Sunday, October 17, 2010

Joe Miller looks to Eastern Bloc countries for examples of how to keep illegal immigrants out of our country. Update: Miller's hired goons "arrest" reporter.

I just returned from a Joe Miller Town Hall. (Or an AARP meeting, sometimes it is kind of hard to tell the difference.)

The town hall took place at Central Middle school in the heart of Anchorage, but a number of people in the audience were clearly plants that Joe had brought with him from outside of city limits.

However a few locals did manage to make it into the auditorium, even though the event only showed up on his website a few days ago.

One of those locals, a soft spoken woman, managed to ask Joe about the questions surrounding his military career.

Joe did NOT like having that question asked.

"You were at the last town hall meeting, and I saw you with Murkowski about just two days ago , and I understand you are working on that campaign." He responded somewhat angrily.

The lady asking the question denied this was true, but Joe was undeterred and went into his "we are the most disclosed campaign in recent Alaska history" (Oops, forgot about you again Sarah!) and then continued on to list his work history as a magistrate and attorney in Fairbanks, but never really got back to answering the woman's question.

There was another Anchorage person who called Joe a "Welfare Queen" and asked how he could be against the  programs that he himself had taken advantage of.  Miller said his problem was not with the programs themselves, but rather who was in charge of these programs. (Yeah that answer confused me too.)

In response to another question about the state's ability to take care of itself without Federal dollars Miller responded by saying that "there was EXTREME wealth in this state if only the government would just let people get to it." (I am guessing this was in reference to opening up ANWR.)

However it was a question posed to him by a like minded supporter that provided the most jaw dropping moment of the town hall.

A gentleman ask Teabagger Joe how he felt about the illegal immigrant problem, and made sure that everybody understood he was speaking of "illegal" immigrants.

Joe quickly went through his talking points about national security and the illegal activity engaged in by the people coming over the border from Mexico, and then reiterated that the first priority was to build a fence.

Then things got a little surreal.

 In his xenophobic zeal Miller asked how hard could it be to build a fence? After all, and this is a direct quote, "If East Germany can do it, we can do it!"

Now just roll that statement around in your brain for a little while.

As many of you are no doubt old enough to remember, the barrier separating East and west Germany was no mere fence.  It was called "The Iron Curtain", and it certainly lived up to that name and then some. 

This so-called "fence" had armed patrols watching for anybody foolish enough to climb over. And they killed between 100 to 200 people who attempted to get around, or over, the obstacle to reach freedom in the forty or so years of its existence.  Is THIS what Joe Miller envisions for the southern borders of California, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico?

Is this the kind of eyesore he wants to subject people living along the border to, just to keep out people looking for work in this country?
The majority of Mexicans crossing the border are doing so to watch our children, maintain our lawns, and do the types of menial, low paying, labor that most Americans simply don't want to do.

Does Joe Miller really think it is necessary to to treat them like the communists treated the people of East Berlin?

What is wrong with these Teabaggers?

Update: Teabagger Joe's "security staff" placed the founder of the Alaska Dispatch under arrest!

Hopfinger was reportedly pressing Miller on whether the candidate had ever been reprimanded for politicking while working at the Fairbanks North Star Borough in 2008. Alaska Dispatch and other media have sued for the release for records related Miller's time at the borough. Various accounts of what happened next generally agree on this course of events:

* Two or three bodyguards told Hopfinger to stop asking questions and to leave the building.
* Hopfinger continued to ask questions while apparently videotaping the candidate.
* Bodyguards told him that if he persisted they would arrest him for trespassing, but refused to identify themselves to Hopfinger.
* Hopfinger asked why he was trespassing, as the event was at a public school. Seconds later, he was then put in arm-bar and later handcuffed and sequestered at one end of a hallway for at least 30 minutes. He was told, "You're under arrest."
* Anchorage Police arrived on the scene shortly after.

Police were still trying to sort things out as this was written.

Unbelievable!  What does THIS guy think he needs a security staff for?  Nobody wants to hurt him!  They just want to ask him questions, which he refuses to answer!  Jesus what an arrogant prick!

Update  2: ADN has the story about the "arrest" and you have GOT to read the comments!  It looks like Alaskans are just about done with Teabagger Joe!

Update3: It is also over at the Huffington Post, and as of this post it is the TOP story. (The comments there are pretty great too.)


  1. Jennifer6:37 PM

    Is there video of that comment? That's the kind of thing that really could go viral. Reagan said, "Tear down this wall." Joe Miller says, "Build a wall!"


  2. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Look up Peter Fechter.

  3. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Simple solutions to complex problems. Go Joe!! Wall! Guns! Immigration problem solved. But, really Joe, why don't you just "stand in the gap" and pray? Use that Moses power that your followers are attributing to you!! Who needs an iron curtain when we've got Joe to intercede and return our liberty!

  4. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Does Joe know there is no more fence there?

