Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sarah Palin opens Tonight Show with joke about getting botox.

You know I am going to give Palin a pass on this one.

Obviously she knows that we have been talking about HER surgical "improvements" and decided to get in on the joke. If she had done that kind of thing more often she might not be considered such a laughingstock.

Don't get me wrong she is still a liar and a horrible person, but in this one case I am going to laugh at her joke, instead of laughing at her. Of course after I see her interview with Jay I might change my mind.

Speaking of jokes, look what somebody sent me on Twitter today.

"The main stream media is lying. There is no devastation here. I'll have a burger." - Sarah Palin, reporting from Chili's. JD Crowe


  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    She's a asshole, and so is Leno...
    he ripped off Conan and is using Paylin for ratings...
    Maybe she will make a EAR joke...eh???
    I knew she would be in LA the same time Bristol is taping...can't leave Bristol alone...!

  2. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Why does the media keep giving her the time? What a sick and shallow country we have become

  3. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Can't watch the clip. Just can't do it. Don't care if she grew a sense of humor. She's a bag of hair, and has gotten a free pass her entire life.

    The Twitter joke, however, is absolutely hysterical. I totally gave credit to JD Crowe, but had to make it my FB status. It's WAY too funny not to share.

  4. Anonymous7:11 PM

    i'm not sure she is joking about herself here at all. she is saying people in la have fozen looks on their faces, not tha tshe has a frozen look on her face. i am not laughing at her or with her. but then leno never makes me laugh.

  5. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Sarah Palin QUIT the job she was hired to do by the people of Alaska. To do late-night comedy?

    I don't laugh with her.

  6. Oh, gee Sarah you are so cool making jokes about Botox. I am with Shannyn Moore, I am a Letterman fan and always will be. Leno, you are as bad as Palin is. You only had her on your show for the ratings. You both suck!

  7. mommom7:27 PM

    She has no sense of tining.Better keep her day job.


  8. Why was the writing on her right hand? Not clever at all.

  9. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Leno must be really desperate for ratings.

    I will not watch him anymore.

    Even I have standards!

  10. LATimes on Palin on Leno:

    Story ends: "She'll be here through 2012, folks."

    Not if we have anything to do with it!

  11. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Here is a link that shows just what Sarah's "religious warrior" supporters are like.

    Delusional whackjobs-that have plans.

    These are the people she is sending encouragement and messages to with her code words.

    She is called out by name at the end of the post. Here is the link.

    Expose this too. It is what her 'calling' is.

  12. WakeUpAmerica7:43 PM

    Uh....no. Definitely still laughing at her.

  13. Anonymous7:48 PM

    She's doing stand-up?

    Jay is desperate for rating, indeed.

    Shawn White is going to be on, maybe the next grand baby will have red hair!

  14. Hmmm, if she had actually joked about herself, I'd give some props but the joke was an LA vs AK thing and didn't have anything to do with her or self-deprecating humor.

    No props.

  15. Jeez you guys are tough. But of course Sarah has not done much to make anybody feel any real compassion for her.

    Actually the joke that irritated me was the writing on the hand one, because that one we know is her trying to make a stupid mistake into something that can be laughed off.

    Even I am not feeling that generous tonight.

  16. Anonymous8:01 PM

    "I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I" - Palin on the Leno show.

  17. Jay was funny when his mother was alive. When she died, his humor became crass and full of not too clever innuendo. Haven't watched him in years.

  18. Anne NC8:02 PM

    She really pads that resume'. A Mayor, city manager? No, you hired that person to do the job for you. An oil and gas regulator? 11 months on the job and she quit. She also said she doesn't seek controversy?! What a pack of lies this woman loves to tell.

    Leave your kids out of the photo ops, the campaign appearances and they will be left alone. It's your own fault, $arah!

  19. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Gryphen, re the Botox, she wasn't making a joke at her own expense. She was trying to mock people in L.A. (my hometown) for being frozen with Botox, as opposed to you downhome Alaskans who are frozen by the weather.

    It wasn't very funny. Like everything else about Sarah, it was hypocritical -- i.e., joking about people in L.A. using Botox when she obviously is a big Botox user herself, to say nothing about her recent plastic surgery. You know, hypocritical. Kind of like getting knocked up before marriage with Track and then yakking about abstinence. Kind of like having a teenage daughter getting knocked up once or twice before marriage and then yakking about abstinence. You know, kind of like saying she barely knows Levi Johnston and his family, but they are all photographed at Sarah's house holding a child who is allegedly Sarah's spawn, shortly after said child was allegedly born.

    There ain't anything funny here.

