Saturday, May 21, 2011

Did Palin purchase a home in Scottsdale Arizona? All indications are yes.

From Right Speak:

....A just-closed deal on a secluded luxury home in far north Scottsdale might fit the bill, and talk has begun that this may be the one. It's an 8,000-square-foot, dark-brown stucco home with a guard gate that can keep unwanted visitors away. It has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a six-car garage, a swimming pool and spa, and a full basement with a home theater, billiards room and wine cellar.
Safari Investments LLC paid $1.695 million cash for the home in a deal that appears designed to cloak the identity of a high-profile buyer.

Safari Investments is a Delaware limited liability firm formed May 12, the day before the deal for the Scottsdale home closed. No officers are listed on the Delaware filing, and that state doesn't require the names of individual associated with limited liability companies to be disclosed. High-profile people often buy homes through LLCs to maintain their privacy.

Alan Kierman, an attorney with the Phoenix law firm of Mack Drucker & Watson, is listed on property records as the contact for Safari Investments. Asked point blank by The Arizona Republic if Palin and her husband Todd Palin bought the north Scottsdale house through the company, Kierman said he had no comment....

If some of you are thinking to yourself that you have heard the name "Safari" used in connection to the Palins before, give yourself a gold star, for in fact that is the name of the lake where they have their cabins.  You remember don't you, the cabins that they failed to pay property taxes on for many years?

So a million plus dollar home, situated very near daughter Bristol, with money paid from a brand new LLC that happens to share a name with the lake where the Palin have property in Alaska, and a "no comment" from the lawyer attached the the deal..

Seriously, does anybody really have any doubt?

If Palin is indeed running in 2012, THIS will undoubtedly be her new campaign headquarters, which means donors to SarahPAC better start saving their pennies, because the Grizzled Mama LOVES to redecorate her new office spaces!

By the way Scottsdale just so happens to be one of the places in Arizona that have a restaurant with a Michelin starred chef, which means there are some people here who owe WendyWaitress a huge apology.


  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Hey now, that new house is the cornerstone by which she will begin 'progressin' Alaska forward,' like she said she would in her quittin' speech.

    How? I'm not exactly sure. If Palin doesn't have to give details, neither do I.

  2. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Hey that's great news. It's even closer to the Christie family now. Somebody send this this link stat!

  3. Anonymous5:03 PM

    It will be interesting to see if FOX will invest in Sarah Palin and put in another studio for her?

  4. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Are both cabins on safari lake? I thought just the one co-owned with the Richters is. Maybe hansons? I get them all confused. Anyway, the safari lake one is where they go regularly at all times of year. There are also a number of lakes they also vacation at.

    According to a video filmed on super bowl sunday at mollys home, sarah is heard telling some kid (prob around 10) that the family "is getting another one" meaning a house. "It easier to do [sarahs] work". Those are direct quotes from feb 2011. I've mentioned that before back then.

  5. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Here it is kids-25 pictures:

    Enjoy seeing what lies and violent rhetoric can buy.

  6. Anonymous5:08 PM

    LOTS of pics here:

  7. Anonymous5:10 PM

    I'd say up till now, they've spent about 75% of their time in AK. Piper is in school. Willow is seen around town, a lot of the time with Trig. Bristol spent most of feb and mar there. No idea when she returns to the south. Or when her show begins filming. We have one month til her book release. Nancy French is excited for it. There were pictures of bristol and willow infront of the maricopa home and a new car (white).

  8. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Is Sarah buying this house in Arizona in case she wins the Republican nominee for president?

    What am I talking about?

    If Sarah becomes the Republican nominee, she gets her own Secret Service detail and they will protect and upgrade both properties, Alaska and Arizona, with cameras and other gadgets for free.

  9. Virginia Voter5:15 PM

    It looks like this house was a previous foreclosure back in 2009, from the info on the MLS listing. It was sold for a little over a million last year (March 2010). The Palins may have overpaid. $1.7 million sure made someone a nice little profit.

    Is this the same house they were renting since last fal, that they just decided to buy, or a completely different house?

  10. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Here it is kids-25 pictures:

    Enjoy seeing what lies and violent rhetoric can buy.

    5:06 PM

    I just looked at the first picture of the water and I'm a wonderin who would buy a house with somebody peeing in the cement pond?

  11. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Anonymous said...
    LOTS of pics here:
    5:08 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Here it is kids-25 pictures:

    Enjoy seeing what lies and violent rhetoric can buy.
    5:06 PM


    Somebody better copy these pictures ASAP. If this house belongs to Sarah, these pictures will be scrubbed very shortly.

  12. Sweet anny5:20 PM

    Ohhh Sarah....we're not surprised. Gated to keep those pesky brown people away. But... how will you avoid looking at all that diversity when you go out? Oh yes. SB 1070 is going to deal with all that, right? Good luck to Arizona, you needed it before, you REALLY need it now.

  13. Kimosabe5:20 PM

    Wendy waitress was treated badly by some here and hasn't come back. Too bad, she is sharp and onto some good info. I hope she comes back.

  14. CharlotteB5:22 PM

    Palin and her kids are just like all the rest of us, just a regular working class family. If you want to buy a 1.6 million dollar home with cash, just apply those commonsense conservative tea party principles. Now get out there and succeed like Lou Sarah!

  15. Virginia Voter5:22 PM

    Ooh goody the fairy tale trolls are back spinning the same old boring stories about Super Bowl parties, and the shiny happy family that loves Sarah sloop much.

    Didn't I tel y'all you're boring....get some new fucking material already're news is stale.

    If Sarah and Todd were parents who were truly interested in using their new found wealth to better their family, they would be sending those kids to the best private schools and universities, setting them up in business for themselves, and showing them all the world has to offer. Trig should be getting the best and most innovative DS therapy available. Instead, the Palins have created lazy, entitled brats who have brushes with the law, and whore themselves out to tabloids.

    What a sad, pathetic bunch of classless simpletons.

  16. Anonymous5:23 PM

    I continue to say, if she were really terrified about anything, she wouldn't be doing what she does. Ailes still defends her. At least she's helping to illuminate the trly stupid journalist, who write purely out of pettiness. Chris matthews, bill maher, keith o, whoever first gave them their start I'm sure is regretting it as much as alaskans regret palin. Live learn.

  17. Anonymous5:24 PM

    OT: But there is a promo for Sarah appearing on "Saturday on Justice with Judge Jeanine" (on air now, but I'm not interested) showing Sarah IN THE SAME OUTFIT as the other 3 interviews this week. Am I the only one that thinks that's weird? Are they trying to do a media blitz with her before she makes an announcement?

