Monday, November 15, 2010

Sarah Palin, sexualizing politics since 1996.

There were a number of strange things that jumped out at me during the premiere of Sarah Palin's "political advertisement hiding inside of a reality show," but the one thing that kept teabagging me in the face was the unnecessary and gratuitous use of sexual imagery.

Now anybody who watches reality programming, like "The Jersey Shore." "Kendra," "The Kardashians," etc., is aware that exposing a little skin and engaging in some naughty talk attracts the viewers like flies to cow pies.  After all these shows are designed specifically to awaken the voyeur in all of us.

However to have a middle aged, possible Presidential hopeful follow that formula is a little....well let's go with disconcerting.

Though I guess we should not find it that surprising considering that Palin used her rapidly deteriorating sexuality to get mushy editorial love letters from the male dominated American press when John McCain first plucked her from the wilds of Wasilla. And that using sex to get attention and compliance is nothing new since, according to Vanity Fair, she even did that back in the days when she was working with the city council of Wasilla: “Once, while Sarah was preparing for a city-council meeting, she said, ‘I’m gonna put on one of my push-up bras so I can get what I want tonight.’ That’s how she rolls.”

Still, watching Palin parade around in her shorts for the camera crew, while playing the damsel in distress frightened of the completely disinterested Joe McGinniss next door, IS a little creepy.

Sarah also constantly sports this bizarre "I just received a good rogering out by the dead lake" hair weave on her head, which also seems designed to fire up the "naughty bits" of the conservative males in the viewing audience. (If she is getting a "rogering" I highly doubt it is from  Todd "Captain America" Palin who looks like he has not had sex since Piper was conceived. Yes I said PIPER!)

Perhaps the most uncomfortable use of sexuality are the scenes of Willow parading around the house in booty shorts while attempting to sneak her boyfriend past her mother to join her in her bedroom.  Sarah, also walking around in shorts, puts a stop to that in very flirty, Mrs. Robinson manner, which just adds to the "ick" factor of the whole scene. (By the way it should also be noted that neither Willow, Piper, Sarah, nor Todd seem to suffer from the "eating disorder" that is currently causing Bristol to gain weight while dancing eight hours a day.  Of course if Willow's boyfriend had made it past the Grizzled Mama that might have changed.)

There are many more oddly sexualized moments in the program as well, but the ones that seemed especially out of place and bizarre took place while Sister Sarah was "climbing" some rocks near Denali.

For one thing as they were training for the climb, there is a scene where Bible Spice is seen dangling from a harness that looks suspiciously like the sex swing which I have no doubt many conservative men have hanging in their garage with their Sarah Palin sex doll already strapped in for easy access.

Then later at the beginning of the actual "ascent" Todd refers to Sarah as "juicy."  Yes you read that right, "JUICY!"

Now I tried to think of other words that Tawd might have actually used that only sounded like "juicy," like "pushy," or "gooshy," or "you harpy bitch," but none of them sounded convincing enough for me to believe that he did not ACTUALLY refer to his wife on national television as "juicy." (Do you know what is even stranger?  Since I have heard from numerous sources that Todd never really gets to see Sarah in her "juicy" glory," that word might actually have been written into the script for him to say!  Go ahead and shower if you have to, I totally understand what you are feeling.)

Then later as Sarah feigns helplessness and constantly bitches about EVERYTHING in a way that must only be sexy to guys who have little respect for strong women, she stops for some reason to announce to the television audience "Now I’m straddling a crevasse. It’s deep and dark." I have little doubt that at that announcement numerous male Republican hands, went down numerous male Republican pants, as they murmured to themselves "I got something for your crevasse right here baby!"

All in all the program was ridiculous and so fake that it made my head hurt.  In fact I could not live blog it because I was too busy rubbing my temples and trying to figure out who would buy into this steaming pile of mooseshit. (After the show I cleansed the scary out of my head by turning the channel to AMC to watch the new show "The Walking Dead," because Gryphen loves him some horror shows, and had a weird moment of Deja vu right up until I realized that the Todd Palin looking zombie I was watching could not actually be the ex-First Dude because he had WAY too much personality.)

Gee I wonder how Sister Sarah will embarrass herself, her family, and the people of Alaska next week?


  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Question: you haven't addressed the fact that Colleen Cottle has been quoted giving different views of Sarah, first in 2008, then in VF.

  2. Ratfish8:52 AM

    "....she stops for some reason to announce to the television audience "Now I’m straddling a crevasse. It’s deep and dark." I have little doubt that at that announcement numerous male Republican hands, went down numerous male Republican pants, as they murmured to themselves "I got something for your crevasse right here baby!"


  3. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I didn't watch; I was awaiting your review instead. Oh did not disappoint! This post was classic.

  4. emrysa8:56 AM

    gryphen I have to say that it really says a lot about sarah that she would let willow wear those shorts on that show. no sane woman would let their teenage daughter wear shorts like that on tv. on the same hand I guess no sane woman would stage that scene with willow's boy, either. having him sneak upstairs so she can make a point of saying get down here? I mean really, wtf is that - can you just imagine the planning of this scene? "hey let's have willow parade around in her booty shorts and go upstairs to her bedroom, all the while looking over her shoulder at her boy who's practically salivating and restrained to the downstairs. when her boy thinks I'm not looking he can sneak upstairs but you see I have eyes in the back of my head so I can call him out! let me show the world that I really know what's going on in my house!" seriously WTF??? this is SO JUVENILE! she has once again demonstrated that her mind never developed beyond her teenage years and has made herself look like a fool. sometimes it's pretty amazing that the bots don't wake up to this fraud. she's so f-ing obvious.

  5. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I agree that this first episode was on the boring side,minus the intro because that was awesome.

    But the clips of future episodes are promising. People (who aren't liberal dipshits) are forming new opinions about this person as just a woman. I just hate how too many people intertwine politics and real life. Every politician has their contradiction. I recently read a section of a new Clinton Bio. In it are anecdotes from friends, colleagues, anyone who has met Pres Clinton and what they think about his. The descriptions point to an incredibly complicated man.

    People need to realize no politicians are how hey appear on tv and we shouldnt judge someone before we meet them.

  6. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I couldn't watch it last night. The promos made me gag. I was really disgusted by the pushing of Piper into the birthday cake. I did read the comments on Television Without Pity and, of course, the Palinbots chimed in to praise Sarah Palin for being down-to-earth. Oy veh. I guess there are people out there who are easily duped. No matter how phoney the Palins are, they are, to some people, the All-American Family. I do not watch these types of "reality shows." They are anything but real. And SP is the Queen of Lies.

  7. Anonymous9:04 AM

    well, if guys need more thrills, there is that gopher picture you put up a couple of days ago.

