Monday, April 04, 2011

Sarah Palin uses misinformation and Republican talking points to attack Planned Parenthood.

I received this in my e-mail box late last night from a source who is on a certain Grizzled Mama's mailing list. (Yes Sarah, I have spies EVERYWHERE.)

Governor Palin's statement:

The greatest fiscal challenge facing our country today is our government’s dangerously unsustainable debt and its practice of deficit spending. Whatever side you’re on in the abortion debate, surely you can see that our taxpayer dollars should not be used to fund abortion at any time, let alone these hard economic times. And yet that is what has been happening with the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood – the nation’s largest abortion provider, which is awash in scandal after revelations of its dishonesty with the American public. They receive an average of $1 million taxpayer dollars per day; and regardless of what they had promised the public in their campaign ads, new investigative reporting shows that they are not really using our tax dollars to provide women with mammograms and other real health care services. It’s simply freeing up funds that they can then invest in their primary money-making endeavor: abortion. Planned Parenthood doesn’t really offer women who find themselves in less-than-ideal circumstances any real choice. They don’t show women that they have the power, capability, strength, and love within themselves to choose the blessing that is life. They don't explain the resources that are available to parents who want to give their child life. They don’t show them that adoption is a beautiful choice too. What they offer is not true empowerment or “choice” or women’s health care. I join Rep. Mike Pence and others of conscience and common sense who are leading the charge to end the taxpayer funding of the nation’s largest abortion provider. We recognize that not only is our country buried under Mt. McKinley-sized debt, but that the truest measure of any society is how it treats those who are least able to defend and speak for themselves. Surely the individual resources of a generous country can come to the aid of women in need without the taxpayer funding of abortion.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that is written in the above statement is completely false.  Clearly Palin knows her followers well enough to know they will never fact check anything she says, and simply accept it like it came down from atop Mt. Sinai on stone tablets.

However for those of us who think, instead of believe, her statement flies in the face of the true verifiable facts.

Like many of the most aggressive recent Republican attacks on Planned Parenthood, Palin is basing her claims that "investigative reporting" revealed anything unscrupulous on highly doctored, misleading  tapes obtained by that paragon of honest reporting James O'Keefe, and his sidekick Lila Rose.

The truth about what services Planned Parenthood provides are contained in the graphic below.

The profoundly positive impact that Planned Parenthood has on the communities they serve is revealed in this recent article by the AP:

Over the decades, Planned Parenthood played pivotal roles in easing laws against contraception, popularizing the birth control pill and setting the stage for the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that established a woman's right to have an abortion.

Its clinics have been repeated targets of bombings, arson and protests. A receptionist at one of its clinics in Brookline, Mass., was shot dead in 1994 by John Salvi, who described himself as a militant foe of abortion.

Abortions account for only a small fraction of the services provided by Planned Parenthood — mainly providing contraception, screening for cancer and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Many of the clients are low-income women with few other options for non-emergency health care.

At many clinics, demand is high. On a recent workday, the waiting room at the Brooklyn health center, which occupies an entire floor of an office building, was filled to overflowing, and center director Nellie Santiago-Rivera said her 35-member staff often sees 150 patients a day.

Most of the Brooklyn clients are black and Hispanic women in their 20s, many without a primary-care doctor of their own.

"This is their community health center," said Evelyn Intondi, a Planned Parenthood nurse-midwife.

As you can see those who most need Planned Parenthood's services are "low income" which in Palin's mind can only mean "non-white," therefore she feels free to place her Red Naughty Monkey Pump heel right on their already oppressed neck without worrying about any serious backlash.  Hell THEY would never support her anyway!

And of course since this is Palin there is also the issue of her incredible hypocrisy on this issue.  Everybody already knows about the famous "Wite Out" incident from her book "Going Rogue," but in fact there are multiple rumors of another one as well which. with my fingers crossed, I hope might be revealed in at least one of the many books coming out about the Grizzled Mama this next year.

Of course even if that were to be revealed, in impossible to ignore black and white, the Palin-bots would suddenly be stricken with temporary illiteracy and refuse to comprehend what was written on the pages of a book they would perceive as an attack on their Queen. In other words, one containing facts, instead of the Palin approved fantasy they have come to accept as reality.


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Maybe if her simple daughter had partaken of PP services she wouldn't be the haaaaardest workin' single mom in showbidness.

    (With apologies to the late, great James Brown - someone with an actual talent.)

    God how I despise this dumb woman. Who keeps hitting the snooze on her 15 minutes?

  2. Anonymous7:41 AM

    She is such a hypocrite. Planned Parenthood is a fantastic organization. Wonder where she had her "white-out"?

  3. Perhaps Sarah should superimpose on of her iconic "surveyor's marks" over the Planned Parenthood logo. Planned parenthood: what we should all be striving for. Yeah, it's all right to shut down a women's health service, which includes birth control and STD screening in favour of fetuses.

  4. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Gee, Gryphen, don't you know that women aren't SUPPOSED to have access to contraception? Our bodies are just for creating babies! If we don't want to get pregnant, we have to lock our knees together and hope and pray that our husbands/boyfriends don't take it from us or go find a whore!


