneath, the repugnant beneath the Republican. It needs an abbreviation, and "SS" has other meanings, but Sh-Sh would do -- it's about secrets, after all.

    What next? Will we learn where Trig's understudies came from -- the Mat-Su Valley Perfect Angels Foundling Home and Theatrical Supply, perhaps?

  125. BAustn2:50 PM

    Gryphen - I know you've talked to some journalists.....please please can you tell us (or at least hint) are there any MSM peeps looking at this? Fingers crossed!!!

  126. I have been wondering how the medical professionals in AK feel about Sarah. It seems pretty clear that CBJ played a role in the wild ride, multiple babies, and lies that found a pathway into a Presidential election. CBJ may have been ruined professionally; I don't think the book is closed on this one.

    Is there any talk in AK about professionals who want nothing to do with the Palins, lest the shit transfer onto them? Curious about that - an example would be the plastic surgeon who ruined her face. Why would anyone want to touch the woman?

  127. Virginia Voter, all of Alaska is a small town. If you have ever lived in small town, you know the harm that a few powerful people can do. Do you suppose the Palin children's teachers don't know some interesting information? Do you think they are willing to lose their careers over it? Have you ever applied for a bank loan where the loan officer who looks at your confidential information is married to someone who is your employer/employee? Where a school board member is also the bank president and has kids in the public schools/on the athletic teams? The strands of connection in small towns can be very tangled and those who aren't in the power circle can be seriously hurt by those who are.

    The people who "know' and aren't telling either don't want to ruin their lives or are part of SP's inner circle and do whatever they need to do to protect her. This won't change until Alaska/Wasilla can remove SP's appointees and power brokers.

  128. Gryphen and others: I'd always thought "Orientals" was an outdated and politically incorrect term...until I visited Hawaii the first time and heard local Asian people referring to themselves as "Orientals." Since then, I've continued to hear the term, in a descriptive and non-derogatory sense, especially among older Asian folks. And certainly the term is widely found in descriptive and non-derogatory fiction and non-fiction writing.

  129. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I feel that it's significant, somehow, that in the VF article Levi specifically identified the day when he and Bristol announced their pregnancy with Tripp to Sarah - which, if memory serves, was toward the end of the same weekend as the kitchen/shower pictures with the ruffled ear baby. Could the announcement of the second pregnancy have triggered (no pun intended!) a change in plans for the ruffled ear baby? It's a horrible thought, but could Sarah have been so angry that she pushed for the ruffled ear baby to be adopted out? With a stand-in baby from the birth day then becoming a more permanent replacement? This might explain why there's no definitive sightings of the ruffled ear baby after that weekend, and could also explain a subsequent fall-out with the Johnstons. And would tie in with some of the other theories that people are discussing. Just a thought. (I hope we're getting close, Gryphen!)

  130. Were there twins born to either Sarah, Bristol or Willow and one twin was ruffle baby and one twin was not?

    This tale of two babies leads me only towards a twin scenario, both born very premie and one with more serious, perhaps deadly issues and only one twin survives to this day.

    Twins or not, I believe they were both Palin babies and only one survived the challenges that it had at birth.

  131. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Sarah Palin is totally unqualified to be elected to any office. She frightened me more than anything I've ever seen on the national landscape.

    With so many "gates" in her background that need to receive the light of day, I just don't see where this ear thing is going to get us except for ridicule. No, I really don't see it as the clincher.

    There are problems with this posting that will not be openly received by anybody other than the Palin haters who can't sleep at night because of the degree of hate.

    1. No credible doctor would ever say, "You can't shine shit." while explaining a medical issue -- none.

    2. Another commenter pointed out the deformed ear canal. There is no deformity that I see. I see the earlobe caught up in the blanket; the earlobe is folded upwards by the blanket thereby giving the appearance of an ear canal problem.

    3. I find the use of the term Oriental offensive. The current usage of "oriental" is derogatory when referring to Asians.

    4. Medical websites certainly do describe the unformed cartilege in a newborn's ear and give the impression that the ear sometimes changes dramatically for the first several weeks of life.

    Please give us something more or this ear thing will bring down the anti-Palin blogs.


  132. Anonymous3:23 PM

    To Anon at 1:01, the chubby-cheeked Trig was definitely photographed on 4/18 at MatSu; if I recall correctly the photo was taken by and published in ADN. That date is firm. Clearly it is not a newborn premie. Anyone who knows anything about babies can see that. The baby photographed in early May is a different baby. Although I didn't think so at first, I am starting to think that the 4/15 email about the chocolate lab puppy may actually be code about the availability of this baby, as some have suggested.