  20. Anonymous8:10 PM

    I don't watch the Tonight Show and I won't watch it just because Sarah is on. Leno is trying to boost his ratings, I hope it back-fired on him. I can't stand this dimwit. Oh and I didn't watch the clip either. Really, someone should start a ban Palin campaign from the media. She doesn't get it that she is the JOKE.

  21. Anonymous8:13 PM

    i don't think she said she had botox; she said people in LA have botox. she's a moron. oh, and she's on fox because she's fair and balanced. Hey, and she's using a tele-prompter during her stand-up act.

  22. 10catsinMD8:13 PM

    Sorry, will not listen to it. and will not listen to Leno either.

    So is the speech hand writing a joke at a serious political convention or vice versa. Were the topics writen on her hand that funny? Which is it?

    I don't think it's about laughing at herself, it's about taking people and their wishes seriously enough to not need the prompts. That's why we laugh at her. Her jokes only make her more laughable whether it's a comedy show or a serious political convention.

    She really is a Wasilla hillbilly!

  23. Anonymous8:22 PM

    There is a difference between writing answers on your hand like a junior high schooler cheating on a test and the other way is writing notes on your hand like you would on a cue card. The thing is Sarah tried reading an answer written on her hand without getting caught and she was caught!

    There is a difference YA RETARD!

    Don't play it off ya cheatin' bimbo!

  24. Anonymous8:28 PM

    I don't know if Leno has been on in Alaska yet but this woman actually claimed that the whole Family Guy comment was actually a conversation between her and the parents of another DS child but somehow it got all over the media.

  25. She looked awful on Jays' show. She came out wearing faded jeans with a black jacket and heels. Really dumb.

  26. Anonymous8:33 PM

    She sure doesnt look too rattled.

    Cant someone please stick a fork in this woman!

  27. emrysa8:35 PM

    what the hell was this, an audition?

    I disagree about the botox thing, gryphen. she wasn't getting in on a joke about herself, she was poking at others - while she stands there with a face full of plastic. what a bitch. another fine example of her hypocrisy.

  28. Anonymous8:41 PM

    I think she did the original teabaggin' hand job to get attention.

    Wasn't there a story to deflect at the time?

    I can't even remember what it was now.

    The joke is on us...

  29. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Palin sucked on Leno.

    Her biggest whining lie is that the media didn't let her follow up on the "Family Guy" flap. WTF!! The reality is that Palin totally ran for cover when Andrea came out guns blazing against her. The media didn't have anything to do with stopping her follow up.

    This woman lies like she breathes.

    Between her lies, she stuttered around on most of the questions he asked. Pitiful

  30. Anonymous8:44 PM

    She is a retard!! Ole plastic frozen face making fun of LA people??? The hand joke is annoying. What a PHONY!!!

    You faked a pregnancy Sarah..........

    Why aren't you threatening to sue when you have threatened over other issues!

    It's cuz you're an effing liar retard!

  31. Anonymous8:47 PM

    She claimed that her father, a teacher, taught her to write on her hand. (WT????)

    Well, when I was in school, writing on your hand to keep key points in your mind on exam (tv appearance anyone?)days wasn't cool. It was considered cheating.

    I didn't think her routine was funny at all. It was icky.

    And I think Jay Leno schooled her pretty well that Fox is not neutral. Oh please. He is like Oprah and will be embarrassed that he gave her a platform -- once the truth is out.

  32. Anonymous8:49 PM

    By the time 2012 rolls around I think alot more people will be sick of Sarah and her lies (except for her fans). I know I am but then I've never been a fan.

  33. Rachel in Anchorage...9:15 PM

    I got a robocall from Governor Parnell, he started talking about domestic violence issues, statewide crime, and community support, and blah, blah... Then I got a call waiting, which I took... and it was an Organizing for America volunteer (a real person) recruiting volunteers for 2010 elections.. I laughed, told him he rescued me from the Parnell call...we talked for ten minutes... when I hung up, the phone still had Parnell talking. I was too busy, and hung up. I will not watch this clip of Sarah. I am so sick of her. However, I thank Gryphen for posting it, and the brave souls who commented on it. I get sick watching and listening to the retard.

  34. Anonymous9:16 PM

    What was the response from the live audience? Too polite to boo?

  35. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Does Jay Leno (or anyone in a similar setting) have a bulletin board where we can publicly respond to her lies tonight???

  36. Anonymous9:18 PM

    How can Palin write on her right hand if she is right handed?

    Palin must of hired a ghost writer to write on her right hand!

  37. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Her showing up on Leno is no different than her appearances on Hannity. She needs to go on Letterman, Meet the Press, and Rachel Maddow show. She needs to go places where she won't be coddled.

  38. Anonymous9:21 PM

    "She claimed that her father, a teacher, taught her to write on her hand. (WT????)"

