Monday, November 15, 2010

Before Sarah Palin can start screwing up the idea of Alaska for people living in the lower forty-eight, first she has to take time to trash Joe McGinniss.

From CBS News:

"Where I like to do a lot of my writing and researching - especially on a beautiful day - is outside, on our slab, where I get to take in the beauty of the lake," Palin said during the first minutes of the show, referring to a patio-like slab of cement in the family's backyard, which faces Alaska's Lake Lucille.

"Our behavior certainly has changed this summer because of this new neighbor," she continued.

"Our summer fun has kind of been taken away from us because of a new neighbor next door who's writing a hit piece on my wife," added Todd Palin, Sarah Palin's husband, who built a 14-foot fence between the two houses shortly after McGinniss moved in.

"Is he taking pictures? Don't give him the pleasure of taking a picture," Palin warns, as the family troops inside after a salmon-fishing expedition. "He was stuck inside writing an ugly book - see, we one-upped him. We had a good day and he's stuck in his house."

In the show, McGinniss (whose face is blurred out, and who is never mentioned by name) is pictured sitting on an upstairs deck reading a book. There is no apparent camera in sight.

All of this takes place within the first thirty minutes of Palin's new hour ling political commercial posing as a reality show. (In between Palin and her family take time out to show America exactly how NOT to behave in bear country.) After that we are subjected to another half hour of the high pitched screeches of Caribou Barbie, that shatter the usually pristine quiet of Denali, and her comical efforts to remember to use words like "Flippin'" and "Jeez" instead of the ones she is clearly more used to using.

The fact that Palin uses this new program to deliver a little payback to the author who dared to cast his shadow on Casa de Palin, should come as no surprise to anybody who read "Going Rogue", which essentially reads like one long Bitch-a-Palooza about everybody who Sister Sarah believes did her wrong.

However in THIS case Sarah and TLC were both warned by the author's lawyer to remove ALL images of Joe McGinniss, pixelated or not, from the program or face possible legal proceedings. 

As you can see from the CBS report above, neither Palin nor TLC took that warning seriously.

Perhaps this time Grizzled Mama will find that it is much harder to bully people people once they move thousands of miles away from Wasilla.


  1. Anonymous2:10 AM

    Sue her ass off, Joe !!

  2. dominicastar2:17 AM

    Hey Gryphen,

    I am in the UK, now this morning on BBC breakfast, they were showing clips of Sarah Palin doing a reality show; now on of the clips was where she was on a boat right; so a viewer sent an email saying "It is very clear to anyone who goes fishing that this woman has never fished in her life; you can tell by the way she holds the fishing rod"

    I burst out laughing. Now I am not technically brilliant but it was about 6:30 our time.

    It was good laughing relief because I was grumbling beneath my breath saying why the hell does BBC breakfast wants to let the UK know that the witch has a reality show.

    Even the presenters had a smile at that, as if they agreed!

    You might be able to check it out on BBC iPlayer.

  3. hey gryph,

    i watched this (the first half or so) at my parents home where my sis and i were dog sitting (i'm 30 she'll be 28 in december).

    we were both just awaiting our parents to come home from an out of state trip (hence the dog sitting).

    so we're watching "s. palin's AK", i'm all like "eww, how can we give this any ratings!..."

    but only 20 minutes in my sis say "this is SO boring!" (she is not political and doesn't follow this blog or anything else that even mentions palin(s)....

    so she suggested we switch to "kendra" instead. she was waiting with baited breath for the "new kendra" to come on (it ended up being re-showing the older show thing and a new one the next hour...)

    do you know who "kendra" even is?

    heffner's ex "show girlfriend," the youngest of them on their TV showdown, now married and having babies with some football player.....

    anyway, my a-political 28 year-old sis thought 'kendra"'s reality show was worth waiting for the new one, and dumbed down TLC palin "thing" was just "so boring"

  4. Anonymous2:46 AM

    So, telling the truth about the Palins is a "hitpiece"?? Why were they not stressed out about the ex-cons living next door when their kids were younger? Makes me wonder what, exactly, the family is doing that makes them so paranoid about a man who is a REAL author.

  5. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Hey Gryph, is "cement slab" a common term in Alaska?

  6. Facebook Lurker3:08 AM

    The Palin girls took alot of shit and got trashed on Facebook last night....seems like being on the TV show was not exactly thrilling for the whole family. Looks like it was just Sarah and Toad who were enthralled with the idea.

  7. Anonymous3:38 AM

    My greatest hope is that Mr. McGinniss has a great case, that he sues TLC and Palin for slander and defamation, and that he takes a HUGE chunk of money directly out of their pockets. NOTHING hurts Sarah Palin quite so much as a loss of revenue she feels should be coming to her!

  8. Anonymous3:43 AM

    I hope they get their asses handed to them. She's trying to side-step the terms of the letter, but cannot stop in her revenge. That thar folks is durn goshin' presidential material - you betcha. Puke.