  133. I'm sure Palin will come up with some excuse for using a 'stunt baby'.

    She's a liar. Liar's always have an explanation or excuse.

  134. Anonymous3:26 PM


    Thanks for all the hard work. I believe this woman has done so many things wrong that someday she will receive her just reward...a take down of the worst kind.

  135. Okay.

    Another theory.

    FAS trig was born to Bristol and Levi earlier than announced. Either died or they substituted SUB baby because they needed a small baby to continue deception of birthday. Borrowed baby had to be returned to Mother.

    If FAS early baby died, then Palin searched for a DS baby about the same age to do a private, secret adoption. That's the one we see now.

    And that allows Bristol to be the mother of FAS early Trig and here's proving you're wrong Tripp.

    Man, what a family.

    And Sarah is paying Bristol to keep her mouth shut with a house, car, fake job, etc.

  136. My, my Gryphen,
    you seemed to have "ruffled" quite a few ears out there in SarahLand. LMAO!

  137. Anonymous3:43 PM

    I'm with you AKPetMom. If we are now talking about three babies, they are from within that family somehow, and there was no outside adoption to bring them into the family. As for a twin being adopted out, or perhaps not surviving, I don't know.

  138. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I feel like I am in a continuing saga, not just with the information released but my assessment of it, and the comments that follow. I am a natural skeptic, I will admit, and so I need some proof of a concrete nature, scientific, analytical, logical, reasoning and so on. That is just my base nature. I also have a medical background and a background in amateur photography.

    I totally agree with the evidence presented that there are two babies because of the ear evidence Gryphen has presented. At first, I thought perhaps the ear opening that was outside of the ear structute was because of a shadow. I've eliminated that doubt. It's when it's come down to analyzing which baby is who, based on anything else, that I've become unsure of. This is because I am familiar with elements of photography like focal lenth and depth of field. Those elements, plus the angle and pose of the subject really, truly can cause you to wonder if they are the same person. It was when I was viewing a timeline of Tripp pics (known)that I came to really appreciate those elements again, as in regard to the many conversations going on here and at other blogs. This knowledge does not suffice to explain away what is clearly visible in the pics Gryphen is presenting. I am as sure of that as a photographer and as a medical professional. I know A&P, and those changes just do not happen.

    One thing I have noticed in my poring over of the baby pics of Trig is this (make of it what you will): in his presentation pics (chubby cheeks) I see the presence of angioedema (facial edema). It seems to be prounounced around the eyes and across the bridge of the nose. I've noticed this on frontal as well as side shots (what there are that is available). As to why a child would have such edema, I cannot speak to. My specialty was emergency and intensive care medicine, not pediatrics so I am throwing this out there because it might strike a nerve with any of you that are familiar with the pediatric conditions that have been discussed.

    Now, in spite of those observances on my part, I still believe that the kitchen baby and shower baby possess the bridge of a nose, which we do not see on the DS baby later presented as Trig. That said, I do not feel that angioedema, if present, lends to the impression of a nose bridge. Not at all. It is simply something I've noticed repeatedly. I've wondered whether, if the Trig presented on 18 April 08 had angioedema, would he have progressed to looking like the Trig presented on 03/04 May in the kitchen/shower pics? I do not think so and this is because the edema appeared to present at the sides of the nose bridge and across the eyes. In other words, if you look at hospital Trig, you will still see a lack of nose bridge in upper area of the nose, closer to between the eyes that is not apparant in kitchen/shower Trig.

    That is my contribution, for what it's worth. Like I said, when I looked at the chrono pics of Tripp it was so easy to see his progression and how he looked so different at different times (hat, etc) and different times. But I think that there are still nuances with Trig (the May 3/4 weekend and then thereafter) that absolutely, unequivocally, cannot be explained by those same allowances. I jujst thought I would add those observations in case they assist with anything.

    And Gryphen, good job with the chum, eh?
    Susan in MD

  139. Anon 2:19, do you realize that this woman is the scourge of the American political scene? Do you know that she brings out the very worst in the ignorant, angry people who support her? We're not talking about a "private" person - are you kidding? She has brought all of this on herself and her family. She has no one to blame but herself for being such a power hungry, narcissistic psychopath.

  140. CGinWI3:53 PM

    Snowlady, reading your post I immediately thought of the Wasilla librarian who stood up to Sarah, but then took a position in a different town and was very pointedly quiet during the campaign. She may have had lots of positive reasons for moving; but I bet she was also more than happy to get the hell out of Wasilla.