  5. Anonymous6:51 PM

    You know, I just really don't get it. Tea baggers and the (R)'s want to prevent illegal aliens from coming to this country because they are taking our jobs, welfare and education. They don't realize that these same people (R)s are shipping the good paying jobs with health care benefits, retirement, and vacation days. Huh??? Where's the sense in that? Who care who does the menial jobs when the good ones are shipped over seas!! These people need to WAKE UP! They should be griping about those jobs and not the little ones. This country wouldn't be where it is today if those jobs weren't shipped overseas giving those BIG, FAT, WEALTHY corporations their tax breaks for doing so. Thems people needs to get themselves an edjamacation!

  6. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Please send that to Olberman! He can use it on his wortest person of the week! LOL, too funny, we can have our own fence, just like Scarah's!!!!!

  7. Anonymous6:55 PM

    OT, but there is a short video of Sarah interviewing herself. If President Obama ever acted like she did in an interview, we would never hear the end of it. She sticks her tongue out repeatedly, explains for the 40th time why she couldn't tell Katie Couric what she read, and explained that she wore her seat belt when she flies. Of course, she has to wear her seat belt on the plane. She can't falls on the floor after all the Bailleys if she isn't strapped in!

  8. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Just heard that Alaska Dispatch editor Tony Hopfinger was arrested by Miller's thugs because he was asking questions regarding the FNSB issue.

  9. Gryphen If you would have gotten video of that meeting and the response referencing East Germany and the wall you might have gotten a pulitzer prize (or at least featured on Maddow or huff post)....

    Just frigging amazing what comes from that mans mouth sometimes. Keep talking Joe the Moron.

    Any one feel like a fast game of Jenga to see if we can beat Joes record for making the tower go kerplunk?

    I am so off to reblog this.... kerswoosh and away....

  10. hauksdottir7:09 PM

    Why doesn't he build the fence along the Alaskan border with Canada... to keep *in* the Americans illegally slipping over the border to steal their health care?

  11. I hear Tony's video of his time with Miller's goons will be up soon.

  12. I hope the Alaska Dispatch sues.

  13. Anonymous7:25 PM

    This election is for the little guy-- little guys don't like arrests. May this action of Joe's signal his end in Alaska politics.

  14. Anonymous7:28 PM

    I hope there was appalled silence in the town meeting when Joe Miller said this. I'm befuddled by the fact that he's leading in the polls. What's wrong with the majority of Alaskan voters?! And how rude and horrid of him to attack that woman for asking about his military service. If he had nothing to hide, he'd answer the question regardless of whether she works for Murkowski's campaign or not.

    Anon 6:55, just watched the video. My favorite part is that she STILL doesn't answer the question of what she reads!

  15. pursang7:29 PM

    If what you say is true, then Mr. Miller might just go a little more in debt. Can you say lawsuit?

    He might be in to the pockets of the Kochs and other Tea Party sponsors but no way are they going to pay to settle a lawsuit borne of stupidity. Guess Joe didn't learn the 2nd law of being a Tea Bagger candidate, run away when they ask questions you either can't or won't answer.

    Run away Joe...Run away....

  16. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Just read the update. I hope this story goes viral and national. What happened to freedom of the press?!

  17. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Hey Alaska you voted for this guy. You screwed up and will pay the price

  18. Anonymous7:42 PM

    they seriously handcuffed a reporter on the grounds of a public school during a public meeting? any photos, videos? any charges for unlawful arrest? impersonating a law enforcement officer? unlawful detention? serious misconduct here on the part of the security team. hope the AK Dispatch reporter pursues this.

  19. Anonymous7:43 PM

    That's completely creepy. Was he serious?

    Sure, why not. We can have a no-go zone, another Gaza Strip. Egypt's building a fence now, too.
    Here's our design:
    Here's what it looks like:
    Here's what it looks like, also, too.
    Here's it looks like around it:

    Yeah, I can see it...

    Australia had a fence too, the rabbit-proof fence, 1,000 km long to keep out Aborigines. Maybe we should ask them how that went.

    Shucks, I bet Sarah wishes she had thought of it.

  20. Anonymous7:48 PM

    That, my freedom loving teabagging friends, is what Law & Order would look like under a Palin, Brewer, Angle, Paul, O'Donnell, Paladino leadership.

    "Smaller" government means Bedroom/Family/Faith Police and unidentified Men In Black allowed to curb your 1st Amendment rights and place you under false arrest.

    M in BET

  21. Anonymous7:48 PM

    I am speechless! He is a total nutbag and this confirms it.
    That school is a public place, the town hall meeting was a public event and this is beyond ridiculous. I certainly hope the editor will file a lawsuit. I would even donate to his legal fund!
    Miller is out of control, looks to me like he has lost it.