  9. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Joe... please sue the hell out Sarah and TLC.

  10. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Proud to say I didn't subject myself to Palin's garbage. Then again I don't go to her Facebook or twitter pages either.

    I'm really surprised that TLC decided to continue slandering Joe McGuinnes. They have no video showing that he ever did anything to the family--not even looking in the direction of their house!! And I understand Joe also refused to let the paps in the home to sneak pictures of the Palins. Yet there's $arah, suggesting they spy on him and accusing him of being a molester. Doesn't TLC have any standards or integtity? She and Toad are on their own reality TV show talking about their privacy being invaded. Irony must be for other people.

  11. Anonymous3:59 AM

    I guess $arah Palin's Alaska must be about the summer the Palins stayed home because an old man was quietly reading on his deck.

  12. Kimosabe4:07 AM

    A person must give their consent and be paid if they appear in a commercial production. Pixelation or blurring an individuals visage has become a standard way of showing them if they have not consented, and is probably exactly how TLC should have handled McGinness. But I do wish we could just blur Palins image and voice whenever she appears, anywhere.

  13. Anonymous4:09 AM

    I am please she left in the Joe snark. It is petty an unbecoming to a serious person, which she is not.

  14. Anonymous4:20 AM

    There are likely to be more cheap shots taken at Joe. Even people who helped Palin were trashed for daring to have boundaries and their unwillingness to be blamed for her choices or behavior. Even giving credit to individuals around soemone like Palin is cause to be trashed. Entitled people take credit due others (city manager) and are vindictive when someone stands up to them.

    Joe's piece about the pipeline was factual but given Palin spun to people she had built the largest gas pipeline and it was due to being a powerful woman who took on good ole boys her perception is he shot her down writing a hit piece.

    Since her roll out when I did my own independent research, read something written about Palin and followed up by validating information I increasingly wondered why she does not just state the truth for she had things to her credit to build upon. Palin is insatiable, nothing is ever enough and if a different lie will manipulate more for her from people she seems to have no conscience of the consequences to others nor damage to herself. Damages from the destructive personality are blamed on other people.

    Narcissistic personalities go by their lying words, extreme spins and they stick their misdeeds, actions onto other people and their malicious intentions. Smoke and mirrors and this is how they escape consequences for their behavior.

    I get the sense if there is criticism the Palin's did this show they can blame Joe that they had to leave home to have summer fun maintaining the illusion everything they do is the fault of someone victimizing them. Like Bristol is doing DWTS because the media visciously attacked her, not she and her mother sought media attention, parading her revirginization, private love life and by they have to undo what the hateful media did!

    It takes a genuine narcissit to pitch and get their own show then screech and go on about their loss of privacy and summer fun to cameras, microphones in front of a tv crew. Then they have a handy target to pathologize (pedophile) to smear with their diabolical behavior. They say one thing and do the opposite.

    I can't watch this show listening to their loss of privacy and no summer fun while they are out sharing scripted private moments and go all over AK having fun. It's crazy making.

    McGinnis may have no recourse until he or a family member sustains bodily harm or some anti pedophilia group bombs his car. Narcissists have a rule to do it to them before they can do it to you. What they are thinking, planning and doing..exploitng their children..people can voyeur them, cameras and microphones coming just go lay that on an innocent person and a vigilante will arise to go after the wrong person.

    There are consequences but malignant personalities are conniving to set up, position, entrap innocent people to pay the consesquences using smoke and mirrors.

  15. Sarah only cares about her privacy. She's a typical reich winger who hasn't read the US Constitution while acting like she's an expert on it. Bible Spice is a buffoon and I wished she would just go away!

  16. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Let's hope Mr. McGinniss and his lawyers follow through on this. Couldn't believe how nasty & vile Sarah came across when referring to him, and how dishonest her remarks were.

    Weren't we promised a documentary series of Alaska? A voice over of Sarah describing the natural splendor of Alaska; instead we are given shot after shot of the Palin clan and their interactions with each other. In other words, a reality show. Sheesh...

  17. Anonymous4:50 AM

    I disagree with your assessment of the show. It shows Alaska in a positive light and shows the authentic Sarah - firm but good hearted and funny. The rest of the series looks even more fascinating. I will say the first ep was at time on the droning sight and the porn music is cheezy but it proves Alaska as beinf majestic and incredible. and really G? They had a guide with them in the boat. It was not showcasing how NOT to interact with bears.

  18. Anonymous4:53 AM

    You do realize people will forget about Joe M as quickly as they forget algebraic functions. He means nothing to America, only to the haters who live and breathe for excitement in their lives. Most people I know who tuned into the show last night did so because they themselves are used to travelling all over the US in search of adventure, except have never made the trek to Alaska. That is changing people's minds.