    I live in small town, too, so I know exactly what you are talking about.

  141. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I disagree with the "leave this story, because it will hurt" viewpoint.

    If someone with half-a-brain had vetted Sarah Palin, the "wild ride" tale would have just been that - a tale no one believed but no one cared enough to nail Palin with her lies.

    Palin insisted on accepting the VEEP offer. She is the SOLE reason there is a story. She is the sole cause of the damage that might result from revelations.

    Just as we hold Edwards accountable for his actions, not the media, the same should hold true for Palin.

  142. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Looking at those three photos, I can see thatbesides the ruffles, there is something similarly funky about the inner and lower parts of all three, although they don't look exactly the same. I think there's a possibility worth considering--hollywood level special effects makeup and prosthetics work. We've all seen movies where makeup artists truly transform features, in part by building prostheses. Just for one example think of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" McCain et al would certainly be able to access someone with that level of talent. (Remember the incredible amount of money that was paid to makeup artist/s for Sarah and John?)

    At this poingt all I can say for certain is that Sarah Palin was not pregnant with any of these babies. Trying to figure out the rest of this just makes me want to start drinking.

    Claudia nyc

  143. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Time to call in the law. A baby is missing and this reminds me of Jimmy Hoffa. Start by digging up the foundation of that new house and dredge the lake. Did Mrs Palin read any of the Pearls books? Maybe she went too far with his advise. An investigation is needed, NOW.

  144. I have no question several babies have been paraded around and called "Trig". That's obvious from the photos. Here are my questions:

    1. Where is ruffled baby? Hasn't someone somewhere seen this kid?

    2. Isn't there a nurse at the hospital in Wasilla or Anchorage who will tell the truth off the record? Chances are ruffled baby was born at one of those hospitals. The deformity is unusual enough that the staff would remember it and who the mother was.

    C'mon. Sign in as "anonymous" and tell us what you know.

  145. Anon (of course) who said "I will pray that some of you come to your senses before destroying childrens lives because that is what you would be doing.
    Do you really hate Sarah that much?"

    Sarah and Sarah alone is reponsible for thrusting her children into the public eye. And CBJ also delivered Piper, presumably without any of the involvement that you seem to be so worried about. So you, quoting TxBlue or whatever his name was who kept banging this drum, are not going to make anyone stop examining the lies of Sarah Palin.

    The woman has already done a catastrophic amount of damage to this country. Don't you remember her campaign speeches where she said that President Obama "isn't like us" and where she allowed, and encouraged, hatred and violence? If I did feel any guilt about information about her kids coming out (and I don't, because it's Sarah's fault if it does) the thought of what she could do to this country would greatly outweigh that for me.

  146. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Anon 2:19...
    Of course everyone wants the truth. Elected officals that don't want there children exploited, don't exploit them for capital gains themselves.
    $P is shameless and Bristol is a chip of the ol' block.
    IF T-1 or T-2 passed away due to complication from FAS, and they covered it up, it's called FRUAD!!!
    Step down from office, pass it off to the Lt. Gov and get out of the spotlight.
    NOTHING she can say now will make any one of us here "feel sorry" for her.
    And no butt-wipe. We don't hate her. We dislike HER HATE!!!

  147. To those that think that we Mat Su residents are spineless:

    Some of us here in the MatSu go about our daily lives without encountering any of the "power players" that are present in the Palin drama.

    Sometimes life is just life; you live, you ski, you recreate and sometimes work.

    The Palins, as well as other political figures in Alaska are completely foreign entities to me and many of my friends. We don't travel in their circles or get involved politically; we just live life one day at a time.

    I paid very little attention to politics until Palin ran for Gov. I was vocal in my opposition to her but it's not in my nature to engage either my time or my dollars when it comes to politics. I find her and her family to be disgusting in so many ways, but only on a personal level. The people that I hang with can't believe that I still find time to keep up with her shenanigans as they tuned out after McCain lost; some didn't even know that Palin was gunning for national office.

    I just wanted to make the point that many of us in the Mat Su Valley don't interact with the power brokers within our community. Many of us are expats from busier places in the lower 48 and we came here to seek solace and enjoy the basics of life. Until Palin came along I'd have been hardpressed to even name any Alaskan politician, much less a national one.

    Now I'm more informed politically but still realize that nothing I say or do will make a difference either locally or nationally. I'd still like to see Palin called our for her bad behavior but I don't know anything or anyone that can facilitate that so I just go about life same as always.

