Monday, April 04, 2011

With Sarah Palin's aspirations all but destroyed, Michele Bachmann jumps up to quickly take her place while the political corpse is yet still warm.

"I think I'll put the knife right there between her grizzly shoulder blades."
Courtesy of the New York Times:

Sarah Palin, the reigning heroine of many social conservatives, has given few signals that she will make a presidential bid. Mike Huckabee, who won the Iowa caucuses in 2008 on the strength of his appeal to evangelicals and other constituencies, has mostly offered reasons for not joining the race.
So into that space has come Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

“It isn’t that I was born thinking I had to be president,” she said, leaning in and talking softer than she does on television or at Tea Party rallies. “I’m getting a lot of encouragement to run from people across the country. I don’t believe this is a rash decision.”

Do you think she is talking about real "people," or just the voices in her head?

“If Congresswoman Bachmann gets in, she has the potential to appeal to a lot of people who might have gone for Governor Palin,” Gov. Terry E. Branstad of Iowa said in an interview. “Imagine if they both got in. That could make it really interesting.”

If Bachmann and Palin BOTH get into the race this will be the most entertaining GOP primary in history!  They could put the debates on Pay-Per-View and have enough to finance the ENTIRE Republican campaign.

Of course it would still not do them any good because by the time this Republican three ring circus was over and they finally swept up the last of the sawdust, and shoveled out the remaining elephant shit, the American people would never vote whichever clown was left standing into the White House.

But the question remains, if Palin decides to finally use that common sense she is always bragging about and skips this nomination process, does Bachmann truly have what it takes to wear her mantle?

Ms. Bachmann would have substantial obstacles to overcome. She has already made some high-profile gaffes — including declaring late last month that the opening shots of the Revolutionary War took place in New Hampshire, not Massachusetts — that raise questions about her preparation for the scrutiny of a national campaign.

Her Congressional office has experienced considerable turnover, including five chiefs of staff in the last four years. A former chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party, Ron Carey, resigned after five months in the post. He told reporters in Minneapolis that he would not support her presidential bid, saying, “She’s not going to be an electable candidate for us.”

Well I guess that answers THAT question.

"The Teabaggers Queen is dead!  Long live the Queen of Teabaggers!"

Update: Andrew Sullivan honored me with quote of the day. Sweet!


  1. Anonymous4:30 AM

    This was in my email in-box box this a.m.:
    "From: barack obama
    Subject: 2012
    Date: April 4, 2011 7:04:22 AM EDT

    "Today, we are filing papers to launch our 2012 campaign.""

    That will really get Sarah anxious.

  2. Anonymous4:54 AM

    just like Palin called NH the great NorthWEST - Bachmann messed up as well. She also referred to John Quincy Adams as the forefather that abolished slavery. It's clear she doesn't understand elementary school history.

    Maybe, she'll study.....who knows?

    If she gets the nomination, there is no doubt Obama will get a second term.

  3. And we actually have a political party that actively courts morons.

  4. Anonymous5:12 AM

    I don't know Uncle G. Since Pres. Obama launched his bid for re-election today, I can see this silly 'woman' trying to upstage him by announcing her clown shoes run for the presidency.

  5. London Bridges5:17 AM

    Geez, Bachman has a "title!"

    Who needs a stinkin' title?

  6. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Isn't this the most fun!! If Bachmann runs she will have to also, too, even if she was not so inclined.

    She must be fuming..."it's MY TURN!!"

  7. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Sis lives in NH. Said Bachman's inane comment about Concord won't be forgotten and that Miz B's already toast there.

  8. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Even though she's an idiot and says a bunch of crap that makes no sense, I wouldn't count Bachmann out as the GOP candidate. Bachmann and Herman Cain, I think, are bonkers, but they're the kind of bonkers that appeals to the base, who are also all bonkers.

  9. Randall5:42 AM

    Bachmann is stupid and/or simple-minded whereas Palin is vicious and mean-spirited.

    To use a clown metaphor, Michelle might be Bozo while Sarah would clearly be Pennywise.

