Friday, June 10, 2011

Proof of Frank Bailey's allegation that Palin had fake Letters to the Editor written to sway public opinion.

In my opinion one of the most interesting things that Frank Bailey revealed in his book was that Sarah Palin, and others on her staff, wrote Letters to the Editor and then had supporters sign them as if THEY had written them before submitting them to the ADN, or other local newspapers.

Now I have written a few letters to ADN myself, and I know that they call you to confirm your identity before they will publish your letter.  This means that Palin convinced people to lie in order to cover for the fact she and her staff were falsifying letters to gin up support for her side of an issue.

That is absolutely despicable.

And the proof of that can be found in Palin's very own emails.

Govemor Sarah Palin
To: Frank Bailey
Cc: Kris Perry
Cc: Rosanne Hughes
ReplyTo: gov.sarah@yahoo.comSent: Jul 26, 2008 10:25 AM

Subject: Letter to Editor

(Fm looking for someone to correct the letter writcr's goofy comments, but don't want the letter to ADN in response to come from me. Also, Frank - do you have Bonnie Faulk's phone she's pageant director)

Dear Editor:
To address Judi Spry's Anchorage Daily News letter-to-the-editor on July 26 asking where the Govemor was during this years Miss Alaska Pageant: 2/ I 9/2008

Always ready to lend her queen a helping hand Ivy Frye jumps right in.

From: "Ivy Frye"
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 18:43:53
 Subject: Re: Letter to Editor

Kristen Cole would be perfect as she knows the pageant world but also she knows how busy you and
Todd are. I'll touch base her today, and Frank too to make sure we're sending variations and not
duplicates of this letter.

Also, we're rallying the troops re: letters for and agia. Phil Schneider's should run this wkend.

Palin then suggests making sure not to use the same people over and over again so as not to reveal what they are up to.

From: gov.sarah@yahoo.comDate: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 lB:50:04
To: ivyfrye@yahoo,com
Subject: Re: Letter to Editor

Phil had one yest about kopp so won't run more from him presume. Yes, make sure no dups if letter
goes out

Sent from my BlackBerry(R) device from Cellular One

From: "Ivy Frye"

Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2008 10:11 AM
Subject: Re: Letter to Editor

Oh good, they ran it early. I missed it.
Support is pouring in; other letters on deck.

(Here is the link to the email.)

Now one of the reasons that this is so important is that it establishes for an absolute fact that Palin has NO qualms about faking support and essentially lying, and getting others to lie, in order to create a false impression concerning her public persona. Bailey goes on to say in his book that Palin also used this same approach to drive up poll numbers, giving the impression that Palin was far more popular than the truth would have revealed.

So when, in this light, we consider the vicious attacks that have come from Palin's Flying Monkeys against her detractors, the attempts by her supporters to change the Paul Revere Wikipedia page to match her misstatements, and the cheating that occurred on Bristol's behalf during DWTS, I think we cannot help but realize that these actions were most likely NOT undertaken by her supporters of their own volition.

It is far more likely that these pathetic mouth breathers were prompted to do the things they did in support of their idol, and her daughter. And that the person behind those prompts was none other that our very own half term Governor.

She might not have been the one to directly give the order but, much like when RAM orchestrated the attacks on Joe McGinniss, the initial direction surely came from Sarah Palin herself. However she is cagey enough to always maintain just enough deniability so that if there is any blowback she can proclaim her innocence, and suggest that any accusation that she was involved is merely the result of the "Lamestream" media and haters attacking her, and her family, again.
But now with Frank Bailey's book out for everybody to read, and with Palin's OWN emails backing him up, there is no place for the Grizzled Mama to hide from the truth.

And hey, we have only just begun to dig through this email dump. There is still so much to discover.


  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

  2. slipstream2:34 PM

    Palin's supporters may say this is a small thing -- letters to the editor under a false name.

    But Jesus warned that those who were unfaithful stewards in small things would be unfaithful in large things.

    A deceitful person is a deceitful person. Simple as that.

  3. Anonymous2:39 PM

    I'm interested in the redacted emails with the subjects of "child custody issue" and "birthdate and social security number".

    All kinds of speculation on those...! One could think the child custody issue was an attempt to meddle in Molly's divorce. Or perhaps one of Todd's alleged love child/ren. Or perhaps it's about little Trig.