    My 7 year old was glued to the tv last night,not because Piper's adorable and your average 9 year old with genuine antics but because the show is entertaining

  19. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Why does everyone get pissy that Sarah might use foul language? It's like you're pretending every politician/adult doesn't speak that way. Paleeza, it's getting old. The show is charming, get over it

  20. Anonymous5:06 AM

    No surprise here - no one is going to tell Queen Sarah what to do.

    I hope Joe sues the quitty-pants off of her!!

  21. KiheiKat5:10 AM

    She's so used to Van Flea threatening to sue and never carrying through with it, she can't believe Joe would actually sue.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Joe, sue their pants off. It's time someone stood up to the Palin Mafia.

  22. Anonymous5:19 AM

    They used the same shot of the author for both the beginning of the show on the "slab" and when they come back from their fishing trip. I'm sure the video was taken at some other time. How exactly did they get that video, what with that gigantic fence? TLC should be ashamed.

  23. Anonymous5:24 AM

    I watched until Willer's boyfriend came back
    downstairs. What a lame show. I didn't want
    to watch because I was afraid I'd become a
    Palinbot--that she'd do something, or act
    some way that would make me like her. Did
    not have to worry! The real Sarah Palin IS
    the petulant child we've seen these past 2

    For a family that enjoys the pleasures
    Alaska has to offer, they seemed like a
    bunch of noobs. I flipped past the channel
    a few times & it was still the same crap.
    Silly people.

  24. Anonymous5:30 AM

    So ummm, I guess it's now safe to say, Todd is freeloading off Sarah with his own paycheck from Fox News.

  25. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:42 AM

    Personally, I have great respect for Joe McGinniss and wish him well on his project, but my money's on Piper to do the ultimate tell-all book. From the reviews of the show that I've read so far, she's smarter than the entire sorry Phalin' lot; is quietly observing everything and is soaking it all in like a little sponge.

    Piper, baby, you've got a year and a half. You can make it a kid's book, kinda like Harriet the Spy, if you'd like to. You can even change names--everyone will get it, believe me. You're what, 8 or so? No time like the present to start planning your independent, lucrative future...


  27. Facebook Lurker: What kind of grief did the Palin kids get?
    If it is from peers I'd have expected they would think it was cool a peer was on a tv show.

  28. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Clearly the same Anonymous Bot @ 4:50 4:53 4:55, so tricky - why didn't you put all of your posts together?

  29. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Research? Sarah's trying to pull off the idea that she does research? She doesn't need stinkin research, she flippin knows everything and uses her reactionary and gutteral instincts to execute her unilateral mandations.

    And I thought all her best speeches came from her marathon running. What does she need a slab for?

  30. Anonymous6:25 AM

    The trolls are working overtime yesterday and today. Is that time and a half???

    You must have a tiny bit of doubt if you feel the need to jump on this blog and defend everything $carah.

    She looks like an idiot in this show. And I hope Joe waits a few more episodes before suing. I'm sure there will be many more snarky untrue things said.

  31. Anonymous6:26 AM

    The slab is her ril Murkin way of saying cement pond.

    That woman isn't just an idiot, she's an asshole.

  32. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Sarah and Todd have never backed down from anyone, from the Mayor, fellow council members, political gadflys, the CBC, the old boys club, an armed trooper, the Legislature, the State's top cop, the GOP's 2008 Presidential candidate, his kingmakers, Senators, Congressmen, pundits and the President.

    And yet little old mild mannered Joe who kept to himself, is painted as the most invasive stalker and hatemonger they've ever encountered in the Wasilla wilderness.


  33. inmofred6:31 AM

    Looks like to me that there is something in Joe's book that Sarah is not going to like. She has already slammed him on Fox, now she is trying to discredit him on TLC.

    Certainly not very Presidential. Obama gets criticized all of the time and doesn't run to the media to defend himself. With Sarah, it's a constant happening.

  34. Anonymous6:39 AM

    4:50 AM says "authentic Sarah - firm but good hearted and funny"

    Sarah Palin is so good hearted she's spent endless hours doing Trig's intervention therapy and working tirelessly to improve the lives of Downs Syndrome individuals world wide.

    Sarah Palin is so good hearted she resigned the governorship of Alaska because she could not do the job.

    Sarah Palin is so good hearted she leaves no enemy unscathed in her book, Going Rouge, including even the hapless "falafel lady".

    Sarah Palin is so good hearted faked a pregnancy to enhance her VEEP prospects.

    But where are you getting the "funny" part? TLC wrote the script for Sarah. She has lousy delivery and timing. "funny" she is not.

  35. Anonymous6:42 AM

    I love it when people like Sarah are brought down by their own arrogance, when it blocks their ability to know (or care) about how they are viewed by others. Doesn't cross their mind that TLC is just going to use her to make money, don't really care how she's portrayed - this is a reality shore, so the more outrageous the better. And she's too stupid to hire and/or follow advice from a stylist, much less a PR pro who is capable of shaping her public image and narrative. Sarah is a cautionary tale, the "wrong way" training video for how to self destruct. The single metric by which she is successful is money, and for that she has pageant-walked herself into a caricature, a parody, of a trashy deranged grifter.