    Yes, young and old desperate men, if you need to fantasize about oral sex and your grandma's crazy friend from Arizona, that's probably a good picture.

  8. Anonymous9:04 AM

    btw, the story about Sarah sexualizing herself as councilwoman/mayor are not true. Sarah isn't that confident in her sexuality and hates the attention. It literally took her years to take normal pride in herself and she admits fashion has never been her thing.

    I for one am glad she's not a superficial person

  9. FEDUP!!!9:06 AM

    I am soooo glad I don't have a TV anymore! The picture of this dried up old prune trying to get more dried-up old geezers to get aroused.... GAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

  10. Anonymous9:06 AM

    This woman has some serious issues...and then there are her sexual issues. Does she really think she is that attractive? Or should I say "hot?"

  11. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I'm the most NON-prudish woman you'd ever want to meet, and yet I agree with your assessment of her throwing around teases to her male audience. Hopefully, she'll first lose her adoring FEMALE fans who'll come to realize Sarah is still in high-school mode, and then slowly but surely also lose the MEN who (for reasons I don't quite understand) fantasize about her as well. Fellas....she ain't gonna' put out...not for all the money in the world. And if she DID, I doubt she'd enjoy it.

  12. Anonymous9:13 AM

    In the early 1980s, when I was in grade
    school, I had a tee shirt that hand lemons
    on the front--the lemons were dripping juice
    and the word "juicy" was written across the top.
    Well, I wore that shirt a lot, and my nickname
    became Juicy. Sarah Palin has ruined that
    childhood memory. Sigh. At least she'll
    never be called my other nickname--Sweetness.

  13. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Who, G man, don't you think it's a bit slanderous and pedophilic for you to be discussing the sexualization of a teen girl? Willow's not a bad girl. and for that matter, Bristol's not either. Misconceptions arise when teen pregnancy happens. The palins have always been family people -whether its the Bristol Bay fam, anch, wash, texas- they do things together.

    Who are your sources? The people I personally know in Wasilla (who I've stayed with) are friends of the family and upstanding community leaders who know the dangers of talking to outside press. This is why no one in the know will talk. This is why journalists must resort to opinion bloggers for info or bullshit and throw together past pieces. Is it not coincidental that the recent hit pieces perfectly combine pretty much every past article that shows Sarah in an unfavorable light? This is how journlists make a living - they can't get close to the source so to not get slammed as illegitimate, they "research" past articles.

    Unless words come from the subjects mouth directly, the information is skewed, positive or negative, it's still skewed.

  14. Pat in MA9:17 AM

    Thanks for taking one for the team, Gryph. I won't watch. Instead, I tuned into PBS to see the Kennedy Center Mark Twain prize for humor given to Tina Fey.

  15. "Now I tried to think of other words that Tawd might have actually used that only sounded like "juicy," like "pushy," or "gooshy," or "you harpy bitch" ...LOVE that line...made me laugh. I didn't watch the show - don't want to pollute my Sunday evening with her screech. "Walking Dead" was the choice at Casa Luna last night, too. Love me some scary Zombie show.

  16. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I need a shower now. The term of endearment "Juicy" is not acceptable for national tvv. Nor is preaching abstinence and telling your second time fiance left rose petals on your bed. It falls under the category of "too much information" for me.

    I see your point how sexuality is played, subtle innuendos, sexually suggetive words, highlighting boy chasing a girl to her bedroom teen sexuality to be shared with the viewers that is provacative.

    Hindsight, raising four teens my kids would have felt mortified if I set a scene for them to entertain the opposite sex in their bedroom so millions could watch them. It is totally "icky". Not that none of them tried that. It isn't something to make a national spectacle of or for a parent to serve them up on a platter as some proof she does not allow that. I am certain my kids would have felt icky if I told them to act out an attempt for making out so I could stop them, they dis me and I win in the end.

    Remember the bot comment here: "Joe wants to look in Piper's bedroom and Sarah won't even let boys in the bedroom?"
    Why do the Palins talk sex, sex, sex using their kids or force them to announce their sexual choice on Oprah? It gives me the ickies all over. Were comments made on FB about this to Willow. So much for privacy regarding sexual matters or for a teenager. Sarah is using her daughter's sexuality for personal gain as she did Bristol's. Now she made Piper the victim of a pedophile.She preys on her own young IMO.

  17. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Juicy? HA! More like barren and dry.

    Nothing sadder than a grandmother behaving like a teenager.

    I bet she smears make-up on the back of her thighs to hide her cellulite.

  18. Anonymous9:19 AM

    You poor thing, Gryph - having to sit through that train wreck!

    Hey, have you heard about Joe Miller's alleged mistress? There's a new post up at talking about it - but have you heard anything to confirm this rumor? Would be "juicy" if it is true!

  19. Tyroanee9:25 AM

    OMG Gryphen,

    I turned to The Walking Dead as well... it just seemed so appropriate given the circumstances from "Alaska's Dumb-ass Zombie Family".

  20. Anonymous9:33 AM

    I assume the "Juicy" comment was referring to "Juicy Couture"-a popular brand with young girls, but not so sure about middle-aged women.
    Just like the elder Palin's marketing of herself in a sexual manner, I have found the clips I've seen of Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars to be sexualized in a very coarse way. All of the chest shimmying and sticking her tongue out just seem vulgar. My ears really perked up when I heard one of the judges comment about the other young contestant (Kyle?) who is nineteen--basically the same age as Bristol. The judge said that she thought is was so appropriate that they kept the tone of his dance innocent and not overtly sexual because of his age. That thought never seemed to cross anyone's mind regarding Bristol.

  21. Anonymous9:36 AM

    You are so correct on all of this, Gryphen. Somehow I didn't catch Todd calling her juicy. So "flippin" weird.

    Btw, there's a new Entertainment Tonight interview with Bristol - I think it's ET anyway - and she certainly looks like she's stuffed into her white spandex shirt, ala Sarah in the "nail in the coffin" photo. She's wearing a purple scarf, too; she learned from the best!

  22. laprofesora9:42 AM

    1) "People need to realize no politicians are how hey appear on tv and we shouldnt judge someone before we meet them."

    So then I can assume you haven't judged President Obama, because you haven't met him. And none of us should judge our elected officials because we haven't personally met them. And I guess you're saying that Scarah is, in fact, a politician, which changes the whole focus on her "non-political" reality series.

    2) "I for one am glad she's not a superficial person". You people really crack me up. Do you ever listen to yourselves? May I remind you of the black push-up bra under the skimpy white t-shirt at Belmont? "Not superficial"...right.

  23. emrysa9:43 AM

    @ 9:04 am: sarah hates the attention?

    actions speak louder than words, and her actions prove your statement to be completely false. any woman who wears skirts above the knee, high heels with open toes and red painted toenails, and black bras under thin white t-shirts is clearly trying to draw attention to herself. if a person "hates the attention" they would not wear those things. why are you people so fucking stupid?