    But I'm guessing the birthdate/social security number emails are ALL TRIG.

  4. Anonymous2:42 PM

    As my country cousins would say "she's a lying sack of trash"!

  5. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Proof of flying monkeys, lies, and self-promotion? Check.

  6. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I think we cannot help but realize that these actions were most likely NOT undertaken by her supporters of their own volition.


    How EXACTLY does Sarah reach the millions of people who voted for Bristol on DWTS? THAT part of what you just said is absurd. I voted for Bristol at least 40 times a night because I liked her. You just can't stand it that people genuinely like this family very much, that they are personable people.

    No comment on the faking letters spiel but I will say that this is not an uncommon practice in many fields, not just politics. (I work in marketing btw)

  7. Anonymous2:52 PM

    This is what you care about? Our president is busy cussing out staff over foreign policy issues and you're concerned with something that happens everyday?

  8. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Isn't there something written somewhere about bearing false witness?

  9. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Dude, Gryphen, bringing a national tv show into this is absurd. Sarah has NO control over who gets through week after week on dwts. Bristol was a likeable contestant. As an avid fan of the show, I can tell you that nothing out of the ordinary happened voting wise. Bristol, unfortunately, brought out all the political morons who can't take politics out of any equation. The only reason voting was mentioned was because of politics.

    Season 12, the voting process was no different. You could still vote as many times as you wanted. Thank goodness because if chelsea would have won, people would have died.

  10. Anonymous2:59 PM

    You know what is not in those thousands of emails? There is not much intelligent, substantive, governing-type conversations or transfers of ideas. They are mostly about press, PR, favors and pay-back. Tons of it. Ick. Have a good weekend.

  11. OMG: been out getting wine/pizza for an evening of blogging and go to IM upon booting up the old lap top to this post, wow, I know we have speculated that this is actually what she did, and I know that Mr. Bailey's books indicated such, but to see the proof - the emails from Sarah herself "suggesting" such duplicity is mind boggling. Ok, time for second glass of wine and to read on. This could be a long night. May have to put on a pot of coffee for later.

  12. Virginia Voter3:01 PM

    I believe this still goes on here at this blog and a few others. The Palin Fairy Tale trolls are Sarah , RAM (before she fucked up), and Ivy Frye, who is still on the Palin payroll via SarahPAC.

    Again, these emails are so edited they are probably not worth wasting hours of your time you will never get back.Now if Bailey did a document dump, that would be a different story.

  13. Sweet anny3:02 PM

    And so it begins...the emails are the least of her problems. A tiny failure at the top of a spillway, but like a dam failing, the water will run slowly at first, then faster all the time. Then end will come soon, my friends. The wheels of justice (and the Great Wheel of Karma!) turns so slowly, but it NEVER stops turning. I will try not to feel joy. But relief. Only relief.

  14. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn3:09 PM

    Anon @ 2:30pm

    X2. Everyone should read the politicsusa article. My only question is: can these people who are sure to be harassed by the Eternal Victim's drooling minions sue due to having their names/addresses put out there for all to see? Or will it be said that the info of these private citizens is property of the state via the emails? The Wasilla Cosa Nostra made sure names/addresses were all included...

  15. Anonymous3:14 PM

    At least we see that she did her job.

  16. WakeUpAmerica3:16 PM

    I can understand your skepticism, however, the person who orchestrated the voting fraud went public on the national news and explained what he did and why. Among other things, he gave Palinbots instructions for multiple voting. He acknowledged voting an outrageous number of time(thousands of times). I'm sure you can find it if you Google it.

  17. WakeUpAmerica3:17 PM

    Flying Monkey@2:58 (same person?)
    You're ignorant and deluded. The person who orchestrated it was on national news. WE AREN'T THAT STUPID; WHY ARE YOU?

  18. Anonymous3:20 PM

    2:47- Gee, by your logic, and your own admission, liars can't be liars because if other liars say they aren't a liars, then the whole thing is a lie.

    I think 2:34 and 2:53 are telling you that you had best not be calling yourself (or Sarah calling herself) a Christian because you all are missing some very important and basic teachings. Bearing false witness is lying. Writing letters that others you intentional want others to sign as their own is lying (on both the person with the idea and the person who signed). Voting numerous times when ethically you should only vote once is lying because you are pretending you never voted before each duplicate vote.