    This kind of crap pisses me off so much. It just shows that the Republicans can't wrap their pea brains around the fact that women have control of ANYTHING and women who claim to be Republican need to think about how badly they're setting back womens rights. If it were up to the Old Boys' Club, every woman politician would be in the kitchen cooking dinner, or fixing up martinis for happy hour.

  5. Anonymous7:47 AM

    For those who have been saying Gryphen doesn't have women's interests at heart, due to the porn pic, you should thank him for this post, which is very much pro-female and pro-family, esp. those with mid/low incomes.

  6. Anonymous7:54 AM

    The last time she attacked Planned Parenthood (2008) they raised $1 million dollars in her name. I guess I'll donate online to Planned Parenthood right now. Let's go for $2 million this year, folks!

  7. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Surely I CAN'T agree that government dollars should never be used to fund abortions. I HATE WHEN THESE LUNATICS TRY TO SAY THEY KNOW WHAT I THINK. They don't have a clue!

  8. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I'm saying a prayer to all fertility gods everywhere that Sarah Palin finds herself pregnant with triplets. What a "blessing" that would be for her, right?!

  9. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Every time Palin says something against Planned Parenthood, I make a donation to Planned Parenthood. I have used their services in the past for exams and birth control. My sister and daughter both currently use Planned Parenthood for their gynecological needs. My sister is a tea bagger conservative, whose tea bagger husband left her for another woman. I wonder what she thinks of these conservatives politicians taking away her ability to have a yearly exam and mammogram? She could never afford a regular Dr. because she NO LONGER HAS MEDICAL INSURANCE!! I am beginning to hate Republicans.

  10. angela8:03 AM

    Don't they have Planned Parenthood in Wasilla?
    Maybe Bristol could have sneaked over there for birth control pills while her idiot mother ignored sex going on under her own roof.

    Really, this says more for the idiocy that is Sarah Palin than anything else. You can't have it both ways. You can either prevent pregnancy with education (Sarah is afraid of that). Or you can destroy Planned Parenthood then the GOP would make sure all the children of those pregnancies went hungry and didn't get an education. One of them is--slow genocide. But isn't that what they want anyway?

  11. laprofesora8:11 AM

    I can't even read the FB post because 1) I know she didn't write it 2) I know it's garbage and 3) someone has to look out for my blood pressure. She's so damned desperate to appear relevant and involved when the truth is she's a NOBODY. A used up, know nothing, bra-stuffing hillbilly has-been. You really should just shut up, Scarah, you're only embarrassing yourself.

  12. laprofesora8:13 AM

    I just had another thought:

    What does Paylin know about "planning" OR "parenthood"?

    Painfully little.

  13. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Unless I was endorsing PP and its mission, this is one topic I'd stay away from if I was pregnant before I married, raised a daughter who as a teenaged unwed mother, and was myself the daughter of a mother who similarly was pregnant before marriage.

    She really has no shame, and no clue.

  14. Anonymous8:18 AM

    These are all good stats to have on our side in case it's needed, but once again, we're falling into a conservative trap to get so focused on defending Planned Parenthood, we neglect to take the offense instead. In this case, a simple "Why are conservatives hellbent on eliminating birth control?" will do. This gets conservatives defending why they're against an organization that distributes most free contraceptives in this country, rather than have us defend the small percentage of abortions Planned Parenthood performs.

  15. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Just because Sarah doesn't put any thought into Family Planning doesn't mean we all have to bare the burden of her choices - which we have, for all the years she's been in public office, as we've subsidized her lifestyle and paid for her kids junkets and whatnot.

    She doesn't have to involve herself with our choices. Difference is, we don't tell her how to use her body - just her brain and influence. STFU.

  16. Anonymous8:25 AM

    It's a good thing us freedom loving women have someone like Sarah Palin explaining the p's and q's about our empowerment and legally protected rights.

    As long as the conservatives can tell me who to marry and when to have babies, I'm a free woman in America.

  17. Anonymous8:29 AM

    James O'Keefe is not an investigative journalist. You can edit anything out of context to prove foment your lies. Sarah Palin is a Goddam LIAR.

  18. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Planned Parenthood isn't even a 'liberal' cause, but thanks to Sarah and her well publicized stupid knuckle-dragging neanderthal world-views, we've got a guaranteed influx of donated cash to the bold, color and social class blind organization. If you care about healthy children and women, you support Planned Parenthood.

  19. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I hate this woman.

  20. When I was a Teenager I went to Planned Parenthood for Birth Control.
    When my daughter's were teenagers, I brought them to Planned Parenthood for Birth Control.
    Not all Planned Parenthood Clinics even do abortions! Some do, but depending where you live, they are not so easy (or inexpensive) to obtain.
    Planned Parenthood does a great service to society.
    Funny how pro-lifers are so concerned about an egg. As soon as that egg turns into a living baby, they want to cut all services for that, too. If they cut Planned Parenthood, teens will have very slim options for Birth Control. If they cut WIC, then their Babies will be malnourished or even die.
    Pro-Life until you are Born. That should be their motto!
    Or maybe Pro-Sperm meets Egg. Then you're on your own. They only care about the wealthy babies. The people who can afford to risk pregnancy. Not the poor and needy, the ones who most likely use Planned Parenthood.

