Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lawrence O'Donnell tries to make sense out of the Teabaggers response to the President's Libyan speech.

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"Now I am not well versed enough in Palin-speak to know what else she just said in that muddle of words."

Gotta love that!


  1. dominicastar4:54 AM

    Hey G,

    Are u doing a blog on Shailey Tripp releasing emails of she & Todd, would love to hear Todd deny these emails.

  2. Anonymous5:22 AM

    She is not just a huge embarrassment to Alaskans anymore, she is the nation's problem, she is the Ugly American within our borders and especially endangering our safety and the safety of our armed forces around the world.

    This woman is a horrible speaker, thinker, writer, mother, political-has-been, 50 year old bully. Seriously Sarah, SHUTTHEFUCKUP!

  3. Anonymous5:24 AM

    I totally thought that read parsel-tongue instead of Palin-speak. Need more coffee

  4. Chenagrrl5:34 AM

    Lawrence O'Donnell does commentary as commentary should be done.

    I missed it last night. Thanks for posting.

    The Brand speaks parsel tongue? Huh! That could explain a bunch.

    Of course there are Fairbanksans who define a burp from indigestion as a Palin. (Yah almost have to grab a pail, but not quite.)

  5. DetroitSam5:34 AM

    I want to know who is paying Palin's bills. Could it be the Koch brothers?

    Why haven't the hacks, lapdogs and shills in what passes for media in this country investigated this?

  6. Rick Hill5:39 AM

    Wow. Rand Paul(named after a woman) is a lying, two-faced sack of shit? Who would have guessed....

  7. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Sarah Palin is not just toast, she's cold toast. Everyone in the country is either convinced she's an idiotic fraud, or is an idiot themselves. I don't think we even need to comment much anymore on her idiocies. However, the exposure of Rand Paul's hypocrisy was important. Palin will never be president and her influence is waning. I don't even think she'll run -- she's too cowardly. So it's time to turn our attention and energy to the other douche bags that need to be taken down.

  8. nancy5:47 AM

    Who the hell other than foxdrones or klanbaggers cares what this know nothing, empty headed, ego maniacal twit thinks about anything? I wouldn't trust this dimwit to give me a recipe for s'mores, let alone listen to her muse about foreign policy issues she knows absolutely nothing about!

    I'm sure she has always been a narcissist, but after McCain chose her as VP (a divine anointment in her warped brain), she stepped over the line to pathological narcissism.

    Hey Granny Grifter, no one in the real world gives a shit what you have to say about anything! And wtf is up with the new word? "Squirmish"? Seriously?
    Pick up a dictionary and actually read once in awhile. You might actually learn something.

    When will her 15 minutes finally be up? I'm so sick of her mindless drivel and her delusions served up in tweets, facebook rants and fox circle jerk interviews.

    She's stuck in a time warp where it's 2008 and she's still campaigning against Obama. He's been President for two and half fucking years. Is that "executive experience" enough for you BiPolar Barbie?

  9. Anonymous6:16 AM

    No, the Koch brothers have parted company with the snowdrift snookie. She's on her own to make the cash to pay the bills. That's why we are seeing more of her on the tube and at 'speaking' engagements, as her PAC is footing the bill, and she can legally grift off it.

  10. dominicastar6:24 AM

    Well she reached a target and she will be releasing an sometime today! YEAHHHHH

  11. Anonymous6:31 AM

    I don't really miss Kieth Olbermann that much, thanks to Lawrence O'Donnell.

  12. Rand Paul is such a delightful moron...not to mention hypocrite to the Nth degree.

  13. OT, but… Alaskans... what's going on with Lisa Murkowski and Planned Parenthood:

    We were talking about how Senator Lisa Murkowski says she doesn't want Planned Parenthood defunded. But when it came time to vote, what did she do? She voted for the bill that defunded Planned Parenthood, and against the bill that didn't.

  14. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Such an insincere face to wake up to. Ky blew it big time electing this bagger.

  15. Anonymous6:56 AM

    to detroitsam, didnt it come out awhile ago that the RNC org was footing her bills? I dont know how much truth there is to that, as there is sooo much bs on the internet and in print.

    and to anon 5:22, whats weird is, there's only a smallish number of people in alaska who outwardly dislike her. Most seen indifferent (as theyve never met her) and a lot still appreciate her. Most Alaskans truly distrust Obama and their kids project those feelings into their facebooking. All I hear in the Valley is "fuck obama" (not verbatim but no one seems to support him.)

    I think the AIP is grossly misunderstood. Members aren't necessarily unAmerican, they just know that what Alaska offers as a state is NOT being appreciated. In fact it's being unvalued and disrespected.

