Thursday, July 08, 2010

RNC does not believe Sarah Palin "will be a player in the party's future."

The question posed is "Who will be the next RNC Chairman?" And this response concerning Sarah Palin comes from Hotline on Call:

Despite a brief round of stories this weekend, ex-AK Gov. Sarah Palin (R) is not a serious contender to chair the RNC. RNC members who control and influence big blocs of votes respect Palin, but they don't believe she will be a player in the party's future. Steele has made a few gaffes, but RNC members shudder to think of a Palin chairmanship.

"Not a player in the party's future?" Well that certainly does not bode well for her plans to campaign in 2012 now does it? Oh well Sarah you just keep spending all of that hush money to keep everybody quiet for a few more years and maybe by 2018 people will have forgotten how selfish and ignorant you are.  Besides it stimulates the economy.

Of course Palin is still counting on the fact that there is a large untapped pocket of undereducated Americans out there who are still willing to buy her mooseshit.  Get a load of this recent ad for SarahPAC:

We all need to constantly remind people of how little of the money raised by SarahPAC actually went to support candidates, and how much went to support Sarah.

By the way the thing that leapt out at me during this advertisement was the part where Palin says "Moms kind of just know when somethings wrong." Really?  Like Sarah knew when her son was stealing booze and vandalizing buses?  Or that her daughter was TRYING to get pregnant?  Or that her other daughter was helping to break into empty houses?  Is THAT how "moms just KNOW when somethings wrong?"

The very LAST thing that Palin should be doing is attempting to promote herself as a good example of motherhood.  She is the exact opposite.  That may seem harsh, but it is also demonstrably true.


  1. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Time to take the bitch down, people. Tell what you know.

  2. I have said for months she cant run. cant cant cant. It wont be Katie asking questions this time.

  3. Anonymous6:24 AM

    You only need to take a look at the rise of Sharon Angle to beat Harry Reid to understand that the public is enamored with the "moron factor". The fact that she is a woman only adds to her attraction.

    For those unwilling to believe that Sarah Palin does not have her crossed eye on the WH in 2012 is an exercise in overlooking her ambitions. Her lack of intelligence matters not to those who are bolstering her efforts because they view her as a "victim" of the press. And Levi's turnaround only helps to solidify that perception, no matter what the reasons behind it.

    Can she win? Maybe, maybe not. But she is going for it with all guns blazing. I have a feeling that the "anti intellectuals" are unable to see beyond the glitz and are only too willing to support her.

    One only needs to take a look at a Jay Leno segment where he quizzes the population about current events to realize that there is a wholesale group out there willing to be taken to the cleaners when it comes to knowledge.

  4. I wouldn't take the RNC's prediction as anything credible. This is the same bunch of people who thought it would be good idea to have Michael Steele run the GOP.

    I'd say the opposite of what they say is true.

    As for the web ad, please. Again with the dog whistle politics as we like to say in Australia.

    What Palin meant to say but can't out loud is "Moms just know when there is something wrong.....with a black man being President."

    She doesn't have to say it nor does she have to say what exactly is wrong that "Moms" sense. The "right" people will always understand exactly what she means by that.

    Learn from Alaska - never underestimate Palin.

  5. You can say whatever you want about Sarah Palin and her "mooseshit" but criticizing her lack of mothering skills is crossing the line. A million teenage girls get pregnant every year. I guess their mothers are all bad mothers too.

  6. Anonymous6:53 AM

    I agree with Anonymous 6:24, Palin is going for it, and we would be grossly negligent if we ignored the threat she represents.

    Honestly, no one thought GW Bush, the little scrub from TX, didn't stand a chance once people figured out how dumb he was. It didn't take long for them to do that, but it didn't matter.

    Our culture has been systematically dumbed-down since the Reagan years. Anyone remember his push for tech schools because college weren't that important? He was very anti-intellectual and Republicans are still enthralled with that concept.

    If ever there was a time for someone as stupid as Palin, it could be now.

    That's so sad because we finally have a President who is worthy of governing us during complex and difficult times. President Obama is the best thing that has happened to this country in a long time, but does that really matter in a culture that is celebrity-oriented?

  7. Funny how they have disabled commenting on that video over at YouTube. How's that "freedomy-speeechy" thing workin' out for ya?

    And there's something ironic about the words "common sense" spoken by a complete idiot to a band of complete idiots. Collectively, there's barely enough common sense there to wipe their own asses.

    Yes, "mama grizzlies" are dangerous, but you also have to watch out for "garbage bears" like Palin.

  8. Anonymous7:19 AM

    No truer words were ever spoken than your last paragraph, Gryphen. Lee

  9. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Who thought that Sarah was a leader? She quit her last leadership position. Just about a year ago. Her role as VP candidate was "attack dog." If she hasn't figured it out by now, the GOP will use her to solidify their conservative religious right wing base. She might still be able to raise some money for them, although attendance at her speeches is sinking faster than the economy. Chris Matthews thinks that her endorsements of GOP candidates has more to do with primary states that the candidate himself/herself. Palin is not the top vote getter in those GOP most likely polls; she trails Romney and a couple of others. Sarah as leader? She would be even worse than Michael Steele; bring it on.