  24. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Bots are out in force today; you hit a nerve, Gryphen.

    Why oh why doesn't the MSM call her out on this sleazy sexualization? The peeptoed shoes, the too-short skirts, the inappropriate runners shorts on city streets, the CFM boots?

    I've read so many articles harping about how horrible that short-lived buzz about Sarah getting breast implants was, but none mention the fact that she provoked the entire incident by wearing a megapadded black bra under a white t-shirt. What woman wears a padded black bra under a white t-shirt? Especially when she knows the cameras are going to be clicking away? Why, a woman who wants the world to talk about her breasts, of course. (And we bit, more shame us.)

    My only consolation is that women like Sarah keep acting like this, even when they are aging and it becomes an embarrassment. They just don't understand when they're not "hot" or desirable anymore. Of course, plastic surgery and photoshop and soft-focus lenses can extend that period of illusion.

  25. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Damn, this guy sure has Sarah's number! LOVE IT!

    Yes, Sarah Palin is the ultimate princess of delusional overreaching -- and she presents it here, as she always presents herself, packaged in a wrapping of arrogant, self-righteous, self-aggrandizing cluelessness.

  26. SME1319:52 AM

    I wouldn't watch her show. It increases her ratings and I will never be any part of helping her look successful. However, I am glad you watched and gave this great critique. Priceless G, as always.

    I did see the clip where she is talking about no boys upstairs. Does she have any idea how bad it looks for her that her kid did sneak a boy upstairs?

    I have no doubt the intent was to show how strict she is and that she is an attentive mother who always knows what is happening in her house. But the entire scene actually works in reverse.

    It simply proves her kids may know the rules but they break them anyway.

    Not to mention if her kids had any respect for her at all they wouldn't need to be told.

    So yes Sarah you are still a complete and total failure.

  27. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Well 9:19 i can confirm that Joe is a stiff constitutionalist- or was that a strict constitutionalist?

    Well anyway this can't possibly be true. The right wing Republican code of honor is still in effect.

    9:15- submit your bill for that comment to Sarah Pac- or TLC? Maybe Bristol PAC?

  28. Anonymous9:55 AM

    If Sarah gets to be president, which Palin female will be the first one to get Knocked up in the Lincoln Bedroom?

  29. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Lot of Bots on here today.

  30. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Palin Unintentionally Reveals Her True Values in the TLC Show

    Trig appears to be the member of the Palin family who is left out of family events. The total time devoted to him in the show, or that he even appears is less than the time devoted to disparaging the next door neighbor, Joe McGinnis. Not one scene in the entire one hour show depicts any member of the Palin family talking to Trig. Trig is not included in the R.V. ride to Denali, the adventures of mountain climbing, fishing, baking cupcakes, wall climbing, or riding in the sea plane. In a five second shot Sarah, Piper, and Sarah’s niece are seen waiving to Trig and his babysitter as they sit inside the house watching the family members board a plane. There is a total absence of any scene devoted to any time, therapeutic or otherwise, that any member of the Palin family spends meeting even one of Trig’s “special needs.” Even when Sarah is at home there is apparently no interaction with Trig. When she is baking cupcakes with Piper, working on the computer, sitting on the back patio, or interacting with Willow, Trig is noticeably absent.

  31. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Gryph--loyal reader here, but this went too far in my opinion. Yes, I agree that Palin has some sexual insecurities as well as the fact that she sexualizes politics and conversations to benefit her. But your verbiage is over the top and to me does damage to women in general. You're the father of a daughter. This language is not ok in my view.

  32. Anonymous9:59 AM

    A Quick Roundup of Reactions to "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

  33. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Flippin’ embarrassing? You betcha!

    (by a former Palinista)

  34. Kathy in Blue Bell10:06 AM

    I enjoyed the PBS special with Tina Fey immensely. A couple of OT points for those interested. I am in the Philly area and a big sports fan. The Eagles and the Redskins are playing tonight and this is a huge game. Normally local Monday Night games are played on the ABC station. ABC has announced that they will not be showing the game, it "partnered" with a UFH station who will show it instead. ABC will be showing Dancing with the Stars. The local sports radio guys are not happy and many zingers are being directed at Bristol. Interesting because in some ways sports radio guys are kind of Sarah's base.

  35. Anonymous10:12 AM

    9:02 AM says " People (who aren't liberal dipshits) are forming new opinions about this person as just a woman."

    This person (Sarah Palin) is just a mentally unstable women and an unfit parent. That's my new opinion and I am a conservative Republican.

    My old opinion was that Sarah Palin was a dipshit.

  36. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Interesting that the 'bots are coming out in droves to defend their lady's show. Follow those marching orders, robots!

    Extra points to those who call Palin, her family and/or the show "charming". LOL.

  37. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Now we wait and see if this show beats the curse of losing viewers after the premiere. It's a hard thing to do

  38. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn10:27 AM

    About halfway through this hilarious post, I was thinkin' (SP-speak) how I loves me some IM, and then came Gryphen's second to last paragraph. It was just the cherry on the cupcake. Thank Gawd I work at home--the resulting combo snort-guffaws would have been too much in an office-y sitcheeashun, fer shure.

    The visuals contained in this review are enough to make thinking people bang their head against a brick wall until they forget what species they are. Which, of course, makes the post very effective. And probably very true! SP most likely had final say on the script, including the "juicy" part(s). I wonder if she has a few pairs of those booty shorts stashed in her closet--the ones that were popular several years ago--that had words like "juicy" and "ripe" written out across the butt? Maybe that's her inspiration to attract those creepy, upstanding, family-values Xtian men out there in Lower Jeebusville.

    I hope this post gets picked up (no pun intended) by other sites--it's a keeper, Gryphen. Great job.

  39. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Ah come on gyph, lighten up, it ain't like Sarah has mastered anything else. Nor is there any indication of mastering anything else.

    Good gawd, the whole scene with Willow and Andy is just sad. And Piper sayin Sarah instead of mom, at such a young age, only indicates the kid has learned early.

    Higher expectations of the Palin kids is kinda void, but it goes along with the Sarah sexualization of herself, be it coy or intentional or not... Just take a look at Brisket on DWTS. Brisket has proven to mastered the teet shake and dry hump and not much else except to say she'll try to show up to rehersal on time.

  40. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I did not watch, either (and refuse to). The ads for this show send me into panicky agitation ... I cannot STAND this woman. However, I'll keep logging in to see how vapid it is, per Gryphen.

    Thanks for all you do, Gryph.