  18. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Here it is kids-25 pictures:

    Enjoy seeing what lies and violent rhetoric can buy.

    5:06 PM

    Are you sure? I don't see trucks thrown about the yard or wheelless trailers on blocks.

    I guess we have to wait a week before the property has that Palin lives here look.

  19. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Gryph, OT, but take a look at this article on the blowback that the L.A. Times got for revealing Schwartznegger's history of groping women back in 2003. They lost 10,000 subscribers as a result of their true story. The right wing media went into a frenzy to trash the L.A. Times and Arnold won the governor's race.

    Do you think today 8 years later that any MSM outlet would risk the loss of 10,000 subscribers?

    Explains a lot about the conduct of the MSM re Palin.

    Money quotes from the article:

    "That told me we were at a new point in journalism in which falsehood had legs it never had before," he [former L.A. Times editor] said.

    He added that the outside pressure came through conservative cable news shows and talk radio. "I expected to be held accountable for the things we did, but not for the things we didn't do," Carroll said.

    Schwarzenegger won the gubernatorial election handily. A CNN exit poll showed him capturing 43 percent of the female vote. No one knew he had a child out of wedlock, and he managed to keep the secret through his second campaign and seven years in office."

    I hope we aren't going to have to wait 8 more years to expose all the skeletons in Palin's closet.

  20. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Sarah knows her truth. She's not stupid believe it or not. She's definitely under someones influencea dn regularly listens to Todd.

  21. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Here it is kids-25 pictures:

    Enjoy seeing what lies and violent rhetoric can buy.

    5:06 PM

    Did you see Todd's new man cave in their new Arizona house?

    The theatre room... he can watch a lot of his porn on that big screen tv.

  22. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Details are for everyone except politicians. If they gave details, they'd paint themselves into a corner and would appear hypocritical when things force them to change their mind. I only wish people would hold everyone accountable, not just repubs.

  23. Anonymous5:28 PM

    More from the CNN story on how it took so long for Schwartznegger's secrets to come to light:

    "Carroll [former L.A. Times editor], now living in Kentucky and writing a book, was asked last week if he felt vindicated by the Times' latest Schwarzenegger story.

    "I'm not at all surprised," he said. "It's in keeping with what we reported. I don't feel vindicated because I never felt the need for vindication. I'm glad we did it. The people who need some reputation adjustment are the people who didn't report it."

    Wonder if Pat Dougherty is listening? Nah.

  24. Anonymous5:29 PM

    That's a lot of kitchen for Crunch Wrap Supremes.

  25. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Christie family? Who?

  26. Anonymous5:31 PM

    oooooh from the pictures I see it has double fridgerators... hope the house comes stocked with plenty of canned goods!

  27. Anonymous5:34 PM

    If the fallout from Bailey's book is bad, won't Ms. Palin (Heath?) head to the lower 48 to keep what scrawny ass she has left?

    Buying a home in a warmer clime is nothing unusual. I imagine we'd all like a vacation home. Knowing Ms. Palin (Heath?)and her mean girl outlook on life, there is more to this purchase than easier access to the lower 48.

    I'm looking at 2016 and not seeing much on the R's horizon for good candidates. So does she. She always keeps her options open. Could this be her home while she establishes residency in AZ?

    Pure speculation and JMO..


  28. Anonymous5:38 PM

    With the Ak cabins, Ak house and Az house, how can the Todd and Sarah watch over the rest of the non pregnant Palins?

    That's a lot of rooms to hide in.

  29. Anonymous5:41 PM

    I'm guessing Track, Britta and Little Track Menard Palin will take one of the houses in Wasilla and Todd will get the other one in Wasilla and Sarah gets the Arizona house.

  30. Anonymous5:42 PM

    The newest edition to the compound is pretty much finished and the big red house was swankified last oct. Its what happens when you have money for the first time in your life.

    About her professional renovations, she was younger. I highly doubt, if she went back to 1996, that shed repeat those actions. She's hates wasting money.

  31. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Is she officially a "Mama Gila Monster" now?

  32. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Do you think she will have Hispanic cleaning crews for her monster house?

  33. Anonymous5:48 PM

    The Palins will continue the pretense they live in the red Lake Lucille house. Darn, the only place for the kids to play was a narrow side yard beside the rental house. The compound and larger house is not to be known nor the airplane hangar. Doubtful the Palins will want it known they have a third home. Judging by past behavior Palin will pretend she stays with Bristol. Now it makes sense why they made it public about Bristol's house. Another lie about protecting the kid.

    Just 'regular folk' deceiving people about their means. Bristol learned to lie also.

  34. Anonymous5:49 PM

    The Google Street View of
    29005 N 82nd Street, Scottsdale, AZ:,+Scottsdale,+AZ+85266+Scottsdale,+AZ&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x872b7834d909947f:0xffde47a9d41ce747,29005+N+82nd+St,+Scottsdale,+AZ+85266&gl=us&ei=gWrYTajzJo-4tgfO6KjpDg&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CBcQ8gEwAA

    Yuck! Do people really like the desert???

  35. Anonymous5:57 PM

    All the more reason to hope, and I mean HOPE that the quitter goes for the Senate seat down there against Gabby. Now that would be great on so many counts. Thin skinned quitter having to respond without filters to charges her crosshairs led to Gabby's shooting? Please, please?

  36. Anonymous5:58 PM

    There goes the neighborhood.

  37. Anonymous5:58 PM

    What do you think about her plans to run for Senate from Arizona? Any idea about how long you have to be a resident of the state to run?

    -Wild Tortoise

  38. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Another sign that she's NOT running. Just buying a hideaway for when she's a social pariah. Conveniently located in the one of the most racist and ignorant states in the union.

  39. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Maybe she's getting ready to run for Jon Kyl's seat in the Senate? Even Sarah can read a poll. She cannot win the presidency. She can stay relevant by being in the Senate. Of course, that involves work, so then again ...

    Imagine how happy Mrs. McCain is to have the Wasilla Hillbillies so close to her home. Um, Sarah, don't look for any Pampered Chef invites from Cindy. She doesn't like you. At all.

  40. honeybabe6:02 PM

    can we really hope that alaska is rid of the palin plague?

  41. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Maybe Sarah is going to live there and leave Todd in Alaska. Maybe they are divorced after all. She did not have her ring on in the interview with Greta the other night.

  42. Anonymous6:05 PM

    does McCain live in Scottsdale? Maybe she wants to live close to him.

  43. Anonymous6:08 PM

    The lower 48 needs another Tea Party persona to lead the way too the mountain tops, and give the maching orders to the clueless.

    GO $P! GO $P! Leave Alaska and seek the 7 mountains.