    2:47 - you need to sit down and reflect upon your actions and they people you support like Palin because you are not, I repeat, are not following Christ's (and His Father's) admonitions.

    I cannot condemn for it. I don't have to - you have already condemned yourself if you are a believer. If you are doing unethical things in your job, perhaps you need to rethink your job.

    It's not my soul at stake. It's me being hypocritical, sweetie.

    I am not a believer, but I follow try not to do unethical things. Wy can't you and Sarah? After all, Sarah is the one popping off all the time about religion.

  19. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Republicans as a group claim Holier Than Thou cred's but they lie and cheat to get what they have not earned and what their version of God has denied them, if they are claiming to be fundy Christianists.

    Let me say that again. If a person has to lie or cheat in order to reach a goal it means that God has denied their access to that goal and they have had to go into league with the Satan to gain want they wanted.

    So Sarah, can we talk about that God is my personal door man concept you have again?

    Just asking.

  20. So are we saying here that that 80%+ approval rating ... the basis for the hottest Governor ever (looks + popularity) .. might be bogus also, too?

  21. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Sarah's religious beliefs are like her accessories (the cross and the Star Of David). She trots them out and changes them to suit whatever audience or occasion.

    Sarah only wears her faith on the outside. She doesn't have a clue about what it means and how to implement her faith. It's just an accessory to take off or discard when it doesn't "fit" her needs.

  22. Anonymous3:22 PM


    Dude, Gryphen, bringing a national tv show into this is absurd. Sarah has NO control over who gets through week after week on dwts. Bristol was a likeable contestant. As an avid fan of the show, I can tell you that nothing out of the ordinary happened voting wise. Bristol, unfortunately, brought out all the political morons who can't take politics out of any equation. The only reason voting was mentioned was because of politics.

    Where to start with this pile of shit?

    Lets keep it short and simple.

    The only reason Bristol was on DWTS in the first place was politics. Fake as shit, can't dance, and it couldn't have been anything other than that last name that got that 'job'. The votes, some of that might be the last name too.

    The rest of your 'facts' aren't even worth the time to diss.

  23. Anonymous3:22 PM

    2:52 - proof?? What the heck are you talking about?

  24. Thank you sweet anny.

  25. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Sweet anny - I think your comment is superb! I totally agree with you. A trickle into a torrent, then relief (if it means the end of Sarah).

    Relief is what we all want - relief from the lies, the hate-mongering, the foolishness, the spectacle, and national embarrassment that is Sarah Palin.

  26. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I agree with the two posters everyone should read Politicususa's article and tweet it out! she is dangerous! leave it to sarah jones to do what msm won't. Love this post G. can't stop making this point re her make letters. what a liar.

  27. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Might even have a Kochroach or two visiting.

  28. Anonymous3:32 PM

    It's a sure thing that Alaskans are going to be more connected w/these e-mails that are people from the lower 48. I so hope that Frank Bailey releases ALL of his emails so that we can counter match them w/those of Palin's that have been published. I'm 100% sure that many more things will come to light about our horrid ex governor.

  29. Anonymous @ 2:59 PM said: "Thank goodness because if chelsea would have won, people would have died."

    Just WTF does THAT mean? Is that a threat? Just par for the course for a Palinbot.

  30. Anonymous3:35 PM

    With the big bucks backing her, you can bet the bots are paid to post. Just like voting hundreds of times for BP, while she was hoofing it on DWTS.

  31. Proving that ....

    As a fraud, whe dishonored her position as governor, & her run as vice-president.

    She's a fraud & a liar. Why anyone would place any form of trust in her is beyond me.

  32. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Great article at the Mudflats about the redactions.

  33. silvermoondog3:44 PM

    Sympathies to you Gryphen for having to go through all that crap! I'm glad you will be letting us know the drivel in that morass of assinine email. Looking forward to your updates!

  34. Anonymous3:45 PM

    We will have the answers in a teleprompter. WTF she bashed Pres. for using.

    March 2007 explaining how an interview with Palin for something called Energy TV will be conducted: "Sharon [a Palin aide] will ask the questions, we will have the answers in a teleprompter, and then send those answers over the satellite tomorrow afternoon."

