Monday, May 03, 2010

Uh..Sarah Palin? I think one of your supporters needs their medication adjusted.

If you strain your ears and attempt to hear anything past the spittle ridden diatribe, you can just make out Michele Bachman giving one of her wingnutty speeches in the background.

A couple of points.

First, I am sure that this guy cannot be a good indicator for the mental health of all of the Teabaggers. Right?

Second, since he is from Nicaragua it proves that the Teabagggers cannot just be racists either. Right?  (Of course until you hear his accent he could easily pass for a person of European heritage.)

However I have seen a number of these videos, and granted they were made by people not terribly sympathetic to the Teabagger movement, but they still do show some very unhinged, or tragically misinformed  people showing up at these rallies.

I am just saying.


  1. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Some of these people are certified nut cases. (Of course, so are some in the ReBiblican party,as well as some of the Democrats.) My experience, however, is that most of these people have just decided that the government is simply spending too much money and coming at them with more taxes so they can spend even more. For those of us who PAY taxes instead of CONSUMING taxes, it is just not that much fun.

    The press is breaking its back trying to portray all Tea Partiers as nuts, but it's not working. There are too many people like me who know too many of THEM. I'm no ReBiblican or Tea Party member, but my best gut instinct is that you'd better hold onto your hat come November.

  2. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Jebus! The man is totally insane!

  3. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Just, wow. It does feel sometimes that we are living in an America with two very different realities: sane and reasonable vs unhinged and hysterical... regardless of political, religious, cultural or other differences. It comes down to whether you are willing and able to process information AS information, evaluate and analyze facts, hell I guess it comes down to whether you even recognize that FACTS MATTER.

    OT, saw something on Huffington Post which is amusing. Apparently taking a page from Sarah's playbook, William Baldwin is claiming persecution for his beliefs, tapping into the victimhood meme, and asking for us to send money!

  4. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Hey G-Man -

    Gotta be a little careful here-- Some folks in Central America are "Caucasian." Remember, Nicaragua is a place, not a "race!"

  5. Good catch Anonymous 7:40. I fixed it.

  6. The spittle that this alleged ex-Marine left on the lens said it all. Also when he started screaming for his questioner to "get out of here." Uh, National Mall, public property, yes?

  7. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Poor fellow. Apparently he suffered a major brain injuury in the Marines. After he visits the VA for free, I bet he comes home to Scarah book under his pillow and a poster of Bachman over his bed.

  8. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Meant to say Stephen Baldwin above, not William. The HuffPost article mentions Sarah Palin's name in the article... interesting how many ways her cancer spreads

  9. This fellow is a poster child for what happens when people take care of their own health care. At least at the VA he would've been evaluated for PTSD, but it sounds like he spurns any kind of "communist" health care. He's gonna pop a vessel soon.

  10. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Where was 7:20 am when previous administration was busy getting this country in this mess. Yep, come Nov. lets just vote them back in so they can finish the job. Many of these crack pots do not pay any taxes. On the gov. dole. That is why they have the time to spout their hate.

  11. Anonymous9:00 AM

    To Anonymous 7:20 a.m.: how do you figure you do not "consume" taxes? I assume you mean that you do not feel you benefit from taxes paid by yourself and others. I am sure you probably don't mean that because that would mean you haven't put much thought into your position.

    You might feel you pay too many taxes, but do you really? Maybe if we all count the blessings that flow from taxation, we might do a lot less bitching about them.

    Everything that you touch, breathe, swallow, or excrete is regulated for your safety. Regulations are created, implemented, and fine-tuned through tax support.

    Make a list of everything you do during 24 hours and then see if there is anything on that list that isn't touched by regulation and tax money for your benefit. From your sheets, pillows, mattress, water, food, clothes, meds, toiletries, car, bike, sidewalk, road, traffic signs and signals, building codes, business rules, phones, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, mail, libraries, well, you get the idea, right?