  22. Unless the reporter from the Dispatch had a court order preventing him from trespassing on the property or a restraining order preventing him from being around Miller his thugs should be charged with assault and false arrest. It's kind of hard to say the press is tresspassing at a public political event and after all isn't asking those tough questions generally a part of these events? Not when you have so much to hide. Joe Miller should understand the first amendment being a self proclaimed constitutional expert and all.

  23. hauksdottir7:53 PM

    @Anon 6:55

    There are other stories about Palin drinking Baileys...she probably orders them before reaching her seat.

    However, one question that I don't think anybody has asked: on that "Wild Ride" back north from Texas, did she order and drink those little bottles of Baileys... and how many???

    Since the providing of alcohol is a cash service, there'd be no records. It is a pity that no one asked the flight attendants at the time.

  24. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Even if someone supports another candidate, that means your tax paid military education and career is off limits?

    Joe, YOU said you were Severely Disabled. Tell us what that means?

    And if debt and living beyond your means is such an abomination to you Tea Party folk, how is it all of a sudden a redeeming quality you and someone like Christine O'Donnell are martyred for your times of struggle and are celebrated by the regular joes who hate welfare queens but admit they've struggled and used services too?

    Big corporations don't get government welfare in the form of subsidies or contracts?

    None of you baggers make sense. You offer no solutions. You lie!

  25. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. What in the world are they doing handcuffing a citizen and holding him against his will for thirty minutes. Are you kidding me? Violation of constitutional rights, anyone? WTF happened to Freedom of the press?

    So if Senator Joe comes to fruition, will his security detail illegally detain his detractors?

  26. Anonymous8:07 PM

    There are a couple of republicans who I was going to back. Any republican who doesn't completely disown and condem Miller's actions will not get my vote EVAR.

    What one does, the rest support. Here is a slogan for every democrat: "you may not agree with me on everything, but I will never have my goons attack you for asking me questions."

  27. sewnup8:11 PM

    Well, well, seems Mr Miller has a little anger control issue....among various other problems.

    Even so, nobody normal gets that het up over a question unless he's got something REALLY worth hiding. I wonder what ol' Joe's keeping under his hat.....Hey, Joe!! Your cover's about to blow...

    I notice he looks even more stressed now than he did before, too. Now he looks like a worried scammer on the run instead of an ordinary street scammer.

    Not without cause, I might add.

  28. Anonymous8:12 PM

    It's becoming pretty clear that Joe Miller has some serious psychological problems. First the news of his "personal security" thugs surrounding him at the 2008 State Republican Convention when he was trying to oust Ruedrich, and now these guys trying to pull off an "arrest" at a public event. Miller either has no concept of how bizarre this behavior is, or he is just an over-the-top arrogant ignoramus and bully. Frankly, his photos often show him looking belligerent and combative. And I can't help but say this - his wife, in photos and in the video of the press conference after the Anchorage Chamber debate looked absolutely petrified. She looks like the epitome of a battered woman who is terrified of her rage-prone spouse. The whole thing is creepy and bizarre.

  29. Some of you got it to the tee. Not sure about Alaska but in Georgia, that would be considered false imprisonment, assault, kidnapping. Once again not sure about Alaska but security guards have no arrest powers.

    The only way they would is the security detail was officers off duty. You can not stop a person from leaving by detaining him (handcuffing) to stop his movement or forcibly removing him to another area.

    If this was a public forum they had no right to treat this man that way. Only the person in charge of the facility can press the charges of criminal trespass. Once again (?Alaska) the facility manager would have to tell this man to leave then call the cops and then they would tell him. If he refused then yes he would be trespassing.


    I hear Tony's video of his time with Miller's goons will be up soon.

    LINK pleeze?

  31. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Anon@8:12 PM, I think your last sentence is absolutely on target.

  32. The police will probably wave it off as a "misunderstanding" but what those goons did could be considered assault or kidnapping.

  33. Anonymous8:37 PM

    I'm of the opinion that Miller's "severe disability" is a mental disability.

  34. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Reported by KTUU:
    Miller security guard William Fulton said in a statement Sunday that he was responding to Hopfinger’s actions.

    “The Dispatch reporter repeatedly pushed a camera into the face of Mr. Miller,” Fulton said. “He continued to aggressively pursue him. I told the reporter several times that he needed to stop and that he was trespassing, he ignored me. He then proceeded to stalk Mr. Miller and even shoved an individual into a locker. Based upon this trespass and his assault, we detained him and escorted him from the premises.”

    Per the Miller guard the reporter:
    committed stalking behavior, assaulted a person, trespassed, and was shoving a camera (physical threats) to Joe Miller.

    Gryphen, did you witness any of that?

  35. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Joe's is going viral...

  36. No anonymous 8:37, I lost track of Tony and went out the other exit. If I would have known I would definitely have been there.

  37. Gryphen,
    The detainment/arrest story is now the front page top story on Huffington Post !!!
    I emailed them earlier when you first posted your update!
    Cool ;)

  38. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Joe sure seems to have lots of security detail around him. Weird considering his financial disclosure indicates he is in debt up to his underbite.