    Did daddy teach Palin to write with her left hand and right hand?

    It is hard to write on your right hand when you are right handed?

  39. Anonymous9:31 PM

    To answer my own question: yes, there's a comment section below the videos. Please sign up and reply there!!!

  40. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Once again, the wrong facts. Palin did her interview first and then did her comedy bit.

  41. Anonymous9:48 PM

    $arah looks like she's wearing the same outfit she wore to the Daytona 500. Can't she afford some appropriate clothing? Hillbilly through and through!

  42. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Please put the baby-gate story to bed!!!!

  43. honestyinGov9:49 PM

    I will let you guys do the Leno show roundup. I will be watching Dave to see Dave and Mitt Romney poke fun at her.

    Also on CBS tonight... the CBS writers wrote her into an episode of the show " The Good Wife "... IT WAS FUNNY!!

    I will repost the description that I posted over on Palingates and Mudflats. CBS is writing her into episodes to LAUGH at her as a Joke punch-line.I LOVE CBS.
    FYI.... sarah's " Going Rogue " gets a BIG belly laugh on CBS's
    Show " The Good Wife ". As part of the story,Her picture is placed behind a Ballistics Experts desk who says he was friends with The Gov. Her picture is in the picture frame.
    Later after the ballistics Expert testifies in Court he sends a gift-wrapped box to the Lady Lawyer who hired him. She opens the box and under the tissue paper... is a copy of the Book " Going Rogue ".
    The Actress ( one of the main character Lawyers ) just stares at it and then has a big LAUGH.

    S'carah... Family Guy LAUGHED at you as part of the story and now CBS's Show " The Good Wife " LAUGHED directly ' in your FACE!!
    S'carah sure has become the ' punch-line' on a LOT of shows lately.

  44. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Not the fucking hand again!

  45. Anonymous10:11 PM

    She looks terrible. I will be boycotting it here on the west coast. I will never forgive Jay and NBC for what they did to Conan.

  46. Mac And Cheese Wiz10:15 PM

    I refuse to give leno the time of day, the only reason he had her on was because he's scrambling for ratings. And the only reason she went on was to get back at Letterman because she just can't let things go.

    Nice, she lets the kids alone backstage with an olympic winner- they'd never have gotten that opportunity in school!

    I wonder how Mrs McCain feels about the botox joke?

  47. Bear Woman10:19 PM

    Also on "The Good Wife" the lady lawyer sent a gift to the ballistics expert -- a book with the title "Going Rouge, A Look Inside the Mind of $P". Inside were blank pages....

    Now that was good!

  48. Anonymous10:25 PM

    But before Palin hit the stage alone, she sat down with Leno and talked about her role at Fox News and about the Tea Party movement.

    Leno asked Palin what she thinks about joining the media by becoming a Fox News analyst. Palin told Leno that she's there to build trust in the media. "I think that the mainstream media is quite broken and I think that there needs to be the fairness, the balance in there. That's why I joined Fox." Leno laughed.

    When asked about the "beautiful" Tea Party movement, Palin described it as a group of "many, many independent people, not excessively partisan, not one side or another." Palin acknowledged that if the movement were to become a political party that it would probably hurt Republicans.

    Did you read that comment? She's at Fox to "build trust in the media". Where is Orwell when we need him???

  49. Anonymous10:38 PM

    8:22 pm said it best.

  50. Anonymous10:50 PM

    8:41 pm. you said the original teabagger handjob was to cover something coming out about her. You are on the mark. I have posted same thing a number of times. At the time I think it was the thousands of emails released to media showing negative things while she played at being gov. It worked for her. Emails were given scant notice and the monkey with a wig soared.

  51. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Honesty.... you missed the best part on The Good Wife.... the lady lawyer sent the guy a copy of Going Rouge!!!!

  52. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Her lower mouth looks so tight. But her voice is so damn hard to listen to.

  53. ManxMamma3:49 AM

    I must say she was far better rehearsed for this show than she was for her $100K speech. Also, too, loved the jeans. Nice touch.

  54. Nearly peed my pants at the tweet - please thank JD Crowe for me too!

    Can't watch the videos. Just can't.

  55. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Black jacket doesn't fit well, tacky outfit.

    I take comfort from the obvious fact that she does not seek advice on almost anything!

  56. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Sarah Palin is a boring, old, ugly, stupid woman, trying to shine sh!t, and failing at even that. Leno is scraping the bottom of the barrel for ratings.

  57. I did not watch the show, what is all fuss about?

  58. Anonymous5:17 AM

    OT--must read:

    story on Palin's Q&A!

  59. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Har Har. So funny I forgot to laugh.


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