  41. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Gryph, thanks for articulating what we're all familiar with thanks to the last 2+ years of the she-monster, and which was so very much on display (and will continue to be...they can't help it) in the TLC episode. These folks have SEXUAL PROBLEMS--sexual identity, performance, appearance, language, promiscuity, possibly much worse issues lurk in this family like secrets that just can't be hidden. So I'm really pretty delighted with the show. It shows them to be sexual slobs. People can accept a lot of things in their idols, but this batch of issues will be hard for even the bots to stomach. Hence their extra presence on IM today to try to salvage their queen. You had a good run with her, bots, but I think the whole POTUS thing, you can forget. Melly

  42. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn10:31 AM

    To Anon @ 9:06am--

    IMO, the only way Sarah Palin is "hot" is if she backs into a radiator.

  43. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Willow has had a good tutor. She knows how to extract compliance from men with use of sexual cues. It's a great life skill. Willow can look forward to financial security.

    All Willow has to do is stay off drugs and keep her looks, which apparently Sarah Palin couldn't manage to do.

  44. Anonymous10:33 AM

    @ 9:15 am: Given that Gryphen has a daughter a few years older than the Palin girls, it's a lot more likely that he was appalled by Willow's appearance/actions, as he never would have let his daughter do that.

    What is it with the Palins, their bots, and their obsession with pedophilia?

  45. Anonymous10:37 AM

    That sexuality thing is part of the packaging. It's everything from the "Naughty Monkey" pumps to Bristol dressing like her mom on DWTS just before she did a striptease. The whole thing is disgusting.

  46. My favorite quote: "I just don't like heights! I was so cocky! I'm getting punished for it." Hoping that quote will be repeated sometime soon in her political career.

  47. Anonymous10:38 AM

    [Anonymous said... 9:02 AM
    I recently read a section of a new Clinton Bio.]

    Hey teabagger, I didn't know you pathetic brainwashed dipshitz could read.

    It has been 10 years since Clinton left office and you assholes are still trying to blame all the repug and teabagger bullshit on him.

    Clinton got a BJ, your quitter queen was knocked up higher than a kite by another man, NOT TODD when they married!!! Later toxic sarah broke up the partnership and friendship of poor old toady Todd and his best friend by having an affair with said friend!

    Get a life, give it up and stick your head back up your ass like the rest of the teabagging palenites!

  48. Facebook Lurker10:39 AM

    Whooo, somebody is getting verrry defensive about who votes for them on Dancing With the Stars:

    This one's worth a look, Mark sounds pissed.

    And to those who ask me follow up questions, I have a life and two jobs, so I cannot always response directly. Any information I post is always from first hand sources, not he, said, she said stuff, and is always accurate.

    With that said, this TLC show has proven that Sarah and her family have absolutely no idea how they come off to others. It is shocking, really that she would allow herself to be seen for the whiny, selfish, and petulant promo hair wearing girl in a woman's body. Her emotionally maturity is on the level of her 16 year old, who has quite the foul mouth with her friends too. Gay, faggot, shit, and worse are regular vocabulary.

    And before you delusional Palinbots start in on me about how all teeneagers talk, I only have this to say. Yes, teenagers talk that way, but if you're the child of a uber Christian right wing holier than thou, abstinence only preachin, common sense conservative, mother who makes her living selling the picture of wholesome family goodness, you better walk the walk and talk the talk, Sarah and her family do neither.

    Anyone who comes on here and says they know Sarah, Todd, blah, blah, blah, and doesn't even use a fake internet name is full of shit. The Palinbots are working overtime today trying to neutralize the 8 part disaster that is Sarah Palin's Alaska.

  49. Anonymous10:44 AM

    "Now I’m straddling a crevasse. It’s deep and dark."

    And, it's frigid, sharp & can kill ya!

    If Sarah has sex appeal, then her shelf life will be ending soon. She is no Sophia Loren.

    Told you last week she sounded phony & scripted. I'd gag her before there's an avalanche.

    Denise (Michigan)

  50. Anonymous10:45 AM

    9:04 - Wow. Just wow. I didn't believe anyone would ever say what you said:

    "I for one am glad she's not a superficial person."

    May I suggest you get out more? Sarah Palin is about as superficial as you can get without actually being a cardboard cutout.

    Have you actually paid attention to what she says? Yikes, if you think that is deep, the only way I could possibly come close to agreeing with you is to say, "yes, deep dodo."

  51. Anonymous10:46 AM

    At 9:04AM

    That's why she had that photo of herself posing on her bed holding up a t-shirt about her boobs to her chest while she was in college, huh?

    - KatieAnnieOakley

  52. Anonymous10:46 AM

    @9:15 AM ....friends of the family and upstanding community leaders who know the dangers of talking to outside press. This is why no one in the know will talk.

    Do I understand you correctly, that you think if you talked to the media, they would twist what you say (including FOX I assume) so instead of defending Sarah, you stay silent in solidarity and support of her.
    With friends like that, who needs enemies.


  53. Anonymous10:48 AM


    This blog is under severe BOT attack.

  54. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Do you think it's possible that Mark Bennett set this whole thing up to bring her down? She's so far on the inside that she doesn't realize how ridiculous she and her family look to normal Americans? I think Mark may be having the last laugh here.

  55. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Gees, 9:02, how open-minded of you to say "People (who aren't liberal dipshits)." Usually you folks call progressives, moderates and sane people generally just "haters."

    If someone criticizes Sarah, they have to be something vile, eh?

    Well, that's okay, because your opinion really is grounded in reality. We just call you crazy.

    Learning to read, analyze, listen and contemplate (sorry - Big Word Alert) are skills that I bet you could acquire if you really, really tried, but you'd have to turn off Faux News and stop drooling over Sarah first. Try it. It might just make you a nicer person.

  56. Virginia Voter10:52 AM

    As far as Willow in Daisy Dukes goes, apparently Todd and Sarah never had a problem with it before, when she appeared on stage with the family at the Auburn NY Founders Day in June of 09:

  57. Anonymous10:56 AM

    More on the show:

    "the 'Sound of Music' without the Nazis"

    As usual, Fox gets it wrong...there is at least ONE Nazi that I could see clearly in nearly every shot!

  58. Anonymous11:01 AM

    To 9:15 - Gryphen is not "sexualizing" Willow. Sarah is.

    No mother with any intelligence would let her daughter run around dressed like that - particularly on national television and with a boyfriend about. Why would Sarah be surprised that the young guy would want to get up to Willow's bedroom? After all, she's advertising and taunting him with those booty shorts.

    Goodness, Sarah should be a mother. Todd should be a father. They need to think about the consequences of allowing their daughters to dress and behave like that. You'd think that Bristol's experience would have been a wake-up call for better parenting, but I guess some people never wise-up. It takes a lot of time and energy and thought to parent well and they don't seem to want to even try.

