Monday, August 01, 2011

No longer a conspiracy theory, "Babygate" is real! And the pictures of Sarah Palin from March 26, 2008 prove it! Update!

My good friend Audrey once referred to this picture as "The Nail in the Coffin." Because in her mind and the mind of many others, it proved without a doubt that Palin could simply NOT have been 32 weeks pregnant when the photo was taken.

But for some reason it never quite proved enough for some people.

Perhaps these pictures taken on the very same day, as Palin was leaving the museum, will finally convert the unbelievers.

(Click the thumbnails to see the high resolution images.)

This was written as a description below the photographs:

March 26, 2008, Juneau, Alaska, USA: In April 2011, Professor Bradford Scharlott at Northern Kentucky University wrote an academic paper stating that the "conspiracy theory" suggesting Palin is not Trig's mother is likely true and the American media is pathetic for not pursuing the story more aggressively. Scharlott walks through all of the evidence supporting the theory in the article, suggesting Trig is actually Palin's grandson. The article discusses photos of Palin in what is said to have been a late-stage pregnancy, the leisurely 20-hour trip home that Palin took after she supposedly went into labor in Texas, the refusal of the hospital where Trig was supposedly born to even confirm that he was born there (let alone who was the mother), strange statements from Palin's doctor and the McCain campaign, and so on. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin exits the Alaska State Museum with her husband Todd after a bill signing ceremony. Palin announced 3-weeks prior that she was 7-months pregnant with her fifth child.

And the photos were further authenticated during a discussion with the AP photographer Brian Wallace on July 31, 2011.

Here is a close up of Palin's supposedly seven month pregnant belly.

And as if that were not enough, let us not forget that only a little over two weeks later that THIS is what Sarah Palin managed to look like on a KTUU broadcast on April 13, 2008.

Here is the video of the interview to allow further scrutiny.

(I need to give a HUGE hat tip to Laura Novak who made the initial call to Polaris images and got the information that we needed to purchase these images.  Thank you Laura.)

Update: There are apparently a couple of visitors who are being purposefully obtuse and asking how these pictures prove anything, as if they were the sum total of the evidence available to prove that Sarah Palin did not give birth.  Of course they could not be more incorrect.

Let me provide just a few examples and the rest you can find using a tool I like to call "Google."

1) The Sarah Palin pregnancy. What are the odds?

And for those who are looking for an eyewitness Palin's lack of a pregnant belly.

2) Exclusive! My interview with Shailey Tripp.

And for those brave souls who REALLY want to find out how convoluted this fraud was.

3) A Tale of Two Babies by Sarah Palin.


  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Guess Toad found a new use for the tire pump!

    Within two weeks of - Wooo, Woooo, Wooooo - he blew that faux pregger pillow up every day!! Bigger, Bigger and Bigger!

  2. Anonymous7:07 PM

    I think people who can't believe that Sarah faked her pregnancy as the type of people who believe that Casey Anthony couldn't have murdered her child. They won't believe it unless Sarah signs a confession and the real biological mother of Trig comes forth.

  3. Anonymous7:07 PM

    And there it is.



  4. Anonymous7:10 PM

    GOTCHA!! Wow this is great!!

  5. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I guess those amazing tight abs that only Sarah Palin seems to have finally couldn't hold that baby bump in any longer, and it "popped" out over night. That is one amazing woman. A miracle of nature. snort

  6. Accente7:14 PM

    undeniable . irrefutable . so why is she still standing..

  7. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Your readers may want to check out Laura Novak's blog as a supplement. There is an excellent discussion on the pictures and information that Sarah may in fact have on a post surgical abdominal pad that is evident when the picture is magnified.


  8. Anonymous7:16 PM

    It would really help to also post pictures of what other women look like at 7 months. When I see pregnant women, I never know what month they are in. I think I would know 9 months but I have no reference to what someone would look like at 5,6,7,8 months.
    I cannot believe that Palin's little boobs would stick out more than her stomach at 7 months, then 2 weeks later she has a baby bump.

    What was she wearing? diapers? She must have been wearing that empathy belly, did the state pay for it?

  9. she's a fraud, folks7:16 PM

    Sarah Palin is a liar and fraud and the biggest hoax in US political history.

    To this day, Palin has never proved something as simple as giving birth to her own child because she simply can not prove something that NEVER happened.

    It really is that simple.

  10. This is so satisfying. Thank you both for making my night.

  11. Anonymous7:17 PM

    How many legs are there in picture number two? It looks like 6!

    What's sad, is these look like the only pictures ever where Sarah is wearing an attractive coat--what no windbreaker? No hoody? No t-shirt?

  12. Anonymous7:19 PM

    ugh, I hate to be the one to ask, but its been a looooong day. can someone explain why this proves it?

