Monday, October 18, 2010

Meet Joe MIller's rag tag gang of jack booted thugs for hire. Update!

From the Daily Kos:

So who do these guys work for, anyway? It turns out their employer, Drop Zone, is a Survivalist/Security/Tactical Assault/Tea Party/Military Surplus type store in Anchorage.

Actually they are located in Spenard!  Spenard is where people who live in Anchorage can usually find cheap hookers and crack cocaine for sale.  And THIS is where the "vauguely bearded one" goes shopping for his "security" staff?

Check out the pictures of the building that serves as a headquarters fro these bozos.

(H/T Ugly in Spenard)

And just in case you were not quite sure of their politics, THIS was in the window of their shop.

And apparently how they treated journalist Tony Hopfinger is not exactly out of the norm for them. 

Here is an account by a customer who went in and asked some questions:

Rude service‎ Went there to ask some questions and ended up getting put in handcuffs and having to wait for APD to come and rescue me. They should rename it JackBooted Supply.

You know the really frightening thing is that this is not the only time that Joe Miller's name has been tied to potentially dangerous pseudo military types.  Justin Elliot of wrote about his ties to Alaska militia groups back in September.

"It's safe to say that Joe Miller is a friend of patriots," Norm Olson, commander of the Alaska Citizens Militia, told Salon. "His beliefs and platform favor Second Amendment rights as well as the power of nullification when the federal government intrudes into the private lives of Alaskans."

"The power of nullification?" Does that mean that Joe Miller supports the idea of American citizens taking up arms and getting into a firefight with Federal agents if they believe the government has overstepped its authority?  Sort of like Miller's "security" staff did last night?

(By the way I saw these security guys while i was sitting in the audience.  They all had VERY severe military haircuts, were wearing ill fitting suits, and looked to be in not very good shape.  I counted about four, or perhaps, five of these guys and the one closest to me looked so nervous that at one point I thought he might have been on some sort of stimulant. When he caught me staring in his direction he guilty looked away.  These were NOT guys I would trust to make good decisions.)

I think we are getting a very frightening picture of just WHO Joe Miller is, and what his vision is for the state of Alaska.  And it is a vision that illustrates a combative, perhaps even militarily combative, attitude toward the American government.  Alaska cannot afford to have somebody in office who wants to take on the Federal government with a bunch of poorly trained, heavily armed, overweight men who like to dress up like John Wayne and play in the woods on weekends.

Of course none of this should come as any surprise, especially if you saw the video of his supporters walking in the Eagle River parade back in July of this year.

Could you just imagine THESE guys taking on the Federal government?

Come on Alaska!  Do NOT let this imbecile represent us in Washington for the next six years!

Support Scott McAdams and let's put a guy who is not hoping to start another civil war in charge of our state.  Can we at least manage to do that much?

Update: Alaska Dispatch has a photo gallery of the arrest. 

You can clearly see how threatening Tony Hopfinger was to Miller's security.  Gee no wonder his hired thugs felt the need to go all "rent-a-cop" on his ass.


  1. Anonymous5:52 AM

    The owner claims that they are a 'wholey disabled veteran' org (spelling is his, as is unintentional irony of pointing out their mental challenges, as the employees in the pictures certainly do not appear physically disabled). Is their no legal authority that can ensure old military weapons and armaments aren't thrown about in a haphazard manner in a 'store' that is poorly managed and looks like you could break in with bobby pin and a swift kick? Hard to believe that 1.) these sorts of Rambo caricature idiots actually exist and 2.) it is legal for them to be abusing citizens. I hope, hope, hope this whole story goes public nationally. A man with his own private army--no matter how inept they are--is a threat to all of us if he gets in the Senate.

  2. Gryphen, my intuition and BS meter is informing me it was Miller who set up a "publicity stunt two weeks before the election". It is the oldest trick in the book to pull a stunt while projecting your target is "irrational and dangerous".

    I won't be surprised if this comes out these security gurads were hired and told to do this to the first person who attempted to ask Miller questions. I read in the ADN that Miller had said he'd answer more questions but then walked away. I suspect this was a set up by Miller for a publicity stunt.

    What happened to politicians, criminals, lawyers saying "No Comment" when reporters ask questions?

  3. Anonymous6:12 AM


    open your eyes and see exactly who these Teaparty candidates really are.
    this is the Cheney/Bush model on steroids.
    Evil puppetmaster NeoCon pulling strings of idiot elected frontman.

    we will see these wannabe Blackwater groups spring up everywhere if these 'baggers take office.