  59. To whomever said Sarah is uncomfortable with being seen as sexy....UMMMM....she had T-shirts made with "hottest governor from the coldest state" on them. And her own DAD wore one. Gross.

  60. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Hey, 9:04, we know Sarah is not confident in her sexuality. A woman who is doesn't flaunt herself all the time. A woman confident in her sexuality doesn't have to dress and act like Sarah.

    It's been obvious to most of us for a long time now that Sarah has serious self-esteem problems. Whatever happened in her childhood must have been traumatic because she is seriously wounded and acting out now. That she always alludes to sex, particularly deviant sex, when talking about her daughters is another clue.

  61. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I can believe the ratings were high. The opposition research Huck, Mitt, Jeb, et al amassed was probably astounding.

  62. Wonder how she did in ratings?

    You did know that a special with TINA FEY was on opposite her, right?

  63. Anonymous11:13 AM

    10:48 - bingo, we have a winner!

  64. elliegrl11:13 AM

    UGH, her stupidity is infectious!!! "Repudiate" is the word of the year. U'm sure she'll tweet about it soon and C4P will crow that their queen was vindicated. Once again, UGH.

  65. Anonymous11:18 AM

    To the Bots:

    I, for one, have never disliked Sarah for her parenting, her hair, her clothing, or her background.
    I dislike Sarah because of her unethical behavior as governor, the ridiculous lies about non-issues, and her belief that she does not have to know anything about a topic before she expounds on it. I find her immature and shrill, ungracious, and hypocritical. If one feels persecuted by the media, why on earth would one sign up for MORE media? Clearly Sarah would rather have attention than no attention. There's no reason to subject herself or her family to this other than she chooses to.

  66. Anonymous11:19 AM

    She did not make those tshirts. Seriously folks?

  67. Anonymous11:21 AM


    Love the sarcasm. I did a double take on that one!!

  68. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Do I understand you correctly, that you think if you talked to the media, they would twist what you say (including FOX I assume) so instead of defending Sarah, you stay silent in solidarity and support of her.
    With friends like that, who needs enemies.

    Yes, I do believe that. Look to the treatment of every female in the media for your proof. It's sick. I was appalled with people attacked Michelles shorts, I was appalled that Hillary's suits were mocked.. We as women should be fuming that the littlest bloat people construe hateful sentiments

  69. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Sarah is so inappropriate.

    This show is inappropriate.

    Todd´s comment is inappropriate.

    Willow´s shorts are inappropriate.

    So an inappropriate comment is in order.

    Sarah: ¨Now I´m straddling a crevasse.¨ The crevasse, Sarah, is between your legs. It´s big, floppy, and grandmotherly.

  70. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I wore a shirt in college with the letter EZ on the front. Stupid yes! Funny that I found it in a TJ Maxx, VERY! You're holding one picture against her?

  71. Anonymous11:25 AM

    $arah Palin's Alaska didn't set any ratings record. The season 5 premier of Jon+Kate=Eight got like 9.8 million viewers. Palin's show got less than 5 million viewers. Not that impressive. Sounds like the dishonest media once again trying to build up this horrible woman.

  72. Liberal Dipshit11:27 AM

    Dipshit Liberal checking in, here...

    If I get that nickname over the fact that I listen to all points of view, and allow my mind to CHANGE with any new information that sounds credible, I'll accept that epithet.

    Example: I was repeating something I heard several times: that General Motors had paid back the hated "bailout" which Obama gave them...only to have someone who is close to that activity correct me.

    Firstly, it was BUSH who pushed through the automakers' bailout, even though congress had voted against it--using that Presidential trick of "ramming it down our throats." (Used so often to describe "Obamacare.")

    Secondly, GM has only paid back a PORTION of that bailout.

    SO: with new facts in front of me, I shut my mouth about this matter.

    If only the Tea Partiers and the Sarah Palin robots would uncake the concrete from around their minds, and LISTEN to all the true facts whirling around them--instead of doing that classic three monkey thing of putting their hands over their eyes and ears (but sadly not their mouths.)

    Like I said, if being OPENMINDED identifies me as a dipshit, I stand guilty as charged.

    And happy as can be that I'm NOT the opposite, which I suppose is labeled a Conservative Blockhead.

  73. Anonymous11:28 AM

    To facebook lurker, check out Bristol's fan page. the post about last week. like 3 down from top.

    in the top of the comments, bristol replies that shes glad someone noticed the tea party shirt. GO TEAPARTY.

    Doesn't think the repubs/TPs are behind her my ass. Now I will say Ive met Dems here in NY who support her but it's probably a minority.People need to credit Mark Ballas' fans. Hes pretty friggin popular

  74. Anonymous11:33 AM

    wow 10:38, Im not sure how you think that poster was blaming everything on Clinton, but you are a little crazy. This is why the far left (people who read these blogs) and far right (people who read c4p) are together doing no good for anyone. You both draw conclusions when there's no concrete evidence. You both believe heinous rumors from Hollywood or wherever like it's the gospel. Chill the fuck out both of you. If the rest of america knew what goes on with these sorts of blogs, (ok theyd probably just laugh and say stupid) but Id like to think theyd want to move.

  75. elliegrl11:53 AM

    BTW, she is WAY too old for this kind of behavior. I'm clearing out old clothes and found my long-lost "Hip Mama" baby tee. I asked my kids if I was now too old to wear it b/c ** I don't ever want to embarass my kids**!! (They were sweet and said 31 isn't too old to be a hip mama, but I think its going to be cut up for the T-shirt quilt anyway!)

    I think you SHOULD still be "sexy" at 30, 40, 50, 60+, but be *classy* about it. Sarah is NOT classy. My 8 yr old saw a pic of her on a political blog in her tiny skirt riding up and her Fme pumps and she said "Mon, that outfit is inappropriate." LOL Whether dressing sexy when you want to be taken seriously politically/professionally is another whole can o' worms.

    I admit to wearing very skimpy clothing (a belly top under a grunge flannel and boys straight leg jeans w/a belly chain was a fav outfit as a teen) but I *snuck* the shirt under the flannel button up shirt. My mom was very flawed but there is NO WAY IN HELL my mom would let me wear booty shorts, and I think she'd literally drop dead if I wore them on national TV!

    I feel bad for Willow since she clearly has grown up in a dysfunctional home where behavior like this is acceptable. The fact that neither Sarah nor Willow had that scene cut is telling. I hope Willow doesn't follow in Bristol's footsteps. I was a young mom at 20, and even being slightly older than Bristol and married it was still darn hard!

    As to the sexual innuendos, I think it needs to be kept between the couple or at most shared in confidence between good girlfriends. (Yes guys, many of us do kiss and tell! My hubby is proud I brag! LOL :D) Sarah's comments make me gag.