  148. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Factors Involved in FAS

    No one can predict which infants born to mothers who drink will be affected, nor can anyone predict how severe these effects will be. Not every woman who drinks during pregnancy, even though she may drink heavily, will have a child with FAS.

    Four factors affect how severe the damage will be to the unborn baby:

    1. The time in the pregnancy at which alcohol is consumed.

    Although the fetus may be most at risk in the first three months when vital organs are being formed, damage can occur anytime during the pregnancy. Alcohol may affect whatever growth or development is taking place at the time of the mother's consumption. The unborn baby's brain develops throughout the pregnancy.
    2. The amount of alcohol consumed during the pregnancy.
    We know that there is a significant risk of FAS as well as stillbirth and spontaneous abortion with "heavy" drinking. However, no one knows how much alcohol a pregnant woman can drink without hurting the baby. "Binge" drinking, which sharply raises the amount of alcohol in the blood, greatly increases the risk to the baby.
    3. Individual susceptibility to alcohol.
    Genetic factors determine the baby's ability to deal with the alcohol in its system. These genetic factors also determine how quickly the alcohol in the baby's system can be broken down.
    4. Nutrition.
    Alcohol affects how the placenta transfers important nutrients necessary for fetal growth. Good nutrition for the fetus is important throughout the entire pregnancy

  149. my daughter was born with a very tiny "gill" where the top of her ear meets her cheek.

    16 years later, still there.

  150. Anonymous4:10 PM

    If there were any truth to this wacky story, Levi would know all about it and Sarah wouldn't let any member of her family get within 1000 miles of a courtroom.

  151. since you first broke eargate last week, I've asked several physicians if a newborn can "grow" a tragus.

    unanimous response

  152. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Anon 2:19 If there is any public humiliation, it would be of Sarah's doing. She could have put a stop to all of this and just said her daughter had a baby and was to young and she adopted it. SIMPLE no switching baby's, pretending to be preg. She brought the spotlight on herself dragging that child out on stage during the campaign and at every book stop. It's call honesty is the best policy. I don't think Sarah know the word honesty if it bit her in the ass.

    And if this is about CBJ's specialty then someone should have been arrested.

  153. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I agree that the hacked 10/2 haircut would be unlikely to smoothly grow into the 10/18 haircut. So are dates wrong or are they 2 different heads?

  154. Whew! Don't remember when I've ever seen such a cranky "herd" of anonymooses, Gryph.

    Could it be something you said?

    P.S. I don't hate SP, I just happen to care about this country more.

    P.P.S. It always amazes me how a single word (a man-made symbol created to express thought) can honk people off--while, at the same time, the possible abuse and/or neglect of a child, or children, is systematically ignored and excused. Go figure.

  155. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Why do the trolls always start their posts by saying something along the lines of "Sarah Palin is totally unqualified to be elected to any office. She frightened me more than anything I've ever seen on the national landscape."

    Then they go on to make their troll comments.

    Is that what they teach 'em in troll school?

  156. mocha4:31 PM

    Anon at 2:19 - Surely you're kidding. If Palin had come forward at the beginning and said "we adopted our daughter's child", "we adopted a special needs baby" with no other explanation, people would have given her a pass. But to pretend to be pregnant is a horrible deception by anyone, let alone someone who wants to be President. It's not about embarrassing or hurting her, it's about exposing her deception and making sure no one ever forgets. She is completely unsuitable to hold public office because of this lie.

  157. Donna4:31 PM

    Gryphen--you sure have stirred the pot! It's the whole gamut of "if this were anything, the National Enquirer would have run it" to "if this were anything, Levi would have disclosed it" to "how can you bring harm to those poor children" attempted manipulation. BUT, what there is not is even a whisper of a response from someone who is a knee jerk, uncontrolled, emotionally labile woman who can't resist responding to the tiniest perceived insult. And that is the most telling thing of all.

  158. Troll chum for sure!! Although it may not be illegal to present a fake baby as your own at a party it sure is a sign that something is terribly wrong. I'm not sure what the heck it's gonna take for the MSM to report this story. I don't think this could be a trap set for Gryphen to walk into as the evidence is not recent. Gryphen is a hero to pursue this story determinedly.
    You go, Gryphen!!

  159. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Yup, anon 8:55: Your explanation meets my key criterion: something had to be bad enough so SP would think a hoax would be worth the risk. At the outset. The hoax had to cover up something that would have wrecked her chances for VP consideration. FAS would do it. It could be something else, something similarly ugly and shameful. But definitely FAS would work. Bingo.