  44. Outside reminds me of bin Laden's compound.

  45. ibwilliamsi6:09 PM

    Who wants to take a bet that she's going to run against Gabriel Giffords? I know she's hinting at POTUS, but there aren't enough crazies in the US to elect her and she MUST know it. There MAY be enough crazies in AZ to elect her though.

    I'm thinking Alaska isn't going to miss her much.

  46. So does that mean Track & new wife will be living at the Alaskan compound?

    Wonder if the money was funnelled out of SarahPac from the sheeples?

  47. Anonymous6:10 PM

    I'd say Alaska's gain here is Arizona's loss: Palin seems to have moved into my old stomping ground. Considering how scared she is of strangers and strange places, she'll probably spend most of her time cocooned in that mansion deluxe. Lord knows she has left her 'safe' home territory where her 'friends' kept her adversaries in line. This could get interesting because she's just another 'snowbird' to the regular Arizonans, who won't be too particular about pampering her delicate ego.
    M from MD

  48. Anonymous6:10 PM

    5:10 Anonymous: Thank you for the update from RAM. Appreciated. BTW: Please pass on, if she is running for Prez she needs to do something about her turkey neck and the failing around her lips....just saying' Cannot reveal the name of her anesthesiologist(thou I would love to) but her EXTENSIVE plastic surgery, first last August has left her looking quite the.......hag? Oh, and please tell her the problems of going in the arizona sun...oh well.

  49. Sarah just loves references to guns and crosshairs. The name 'Safari' fits. And exactly what might she be hunting for in AZ?

  50. Anonymous6:14 PM

    After her initial comment, I hadn't seen the rest of Wendy Waitresses comments. In fact, I was going to comment today about how it seems that there is a small group of Palin's acquaintances that know about IM through conversations Sarah has with them, such as the blond Sarah was having lunch with, that feel compelled to come here and comment about how happy Sarah is. Which indicates to me that she often isn't. There is same phenomena that takes place for Bristol , although not as much lately. There seem to be a rash of these comments at odd times, maybe when Sarah feels the need to egg a few on. Their presence shows Sarah's concern that this site exists and I feel this tactic is an example of how amateurish and clueless Sarah's operation is. Unfortunately, after reading Waitress Wendy's last comment,though, I cannot say that they are ineffective. Bullying still seems to work and get in the way. Maybe with Sarah out of AK, people will feel less threatened and be willing to share what they know more freely.

    The house is beautiful, BTW. I bet that Todd, Piper, and Trig are looking forward to being there. It looks like there are lots of places to go during the day and be on your own, entertaining yourself, just the thing for nurturing independence. There is probably a great private school near-by worth trying out, too.

  51. Anonymous6:17 PM

    How long does one have to have residence in a state before one files to run for the United States Senate job being vacated by Senator Kyle?


  52. Anonymous6:18 PM

    There was probably a time when Sarah and Todd talked over big decisions like buying a house in Arizona.

    Now that Sarah does not need Todd, she has her own money, Todd does not have a job, Todd has been cheating on her with prostitutes..... Todd is probably reading this post and finding out for the first time that Sarah bought a house in Arizona.

  53. Anonymous6:19 PM

    she wants McCains senate seat when its up for grabs....

    Arizona will hand it too her too.

  54. Is this the mansion that Sarah has been renting previously?

  55. Anonymous6:21 PM

    B said...
    Outside reminds me of bin Laden's compound.

    6:08 PM

    Somebody call in Navy Seal Team 6.

  56. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Sarah looks very tan in the "wedding" picture (not sure that was from the day of the "legal" wedding but, whatever) and Todd, not so much. AZ sun and entering menopause are not a good combo for appearances, isn't that a shame.

    I wonder if Britta understands that babies in the Palin family seem to have flexible due-dates.

  57. So.... Do the leaders of the flying monkey squad have to move to Arizonie full time now???? What will the see-o-pee do now with the chief flapper is in the desert with Grampy ???

  58. Anonymous6:26 PM

    She will fit perfectly in Klanville.

    Hopefully AZ will secede and name themselves, Klan Country.

  59. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Over at C4P they're excited out of their ever-lovin'-gourds about this house because they're sure it's a sign that she's running. They are also guffawing at Palin's description of President Obama as the "temporary president" during the Judge Perino interview today.

    I really want a headline up here pointing out that someone who quit her job as governor halfway through her term has a lot of ballz using the term "temporary president."

    Heck, the ads against her just write themselves. Show a clip of her claiming how much she was going to help Alaska by quitting, and then show a picture of her new mansion with the price tag across it. 'Nuf said.

  60. "
    Yuck! Do people really like the desert???"

    5:49 PM
    We'd like the desert a whole lot better if the dingbats and wingnuts and Palins would stay out of here!

  61. Anonymous6:36 PM

    This proves to me that Sarah and Todd are divorced and Todd is going to stay in Alaska and just do his thing.

    Sarah is NOT going to run for a senate seat, she can make more money giving hate speeches authored by Rebecca Mansour.

    Trig will be living with his real mother, not Sarah.

    Sarah will keep her Fox job and still do paid speeches. She ain't running for anything except racist hater of the universe.

  62. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Saree will have a complete meltdown in Arizona, does she know about all the snakes?

  63. @Anonymous 5:29. Christie is kid alleged by Sarah to be stalker.

  64. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Honestly Scottsdale is a great town to live in and I'm very bummed that she is here. The south and mid area are more middle and upper-middle class. And there are plenty of Democrats here. Where she is is very excessive and away from people.
    I have to say that house would have been 2.5- 3 mill a few years ago. It's a great time to buy property so maybe that is why they bought now. The housing market is terrible here.
    If she runs for president it looks kind of bad to have headquarters not in Alaska, doesn't it?

    Maybe she's only going to be here for a few months in the winter? That is what a lot of people do.
    All I can say is I better not run into her because I think I'd start telling her off the minute I saw her!!

  65. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Hopefully people will picket outside her house with images of Gabby Giffords!

  66. This has got to be the house they were renting. She did a Fox News interview not too long ago from beside the columns by the pool.

    The house is 7 miles from where I stay when I visit Scottsdale. Very creepy.

  67. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I was just watching a post-2008 clip on one of the comments at Oz Mudflats that Sarah did with Greta and what struck me were 2 things: her demeanor has changed so much in 3 years (including how little she mentions President Obama compared to her interviews now) and so has her appearance. It is quite remarkable. I just can't imagine what a year and a half of hard campaigning would do to her.

  68. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Is she going to invite all the 'palin-bots' over for a house-warming party ?

    After all, they're the ones paying for these new digs. Not a dime of the mortgage is coming out of sarah's pocket.