    There are lots of people in the Valley who have never met Sarah and desire to. there are lots of people who love her family, her parents, people who grew up next door and frequented their home.

    It's sad that "journalists" feel a need to defame them for big bucks.
    These people are not to be respected and generally aren't. look at the writers who wrote about John Travolta's alleged shenanigans and oprahs secrets. Where are they now? where are their subjects?

    The only true way to know a person is to walk in their shoes and to do that, you need a time machine. Comparisons of different accounts help some, but in the end, they exaggerate, embellish, and end up sounding like lies.

  16. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Wow, she said "back of the bus". The implication being that if our president is African American that's where we belong or will end up? I missed that the first time I listened.

  17. Anonymous7:26 AM

    That is a glorious beat down!

    Gotcha both!

  18. Anonymous7:42 AM

    sarah has embarrassingly low support in the Valley. sarah´s last public rally couldn´t even fill up the Menard Center even though Joe Miller brought along a caravan of supporters in from Anchorage. Nine out of ten Republicans can´t stand the bitch. Iḿ one of them. I can´t find a single conservative in my area, the Bible belt, who is one of the one in ten conservatives that like her.

    And that ¨walk in her shoes, you can´t judge until you know her¨ spin isn´t even believed by the person you´re defending. sarah has never met the President or the First Lady and bashes them all the time.


  19. Anonymous8:05 AM

    I agree with Nancy. Granny P's head is still in 2008. In her mind, every little bit of media attention is her "campaign". She was practically giddy with excitement, repeating the words "North Star" over and over in her lasted interview with Greta. She believes that at last, Obama has noticed her!

    She is just waiting for money and support to pour in. Not that she will do anything different; she just wants money and support.

    P.S. "The North Star" was Frederick Douglass's publication. He was a former slave who used his brilliant speaking and writing skills to denounce slavery, and fight for the emancipation of women and other oppressed groups.

    One of his most famous sayings was: "I would unite with anybody to do right, and with nobody to do wrong."

  20. Lynne8:15 AM

    Ha, if I tried to "walk in her shoes", I'd fall on my face. At the very least, I'd have to practice at home for awhile before I could even totter out the door.

  21. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I think the AIP is grossly misunderstood. Members aren't necessarily unAmerican, they just know that what Alaska offers as a state is NOT being appreciated. In fact it's being unvalued and disrespected.

    And this is different than the underappreciation our other 49 states may feel HOW???
    Too bad the Alaskans that want to get to know her don't do some research about shit that happened right under their noses. Doubt very much they'd like what they'd find...unless of course they felt left out of the grifting.

  22. Anonymous8:34 AM

    there are lots of people who love her family, her parents, people who grew up next door and frequented their home.

    Don't know about you but I have two next door neighbors. If these are the only people who love her, well ,actually I'm not surprised!!

  23. emrysa8:46 AM

    rofl @ 6:56 am.

    the aip is grossly misunderstood? what is there to misunderstand about a stated mission to secede from the us?

    I really don't understand why you people come here and post this shit (although it does make for some good laffs). at what point do you begin to understand that you cannot convince people who are more intelligent than you of your idiotic positions?

  24. Anon 6:56

    I have to ask, are you delusional? I know so many repubs that are utterly disgusted with our Village Idiot. She is a laughing stock and the only panty sniffers around here are the foot-washing Baptists and your average dumbass People of Wal-Mart types. It's a frigging joke. You know you are a Palin fan when...

  25. honeybabe9:40 AM

    poor anon 6:56 did not read a single one of these posts! palin is another word for joke, and a bad one at that. i love the posts on anch daily news too, not much love over there either!

  26. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Lawrence is the BEST!

  27. Anonymous11:50 AM

    "..and then we get in the back of the bus..."
    She wouldn't have been thinking about a Obama sitting the the back of the segregated bus.

    Would she?

    Sarah has a problem with brown people, but she's not racist?

    I mean that analogy in the context of a NATO UN agreement to act in military unison in Libya leads naturally to an image of a Black President going to the back of their bus in my mind.

  28. She said "squirmish!" WTH goes on inside that head...

  29. Anne In DC9:24 AM

    What I've noticed about GOP dimwits like Rand Paul and Sarah Palin, as well as Newt Gingrich, is that as much as they might like a policy, they don't like it if President Obama does. I have never in my life seen such a group of childishly oppositional dolts. They are an embarassment to this country, and they make Republicans look stupid.

    It's an exercise in futility for even someone with Lawrence O'Donnell's intelligence to make sense out of the toxic nonsense that these fools spew every time they speak publicly.


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