    I can hear his supporters justifyin "the arrest".

    "you liberals are pathetic. I'm rather honored Joe got the rid of the reporter, we needed time to hear about Joes house hunting sucess back in DC. You liberals are so against progress. Get a life"

  39. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Isn't that what the Nazi's or Saddam Hussein would do to someone who asked the wrong questions? Well actually, they probably would have taken the person out and shot them and left them to rot as a warning to others. I guess if Joe Miller gets elected and has some real power that will be what happens to honest citizens who question him.

    I smell a lawsuit over this. This can't be legal.

    Does anyone still really want this man making laws?


  40. pursang9:04 PM

    I was over at adn and they have an article up about the reporter being handcuffed already.

    The comments counter is going up like a pinball machine and with few exceptions the responses are negative towards Miller.

    Looks like Joe made another whoopsie.

  41. Anon 8:12 Good catch re: Miller's wife. She had a look about her at the press conferece Miller called for purposes of declaring no more press just before news came out of his computer hacking to oust Ruderich.
    People were quick to make fun of her appearance not looking polished. I thought she looked scared, anxious and a mixture of sickened about what was going on. It looked like it was difficult for her to be there.

  42. The AP / Associated Press has picked up the story!

  43. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I hope Tony sues his ass. Unlawful detainer and what else?

    We need to keep the pressure up on Joey boy so he can completely crack.

  44. Ha Huff Post picked the same damn picture of the bearded ballsack I did when I posted it to my blog about 30 minutes before they did.

    They must have thought it to make him look mad and a little nutty too...

  45. The republicans need to get over the fence idea. It would cost far more than we can afford to span that distance. There are some pretty rugged mountains involved. Then once this monstrosity is built, the illegals go over, under, or around it. Good luck.

  46. Am I the only one who noticed that ever since Joe the Teabagger dissed the Grifter that his luck has you say...real bad? Uh oh Joe...maybe you should have said the Grifter was "qualified to be President". HeHe

  47. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Comments at Huffpo are rolling in. So many people are commenting on the future if teabaggers are in charge referencing even a "police state". It serves Miller and others right who refuse to take questions and speak to the press to be linked to this extreme mishandling by Miller and his people.

    Palin supporters would be delighted if journalists, newscasters and persons who discuss, seek information, voice opinions were charged and locked up for hate crimes against Palin.

    This is huge and will be spreading like wildfire and teabaggers, 'ole Joe and his king maker will be perceived differently by, the editor will probably be falsely accused of more crimes.

  48. Anonymous9:42 PM


    Thanks Gryph! :)

    I'm so happy you went to witness this asshat try to give his monologue.

    And then to have his 'security' (i.e., nazi from his & Toad's Secessionist clubhouse) pull this...


    Fucking classic!

    I see it hit HP. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow to see this plastered over the MSM.


    Angry Nazis.

    Love it. Even if they somehow get in for this session. They won't last one round...

    2012. The year we get back to the serious business of rebuilding America (sans Asshats). Obama/Biden 2012. Return to Sanity (and Hope).

    p.s., how do you think our European friends are going to respond to this Asshat and his 'Wall' idea?

    Haha. Haha. Haha. So fucking funny.

    Very good news folks :)

  49. Erica from Texas9:53 PM

    Since Tony Hopfinger was taping the exchange I guess we will see what really happened!Oh the guards look like the Three Stooges,really.What's up with the hair?Is that an Alaska thing?
    I am really getting a stinky feeling about Miller.

  50. Anonymous10:02 PM

    On a serious note:

    The Naziesque response from a Tea Party-backed candidate provides a good segue as a candid snapshot into the heart of the so-called Party.

    Hammer on the Queen (i.e., $P, Twitler, Snowbilly Grifter, etc., etc.)! Big Fucking Time! Hammer on the so-called 'First Dude' (AIP). Go after this movement NOW.

    Any person(s) openly affiliated with the 'Tea Party' movement needs to be identified immediately, for what they are.

    Let's end this nonsense now. America is done with this national embarrassment. The rest of the world is done with America's embarrassing relations. Let's get back to the serious business of forging a prosperous future for all of mankind. Let these asshats get rapturized and get the fuck off our planet.

    Enough is fucking enough.

  51. @ ANON 9:42

    2012. The year we get back to the serious business of rebuilding America (sans Asshats). Obama/Biden 2012. Return to Sanity (and Hope).

    Funny you should have mentioned AssHats...

    I will be naming the inaugural recipient for an Asshat of the week award on my blog friday and I think Jor might just be the best pick to be the first Asshat of the week winner...

    I have a beautiful certificate (suitable for framing) for the winners that I plan to mail each of them LOL... I only wish I could sponsor them for a trip somewhere like Abu Ghraib.

    do I hear a second for the nomination?