  160. Anonymous4:39 PM

    I have no respect for Oprah anymore. And her Palin interviews didn't help. She is going to be of NO help cracking this.

    The comments here crack me up. I don't know how anyo e could say the ears were normal. I've seen millions of ears in 25 years of Audiology practice. The babies helix (outer rim) the hole (external auditory meatus) and the tragis (little flap that typically protects this area are all significantly deformed. These are not abnormalities that change over time!!!

    And yes Im a Doctor of Audiology (the study of hearing science)

    Those of you trying this angle of saying there's nothing wrong are making a big mistake. You are wrong and in a court of law any professional would testifiy to that. You guys better find another out. Or excuse.

    We are already seeing some of these angles coming out- protect the kids etc and that's what Sarahs excuse will be.
    Those of you who don't believe there's a story are kidding themselves.

    I bet Gryphen is talking to msm reporters and journalists . And I bet he has a plan for why he is revealing things in a certain order. He did wait until he was sure.
    But what do I know, that's just a guess!!

  161. shadowfever4:40 PM

    I see that Bristol is in LA with her mom and Tripp filming the tv episode and two spots for Candies.
    I'd be willing to bet that any monies from those events and all future events will be paid to Bristol's LLC as a political consultant (on teen pregnancy).
    Levi is going to be screwed big time in this regard. She (Bristol) doesn't need to withdraw any money from the LLC because mom is paying all her expenses right now. In fact, it could just grow until he (Tripp) is 18 and she will be able to say in court papers that she has made nothing since she hasn't taken any money from the LLC. Can you confirm with someone if that is how the LLC would work? If that is indeed how it works then I think Levi also needs to set up an LLC. Pronto.

  162. btw,most of these ear abnormalities, including an extra or missing tragus, as well as the extra sinus "gill" that my daughter has, are all connected to renal development, as they all happen in the same fetal timeframe.

    I'm told there is a very good chance that Ruffles had severe kidney problems

  163. I echo the sentiments about the differences between 10/02 and 10/18 baby(ies) -- especially the hair

  164. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Hey Gryphen keep up the good work...
    your Dr.s friends are right "you can't shine shit"
    That ear to me, looks like someone literally shaved off the helix, tragus and just left a hole...did any of the ENT/Drs offer a dx for this...besides ruffled ear? Of course the paid bots are here to throw red herrings...out...lol.
    I like Cheeriogirls@ 1:58
    and I agree with the oriental thing.
    I was a member of the "oriental bodywork association" which suddenly changed its name to "Asian Bodywork association" around 2000. It was pretty lame, but what can you do.
    Gasman-I sent this link an info to NE...I think they are bought out by murdoch, they won't touch anything scandalous about paylin.
    Its got to get out somewhere else. Grassroots....facebook etc!
    Also heads up, blogger Mel, is emailing the peezoo and asking certain individuals to give their thoughts on some of these opins...on blogs of Gryphen's?
    just a head up...there was a post on sunday at the peezoo. I don't know why Mel wants to get involved unless she wants hits on her crappy blog?
    I give so much credit for the brave people of Alaska who are not chickenshit and coming out with info on the queen...YES!
    Thank you! The USA thanks you and the WORLD thanks you!

  165. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I'm tired of the "this is private family business and think of the innocents involved" line. If there was child abuse, someone should be arrested. It there was a rape, someone should be arrested. If there is other sad and disturbing business going on in that family than shame on Sarah for not blinking when she was asked to run with McCain. And shame on McCain and his people for either burying their heads in the sand or burying dirty laundry.

    This had nothing to do with Sarah being a mother rather than a father (as in, "you're all sexists who think a mother should be home with her kids). This has to do with Sarah being a PARENT.


  166. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I agree with anon at 4:46. We need to bring the truth to light and if that leads to arrests, then so be it if a child was abused in some way.

    Everything Sarah has done so far is evidence of her complete abdication of her role as a loving parent. And ESPECIALLY if someone in her family was the victim of abuse who became involved with tragedy involving a pregnancy. A caring person would have stopped everything going on in her life to attend to these problems. Hypothetically, let's say Bristol was raped or abused and bore a child under those circumstances. A functional family would immediately put everything on hold to go to therapy together, spend time healing in private - in fact, Sarah should have quit the Governorship of Alaska if something terrible like this was going on to truly spend more time with her family. The whole family should have disappeared and gone silent for a while to heal after such a tragedy.