    Damn...I was expecting a rant about Batshit Bachmann stealing $arah's limelight!!!

  21. Anonymous8:32 AM

    You get into a general conversation about how to reduce the national debt, so it follows that the first thing you need to get into a discussion about is Planned Parenthood? Please.

    Palin's writer isn't even good at hiding the silly partisan pandering.

    Amateur in every way.

  22. Anonymous8:38 AM

    So what are the chances that Willow has gotten better advice and guidance from Sarah and Todd than Bristol did?

  23. Pat in MA8:41 AM

    I seem to recall that the 2010 midterms were all about jobs, jobs, jobs. Who knew "jobs" was a code word for "abortion?" How many days into this Congress and how much has been done? Squat.

  24. Anonymous8:49 AM

    To Anonymous at 7:55 in regards to triplets:

    Think of the children!

  25. Anonymous8:52 AM

    She cites James O'Keefe? The guy who was going to trap a female CNN reporter on a boat with a bunch of sex toys? Palin really likes the lowlifes, doesn't she! As for Lila Rose, I have yet to see a single picture of her holding a baby. Not one. She's just using the abortion debate as a way to make her rightwing bona fides, which, as usual, will translate into money on the lecture circuit and setting up a "PAC" to grift from the gullible rightwing.

  26. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Planned Parenthood treats sexually transmitted diseases like the one Sarah Palin's husband passes along to unsuspecting people.

  27. Anonymous8:55 AM

    While it came off FUNNY, it is so sadly true, per Bill Maher, that the Republicans are able to shove whatever lies they wish, down the throats of the easy fooled...and they BELIEVE all of it!

    So, with every Republican and Teapartier out there bashing Planned Parenthood, I'm sure if you ran a poll on the street, more than half of the Americans interviewed would chime in to state the "facts" of how the organization is nothing more than a conspiracy to give abortions to everyone.

    Sound hard to believe? The results of polls asking about Obama's birth, or his religion, show just how effective the continued spread of that BIG LIE has been.

  28. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Wonder if they'll discuss all the 'gates'? Ziegler is a huge Palin defender and all around slimy guy, so it will interesting to see how and if 'E' tells it like it is and was. Who owns 'E' Channel, anyway? That will determine the lean of the 'true' in the story.

    Next E! True Hollywood Story subject: Sarah Palin?

  29. Anonymous9:02 AM

    This woman just spouts off. She is so stupid. She needs to go away. Sarah and the Republican party are traitors to the U.S. They want money and power and have DEATH PANELS for seniors and any other less fortunate person. They are bigots and Racist. Sarah started a lot of this I hope she gets what she deserves soon. Jail

  30. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Mary B: "Funny how pro-lifers are so concerned about an egg. As soon as that egg turns into a living baby, they want to cut all services for that, too."

    I know. And WHY aren't journalists who speak with anti-abortion spokespeople immediately following up with asking them if they believe in Family Medical Leave, in free health care for all pregnant women, in free health care for all babies?

  31. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Is that a Confederate flag on her hat? The flag of a rebel force that attacked the United States government? That's rather un-American, doncha think?

  32. Anonymous9:03 AM

    When Palin opens her mouth she can not do so without distorting her self to one extreme (for life) and everyone else including PP as taking life. It is psychological manipulation to grandiosely inflate her self and control she appears above all others by diminishing them. Sick and twisted person.

    Heh, if Palin tells a truth then that would be news:)

  33. Lynne9:12 AM

    Thanks, commenters, for reminding me what a pleasure it was to send a donation to Planned Parenthood in Sarah's name. I also put it on my Facebook page back then to remind others. I have just made a note to do it again.

  34. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Hmm....... Whatever advice they gave Track seems to have worked. Maybe Willow and Piper will get guidance from their older brother?

  35. Anonymous9:18 AM

    If you ask me, this family could have used a little family planing, way back, way back. three generation's of women getting pregnant and having children with out the befit of marriage? or rushing to the alter,pretending you are a good christian.I'd say that would be reason enough for either contraception or family planing.

  36. Anonymous9:18 AM

    So what are the chances that Willow has gotten better advice and guidance from Sarah and Todd than Bristol did?


    or advice from PP? bet she's on the pill - we KNOW she's sexually active as most teenagers are.

  37. honeybabe9:18 AM

    since her stance is anti-poor and probably anti-any other color than white it will be interesting when our population finally tips and our "any other color" (me included) are the majority. can i laugh a little now?

  38. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Planned Parenthood treats sexually transmitted diseases like the one Sarah Palin's husband passes along to unsuspecting people.

    not just Todd - Sarah's got herpes and who knows what else....

  39. Enjay in E MT9:23 AM

    Those days of a back alley abortions & metal coathangers will soon be revisiting America.