  10. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Personally, I don't know why anyone would want to run for president. It's lucky that there are a few sane people out there running for positions that determine laws that affect the populace. It's up to us, to get out there and get a huge voting bloc to vote for the sane ones.

  11. Randall5:46 AM

    OH, and check this out as well:

    ...Bachmann 10% while Sarah is quite a bit less than that.

  12. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Bachmann is running for VP. Make no mistake about it. She wants to be #2 on the GOP ticket. She thinks if Palin was, any idiot could be.

  13. Anonymous5:54 AM

    This is going to be interesting. Let's see which one of Sarah's mental pathologies will win out. On one hand, with Bachmann in the race, she's got a perfect excuse to do what she does best, quit when she's challenged, criticized, and the going gets tough. However, she always has to be the most popular girl in the room, so watching Bachmann wear her "queen of the tea party" crown is going to eat her up.

    Sarah loves the money, so I think that's going to tip the scales and she's going to use this as her out, but there's no way she's going to be able to resist sniping at Bachmann's heels, especially if her own career continues to implode. I'm sure she's pissed Bachmann is jumping in so early, making her look even more irrelevant and unserious for sitting on the sidelines.

    One last thing, Bachmann running takes away her real power in the Republican party--her power to be queenmaker for the candidates. Her people will naturally vote for Bachmann, with or without her endorsement, so none of the candidates will feel it necessary to kiss her butt.

  14. Anonymous5:55 AM

    “I don’t want to bash Sarah Palin, but she lacks substance,” Mr. Sorensen said. “I believe Michele Bachmann has more substance. I think she’d mop the floor with her, if you want me to be frank.”

  15. Anonymous5:57 AM

    We’ll start by doing something unprecedented: coordinating millions of one-on-one conversations between supporters across every single state, reconnecting old friends, inspiring new ones to join the cause, and readying ourselves for next year’s fight.

  16. Anonymous5:57 AM

    truer words havent been spoken

    The far left, right and the media are stuck in high school while tea party moderate types fight for change

    Did you know that BOTH the far left and the far right now have well funded groups trying to dig up dirt on the various networks and their employees? Seem like High School?
    Rather than trying to stir up fights...perhaps the time would be better spent by both sides of the spectrum trying to figure out solutions to real problems? This doesn't mean that there will not be fierce debate (debate is good) .. energy should be directed towards improving things.

    (and yes, both far left and far right are doing this)

    "...Tired of being on the receiving end of damaging stories developed by liberal groups such as Media Matters and the Center for American Progress, conservatives are looking to launch their own opposition research army to dig up dirt on the left...."

  17. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Looking at that picture of Palin I can see that she is not proud of what God gave her. What I see is that her boobs looks like a flat pair of puppy dog ears, you know the pancake type. The kind that just lays flat which is nothing compared to her Belmont pictures.

    You know the saying "Go Big Or Go Home"?
    Well I guess Sarah is a going home with her granny flap jacks.

    Bristol plans on going BIG with that big Jay Leno implant chin of hers.

    Todd never had a chance of going BIG and becoming somebody important with that 4 incher of his. His 4 incher on a good day is like the 14 ft fence he built. It looked bad, never had a chance of staying up and the first wind to hit it - it just went down and never got up again.

  18. Anonymous6:02 AM

    "we dont need a good politician. we need a leader"

    EXACTLY. Thats exactly whats in DC right now, a damn good politician who knows how to use people, hire people, "kill" opponents chances, fake voters out.

    2012 can't come soon enough. Id like to see a real debate without prep. just 2 candidates, sitting down, engaging each other about real issues.

    We have yet to see this. FROM ANYONE. And that is beyond disgusting and sad.

  19. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Been wondering for a while where the promised "ice berg" is. If it exists, now would be a pretty good time to haul it out. It's time for this to end.

  20. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Why can't all leaders be more like Paul Ryan?

  21. Anonymous6:19 AM

    It would just be replacing stupid with stupid. Palin may be more mean-spirited, but Bachmann's brand of intellectualism is equally dangerous.