    So what did she do? The COMPLETE opposite. Only indulging HER selfish desires instead of attending to her kids.

    Just the addition of a new baby alone to the family would signal a need to dial back the career stuff -- in any sane woman's life. News flash to Sarah: Your kids needed you, continue to need you, and you're not there for them in any way, shape or form.

    Can you say - MASSIVE FAIL?

  167. shadowfever, that's not how a single-member LLC works-- its income flows through right to Bristol and she has to claim it when it's received, no matter what. It's a mechanism for limiting liability, not for funneling income (except to the extent that certain expenses might be covered by the LLC, but that's minor).

    That said, I hope that Levi does eventually get some say in how his son is used to make income for the Paylins.

  168. Another brilliant post, Gryphen !
    Sharon in Florida made some insightful comments about Sarah humiliating Bristol in front of the whole world. Could that have been part of that wierd Mrs. Robinson gaze and caress of Levi's face on the stage at the convention ? For most people that night was their introduction to Sarah and that was a truly bizarre moment.

    Being in Texas, where we have some of the strangest groups and cults anywhere, I was intrigued by another poster who said that in Sarah's type of church any kind of birth defect is considered a generational curse. Could that be why Trig's birth announcement was written in the voice of God ? Was it an attempt to supercede that idea? Could that also explain why we don't hear of Sarah attending church ?

    Gryphen, I look forward to buying your book on how you and the other bloggers broke the story of the fraud of the century !
    Stay safe !

  169. @ shadowfever - I suspect Levi doesn't have that luxury as he actually will need to live on the money he makes -- and probably will need to help support his mother and sister as well

  170. Andrew Sullivan ended his Feb 26 post on Stapleton's resignation with an interesting remark.

    "We're all ears, so to speak."

  171. Anonymous5:19 PM

    emrysa @ 1:18

    ...the shower pics were staged. that had not crossed my mind until now, but why would they need to be? if those were staged, then that would mean triggy bear pics were staged as well.

    I don't understand. How does it follow that if the baby shower pics were staged, then the triggy bear pics were, too?

    Sorry, I'm not following. Please explain.


    M Vernon

  172. Anonymous5:24 PM

    I went to several medical websites to read about fetal alcohol syndrome. There is no way to say it nicely: poor development, mental retardation (their words), premature birth, problems with speech, movement, social skills, heart problems. Of course, each case is different, depending on how much alcohol was consumed and at what stage in the embryo's development. There is no cure and no good outcome.

    We have all been wondering about poor little Ruffles. I think that he was born months earlier than expected. It may have been touch and go for quite a while. At one point, when he was really in bad shape, they may have lined up another baby, just in case. The only one who was available on short notice had DS, but he was born full term, pink and plump.

    What happened to Ruffles? After the kitchen photos with Mercede, Levi and Bristol, and the photo op shower, suppose there was a medical checkup. It may have been determined that little Ruffles would never lead a normal life. Take you pick of any of the symptoms that I offered at the beginning of this post.

    In any case, Sarah had already announced her "pregnancy." With good publicity, and support from the conservatives in the GOP, she had to have a photogenic baby. People have suggested that as Ruffles got older (if he got older) people would realize that he had FAS. Knowing that Sarah did not have that kind of history, it would cement the rumor that the baby's was Bristol's (who did have the reputation of being a party girl. Ruffles would never be acceptable as the photo baby Sarah had been dreaming about.

    Trig was probably the only baby available on short notice. The Religious Right must have been so excited at the prospect of a candidate with a special needs child that Sarah didn't blink.

  173. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Just a thought...Did't Megaphone Staplemouth mention she was giving her notice to stay home with "HER TWO YEAR OLD DAUGHTER". Maybe...just maybe $arah borrowered Meg's baby, AND maybe you upset the apple cart with Meg & Palin over this babygate!

  174. emma_m5:32 PM

    Another great post, Gryphen!

    I've gone back and forth between one vs multiple babies, two vs three, ears the same vs not. Just when I am convinced of one thing, another photo comes along that makes me question.

    I'd be very interested in hearing an expert comment on the following (and apologies in advance if this has been covered):
    * chances that the left ear and right ear of the same infant would have different structures and/or deformities (to rule out any photo being transposed)
    * if identical twins, would ear structure and/or deformities be the same in both children? including potentially ear canal outside the ear and/or ruffled ear?
    * what are the chances of same structure/deformities for maternal twins or siblings?
    * are any of the things we're seeing re ears hereditary?