  69. So, should we *all* start calling you-know-who "LouLou"??

    HI LOU LOU.....sounds stupider than "Grandma" to me.

    Does this mean you're not PROUD to be a Grandma, Sarah Lou Who?

    So what does the latest one make, it is the third? the fourth? am I close?

  70. Anonymous6:59 PM

    She's been like a plague on Alaska. Good riddance.

  71. Dinty7:00 PM

    Gryphen, Thanks for pointing out WendyWaitress's veracity. I had it figured out almost immediately where she works (there aren't that many great restaurants in AZ - but who cares as long as Ms Palin can get her Crunchwrap Supremes and evenings out with the family at Applebees), but obviously I didn't want to point out where in respect to her privacy (though she made it pretty easy to figure out).

  72. Anonymous7:04 PM

    of course she's in aryanzona.
    no one else wants her.

  73. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Her $100,000 a whack speaking fee might have to be increased if she has to hire staff for her new "palace".

    What about maintanence and property taxes on all her holdings?

    Perhaps, maybe, she is "getting in OVER her head"?

  74. Anonymous7:09 PM

    If the Richie Rich's buy homes as LLCs why don't we all?

  75. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Isn't it hard to traipse back and forth to homes in Alaska and Arizona when you have school-aged children and a preschooler who needs regular and intense therapy?

  76. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Sarah Palin hates wasting HER OWN money. She had no trouble extravagantly spending Wasilla's money, Alaska's money, and RNC money. And now she's taking the cash she's earned from whoring out her family, spewing hateful nonsense on Fox, and bilking old people to deck out her Arizona castle.

    There's something rotten in Scottsdale.

  77. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Oh happy day! She is leaving Alaska!!!

  78. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I can't see Piper's bedroom window in that photo. Sarah is sure to have picked a nice visible one so she can screech out a whine like she did for the McGinnis situation.

  79. Anonymous7:18 PM

    I hear the cosmetic surgeons in Arizona are RILLY top-notch!

  80. Anonymous7:21 PM

    PALIN on PIRRO tonight:

    AKA: Whiner in Wig

  81. Anonymous7:21 PM

    People are speculating here that she would run for Senate, for Gifford's seat in AZ. Can you imagine? "First I had her shot and then I ran for her seat" Would that be her campaign slogan? Even La Palin is not that crass, or perhaps she is, only time will tell.

    Still she was a Governor, one of only 50. To step down to Senator, one of 100 is a step backwards for her.

    She wants the golden ring that is the POTUS position; I don't see her having either the gall or the patience to either run for Giffords seat, or after winning it actually be patient enough to do the job.

  82. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Looks like Osarah bin Palin had found a compound of her own. She must have been inspired by Osama.

  83. Anonymous7:24 PM

    looks like a mini prison... maybe she will keep the Toad locked im the dungeon

    Hey did you see Trackster got married and I hear Britta is knocked up... didn't he listen to his sister speak of abstinence?

  84. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Hey Sare, that old mare ain't what she used to be, eh . . . and please don't go puttin' the neighboring horses in your crosshairs. They weren't meant to be next to the mash potatoes! Seriously.

    Oh yeah, and how's that celebrity-thingy workin' out fer ya?

    Happy trails,


  85. Funny that the Palins went to the trouble to set up an LLC in Delaware for privacy and then a conservative site outs them, including someone at the pee pond.

  86. Anonymous7:30 PM

    So did the Koch Brothers buy Sista Sara a mansion for her hate filled racist speeches against President Obama?

  87. GoingBrogue7:31 PM

    Sarah is NOT running, just my opinion. I have no special inside knowledge or perspective, but knowing for a FACT as a CCRN in one of the country's most prominent level
    III NICU facilities that her birth/delivery/presentation of Trig story is complete and UTTER bullhockey-- here is my own view:

    Sarah is going to REALLY make it seem as though she will run. To the point of hiring campaign staff and even building a storefront campaign center.

    She is doing this to get as MUCH money as possible through donations to her PAC. She will go through any and all means to make it TRULY appear as though she is running. She really is going to commit to the process of making it look like she'll run, that she believes she will win, etc

    The REALITY: She knows that Rove and Steve Schmidt (among others) WILL spill babygate. She knows they hate her and feel strongly that she "ruined" the GOP and certainly embarrassed the hell out of them.

    Make no mistake, she knows that babygate IS going to bust wide open, and soon.

    She knows that when babygate DOES break, all of the people (journalists, local business owners, etc) in Alaska who've put their names on the line to support Palin's "pregnancy" are going to be PISSED beyond measure. So she has already purchased her hidey-hole for when the amnotic fluid hits the fan.

    She might play an Alaska loyalist and enthusiast...but once that day comes (which I believe may be as soon as the end of this month when the emails are released) she will likely stay out of Alaska for a long, long time.

  88. akbright7:33 PM

    I guess the Apocolypse DID happen - in Arizona.

  89. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Did anyone catch the tag # on this black SUV in Scottsdale?

    Curious that the woman driving didn't stop ~ then the citation might be dismissed?


  90. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Gryphen, to add to your collection of strange tongue action of quitter queen sarah, you must go to sea-of-pee and watch the recent Faux News Pirro interview.... It's at the 13:00 mark when Pirro laughs at Newt's ringtone being "Dancing Queen"... there is something majorly wrong with Sarah! not that we didn't already know this!

  91. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Oh Sarah Lou Who - very ostentatious. Here, I cut and paste the definition to save you some time on the Google. Ostentatious: marked by or fond of conspicuous or vainglorious and sometimes pretentious display. You're on your own with vainglorious (hint: it starts with vain)

  92. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Keep the popcorn in stock, I think Arizonans are going to scream and beg Alaska to take her back.

    Looks like Sarah always got away with certain rules in AK, like forgetting to pay taxes, or get careless about seatbelts and helmets, or careless about positioning houses on lots that don't need boundary laws, or homes that don't need to abide by building codes. She'll need to obey AZ laws, like all the other law-abiding AZ citizens.

    She won't get special treatment, so she'd better be prepared.

  93. Anonymous7:55 PM

    The house looks like a fortress - can you imagine living in it?

    We in Alaska are happy to be seeing less of her and feel very sorry for the folks in AZ having her as their new neighbor.

    Gabby's family should especially be thought of having Palin so near them in AZ. Palin was at the forefront of creating the problem to which Gabby is currently working to recover - I wish Palin was the one going through what Gabby is having to do currently!

    Should she run for any office - national or a senate seat for AZ - there are many things Alaskans can write/produce that will show Palin to be unethical, illegal as well as lies upon lie while living in Alaska and on the campaign trail w/McCain. Residents of AZ will be informed should she stick her face out there for anything regarding being elected to an office!