    A close relative had a termination a few years ago... Even during the first trimester it was not an easy decision nor inexpensive procedure. Cost was over $1300. plus blood work. Travel expenses for two separate visits were additional -- 600 miles round trip - one night in hotel (rest & no travel after procedure) with follow up visit a couple weeks later.

    Again, I am astounded at the number of people who believe women DO this at the drop of a hat.

    Planned parenthood provides vital services to ALL members of the communitity. Flu, pneumonia & tetnus shots, physical exams for sports or employers, infertility tests & treatments, mammograms, urinary tract infections....

    Look at essential services the Republicans are cutting across the country - Head Start, WIC, food stamps, disability services, school lunch programs, low income housing.

    Perhaps the way the GOP will "regulate" pre-marital sex and "morality" is by just making it too costly to have sex.

  40. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Theres a lot of insider evidence that proves PP Is corrupt. If there were no abortions, PP would not exist nor receive adequate funding. They literally have an abortion quota.

  41. Anonymous9:31 AM

    I wonder if Sarah is in the advanced stages of syphilis? Doesn't that cause mental issues? Or was she just born with no moral compass and no qualms about forcing her views on others?

  42. Enjay in E MT9:43 AM

    Anon @ 9:28

    Would you care to elaborate on the corruption? Give us the rundown on the insider info? Is the source reliable and unbiased? Do you have credible published sources you can site?

    You obviously want to "spill the beans" .... lets have it in facts!

    Us liberals always want credible facts!!!

  43. Anonymous9:48 AM

    To Anonymous at 8:18

    May I suggest "Why do conservatives want to endanger women's health?"

  44. Anonymous9:50 AM

    She is NOT pro-life! I repeat: SP is NOT pro-life!
    Below is THE go-to source (well-researched) to find out the ratings of politicians regarding their pro-life credentials. Sarah ranks the LOWEST.
    SEE WHY:

  45. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous @ 9:28 said...

    If there were no abortions, PP would not exist nor receive adequate funding. They literally have an abortion quota.

    You clicked on the wrong link numbnuts. You aren't at the Sea of P where brainless zombies sit and wait for their soundbites and marching orders. You are at a site where THINKING people abound. So you are wasting your time. Nobody here is taking you seriously.


  46. Anonymous9:57 AM

    “It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood and comes up short again and again … who spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly.

    Teddy Roosevelt

  47. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Article on TIME Newsfeed site:

    "Are Soldiers Under 21 Old Enough to Drink? They Might Be in Alaska"

    "State Rep. Bob Lynn is proposing a bill that would allow military members in his state under the age of 21 to legally drink and smoke, despite resistance from Defense Secretary Robert Gates."

  48. You know, if Sarah is that concerned over the deficit, then she should not only be for Planned Parenthood but also for abortion and even a one child policy.

    It's overpopulation that is driving the deficit (and global warming).

    Or maybe Planned Parenthood itself just make her look stupid, having had possibly two accidental, unplanned pregnancies.

  49. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Thank you Gryphen.

    Planned Parenthood is a great organization. I have been a patient at clinics in three states at different times in my life when I could not afford to go elsewhere. I always received high quality care from dedicated individuals who gave me factual information and left the choices up to me.

    Some time back, I sent out a request to my friends for PP's Pledge-A-Picketer campaign. I was astounded at how many of them had also been Planned Parenthood patients at some point in their lives and were happy to contribute to the cause.

    I've never needed or wanted an abortion and thank PP for all the work they do to prevent unplanned pregnancies and keep women from even having to consider such a difficult choice.

    I'm also grateful that they are a place young men and women can go for the facts about pregnancy and STD's. Some of the crazy things my kids heard at school were just plain dangerous. They were able to speak frankly with us, so we could tell them the truth, but some of their peers could not talk to their parents about sex. The fact is, as hard as we try to instill our values in our children, they will sometimes do things we don't approve of. With that in mind, we need to equip them with enough knowledge to at least make their choices responsible ones.

    Add Planned Parenthood to the very long list of things Sarah Palin knows nothing about and should keep silent on.

    Anonymous #1 at 7:54 - good idea. Time to go contribute to PP.

    Anonymous #2 at 7:54 - agreed. I'm happy to have my money go to Planned Parenthood. Besides the common decency of allowing my sisters on this earth access to care, prevention is a whole lot cheaper than kids on WIC, housing and fuel assistance, earned income credits, child tax credits, etc. When are so called "conservatives" actually going to think about what's best in terms of the national budget?

  50. Anonymous10:08 AM

    The "defender of life" had a once in a lifetime opportunity last month as a speaker at the India Conclave to denounce the common practice of sex-selective abortion in India. Read: female infanticide.

    But, she opted instead to gush over how our outsourced jobs to India have "broken union's grip on industry."

    It cannot be overstated what a fraud this corporatist puppet is.

  51. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Angela, Wasilla doesn't have Planned Parenthood, but does have the Neighbor to Neighbor clinic. With only a short drive to Anchorage, Bristol could have gone to either.

  52. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Anon 9:28 am: "If there were no abortions, PP would not exist nor receive adequate funding. They literally have an abortion quota."