  76. If nothing else....the WGE has certainly made a profoundly positive impact upon your proliferation of metaphors with complete mind and body shuddering imagery about SP, her-not-so-significant-other and their related or “unrelated“ progenies. One of your most creative posts yet…didn’t see the travesty on TLC and now never need to see it…..…Thanks !

  77. Anonymous12:21 PM

    My 84 year old mother in law nailed it with her comment on this ridiculous creature. This is what she said after watching the show:

    "Those girls need a MOTHER not someone who is competing for everyone's attention. She is as Christian as an atheist on his deathbed with her adolescent ways and sexual innuendos. She's a bimbo."

    Go Bots! You can't save her now even if you try. You got 7 more shows to defend. Good luck with that.

  78. Anonymous12:26 PM

    You know who is prettier and harder working than Palin--LISA KELLY from ICe ROAD TRUCKERS. She makes palin look like a hag.

  79. I have a theory as to why there are so many 'bots here today. I am directly addressing her use of sexuality, and they are terrified that if she decides to prove me wrong, and minimize the "sexy," that they will have no reason to like her anymore.

    "Shut up Gryphen! She might HEAR you!"

    My favorite 'bot comments are the ones that start off with "I am a longtime fan but.." or "I used to have some respect for you but now..."

    Trust me you are wasting precious time typing that message to me that could be better used imagining you are Sarah, or touching yourself while thinking OF Sarah.

    If you don't like what I say on this blog then don't let the door to the internet hit you on the ass on your way out. I really appreciate all of you who come here on a daily basis and I am well aware that the REAL fans have no illusions about what they will find when they arrive.

    And since I am writing a comment anyhow let me address the idea of sexualizing Willow that somebody accused me of.

    Absolutely not. Sarah did that.

    If that had been my daughter, and I had the editorial control that Palin claims she has, images of her in tight little shorts, with her horny boyfriend bounding up the stairs to her room, would NEVER have been broadcast! I am not a prude but I certainly play one when it comes to my baby.

  80. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Come on....Willow had just borrowed some of her mom's clothes.

  81. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I watched and thought Sarah was looking oldish. Her skin in natural light does not telegraphs her age. Sorry Sarah.

  82. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Anon 9:04 according to what Anon 9:15 wrote, the information you just posted in skewed which means scarah is a superficial person.

    Pat in MA - I also watched the award show. Looking at the tv line up for TLC - "Little People, Big World", "I didn't know I was pregnant", "Man with half body". This isn't a learning channel it's Jerry Springer Channel.

  83. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Anonymous @ 9:15 AM said:

    Misconceptions arise when teen pregnancy happens.

    LOL. If they were "misconceptions" there wouldn't be teen pregnancy. Gotta love the flawed logic of the Palinbots.

  84. mommom1:05 PM

    It wasn't just the shorts,or the boy bounding up the stairs.It was also Willow opening the door to her room a bit,and closing it a bit,several times,as though an invitation.The camera practically drools over the door! But I don't blame Willow.She may have had nothing to do with it.Just because it appears that this is happening while the boy is gazing upwards,longingly,does not mean it was not shopped in after the fact to "juicy"up the scene.

  85. Anonymous1:22 PM

    My aunt, who was someone from the Victorian age for the most part, was also a nudist. The family thought nothing of it. My daughter has the same trait but she is more inclined to wear a little something at home. If we have quests over you can be darn sure she would be in casual dress and covered. She didn't have a problem with the house rules either. We never thought of boys going to bedrooms. Our place wasn't that large or a compound but there was room for them to entertain friends. We didn't watch them like hawks but at anytime a number of people could walk in and use the rooms as well.

    Sarah Palin and her cult use sex to attract members. One of the Palin girl's friends wrote about using their girlie charms to attract people to Jesus. They are big on being Christian and turning people on to their Jesus cult. It is an acceptable ploy and they think it is for the higher good of something. I thought this was called a prick tease. Now with Viagra and older men the tease is all they need. It is a sure way to get a following. Wives are happy with the arrangement. It isn't like the hub is doing her and it is better than nonpolitical internet porn.

  86. TNbluedot1:38 PM

    Thanks for watching and reporting, Gryphen. Commercials I saw on unrelated channels were more than enough for me.

    writeousbitch @1:04... OMG! Too good! Coffee on the monitor time. Thanks for that.

    Anon @12:57... With the kind of programming they've been doing for the last 5 years, TLC stands for "The Loser Channel."

    I hope Joe McGinniss sues.

  87. Anonymous1:42 PM

    10:48 AM

    I have no inside info about Mark Burnett setting her up to allow her to do herself in. That is a possibility or he may spin something like that in order to save face one day. This has got to be the most obvious televised disaster since Anna Nichole's reality show. Her mental illness and/or drugs do not allow self examination or for her to see herself, even if they stage something to claim she's getting it.

    I don't get why Mark Burnett is defying the Joe McGinniss lawyers. Burnett has a lot of money, the TLC folks are right wing with money. Would they set her up and also not care about legal ramifications? Ratings greed is also a big part of their motives. They could be Republicans for Romney and giving her the power to go full throttle with what she wants and editing. Time will tell.

  88. nswfm1:45 PM

    "Anonymous said...

    Who, G man, don't you think it's a bit slanderous and pedophilic for you to be discussing the sexualization of a teen girl? Willow's not a bad girl."

    Not a bad girl if you like vacant houses vandalized, buddy.

  89. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Damn, you had me LMAO with this one.


  90. Anonymous1:58 PM

    "btw, the story about Sarah sexualizing herself as councilwoman/mayor are not true."

    BS!!! It absolutely IS true! She still sticks out her non-existent chest and bends over showing her butt for no reason at all. She thinks she IS sexy. She thinks she is the sexiest!

    She is one butt ugly bobble head, but I can only see the gruesome mind, and there is no beauty.

  91. Aussie Blue Sky2:08 PM

    Sarah Palin wears Juicy Couture sunglasses (Huffpo even wrote a post about them - typically) and Juicy Couture sunglasses have a very, very big JUICY on the arms of them. You can't miss it and you don't need glasses to see it ...

    Dud was just proving he can read five-letter words. Which silly brand-name will he call her next week?

  92. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Sex as a commodity. For industry executives sex = ratings. The Palins knew that before they signed on that they must deliver. The unknown is, will she be a turn on or turn off? Who cares if the ratings are good. Same for Bristol on her show. Sarah is free to manipulate things at home around her coming of age teen and little Piper. Who does not look age 8 or 9, she is developing fast. Bristol is competing with very attractive and talented women and men. They have to slut Bristol up or what does she have to offer? The Tea Party dirty tricks are what is keeping Bristol dancing with the stars. She is nothing without her mother's craziest political voters. Her sex appeal is limited. The gimmicks they are trying are more repulsive than sexy. Bristol delivered a big fat zero except for the scam the Tea Party is doing for her. They will still need to spin it like Bristol picked up all those new fans due to her appeal. She is a sweet, modest Christian and therefore she is not trying to use sex. She is just a natural and collecting an astronomical about of votes on her own. What else can they spin but lies? Any man that looks at a big girl like that maneuvering on stage thinks of her illicit teen sex and sure they would do her even if she isn't their type. It isn't the same way Sarah sells sex but the producers and all are using her and she is going along with it for the money.

