Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jon Stewart gives props to President Obama for his measured approach to Libya, and then tries to figure out what the hell Palin meant by using the word "squirmish."

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  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Thanks Gryph,
    I missed the show last night, and that segment was pure poetry!

  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    The look on Stewarts' face after Scarah said 'squirmish' was priceless. Thanks for posting the video.


  3. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves! I did like Stewart's commentary on the history of intervention.

  4. angela12:58 PM

    Damn, Sarah is an idiot.

  5. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Surprise! There Appears to Be At Least One “Scintilla of Evidence” Connecting Todd and Shailey Tripp

    > Subject: Re: calmness. Thank you so much.
    > To: “Shay”
    > Date: Tuesday, Dec 05, 2006, -:– PM
    > Shay,
    > I hope this reply gets to you. I am so happy to be there
    > for you. I love the tie!
    > Glad we met and
    > You light up my life,
    > Todd

  6. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Thanks for a good laugh Gryphen and Jon. That felt good.

  7. Anonymous1:08 PM

    proof positive, she is an idiot!

  8. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Well, at least now RAM can go on FB and twitter to refudiate the "squirmish" comment.

  9. dominicastar1:27 PM

    hey Gryphen,

    did you see Shailey Tripp latest post

    lol... funny though that email was the day after Palin became gov

  10. Anonymous1:27 PM

    you know she absolutely loves the attention she gets with her word salad.

    Palin / Trump 2012!!!

    - kellygrrrl

  11. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Palin also too keeps mispronouncing Gaddafi as Kaddafi which does my head in - rofl


  12. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Have any of you checked out what the peeeeerrrss are saying about the remark? I read a few posts from them trying to justify the Urban dictionary definition claiming that she used the word correctly and for all of them to get the word out to the media. Poor sad things those bots. Like a serious politician would refer to any definition in the Urban Dictionary and be expected to be taken seriously. You C4P idiots just can't admit that she mis-spoke AGAIN. She meant skirmish and you all know it and no matter how hard you try to spin it, it is what it is. Keep shoveling that shit, though, if it makes you happy.

  13. Irishgirl1:59 PM

    OzMud, It drives me insane too.

    I loved Jon's definition of squirmish.

    Andrew Sullivan also had a funny email from a reader.

    “After hearing it, I literally could not think of what the word “skirmish” was for a while. She’s like an intellectual stun-gun.”

  14. Anonymous2:21 PM

    "A mind is a terrible think to fake."

  15. Anonymous2:32 PM

    There's a little squirmish going on at FOX news. They're fighting over whether SP is a complete idiot or not and what to do about her. It hasn't broke into an all out war yet, but give her a little more time and it could at least become an ugly incident.


  16. Heidi32:42 PM

    Gryph - If at all possible, can you do a post on the National Enquirer's latest cover story saying that Todd Palin has a "Love Child"? Thanks!

  17. Thanks Gryph! I love me some Jon Stewart - as well as Colbert, O'Donnell and you of course!

  18. Enjay in E MT4:26 PM

    am mentally singing from the Wizard of Oz

    "if I only had a brain"

  19. Anonymous5:26 PM

    It's truly amazing what Jon Stewart can communicate using only a slight head tilt!

  20. Anonymous6:21 PM

    angela said...
    Damn, Sarah is an idiot.

    12:58 PM

    Stop talking about my momma! Well I think she is my mom. now I'm confused, I never saw my birth certificate and I remember sucking on my sister Bristol's nipples. Why did Bristol feed me and not my mommy Sarah?

  21. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Ok Squirmish is really funny.

    But the bottom line is Sarah does this all the time and has done nothing to correct the flaw. She has zero learning curve.

    You kind of like in a leader, who is heavily armed, to have grown up enough to have learned to not repeat their screw ups.

    Sarah hasn't grown up yet.

    Granted it is only word salad, but it is a characteristic of hers, She acts withough proper preperations, and is inattentive when she acts.
    She therefore is dangerously reckless.


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