Friday, August 27, 2010

Levi on the Early Show this morning.

No Levi running for mayor of Wasilla is not just about who people love most.  You have to be able to do the DAMN job!

I think he needs to undergo an exorcism to get the spirit of Sarah Palin out of his body. "Begone demon! By the spirit of rational thinking I eject you from this poor ignorant boy's body!"

That was just painful to watch.


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    What a dipshit

  2. Anonymous8:44 AM

    True. Still... it's good to see him take back the apology we all knew was crap anyway. I'm kinda proud of him for taking it back.

  3. dominicastar8:50 AM

    Now he says he wish he didn't put out the apology; cause he's not a liar.


    I believe he was in love with his gal and just wanted to make it peaceful for their love to thrive!

    That's my take on it anyway!

    Peace xx

  4. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Somehow I find it in myself to feel generous toward Levi. He didn't seek this out and for better or worse it has changed his life.

    He's just another schmucky kid, sure. But he is right - from what he's seen, elections are largely popularity contests. How else did someone like Palin win office?

    Hopefully, in time he will grow up, ask his family for forgiveness and move on in bettering himself.

    For now, he's pretty benign. He's not peddling hate or racism. He's just looking to make a buck. Don't forget, Levi was saddled with a hefty child support payment in spite of having little means of support.

    The one who really makes me sick is Bristol. She is taking a very low road. One day, when her son asks her why she took his daddy away, I hope she'll have the decency to admit her folly and beg forgiveness.

  5. Anonymous9:07 AM

    The whole bunch of them are retarded media whores. Go away!
    Mayor, sure Levi. And Brisotl on DWTS... what a personality for TV.

  6. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Odd that both he and Bristle are now living in Hollywood. Are we being played?

    Wonder if the live near Beckie?

  7. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I admire anyone who is willing to publicly stand up to the Palin mob family, especially knowing first hand how dangerous their vindictiveness can be. That Levi was suddenly dragged into the national spotlight and that he happens to look good in that spotlight, is simply happenstance. When I think back to his first TV interviews and how he could barely utter a syllable, I'd say Levi has grown a lot from the less than pleasant circumstances he was thrust into. Give the kid a break.

  8. angela9:24 AM

    Live and learn. He should have realized that if you are being asked to lie to be in a family---it doesn't bode well for any longevity in that family. Silly boy.

    Never trust a Palin.

  9. Irishgirl9:32 AM

    I have a soft spot for Levi. I don't think he is a liar or that he is vindictive...but he sure has taken some bad advice.

  10. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I still think the usweekly apologu video with bristol was more believeable. Oive noticed when levis uncomfortable and lying, he can't focus and speaks palinese. He sounded coherent when he and bristol were together. Besides he wasn't too convincing in his recant

  11. Anonymous9:48 AM

    If he's too stupid to get rid of Tank and Rex, then he's just too stupid to be Mayor.

    Being inexperienced and under-educated are both serious drawbacks, but to prove you have poor judgment and then try to run for a position such as Mayor - well, Levi, you are truly, deeply stupid.

    Wow - a total mirror of Sarah, just with balls. Ummm - correction: a total mirror of Sarah.

  12. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Running around on an ATV, sharpening a point on a stick, or playing with a stick in a campfire are all good image makers for a politician. That stuff will play well with most Americans but I doubt it's going to play well with people who have actually ever built a campfire. LOL. Even so, Levi seems to already have the brains to carry off an interview better than Palin did when she started. Anybody can learn! By the time the election for mayor comes around I would suspect that Levi will have built up his rep to be able to win the position. He's got everything he needs to become an American politician. Good looks being by far the most important.

    As for Sarah Palin, say hello to your next president folks!

  13. Anonymous9:56 AM

    According to the Alsska Trial court cases website, Levi's custody settlement hearing is on 9/15. Also, on 8/10, Capital One Bank (USA) filed a civil suit against Levi for debt collection. Seems Levi has money problems. For 2010 and beyond, he will owe Bristol #1.200/month. If Levi pops off to the media about the Palins, expect the Palins to fight for sole custody. IMO, Levi is in a losing position. Even with the retraction, he sort of looks like Joren Vander Sloot - a liar. Poor kid. I feel sorry for him.

  14. Anonymous9:59 AM

    How does anyone take these people seriously? How are we to take them as being sincere about what they say when their actions betray their true agendas? It is hard for my to stomach how they use politics as their means to their end to make big bucks in entertainment while continuing their ongoing chaos, variety of personas, false claims and all the hype they are awesome role models.

    Levi needs a mentor to teach him to not surrender his personhood or soul if that is what is demanded for someone to be happy i.e. become like them and lie. The Palins got what they wanted then it was bye bye Levi in a heart beat.

