Monday, May 03, 2010

Does the Right Wing HAVE a good sense of humor? I'll leave it up to you to decide.

This is yet another "brilliant" segment from RightNetwork, the guys who believe that Fox News is just too damn liberal.  You might remember that I did a write up on them back on April 20.

Anyhow just take a listen and tell me if this tickles your funny bone. And if not what are they missing.


  1. Pegging the lamness meter.

  2. bavarian.outback1:31 PM

    Guilty as charged, I did laugh...

  3. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Ouch. There are the kind of jokes that make you wince and shift uncomfortably in your seat. And then there are these "Right to Laugh" jokes, which are even worse.

  4. Lynne1:37 PM

    Not so much.

  5. Conservatives can't be "conservative," and be funny. Humour always has an edge to it, a pathos that you can relate to. How the rich and powerful are potentially oppressed by a tyranny of the majority is never going to be a laugh riot. I can only image "conservative" humour being funny in two situations. First, if it's done ironically--like a Steven Wright droning on about hiring a new cleaning person, whose cheap vacuum cleaner threw dust on his orignal Van Gough, then saying "Don't you just hate it when that happens?"

    The other would be an outrageous breaking of the stereotype. The best example I can come up with would be Sam Kinnison. Much of his humour was arguably mean spirited (and "conservative," in that he attacked what could be considered liberal solutions/programs), but was at the same time so profane, shocking and outrageous...the incongruity made you laugh.

    But very, very few people can be funny & hold a party line. In the bad old days, Steve Martin tried as hard as he could to be a "comic with a message," until he got tired of getting booed off stages. Then he became the man in the White Suit--with no message. Even Lenny Bruce's stage shows started to suffer, when he became obsessed with his court cases.

    No, the only way to be consistently funny is to attack hypocrasy where you see it, be it George W. Bush, Tony Blair, or Barack Obama. That's why The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is successful, and the FOX News Half Hour Hour of News has been mercifully forgotten.

  6. Forever Anonymous1:52 PM

    They are missing a good laugh, kindness is a requisite for it.

    A good jokes does not build in false premises, the answering machine would have been good in another venue. I was put off by time I heard it.

  7. The Right network is going to b o m b. Just my opinion... but there is no partisanship in funny. It either is or isn't. Just like giant oil spills or climate change for that matter, don't affect just one segment of society or members of just one political party.

  8. It's hard to be funny when you're pissed off all the time and hate as much as they do.

  9. abendroff: thanks for that explanation. I always knew that WE were funny and they were not, but I couldn't explain it.

  10. betsy smith3:09 PM

    Even the title isn't funny.

  11. anthony weishar5:08 PM

    It sounds like grade school kids responding to taunts. Do they even understand the concept of timing, the unexpected, creativity? Their delivery is fairly clear and audible. They need better writers. Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Letterman, and Leno rip the left constantly, leaving the audience and me falling out of our chairs. Good humor will make you laugh no matter what your political views are.

  12. Gasman11:07 PM

    Wow. That was the longest 2’ 37” of my life and I sure as hell won’t be getting that time back. I didn't laugh once. It seemed like they were desperately trying to prove that conservatives can be funny, damn it. If it did anything, it DID seem to prove that to be conservative is to be utterly devoid of wit. It was painful and sad and I will never subject myself to that again.

    If that is the best material that they packaged to sell the show, it may not be on for very long.

    Kelsey, do us all a favor and kill this pathetic POS before it ever runs. The country will thank you.

  13. honestyinGov12:34 AM

    These guys are as lame as the guys sitting around the Poker table in the last one. The Poker Guys were just supposed to be able to play Poker. These Guys are SUPPOSED to be Funny... Not.
    And have you ever seen ANY of these people in this clip on TV.. or on Comedy Shows..? In actuality.... can you think of ANY COMEDIAN who is successful and is a Republican..? It's just not part of their nature maybe. Were they all born without a ' funny bone '.
    As bad as the Comedians are. Read the comments on YouTube. I did last time. These RWingers think this Network will be a HUGE Hit. Delusional.

  14. The real Lynne6:04 AM

    So not funny.

  15. quills8:42 AM

    Just like the "comic" who wondered,"why aren't there more conservative comedians?" I've always wondered why myself, but now that answer has been brutally resolved...

  16. i like the token black comedian -- praising white folks and mocking blacks with stereotypical shots. stay classy...


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