Saturday, October 30, 2010

Current Governor, and Teabagger-lite, Sean Parnell flubs a question that most middle school children could answer with ease.

Isn't it frightening that an educated man has to act like an imbecile in an effort to convince the anti-science crowd to vote for him?

"Governor Parnell is Gravity real?"

"What does it say in the bible?"

"The bible does not mention gravity sir, but you do know that when you throw a ball into the air that it falls back down, right?"

"For all I know God might just be throwing it back for a game of catch."

"Oh Governor your lack of intelligence and complete denial of obvious scientific evidence has convinced me that you are the perfect person to be in charge of the welfare of people in our state.  I can just hardly wait to vote for you!  I just hope the ballot is not to difficult for me to understand."

People please vote for Ethan Berkowitz.  I mean really, is there any other choice for  those of us WITHOUT our heads shoved up our ass?


  1. The sad thing is that there are quite a few people who will think Parnell gave a reasonable answer.

  2. Anonymous6:43 AM

    "Governor Parnell is Gravity real?"

    "What does it say in the bible?"

    You know, I am pretty certain that Christ himself would be embarrassed for this moron. Deferrals like these to curry the vote of those more ignorant than him (if that's possible) are just too stupefying for words.

  3. Anonymous7:05 AM

    "I really don' know".
    That says it all

  4. Just remember 25% of Alaska cannot understand what you are saying. And i believe that number to be a bit shy.

  5. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Luckily for the Koch Bros., and all the other right-wing fat cats who own and run our great nation, God couldn't care less about the poor, social inequality, pollution, healthcare reform, the death penalty, or gun deaths.

    As long as we have power-hungry preachers involved in politics, Republicans will have a good chance to get their tax cuts for the rich.

  6. Anonymous8:20 AM

    This is so beyond the pale. When did it become fashionable to appeal to the superstitious?

  7. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Good answer. much more imaginative than most Kristyuns could manage.

  8. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Very poor answer Sean Parnell. So sad, so very sad.

    I'm sick of Sean Parnells kiss ass scarred pants behavior. This man is a poser that lacks the convictions to take our great state into the brave new global green economy.

    Sure, I want oil and gas to fund our state, but we can offer the world so much more!

    I picture Sean Parnell as a Cub Scout Troop Master, not the leader of Alaska. Our new Gov. needs to be skilled and strong at deal making. Alaska so desperately needs to be not only competitive in the 21st century but one of the renewable energy leaders, and an example of sustainable cultures and lifestyles for the world to see.
    The world will see if we get wise and elect "ETHAN BERKOWITZ" as our next Governor. Please help us get the word our.

  9. Dear Lord deliver us from people who willfully refuse to learn.

  10. Enjay in E MT11:09 AM

    Maybe Daddy Palin was his science teacher too or was Gov. Parnell home school'd?

    The lack of even an iota of scientific intelligence is - just mind blowing.

  11. Ha ha! that was illuminating! Thanks

  12. Oh for God's sake!! Does God have to come down there, Sean, and TELL you to use your brain like He intended??

    If you think it's 6000 yrs, by God, then declare it!! You wuss!!

    Oh, and don't let the Hubble space telescope which helps prove the immense age of the universe bump you in the butt on the way out of the Governor's mansion.


  13. Anonymous12:17 PM

    FYI - Drew the 'Idiot" from CNN is in Anchorage doing various segments on the Mitler/Merkowski/McAdams race. They are still using their poll from Oct 15-19 pumping it like it's up-to-date. They have no cred in that they still call it as a race between Mitler & Merk and basically tossing Scott to the curb as having no chance.

    Talk about having no cred and not an inkling of intelligence as they are not addressing the last two weeks of Mitler blow outs.

    The only thing they do have up-to-date info is there are 161 write-ins on the list.

    Drew as displayed in his past interview with Palin - continues to suffer from brain farts

  14. Anonymous12:38 PM

    OK Sean if you can't answer that question then you have no business being anywhere near a position entailing making important policy decisions for the people of AK. I hate to break it to you Sean, but all the world's answers are not in the bible and if you can't accept that science and technology have evolved well beyond the realm of bible over the last several hundred years, then you need a frickin' lobotomy!

  15. FEDUP!!!1:01 PM

    Somewhat O/T, yet not really:


    Also check out this article from them:

  16. Anonymous1:15 PM

    God created gravity, what is wrong with these people?


    A person who believes science and religion are not mutually exclusive

  17. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Oh my god! Parnell is a religious nut. I never knew the extent before. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR PARNELL.

  18. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Enjay in E MT said...

    Maybe Daddy Palin was his science teacher too or was Gov. Parnell home school'd?

    I'd be a bit careful of putting all homeschoolers in the same basket there, Enjay. There are quite a few of us who homeschool for academic reasons, because the public schools can't or won't give high ability kids the education they need in STEM fields.

    ou might want to use fundamental religious schools or Talivangical schools as that 6000 y o earth stuff is taught in many a Christian/Catholic school.

  19. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Take back our country begins next Tuesday
    NO more PELOSI and Barney Fag
    Repeal Health Care reform on day 1

    Welcome sixty new House REPUBLICANS
    and Senators O'Donnell, Paul, Johnson, Buck, Lee, Angle, Fiorina, and Miller

    Palin/Beck in 2012
    Trade Malia and Sasha for Willow and Piper
    Will have a White House again

  20. Anonymous2:49 PM

    and god knows you are an idiot, Gov. P

  21. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Anon @1:56, I think you mean "We'll have a new White House again".

    Thank you so much for demonstrating the under-educated, ignorant, racist, hate-filled reasons for the Tea Party's existence. We can always count on one of your number to show the world how evil you really are. Repent while you still have the chance.

    I wouldn't be so sure about those numbers, either. Let's just wait and see, shall we?

  22. angela7:12 PM

    Anon 1:56

    "Will" have a White House again?!

    You do know the path to freedom is literacy and not marrying your family members; don't you?

  23. If he was a liberal, you would say he is being nuanced, cagey and clever in the face of stupid questions. You are hypocritical demoncrat drones and shills. Weak sauce you faux intellectual maggot.


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