Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scott McAdams to Lisa and Teabagger Joe: I showed you mine, now you show me yours. Update!

McAdams Campaign Releases List of Donors, Urges other Candidates to do the Same
McAdams vows not to accept money from corporate PACs

U.S. Democratic Senate candidate Scott McAdams challenged his opponents to be more transparent with Alaska voters and to disclose the source of their donors by releasing the complete list of individual and political action committees (PACs) that have contributed to their campaigns.

“Alaskans need to know now, before the election, who is funding the Senate campaigns,” McAdams said. “Lisa has accepted startling sums of money from corporations and now openly touts the support of a new ‘Super-PAC.’ Meanwhile Joe’s fundraising is still hidden behind a maze of Tea-Party donors and Outside interests.”

McAdams is the only candidate to post his most recent donor list, dated October 15, on his website.

This action illustrates the inadequacy of existing federal election law. Furthermore, at the Alaska Dispatch candidate debate in Anchorage, McAdams vowed not to accept any money from corporate PACs now or when he gets elected.

“There is already a tremendous amount of special interest and corporate money in this Senate race,” McAdams said. “Unfortunately, it is very difficult for voters to find out who is giving to candidate’s campaign without the candidates themselves posting the information.”

Currently federal candidates are not required to file their Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports electronically. Instead, they are only required to mail in hard copies which the FEC then posts. This year the reporting deadline for post-primary quarterly FEC reports was October 15, 2010 and the reports have not yet been posted on the FEC website.

The McAdams for Senate donor list can be found right here.

Well I for one would LOVE to see exactly who is donating to Murkowski and Miller's campaigns!

Wouldn't you?


McAdams campaign reaches million dollar mark!

In only 2 months, the Scott McAdams for U.S. Senate campaign has raised over $1 million in donations. Almost all funds have arrived in donations under $200. This statistic stands in sharp contrast with Scott’s opponents who rely on outside media buys and corporate public action committees (PAC’s). Facts about the McAdams campaign fundraising results:

Total amount raised August 5, 2010 – October 20, 2010: $1,010,000
Total number of donations: Over 12,000
Total number of people who donated $200 or less: 88%
Total number of Alaskans who donated: Over 3,900
Total amount donated by Alaskans: $538,000 (54%)

88% of donations were $200 or less.

Now THAT is a grass roots campaign! 

The Teabaggers brag that they are the grassroots campaign. But that is bullshit!

If Miller wants to prove he is not a corporate whore he needs to post HIS donor list.  If he fails to do that then we know that his campaign is funded by millionaires from outside trying to influence Alaska politics and get their hands on our resources to make themselves even richer.


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Congratulations to Scott McAdams for running such a positive and transparent campaign.

    My goodness, he is setting a great example for candidates across the nation. How I wish more were like him!

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM



  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Scott's whole page is so open and easy to navigate-- I love this man! He has not asked anything that he, himself is not willing to do.

  4. Virginia Voter12:37 PM

    I'm very proud to be "on the list", and even prouder that my Senator, Jim Webb, gave $$ to Scott!

    Please, everyone, do what you can to support our democratic candidates in close races like Scott, Jack Conway (KY), Joe Sestak, and others. If you can't give, you can volunteer to make calls from your house...just log on to, and based on your zip code, you will be given a list of names of 08 democratic voters to call. It's so easy!

    Senate votes and filibusters affect all of us. Bonus, think of how sweet it will be to steal a Republican seat right from Sarah Palin's hand picked butt boy!

  5. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Good for Scott. But you are dreaming if you think this will have any impact on the possible release of documents from Lisa or Joe.

  6. GrainneKathleen12:58 PM

    ot, but anderson cooper did a good analysis of o'donnell's constitutional cluelessness:
    rachel maddow also had some insights:

  7. majii1:13 PM

    I want the tea partiers and conservatives to see my name on the list. I'm proud I donated to Scott's campaign. I'm not holding my breath waiting on Lisa and Joe to reveal their donor lists. They don't want their supporters to know that, if they win the election, they'll be working for their corporate donors and not for them. I've been on the ADN site everyday, and for the life of me, I don't understand why there are so many posting there who say they're voting for Murkowski who abandoned the state of AK to do the bidding of Big Business and Big Oil. If they stopped long enough to think about it, they'd realize that Lisa has done a "Palin" on them.

  8. I just donated today to McAdams. I committed to earlier and shame on me for my procrastination.

    I hope McAdams gets more press and appearances instead of the media giving undeserved focus to liars, divisive persons and young women in gorilla costumes who lack work ethics seeking publicity stunts and stealing the limelight despite being unqualified for jobs they seek and don't even prepare to be able to compete.

    OT-I can't wait to read Nichol Wallace's book!

  9. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Will he keep this updated? I want to donate but I have to wait a couple of days! I want to be on the list, too!

  10. GrainneKathleen1:38 PM

    ot again, but another good bit about how the teaparty evolved and devolved. i have never heard it explained this way and am skeptical of it, but it is interesting to hear "founding members" express their disappointment in the tp's current form. it's nice to hear them rag on mam grizz, too:

    i didn't know cenk was ever into the tea party. i don't follow him that closely but when i have i have usually found him to be sensible. i am left confuse-ed.

  11. Anonymous1:38 PM

    I am SO proud to donate to Scott's campaign and will keep doing so through next week. He is awesome!

  12. GrainneKathleen1:42 PM

    finally on topic, this is great new that mcadams is pushing transparency. being a true man of the people - the only one of the three folks leading this race - is one of the best things he has going for him. that and he's smart and clear in his view and offers really policies, and is really from alaska, and lives his value, and is so darn likable. i would love to see him in the senate.

  13. Anonymous2:33 PM

    McAdams campaign reaches million dollar mark!

    Are you kidding me. Far Fucking out!

    Sic em Scott!

  14. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Here's an interesting development from Joe Miller, going after Lisa Murkowski's funding:

    I don't live in Alaska, but if I did, I would totally vote for McAdams. He seems genuine, well-spoken, and possessed of integrity that's refreshing in a political candidate these days.


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