    Laws and regulations were not developed to punish us. They almost exclusively are there to protect us from people who are either too ignorant or too greedy to care about us. Taxes enable our elected officials and public servants (firefighters, police, teachers, street sweepers, sewer workers, civil service employees, military, coast guard, health inspectors, et cetera) to enforce those laws and regulations for us. We couldn't do all their work ourselves. We wouldn't want to live without their service either.

    Goodness, do you not realize that almost every facet of modern life is touched by taxes? I gladly pay my share because I know I get far more services than I could ever possibly pay for on my own.

    I gladly pay taxes and am willing to pay more if it means more people get access to health care, kids stay in school and off the street, that seniors can receive meals and nursing visits that enable them to stay in their homes with dignity and safety. I am grateful that taxes make our lives better.

    I, for one, don't want to return to a time when people die needlessly from tainted food and water, were made to work 12 and 16-hour days in unsafe conditions, where only the wealthy could enjoy leisure time or be able to read and write.

    I would gladly pay more taxes if it means a better life for me and my neighbors. What is the deal here?

    Are you really so damn self-sufficient that you do not need any help ever? Are you really so damn self-absorbed and selfish that you don't care about anyone else?

    Even the most barbarous countries have laws and taxes, but not every country puts the safety and welfare of its citizens as a primary goal for applying those laws and dispersing those taxes. Sadly, we have fallen behind other industrialized, civilized countries in our willingness to help our fellow citizens. We have started regressing to a frontier mentality when we no longer live in a frontier scenario.

    Going backwards is not a viable option if we wish to think of ourselves as civilized.

    What we need to recognize that we are all linked to one another as Americans. We rise and fall as a nation in direct proportion to how we support and treat each other.

    No one likes taxes because we all tend to think we are smart and able to take care of ourselves - but that is true only to a point. We need each other; we need to monitor and regulate those amongst us who would hurt us or our loved ones through ignorance or greed. We benefit from recognizing we are a nation of laws and regulations because those laws and regulations create a decent, common framework within which we can safely let our talents blossom. Our taxes provide the means for this to happen.

  12. Anonymous9:03 AM

    OMG, after just reading President Obama's speech at Michigan where he says we need to be civil in our discourse and if we get all our news from people who have the same views, we should listen to the opposite side to learn why they feel as they do and perhaps we can learn to understand the differences and perhaps be better able to discuss our differences and come to a meeting of the minds, I have found this 'example' as a reason why I have avoided [and will continue to avoid] all interaction with the teagaggers and GOP.

    But as this 'rational[?]' man spitting into the camera stated, 'he was in the Marines' and he 'loves' America [even if he hates Americans just trying to do their jobs]. If he was really a Marine, did he actually receive medical treatment for his 'war wounds' from the army/navy/air force/marine medical services that treat all service members during the time he was active? He had to because that was part and parcel of being active duty - I know because my husband is a Vet. If so, why didn't he consider [back then] that the medical care he received was 'socialist', or is it only 'now' that we have a black POTUS who has reformed our 'civilian' health services, that he is concerned with 'medical services' for Vets since this reform has nothing to do with active service members or Vets?

    This person was really a 'raving lunatic' who obviously believes what he yelled, 'the only good communist is a dead communist' and he scares the hell out of me because he is the very type Paylin, Beck, etc. incites to commit violence - we will awaken one day to see his picture staring at us from a major news source because he killed whomever or maybe even our POTUS [god forbid]. How could anyone want to be freely associated with someone like him? There was NO DISCOURSE with this lunatic! He made certain that even his wife was afraid of him as she continually walked in circles around him appearing as though she was not only EMBARRASSED by him, but as though she wanted to 'leave' his side forever but is too scared. And some of the people milling about as he was raving, said NOTHING after he walked away, which tells me they must think his behavior was okay, and that tells me the entire bunch of them don't care about discourse or civility.

    The poor cameraman who had to contend with the brunt of his rage . . . what a 'brave' man!