  35. Anonymous3:45 PM

    And consider what she deems important to lie ABOUT… some shit regarding a beauty pageant?

    Is this what Alaskans elected their governor to do?

  36. Anonymous3:47 PM

    The thing I have found THE most interesting regarding today is that there is little to no mention of the email dump on the FOX website - Now I ask you is that really "Fair and Balanced News"?? Say's it all really.

    Thing is these should have been made public when she ran for VP so the fact that they were withheld and examined for potential damages for so long before being released is in and of itself a travesty. It really is a news story FOX...just sayin'

  37. Anonymous3:48 PM

    2:47 pm I work in marketing

    Blah, blah, blah and yes it was crooked of Sarah to get her flying monkeys to vote multiple times for Bristol. You are correct that Sarah is a very corrupt person and she needs to be arrested.

    No, all politicians are not as corrupt as Sarah and Todd Palin.

    Thanks for being an uneducated idiot sucking up to Sarah. You truly just showed how ignorant you really are and how low you would go.

  38. Anonymous3:48 PM

    The weakest of sauce.

  39. Ok. So far we now know for sure that's the WGE is the queen of cheese, is as low-down and smarmy as they come. Unfortunately, being a person of incredibly low standards isn't a crime.

  40. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Yummmm, good stuff already Gryphen. Thanks for all your great work and now so much more to do.

  41. Anonymous3:52 PM

    2:47 PM "I work in marketing"

    You work in marketing and you vote FORTY TIMES for a lame-ass grifter who limps along, refusing to actually dance because she's secretly PG?

    Anyone can drag someone across the floor. It takes REAL talent to vote for people who are hustling you.

    You "work" in marketing, in that someone paid you to vote that forty times to "market" Bristol… not that she hasn't been "marketed" enough… up the yin-yang, I would say!

    These 'bots are too funny!

  42. Anonymous3:52 PM

    I am a Chrisian and the behavior of Palin is appalling. I think a lot of so called Christians of today aren't anymore, they're just Republicans posing as followers of Christ. Jesus Christ was not a Republican or a Democrat,but He told us to help the poor, the sick, the downtrodden. I don't see the so called church of today doing that much. They're too intereted in following Fox News and believing all the lies, supporting the rich, and being supremely selfish. I doubt God is pleased.

  43. lostinthemidwest3:53 PM

    I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who is going thru the emails.

    I am personally unable to help and want you to know that you are appreciated for your time spent. Not to mention the mental chaos reading about her induces.

    Please have fun and ignore the trolls. They have nothing left anymore except crumbling dreams of St. $carah.

    Thanks again.

  44. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I see Bristol Palin or Ivy Frye is on here again spouting shit because they are both stupid idiots who kiss Sarah's azz.

    Maybe they could get shots for that or mental health counseling.

  45. Anonymous3:55 PM

    What To Say About Trig

    In mid-August 2008, Palin announced that she would be hosting a baby shower with Trig to benefit military families. But when it came down to writing up the p.r., the governor needed a ghostwriter to help pen a quote about her newborn.

    She wrote to her staffers via email: "can u think of a powerful quote to put in there re: we've been blessed with trig, now's a fun opportunity to bless others through kwhl's event.?"

  46. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Frank Bailey told the truth, come on Frank and tell us more.

    Do it Frank for the country.

  47. Virginia Voter at 3:01 PM, acknowledged, but don't forget "Brooklyn" and probably a couple of other deluded stragglers.

  48. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Off topic

    The reason why Newt's staff newtnied.

    "Newt Staffers: ‘We Didn’t Sign Up To Be Hucksters For Products’"

    ABC News reports on the troubles in the Gingrich campaign that led to the mass resignation of most of his top staffers on Thursday -- and how it was rooted in a conflict between the needs of a serious presidential campaign, versus the continued financial empire of conservative activism that Newt and his wife Callista have been running:

    $arah's staff-no worries- they're all ok with the K-tel Kandidate(tm).

  49. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Sarah sure had a bunch of idiots working for her.

    Todd was the real governor and Sarah just showed up, probably because of her being mentally ill.