    Also, can someone verify that other structures (antihelix, cavum, crus of helix, etc) within the ear are consistent, and do not change within the first few weeks/months of life? It would be interesting to see a comparison of the internal structures of the ears of the various Trig photos. Some photos seem to show a very rectangular shape to the middle (inner) portion.


  175. Anonymous5:36 PM

    I totally agree with cheeriogirl about there being three babies - A caption from a picture Mercede posted on her facebook page December 11, 2009 has bothered me since I first saw it- using the affectionate name "Tripplebear" - could have used Trippibear or Trippybear but Tripplebear? Meaning triple = 3 - too far a stretch? maybe yes - maybe no

  176. @Gryphen:

    I just sent you an e-mail, Gryphen, about the comparison picture in this blog post.


  177. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Oh yeah, PS to Gryphen: YOU ROCK!

  178. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Anon@855: I agree, it all mostly fits, but a couple of things nag at me. 1) I'm among those who sees a strong resemblance between the official Trig and the Palin clan, including $ herself, and 2) If the plan was to hide Ruffles if he turned out to be an embarrassment, why not just hide him and be done with it? Even for a ruthlessly ambitious nitwit like $, taking on the lifelong responsibility of a DS baby is a BIG thing. I know the counterargument: no price to pay for the right prop. Maybe that is the answer, but my gut tells me there's a deeper connection to Trig.

  179. G-Man, I know you cant answer but..

    Here we go...3 babies. FAS twins, one didnt survive. One did. Another got "adopted". T was T before he was T.

  180. Doctor of Audiology5:48 PM

    I just blew up the ear to look at it more closely.
    I'm sure you have done this Gryphen when showing this to ENTs but this ear is extremely malformed. I have only seen ears like this in babies who have some congenital or genetic syndrome. There are a multitude of potential causes and I couldn't guess of course, but something happened during the embryos development.

    You may want to contact a geneticist or neonatal specialist and a pediatric otologist. I have fit babies with hearing aids and that baby would be very challenging for several reasons.

    I have to say I feel a bit protective - is it right to call the little guy "ruffles" - it's a serious deformity. I am sure he has/has other health issues.

    Gryphen, kudos to you!!! I can't believe no one noticed this before!!!!! It's huge!! It really is!! And if anyone doesn't see that..... You are wrong! If you are a journalist, ask your own specialists and you will see.

  181. Palin announced her 'pregnancy' on March 6, 2008.

    Later in March she said the baby would have 'special needs'.

    It wasn't until Trig's 'birthday' on April 18, 2008 that a 'source close to the family' was quoted as saying that Trig 'may have Down Syndrome'.


  182. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Was trying to submit this to Digg...ugh...didn't work if anyone knows how to do it? Please do!

  183. Anonymous5:54 PM

    In caps for emphasis:

    GONE, regardless of the fire at the church.


    BVS requires ALL CHILDREN BORN to be registered.

    ALL.OF.THEM. We need to follow this.

    -just sayin'!

  184. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Thank you Gryphen. You work hard. I can't imagine the hours you devote gathering information to find the truth in all this mess. It is vitally important. This woman parades herself around as the next saviour of the world, and has so many dark secrets... we need to know the truth.

  185. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Listen, I have been just as interested as anyone in wanting the truth to come out so Sarah Palin will have to address the fact that she fabricated a pregnancy, hopefully ending any possibility of her running for office, ever again. Honestly, however, don't some of you worry that her story will be seen as heroic, if she was protecting one of her children by doing it? (I happen to think the truth is likely something rather sordid, however, and will probably reflect poorly on her as a parent - fairly or not - otherwise she would have come clean and exploited the situation for her own purposes.) That being said, I have also wrestled with the moral implications of my desire that the truth come out, if the Palin family story involves tragic and typically confidential information regarding minors. So there are no easy answers, for any of us, and to become defensive and attack every single person who questions any of you or Gryphen, calling them trolls and sniping about the use of Anon or Anonymous, well - it's just sort of useless and unnecessary. I think the reason people's doubts bother you all so much is because you probably share them, deep down. You worry that this story about the ruffle-eared baby will either never be clarified, or will not make a dent in Sarah Palin's popularity even if it is. You worry that if and when the story does come out, it will mean that we have all pushed for some personal and terrible circumstance to have been revealed to the world, perhaps for nothing and perhaps damaging some young person's life in a lasting way, even psychologically. So I would respectfully suggest that people stop wasting energy fighting with those who are simply asking questions. Nothing on this thread appears to amount to the dreaded trolling you all seem so worried out about. At least nothing very significant. Better to keep thinking out loud and stop censoring every dissenting viewpoint. As I say, there are definitely no easy answers, and absolutely no guarantees. Life is strange that way; Sarah Palin's political career will probably be brought down by something completely unrelated to all of our efforts, in the end.