  13. mommom9:23 AM

    7:20 AM needs to turn off Faux News once in a while and do some of their own research.95 % of all Americans are paying less taxes now than they were before President Obama was elected.The only people who are currently in danger of higher taxes are those at the highest income levels,who will be in line for an increase if the temporary tax cuts that President Bush gave to his rich friends are allowed to expire. You know,those tax cuts that the TeaBaggers claim will spark the economy by allowing the rich to hire more employees.(hows that hopey trickle down worky stuff working out for ya?).
    Facts ,truth ,common sense-all seem alien to TeaBaggers. Ony they could call a tax cut an increase.

  14. Anonymous9:23 AM

    He sounds Latin American to me but Nicaragua isn't a communist country. They have democratically elected governments. My Canadian in-laws own property in Nicaragua and they live there for half of every year; they are creating a vacation resort near the border of Costa Rica.

  15. Anonymous9:35 AM

    We all consume taxes.

  16. kraftysue9:36 AM

    In Sarah's tweet about the oil spill the other day, she mentioned "she and her family were impacted by the Exxon Valdez spill". I googles that spill and that was in 1989--what were Sarah & Todd doing besides having Track in 1989 and what were her parents doing for a living that they were so affected? She lies so much I'm never sure what's true anymore.

  17. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Anon @7:23AM
    You mean Stephen Baldwin, not William, right?

  18. Oh my f-ing god! I don't think even medication would help this guy. He seriously belongs in a mental institution - in the criminally insane ward. Wow. Just wow.


  19. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Mel Gibson in Braveheart??? wtf!

  20. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Note to Gryphen: Please read the New York Magazine article about the commercialization of Sarah Palin. (Or, maybe you have already read it and commented and I am not keeping up).

    In the long article, there is a description of the negotiations that went on in order for Sarah to get her reality show on Discovery's TLC (after the major networks all passed). Discovery explained that TLC is marketed to the middle of the country and down-market people, meaning people that we would call low-informaton voters. In fact, they didn't bother to market TLC programs like Sarah's to the up-scale coasts because it was just not their market.

    Makes sense that the low-information down-market types who watch people getting tattooed and fixing their motorcycles are the ones who show up for Sarah & Michelle type rallies.

    I am sorry to see Sarah (and Glenn) named as part of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people. It's true that they are influential; they bring out the worst in the worst kind of people. If either of them had one ounce of real patriotism they would not be trying so hard to hurt our country. It's the only way that they can get attention. And, look at the people they appeal to. Horrors!

  21. He looks like a Palin supporter to me. He is interested in a serious dialog. You know... he wants to sort things out... after you die.

  22. I don't know whether to laugh at his ridiculousness, cry, or cower in the corner...

  23. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I was curious about this man's accent as it almost sounded like it had a New Jersey element. On this page ( there is a discussion about Nicaraguan immigration and it is very interesting. I wonder if his family was one of the Nicaraguan ruling class who immigrated to the U.S. in response to the rise of the Sandinistas. I went to a party once and met two men who remind me of this man — they were the angriest people I'd ever met. One man's family fled Iran after the Shah was removed and one man's family fled Cuba when Castro came into power. Both lost huge fortunes and hated socialism, communism and anything other "ism." I guess when you get used to being on the top of the heap, sharing the wealth is just so odious.

  24. re: poster @ 7:20 and responders.

    Observation: 7:20 expressed a view generally opposing the blog and most commenters, but did it in a respectful way. Responders immediately triggered off into hyperbole i.e anon. @ 9:00 "Are you really so damn self-absorbed and selfish that you don't care about anyone else?" and opined that he would pay more taxes, since he got more than his money's worth. By the tone of the posts, I'll make you a bet that 7:20 pays a lot more taxes than you do, and gets a lot *less* than his money's worth.