  22. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Great pic and caption Gryph!


  23. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Where's Levi been, lately? Helping with his young family? Isn't almost time for him and Bristol to announce another engagement? Or maybe skip right to eloping to save money on the wedding and sell pictures of the happy couple. Or maybe they've smartened up and will leave the publicity out of it. Nah, not if there's quick and easy money to be made.

  24. Anonymous6:27 AM

    There is nothing moderate about the tea party. Stop saying that. It makes you sound stupid.

  25. Anonymous6:27 AM

    I may go into a long hibernation. Wake me up after November 2012.

  26. The Republican Primary pack reminds me of the Monty Python " Twit of the Year" contest.
    Sarah will run. It's her only chance. She'll be a trivia question by 2016. And Jon Huntsman will sit back and let these clowns injure themselves with rubber chickens on the Caucus circuit, then step in.

  27. Anonymous6:29 AM

    I think the Iowa courting system is going to be the death of any GOP candidate's chance at mainstream appeal.

    The Iowa primary is going to expose the hypocrisy and lengths of pandering each candidate will go to to clear that polling hurdle but at the cost of a rational and adult race of national appeal.

    This race is going to expose that winning in Iowa doesn't mean winning the country. It's a Charlie Sheen version of Winning.

  28. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Does a JD from Oral Roberts University count?

    It's about as useful as Christine O'Donnell's constitutional creds from that 8 day seminar held by right-wing tax whack-jobs.

  29. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Not all Foster Care families are saints. But I give my hats off to those that open their homes to transient kids.

    However, I'm not going to make the mistake of giving Michele any props for her foster care mothering (who knows what those kids went through - Bible studies for food?) but can you imagine Sarah taking in other children?

    Her kids are neglected and peddled out to anyone with a pulse as it is and was. And it shows. Servant's heart my ass.

  30. Anonymous6:53 AM

    This is Palin's "out." She has said repeatedly that if there was no candidate in the race that represented the "commonsense conservative values," by golly, she would have to step in. With Bachmann on board for the GOP Freak Show, Palin can sit back and continue to pimp herself out for money.

  31. At least Bachmann gave birth to her five children.

  32. icantsay7:09 AM

    @5:57 AM - you mean the already established right-wing effort to dig up dirt and intimidate opponents? Like, say, the US Chamber of Commerce paying hackers to sabotage unions and smear political opponents? So far I haven't seen any allegations of such an organization on the left, let alone 40,000 emails.

  33. To use a clown metaphor, Michelle might be Bozo while Sarah would clearly be Pennywise.


  34. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Randall at 5:42 nailed it! Excellent.

  35. Anonymous7:30 AM

    "With Sarah Palin's aspirations all but destroyed, Michele Bachmann jumps up to quickly take her place while the political corpse is yet still warm."

    $P I can hear her say. "I coulda been a contender."

  36. Anonymous7:34 AM

    I recall the Back to The Future" series. Character Marty McFly's short temper would flare up when someone called him "chicken". Bullies would "dare" him to something because they knew he'd take the dare when called chicken.

    Wonder if Michele and her team and subconsciously calling out Sarah in a dare to run. With articles like NYT, where Bachmann says, "I'm getting a lot of encouragement to run from people across the country", and Gov. Branstad's "If Congresswoman Bachmann gets in, she has the potential to appeal to a lot of people who might have gone for Governor Palin".

    Why do I get the feeling they are daring Sarah on? And Sarah does like a challenge. B-wak-Bak-Bak-Bak?

  37. I don't count Bachmann's law degree from Oral Roberts, but she went on to get a masters in tax law from a real law school and was a tax attorney.

    The stealth attractive-woman-with-five-children candidate is Liz Cheney. And she is smart enough to be dangerous.

  38. Anonymous7:38 AM

    There are a couple of differences between Michele and Sarah. Michele currently is serving in a political office. Sarah will never be able to explain successfully that quitting was a good thing.