    If there were no unwanted pregnancies, there would be no abortions. You want to bring down the number one organization that prevents unwanted pregnancies through free birth control pills and condoms. Regarding the latter, you also must support the spread of STDs. Thanks a lot, you're doing wonders for this country.

  53. Anonymous10:13 AM

    "Todd flew home to be with me when I had the D&C. When the doctor's bill arrived in our mailbox, it came with a typo. In the box describing the procedure, someone had typed, "Abortion."

    Instead of starting over with a fresh form, they painted it over with a thin layer of Wite-Out, and re-typed, "Miscarriage." For some reason it just felt like salt in the wound."

    Yeah, whatever you infamously lying twit! Btw, how's Bristol?
    And the new bambino?

  54. Enjay in E MT10:16 AM

    Anon @ 9:57
    Excellent Truman quote !

    "The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena..."

    Yes - it is much more difficult when you are in the middle of action rather than screaming from the sidelines, like a cheerleader or spectator.

  55. Anonymous10:18 AM

    As an older woman, I can tell you that I used Planned Parenthood services a number of times when I was younger. NOT for abortion, though I was well aware they offered that service. I would have had no family planning care if they were not available.

    Since the Tundra Turd has chosen to shit in PP's nest and libel them, it is time for them to start suing people doing such. I think a good figure for a suit against $P would be $200,000,000.

  56. $arah paystub is the reigning queen of unplanned parenthood. how dare she try to tell anyone how to live. fuck you and the horse you rode in on you sorry sack 'o shit.

  57. Anonymous10:22 AM

    @9:28 - "Insider info"? Links, please? Otherwise, you are just repeating another meaningless rightwing myth...Thanks for playing.

  58. Anonymous10:25 AM

    The Queen and more of her women's rights-bashing, neoCON talking points served up to her ovine followers designed to get her publicity and appeal to the talibangelicals.

    Lies, distortion, propaganda, hypocrisy and fear-mongering were obviously what she FINALLY obtained her "degree" in.

  59. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Just donated and it felt great!


  60. Anonymous10:32 AM

    This it the kind of drivel you get when you elect an ignorant, religious-fanatic cheerleader.

    We might want to raise the bar for a candidate's minimum skill required to run our cities, states, and country. Currently, that bar is buried.

  61. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Best way to donate is to ask them to send a 'thank you' note to $P.

  62. Anonymous10:41 AM

    One thing you can't argue with in Sarah Palin's letter: she spelled "McKinley" right this time!

  63. Anonymous10:44 AM

    This would make a great piece on Debunction Junction on The Rachel Maddow Show.

  64. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Why doesn't Sarah use "Denali"? Is she anti-native?

  65. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Like I have always done, bypass the looney fringe and just send a check to PP every month. I send $25 and it is an automatic payment. it makes me feel like I am right with my sisters.

  66. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Well, if they're gonna make women seeking abortions listen to fetal heartbeats and watch sonograms, while touting the glories of motherhood and adoption, then they need to provide those women with pictures and histories of bruised and battered, sometimes to death, adopted kids. I mean, just to be fair about their options. /sarcasm

  67. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Sarah Palin's egg are so old that if she got pregnant she would have a dinosaur.

  68. Anne In DC11:06 AM

    If Simple Sarah had her way, there would be more unwanted children whose parents would have to depend on public assistance to support them, or who would be abused and neglected. She is truly pathetic in her efforts to be relevant, because everything she stands for is antithetical to the progress and well-being of women and children.

    I have also used PP, and so has my ex's mother. The other day, we were discussing the efforts of GOP-dominated House of Representatives to defund it, and wondering who in his or her right mind would want to defund it, especially after learning about the many services it provides, even for men.

    It would be a major tragedy to return to the days of illegal, botched abortions which killed numerous women. In addition to increasing the number of children who would be vulnerable to abuse or neglect, or whose parents would have a hard time supporting them, there would be women who would not have access to the kind of birth control that drastically reduces the demand for abortions.

    Sarah Palin is a legend in her own mind, and in those of her deluded supporters. Even if she never gets elected to another office, it would be foolish to be dismissive of the fact that she is a dangerous demagogue.

  69. Anonymous11:08 AM

    When I was younger, I used Planned Parenthood when I was out of town and thought I might be pregnant. They did the test and called me to inform me I was pregnant and asked if that was a problem. My husband and I had been wanting to have a child and it was great news for us.

  70. Anonymous11:14 AM

    "...Palin-bots would suddenly be stricken with temporary illiteracy..."

    You mean they aren't already?

  71. I am having a hard time with the current Republican crop of politicians. They jump up and down proclaiming what great Christians they are; they are anything BUT christian. Their proposed budget celebrates the rich, corporations, and the military. If a company is developing new ways to kill already born humans, they are all for it! But if we talk about the poor, hungry, naked, friendless etc that Jesus told us to take care of, they can't take more money away from them fast enough. The Republicans' values are anti-christian.

  72. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Mrs Todd Palin's wild girls should have used planned parenthood. Imagine that life would be better for those 2 girls if they had.