    I wonder if Todd got any money slipped under the table to him as he handled all the decisions. Also, I'd like to know who all was in with Todd.

  50. Anonymous4:12 PM

    I wonder if Sarah will be on Fox Snooze this week with Sean or Greta and have all the answers on a teleprompter ready for her to read just like always.

  51. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Lord...this granny grifter can't even pay for a set of free weights from walmart! She is SO CHEAP.

  52. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Who is the Ivy chick? Is she the one who is rumored to be polishing the first dudes stick shifter?

  53. I'm counting on you to slog through the e mail crap. There is only so much Palin one can take & I exceeded my limit a while ago!

    For me I sit back & think she is the opposite of "Midas", everything she touches kind of goes to hell, including her half term as Governor, her sleazy VP campaign w dirty tactics (calling Obama a "terrorist,), and her current rolling disaster.

    She hits the road with this huge campaign like gaudy bus, with her signature all over it, but then says it is not a campaign trip & she;s not announcing & not saying where the fundy tour is going.

    Then complains the media is hounding her.
    Well why make a big spectacle of yourself & then play the victim??

    Hey most other people who go on vacation either rent a minivan or RV without all the signature crap & patriotic crapola & get in line with the rest of the general public.

    I genuinely feel sorry for Piper. I think she feels like she has no choice but to put up with all that hoopla & it is her Mom giving the wrong answers & having that all over the news.
    The other 2 kids Willow & Trig seemed to have all but disappeared from the scene.

    So much for special needs babies, getting special care. Sarah is off chasing the spotlight.
    Rather then actually wanting to do the job of president, I think she looks at it as more of a popularity contest, or she may just be in it for the free child care???

    In any case, it is like she is wearing glaring day glow colors & then asking what people are staring at.

    The GOP is not buying her little road sideshow, so I think Palin will be reduced to a tea party candidate. If Palin is a spoiler for the GOP, then that's a role I am comfortable with.

    Look at her Paul Revere gaff just a few days into her mystery tour. Bottom line: If Palin goes off script, she's screwing up.


  54. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Anonymous @3:55--

    I saw that one about Trig too. Wouldn't a blessed new mother be able to come up with something on her own when it comes to her son?

  55. Anonymous4:18 PM

    "you were pregnant at the same time as my wife, WERE being the operative word"

    What the hell? This bit stands out in am rather long email letter from one of her constituents.

  56. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Don't you just love the paid Palin trolls? They come on here and whine about Bristol or whatever but they just bring more attention to what they are whining about.

    They keep whining that Bristol was not pregnant 2 or 3 times but in fact they are saying yes she was pregnant 2 or 3 times.

    Uneducated paid trolls, how funny, and with the same talking points.

  57. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Bristol to Sarah in Feb 2008: Mom, I need CASH FLOW!

    Bet there was a good reason why B got any cash she asked for during this time...

  58. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Here's another example of an email where Todd Palin is cc'ed on an email discussing Board appointments. It's "privileged information" that can't be disclosed to the general public (except for Todd, of course) so we'll presumably never know what it contains. A class action lawsuit can't come fast enough for me!

  59. Anonymous4:23 PM

    There is a very interesting and disturbing article entitled "Sarah Palin Uses Email Dump to Release Critics Personal Information" at Please check it out.

  60. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Wow...WHAT do you guys suppose got redacted from THIS email, where Todd is bristling because someone dared suggest Sarah shouldn't bring the baby to work?

  61. Anonymous4:27 PM

    I just noticed that E-mails from May 1, 2007 to March 31, 2008 have not been included in the batch. Historically,bad e-mails would be hidden in the middle of the batch.
    New york Times has sorted them according to dates, from 2007 to 2008
    Sequence like, start with Good, put bad in the middle then end with good.
    I am trying to dig the middle first as dates are skipping.
    Use previous and next arrow. You will notice the skip.

    Check it out here

  62. emrysa4:28 PM

    thanks for this post, gryphen!

    I have not read bailey's book, but I have kept up with all the tidbits that other bloggers and commenters have referenced. and this issue about writing favorable letters to the editor and getting others to sign them (and stacking online polls)- to me, is a really big issue. as you said, it speaks to how she's willing to lie and manipulate to paint a false picture, to get others to think that she's really great when in fact she sucks. it also shows that she really couldn't give a shit about governing and doing what's right for the people - it was all about promoting herself. the quitter!