  10. Anonymous7:29 AM

    I am so gonna donate to get that mom what she deserves (because she is so wasted on bowling speeches).


  11. laprofesora7:38 AM

    And I thought the last post was good...this is terrific! The way this day is starting I might just go buy a lottery ticket. Whattaya goin' to do now, Sista Sarah? I guess she'll take it out on Obama, child that she is. It must be hell inside her head.

  12. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I just went to the video on YouTube; of course the cowardly chickenshit that is Palin didn't have comments enabled but I was able to click on the thumb's down icon to register my dislike of this pathetic video. I urge everyone who views it to do the same.

  13. Anonymous8:01 AM

    You're absolutely correct, Giggle T! There is nothin' that says "good motherin'" more loudly than throwing your previously secretly pregnant teenage daughter under the VP campaign publicity bus so you could deny rumors that you weren't the real birth mother of Trig.

    Sarah Palin is a joke in everything she does, but as a mother she's the biggest joke of all. But then all you have to do in order to be a mother is to get knocked up.

  14. Anonymous8:06 AM

    I love that picture. At first, I didn't notice the Palin First, but when I did, it made me laugh, especially since it looks like she's pointing to herself -Me! Me! Me!

    I certainly hope this goofy ass 'Moms' meme quickly goes to the dustbin with the 'Pitbull with Lipstick' nonsense. Do they seriously think all mothers are loony teabaggers who are scared of change?

  15. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Oh, GiggleT, if the only example of her poor mothering were Bristol getting pregnant, you might have a point. But there are countless other examples. But you knew that, didn't you?

  16. Anonymous8:32 AM

    My gosh, Gryphen. How can you make her list of "bad mothering moments" and not include trotting her pregnant daughter out for the nation - when at some level Sarah knew she was in no way qualified to run for VP. NO respecting mom would have put her own flesh and blood through that humiliation - esp without discussing it first with the daughter.

    Or how about (sorry folks, I'm in the camp that she birthed Trig) refusing to gain weight for at least the first seven months of her last pregnancy, not telling her children, parents, staff, anyone - that she was expecting; and then the whole idiot wild ride wherein she put her child, herself and two planes full of totally innocent people at tremendous risk.

    Sarah - a good example of mothering?

    May God have mercy on our souls...

  17. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Palin has no legislative experience. Her executive experience is mayor of a tiny town that had a manager, and some months as governor.

    With nothing else to offer, Palin struts out her "parent" experience for evaluation by the voters. Like all politicians she deserves FEEDBACK on her value in the political process.

    She's a dreadful parent. She's a druggie. She's stupid. She has insufficient experience. She's subservient to her puppet master(s).

    Would I offer the same criticism of a male politician.


  18. emrysa8:41 AM

    giggle t sez:

    "You can say whatever you want about Sarah Palin and her "mooseshit" but criticizing her lack of mothering skills is crossing the line."

    no it is not, especially when she touts being a "good mother" as part of her cred.

    bristol flat out admitted that sarah never gave her the sex talk.

    do you think that's good parenting? that's fucking slack, period.

    if she can't be bothered to raise her children right, she has no business making decisions that affect other people.

  19. emrysa8:45 AM

    campaign ad for her opposition:

    "she held 2 statewide positions in Alaska. she quit both of them before her terms were up.

    when the going gets rough, sarah palin QUITS.

    what's to stop her from quitting on america?"

  20. Randall8:50 AM

    We'll need to know who Sarah's running mate will be, also too. Because whomever that is, they'll have to take over when she quits.


    Keep that in mind.

    PALIN/ANGLE 2012!!!
    (double-down on the stupid/crazy)

  21. Whether you believe the Wild Ride birth story or not - taken at BEST, Palin showed a stunning lack of proper care of a special needs baby during her pregnancy.

    You do not keep it a secret because you can't handle it just yet. You do not get on a plane when your 8 months pregnant with a special needs child. You absolutely do not skip going to the hospital with a neonatal care unit to give a speech when you go into labour. And getting on 2 planes to fly back home JUST so Trig could be born in Alaska? That is negligence on a massive scale. He could have died. Even a 0.5% chance of injury or harm to your child SHOULD HAVE made Palin think twice.

    Her decisions regarding Trig and how she used her pleading prayer to God to justify it by asking Him to protect him when she made negligent decision after negligent decision SHOULD HAVE warned Christians everywhere what kind of person she was. But for some dumbfounded reason, they are all enarmoured simply because she CHOSE (but will deprive other women of ANY choice) to keep the baby.

    She may as well have gotten drunk, smoked a joint then got into her car and drove around Wasilla at breakneck speed all the while praying for God to protect her baby. It's pretty much the same as what she did on the Wild Ride.