    We need to see if there are divorce papers in Alaska or NV (quicky types allowed) out there for Toad and sister Sarah as well as a marriage license applied for by Track Palin and his supposed new wife.

    There is nothing that can be put past Palin in anything she does that makes national news. She is the one that told People Magazine about Track's supposed wedding and then she hollers because the tabloids cover her family members. What an idiot!!!! It is so easy to prove her many lies. She is one horribly evil woman!

  94. Anonymous8:05 PM


    "does she know about all the snakes?"

    She'll be right at home, slithering-in-heat.

    Somebody please pass the popcorn, for I'm certain the paranoia is now in high gear!

  95. Anonymous8:10 PM

    "I only wish people would hold everyone accountable, not just repubs."

    5:28 PM

    When the last time a democratic congress tried to impeach a republican president? Who was the last president to face impeachment, and nearly be thrown out of office by republicans? Bill Clinton, a democrat. Shut the fuck up.

  96. Anonymous8:10 PM

    check out the mansion:

  97. Anonymous8:10 PM

    I'll bet Chuck will send her a nice housewarming gift - a nice pile of mangled deer and caribou antlers to place in the front yard. And maybe a few animal mounted heads for the front foyer; it blends in with the white marble, reminding any Alaskan of white ice-capped plateaus with fawn and flora.

  98. Anonymous8:11 PM

    6:59: I completely agree. I'm a young grandma to two adorable little girls. I had people ask me in the beginning if I would have them call me something else, like Nana or something. I said of course I wouldn't. I'm their grandmother, and I'm thrilled and proud to call myself that. It doesn't make me old. It means my wonderful son and his wonderful wife have two perfect little girls. To deny that is just ridiculous, and it shows her narcissism.

  99. Anonymous8:11 PM

    $arah, please don't shoot the scorpions. Just step on them.

    You know, kinda like you do to all the little people around you now.

  100. Anonymous8:13 PM

    "She's hates wasting money."

    5:42 PM

    Um. Bridge to nowhere...

  101. Balzafiar8:14 PM

    I would like to know the name of the architect who built their new home. He did a superb job of hiding the wheels on it.

  102. I know she has a cult that will happily support her with their hard earned bucks..... but I think there is something else going on as well.

    I wonder how much money laundering also pays for Palin's gaudy nouveau riche choices? How much of this is from stolen monies, ill gotten gain and other dirty money that now must see the light of day to foot the bills?

  103. Anonymous8:23 PM

    I've been to several areas of Arizona, and Scotsdale is one of the nicer sections, I just don't see how the Palins will fit in.
    Arizona gets a lot of bad press, but it truly is a beautiful place to live. We see the wacko's in the media all the time, but most of the people I met were tolerant and friendly.
    The house, no matter how much they paid, will always be just that, a house. It takes a family that interacts positively and parental units that are home a lot to make a house a home. That ain't happening.

    So the people who couldn't have a fishpicker born in Texas are moving to Arizona? The fishing ain't too good in Arizona. Grandpa Chuck could help decorate with his bone collections to make it feel more "homey". Hope Gabby Giffords knows the tax assessor ;o) The Palin name makes it sooooooo much more expensive!

  104. Anonymous8:27 PM

    So it turns out that the "Judge Pirr"o show was not the 4th show taped in one day but boy it was the ditziest of the shows this week. "Red-neck Woman" says a lot.

  105. Anonymous8:30 PM

    The McCains live in Central Phoenix (Biltmore area). Quite a distance from this North Scottsdale location. Old money vs. new money.

  106. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Sarah, have you met Russel and the rest of the local good ole boys yet? I have a feeling you are going to like them.

  107. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Did Lou Sarah intentionally leak this story too divert attention away from the often-curtailed email release from the state of AK?

    She's a crafty little imp, that one... and the meds appear to be working.

  108. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Is Sarah Palin leaving Wasilla because her emails will soon be released and she will look like a illiterate vindictive retard?

  109. Gasman8:56 PM

    Maybe Palin thinks that the batshit crazy political waters of Arizona are better suited for her career. If she tanks in her presidential run - IF?, Hah! - she might feel she'd be poised to run for the House or even the Senate. Hell, she might even think that she could be a primary challenger for McCain the next time he's up for election.

    I don't think that there's much to be concerned about, because as the Trig birth mythology skepticism refuses to go away, it is unlikely that she could effectively address any such questions. And you can damn well bet that if she runs for Milk Monitor she'll have to face a barrage of questions regarding her bullshit story about her 5 day pregnancy and the miracle birth.

    I don't give a shit where she is, she's still a feckless clod and she still is on borrowed time.

    However, I do rather resent that instead of being 2600 miles away she will now be only about 360 miles away from my home.

    When it comes to Palin, that's just too goddamn close.

    On the other hand, if she has to spend a summer in Scottsdale, that just might cure her of the Southwest. She has no idea just how fucking hot it gets in Arizona.

    Small mammals simply explode. Fat guys sweat out their own gravy.

    I hope she roasts.

  110. Anonymous9:01 PM

    ha ha ha. in the vidoe with "judge" piro (I love how the two of them throw the other's title around: Piro: Governor, let me ask you. Palin: Well Judge. I mean come on. Okay, so when asked she says she'd pick "red neck woman" as her song on her rington, because it's the mood she's in and the venue - what the frack? The venue is some place in Arizona in front of a fake picasso and two stacks of library books. She buys a $1.6 house, owns other homes and toys and gadgets and she calls herself a redneck purely to play to her redneck base. She is so pulling the wool over their eyes and she's loving it. She is horrible. And she is clueless about Israel. Typical conservative point of view Israel and the settlements, etc.
    I mean, she is a redneck. But she's a redneck in a halloween costume.

  111. to anon @ 7:54 - I'm not sure I agree. Why WOULDN'T she get special treatment in AZ? McCain is the Senator, and Sheriff Joe Arpairo just loves her - even giving her pink undies as a present.

  112. aj weishar9:04 PM

    Looks like Bin Laden's place with stucco.

  113. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I don't begrudge someone buying a new house, regardless of if it's their first starter home or a 20-room mansion. That's their business, and it won't affect my life one iota as long as they pay their property taxes and keep up their property to the standards of the community.

    Of course, had I been one of low-info peeps that have helped her advance her lifestyle thru donations to her PAC, while she continued to grift her way up into the nouveau riche, I might feel just a tinge of buyer's remorse. On the other hand, I would be willing to make a substantial donation if she would keep her noise off the airways. You'd think at some point even the Grizzled One would tire of playing the role of the turd in the punch bowl.