    I think most people's problem with the taxes is not that they don't provide good things - they do. It's that so much tax money is wasted on things like Iraq, horrendous military spending in general, and that a very large amount of it is wasted.

    Roads, rail lines, Internet, military, border patrol, hundreds of regulatory agencies...nobody has any beef with that. Milk safety? Drug safety? Coal mine regulations, airplane problem.

    I believe his - and my - beef is with this uncivilized bashing of anybody who does not agree with you. I told a friend yesterday that hates Obama that it was crazy to think Obama has an agenda to destroy the country. Likewise, IMHO you people on the other side need to show a little respect for many good people who just Plain Don't Agree With You. It is not they who are idiots; it is people who think they have all the answers.

    Carry on, 7:20. I want to hear what you have to say.

  25. Anonymous12:03 PM

    The old style definition of a conservative in England at the turn of the century was that if you were one, you wanted class distinctions to stay the same. You wanted the working and poor classes kept reasonably happy enough not to pull a French revolution, but not to improve as to impugn upon your class.
    A liberal was one who wanted improvement for ALL classes, not just the upper crust (and I use this term sincerely) of the realm.
    Sounds like this joker is from the lower classes, but thinks he is rich and doesn't want to pay anything for things he doesn't use. Ask him if he'll go without paved roads to his house, his medicare card, VA benefits, or the cop who patrols his street. Bet he wouldn't.

  26. The thing that's most irritating is that when you ask tea partiers where they'd cut government spending, they'll usually point to things like foreign aid, the Department of Education or cow flatulence research, if they can come up with any specifics at all.

    Unfortunately, cutting foreign aid, the DoE or silly pork projects won't put us back in the black. We'll have to take a serious look at cutting spending in the areas that eat up most of the budget: Social Security (20%), Medicare/Medicaid (21%), defense (20%) and interest (6%).

  27. Lynne1:44 PM

    Whoa! That just made the non-existent hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

  28. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I am going against type here and what I would generally say when seeing teabagger videos.

    As off the wall as this guy appears on surface, at least he appears to have lived through some of the turmoil of recent Nicaraguan revolutionary history and still has great anger toward it.

    So, to me, he is unlike the average teabagger who is just spouting talking points.

    There were times that Nicaragua was in the news all of the time due to its government, guerilla warfare, etc. So, likely, this is why he is so passionately opposed to the concept of Communism, etc.

    Nicaragua had a hereditary dictatorship for about 40 years followed by a revolution, I believe.

    He seems to have a fear (as irrational as it would be) that the U.S. is heading for the type of government he fled.

  29. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Jim @ 11:59am:

    "uncivilized bashing"????

    the crown of hyperbole goes... to you.

    we've all got our big boy panties on here. you should too.

  30. Lynne5:42 PM

    Regarding Nicaragua, I was in the country during the "contra war" with a fact finding group. What I came away with was a greater appreciation for my country and an absolute horror at what the U.S. government (under Reagan) was doing there. What was being done to obstruct everything the new government (Sandanistas) was trying to do for the common Nicaraguans (education and health care just to name two areas) was nearly identical to the frightening tactics that are being used against the Obama administration. And I can't count the number of times those poor people said how much they appreciated that we were there to see for ourselves what was happening and begged me to please tell my government to quit killing them.

  31. Laura6:23 PM

    It looked like he let the flag touch the ground. I would expect better of a marine.

  32. Anonymous12:39 AM

    PHOENIX -- Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will soon be returning to the Valley, this time as the keynote speaker for the Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservations Second Annual Heritage Banquet.

    Governor Palin, who is also an avid hunter and angler, will share her views on wildlife conservation and the importance of protecting Arizona’s hunting and fishing heritage for future generations of sportsmen.

    Pete Cimellaro, the Heritage Banquet Chairman, said that there is perhaps no one better than Palin to speak about their organization’s goals and to serve as a role model for women and families to participate in the state’s wildlife conservation efforts."

    What a joke.

  33. I guess he forgot to take his medication today.


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