    Asking God to protect your child while YOU as the parent make every conceivable choice that would likely hurt or kill the child is psychotic, full stop. Anyone who believes otherwise - I have ocean front property in Nebraska I'd like to sell you.

  22. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Way to go Sarah! Plant rumors about replacing the only Black/Hispanic member of the Republican caucus with your own bad self. Way to show the world you´re a world-class Grizzly by making a desperate father apologize to you. For Christś sake, will you ever find someone whoĺl snicker at your ideas?

    Sarah as RNC Chairman?

    je je je je je je je je je je

  23. Anonymous9:00 AM

    With all the scrutiny of her questionable mothering skills evidenced by dragging a baby with her on tours, and her dignifying Levi/Bristol drama on Oprah and Barbara Walters, what disconnect is in her mind that thinks people believe she's a mother who "knows".

    Like, what part of no doesn't she understand?

    Am so happy to hear this news. But, what does "not believe Sarah Palin will be a player in the party's future" really mean to them? Can a string-puller reel her back in despite the RNC's disapproval now?

    Will someone with connections reel the Sarah fish back in the stream any other way? As an independent?

  24. It's all well and good that the Republicans no longer want her. The question is: how do they propose to get rid of her. The problem with creating and unleashing a monster is that it isn't just going to go away because you're finished with it.

  25. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Whether you believe she gave birth to Trig or not, how about dragging him along for the book tour, at a time in his development when he needed intensive therapy and a routine? How about displaying him to crowds of strangers on winter nights, clad only in a diaper and a sweatshirt? How about dragging Piper, who had already complained of being behind in school, along on that same tour?

    How about bringing Piper on to the ice in Philadelphia when she knew they fans planned to boo? As was already mentioned, how about disclosing Bristol's pregnancy in an attempt to dispel the Trig rumors, instead of just proving that she (Sarah) gave birth to Trig herself?

    Her status as the mother of a DS child is her ONLY credential. It's an appropriate topic for discussion.

  26. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Palin is anything but a Momma Grizzly - she's a Braying A$$, a Chicken Little & a Stinking Skunk all rolled into one.

  27. RNC Shudders of the idea!? Just NOW they realized the danger of this petty, hateful and ignorant fraud playing leader? They were willing to put her second in command!! Don't appreciate the phrase 'respect for Palin'. That's what she doesn't deserve!!

  28. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Is Bristol pregnant again?

  29. Palin Says: Moms Just know when something is wrong? I knew she was wrong in the head for quite awhile now! That explains why I think that Sarah is a disgrace to motherhood! She continues to put on display her dysfunctional family and her lack of parenting skills. Interesting thing about children, they often act out the lack of real attention and affection by parents in a negative way. The proof is there and documented concerning the Palin kids...

  30. Well IF true and the RNC doesn't want her to run - then a three way race could be fun

    RNC nominee - Romney? or some one else (20%)
    Teabaggers - Palin (20%)

    The rest of American, who's brain is functioning - President Obama

    As much fun as it would be to watch her get slammed at every turn during the campaign - the horrors that Palin would unleash during the campaign are not worth the risk - she would have that 20% whipped up into a violent frenzy and who knows what could happen.

    Best to just get the truth out there once so the media will once and for all stop covering this woman.

  31. confusing Tripp9:47 AM

    Thanks for the giggle, Giggle T. You are no doubt right about the mothers (fathers) of teenage girls that get pregnant every year, many are likely bad mothers (fathers), too. The difference is they aren't politicians who are on a platform to promote their ideology by setting up or tearing down other political entities. Bristol Palin is no longer just a politicians daughter or an unwed teen of a politicians daughter. She has willingly allowed herself to be set up as a full blown political person in her own right. The Palins sell her brand as if she is INDEPENDENT. In other words they are saying she is no longer just a child of a parent. Bristol is an adult and all the jobs we see her do are as a political person and the alleged independent adult.

    Sarah Palin promoting herself as a good example of motherhood is totally an important focus because it is part of the frauds perpetrated by both Palin brands. Both individual Palin females need more scruntiny regarding motherhood. You can believe the way Van Flein set her up in the condo is independent, others don't fall for that one. Bristol comes off as someone who was raised by a chronic liar that was poison to her own children. There is also the Track, Willow, Piper and Trig examples.

    **The very LAST thing that Palin should be doing is attempting to promote herself as a good example of motherhood. She is the exact opposite. That may seem harsh, but it is also demonstrably true.**
    ....demonstrably true. Both Sarah Palins lack of mothering skills and Bristol Palin are fair game.

    Levi's truck was parked over night at Bristol's condo. She is only talking about co-parenting with Levi and she has not explained why does he stay over night if they only co-parent. Since she does not have the balls to speak up, it is my opinion that she is a bad mother if she is not legally married to the various men who "co-parent" and confuse poor Tripp.