  114. Hi folks, an Arizonan and first time commenter here (please be gentle).

    1) $P can't run for Gabby's seat, she doesn't live in the district, thank God. GG is my congresswoman, and if $P was to try and run down here I take no responsibility for what could happen.

    2) The local Repugs aren't going to welcome her with open arms if she's thinking about running for Kyl's seat. Too many locals already are, and she would just be a carpetbagger. Too many white males in front of her in the line.

    3) That house may look good, but I bet it's got construction faults like nobody's business. The housing industry here defaulted for speed and low-cost over quality many years ago. Think mold for starters...

    From Google Earth:

    4) There are horse farms all around her. The smell might be something to contemplate. Heh, heh.

    5) There's a nice gravel road running alongside the property, and it looks like they only have a 6 foot fence. Probably can't make it any higher, I'm sure there are actual zoning laws there. Cameras, anyone?

    6) Why did she choose a house that isn't all that far from the neighbors? Considering what she's paid for it, something further away from the great unwashed would have been better.

    Personal observations now: her household staff aren't going to be the same shade of pink she is. The groundskeepers and any domestic staff will most likely be Hispanic, that is if they are willing to work for her. With a little PR, she might have real problems on the labor front. :)

    It would be nice if, on the first day, she falls into a Cholla patch and gets bitten by a baby rattlesnake (stronger venom). That way we wouldn't be inflicted with her for very long.

    Hi Gramiam!

    Beejay from the 'Flats

  115. Chenagrrl9:19 PM

    Yikes. Jeanine Pirro needs to go back to being a DA. I can't watch the two of them discuss Israel and the Arab spring. Neither seems to understand what the '67 borders refers to. Jeanine lobs loaded softballs and the Brand reads her teleprompter. Arrgh!

  116. Anonymous9:21 PM

    I'm not going to celebrate until I see those Wasillabillies really leave Alaska. She's too much like herpes.

    Arizona, it's your turn to feel our pain. My advice is don't elect her to ANYthing and watch her like a hawk. She's nuts.

  117. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Sarah should be thanking all her tea party fans for helping to keep up her lavish lifestyle....just like those televangelists who live high on the hog. Don'tcha know she's preparing to run for some office or another in AZ just in case she doesn't run for Prez. Now we know why Bristol bought a house 1st - so Sarah would have a place to stay while checkin' out all her political grifting options. By the looks of this compound Osama Bin Ladin sure would have been very jealous.

  118. Anonymous9:30 PM

    " Anonymous said...
    she wants McCains senate seat when its up for grabs....

    Arizona will hand it too her too.

    6:19 PM"

    But then she'd have to work, and we know the Quitter isn't keen on that.

  119. I still say the citizen from Alaska is setting up residency in Arizona to run for John Kyl's Senate seat.
    If she were running for President, she could do that from Alaska.

  120. anon @7:54 - I forgot to add that, in addition to McCain and Sheriff Joe, Palin is also BFF with the Governor of the State, Jan Brewer.
    Brewer recently visited Todd and Sarah in AK and attended the Irondog.

    Friends in VERY high places in AZ - that is why I believe sarah WILL get special treatment. Palin got her ducks in a row, kissing up to the powerful players in AZ.

    I am confident that at least one of them will soon realize what a nightmare she is (McCain must already know) - THEN where will she go?

  121. nswfm9:41 PM

    ‪Anonymous‬ said... Hopefully people will picket outside her house with images of Gabby Giffords! 6:49 PM

    How about the photo of Christina Green, the 9/11 baby who was KILLED on the same day as when Gaby Giffords?

    Looking forward to the emails and books, and a Rove/Schmidt outing.

  122. Well she can now refer to herself as " the momma lizard".

  123. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Geraldo at Large tonight on Fox News.

    Lots of dirt on the former Governor of California. Numerous guest commentators, including a Palin clip. Gloria Allred says the voters of California were victims of this deceit along with the family.

    So was it the lying or was it the sex? A guest says there is a lot more to come about his activities that have been hidden.

    How many of the current and former Republican governors have embarrassing secrets hidden in their closets?

  124. ibwilliamsi9:55 PM

    Wait until she finds out that there are Hispanic people in Scottsdale. Do you think it will creep her out as much as the Asian people in Hawaii?

  125. Anonymous9:59 PM

    So unpretentious. Can't you just hear granny's screechy voice echo off the walls & floor in that all stone room?

    It looks like such a warm and cozy home just perfect for the cuddly Palin clan. Anyone can see that they are just regular folks who need a place to lay their heads in the lower 48.

    Wonder why they tried to hide it? Could it have something to do with their begging for money? They have to have the 5 bedroom house with the 6 car garage so she can save civilization or mankind or whatever the voices in her head tell her.

    McCain had to tell average Americans that he had 7 houses. How many does this make for this just like you and me real American? Is it 5 including the rental?

  126. Anonymous10:03 PM

    She so badly wants to one-up John McCain since he didn't let her name be at the top of the ticket and give her losers speech to America so she moves into his neighborhood. Vengeance! Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned!

  127. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Check out Palin on Pirro on the video with no sound; that wig is horrible and she doesn't even look like herself anymore. She also has had injections in her lower lip and it is punked out.

    She doesn't need a new mansion in Arizona, she needs to be put in a recovery program in a hospital setting. The teleprompter was glinting off her glasses again and she was reading fast.

    Todd is not going to live in Arizona with his divorced wife, he is not going to give up his family and friends in Alaska for a fake presidential run by Sarah. What would he do there, he is an outdoors man who likes to do his man thing. He probably receives a pension where he worked for the North slope for 20 years. He also supported Sarah all that time so I imagine he will stay in the compound or move elsewhere in Alaska.

  128. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Strange thing about that black SUV in Scottsdale not stopping after hitting the woman and child; now the police are saying no fault of the SUV. Was it connected to Sarah or Jan Brewer?

  129. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Who in the hell is going to keep that beautiful home clean??

  130. Anonymous11:06 PM

    As long as she never moves to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I'm all for it. Too bad she couldn't move next to her campaign buddy, Senator McCain.

    He should have a constant daily reminder of the mess he made by picking Mrs. Palin out of thin air back in 2008 to be his VP running mate.

  131. Anonymous11:15 PM

    I'm just sorry some commenters scared WendyWaitress away. I know why the trolls did it, but I'm not sure why some of the others had to be so skeptical. It wasn't as if she mentioned Applebees or the "happy, laughing" family. Come on, people! I think the Palin trolls are fairly easy to spot.

    If any of the doubters had ever been to Scottsdale, they wouldn't have had any trouble believing that fine dining exists there. There is a LOT of money in that area.

    Hope she comes back.

  132. Anonymous11:20 PM

    McCain had to tell average Americans that he had 7 houses.