  52. Anonymous10:11 PM




    OK, I can see the teabaggers spinning the whole arrest thing. It sounds like a normal spin for them.


    Wow. The Berlin Wall reference is...Wow. These morons want a fight? And, please, let's be honest. These morons are itching for Civil War 2.0.

    Hey fucktards - bring it. We'll make 1.0 look like a fucking cakewalk. Any time. Any place.

    Bring It On

  53. SME13110:21 PM

    The lying sack of shit posted this on his website. Miller is the biggest coward I've seen in a long time.

    Liberal Blogger "Loses It" at Town Hall Meeting
    Obsession with Republican Nominee leads to physical assault, publicity stunt

    Anchorage, Alaska. October 17, 2010 -- Joe Miller released the following statement:

    "While I've gotten used to the blog Alaska Dispatch's assault on me and my family, I never thought that it would lead to a physical assault. It's too bad that this blogger would take advantage of a "Town Hall" meeting to create a publicity stunt just two weeks before the election."

    The Miller campaign was required by the facility to provide security at the event. Even though Joe had spent nearly an hour freely answering questions from those in attendance, the blogger chased Miller to the exit after the event concluded in an attempt to create and then record a 'confrontation' with the candidate. While Miller attempted to calmly exit the facility, the blogger physically assaulted another individual and made threatening gestures and movements towards the candidate. At that point the security personnel had to take action and intervened and detained the irrational blogger, whose anger overcame him. It is also important to note that the security personnel did not know that the individual they detained was a blogger who reporting on the campaign. To them, the blogger appeared irrational, angry and potentially violent.

  54. Anonymous10:22 PM

    @ anonymous 10:02

    Agree! I've had it up to my gills with these tea bagging idiots sowing conflict and racism all over our country. When they trample the free press, they trample all of us!

    Where do they get off thinking that they don't have to answer questions from the public and press anymore?!? Palin started all this crap by refusing to talk to the press, and by talking smack about the press every chance she gets just so she can provide cover for her own inadequacies. I'M SICK OF THESE ARROGANT FREAKS! Kick their asses on election day! America deserves better than these fascist creeps

  55. Anonymous10:28 PM

    The haircuts are military. Marine, I'm guessing.

    Pack it up, Joe. You're a johnny-come-lately, livin' the Alaska dream. Just like Chuck Heath, you came here for paycheck and wide open spaces. This is not your state. Not your homeland. Go back to your Kansas farm.
    Clearly you moved here to be part of the Alaska survivalist movement/AIP/Norm Olson-from-Michigan thing.
    You have no right. We don't need your kind here.

  56. Anonymous10:40 PM

    This arrest incident is frightening -- I'm voting McAdams, but if you have to vote Republican, vote Lisa, not Little Hitler.

  57. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Yup. As I'm reading around the intertubes...the focus is on the altercation (which is so bizarre on its own, I agree).

    But, the focus has to be on the Berlin Wall statement. That is so beyond the pale.

    It really should hit BBC today. Hopefully it does, and the rest of the world can truly see what whackjobs we're dealing with here in the good ol' USA.

  58. First off I found the link from huff post. Joe Miller sounds like a total thug. He has broken several laws and the reporters first amendment rights along with freedom of the press. False imprisonment and false arrest and impersonating an officer of the law too.

    Second we do need serious help on the borders. I have lived in both Southern California and Arizona all of my life. There are fences in place but they are broken down and also not well made. When you look at pics of the Berlin wall that is the type of deal needed. I also agree with the arm guards and towers. Shot the illegals if they can't figure out they need to get real paperwork. The ones already here just make them legal citizens.

  59. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Thomas Lamb of Red Country has a video of the scuffle at the town hall meeting. Not much of a video if you ask me, plus you'll need to turn your head to the left to watch.

  60. Anonymous10:53 PM

    What kind of 'judge' not only condones this kind of behavior, but also is so secretive of data? I am, of course, excluding Roberts, Scalia, Alito and Thomas. Of course.

    The mind truly boggles.

  61. Anonymous10:56 PM

    PalinPalooza posted that video on youtube albeit the orientation is fixed.

  62. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Oh and don't forget to read the reviews for "DropZone"


    Briney:"Helpful and awesome, super easygoing and entertaining!"

    Entertaining indeed.

  63. WalterNeff11:14 PM

    'Or an AARP meeting, sometimes it is kind of hard to tell the difference.'

    and what's that supposed to mean?

  64. Anonymous11:16 PM

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!

    these people are INSANE!!!!!

    i swear..i havent had more fun since Dallas/Dynasty were on the air...

    im a 39 year old man, and im addicted to As The 'Silla Turns. do a amazing job and i look forward to your posts every single night when i get home from work.

    well done.

  65. I caught myself wishing that we had another couple of months to go before the elections, as it seems every DAY we hear another story like this one--exposing the nutjob candidates for what they are.