  36. Anonymous6:43 AM

    @ 4:55 "The show is charming, get over it"

    The show is not charming.

    The Palin children are disgusting. Todd is an empty shell of human being. Sarah Palin is a sociopath.

  37. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Gryphen, I am beginning to suspect that Mercede must have been kidnapped, and therefore has no access to a computer and is therefore unable to post the post she promised.

  38. Anonymous6:53 AM

    If you can, you should post the part of the video from Shannyn's show that Joe appeared on talking about his new book and that he had no interest in the 'snark' that the Palinbillies speak of.

  39. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Lets be fair,

    Palin has every right to criticize Joe McGinnis just like he has the right to criticize her.

    You can't go sue everyone who gives an unfavorable opinion of you.

    He did move in next door to the target of his book, she doesn't like it and she is allowed to say so.

    TLC did what they are legally required to do by blurring his face. He put himself in the public eye, he has to take what comes with that just like Palin does.

    Sorry but its just hypocritical to say "Sue her sue her" for uttering an unfavorable word about someone she doesn't like.

  40. Anonymous7:03 AM

    The p-Bots are out @ Television Without Pity.
    So far they've blamed Bristol's pregnancies on
    Levi's "meth head" mother:

    Channel Surfer

    Yesterday @ 11:00 pm
    I couldn't believe that asshat Andy was willing to go upstairs when he was walking past her head protected by a glass wall. Even if it was just he and Willow joking for the cameras, I think any boy or girl that visits my house and so flagrantly disobeys house rules is outta there, right now. I hope that was all a pre-planned joke, or Andy needs better parents. I'd die if I saw a kid of mine ignore an adult at a friend's house. And honestly, do you guys think Bristol got pregnant in broad daylight in her mom's house!? I would wager her meth head baby grandma in law's house would be an easier locale."

    And are calling Joe names, because
    it is totally wrong to be a writer and
    write about people that are still alive, or something.

    Oh--and Sarah is the BRAVEST WOMMAN IN

    And Hateful Piper is so totally adorable, even
    though she disrespects her momma...

  41. laprofesora7:04 AM

    If the 'bots enjoyed the show, so be it. I don't agree with what most people enjoy watching anyway. But to deny that Scarah came off as petty and juvenile, and that the whole thing was contrived, is just delusional. What "Christian" teaches her child,"we one-uped him"? Who accuses someone of invading their privacy WHILE TAKING THAT PERSON'S PICTURE??? Who goes mountain climbing without gloves to protect their hands? C'mon, Paylin-lovers, you really can't be that stupid. Your Queen is playing you big time, while lining her pockets the whole time. No, that's not hate-talk, it's called REALITY. You should try it sometime.

  42. The Truth Matters7:06 AM

    Palinbots.. Your comments just prove again and again to the world what a cult you are! It's really scary and sad how brainwashed you are. You seem to filter our reality and buy Sarahs lies hook, line and sinker!

    The show is NOT charming. She tells one lie after another. She is a terrible role model. Her children (most of them) have serious problems and that is sad. She has a narcissistic personality disorder and is a complete fraud.
    This is so much more than her having extreme right wing ideas, even though that is true too.

    I dont understand why you have allowed yourself to be suckered in my this fantasy, but it's very sad. I hope one day you can let go of her fake lied-filled fairy tale and see her clearly. She is a small minded, bitter, nasty, vindictive woman who is incapable of telling the truth and who never presents positive real solutions to our countries greatest problems.

    I hope you wake up one day. And please don't come slamming back about President Obama and calling us haters. We point out the real truth about her for the benefit of our country. We do research and believe we are telling the absolute truth about her. If you only watch Fox, your views are disorted.

    From a former Palin supporter who has had it with her hate and fear mongering. I'm a Christian and am continuously appalled by Sarah and her family. Wake up and read elsewhere. Fox is propoganda NOT news!

  43. Anonymous7:08 AM

    "Anonymous said...
    The slab is her ril Murkin way of saying cement pond.

    That woman isn't just an idiot, she's an asshole.

    6:26 AM"

    Sorry to differ with you, but the woman and her entire gene pool are idiots and are always scheming and plotting to get their hands in other peoples pockets.

  44. They just played some clips on MSNBC this morning 7:30AM PST including McGinniss. I find it incredible that she ignored his lawyer's warning. Surely the TLC lawyers reviewed this. She also slandered him, just amazing. I wonder what damages he can sue for now that clips are being shown on cable and who knows where else?

  45. Anonymous7:14 AM

    This show is about Sarah showing America about Alaska. After just watching a clip, I don't believe Sarah has ever seen a bear in the wilderness before. I'm wondering if Sarah or her family has even been to a zoo? She acts like she has never seen a bear before or has done any activies in the clip. In Alaska she is considered a poser. Maybe Sarah should watch National Geographics and learn something about nature and the Alaska wilderness.