  73. Anonymous11:24 AM

    RAM sure is busy writing posts for Mrs Todd Palin. Isn't Bekka also writing Brisket's book about her many pregnancies?

  74. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I'd rather pay for an abortion instead of paying money for the children the rest of their lives. Lot's of these children's parents are getting welfare, the states don't do a good job at collecting childsupport, we are paying for them. A lot of these multiple Mormon wives, get welfare foodstamps, but have lots of children. Everybody needs to be responsible not have more children than you can afford. By the way we have and still are paying for sarah's children and grandchild/ grandchildren's health care. Since they get it through the native council tribe up there. Isn't funny she doesn't want it for the nation, but uses it so she and Todd, and Bristol ,didn't have to provide health insurance. Maybe had she taken Bristol to PP she wouldn't be a unwed mother.

  75. Anonymous11:36 AM

    9:28 am -

    Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning. You are a liar as well as an idiot and a total fucked up moron by lying about planned parenthood.

    Is this Bristol, the layaround whore or Willow, the other hot panting chick?

  76. Anonymous12:14 PM

    If anyone should be an example for the use of Planned Parenthood it would be that crazy bitch. She is a terrible mother and he lies and misinformation is sickening.
    Hey Scarah, you need to shut the fuck up!


  77. Anonymous12:18 PM

    When is someone going to do a story about the palins being covered by government run healthcare because Todd is part native American? Is that where she got her abortion?

  78. sewnup12:18 PM

    " Surely the individual resources of a generous country can come to the aid of women in need without the taxpayer funding of abortion."

    Sure. And that's why Sarah gives so much toward her chosen cause of the moment? Put your cash where your mouth is, Sarah, and people might (if they don't know anything else about you) listen.

    Also, no quota of PP abortions where I live; I'm an RN volunteering for our local unit and we have literally hundreds on contraceptives (and have detected many cancers, reaped many other benefits for our clients/community) but have only had 2 abortions in the past year, both rape cases. I don't buy your blather. And if you don't like your local unit's record, volunteer with them and help change it. Whining won't get you, or your community, anywhere.

  79. I just made my donation to PP, in "honor" of Sarah Palin. I wish I was there to see her face when she get an acknowledgement letter from PP that a donation has been made in her name!

  80. I had forgotten what a great feeling it was before (and is again) to send a donation to Planned Parenthood in Sarah's name.

    If anyone else wants to do this, the address for that thank you card is 1140 West Parks Highway, Wasilla, AK 99654.

    See me smiling! And, of course, I put the link on my Facebook page again.

  81. Virginia Voter12:23 PM

    To the anon who posted about the Sarah Palin E! True Hollywood Story...E! Network is owned by USA network, whose parent company is Comcast.

    Comcast CEO, Brian L Roberts actually seems to be a big democratic donor:

    So, it is hard to say how this will play out. I know E! did several very flattering interviews with Bristol during and after DWTS.

  82. Anonymous12:35 PM

    To make a donation:

  83. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Sarah Palin is no small town, conservative, common sense politician. She is a GOP whore, willing to sh*t on women, the working poor and ALL minorities in this country. If it came down to saving herself of the members of C4P, she would push all of them under the bus. And, really, hasn't she already done so by lying to them, pretending to be someone she is not, and grifting all their money away.

  84. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I have been critical of you Gryphen when you use sexist and misogynistic names about women, so I will also give you props when you stand up for women. Good post, and thank you supporting Planned Parenthood and women's rights over their own bodies and reproductive choices.

  85. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that is written in the above statement is completely false.

    To paraphrase Mary McCarthy, every word Sarah Palin says is a lie, including "a" and "the."

  86. Anonymous1:36 PM

    She mentions "new investigative reporting shows that they are not really using our tax dollars to provide women with mammograms and other real health care services." Didn't she recently say there really isn't any true investigative reporting anymore? There is a post on her FB page where she says "Goodness, cleaning up the sloppiness of reporters could be a full time job."

    What an idiot.

  87. Anonymous1:40 PM

    E! expects to formally announce the Sarah Palin “True Hollywood Story” this week.

  88. Anonymous2:00 PM

    If funding to Planned Parenthood is eliminated, birthrates and abortion rates will increase. Single mothers needing welfare (TANF) and Medicaid will also rise.

    Simply put, Planned Parenthood dispenses birth control. Without birth control, we have births out of control.

    How do the Republicans win by increasing the welfare roles and the abortion rate? I don't get it. Shall we go back to the day when everyone had 10 kids each?

    I suppose there will be those who say folks shouldn't have sex; but folks have always had sex and no law is going to stop people. I suppose Sarah will be endorsing the nutjob that Parnell has nominated to the bench; the one that thinks Bristol Palin should be in prison for having sex outside of marraige.

    What idiots.

  89. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Sarah Palin: "Surely the individual resources of a generous country can come to the aid of women in need without the taxpayer funding of abortion."

    Apparently not, when the most famous anti-abortion person in America spends more money de-icing her private planes and buying her own books than she does on "giving aid to women in need."

  90. Anonymous2:22 PM

    If THIS doesn't open your eyes, then we are in a world of trouble! Absolutely SHOCKING what they are doing to our country.