    Michele can actually speak in complete sentences, while Sarah starts a sentence in once direction and gets interrupted by distracting words and phrases. What Michele says is as stupid as the stuff that Palin says. Michele doesn't get caught in words salad quite as often.

    Both appeal to the extreme right wing republican or tea party person who still believes that the world was created in six days, six thousand years ago. They both want that taught in the schools along with religious studies, but not sex education. They both use the theme of "no big government" while accepting money from big government.

    Michele has lost five chiefs of staff, but at least she has an operation going in Iowa. She is there on a regular basis, getting ready for the primaries. Sarah has no organization, and hasn't been to Iowa lately. Sarah played cute and coy for too long, while Michele has been working hard at positioning herself as a possible candidate.

    The good news is that regular Republicans think that both Sarah and Michele trivialize the GOP and make them look foolish. I'm sure that they want a candidate who really has a chance of winning. If they are good politicians, they know that McCain's loss was due, in part, to his choice of Palin on the ticket. I don't think that they really want to repeat that mistake.

  39. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Bachmann and Palin - Campaign slogan -


  40. Hey Gryph, You made the Quote of the Day at Andrew Sullivan's "The Dish" on his first day at his new home @ "The Daily Beast". Congrats!

    OT Looks like a new article on Sarah & Todd on the next cover of Nat. Enq.Something about a "love child"??

  41. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Look for audio and video of Michelle's husband on the internet and then tell me if this guy is strait. He got an internet PhD a few years ago & then founded a counseling center to turn gay people strait. As far as I can tell he does not have any license to counsel himself. That is required by MN state law do do "counseling."
    The official campaign family photo of 2010 has her sitting on his lap.
    I think she protests too much.

  42. Anonymous7:47 AM

    5:57 am

    A day late and a dollar short is your motto.

    Your comment was sadly lacking, you are a asshat.

  43. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Anonymous said...
    Where's Levi been, lately? Helping with his young family? Isn't almost time for him and Bristol to announce another engagement? Or maybe skip right to eloping to save money on the wedding and sell pictures of the happy couple. Or maybe they've smartened up and will leave the publicity out of it. Nah, not if there's quick and easy money to be made.

    6:26 AM

    Do you think Levi is
    into sloppy 10ths?

    Bristol has been sexually active for a while and has been bred by lots of fellas. I don't know if Levi is into that. Bristol has lived the life of a porno actress without cameras if you know what I mean.

  44. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Does this mean we may not get to see Brisdull, Willow, al, any more?

    I WISH we were so lucky.

  45. Anonymous7:53 AM

    5:57 AM,

    You, the media, and the Tea Party are stuck in JUNIOR HIGH. The Tea Party are not a bunch of fucking "moderates," they are the very same far-right extremists you are pretending to dislike. The Tea Party does not represent positive change, and most of the country disagrees with the Tea Party. The Tea Pary is worse than the status quo. The Tea Party is very unpopular. The Tea Party toddlers are trying to force a government shutdown. "Our way, or the highway, or we'll shutdown the government!" Yup, that's sooo moderate. Not. Moderates compromise, and don't shutdown the federal government. You don't even know what a moderate is. I have never heard anyone call the Tea Party "moderate" before. You are clearly confused. The Tea Party doesn't hava any solutions to our problems. They only have solutions to make our problems worse.

    The far-right is far better funded than the Left. Do your damn homework. The far-right groups raised way more money than left-wing groups in the midterm elections. There are also far more right-wing groups smearing the Left. The Citizen's United ruling benefits the far-right, FYI. The right-wing also controls the media, you moron.

    The Left is nowhere as bad the Right. The right-wing has stomped on people's heads, shown up to political rallies armed to the teeth, manufactured union thuggery with fraudulent videos, destroyed ACORN, smeared Shirley Sherrod, burned Korans, (which caused the deaths of innocent people)and republicans in Wisconsin plotting a fake assasination attempt on the governor, in order to smear unions. And, plenty more.

    "Boths sides are doing it." Whatever, asshole.

  46. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Poor stupid Mrs Todd Palin, a faker with loads of baggage.