  46. FJ Dandy7:16 AM

    I just watched a snippet of the show on the web. Yes, it sure is lame, and Quittypants' whiny, nasal voice saying, "Wow" and "Awesome" is typical for this middle school girl.
    (I doubt if she's every really experienced much of Alaska's outdoors. She didn't even seem to know how to hold a fishing rod.

    But her hair and stayed nicely in place!

  47. Anonymous7:17 AM

    "Research?!?" She's insane.

  48. Anonymous7:21 AM

    The only people capable of being taken in by SP are those in denial, or some other delusional system. Others who "support" her are seeking cynically to use her for their own agendas.

    SP will fall due to her mental illness and its accompanying lack of ethical behavior: incapacity for discerning truth, exploitation of others--starting with her own family, lack of boudaries, etc. when she has run out of enablers, for whatever reasons.

    Her rise to power is more a comment on the pathgology of US culture, and should be examined very seriously. She is, after all, mentally ill. But what does her ascendancy in pop culture and politics say about the US itself? Let's start with the sobering fact that she is getting what no other politican has so far: an 8 hour TV infomercial as a potential candidate for the office of president-- and getting paid for it. (Let's say Mammon has not departed the scene just yet for Christian-values promulgating Sarah Palin).

    A dangerous mix of violence, illusion, money and power are behind the persona presented as SP--Alaska frontier-mom and credible [!] would-be leader of the world.

    All this would be very funny, the stuff of satire and burlesque, if lives and the future of the planet weren't at stake.

  49. Marikay Johnson7:30 AM

    "Cement slab" is Alaska Hillbilly speak for patio. My 15 year old daughter watched 10 minutes with me and likened it to an Alaskan version of the Beverly Hillbillies (cement pond, anyone?" Yeah, no way is there no teenage boffing going on in this house. Respect? Do they know what it is? Parenting? Doesn't happen in that home, that's obvious.

  50. lucy k.7:33 AM

    *How exactly did they get that video, what with that gigantic fence? TLC should be ashamed.*

    It is plausible Track Palin shot the video of Joe. Track was on photography assignment before the fence went up, possibly paid for by taxpayers if he was still working for the gov. What else is Track's part in the reality show? Is there still no word at all from the family about his career change? What are they hiding?

    The "charming" comment is a hoot and to be expected from the pool. The tiny number of loyalists and paid hacks that serve this foolish goof head in a woman's body.

  51. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Sarah was told to shit down and STFU.

    She should have obeyed.

    Sarah is fixin´ to get bitch slapped across the room.


  52. Anonymous8:01 AM

    I just watched a blurb about the show on the Today Show. It also showed the pixel covered face of Mr. McGinnis.
    Also I as well as others read that Ms. Palin does not now and may not have had a fishing license. AS the Alaska State Troopers Fish and Wildlife are supposed to enforce hunting and fishing laws and regulations should it not be appropriate for them to investigate and charge the Ms. Palin with fishing without a license or does it matter since she will wiggle her back side and make everything go away?
    I do have doubts that she ever went climbing except for the photo shoot and knows nothing about fishing. As to one of her statements that Toad is a Capt. America or something like that cause he can fish and hunt I will point out that my 76 year old wife can do all that as well as cook and sew. Let's see Toad do that.

  53. FJ Dandy8:04 AM

    Follow the money, folks:

    Who runs TLC/Discovery Channel and what is their motivation? John C. Malone is Chairman/CEO of Discovery Communications. Here is a short list of Mr. Malone's Boardships: Bush-Cheney 2000, Cato Institute, George W. Bush for President, John McCain 2008, Leadership PAC 2006, and McCain 2000. So why is the Learning Channel giving Sarah Palin an eight hour special?
    Hmmm...I wonder!

  54. Anonymous8:09 AM

    How awful is Sarah Palin? She only has one donor in the state of AK at this time. "Nuff said.

  55. Anonymous8:11 AM

    4:50 - when you said " . . . [it]shows the authentic Sarah - firm but good hearted and funny," I couldn't stop laughing. Thanks for the foolishness.

    Sarah is not good hearted. If she was, she would never make those awful comments about Joe McGinnis, the horrid insinuations about President Obama, the race baiting, the indirect (and direct) support of violence and meanness - well, the list could go on for quite a while.

    She is funny - as in funny strange.

    My goodness, thanks again for the laughs. If you were serious, all I can say is that I hope you have a safe journey back to your home planet.

  56. GO WILLOW!8:18 AM

    I don't know the law but I know that McGinniss once had a stellar reputation as an author. Now he is world famous as a lurker who is intent on little Piper. His name is synonymous with pedophile and that is a shame. He is a great talent and very decent good human being. I hope he can stop this smear campaign. Why on earth is TLC part of that? They know that McGinniss is interested in the pipeline and not a piper.