    I thought the real CAPPER came last week, when the US Chamber of Commerce head asshole was on video saying that outsourcing jobs away from Americans was a GOOD thing...and that those who lost their jobs in this manner, should STOP WHINING!

    At that point, I really expected all my friends who have real intelligence, but have been duped into believing this corporatist crap about "fiscal conservatism"--would FINALLY stand up, SHOW some of that intelligence, and shout out: THAT IS IT! I'm not going to support this kind of nonsense, one second longer!

    But, NO: not a peep from anyone...that obscene story didn't even get played up that much on the news.

    So, I'm back to thinking like I did before, that Sarah Palin and her ilk, could go onstage, and tear a screaming baby limb from limb, and their supporters would claim that "she was taken out of context."

    The whole Tea Party thing is taking on a real "Stepford Wives" quality...with exchanges like: "We need to cut spending!" "On WHAT?" "You know...STUFF."

  66. Anonymous11:33 PM


    I clowned this guy last Monday for being a rank amateur (like all Teabags).

    Thought it was funny that he melted down on a Monday, at the beginning of a cycle.

    Hahahaha. He aaaaallllmmmmmoooossssstttt made it. But not quite...

    Wanna see a real amateur?

    This clown fucked it up on a SUNDAY! ON A FUCKING SUNDAY!


    What a joke.

  67. moose pucky12:01 AM

    Here is a photo from the "security firm's" myspace page. It is chilling!

  68. great article peter fechter

  69. Anonymous12:56 AM

    You know these brave and intrepid reporters, they'll risk their lives in war zones and even languish for years in prison to protect a source, all for the sake of getting to the bottom of a story.

    This is a real badge of courage for Tony Hopfinger, the man who braved a visit to a Joe Miller town hall meeting, and lived to tell the tale.

    So do you think that the goon squad citizen arrest will encourage or discourage reporters from attending future Joe Miller events?

    Me, I say give Miller what he wants and don't send him a lick of attention. When the media ignorea Palin, it's only a matter of days before she tweets something really wacky. And we see what that's done for her electability. bt

  70. Buffalo, NY1:52 AM

    Heil Miller !!

  71. Buffalo, NY1:58 AM

    Forgot to add; Is this what our country is coming to ?

    And this is why I am afraid to attend any Tea party events in my area. I would love to go, just out of curiosity, but I would be too afraid for my well-being.

    And I own several Obama related hats, which I am also afraid to wear in public anymore, due to the crazies out there who might find out where I live, and do God-knows-what.

  72. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Gryphen you might want to check out this link:

    He seems to be saying you were the person that made the Welfare Queen question to Miller, which I didn't get from reading your article here on IM.

    I don't expect he will correct his article if it's in error, but you might want to make a clarification on your article. I found the link from comments on ADN so others likely will as well.

  73. Miller's "arrest" of the reporter is in this morning's [midwest] NYT. Yippee!!!!!!

  74. Even better, the Miller fracas is in the online NYT!!!!

  75. Anonymous3:03 AM

    He should have followed Sarah's example and just banned certain members of the media from entering the building.

  76. Virginia Voter3:04 AM

    A damn fine example of common sense constitutional conservatism in action, huh? Guess Joe took a page from the Todd Palin handbook on how to deal with folks who try to exercise their first amendment rights, huh?

    There has got to be ALOT more than the proxy voting incident that Joe is hiding in his personnel file if he is that paranoid.

    Wow, just, wow...I have no more words.

  77. Anonymous3:09 AM

    The repugs like illegals as long as they can keep the illegals inside doing all their dirty work for them. Then it is oh I did not know ie. Meg Whitman. Yep, nine years and she did not know. Then yap about immigrants.

  78. Anonymous3:29 AM

    The military had it right. Joe Miller is "Unfit to Serve" !!!!

  79. London Bridges3:36 AM

    Sarah The Impaler will be making an appearance in Nevada in order to "help" Sharon Angle. A fabulous opportunity to ask Sarah a few questions!

  80. Anonymous3:40 AM


    I first saw this item @ CLG (Citizens for Legitimate Government):
    "Teabagger's private security guards handcuff, detain editor --Alaska Dispatch founder and editor had his wrists in handcuffs after arrest by Republican Senate candidate's private security guards Waffen-SS. 17 Oct 2010 ('private security guards' printed w/ strike-thru)...

    ... then beat feet over to IM! also too


  81. Anonymous3:55 AM

    This fool has given McAdams more than enough explosive ammunition to use in this Senate race. It needs to be emphasized over and over again by his campaign just how insane it would be to send Miller to Washington as a representative for the good folks of Alaska.

    If this incident has not proven fatal to Miller's ambitions, well then, there is something desperately amiss in the Northern climes.