    We must all get as many sane people to the polls as possible

    - kellygrrrl

  4. Anonymous6:31 AM

    I don't care if Hopfinger dropped trou(ser) and held his white penis in a threatening manner to Joe Miller. He was a lone, unarmed man asking questions in a sea of bots.

    Who is the real man in this scenario? The woman who was asking Joe about his military record. Her question should have been answered as far as I'm concerned. It doesn't matter if Joe accused her of being another candidate's supporter - it is a public venue in which he invited questions. He'll only answer questions of his supporters? How is that representative of All Alaskans in Washington?

    Don't join the race if you won't submit to the rigors of campaigning and disclosure Joe.

    In fact. Fuck off. Go back to Kansas.

  5. Anonymous6:34 AM

    I'm just now coming to appreciate the beauty and maturity of the "No comment" comment.

    If Sarah would do it, she'd come off as a lot more graceful and statesman-like instead of a whack-job illiterate tossing out words she heard learned people say one time.

    If Joe would do it, he could save the seat he already presumed to have in Washington.

  6. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Good Point, Rene,

    Even more serious, however, if that is the case. There would be so many better scenarios that he could have come up with???? If this is the way he actually decided to get publicity, then he is really a very dangerous person. It is still amazing to me that he is making such a big deal out of answering any questions--that should be a huge red flag to the nutjobs that follow him--but am I surprised, No. AND Yeah, someone needs to tell the rag tag morons, that just because you have a suit on, does not make you look professional--get a fitting you jerks.

  7. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Ummm, Miller is dressed exactly like his security guards. That's a little weird seeing all those black suits and red power ties.

  8. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Wake up people! This is what we can expect if people like Palin, Miller, Angle, Paladino, and O'Donnell get any power. We can't stay in our little comfort zone and expect someone else to do the protesting for us. We have to let them know they can't get away with it. And I don't mean by using their side's communist tactics, either.

  9. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Evil puppetmaster NeoCon pulling strings of idiot elected frontman.

    @6:12 -- don't forget these people will be elected by even bigger idiots.

  10. Rene
    my intuition and BS meter is informing me it was Miller who set up a "publicity stunt two weeks before the election". It is the oldest trick in the book to pull a stunt while projecting your target is "irrational and dangerous".

    Rene you are absolutely correct that faking a threat is an old ploy used many times in history.

    Hitlers excuse for invading Poland was manufactured by invading a radio station and killing its workers with storm troopers dressed as Polish military.

    The analogy of Miller acting more like a NAZI than a Repugnicant is a good one and I am working on a post that draws the parallels to many of the actors that are running for office and members of the National Socialists who rose Hitler to power.

    My thought is that Joe most aligns to the slimy little rat Himmler (they even look a little alike) playing the unrequited adorer of Palins Hitler.

    Over all folks this and many of the other incidents staged or not by Tea Buggers/Repugnicants makes it all the mote important that we make sure these people never make it to power because if the do there might be no getting rid of them.

    Here is an excerpt from my blog form last night and Joes comment about East Germany:

    Ok, Mr. Miller despite all of the other faux pas statements you have made in this campaign (such as "going house hunting in Washington", "looking at office furniture for new office in Washington","might need to look for name plaque for my new office door", "looking forward to meeting my new colleagues in Washington this weekend" or "I will not comment any further about my background" to name a few). Did you just advocate building a wall and staffing it with armed guards like Kruschev did in the 1960s? The same wall your venerated lord and master you so often invoke, President Regan decried to all of the world "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall"? Didn't you say that you are running for office to put an end to the Socialist ideals of the Obama administration?

    The majority of the illegals that come here are not criminals and do not commit crimes while in America. They come here because much of our elitist citizenry are too spoiled to mow their own lawns, cook their own food, clean their own toilets, wipe their own kids asses and/or other menial jobs that they are willing to do to have a better life. Don't believe me? Just ask Meg Whitman, and Joe you just proved you are no better than she is.

    So if we build your wall Joe do you also advocate the wholesale slaughter of those who decide to scale it like the Communists escapees did? There is no precise number how many people were killed trying to leave East Germany so it is up to you, name the number of people that it would be OK to kill for wanting to make a better life for themselves or their families.

    I agree that something needs to be done but you just showed everyone how little value you would be in making that decision, as well as just how big a prick you are. So hows that candidate thing workin' out for ya JoJo?

  11. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Head Jackboot Fulton (soon to be head of Secret Service for the Tea Party):

    "[B]ecause it's a private event, and we've taken over the school."

    "I don't educate the public."

    Fulton said he told Hopfinger to leave. Hopfinger didn't leave. So he banged him into a wall and cuffed him.

    End of story.