    I watched the part with Andy and Willow. It was poorly scripted crap. Andy was probably borrowed from a local drama department. He has screen presence and great potential in Hollywood. What are TLC and Palin thinking? They should bring in the pros to get their message across. Is Sarah trying to tell us this was how Levi was sneaky and got past the eagle eyes in the back of her head?

    Willow has potential. That image she put up with the Hollywood pimp guy was brilliant. Did old eagle eyes catch that one?

  57. Anonymous8:18 AM

    I don't know the profiles FB lurker spies on, but Willow's main friends were either silent online or their normal selves. Haters are always gonna hate. The world is full of classless people. Nothing will pull apart that family

  58. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Gryphen check this out.

  59. emrysa8:35 AM

    so 4:53 am's '7-year-old was glued to the tv' - YEAH what a statement on that show!

    "82% of my pac donors are men and 7 year-olds love my show." lmfao what cred!!!

    the clip of her whining while she's climbing that mountain is classic! now just imagine a president whining that they don't know what to do. lmao not presidential at all. and then to have the nerve to say she "didn't want to quit" what a money quote. that woman is insane.

    as far as this mcginnis thing - part of me thinks it's legit to use his image because they pixelated it, however he specifically asked to be removed and they didn't do it, so that might make things different.

  60. Anonymous8:35 AM

    anon 4:55,I only speak that way to my husband to make him laugh. My adult children might use profanity around their friends, but have too much class to use it with others.

  61. Anonymous8:40 AM

    What was with the baby gate and the "No boys allowed upstairs" scenario - then Willow's boyfriend went upstairs anyway?

    Is this a preview of things to come? Another $arah fake pregnancy? Hope she's still got a drawer-full of those long scarves...

  62. Gasman8:42 AM

    "Bitch-a-Palooza" indeed. Griffin, I laughed hard at that one. Let's hope that Palin's Bitch-a-Palooza is a giant ratings flop. I certainly wouldn't watch a second of it even at gunpoint.

    That this brainless cow earns millions of dollars simply because she is vain and stupid is a sure sign that we are all going to hell. The only redemption possible is to see her exposed as the grifting imbecilic liar she is.

    Come on Joe, publish the damn book already!

  63. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Hmm, I haven't seen much trash talk about the show (only one guy so far). But you know teenagers. They repeat what their disrespectful parents say or theyre just jealous. It's really that simple

  64. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Track spends every summer in Dham fishing. This is confirmed by bristol herself and common sense. He's in the dillingham footage and he's a fisherman. Bristol was working in Anch most of the summer therefore wasn't in most of the footage.

  65. Willow does Hollywood, PIMPSTYLE9:16 AM

    Nothing will pull apart that family

    As it should be, they deserve each other. It is the rest of the world that is waking up. There will always be some that support her, no big deal.

    Willow and the Hollywood pimp she posted says more than a thousand words of Face Book friends.

  66. I'll be happy to contribute to Joe McGinniss' legal fund when he sues Sarah Palin.

  67. Anonymous 6:57, I am being fair when it comes to Sarah Palin's reaction to McGinniss, believe me.

    And for your information Joe McGinnis did not move in next door to Palin for publicity. In fact he was never going to tell anybody where he stayed until AFTER the book was written.

    The offer to live in the house came completely unsolicited, and really who could have refused such an offer?

    Joe also NEVER took a pictures of her, or the house, and never allowed others to do so either.

    Palin posted her Facebook attack in an attempt to frighten him away. THAT is the only reason you even know he was there.

  68. emrysa9:53 AM

    "Bristol was working in Anch most of the summer therefore wasn't in most of the footage."

    bristol working most of the summer in anch = LIE. nice try.

  69. FEDUP!!!9:59 AM

    OK. Just watched the gawkers video shots. GAG!!!
    Of the 'theme song' images: I am a skier (instructor, actually ;) ), and I used to do cross country skiing also, too. But, believe you me, you do NOT go skiing w/o gloves on!
    That one shot she takes is a riot - it almost blows her over - shows that it was the first time she shot that shotgun!

    As to the scene with Andy... No words necessary! The kids do what they want to do, and Andy only came down because of the cameras, IMHO.

    The porch scene: Did they take out the shot where she suggested that Toad drill a peep hole into that huge monstrosity he and his buddies built to keep prying eyes out?

    Bear scene: They are lucky that the mam grizzly (brown bear?) did not get protective of her cubs and attacked the intruders!

    Climbing scene: Why did they even include this? It just shows that she absolutely, positively never has done this type of thing! Nothing but b*tching, whining, fussing. No effort shown to actually TRY.

    Will Alaska Fish and Wildlife do anything for their disregarding the rules and regulations? Will they give her a fine for fishing w/o a license?

  70. FEDUP!!!10:00 AM

    Anon @8:30 : GREAT CLIP!!! Can you imagine that they ACTUALLY think of her like this on HER station, Faux Noise???WOW!!!