  82. Anonymous4:10 AM

    The problem Alaska has created, is that Joe Miller's name is on the ballot. Unless he is forced to withdraw before Nov 2, he could still be elected Senator. And then what? Does Alaska have a recall process? Would we ( yes, all of America) be stuck with Alaska's foolishness for 6 years? Didn't some Alaska bloggers think it would be "fun" to have Joe Miller as the Repub candidate? What his goons did was not a "lawful citizens arrest" as the Peezoo is crowing, it's kidnapping.

  83. Anonymous4:17 AM


    Read this:

  84. Trigiscute4:44 AM

    The fence that Miller has in mind won't be built to keep the Mexicans out it will be there to keep Americans in once you all become slaves to the corporate machine.

  85. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Wow!! It looks like the Baggers really do want to take us back to the "good old days" by using THUGS to silence free speech. We've been down this road before people and it isn't pretty.

    Keep Free Speech and Freedom of the Press alive! Vote Dem.


  86. Anonymous4:48 AM

    The Morning Joe crew laughed when fact was reported the security guards said it was "an irrational blogger" they detained and arrested. It was reported this is a "debacle for the Miller campaign". It was further reported someone from ADN said something and these guards told him to shut up or they would arrest him too.

    This incident reminds me of a woman I heard telling people how her father was jailed, starved and tortured for 7 years for speaking up about the government in the communist country she was born in.
    She went on to talk about "Saint Sarah" who she was convinced would save us all from this type of thing that Obama would do being a "communist country". Projection has been at work.Palin, Beck repeat and reinforce this.

    I do hope those who uphold the constitution have ads being prepared right now and video of this arrest to show citiizens what voting for Palin's picks will alter our country forever, jail people for daring to ask questions, reporting facts etc.

    Legally Palin could not sue you, or shannyn Moore so they falsely alleged you are a pedophile, McGinnis is a stalker. That nut, angle also only wanted to be asked questions she wanted to answer by the media. We can thank Fox News for this too. Truth comes out eventually.

  87. KiheiKatz5:00 AM

    Mark S. You have a second from me. An ASSHAT indeed!

  88. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:12 AM

    Isn't kidnapping a felony??

    Hey, Joey The Beard and Sistah Sarah! How's that "Take-y Back-y Your Freedom-y" thing workin' out for ya?

    And all you faithful, braindead C4Pee-ers! How long before they decide you're no longer needed, and they come for YOU?

    To hell with Godwin's Law. The Koch Boy's America concept is sounding more and more like Nazi Germany every day. WOW.

  89. Anon 10:21 -report of how Miller has spun this that the arrest was necessary due to an irrational, threatening and violent person. It seems to me they had this figured out well in advance. It is pertinent the woman who asked a question was publicly accused of being a plant and working for an opponent, Murkowski, also when she asked a reasonable question.

    Update: someone else on MSNBC reported the political climate requires security due to aggressive "bloggers". IMO, the more people utilize the internet to obtain multiple and increasing sources of news it is more difficult for politicians to spin, contradict themselves, outright lie when there are videos and published reports. Palin paved the way to lable those who catch her in lies "viscious, attackers..lie to destroy me, destroy my family". Then the death threats come from her supporters.
    If truth dismantles a false image it is telling lies that is self destructive not someone bringing the lies to light.

  90. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Wow. Just wow.

    Doesn't Joe know the Berlin Wall wasn't to keep people out, but to try to keep East Germans *in*?

    Although I can see from his campaign and his vision for America that perhaps Americans may need to feel the need to flee their own country.

    How anyone could think they should be able to apply for a job and not disclose their employment records is beyond me. He's applying to be AK's senator, for goodness sake. How can he think his work history should not matter?

    It's a very sad day for America indeed when politicians think they do not have to answer to voters.

  91. Kimosabe5:39 AM

    If Miller were proud of his military service he'd be trumpeting it. He doesn't answer the questions because he has something to hide. Surely he was washed out of the army ... but why? If the truth were to come out, even the tea party gang would turn their back to him. Somewhere, someone must know the truth.

  92. Anonymous6:24 AM

    And all you faithful, braindead C4Pee-ers! How long before they decide you're no longer needed, and they come for YOU?

    @5:12, this is exactly what bothers me and blows my mind about the people who support these nuts. It's as if they think because they have white skin or worship the 'right' God or spout the right nonsense, they will have some kind of an in when (God forbid) these people are elected. Someone needs to school these freaks that the only thing that matters to the Palin Cabal (TM) is green money and the influence it can buy. They could not care less about their followers beliefs or their freedoms.

  93. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Hmm, can you imagine the outrage had Sen. Barack Obama had Joe the Non-Plumber hauled away in handcuffs because he didn't like faux plumber's line of questioning?

    As a minority, these 'bagger folk frighten me. I don't feel I will have a place in the Teabagger States of America if these people prevail. Police states don't just spring up overnight, they are a slow process, though the baggers might try to create an express land to begin legislating their loony, antiquated versions of morality.

  94. Anonymous6:44 AM

    It's clear - Sarah Palin and Joe Miller have confused a need to provide security during events in public facilities, with hiring bodyguards and personal security forces for themselves.