    But first was this little fiasco:

    McCain unsure how many houses he owns 8/21/08 6:34 AM EST

    Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said in an interview Wednesday that he was uncertain how many houses he and his wife, Cindy, own.

    "I think — I'll have my staff get to you," McCain told Politico in Las Cruces, N.M. "It's condominiums where — I'll have them get to you."

    Just like many typical citizens, who also have to ask their staff to answer this same question, 'how many houses am I paying taxes and staff for?'

    Just a few days later he selects a fishpicker to be his running mate.

  133. Anonymous11:21 PM

    G, I am so glad you mentioned the folks who should apologize to Wendy Waitress! I live right outside Scottsdale and I felt fairly certain I knew where she worked. I have an acquaintance who works close by and asked her if she'd been privy to any rumblings about Palin being in the area. She said yes, that at least once this month and once last month, Palin swept in, each time with a female companion, and both times the restaurant mgr was incensed at Palin's spoiled and tacky behavior.

    G, it must make you "fill" pretty darn satisfied to know that when the Griftered, I Mean Grizzled Mama sits down to a very expensive lunch...all she can talk about is you!

    Love it, love it, love it.

  134. Good, pack your bags and get the hell out, you state wrecker you.

  135. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Anonymous at 7:55 PM Your idea about looking for divorce papers is a good one. Remember, instead of a divorce, a "legal separation" is also possible. Palin bends words and literal meanings around to suit her message, therefore "Todd and I are not divorced" does not rule out a legal separation.
    In addition to your ideas of AK and NV, maybe also look at AZ, ID, and Washington State (last 2 not too far from Alaska).

  136. I guess Sarah was pretty sure she wasn't going to be taken in the Rapture, huh?

  137. Anonymous12:56 AM

    I just googled the map posted by 5:49. Click on the surrounding photos and you'll see why some folks like the desert. Hmm lots of trails nearby- do you all think she be running them? The house is a beast, but I am jealous of those trails.

  138. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Looks like a palace for Queen Esther.

  139. Anonymous3:09 AM

    C4Pers were begging Palin to give them a secret sign that she will run, e.g. flip her hair, stick her tongue out three times, etc.
    If she doesn't run, their lives will have no meaning. So sad.

  140. Anonymous3:20 AM

    Looks just like OBL's compound. They ARE (or were) soul mates. Never doubted it for a minute.

  141. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Anon 8:11 - "$arah, please don't shoot the scorpions. Just step on them."

    With your bare feet. ;)

  142. Anonymous3:59 AM

    Nice house. Looks like an elementary school. Ya know...someone else could get a nice house like that...if they were willing to spill what they knew about Trig-Gate...ahem (CBJ) ahem...

  143. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Can anyone honestly see divorced Todd Palin moving to Arizona just so Sarah can roll in more money?

    I think he would be bored out of his freaking mind, he has too many man friends and gal pals in Alaska, plus he likes to go fishing, ride his plane, 4-wheelers and hang out with his buddies.

    Sarah is going to continue to give more paid speeches as the campaign season gets closer. She is not going to run for any senate seat with less money than she is making now. She also could not do the long hours and work that elected officials do and she would hate it worse than being governor.

  144. Anonymous4:42 AM


  145. Anonymous4:57 AM

    It may be in Arizona but it sure looks like a castle in the photo. Is there a moat around it?

  146. Anonymous5:32 AM

    no wonder she had to send out mailers for SarahPac

  147. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Sarah Palin sure loves Alaska


  148. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Wow, 1.6 sure buys a lot in that crazy state. That would barely buy a shack where I am from. Can't wait to see the quads parked out front and the bear skin rug in front of that pathetic fireplace. AZ is the ONLY place scara can go, she fits right in with all the other crazies down there. I always thought Scottsdale was upscale and more liberal than the rest of the state, but I must be wrong. Sorry for the sane Arizonians, you don't deserve the wrath she will bring your way.

  149. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Anon 5:10.
    Sure. Nancy lowered her standards for a fast buck. I used to like her. Now.... I feel only pity for getting hooked up with that crazy assed family.
    As far as willow and piper being in school. Yea, right. The palins are not known for their value of education, nor are they known for marriage BEFORE children are conceived. Family values. Sure. Right.

  150. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Wasent Saraugh raptured last night? Have not seen a live broadcast, tweet or FB from her in the last 24. It would suck if she were raptured, and they turned her away for 'the other door'.

  151. BeeJay has an excellent point about a bit of PR causing some major labor problems for Quittypants. She probably shouldn't count too heavily on Joe Arpaio either. He is up to his eyeballs in Federal investigations of his shenanigans right now. We do have some very fine rehab units here in Arizona, however. Actually, I feel that poor Sarah may find herself in the same boat with "The Man Without A Country". It won't be long before nobody wants to deal with her.

  152. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Great, now the lazy bitch can crow on "interviews" with Greta & Hannity about how she's just like everyone else...from a multimillion dollar mansion!

    Oh, I heard from what to me personally is a credible source that Palin demanded $25,000 per photo from People Magazine. People said they'd negotiate after the marriage license was provided...suddenly Sarah comes back with "7,500 per photo, take it or we'll go to someone else". So People took the pics without ever verifying that a legal marriage took place.

    I take this information with a grain of salt, but it did come from someone I have known for over twenty years, someone who does work in the magazine industry. So while I don't take it as gospel truth, it's sure not hard to believe...especially given the legal-document-insanity which regularly envelops this family.

  153. One thing about Joe Arpaio: he and $P may have been BFF's, but he is facing a federal investigation over many issues, and "somehow" $100 million of his departments funds have been misspent over the last few years. He's in trouble.

    Someone mentioned hot? Hahahah! She won't be here much in the summertime if she can't stand it. Phoenix/Scottsdale is always hotter than much of the rest of the state, she'll roast just fine. And like a roast left in the oven too long, she'll dry out and pretty much look like the hag she is.

  154. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Hahaha, Sarah's worshippers are always saying how much they love her because she is just like them; just plain, common-sense loyal real Americans. I wonder how many of them could dish out a million plus in cold hard cash to buy a monster home in the desert? Yeah, she's just like them, the poor sods.

  155. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Not sure why SP and Tawd would divorce. I think their marriage has been a marriage of convenience for years and unless either of them wanted to marry someone else there is really no reason to end the marriage. They can maintain separate residences, do their own thing and appear together as a couple when necessary. Divorce is expensive and messy...a losing proposition for both.


  156. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Fox News Roger Ailes thinks Sarah is stupid, it's on the Huffington Post.

    Did Fox buy her a new mansion and buy her out of her contract, maybe after this month? Is she gone, gone, gone?