  12. Anonymous7:13 AM

    How can a candidate expect to win votes when they have the press arrested? He's basically saying "I want your vote but fuck you if you even want me to answer a question. I'll have you arrested". If Miller wins this election, I'm going to strongly suspect fraud.

    Miller, Palin and the rest of the Teatards should maybe accept blogs and bloggers. Where would we be without blogs in this political climate? The more the media turns to the right, the more I depend on blogs for truth.

    That photo of the 3 thugs pointing guns at the person on the ground is disturbing. Those 2 little children watching from the window will remember that all their lives.

  13. Anonymous7:15 AM

    The press release was headlined "Liberal Blogger Loses it at Town Hall Meeting," although Miller knows well that Dispatch, which is involved in a lawsuit to obtain Miller's Fairbanks personnel records, is not a "blog" but an established online news magazine.

    Isn't Newsmax, Sarah's favorite media medium other than her own FB and Twitter Account, Fox News and radio show Bob & Mark, an online news magazine? Should we refer to it as a blog now?

  14. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Joe is a member of the AIP. Can't believe no ones outed him on this- like Alaska Dispatch.

    Bye some booze for some of their members and they will start talking.

    This isn't just a rumor.

    Anon 5:52 many disabled do NOT look disabled. Head injuries, psych problems, neurological problems and more.
    They are ALL AIP yet take disability.

    Look at the things Joe wants for Alaska. He's AIP inside and out. And so is Sarah. LISTEN!!! The media sucks and Alaskans are dumb- no offense- but this anti-American hypocrite is going to be elected by the same morons who elected Sarah. And they will be sorry when he tries to eliminate federal programs. You know how many Alaskans are on food stamps and Medicaid????

    Alaska is one of the worst states for poverty. And the people are incredibly uneducated. Disaster is coming with a fascist like Miller. He is AIP get it yet? Why dent ADN report this?

  15. Ratfish7:22 AM

    Speaking of jackboots.

    People need to remember that first Hitler muzzled speech by use of thugs and then eliminated voting.

    With Joe Miller's statements and actions regarding the 1st and 17th amendments we can now envision Joe Miller's America: a police state.

    All Alaskans- republicans,democrats, independents, and especially libertarians should be appalled.

  16. Anonymous7:23 AM

    In general, not specific to Joe Miller, we are one breath away from some kind of tragic event involving quasi-military private security forces.
    In this climate of hate-mongering and private individuals carrying weapons onto the UAA campus to demonstrate his "right" to be armed, and holiday parades with platoons of armed men, it's just a matter of time before something bad happens involving private individuals behaving like law enforcement.
    Let's get some scrutiny and oversight in place BEFORE something happens. These guys are NOT police - they are paid staff.

    Hey, all you gun-rights activists. You can help by being rational. You can participate in the process. You realize, don't you, that once we have a shoot-out, your right to carry arms WILL be necessarily restricted? You get that, right?

  17. Anonymous7:28 AM

    is the Alaska Dispatch down or just too many hits on their site?

  18. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Gryph, you might let Alaska Dispatch that their site is down - something about a SQL server.

    Joe is an idiot! Alaskans should not vote him in as their senator, but should highly recommend that he return to Kansas, his home state (sorry Kansans). After all, Alaska has to put up with Palin and that is more than enough for such a small population in such a large state.

    Joe is also stupid if he thinks having a private army to do his bidding is the American way.

    This stupidity needs to end now!

  19. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I guess standard equipment for reportors now ought to include handcuff keys.

  20. Ratfish8:06 AM

    Just call it the Central School Putsch!

    Ps why does "decorated combat veteran" Adolph Miller need security thugs? The other candidates- including the incumbent- seem to trust Alaskans.

  21. Anonymous8:22 AM


  22. SME1318:24 AM

    I wonder how much of their store inventory was bought and paid for with our tax dollars and then shipped back here for them to sell. They wouldn't be the first to find a way to sneak this and money out of the war zone.

    It might be nice to see their store raided by federal officials huh.

  23. Anonymous8:32 AM

    This story is amazing to me. We don't want our guy to answer your questions or respect your freedom of speech so we are going to throw you into a wall and handcuff you.

    I would really like to hear what the actual police thought about this.

    I hope the journalist sues and ties Miller up in court for years. Although he won't get anything since Miller is already in debt up to his beady eye balls.

    What is the picture from at the top of this post? The poor children look so scared. Heartbreaking

  24. Virginia Voter8:42 AM

    This Tony guy needs to get out in front of this story ASAP, the national media is already spinning it in Miller's favor. Any and all video of this event to go viral, and Tony needs to get himself on CNN, MSNBC, and everywhere else he can to show it.