  32. Anonymous9:54 AM

    @palinoscopy 9:03, I wonder if this comment by the RNC is a warning shot to Palin. I.e., champ down, sister, we've got the dirt on you and we'll use it.

    @emyrsa 8:45, good point. I believe that the main reason she either won't run or will run very briefly is that SHE QUIT as governor. That alone disqualifies her and gives her opposition a non-"sexist" means to criticize her.

  33. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Sarah said she didn't know her daughter was sexually active.

    And, having a teenage daughter get pregnant in and of itself doesn't make a person a bad parent. But, it doesn't mean a person is a good parent either.

    Having none of your three oldest children pass through their teenage years without getting in trouble with the law and/or alcohol and drugs and/or sex sends up red flags about a person's parenting skills.

  34. Enjay in E MT10:01 AM

    I don't believe the half term gov. will get the GOP Nod for Top of Ticket. They may have to force themselves to put her on as VP to save the base, but with internet, You Tube, Cell Phone recordings, there is NO WAY they can keep her away from the public.

    Americans want a president that considers all the options, not just reacts! (McGinnis FB rant & Tawds Fence will be just ONE example of "lack of maturity")

    She is too "full of herself" to study the issues (cause it is just "common sense solution") all she knows is a 5 second sound bites.

    However it is a free country and if she wants to run -- bring it on!
    A debate where you actually have to answer the questions. Meet the Press, 60 Minutes Investigation, Face the Nation, Obermann, Maddow -- we're waiting for ya Sarah. Got the Hot Seat reserved just for you! No more dictating from FaceBook!

  35. wakeUpAmerica10:06 AM

    Wait. What? She can't win? But, but, but what about the picture with Margaret Thatcher? Does it really matter if Maggie has advanced dementia? Come on!!

    Palin's base consists mostly of undereducated, needy people who have no life so they latch on to a "christian" cause. In their minds, they are fighting for God; therefore nothing we say will ever deter them.

  36. wakeUpAmerica10:07 AM

    Wait. What? She can't win? But, but, but what about the picture with Margaret Thatcher? Does it really matter if Maggie has advanced dementia? Come on!!

    Palin's base consists mostly of undereducated, needy people who have no life so they latch on to a "christian" cause. In their minds, they are fighting for God; therefore nothing we say will ever deter them.

  37. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Gryphen - Just had an idea. Maybe you and the readers here can help. Sarah absolutely benefits with all the constant chatter about if she birthed Trig. It becomes one more thing for her to fuss at and point her fingers at claiming she's the victim of a far left's witch hunt.

    Okay. How about we suspend all disbelief on this site for just a day or two and work with the premise that Sarah actually IS Trig's birth mother.

    What are the most salient aspects of her being Trig's birth mother that are the most crazy? Obviously the whole Wild Ride story. But assume for a moment that she was pregnant and that her account is true.

    Where are the glaring holes in the narrative? What exactly was Dr. Baldwin-Johnson asked by the paper? What wouldn't she answer? On what questions did she clam up?

    I know another main point is that Sarah has never released a birth certificate. Again, I think that is just her keeping this whole story alive (assuming she did birth him).

    Who are the nurses that work with Dr. Baldwin-Johnson at her clinic? What does her husband do? Someone has to know something more about this part of the the story. Where was the original reporter that asked the questions from the adn? Have you ever spoken directly with that reporter?

    I think this is the part of the story that is the most susceptible to being penetrated and shedding the light that would hopefully finally let the full truth come out.

    --Also, why did KTUU yank the video clip of her parents in the hospital lobby with Chuck talking about her "water breaking in Texas" and then John Tracy, the anchor ending the segment with idiocy about, "That Sarah, she's a tough girl" (paraphrase).

    Who was the original boots on the ground reporter for that segment?

    These are the people that need to be approached, confidentially, and spoken with to see if this story starts to give way.

    Just an idea.

  38. I also disagree that Palin's mothering is crossing the line. Palin was rolled out to the country as Hockey MOM and MOM as in Pitbull with Lipstick, then again mom, PTA mom. Personally I thought wtf..if I were professionally a politician what is up with selling us her #1 credential is Hockey Mom??? OMG, who here applies for any job foremost selling self as a Mom or Dad? Blah blah..pick me..see my kids I am a (blank) mom..yahooee. Yes there was some mention Palin was a mayor and current governor shrouded in whopping lies falsifying her record e.g. she is anti all earmarks. Well the opposite was true and Palin was #1 in obtaining the largest percentage per resident of earmarks including while mayor.

    Hell, if any man or woman choses to run a campaign based on aprons, offspring so vote for them and shove trot their children out, drag them out neglecting their education and medical needs and a teenage pregnant girl's personal crisis..I say it's open hunting and if need be shooting season for such a @#!* parent be it man or woman.