    The Dirty Thirty: The Tea Party War on America – April 2011 Edition

    On March 14 we published a list of thirty pieces of Republican legislation “that Republicans are using to destroy America.” That list was updated on March 17 with several new items and now we present a completely updated list including those additions from March 17 along with additional pieces of legislation. Furthermore, the list has been rearranged and several new categories introduced, including The War on National Public Radio and The War on Net Neutrality.

    As stated on March 17, we intend to continually update this list to reflect new pieces of legislation and where applicable, some Democratic responses. Additional addenda will be posted from time to time and the entire list updated and republished less frequently in order to keep readers apprised of the status of the Republican War on America. While we apologize for the length, we have done all we can to organize the material in such a way that it is easy to parse.

  91. Anonymous2:35 PM

    We do know what Sarah's point of view is regarding contraception and sex education. Nada, none, nein, no contraceptives and no education for you.

    Of course when Sarah claimed to have taken a home pregnancy test while out of town, she considered the possibilities. No one know who I am (she's the governor), and I could take care of this. That's choice, Sarah, the same choice that you deny other women.

    Bristol's message of abstinence was orchestrated by Sarah. Even Bristol, in an unguarded moment, admitted that the message didn't work. So, it changed to "pause before you play." Combined with The Situation playing with some condoms sends the message of contraception. Now, Bristol's new message seems to be "don't make the mistake I did." Nice legacy for Tripp.

  92. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Senate Democrats Have Enough Votes To Kill Planned Parenthood Defunding Bill

  93. Chenagrrl2:43 PM

    And now she earns her keep by being a spiggot for the GOP. Turn on the hate, turn off the hate.

    During the weekend I listened to Phyllis Schlaefly, about 100, chortle about feminists.

    In some respects she sounds like the moral and culture police in Saudi Arabia.

    She is still spouting the same crap she did in the 70s. Meanwhile, women have gotten better jobs and slightly more equal pay, raised healthy families all without PS right-wing snark.

    The repetitiousness of her speech on CSPan Books, made me wonder if SP (what a coincidence, huh) will be spouting her crap the same way.

    I always thought Phyllis Schlaefly, who married well and has never had to work, might be a closet case who was keeping the door shut by piling bull shit outside.

    Enuff ranting.

  94. Anonymous2:47 PM

    12:37 PM Exactly

  95. Anonymous2:51 PM

    This is a miserably belligerent hat and the face doesn't help it in any shape or form. My guess is Sarah just wasn't into it that day. Probably felt exposed for the poseur she is.

  96. Anonymous2:55 PM

    In a time of high unempolyment,underemployment and great economic depression it is even more logical than ever that women should not be burdened babies they can't afford to care for and that impede their search for gainful employment.

    That's just common sense Sarah the the Wicked Witch of the NW would't understand, and also too, common decency,and even more also, common compassion for women,for the children that have now and for the children they many CHOOSE to have in the future.

    We are not small brained animals, we are not compelled to respond to our hormones. Except a Goburmint run by people like Sarah what to fore themselfes into womens's crotches.

    That is so sick Sarah, you perverted old hag.

  97. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Where are the kids? Is Bristol pregnant AGAIN? She told her friends she wanted another baby this year, after getting married. Where is Willow, is she attending achool or still out vandalizing homes?

  98. Anonymous3:00 PM

    10:56 I am so with you. Adoption is a gamble — I have a friend who had a baby as a teenager in 1964 and still mourns the loss. It is beyond heartbreak. I am convinced the meme that women who have abortions suffer emotionally is BS. I and many friends had an abortion while in college and not one of us has ever regretted the choice. Ever. But, the friend who gave her baby up is tortured and every day wonders whether she will hear from her son.

  99. Anonymous3:01 PM

    1. May have been mentioned earlier, but Andrew Sullivan quoted you.
    2. Add popcorn to the grocery list!
    “Former Republican vice presidential candidate and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is about to get the tabloid documentary treatment from E!, according to the network. A network spokesperson tells Mediaite the E! True Hollywood Story: Sarah Palin is set to air April 24. ……”

    Can you live blog this?

  100. Anonymous3:04 PM

    You know in that photo of her (as in many others we've seen)it reflects one UGLY woman. And, we know she is as EVIL as they come.

  101. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Anon @ 8:18 You're right. We need to stop being defensive- about everything. Start asking those hard questions and let's see the righties get tongue-tied trying to answer.

  102. FloridaDem3:59 PM

    Sarah wants to close clinics for women, and then wonders why she's not a hero to women, or included in the Newsweek article of 150 women who contribute to the progress of our gender, and the defense of our gender. In fact, it's the opposite. We're all busy defending women "against" Palin. Sarah cares about no one but her own family. And that's no virtue. Hitler, after all, had a mother, too.

    Gryph talked about her legacy, which includes crosshairs and hate. Well, anti-women is her legacy as well. Anti-choice and anti-health care. She wants to close Planned Parenthood. Unbelievable. Going Rogue my ass. She ran straight to the right wing of the GOP.