  63. CharlotteB4:31 PM

    Just a guess, but if you spend all your time monitoring what other people think of you, and responding to that, then you have pitiful little time to study history, politics, diplomacy and policy.

    Buh-bye Sarah. Bye now. Bye-bye.

  64. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Do you guys suppose Parnell had instructions to have everything about Trig redacted?

    This looks like it WOULD have been a pretty benign little story from Bailey's wife.

  65. Anonymous4:36 PM

    @2:47 PM

    $arah Palin can reach her bots easily with e-mails, Twitter, and Facebook, dumb-ass. What you said is silly. You even admitted that you are one of the Palin-bots who voted for Bri$tol, over, and over, again.

    Bri$tol Palin sucked, and didn't deserve to get as far as she did. She only got as far as she did, thanks to her mother's built-in fan base. But, she still lost, so not that many like her. You can't stand that only a small, stupid, minority "genuinely like" this family.

    Most people DO NOT like $arah Palin, or her family. Her poll numbers are in the shitter. You are delusional.

    And, OMG! The Palin's are NOT "personable people!" What drugs are you on?

  66. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Gryphen.. Tidbit on April 4,2008 e-mail
    Check out the first dude's input

  67. Anonymous4:40 PM

    I wonder if any of these comments are legit or if it is Team $arah at work.

  68. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Here's a math question for the curious

    If there are 42000 emails that are directed at and responded to be her, that is correct isn't it?

    How many days do these emails cover? Or weeks, figuring a five day week, someone who knows this number - because they don't cover her entire time in office - can simply divide 42000 by this number to come up with an estimate of the number of emails she received and responded to each day. I used 600 as a rough number

    If the average time per email to load it, read it, think about it (being generous here) and respond is let's say three minutes. Then we multiply by that number by the number of emails per day and come up with how much time. I came up with 26 minutes of every eight hour day spent on emails, the majority of which have nothing to do with governing. That leaves 24 minutes at best for real governing each hour. Now it stands to reason the people of Alaska were getting royally screwed if she spent more than ten minutes per hour thinking of her image but almost half of every work day?

  69. emrysa4:41 PM

    anon @ 2:47 pm sez:

    "I voted for Bristol at least 40 times a night because I liked her."

    and you CHEATED! 40 times a night, when others only have 10 votes?

    you're a CHEATER!

    why is it not surprising that a fan of the palins thinks that cheating is a good thing? low-life dregs, refusing to play by the rules, but expecting that others should play by the rules.

    and she absolutely sucked as a dancer - are your standards so low that you would cheat to get a mediocre player to win? lame. people like you are the reason that america is falling hard.

  70. Anonymous4:41 PM

    "This is what you care about? Our president is busy cussing out staff over foreign policy issues and you're concerned with something that happens everyday?"

    2:52 PM

    If $arah Palin is indeed stupid enough to run for president, then YES, it does matter. It also gives us insight to her lack of character, and "untruthiness."

    Why should we care if the president is allegedly "cussing out" staff over foreign policy issues? At least he's working, unlike the half-term governor.

  71. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I noticed Sarah no longer draws a crowd (she goes where the crowds are to give the appearance that people are there to see her). Most of the footage of ther vacation/tour was of reporters--not supporters

  72. Anonymous4:45 PM

    2:58 PM,

    The Palins are the ones who politicize everyhting, including DWTS. If I'm not mistaken, Bri$tol was shown wearing a Tea Party t-shirt on the show. Bri$tol Palin was not a likable contestant. Fuck her, and her middle-finger! Her mother's fan base is what got her through.

  73. Anonymous4:52 PM

    "At least we see that she did her job."

    @3:14 PM

    Not hardly.

  74. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I said I suspected her popularity was manipulated to appear far more then is real. The organizations set up for speechifying that disappeared are highly suspect also.

  75. emrysa4:55 PM

    anon @ 3:14 pm sez:

    "At least we see that she did her job."

    rofl! if you think that's "doing her job" then you must be a pretty slack employee yourself.