  71. NAME NAMES, who built the house and fence10:03 AM

    Pixeled or not, that is an image of Joe McGinniss. World travelers who watch that travel log will be informed enough to know the Palin's neighbor is writing a book about her. They may not know it is about elections or pipelines. Who wants to read a book about a politician written by a pedophile about living next door as the children play near the garden and where Sarah does her research? Discovery purposely failed at obscuring Joe's whole ID. Blurred surveillance film of a named neighbor doesn't work. The message is don't buy the creepy spy writer's book. He will lose income if they show this and succeed in smearing him. Who needs to see his face or remember his name? They only need hear about the Palin neighbor that wrote a book and they will not buy the work of someone with a bad reputation. Child perverts are the lowest and they don't need to establish anymore than to imply he has bad intentions. Palin is targeting the travel and reality show crowd. Many are young and don't remember McGinniss' other fine work.

    It is vital to know who did take the video. Was it Discovery or was it done when the Palins had hired security or a family member with dual purpose? Is Drop Zone, our military or another involved? They have been planning and working on this for a long time. It did not just surprise them. It all goes into the Ziegler and Tammy Bruce theme of how the lame media is unfairly after Palin. This is their proof and it is a concerted effort.

    In the original press the Palins released about Joe and the fence wasn't it Track Palin that helped build the fence. Is it now only Todd and his nameless friends (same as built the house?)? If these guys are so great why can't they be named? Is it to do with McLain Construction or something?

    When the Palins change a story, like Todd and Track built the fence to Todd and nameless friends built the fence, THAT IS A HUMONGOUS RED FLAG. Why can't they stay with story number one?

    Is it true the wind blew the ugly fence over? No one was injured? Why would Palin promote for Todd (Track or McLain) to do the same crappy work on the border?

  72. Anonymous10:27 AM

    8:49 AM

    We are to trust Bristol who lies about phone service and Wasilla being the wilderness and not metro Anchorage under oath? Bristol also made statements that indicated she didn't know what Track was up to. Sarah and Todd very clearly established him living on the compound when he took photos of Joe and helped Todd with the fence. Granted they are changing that version now. I don't believe this latest version at all. That is not to say that they didn't have Track do some fishing in Dham. That is Palin territory and we know the story of the blogger that tried to express to friends what a weird incestuous place it is and how they stick together to lie and cover up. Others also noted at times that Track answered a compound house door and what a pleasant young man he was. Now he is a fisherman in Dillingham? ROTFL! Sarah just said he was learning to fly. The truth is they don't know which story they can pass off.

    I know this for certain. The Palins do not want to directly say what happened with Track in the military. Why he served such little time, why he couldn't attend the family welcome home and what the hey is he up to at the compound all this time? They also had to do the story about Bristol's room mate, Track's girlfriend, Britta. As if he has a girlfriend who is not on payroll. They also want to trick people into thinking that a few reality show shots of him smiling and fishing means that is reality, only in Sarah Palin's Alternate Universe Alaska. The TV show only proves that Track Palin fished in Dillingham for 30 seconds and there is a huge cover up going on. Britta Hanson does not act like a girlfriend, she is an employee. Now why are they doing that?

  73. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Ratings out for the first episode. 5 mil.

    But then - this includes those of us who had to fill our Sunday night comedy slot of viewing 'trailer trash gone wild'!!! LOL

  74. Anonymous10:47 AM

    6:57 AM

    Gryphen is being more than fair. Pay attention. Joe DID NOT take or allow any pictures!

    The Palins talk about drilling a hole for Sarah to watch Joe. Plus they are conjuring up this whole ruse about his intent. They had their son actually take pictures of Joe. Is that creepy or what? No wonder the Army passed on Track, what kind of lame dude would follow orders like take pictures of the neighbor. Sick, sick, sick family. Now they want to document on film how disgusting they all are and their stupid lies are endless noise.

  75. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Gryph this clip is the funniest thing I have seen....

    I see ADF&G are looking into the bear/fishing scene this morning... poor OLD Sarah this show may cost you more than you make...

    I hope Joe Sues her socks off!!

  76. Anonymous10:54 AM

    [Anonymous said...6:25 AM
    And I thought all her best speeches came from her marathon running. What does she need a slab for?]

    Under the slab is where all the bodies are buried, at least those that wouldn't stay at the bottom of the lake! HAHAHA

  77. It wouldn't surprise me if TLC wanted to edit the McGinniss references out of the show but Sarah insisted they stay to the point of assuming all liability (after all, she does have a PAC and a legal trust so she doesn't have to worry about pesky legal bills). NO ONE tells her what to do or tries to correct her. Anyway, she was counting on the McGinniss clips to sexualize Piper and there wasn't anything else in the can to do the job.

    Joe crossed the line by telling the truth about the gas pipeline that isn't. How dare he plan to tell more truth about her and her rise to notoriety?