    Later, I'll share how I really feel hahahaha

  39. Anonymous10:21 AM

    So, I never heard this story but Todd's parents were married on Aug 31 also? I was reading about how S and T told them they eloped

  40. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Giggle: But do they also have a son who had to the army or jail? A daughter who took part in vandalizing someone else's home? A little kid never in school?

    Then using those kids for political gain: bad son = military mom! Bad daughter = teen mom spokesperson. DS kid = prolife saint.

  41. for all of his lunacy and idiotic remarks, michael steele has "faced the nation" and "met the press".

    So lets be real.....$arah will never ever do that. the money train will end soon enuff. Right Joe M???

  42. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Well, now that Levi isn't writing that book (you knew he never was), Is Bristol still?

    How is Mercede going to write a sellable book, she's not a public figure alone and she doesn't have hardly any firsthand accounts of the Palins. A book written through her brother's eyes would not only be a yawner but insincere.

  43. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Cutis Menard says that Sarah is a playa

  44. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I know everyone keeps saying they think the recent Levi event reeks of Sarah, but I have a feeling it's all Bristol - and her hatred of Mercede's blog. While I don't blame Bristol, (1. the blog wasnt a smart way to approach her problems, esp since her biggest beef has been with media 2. it wasn't her truth to tell), I think Levi has more of an independent mind than people believe.

    Sadie may have just messed up any chance at having a normal brother/sister relationship.

  45. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Now we know why old Levi is being reeled in ... Palin thinks she is on track to be a presidential candidate. This woman is absolutely delusional. I am now absolutely convinced the GOP doesn't have a clue as to what to do about her. Worst-case scenario: She is their candidate. Maybe she is just the window dressing and they have a Cheney-like troll already in play as the real power. This is normal playbook behavior in the GOP. Do you really think Bush2 and Reagan were in charge?

  46. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn11:00 AM

    What I found amusing about the SarahPac video (besides the annoying tinkly piano music) is that fact that the producers had to tone down her annoying screech SO much that you can barely understand what she's saying (except for the Mom! Mom! Mom! Grizzly! Mom! mantra).

    IMHO, the women she's trying to attract (I'll say it again) seem to be the same demographic who a few years back idolized Kate Gosselin and her kids, and eagerly bought her line of malarkey as well. They donated cash and goods to Kate's "poor" family, bought pictures of the tots at $20 a pop, devoured her ghostwritten book, waited for hours to meet her at Jon and Kate's numerous grifting church-based speeches, made their show the most-watched reality show on TLC and the Gosselins millionaires. I was fascinated at the time by the ridiculous phenomenon that Sarah seems to have replaced. Of course when the Gosselin's many lies were revealed and their marriage fell apart, some of the rabid fan base went scurrying away. There are still people who would throw themselves in front of a bullet for Katie Whatever-her-name-is-now, believe it or not (I was curious about the Palin parallels and checked the comments on one of the Gosselin blogs a short time ago). Big difference is that Kate Gosselin would never have the possibility of her finger on the big red button.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are some people who will NEVER change, and will always be looking for a celebrity to worship/identify with. They would never comprehend that Missy Sarah's puppetmaster policies would set women and America back about 200 years. They truly believe that if they met their Queen, by golly, they'd just be the bestest friends EVER since they have kids and family problems "just like Sarah does." It's an extended teenage Tiger Beat mythology mentality.

    But I realize that 95% of the people I know can't stand her, and aren't buying the endless hype. We're in the majority, and no matter how many bucks they spend to send Saint Palin's skewed message, we have to make sure it doesn't stick. Thank Gryph and the other bloggers who keep hammering away at this farce, work to get the message out and VOTE for your country's best interests in November!

  47. Anonymous11:02 AM

    If the chair is electric, I want Sarah to have it!

  48. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn11:02 AM

    Part 2 (sorry, it was too large to process before!)

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are some people who will NEVER change, and will always be looking for a celebrity to worship/identify with. They would never comprehend that Missy Sarah's puppetmaster policies would set women and America back about 200 years. They truly believe that if they met their Queen, by golly, they'd just be the bestest friends EVER since they have kids and family problems "just like Sarah does." It's an extended teenage Tiger Beat mythology mentality.

    But I realize that 95% of the people I know can't stand her, and aren't buying the endless hype. We're in the majority, and no matter how many bucks they spend to send Saint Palin's skewed message, we have to make sure it doesn't stick. Thank Gryph and the other bloggers who keep hammering away at this farce, work to get the message out and VOTE for your country's best interests in November!

  49. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Republicans may not want the Sarah Palin curse but there are neo-Republicans masquerading as Republicans that do want to destroy the party and all. How else can they be all powerful? Crazy and all powerful is a bad mix, good idea to pose as a fiscal conservative Republican. Will the public fall for that?

