Saturday, March 06, 2010

Kathy Griffin and Levi at a Borders book signing in Anchorage.

Comedian Kathy Griffin brought her "Life on the D-List" show to Sarah Palin's home state Friday, skewering the former Alaska governor at a raucous show in Anchorage.

Griffin was escorted on stage by Playgirl model Levi Johnston, who fathered a child with Palin's oldest daughter and is involved in a child support battle with Bristol Palin.

Earlier in the day in Palin's hometown of Wasilla, Griffin said she went to her house and left a note inviting the Republican leader to the show.

She asked the crowd to look around and see if anyone was doing a pageant wave.
Griffin welcomed news that Palin is trying to shop a reality show or docudrama about Alaska. She called that a "gift from God," all wrapped up with a ball on top.

I just stopped by briefly on my way home. I did not introduce myself or interfere in any way because this was Kathy Griffin and Levi's thing and I did not want to be a pest.

I did take a few pictures with my crappy Olympus digital camera though.

Here is a shot of Kathy signing copies of her book and schmoozing with the Alaska crowd, while Levi smiles and tries not to look a little embarrassed by the attention.

Here is shot from the front. Levi looked like he was having an okay time, but Kathy was clearly having a blast!

I saw the fifteen or so members of Kathy's production team and I swear that most of them were just out of high school! I have never seen a younger group of assistants since my days reporting on theatre productions for my high school newspaper the Igaramkin (Look it up).

Speaking of the very young assistants. I noticed that some of the young ladies were quite attractive, and a little bird told me that Levi was able to get his flirt on a few times. Shh, don't tell Kathy!


  1. honestyinGov6:22 PM

    Like you said... you didn't want to be a pest.. BUT Kathy LOVES Interviews!!! Even if you don't do it Live or in person have Levi put in a word for you and Kathy could do a phone interview where you could ask some questions. The interview could be posted on you blog.
    Maybe even Shannyn could have her call in to her Radio Show. (IF Shannyn would even want to do an interview.) That's Shannyns choice. It's a free country though so IF Kathy, spontaneously like any of us could ,got the number from Levi and called in to the Show next week.... it could be entertaining. Run it by her publicist.... you never know. Kathy LOVES a microphone. Or... interview Levi about what the experience was like.Kathy would have better quotes though.

  2. love the blog. fully get the need to fund it. But as a Californian, watching the billionaire Meg literally buy my state, I'm getting a tad bit annoyed with the constant Whitman ads

  3. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Kathy likes to cuss on the air. Not a good thing for SM Radio show. Too many ears looking for FCC violations.

  4. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Thanks gyph, it is good to see Levi! And Kathy G.

    I'm way off the road system but would of loved to see Kathy on live stage! My little home out in rural Alaska just loves to watch her.

    We also like to know Levi and his family are doing. It is only a picture at a book store, but it does give us a positive picture.

  5. Mac And Cheese Wiz8:02 PM

    Kathy is a brilliant comedienne, if anyone ever gets the chance to see her perform live, it's a guaranteed good time. Yes, she's caustic and irreverent, but she's a straight shooter.
    That said, I think Levi should think twice about getting her involved, those are two women he can't get between in a cat fight, but my money's on Kathy anyday!

  6. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Good God, what is that beast in the last shot ?

  7. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Love Kathy G! You should've walked up!!

  8. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I wish I had known I would have stopped in. Was it advertised? I'm out of it...

  9. Anonymous9:47 PM

    I thought Diva shaved her head.

  10. I like seeing Levi at a book signing! I've missed it if he has a book contract done or in the works. Perhaps Kathy can help.

    (However, I don't think breaking babygate open needs to wait for Levi's book, which could come out later with the details and still be a huge success.)

  11. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Go G!!!! Go GGGG1!!

  12. wynsplc11:00 PM

    Anon @ 8:55 PM, did you really need to make that comment?

  13. sunnyjane11:56 PM

    Shoot, Gyrphen, you should have stopped by. You and Kathy might be related, right?

    My mother's maiden name was Griffith, which is of course, also Welsh. I thought it was "unique" to be Welsh, but my father brought be down to earth one day when he said, "Oh, the Welsh are like horse shit; they're everywhere you step."

  14. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Hahhhahha, you mean they didn't search you for cameras or tomatoes???????????

  15. kellygirl: I hate Meg Whitman too, because EBay treated me badly when I was a member during Whitman's era. However, I like the idea of that monster wasting her money advertising here. It almost is enough to get me to accept advertising on my blog for a while.

  16. Anonymous4:59 AM

    If you get a chance watch this clip with Kathy at her comedy show in Anchorage -- I was impressed by the crowd! NO canned laughter here! Go Anchorage!!

  17. Great pics and commentary. It's nice to see adults acting like adults. (No relatives around, little children that shouldn't be there, etc.)

  18. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Remember when the buzz was Levi might do a reality show? Maybe that was a chess move for Sarah to get one before him. Though, I fully supported the idea of Levi having that opportunity to have a decent income, I have changed my mind. I like Levi- it would be great if someone like Trump or a pool of resources found tutors for him, and sent him to a university. He wouldn't have to pay huge child support, and he would have fun on a good campus. It would be a great "check-mate" on the Palins who don't go to school, are uneducated, and retarded.

  19. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Hope Kathy can help Levi getting a book contract. She has a lot of contacts.

    Sure didn't see Kathy and Levi looting any gift swag. More class than the Swag Hag from Wasilla.

  20. Anonymous6:06 AM

    I think you forgot to credit Thiessen or the AP for the quoted stuff here. Just a reminder that it is an easy mistake to make.

  21. @ libhom, I can understand how blog owners would be tempted to take her cash. She has already spent $60 mil of her own fortune, and has promised that the sky's the limit.

    I just can't stand seeing someone literally BUY my state.

    What Whitman did at PayPal when eBay bought it was fraud and should have been criminally prosecuted.

  22. dancingthroughlife8:29 AM

    Anon @ 8:55 & 9:47, did coming to this website and posting those comments as 'Anonymous' make you fell that much bigger? It takes a seriously small person to do that.

  23. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Re the Meg Whitman ads that keep running here (I'm another Californian), does anyone else think it's hilarious that she uses a picture of herself from her teenage years as part of her ad campaign! Meg needs to grow up. Oops, not to get too catty but she has the jowly face of a hag. It's hard to believe she is only 53. Well, on the bright side, no Republican men are going to see starbursts looking at 'ole Meg. Maybe she can get Sarah to do all her campaign appearances, although 'ole Sarah is also fast approaching her sell by date.


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