    Alas, winning is about being popular or controlling no one is popular campaigning to destroy other people. good luck to the two young women the Palin's blamed, and Mercedes along with Levi to restore their reputations so Sarah and Bristol have their own tv shows, the toddler and their public announcement from Levi.

    I am thinking Glen Beck had better watch his back for Sarah has a pattern of using people to get what she wants then ruining their reputations, making false allegations. Maybe she has her eyes on taking Beck's place

  15. emrysa10:06 AM

    levi looks and sounds hungover.

  16. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I don't see that that was painful at all. He comes across very well and good for him for saying why he issued that "apology." Someone needs to stand up to SP. Almost no one calls it like it is with her. I don't know what everyone is afraid of. At least he's not. I'm sure he would be a great mayor. If you ever saw the Daily Show interview with the current mayor, you can see the mayor has almost nothing to do but sign checks and hold staff meetings. Not nearly as much as a "community organizer" does. Levi needs to get his GED though so everyone can quit throwing that in his face.

  17. Anonymous10:22 AM

    I'm sure $carah has RAM working on some scathing facebook rant in response to this interview ha ha ha. Tune in next week for the next episode of "As the Valley Trash Spews" to see Bri$tol voted off of DWTS, how $carah will blame her loss and the lamestream media and how Levi gets caught cheating trying to obtain that diploma.

  18. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I think folks should be easier on Levi...can you imagine being involved w/that Palin family? He is young and is assuredly learning things the hard way.

    He's a cute kid - trying to make his way in life and support his son.

    I like him and some day hope he is able to disclose his knowledge of that family!

  19. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Levi may have made some bad decisions over his young years, but he still has way more credibility than any of the Palins.

    I'd take his word over theirs any time.

  20. I agree with most of the comments here. I feel as though Levi was being candid, and doing what he could to say he was coerced into that "apology."

    We are on the outside, looking in/at the situation up there, so it's impossible to understand everyone's motivation. Everyone except for the Palins.I am confused at the Mecede and Sherry not trying to improve their circumstances, and Levi maintaining his legal/muscle representation.
    I am still thinking Bristol on DWTS is a shiny object, so people will stop talking about her pregnancy. "How could she even consider DTWS if she's pregnant?" Time will tell.

  21. mommom11:37 AM

    Levi can get the Pro-Life vote by advertising the fact his baby was not aborted.Then he can use the same city manager who did the work for Mrs PAYlin.He can help push through some giant multi-million building project that leaves the city in huge debt,then get his buddies to help him build a nice house with supplies that are eerily similar to those from the project.

  22. Anonymous12:00 PM

    The only thing more absurd than him thinking he's qualified to be mayor of ANYWHERE, is the way the media will stick a camera and microphone in front of him, just because he irresponsibly knocked up a teenage girl who was equally irresponsible.

    He's just a kid. Media, YOU should know better.

  23. Come on Gryphen,

    Levi could do at least as good a job as anyone else who has held the job as mayor of Wasilla.

  24. Anonymous12:37 PM

    So levi can live with being an insensitive prick? Yeah he really is no better than the palins. And he has made it so his family can't rightly complain about being in the limelight. Good going kiddo

  25. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I think bristol is doing dwts to lose weight and get fit again. That would explain a lot. I think levis pursuing reality tv to make fast money. No crime in that. Life is short. I'd tell anyone to pursue anything their heart was in

  26. Anonymous12:46 PM

    To the poster who said politicians use their office to promote their own agendas, you are absolutely right. All politicians, former and current, have used their given power to their personal benefit or spouses benefit. No one has been exempt from that accusation thus far. I trust several members of the tea party wouldn't stoop so low but only time will tell.

    Remember, people typical have 2 life goals and all else compliments those:
    1. Ensure oneself a happier existence than your parents may have had
    2. Ensure your family remains content and happy.

    Instant gratification and living in the moment are what life is about. Too bad most people sit on the sidelines and remain afraid to live.

    Props to sarah and bristol and todd and levi and everyone who lives without fear of failure.

  27. Anonymous2:41 PM

    This one, too.
    what a dumbass.

  28. Aussie Blue Sky2:57 PM

    When are we going to read about Levi doing the right thing by his mother? No time soon, I'm guessing.

  29. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Apparently, Levi got his mother a nice designer leather purse at an Emmy gifting lounge

  30. Anonymous5:18 PM

    "Trust me, it's easier to make them happy." For all of this kid's faults and mistakes, I agree, he comes across as genuine, well intentioned, and caught up in something way beyond the coping skills of a small-town boy. And if he has opportunities in show biz, why not go after them. I also like that he doesn't begrudge Bristol for pursuing the opportunities that come her way.

  31. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Bristol to go on the dancing with the stars.
    what has happened to the brains?


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