  50. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Giggle T: The most obvious aspect of Paylin's mothering 'skill'[?] is that she took Piper EVERYWHERE regardless of the fact that most places were ADULTS ONLY and does NOT 'home' school [the only things Scarah could teach Piper are how to whore one's way to give the SAME STUPID speech over and over again or how to con stupid people out of their hard earned money] or even send her to 'public' school. The only way Piper is going to make it in life with NO EDUCATION is to take lessons from her siblings: get pregnant [so some schumk support you and your kid], join the military [so your ass is not thrown in jail], or become a whore just like her mother but using 'real johns' since she won't even have a chance to learn as much as her mother in 5 years of college [LOL]!

  51. So only in the past year and one-half is when all these 'momma grizzleys" sensed something is wrong?!?!?!? Where the fornicate were they in 2000 through 2008? Oh yes ....waiting for the first coming of SP.

    How is it that ONLY ring wingers have jobs and pay their bills in the same vein as they hold the patent to family values. This from a person who what's the use....Gryphen already said it all.

  52. the bigger she gets the harder she falls1:01 PM

    I support exulting Sarah Palin however they can @ the RNC! Whatever it takes to bring on the media and real investigating. IMO she will be even funnier after she fails, but these emotional attention grabs are classic and we will miss them all, except Glenn Beck who is just too repulsive to make me laugh at his absurdity. The motherhood schemes are some of Sarah's best but they will come back to bite her if or when real Repubs finally stand up for their failing GOP.

    We need a blog that covers each person and all the times that Team Palin cajoles, baits, tyrannizes, extorts, oppresses, threatens or daunts another human or fish. Her list is growing each day. MOTHERHOOD is always center stage to the Palin political machine. Levi is a recent victim and the team is trying to take over his sister, while making his own mother collateral damage.

    The press was asking Palin to do the decent thing and respond to Levi's apology, she is real scum to ignore the boy when he is performing so well for her. All the press got was some bull from Bristol and Sarah's lawyer, Van Flein. He lied, something about her fishing with the family and she couldn't issue a statement. Not unlike when she totally shined on poor April Morlock when Bristol's best friend's husband got in a jam while serving his country. Her lack of care for the soldiers is astounding! She was also not able to tweet good wishes on the Fourth. What is the real truth as to why she is out of commission?

    Is she actually fishing with the family as Van Flein claims? Or was she caught up in filming the scandalous hype for the TLC/Discovery Channel? Her dumb film is more important than the soldiers. And the best she can do is send out VF to lie about the latest motherhood apology crap?

    Here is why Palin can't tweet for the troops.... If you haven't already, check out this stand up blog:
    "Sarah Palin and Pebble Mine" is typical Palin.
    GO JOE!!!! He sheds new light on Mark Burnett and how he works.

  53. WakeUpAmerica1:07 PM

    Giggle T,
    She's a terrible mother because she is never home with her kids. How can you be any other kind of mother if you do your parenting from a Blackberry? Open your eyes! Her kids are often dragging along with her in the lower 48 instead of in school. They have little or no supervision. Todd does the parenting for both of them, and judging by the drinking, drugging, vandalizing, and humping that is going on, I would have to say that he does a superior job to Sarah and yet piss-poor. These kids have no mother unless it serves her purposes to be one (ie: $$$$$ and fame, fame, fame).

  54. Oh flucking please. Barf bags anyone?
    Yeah Moms sure do know Sarah. Your kids are partying up a storm while you are away from home. They must laugh their ass of watching that crap.

  55. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Victoria, I agree with the wild ride story, too. She wanted to "lose" the baby. Then she could say it was God's will, i.e.not her fault.

  56. the bigger she gets the harder she falls said1:17 PM

    July 7th, 2010 AP The neverending Palin motherhood saga
    Levi Johnston has acknowledged telling lies about Sarah Palin and her family after splitting with the former Alaska governor's daughter last year.
    The 20-year-old tells People magazine in an online story posted Tuesday that since his untrue statements were made in public, "I owe it to the Palins to publicly apologize."
    It's unclear which statements he was referring to, and Johnston could not immediately be reached for comment.
    Representatives for Johnston could not be reached for comment. Sarah Palin's attorney, Thomas Van Flein, said she was unreachable for comment because she was in Bristol Bay involved in her family's commercial fishing business.

    VERY SUSPICIOUS: Palin's attorney, Thomas Van Flein, said she was unreachable for comment because she was in Bristol Bay involved in her family's commercial fishing business.

  57. Giggle that is true. But when one daughter gets pregnant, her son was in an incident cutting brake lines, and Willow broke into a home a Mom says my children need my attention. If Todd was parenting while she worked I have no problem with that either. But one of them has to and it appears it is not happening.

  58. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Chris Matthews just played Sarah Palin's Mama Grizzly video. I am waiting for that herd of Pink Elephants ETA Nov.2. What kind of image is a herd of pink elephants? Sarah, you have been drinking too much, that's what pink elephants are, and it is a dated expression.