  78. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Keep us posted on the progress of Joe M' lawsuit, surely it was filed this morning.

    Wasn't it?

  79. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Joe telling the truth about Alaskan politics and her pipe dreams is reason enough to start world war4 for the Palins. Sarah feels justified to imply Joe is a person for everyone to hate. This is no small effort at destroying the man's livelihood and credibility. The Palins are not doing this alone. They are all counting on Joe having a famous name in the past. It is hard to libel or slander the famous.

    What is the truth about Track? That can't be that hard to uncover. If he does have a girlfriend, especially one that works for the state and his mother, she would be proud to speak up for his good name. Why is the kid so painfully shy? Has that always been the case? Both Bristol and Track are shy? Will Track be featured in a show about Dillingham? Fishing with Todd? Is there anyone in the area that will tell what actually goes on? I saw something about a grandmother and Willow, Piper and a friend gutting fish or something. Does Track do any of that? Are his hands like other fishermen or is it another staged event?

  80. You know what Van Flein will argue, that Joe is never mentioned by name and his image is pixelated so no one will know who she is referring to.

    In a pig's you know what.

    It will depend on the judge and how far Joe wants to take it. I'd like to see her get slapped upside the head, but I fear she'll wiggle out of responsibility yet again.

    If Joe can bring suit outside of Alaska he might have a chance.

  81. Anonymous1:54 PM

    hopefully, this Trash TV show and it's falling Star will go by the wayside before the next 7 shows get air time.

    What a fake crap shoot!

  82. Anonymous4:30 PM

    "Track spends every summer in Dham fishing."

    Is that verifiable? The truth comes out little by little. Track didn't even go to Iraq, if he was there at all it was not as Sarah dreamed. No wonder Track wasn't there when his family greeted and welcomed him home, that was how it was for real Americans, not quitters. Who knows when and why Track quit on the military? The American taxpayers support him. Is he on disability now? Taxpayers spend fortunes on the VA perscribed medications. The Jeremy Morlock story is important for that reason alone. How the military is dealing with medications. depression. injuries, PTSD, homelessness, you name it. What is the deal they put together for Track? Track was in Dham fishing every summer, which could mean anything. Dillingham, Alaska, the graft and incest capital of Alaska or something like that. He had proximity to Matanuska Thunderfuck and good old Dham.

    Sarah is manipulating what she can call a documentary and later it will be in classrooms. Whether you like their philosophy or not, The Learning Channel produces classroom material. We see Willow as Sarah would homeschool for an audience. She and Todd homeschooled Levi and Bristol. She thinks she is setting the record straight and teaching a virtual population of children. She will do well with children from parents like her or abandoned children.

    Has she abandoned Trig and Track except for the token appearances? It is her "documentary" learning tool. Eight hours. We will see her interaction with all her cubs. Does she teach favortism?

    Here is a 40-50ish female that was homeskoolin male and female teens in heat. She claimed to not have a clue about her sexually active daughter, Bristol, a sex legend in their hood. Making her own babies made her more than an everyday slut and her friends were doing it. It was cool. BFF April told her parents when she got knocked up. That was cool. Excuse me, awesome.

    Wasilla is a little bit country and a lot of the crappy strip mall atmosphere that defiles beauty and nature. Bribery, nepotism, embezzlement, extortion and graft is a way of life in some communities. Bristol testified under oath about how isolated she was. The Secret Service wasn't in touch and couldn't help her. Her parents were busy and did nothing about that. This is the family that The Learning Channel is using for a learning tool. Parents teach your children well. It's a "flippin" political-infomercial.

  83. Anonymous5:11 PM

    How could this not be a conspiracy? The Palins and TLC can speak in code and innuendo but it is still the thoughts and plans to destroy another person in the brains of many people who manage to get together and accomplish their goals. There are cyber violations and crimes involved as well. Entire "friend" lists of 10s of thousands are ready to call, email and do all they are physically able to insure the results they desire. They do have a system, a crooked system, but a system. What a strong brave sole is Maksim Chmerkovskiy. May his constraints all be lifted soon and allow him to start an open and vigorous conversation with the truth. Don't hold back. I wish the same for Bristol. May she say more of what she thinks of the judges, people commenting on her pregnancies, sugar diets, her Tea Party friends and family and body shifting. Don't fear the truth and don't hold back.

  84. Anonymous4:09 AM

    Research? Perhaps $p should have spent time on her slab researching the duties of the VP before she accepted the nomination in 08. Remember, she ask what does a VP do? Said she was going to work with the senate, and get laws passed. She was not going to just sit around.She was going to be right in there with the senate. And more craziness I do not care to even repeat. It is all there for those who care to research.

  85. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Once adjusters get that package thing received from an attorney with documents, pictures and also other documents and etc. For how long does it usually state in the letter to respond? Do adjusters genuinely reply by or on the date? How can they respond by phone, email, letter or fax?


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