  25. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Those guys are mall cops run amok. Good Lord.

  26. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I am using Firefox as my browser with the WOT (Web of Trust) extension installed. I just tried to visit Alaska Dispatch from the link provided in this article and got the warning "This site has a poor reputation." Several users of WOT have commented that there is malicious content, viruses, phishing scams at this site.
    I gave it a green rating and added my comment that I suspect political motives in the negative ratings by others. That one positive review moved it from a "red zone" to a "yellow zone", so if others here are using WOT, I would recommend adding your rating.

  27. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Others have already suggested that this 'crazed stalker blogger' incident is a set up.

    I think that is true.

    It is intended to get publicity.

    It is also intended to get campaign donations and the 'independent media' spots that he needs to fool the moderate republicans into voting for him.

    He is in a tight race and bringing the crazy is all he can think of to do. Preview of Palin 2012 for President.

    It is intended to help construct a believable ( at least to the idiot followers)story as to how "others" derailed his candidacy and stole the election. They need "proof" of the conspiracy and are already manufacturing the proof as we watch.

    There will be more to come- more staged incidents.

    Another important purpose of a staged event like this is to advertise to all the followers just how committed Joe is to the cause. Taking action against liberals and lamestream media- not just a slogan but real action by Militia Joe Miller.

    The last effect of this staged circus- attempt to discourage the media in its coverage. Hopefully this is a FAIL.

    Militia Joe Miller- see his true colors shining through.

  28. Anonymous9:02 AM

    We have become so jaded by the anger of the Tea Party that somehow no one from his party dares to discuss his inability to serve as the U.S. Senator. I can not believe that the Republican Party hasn't asked this guy to step down immediately.
    I also find it very scary that 35% of Alaskans are still willing to vote for this abomination.

  29. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Virginia voter is right.

    Everyone who could have been Tony Hopfinger needs to be thinking- if this happened to me what would I do.

    You may get one chance to say what you think- are you ready?

  30. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Okay, I'm gonna go there... and I will because the hubby said it first...

    Ms. Miller looks over powered, over worked and abused to the point of silenced. Once she starts to speak up for herself, more kids are in order.

    And the above is amost a direct quote from my hubby, who by the way was raised be a overly aggressive father.

    Me, I just think there is something else going on in that union than meets the eye.

  31. Questionable "security" companies are one of the unfortunate products of stupid wars and petty military adventures. Half-literate teenagers are taken in for military training, do their dangerous stints wherever, get up close views of the worst of human behavior, and are then returned to us at the end of their enlistments. They are unemployed and unemployable, have no skills except creeping around and shooting guns. The "job" of last resort is security guard somewhere which provides a uniform, a stick, sometimes a gun and an unearned sense of worthiness.

    No one ever thinks about this consequence of war. It is a recipe for social disaster. Only the Joe Millers of the world benefit from this situation.

  32. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Was Drop Zone hired by the campaign of Joe Miller? If so that will show on the campaign filings (if he ever files them).

    Did Drop Zone donate their services? That would also need to be declared as a donation to the campaign.

    Are licenses and insurance required for security services in Alaska? The Alaska Division of Corporations shows that Drop Zone Security Services -William F. Fulton at 3701 Spenard Road Anchorage WAS licensed. That license expired 12/31/09.

    Has Drop Zone provided any other services to the campaign of Joe Miller? How about to any other political candidates?

    Who provided Joe Miller's security squad at the 2008 Alaska Republican Convention? Surely there were not any crazed bloggers present there. Maybe some non-crazed Republican can give us some info on what happened in 2008.

  33. Ted Powell12:00 PM

    Here is an account by a customer who went in and asked some questions:

    "Rude service‎ Went there to ask some questions and ended up getting put in handcuffs and having to wait for APD to come and rescue me. They should rename it JackBooted Supply."

    This matches a Google user review dated today, i.e. after the Joe Miller incident. Note that it was followed by this "review":

    "Prompt, professional service!!!!!!‎‎ I asked a question at a political event and was very impressed by how quickly I was harassed, cuffed and illegally detained. If I was a crypto-fascist coward running for public office in Alaska, I'd definitely hire these goons!"

    I suggest that IM not attribute either review to factual reporting (as opposed to satirical comment) without some checking.

  34. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Great: Bunch of fucking reject jar-head wannabes selectively enforcing the Constitution. How very SS.

  35. Anonymous3:19 PM

    "Of course none of this should come as any surprise, especially if you saw the video of his supporters walking in the Eagle River parade back in July of this year."

    Problem is his supporters, ie., money and management are out of state, he will owe no allegiance to Alaskans except at election time.


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