  59. Anonymous1:24 PM

    If there were ever "lipstick on a pig", this video is it. That's quite the video gymnastics there. To the credit of this video's creators, she actually looks... presidential. Of course, to no surprise, the content, is not even close. If close to half of the voters voted for a presidential candidate while knowing she's on the ticket, after having clearly demonstrated how out of her league she truly is, if she undergoes some serious coaching, I think she actually has a shot in 2012 under favorable conditions. It's sad, but true. In general, it's more about emotion and what symbolic identity people relate to rather than substance, so all she has to do is appear "passable" and, sadly, in this culture, that's enough to get by (perceptions toward the VP debate is an example, where, although in reality she did no more than recite talking points from index cards from memory, a significant number of people thought she "won", and even more thought she at least "held her own", which is laughable to anyone who was really paying attention). Liberals, buckle up, don't laugh at her prospects. In fact, having the left think she has no shot is exactly what her future campaign strategists will hope for. In relatively hard times, as many perceive these to be, it's even easier to adopt illusion in favor of reality. Palin is going to try and fully capitalize on that. As phony as she is, she is a serious contender.

  60. emrysa said..

    You just wrote a perfect campaign ad! It makes a lot more sense then many I have seen.

  61. Here is another perspective on the video:
    It is titled Sarah Palin's Zoo
    (women are pitbulls, grizzly bears and stampeading elephants)

    Sarah's strategy to target women who have children is obvious that they too are powerful like a grizzly bear, can stampede together and only need some gut intuition. Palin is running on "I am a mom, I protect my cubs". Wow...if that is the requirement to run a country is a uterus, mammary glands and instinct to protect our young so many of us could run a country!! the ringmaster, Sarah and welcome to her circus. Palin will get crushed with Sarahtoons depicting her followers as a pack, herd, a collective of predators.

    I am embarassed to be a female with that piece of wood using cute juvenile labels like mama grizzly.

  62. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I think if Palin ran for office that Steve Schmidt and the RNC staffers would "leak" lots of damning crap they've been dying to spill about Palin but were held back by McCain. That damaging info would be coming from insiders who dealt with her directly for months, and have a score to settle after she trashed them in her book.

  63. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Real bear cubs would not survive with a mother like $p.

  64. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Sarah's pink elephants and grizzly bear moms are an exclusive group - for white's only. Did you notice every woman in the Sarahpac ad were white? Not a single woman of color. I guess she doesn't care about getting our votes! (Not that I'd vote for her anyway!) It's just typical for the Republican Party. Other than token black man Michael Steele and token brown-skinned Bobby Jindal, everyone is white.

  65. Anonymous5:06 PM

    April 22, 2008 interview: Sarah Palin says that she did not go to a NICU equipped hospital for the birth of her special needs child.

    s o c i o p a t h

    unfit for public office

  66. Anonymous5:17 PM

    You think maybe the Repocons have noticed that Sarah is playing the Tea Baggers off against the Republican party and vice versa?

    And probably she would do the sam thing a Pres, VP or party chair?

  67. I don't know if I've ever known Gryphen to go this long (11hrs. at this particular moment) without a post in the same day. Something must be up. Just sayin...

  68. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Within the next four to six weeks Palin's PR people will be releasing news that Bristol and Levi have signed on to "star" in a new reality show. All about young parenting. And yes, they will also work up to a wedding. This is part of the planned "story arc." Sort of a Bethenny Gets Married but with a faux conservative/young Republicans spin. Levi will be promoted as young, decent, salt of the earth guy, Bristol will be seen dealing with the "challenges" of young motherhood (with Trig and the nannies kept carefully out of sight.) Willow will be on a lot. (Since it's not like she goes to school.) They'll attempt to boost rankings in the first few episodes by having Sarah cameos, maybe some Piper thrown in there, but the rest of the time will be a "conservative young marrieds who just happen to already have a baby" theme.

    It's not really Levi's fault that he got sucked back into the Palins' orbit. When you have no way to come up with $1700 a month in child support (he has to earn at least $3000 per month before taxes to pay that) and there aren't any other jobs out there, plus you can't leave the state because you're hoping to get shared custody of your child, options are limited. This way he gets a salary, the Palins get off his back about the child custody hearing and lower his support payments, and everybody can align themselves with serving the Palin/Rove/Murdoch "myth machine" that has been so painstakingly built for years around the mythical exploits of Super Sarah and her family.

  69. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Sarah Palin looks like Michael Jackson in that top photo .. plastic and fake and redone. Ewww.


  70. Who takes that crap seriously. Worse, who "writes" it. Screeching from the painfully shrill for the mentally ill.

  71. Anonymous6:13 PM

    What in the world? So where are the Asian mothers, Hispanic mothers, Native American mothers, Arab mothers, Indian mothers, African American mothers in this stupid ass video? So, basically Palin is saying, only white American mothers protect their cubs?

    What's up with the pink elephant? Was she drunk creating this video? Sarah Palin is a JACKASS!!