  103. Pat in MA4:07 PM

    Check out Bristol's profit from not using PP services. Infuriating.

  104. Anonymous4:27 PM

    9:28, you are one sick puppy to even conceive such garbage. An abortion quota?? Jesus, you people have no bottom. You outdo yourselves with every hateful utterance.

  105. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Certainly Planned Parenthood has PREVENTED more abortions than they have provided. The lies are sickening. Also, dontcha think if you really get your way and prevent poor non-whites from having ill-advised pregnancies, you might be increasing your opposition's voter base?

  106. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Smoker mouth.

  107. Lynne5:15 PM

    Anon 3:01. Do you really think the people who read Gryphen's blog want to see a stupid Palin "tabloid documentary" liveblogged on this site? Check out C4P. They might be open to it. Geez.

  108. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Birth control pills and Depo shots can be expensive for many people these days. Planned Parenthood has a sliding scale, so it is affordable. It is the only place that provides economical cervical cancer screenings, and std testing for the general populace. Women of all ages use their services, especially young women who don't have resources.

  109. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Why doesn't Sarah use "Denali"? Is she anti-native? 10:48 AM
    Facebook ghostwriter isn't from Alaska.

  110. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:41 PM

    Sarah, you pathetic excuse for a human being, are you and your sainted family going to go dumpster diving for unwanted babies that desperate mothers "discarded" because they just couldn't afford to raise them and got no help, birth control or advice because PP would cease to exist?

    Hmm. Thought so.

  111. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Lynn@5:15, I think it could be a riot! Actually, I'd like to see the crew of one of those VH1 Top 100 Songs of (insert favorite decade) shows do a top 100 on palin. They're always hilarious.

  112. Lynne9:56 PM

    I guess it depends on what position the show takes. Maybe I was making a wrong assumption that it would be another fake thing.

  113. Punkinbugg10:03 PM

    Anon at 2:00pm said, "How do the Republicans win by increasing the welfare roles and the abortion rate? I don't get it."

    I thought the same thing. WHY??

    Like they said in Watergate: Follow the money.

    I think they are trying to create a vast pool of cheap, under-educated, not-likely-to-join-a-union American labor.

    Solves the immigration problem.

    Solves the union problems.

    Solves the education funding problems.

    Think about it: WHO is a more loyal employee? A slack-jawed suburban teenager who just works for gas money, or a young woman with 1 or 2 ill-timed toddlers, living with her parents, and trying to make ends meet after her boyfriend leaves her?

  114. Anonymous10:31 PM

    I really enjoyed the book Freakanomics. Sarah Payme (my new favorite name for her) should read it and she will get a brainfull. By preventing unwanted babies and choosing when to give birth the crime rate 20 years later is decreased by 30 percent. Recommend the book

  115. Anonymous3:01 AM

    Heard a radio spot from the Susan B. Anthony org (aka Team Sarah) where woman says she was a former nurse with PP and they had a quota for abortions. Can someone please find out the truth about this?

  116. Anonymous8:14 AM

    • In 2008, 82% of Alaska
    counties had no abortion
    provider. 22% of Alaska women
    lived in these counties.
    •In 2008, 36,600 women in Alaska were in need of publicly supported contraceptive services and supplies.[Such women are sexually active; aged 13–44; able to become pregnant and not pregnant, postpartum nor trying to become pregnant; and either have a family income below 250% of the federal poverty level or are younger than age 20.]
    •In Alaska, 25% of women aged 15–44 are uninsured, compared with 22% nationally. Title X–supported family planning centers play an especially important role in serving the uninsured, who often cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket at private health care providers.

    Impact of Services Provided by Title X–Supported Centers in Alaska

    •In 2008, contraceptive services provided at Title X–supported centers in Alaska helped women avoid 1,400 unintended pregnancies, which would have resulted in 600 births and 600 abortions.

    •In the absence of these services, the level of abortion in Alaska would be 32% higher.

    •In 2006, contraceptive services provided at Title X–supported centers in Alaska helped women younger than age 20 avoid 484 unintended pregnancies.

    •In the absence of these services, the level of teen pregnancy in Alaska would be 29% higher.

    •By helping women avoid unintended pregnancies and the births that would follow, the services provided at Title X–supported centers in Alaska saved $10,502,000 in public funds in 2008.

    source: Guttmacher Institute

  117. Anonymous12:50 PM

    @3:01 - Here's the truth about that: it's a LIE. It's a rightwing smear ad LIE. Anyone who says such a thing is LYING. I used PP for ten years and NO ONE EVER spoke to me about having an abortion, even when I was worried about pregnancy. TEAM SARAH LIES. The Susan B. Anthony List LIES.

  118. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Ignorance loves company and there's plenty of it here. Show some integrity and leave her daughter, grandchild and the rest of her family out of it. No one agrees with everything someone else says regardless of them being Democrat or Republican. I would hope she wouldn't purposely lie about everything. If she did she'll answer for it. Telling lies isn't owned by Republicans. After all, President Obama has been completely honest....,NOT!

  119. Anonymous8:54 AM

    An STD is a sexually transmitted illness.


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