    Thankful that no one is talking about Track or the Morlock situation or a war and the economy.

  93. Anonymous2:14 PM

    he slipped in the word "Juicy" to substitute for his usual "Fruity" as in totally Fruit Loop crazy.

  94. Anonymous2:20 PM

    @12:40 Gryphen

    Precisely right! The adults involved in filming the "Willow's bedroom" scene were irresponsible to the point of cruelty. And once the footage was editted, the parents of the teens, Willow and friend, should have called a halt. There is nothing appropriate about showing this episode to a TV audience ESPECIALLY not when Willow has an elder sister famous for an unwed teen pregnancy.

    The episode was aired SOLELY to excite the imaginations of the viewers. Sarah Palin wanted a sex scene and she exploited her daughter for the purpose.

    Next week, we'll see Bristol explain abstinence to Piper and the little cousin.

  95. Anyone with "common sense" as $arah LOVES to refer to, would never get that close to a bear, in a boat drifting without the outboard running AND have the old fool in the back
    standing up!!

    Oh yes "REAL" outdoors folks these are.

    ALl this is is a PR campaign for $arah's 2012 aspirations.

    That is to make a run for the primaries, knowing she will loose, so that she can write more books, give more speeches, beg more money for campaign funds and future runs.

    It will be great, because there will be some dust ups (she will make SURE of that) with other candidates, the press, media personalities and of course the Democrats, so that will be the fodder for the aforesaid itinerary.

    She can just recycle this list every election!

    $arah will be so old that she will kicking her t..i..t..s in front of her as she walks, (accusing someone of trying to trip her) before she ever gives this up.

    Helen Thomas will look like a nymph at the end of her career, in comparison to what Palin will look like, when she is finally forced to "sit down and shut up"

  96. Anonymous2:48 PM

    If, God forbid, she were to become president, can you imagine how fast she would age? Look what has happened to every president so far.

    I love it when I come here and something about Palin has like 93 comments... must have hit a nerve Gryphen!

    Watching the scene with Willow, all I could think was that it was "no boys upstairs" while the cameras are rolling... but when Mama Grizzly is on her "book tour" or whatever, anything goes. It's clear that it wasn't the first time that boy or others had been upstairs. And Exhibit B is of course... Bristol the teen mom.

  97. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Annon 11:33 This is why the far left (people who read these blogs) and far right (people who read c4p) are together doing no good for anyone.

    Pot Meet Kettle. Aren't you one of the people reading this blog??

    Keep telling yourself how wonderful you are as opposed to everyone else.

  98. I know this probably won't be a popular option, but I think Sarah Palin has exceptionally low self esteem.

    The pettiness arises from that -- and whatever borderline tendencies she's struggling with, not from a sense of genuine personal value.

    She's indicated that she was considered the least attractive of her sisters, including by herself. I think that was an important insight. Sounds like she was being dared to prove herself in weird ways as a kid, too.

    Alas, I suspect that Sarah has managed to convince herself that whatever she does in order to "be good enough" is divinely inspired and therefore justified. That sense of power probably helps numb the ache of never measuring up. For a while, anyway...

  99. Glad you addressed this Gryph. The creep factor is off the charts.

  100. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Hopefully Brisket or Willow will give Sarah a grandaughter so that Sarah will stop dressing up Tripp as a girl. Look at his pony tail. What's next, will Tripp be wearing one of Sarah's bumpit or sporting a beehive?

    What does Levi think about this?

  101. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Rogered out... is this a piece of Alaskan slang? I have no idea what it means.

  102. Gryphen....this is why I love your blog.

    If you don't like what I say on this blog then don't let the door to the internet hit you on the ass on your way out. I really appreciate all of you who come here on a daily basis and I am well aware that the REAL fans have no illusions about what they will find when they arrive.

    LMAOF....don't ever change!!!

    Does anybody have any RAID...this place needs to be fumigated from the 'bots!

  103. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Hey Juicy, put some pants on Willow, her butt cheeks are showing. Keep it up and you will have another little bastard running around in your house while Willow is on DWTS Season 13 as an unwedded - uneducated - underage mother teen advocate like her big sister, the family proffesion.

  104. Anonymous5:08 PM

    8:51, Sometimes people hide their feelings just to go along to get along. Then, after witnessing more hooey than a decent person can withstand, they break and let it all hang out.

    Maybe she realized that keeping her mouth shut was too high a price for the country to pay.

    Nothing new. Don't let it keep you up at night.

  105. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Thanks for being my eyes and ears. No way would I waste my time on that crap. I'd rather read the review and the comments. The previews were just too pathetic to bear.

  106. Anonymous5:11 PM

    does anybody really believe the palins have a "no boys upstairs" rule. LOL! really?

  107. Anonymous5:15 PM

    9:02, Ah Jeez, there you go pretending to be all open minded and then you go and call us liberal dipshits. The only dipshit is you.

    Bill Clinton is a highly intelligent and complex man who oozes charm. Palin only oozes fake cheesiness. She is no Bill Clinton. There is no "depth" to discover.

    What people who watch her on TV will discover is that she is a lying manipulator faking her way through her own mythology.

  108. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how all the Dumb-bots are practically breaking a leg to run over here and post inane comments that only make us laugh.

  109. Anonymous5:27 PM

    9:04, I actually believe your comment because it is clear to me that Sarah is one VERY INSECURE woman. Those are the type who throw their sexuality in everyone's face. It is a sad, deep-seated need for approval. Usually, it's teen girls with this problem and they end up shagging the whole football team, but I guess it can also last until menopause. Sarah is mentally shagging the entire conservative voter bloc.

    You seem to be talking about her clothes. I suspect that out of the spotlight Sarah drops the attention-seeking Naughty Monkeys and dresses down. That's what you must mean by her not being "superficial."

    However, when we say she is superficial it isn't because she likes to wear clothes that scream SEX!... It's because she is a shallow person with zero interest in the world around her. In fact, her fake show proves it: Practically every scene screams: this is the first time I've done this. Imagine discovering AK in your mid-forties after having lived there all your life. Nuts.

  110. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Willow put on some pants or you you too will be living with auntie, I mean staying home recovering from your case of mono.