    Event security isn't supposed to be creating situations that police have to respond to.

    Let's do this - for use of public facilities for public events that are in the public interest, like candidates' forums and 'Town Hall' meetings, municipalities provide the security as part of the fee for facility rental.
    Event security personnel would be the purview of the facility's management, instead of private details and hired guns.
    Commercial events would hire their own security.

    When you stop and think about it, it makes no sense that public officials and candidates for office would be ALLOWED to bring in private thugs. It obviously creates a restrictive environment and opens up a can of worms regarding intimidation tactics.
    They have private security forces at public events in Iraq and Afghanistan, don't they?

  95. Anonymous7:14 AM

    A lot of us remember the Iron Curtain. Even more of us remember Ronald Reagan being credited with the wall being torn down. How is it that these people that idealize Ronald Reagan can at the same time advocate for walls and fences?

    Most Americans are not that stupid, Joe.

  96. Was Joe Miller referring to the Berlin Wall? According to Wikipedia, that wall was 27 miles long. Our border with Mexico is in the neighborhood of 2,000 miles.

    The Berlin Wall was erected to detain its citizens, like Miller proves he likes to do with reporters (1st amendment, anyone?). Its the exact opposite of building a fence to keep people out.

    He's beyond looney tunes; congratulations, Alaska, you've got the unflappable Larry Sabato (most quoted political pundit, University of Virginia) saying this is the craziest contest in the county. I'll RT his comment.


  97. Punkinbugg8:33 AM

    Not to split hairs, but it really shows how ignorant Joe Miller is about geography and history.

    The 87-mile-long Berlin Wall separated East Berlin from West Berlin; it did not separate East Germany from West Germany.

    The city of Berlin was like an island located in the middle of East Germany, and after WWII, it was divided into 4 quadrants: US/British/French/Russian. The Russian quadrant became East Berlin, and the capital of East Germany.

    The East Germans walled off their quandrant of the city to keep its citizens from fleeing to the West side of town and freedom.

    The U.S./Mexican border is 1,969 miles long.

  98. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I spent almost 3 years guarding the west side of that "fence" between West Germany and Czechoslovakia. It had mine fields, observation towers with armed Soviet troops that had overlapping fields of fire and attack guard dogs patrolling the "fence".
    One morning I helplessly observed from a helicopter as a teenage boy and his dog attempted to cross the mine field to freedom. He died when a mine exploded blowing his leg off and killing his dog. The Soviet troops stood by watching as he bled to death. We assumed they couldn't locate their map of the mine field.
    So Joe thinks we should return to this era only this time we'd be the bad guys.
    PLEASE VOTE FOR MC ADAMS and keep this kind of thinking a long way from Washington!

  99. One thing: I am a college graduate and have lost hours to an illegal immigrant at a job where people who were born in the US walked in the door regularly looking for a job. Tell me again about "jobs Americans won't do." That's just a crock. There are all kinds of jobs that Americans were more than happy to do when they actually paid a living wage, but now that there is an unchecked flow of workers they are now solely held by illegals and pay next to nothing. Janitorial work is a perfect example. Illegal immigration is one of the big factors in the gutting of the middle class. Why do you think the Republicans never actually do anything about the illegal immigration problem? It's because our corporate overlords don't want anything done about it.

  100. Anonymous9:43 AM


    Good of you to quantify Berlin Wall/US-Mexico fence info.

    Tea Partiers try to outdo themselves by making outrageous, sometimes contradictory statements to reinforce Tea Party standards. But their Achilles heel (I'm hoping) is their lack of selfawareness. If he gave a moment's thought to his audience, he would know that seniors remember the Berlin Wall & would immediately see the contradictions & be appalled that a potential senator is advocating emulating East Germany (!) of all places.

    Likewise Sharron Angle's comments last week to Hispanic children (via Twitter - she calls herself the first Asian legislator in the Nevada State Assembly):

    RT @jmartpolitico RT @RalstonFlash Angle to Hispanic children: "Some of you look a little more Asian to me"

    @arapaho415 (posted anonymously because Google Account wouldn't accept my password)

  101. Anonymous11:49 AM

    FYI: To hauksdottir said...

    Most airlines will not take cash anymore, a person must use a credit card for food and drinks.

  102. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Joe is beyond the pale. What I'd really like to see is his Army Officer Evaluation for the period 3/23/92-9/1/92. This is the one thing he hasn't posted to his website, and it should certainly exist. He should have one dated through his discharge date.

  103. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Miller is not getting the point: The Berlin Wall and the border between East and West Germany was built to prevent a III. world war and not to keep people away who leave their home (and Heimat) to try to get out of poverty - which is also a result of the economic activities of the US. As an East-Berliner, who grew up with the Wall, I recommend Miller to study history more carefully and (maybe) learn something...

  104. complex problems are always being solved with hard works


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