  76. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Gryphen, look at this...all the interviews Sarah & Todd did with KTVA/KTUU/ADN...Sarah is telling Ivy to add them to the schedule on 4/22 AFTER they have all occurred. Who does their schedule like THAT- adding things after they are done?!

    And very looks like Sarah is saying that the TV station interviewed BRISTOL on 4/18/08-

    I've always heard Bristol declined to participate. But this email sure makes it sound as though Gusty's TV station has footage of Bristol from 4/18/08...

  77. I'm not sure how to bring this all to your attention, but I'm doing searches on "tan," "sun," "bed" etc etc to see what I can see on the immortal tanning bed that Private Citizen Palin had installed in the Gov Mansion...

    The e-mail at

    is from Erika Fagerstrom, dated January 28, 2008, and describes the different options for installing the tanning bed at the Gov's mansion.

    I find that story especially interesting, because in Going Rogue, Private Citizen Palin answers the charge that the RNC bought the Palins $50K USD worth of clothing by claiming that the Palins are so frugal, they can't even afford "name brand" peanut butter......

  78. Anonymous5:03 PM

    The weakest of sauce.

    3:48 PM

    Are you talking about the e-mails, or $arah Palin?

  79. Anonymous5:04 PM

    So Sara went off on POTUS for using a teleprompter and now we find out she not only uses a teleprompter, she gives the interviewer the questions she wants asked so she can develop her answers and put them on a teleprompter.

    Can you imagine the journalistic sell out going on? I suppose it's the same at Fox News as well. How stupid these so-called journalists look now, or is that how much MORE stupid can they look?

  80. Anonymous5:06 PM

    2:47, I worked in marketing for awhile too and quit because of this sort of thing. It might be legal, but it violated my personal ethics. And for someone who has built a platform on her Christian beliefs, as Sarah has, it's particularly indefensible.

  81. Anonymous5:07 PM

    "The weakest of sauce."

    3:48 PM

    $arah Palin's flying monkies had 3 years to redact the incriminating stuff. Where's the transparency? Palin is a Hypocrite.

  82. Anonymous5:13 PM


    "Ok. So far we now know for sure that's the WGE is the queen of cheese, is as low-down and smarmy as they come. Unfortunately, being a person of incredibly low standards isn't a crime."

    These e-mails certainly do nothing to help her image. These e-mails are so far confirming what most people already knew about $arah Palin. That she is indeed petty, and a moron. Judging from these early e-mails, it doesn't even seem like the quitter was doing much work, either.

  83. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Gryphen Check email dated April 18 and 19 2008. The staged birth of Trig.

    I did not read the her wild ride or any sign of distress in her April 16- 17 e-mails

  84. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Gryphen Sorry to bother with links,
    Take a look at
    The e-mail correspondence with title " BABY" April 19, 2008 download:

    Sarah wote it on April 7, 2008 to her sisters and family.Documents
    PRA_GSPO1_0015359 and 0015360

  85. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Ok this e-mail is creepy:
    sarah wrote to Sarah.. like God sent this e-mail to her.
    Ok on the other hand, it confirms that Trig was given to Sarah as an Icon to push her agendas. Pathetic. Sarah you are not GOD, and No God did not send you this e-mail dated April 7. 2008.
    Check page 3 on e-mail loaded for April 19,2008.
    Your Attorney and your witch stupid crazy pastor wrote this for you.

  86. Anonymous5:56 PM


    Well, isn't this special. When a Palinbot writes in to gush about the governor, they redact her contact information to protect her privacy, but, as the PoliticsUSA article pointed out, when critics write in, they leave all the personal contact information in the email dump.

  87. Anonymous6:05 PM

    4:20 - nice find. Very curious e-mail. Piper "needs" a cell phone because it would be "adorable" if she texted Bristol from class? Like Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth said so eloquently, "There aint no education going on up in that motherfucker".

    I can't tell if it sounded like blackmail ("It's a done deal right?!") or sarcasm, as in "Why are you buying Piper a cell phone when you should be paying me".

  88. LOL. They redacted, as 'priveleged or personal," draft letters to the editor!

  89. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Every time I see "Crivella" my mind sees "Cruella". Anyone else have that happen?

  90. Well? Where was she during the Miss Alaska Pageant, February 19, 2008? Busy with Bristol Palin's first child would be my guess.