  47. Anonymous7:56 AM

    6:02 AM,

    Barack Obama will probably be re-elected. Get over it.

  48. Anonymous8:02 AM

    "Why can't all leaders be more like Paul Ryan?"

    6:16 AM:

    LOl. Paul Ryan is no damn leader. He needs to stop being vague, and just spit it out, and let senior citizens know exactly what he wants to do to them. That slimy mother-fucker won't get anywhere trying to steal entitlements from the elderly.

    Piss off

  49. Anonymous8:04 AM

    6:16 a.m.,

    Paul Ryan won't be able to save the G.O.P. in 2012, either. Fail!

  50. Anonymous8:08 AM


    Wake yourself up.

  51. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Congratulations on giving Andrew Sullivan the Quote of the Day.

  52. Anonymous8:50 AM

    "It isn’t that I was born thinking I had to be president,” she said, leaning in and talking softer than she does on television or at Tea Party rallies.

    Hmmmm... Could this be a backhand reference to Palin's remark during her mayoral race that she had aspirations to be POTUS?

  53. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Gryphen, the first post at 6:02 and 7:49 are really pushing the boundaries of good taste.

  54. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Anonymous #2 @ 5:57 said... **truer words havent been spoken The far left, right and the media are stuck in high school while tea party moderate types fight for change...**
    Whomever this is, they have plagerized/stolen, word-for-word a comment from another pe'er at their 'beloved' sea-of-pe'ers.

    Sad these guys cannot come up with any thoughts, words, etc., of their own -- besides all their other faults, they also have to steal from each other. LOL

    Oh well -- at least they are all stuck in there, together, with each other, as some sort of 'icky', lying, etc., support group. *YUCK*

  55. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Kind'a looks like Bachmann is "winding up" Palin like the brainless toy she is.

  56. honeybabe9:33 AM

    the obscene amounts spent on election campaigning would be better spent on our roads, bridges, healthcare, schools and any number of actually worthwhile projects. we have tv debates! the same goes for military spending. i want our children home and only used in cases of HELPING other countries rather than messing in their governments. and if a business fails, it fails, no bail outs. if you gamble on a loser, you lose. businesses need to pay a minimum percent of tax at least. end of vent.

  57. Anonymous9:43 AM

    re: Anonymous at 7:45
    The official campaign family photo of 2010 has her sitting on his lap.

    Puke, just puke. That's all I've got.

  58. LOL.

    If either one of them is in the primaries, they'll alienate enough Republicans to ensure that not only Obama is re-elected but may take back the house and keep the senate.

    I'd like to think Obama has learned his lesson and won't squander a supermajority a second time.

    I'd like to see this also turn a lot of states to the blue side. That would help more working people than anything in D.C. considering what is happening in Wisconsin, Idaho, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania....

  59. Anonymous10:21 AM

    What happened to that article in the National Enquirer about Palin's 'love child'? Do you think the Palins were able to stop it somehow? I'm sure they were on it immediately once hearing of it.

  60. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Some of the best Minnesota exposure of the real Michelle Bachmann can be found at

    The story today there is " Is Serial Liar Bachmann Lying About Her Own Family History?"

    It was when Bachmann said she was a 7th generation Iowan, descended from Norwegians who immigrated to Iowa in the 1850s, that I started paying attention, simply because it would be mathematically impossible for a woman in her mid-fifties to be the 7th generation descended from people who immigrated in the 1850s unless each of their direct ancestors from every generation had had a child when they were still a child themselves. After catching this one obvious lie, I just couldn't resist doing a little fact checking on the rest of Bachmann's story. What I found was that Bachmann's version of her family's history was as much a work of fiction as anything found in one of David Barton's books.

    It turns out that Michelle Bachamnn may have some actual connections to the material in the David Barton book.

  61. Hannah11:23 AM

    Sarah Palin came to MN to campaign for Michele Bachmann. I had an uncle attend with his VFW crew. To hear them talk, the only thing better would be if these two "girls" would duke it out in the jello tub. Asked him if they could run the country, ahhhh, HE** No, was his answer, but he and his buddies would sure enough like to watch the battle for "top chichi", whatever that means.