  111. aj weishar5:38 PM

    The more I see of Palin in various activities, the more she looks like she has never done half the stuff she claims. That climbing scene looked very awkward. The fishing scene looked like a commercial with a model who never held a rod. The pardoning the turkey skit showed what a girlie girl she really is. She didn't want to be anywhere near that bird.

  112. Anonymous5:41 PM

    "Maks (Chmerkovskiy) does not like me. He thinks I don't deserve to be here because I'm not the best dancer," Bristol tells In Touch about contestant Brandy's professional partner.

    Is Bristol a total lost cause? Maks isn't about her being the best dancer or not. LameBristol, duhhhhh.... it is
    about the deceptions and the fix. It is about a political operative that won't admit the Tea Party is doing dirty tricks for her to say she is improving and winning as if it is on her own merit. It is about DWTS saying FU to standards and morals and things that competition for sport or art must comply or it turns to shit for everyone.

    Bristol, you are the rotten apple that is spoiling the whole barrel. Your stench is effecting everyone. No Bristol is not the most improved. The improved talk is scripted propaganda to have an excuse for Bristol beating out the talented competitors. Bristol is constipated, as in stuck. Not going forward, there is no improvement. The improvement in others was visible. Bristol is not authentically connecting. The so-called improvement is not the truth. If she has been convinced that she has improved, she is far, far gone.

    Maks has heart and passion and he loves integrity in all he does. Bristol, a narcissit can only see it as all about self and her dancing. The world can see how petty she is. There will be a permanent bad mark on Dancing With the Stars because the Tea Party bought Bristol votes, the judges were prepped and it is obvious to anyone that looks there wasn't improvements that were claimed. It is another Palin hoax.

  113. Anonymous5:41 PM

    9:56, Thanks for posting that. It just broke my heart to read it. The laundry list of activities that he was not a part of was astonishing. Wow.

    Last year's book tour was especially sickening. Every time I saw a pic, I kept hoping they'd have a hat on his head or a coat to cover him, or even just a goddamn pair of socks on his wee feet.

    I remember the day he was in Frisco/Dallas. I KNEW how cold it was, and sure enough, there he was: under dressed. The contrast to a warmly clad Piper was very distressing to me. If they are going to treat him like that, he is better left at home with Aunt Molly or Katie or any one of the real moms behind the scenes.

    I think at one time Palin must have been an adequate mother. But then her ambition for power and attention cued up and killed that part of her.

    I'll have to go check Malia's blog.

  114. Anonymous5:42 PM

    President Juicy.


    I think I hear the soundtrack from Idiocracy.

  115. Anonymous5:46 PM

    9:57, I'll agree that we could live without the mental image of grizzled old men reaching into their pants, but that's it.

    Gryphen pointing out how Palin is sexualizing her own daughters for ratings is on the money.

    I'm a woman and a mom and I approve this message.

  116. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Okay, this is my all-time favorite. I don't know why, but this absolutely does it for me:
    Sarah tells People Magazine that DWTS has helped Bristol cope with single motherhood and a broken engagement. Aww, poor dear. She's heartbroken AND struggling to care for a child.
    None of us have been THERE, huh?
    Yeah, I know, right, being in LA on a television show making bank for having fun and dancing (how come that can't be my life?), livin' the high life with your kid 4,000 miles away, that just marginally makes life bearable.
    It's okay, dearie, it'll be no time at all that you get to sleep in your own room in Mom's house and go back to your office manager job.

    Sarah: "She's putting her life in God's hands and it's scriptural, too, where it says, 'He will turn your mourning into dancing.'"

  117. Anonymous6:08 PM

    11:23, You are simply wrong. Every female in the media is NOT treated badly. There are any number of woman who have poise and grace and are admired.

    Hillary was treated nastily because she is Bill Clinton's wife. NOT because she is a woman. Michelle Obama is ridiculed because she is Obama's wife. And who does this? The RIGHT. That's who. Because of POLITICS. On their own, they would not be targets.

    Palin's flabby legs and ass are a joke because she did that ridiculous layout for Runners World when she clearly hasn't run regularly in a while except to run from her responsibilities as a Gov, wife, and mother.

    Bristol's weight is an issue because she looks PREGNANT.

    I'm a woman and I don't see women as victims of the Media. It's a tough world out there for everyone. Ask the poor old guys buying fake hair weaves and pumping iron and pretending they are successful at business.

  118. Anonymous6:11 PM

    11:19 and 11:25, yeah, it's only the one t-shirt that forms the basis of all our opinions.

    seriously, you people bring NO GAME.

  119. Anonymous6:12 PM


    Yeah, they have medication for that these days don'cha know.

  120. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Great post Gryph, and interesting commentary going on. @11:01 said

    "Why would Sarah be surprised that the young guy would want to get up to Willow's bedroom? After all, she's advertising and taunting him with those booty shorts."

    I find this comment completely insulting. Yes, the shorts are inappropriate and I would never have let my daughter wear them, but you seem to imply that any consequences would be her fault. Not true, mon ami. Think this through, please.

    I also agree with the posters who said that $P has low self-esteem. The evidence has been building that there was some sexual trauma in her childhood and she is continuing to act out as a result of not getting psychological help. I've been avoiding saying this for a long time, since I don't want to project something onto her, but the fact that it keeps happening feels so much like a cry for help. For this I really feel sorry for her.

  121. KatieAnnieOakley7:51 AM

    In the video on Fox Business yesterday, you will see Palin acknowledge that yes indeed - her series is chock-full of Political Messages... starts at 1:05, lasts for about 40 seconds:

    Interviewer - NAPOLITANO: "... (is) there a little bit of hidden meanings... when you were talking about watching mama bears:...?" (camera cuts to fishing scene from videotape of her new show on TLC).

    PALIN: (From the show) "... She's trying to show her cubs that no one is going to do it for ya... you get out there and do it for yourself guys... " (videotape stops)

    Back to live interviewer NAPOLITANO: (in statement form: "Nobodies gonna do it for you... were you talking about the government when you said that? At least in the back of your mind?"

    PALIN: "... Ooohhhhhh!..." (swings her arms in "all encompassing" circular motion, leans back in chair) "...You're going to see all these (pause) 'subtleties' (pause) all throughout all the next eight episodes... that yeah - (now defiant in tone) I'm sending some messages out there..."

    Oh, no TLC - no political intent there... nope, none whatsoever to make this a political show by and for Palin.

  122. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Gryphen: please find and post the campaign picture of Sarah used by her when she ran in Wasilla. It showed her in short shorts surrounded by at least 2 of her young children (Track & Bristol). It was gratuitous, to say the least. She was sitting in a child's swing and her children were sitting in a wagon. I remember the pic surfaced during the 2008 VP campaign. I've tried searching for it, to no avail. That picture is more proof that she has always used her physical assets as opposed to her intellect to gain voter support. Thank you.


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