  72. The best part of the Momma Griz speach was "lotta women comin' together". That stirs the base, for certain.

  73. Just because the RNC doesn't plan to nominate her doesn't mean Sarah isn't going to run in 2012. I'm sure she's pushing for the Teabaggers to be recognized as a legitimate third party so she can run as their candidate. She'll want to outNader Nader and succeed where Ross Perot failed.

  74. Hey Gryphen,

    Of course I don't think your posts write themselves, but the words fly so fulsomely from your fingertips...I am surprised (and disappointed) when there are not more of them in any particular day.

  75. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I think, she'll be trashed from one to the other should she run as a third party candidate. The Repubs won't put her on the slate, that is for sure. She would embarrass them MORE than Michael Steele. National TV interviews (not just Fox) will be required as well as scheduled debates. She will have a difficult time w/both and likely will do everything she can NOT TO show up for them. Remember that as half-term governor, she stopped doing press conferences because she could not answer the 'hard' questions given her by our 'soft' media in Alaska. Above all else, she is not an oil expert and the pipeline she said that was under construction when she campaigned w/McCain, is very likely not going anywhere. I'm sure there are enough in Alaska now that know the many lies she has spewed that she can be countered on a national basis w/proof sources. (Remember sister Sarah, there are so many proof sources out there - even though you've tried to get rid of many. Thank God, many of us have kept copies of things throughout the past couple of years.

  76. 'The very LAST thing that Palin should be doing is attempting to promote herself as a good example of motherhood.'

    Well, that doesn't seem to be the only message of her ad.

    Conservative blogger David Frum notes that 'Republicans normally work hard to ensure that their ads feature non-white faces, to present an image of welcome and inclusion. [...] In Palin’s ad -- not one. Now listen carefully to the audio, which twice warns of a “fundamental transformation of America,” twice emphasizes a threat to children and grandchildren from malign unnamed forces.'

    Link: Sarah Palin's America

    And there are a lot of anti-Palin comments, eg this one: 'In my gut, I feel that no matter how trivial she seems, she is nonetheless dangerous if she is not stopped. Hitler was no Einstein but despite that he was able to appeal to the worst elements in human nature at a vulnerable time, when people were feeling the most economically oppressed; and as much as I hate using Hitler analogies for anyone living today, I can’t help it in this instance because involuntarily, he always comes to mind when I see her speeches with no questions or follow up and the looks on those people in the audience. It deeply scares me.'

    That is why non-Americans like myself read and support blogs like yours. Kudos and bravo to you!!

    (Because of those anon comments on Progressive Alaska I linked to in another thread I don't really think she will actually dare to run in 2012, much less have a chance at being nominated but you know what they say: Better safe than sorry.:-))

  77. PS: I also like coming here because you are smart and passionate, compassionate and courageous, and funny.:-)

    Your blog is one of my favourite US blogs (and in my feed list like Margaret and Helen, driftglass and Gen. JC Christian), thanks for writing!

  78. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Anonymous:Re: "Time to take the bitch down"

    I'll save Gryphen two minutes: he knows nada. More than 1,000 investigators have spent millions looking for the killer dealbreaker and they have nothing.

    Do you know what a dry hole is? You're drilling a well and at a certain point you realize you guessed wrong, you cut your losses, and pack up your gear.

    Until simpletons like you and the millions whose brains have also been taken out by amygdala hijack can take back rational thought, the left is in a flat spin and the ground is coming up fast.

    Ans "SJK from the Belly of the Plane" she's going to run. 'CaN'T, Can't, can't isn't cool, calm reflection--it's the equivalent of a four-year old being carried up to bed.

    And "Anonymous you only need to look at" It was your ilk--the liberal mensa who put a guy in the White House who despite having all the resources of
    the state department couldn't execute getting the Russian deputy premier the right word for "reconcilliation" not "reset" which became "overcharge".

    Barry the Brilliant and his intellectual elitists whiffed on ONE Russian word and you believe he can turn back the tides.

    Talk about a "moron factor".

  79. Ever notice women who use their roles as mothers (Sarah Palin, Dr. Laura, Michelle Duggar) to promote themselves are always the kind of women you would never want as your mother?

    And I do believe I saw one black woman in the video, but it was very brief. The video is mostly a white wash.

  80. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I take the RNC's comments with a huge grain of salt. My guess is that they want someone with the same far right ideology but more sophisticated and less abrasive than Palin. If that's the case, they still have a big problem. Both Steele and Palin are symptomatic of the problems that the GOP has. They were both chosen specifically as the GOP responses to President Obama and Secretary Clinton, respectively.
    Both of them are morons who could never begin to fill the shoes of the people they were selected as GOP responses to.

    The GOP's problems are their embrace of anti-intellectualism, their obstructionism in order to regain power, and their tone-deafness to people's problems.

    So, no matter who they view as their "future," they will remain running in place until they rid themselves of their inflexible, intolerant ideology that they place above actual people.


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