  62. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Isn't it funny all the tea baggers spout off about hte consitution and our forfathers and it seems they didn't pay attention to history class. They just repeat anything and everything, and it isn't even fact. I want them to go back to our forefather who served. They went to congress for a set time not making a career out of it with no pay. Let's see them get on that bandwagon.

  63. Anonymous1:22 PM

    What do you do when two ugly nasty women get into a big public fight?

    Get out of the way and laugh.

  64. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Here's my gut instinct. Sarah Palin has no plans to run a traditional campaign for presidency. Too time consuming. Too costly. Too risky. What's to keep her from throwing her hat in the ring at the 11th hour, after the other primary candidates have cut each other to shreds and exhausted their resources? After all, she didn't get tapped as VP until 3 months before the election. Watch for an 11th hour entry into the Republican primary in defiance of all that is sacred and sane.

  65. majii2:11 PM

    @ Anon @ 5:57 AM

    I'm tired of Americans allowing themselves to be fooled by slick politicians who wouldn't throw them a dollar to buy a soda but would take their money and give it to oil companies and corporations.

    I'm sure you can understand that I'm talking about those who vote for republicans and tea party candidates.

    This is Day 89 in the 112th Congress, and not one of the above has introduced a bill to create jobs, but they didn't waste any time giving away your and my money to oil companies and corporations. The democrats in the Senate introduced a jobs bill, and those whom you support, voted AGAINST it today.

    Where are the jobs?

  66. Anonymous2:26 PM

    @1:58 - if she did that, it would be another really stupid move, because most of the voters will have pledged allegiance to other candidates. She already has no followers. Every day people like her less, according to all polls. So coming in at the last minute--she'd have to go 3rd party because you cannot be in the GOP process without going through the primary process. Those are the rules.

    Third party, she'd have no chance. And it would guarantee another Obama victory.

    She has no chance at all with either option: primary run or third party run.

  67. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Palin can't wait too long to jump in. To get the GOP nom, she'd have to campaign in many states and earn the nomination. She couldn't just sashay to the convention and be crowned.

    Could she jump in at the last moment as a 3rd party candidate? No. She'd need a national operation to get signatures & file papers to get on ballots in most states. you can't become the Teabagger POTUS relying on write ins. I don't even recall a write in as an option on the presidential ballot in my state.

  68. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Gryphen, So many of you good quotes can only be repeated in open minded company.

    I wonder after Sarah's Epic Fail of not attracting Hillary's women's vote (hint to repo idiots, the next time you do something like that don't crow about it. It turns people off when you insult them that way.) if they still believe that thinking women vote with their hormones.

  69. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Many congrats for being the quote of the day on Sully's debut day on the Dailybeast. People are paying attention to you, as they must.

  70. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Re: 9:43 AM

    You mean you don't know a lot of 47-year-old women who sit on their husband's ample laps while posing for an official resume photo?

    Evidently this photo helps prove she's very heterosexual and therefore qualified for the U.S House of Representatives.

  71. Anonymous7:46 PM

    She won't run. She's too insecure to do it unless the MONEY backs her. They aren't behind her, so it's in her best interest to just go for the bucks she can make off her celebrity status. She's a celebrity, and celebrity brings you crazed followers. RUN, SARAH, RUN!!! 2012!!!

  72. Anonymous12:56 AM

    The whole Republican dog fight for the nomination looks a lot like Snow White and Seven Dwarves doesn't it? Now you've got the wicked Snow Queen of the north asking her magic mirror who is the fairest of them all and hearing Michele back. Looks more entertaining than Disney.

  73. Anne In DC8:20 AM

    Palin and Bachmann are the Tweedledee and Tweedledum of rank stupidity. Even though Bachmann is currently in an elected position, that's not saying anything in her favor and it speaks volumes about the people who elected her. She is every bit as ignorant and backward as Palin is, so her presence in the nomination process would be no improvement on Palin. Not to mention how unnerving it is to look at those demented eyes.


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