  91. could someone post the letters and/or links to the actual letters that were printed under those false names?

  92. slipstream6:57 PM

    Lessee . . . President Obama orders the US Navy Seals into Pakistan to kill Osamb bin Laden.

    Sarah Palin writes fake letters to the editor about her participation in a beauty pageant.

    Which one will you vote for?

  93. Anonymous7:05 PM

    @5:44 Are you new to the study of Palin? This story that Sarah wrote for her son, Trig, who she did not give birth to, in the voice of God had been discussed a long time ago. (It takes alot of nerve to think that you are God!) Glad many more people will be exposed to her inane mythology. For most of us these emails validate what we have all been working for these last three years, which is to keep Sarah from ever holding any public office in the future. Now if we can make her lose any and all credibility and cause her to lose any ability to make money and go back to being a nobody then we can close up shop on this dangerous media whore.

  94. Anonymous9:08 PM

    I just read an email from sept. 2007 where Palin does not support helmet laws. I am so pissed. My brother would be alive if he had worn a helmet while riding his bike. I applaud this law.

  95. Anonymous9:14 PM

    well, I guess she loved it before she hated it ( her jet!)

    pdf 15342 Monday, May 19, 2008: "I know it's down for 10 days this month, but I sure hope I'll finally get to use it again throughout June. Any word on that yet?"

    Sent from Sarah Palin's Blackberry

    Holy crap. No wonder she was so used to flying private.

  96. Anon 2:47
    It is ok to like a family or root for a person you like.

    I have a question for you anon: do you like the Palin family because they represent people like yourself who cheat to win? Do the Palins represent 'folks' who share your character defect to disregard rules, cheat, practice deception opportunisticly?

    Many a thief has been caught in a bar (or blog) boasting.

    We do not 'like' people who lie, cheat, are dishonest especially when they lie claiming to be morally pure and devout christians.

    But then, it is yet another act of practiced deceit to lie one is Christian. We get it the crosses get bigger the more Palin lies. People like you are self deceived.

  97. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Anon 3:22 You nailed Palin.

    Sarah, get down off the cross, someone else needs the wood.

    Evil loves controlling others to do wrong. Truly evil get sadistic pleasure watching someone they set up get punished, hateful, threatened. The bots are flying monkeys deceived to commit ills by a predator, Palin duped they are saviors too and their egos pumped they are the "real 'Mericans and patriots to lie, threaten to kill, cheat and deceive participating in cold calculated smear campaigns intended to ruin peoples lives.

    WTH is patriotic about that?

  98. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Anon 3:22 You nailed Palin.

    Sarah, get down off the cross, someone else needs the wood.

    Evil loves controlling others to do wrong. Truly evil get sadistic pleasure watching someone they set up get punished, hateful, threatened. The bots are flying monkeys deceived to commit ills by a predator, Palin duped they are saviors too and their egos pumped they are the "real 'Mericans and patriots to lie, threaten to kill, cheat and deceive participating in cold calculated smear campaigns intended to ruin peoples lives.

    WTH is patriotic about that?

  99. Went to Palin's FB Page and she's using that old "letters to the editor" trick. 15 posts that I have counted so far (I became bored)that are the exact same phrase, from different "fans". It starts with "I wasn't a Palin fan before the emails were released, but NOW I am......"
    Good grief.

  100. Anonymous4:04 AM

    [Anonymous said...
    Dude, Gryphen, bringing a national tv show into this is absurd. Sarah has NO control over who gets through week after week on dwts. Bristol was a likeable contestant. As an avid fan of the show, I can tell you that nothing out of the ordinary happened voting wise. Bristol, unfortunately, brought out all the political morons who can't take politics out of any equation. The only reason voting was mentioned was because of politics.

    Season 12, the voting process was no different. You could still vote as many times as you wanted. Thank goodness because if chelsea would have won, people would have died.]

    Well, you're wrong, they DID change the voting system for the next season. Only 5 votes per text and/or phone number and also 5 votes only for each ISP.

  101. Anonymous4:58 AM

    If I was ADN, I wouldn't trust anything that came out of the Palin camp. Sarah lies and lies and lies some more. She and her followers don't have any problems continually resetting their moral compasses in order to advance Sarah's career. Christians, shmistians.


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