  186. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Anonymous @855am said...
    "I'm not going to advise you to stop. You are just too much fun when you are tilting windmills."

    hi Sarah! *pageant wave* Why on earth would we stop when the bot-freaking and trolling this week tells us we're clearly onto something? Wouldn't that make us.......QUITTERS?

    Oh, and you might want to cut back on the 1980s blush and overdone black eye makeup a bit--you're starting to look like Tammy Faye Bakker.

  187. I just noticed the baby announcement photo and card that said Van Palin as the last name. First, the baby looks like a stock photo of normal babies and why does he have a different last name? Could the lawyer Van Fleis (sp?) be the baby's daddy so they combined the names?

  188. Thanks Gryphen!

  189. OT..but I found this great photoshop of Sarah on a twitter page a good laugh teabag style


  190. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Snowlady you are wrong stating that all of Alaska is a small town. I have lived in numerous small towns in my 35 years up here and living in Anchorage is not like living in a small town, not even close

  191. Curiouser said: Andrew Sullivan ended his Feb 26 post on Stapleton's resignation with an interesting remark.

    "We're all ears, so to speak."


    Wow! I missed that. I love Andrew.

  192. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Anon at 905am: "Anonymous said...
    "Orientals"? Seriously? Who uses that term any more? I have trouble believing that a "board certified" medical professional would be crass and uninformed enough to use outright racist language like that."

    Wow. Gryphen's ORIGINAL POST stated that the term was used on a medical website, and was NOT a quote from the doctor.

    How's that mentally limited Sarah-worshippin' evangelical thing workin' out for you Pee Warriors?

  193. Mac And Cheese Wiz6:13 PM

    Thanks for staying on this story! The trolls have been out in force on other blogs as well, trying to dispel the truth with stories of light shadow, pixel distortion spontaneous healing all kinds of stall disorder balogna. I can only imagine the crap that gets to your inbox!

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and someday we'll know the truth about these unfortunate innocents caught up in these lies.

  194. emma_m6:14 PM

    Can someone post a link showing the pics from the baby shower with photos you think may be two different babies? I can't seem to find it. Thank!


  195. Trisomy 18, with rather mild externally visible defects, including the ear abnormalities and rocker feet, perhaps even club foot on the left (mild) could suggest other internal organ defects that were deemed beyond treatment.

  196. What are these non-PC People of Asian-American Heritage thinking?

    Seattle Oriental Medical Center:

    CA State Oriental Medical Assoc:

    Florida State Oriental Medical Association: http://www.fsoma.com/

    Acupuncture Denver Oriental Medical Arts: http://www.acudenver.com/

    ..plus more than 10,000 people, pages and groups on facebook, keyword: ORIENTAL

  197. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Anon @ 2:19,

    To answer your final question: Yes

  198. "Sarah can't sell the story about twins. Sarah's belly was not that big, she did not look pregnant 2 month before birth."

    No kidding. Sarah Palin didn't even look pregnant with HALF a baby, much less two!

  199. Anonymous6:47 PM

    If the first baby died, why would they have another baby lined up? Wouldn't it be better to just hide Bristols first pregnancy then? That's my opinion.

    Are you saying it's because she's already announced the pregnancy?does that timing work? I agree Sarah faked the pregnancy and that there are several babies. The question is WHY?

  200. First...no one could dislike SP more than I do and I will be beyond thrilled when she is brought down. But..I'm not so convinced about the ear pictures. In all of the pictures there is a very distinctive rectangular space formed by the cartilage of the outer ear. Yes...the outer edge appears to be malformed in the infant picture, but that baby still has the distinctive rectangle. I spent some time looking online at random baby ears...and I could not find any with that same shaped space.

    As far as the misplaced ear canal goes, I do think it is hard to see in the picture since we can't see the lobe. Also the little semi circle of cartilage which should be covering the canal appears to be missing in the infant shot...but still not too well developed in the older ones.

    The square pillow photograph convinced me she was not pregnant with Trig, and so I don't believe she is his biological mother. Just not so sure about the two baby theory based on the photographs of the ears. But, I hope I'm wrong!


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