  157. Anonymous7:02 AM

    I think Arizona is the perfect place for her, she can spend her days in the mansion and her nights in the Arizona prison when she ends up copping a plea for her evil doings. Jan Brewer could hold her hand, also too.

    Sarah didn't get raptured, she has just ruptured more.

  158. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Palin's been competing with President Obama since 2008 since she thinks that's REALLY who she was campaigning against. Now she's starting to compete with her former running mate on how many houses she can accumulate.

    Give it up Sarah, you'll always be a shrill, uneducated, ignorant, nasty person with no morals. And a fancy house isn't going to change that.

  159. Anonymous7:12 AM

    The house sure seems cozy with all that stone and marble...just perfect for the complete and total lack of warmth this family displays.

  160. Anonymous7:15 AM

    How will they eat if she must hunt to eat? Will Palin hunt rattle snakes or will they starve?

    Regarding divorce, it is not necessary to legally divorce to live like ships passing in the night or one spouse be traveling for work. Yet the majority of people are honest about physical separation. While the Palins were passing themselves off as Alaska devotees plans were in the works to relocate at least part time and extreme surgical alterations to a face in the tabloids I Love My big body (double chins).

    The Palins will speak any lie for personal gain and advantage. Nothing they say is to be believed about self or anyone else. Selling photos of your children then rages others are predators and ranting about them in tabloids she engaged is Pathalogical. Sadly the offspring share delusions that up is down and good Christians habitually lie. They are like a Bernie Madoff family void of remorse gratified how clever and better they are.

  161. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Anonymous said...

    Not sure why SP and Tawd would divorce. I think their marriage has been a marriage of convenience for years and unless either of them wanted to marry someone else there is really no reason to end the marriage. They can maintain separate residences, do their own thing and appear together as a couple when necessary. Divorce is expensive and messy...a losing proposition for both.


    6:46 AM

    I don't think they are divorced. Sarah is probably thinking it is cheaper to keep him.... In another state... LOL.

    If they were to divorce Sarah would be scared that Todd would spill the beans on her past and Todd would be scared he would be kicked off the Gravy Train.

    Divorce is a loose loose situation.

  162. Anonymous7:32 AM

    I feel that Todd and Sarah's marriage is like Bristol's and Candies marriage.

    Bristol has nothing educational or substantial to offer Candies. They just use Bristol for appearances only and pay her when they need her and then they go their separate ways until they need her again.

    I just thought about this, Bristol and Todd are like mistresses or escorts for out of town sugar daddies. They call you for appearances and you arrive in your party dress or monkey suit, smile and take pictures and after they are through with you they leave, then you collect your paycheck they left for you on the floor.

  163. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Sarah Palin finally got her White House even though it is not white.

    Sarah Palin also got her own cement pond like the one in front of that pointy rocket ship looking monument building thingy in Washington DC.

    And nice thing about Sarah's new tanned White House is that the walls surrounding it won't fall down with the first wind like her Wasilla 14ft fence did, the one built by her ex.

  164. emrysa7:58 AM

    I'm amused that the quitter tried to hide the purchase of this house.

    can anyone name any politician in this country who has formed an llc in order to hide the purchase of a house from the public? hahahha

    I can see it now... she pays cash for the house then has the pac pay her 10,000 a month in rent for the office. grift, grift, grift.

  165. Anonymous8:21 AM

    That's a house? Looks more like the Alamo in TX...

  166. Anonymous8:35 AM

    That photo of the new house looks strangely familiar ... oh, yeah, kinda like the late OBL's "compound" in Abottabad.
    Wonder if the local government officials in Scottsdale will pretend they don't know SHE's there!

  167. Anonymous8:38 AM


    I too heard through the grapevine (I work in a boring office sector of the entertainment industry) that Track & Britta's wedding photos were sold for a pittance compared to what Palin usually gets for exclusive "family" photos.

    I really do NOT understand though...WHY they would get "married" now, without a license? Would there be something on a marriage license she would not want the public to see? As always with these crazy wingnuts, I just do not GET them or their insane actions.

  168. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Damn, 8000 square feet? She's welcome to the electric and water bills.

  169. Anonymous9:08 AM

    The house is beautiful, BTW.

    Your sense of taste must only be in your mouth.

  170. Pics are gone. Did anyone save them?

  171. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Pics are still here.

  172. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Then Jan Brewer can pardon her when she goes to prison.

  173. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Relating to "Lou Lou", wasn't there a troll by that name a while back?

  174. Anonymous1:46 PM

    No marriage license shown so they can dispute the date and the length of a pregnancy?

  175. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Anon, no I think (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) the issue is that marriage licenses are SUPPOSED to be a matter of public record. I know in my state they are available online within 48 hours of being issued.

    I believe numerous Gryphenites have checked any state where it might have been issued and come up with nada.

    So it's not a matter of (as with every other frickin' thing she SHOULD provide- Alaska Fund Trust quarterly reports, Trig's birth certificate, her medical records, the emails, etc) her refusing to "show"'s a matter of it not being FOUND.

  176. Anonymous5:45 PM

    The Palins should have that trashed up pretty soon. Nothing sorrier than a mansion full of white trash. Blue tarps everywhere. Dirt bikes and broken dirt bikes, plastic shopping bags, I cringe.

  177. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Todd will really love those Hispanic girls. They are beautiful and very family-oriented. And, they know how to take care of their men. The Palin women just know how to fuck.

  178. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Todd will really love those Hispanic girls. They are beautiful and very family-oriented. And, they know how to take care of their men. The Palin women just know how to fuck.

    5:55 PM

    Mi amigo you said the Palin senoritas.... You forgot about the Heath senoritas.

  179. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Sarah's ex lawyer Van Flea lives in Arizona.... Friends with benefits?

  180. I can see Mexico from my house!

  181. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Palin will surely have a fun time living close to her AZ/Scottsdale bitchez!
    The party is on people, and its in the Arizona desert baby...

  182. Anonymous4:02 AM

    "Isn't it hard to traipse back and forth to homes in Alaska and Arizona when you have school-aged children?"

    Since when has obtaining a quality education for her children (or herself!) factored into ANY decision Palin has made?

  183. Smirnonn8:17 PM

    My condolences to Scottsdale. The paylump is a disease.

    And, to those who dissed "WendyWaitress," please apologize.

  184. I recently seriously considered this particular, Bristol as well as Todd are similar to mistresses or even companions with regard to on vacation sugars daddies. These people seek out your performances and you also get to the get together outfit or perhaps goof fit, laugh as well as acquire images as well as when they are usually via together with you these people depart, then you definitely gather the income they will still left to suit your needs on the ground.


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