  13. Anonymous7:20 PM

    what's up with her hair???

  14. Anonymous7:21 PM


    That is all.

  15. Anonymous7:22 PM

    These morons still won't believe it.

  16. Anonymous7:22 PM

    For all you ignorant dopes who still know nothing about pregnancy, search Google Images for '32 weeks pregnant' and see what a real pregnant woman looks like before you make your moronic comments here.

    Bonus: you'll even come across Bristol at 32 weeks who looks like a real pregnant woman - unlike her mother.

  17. Hooooooooly shit Gryphen! SNAP! tese pics are amazing!

  18. But you know the naysayers'll say its possible to balloon up that much in a mere two weeks, right?

    I remember when we were thinking that the Gusty pics must have been faked, because, after all, we have a shred of hope that this sitting Governor wouldn't so blatantly lie about a pregnancy. Turns out, poor Ms. Gusty wasn't in on anything; she was just used by SP to get herself on film with a believable bump.

    Time on the internet, however, is not linear, and lots of time traveling can take place, and the crazy woman is BUSTED.

    Thanks Gryphen!

  19. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Gryph, I'm wildly curious to know--

    Do you think these photos have just been there, sitting dormant ALL this time, that NOBODY found them?

    I think they were quietly uploaded recently, perhaps when the photographer read Professor Scharlott's brilliant display of all the evidence.

    Also, Gryphen...I have long wished someone (but now you are the only one I trust to do it right) would do a "babygate from a to z" post. Yes it would be long...but I think some people have seen *some* evidence, but not other pieces. I really think we need one post- which lays out everything from the announcement less than 24 hours after McCain clinched the the Two Babies theory, the progression of photos- flat in these photos, giant in Gusty photos, flat in video stills just days later, etc.

  20. Cheering Loudly -----

    Thank you Gryphen!!

    There is a "special kind of crazy" on display here. This woman actually believed that no-one would question her.. that no-one would notice the missing baby bump.

    Sarah dear- it's over.
    We know that the stork didn't deliver Trig and neither did YOU.

  21. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Sarah is sloppy at everything she does, I don't think she thought far enough in advance to make a round belly at that time, she just threw on a oblong money belt and said here it is, I'm pregnantIn her mind this square or oblong belly wasn't going to be questionaable but crazy is as crazy does and she don't care who thinks she crazy. That family is something that should be submitted to science to make sure certain people should never mate.

  22. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Your obsession with Sarah Palin is disgusting, bro.

  23. Sarah Palin = LIAR7:43 PM

    Anonymous said...

    ugh, I hate to be the one to ask, but its been a looooong day. can someone explain why this proves it?

    7:19 PM

    Let me help you. I'll go

    Sarah Palin was supposedly (in her own bizarre story) just over TWO weeks away from 6 lb 3 oz Trig's alleged "birth" here, and if so would have been SEVEN months pregnant in these pictures, but






  24. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Saw your tweet that this was a tough day for you. Sorry, hope that being able to post these pics brightened your day. They sure make me LOL.

    Not that these photos surprise any of the regulars around here, but they do what Fred is attempting. They add credibility and offer proof of the hoax.

    Wonder if these photos, even with the watermarks from the photographer's site,along with your earlier update from Fred explain Sarah's appearance and affect on GVS tonight. Hope so. Really. I would like to think she is in torment tonight. Karma baby, just good old fashioned karma.

  25. indy_girl7:51 PM

    Interesting---on the photo info it says they were uploaded in April 15th of THIS YEAR. Their appearance coincides with the Scharlott paper's release.

    "In April 2011, Professor Bradford Scharlott at Northern Kentucky University wrote an academic paper stating that the "conspiracy theory" suggesting Palin is not Trig's mother is likely true and the American media is pathetic for not pursuing the story more aggressively..... Credit: Brian Wallace / Polaris"

  26. We may be getting close to my blowing the dust off the bottle of champagne, chilling it again, and popping the cork! Thank you Gryphen. Thank you Laura. Thank you Professor Brad. And a big thank you to Brian Wallace, the photographer who authenticated these photos. Thank you wherever you are Audrey!

  27. emrysa8:01 PM

    thanks gryphen!

    there is no way that the quitter ballooned up like that in 18 days. it's physically impossible.

    18 DAYS!!!!

    fucking fraud.

  28. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Gryphen, it might be especially useful to post a few pics of truly 7-month-pregnant women right below these pictures of Sarah. Just to prove the point further.

    The contrast with reality is what needs to be shown over and over again.

  29. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I don't know...if you'e got really really really tight abs like the Newsweek pinup girl, maybe that's how you look at 8 mos pg. Or maybe the Quitter is just so full of hubris she thought she could get away with anything at all. And so far she has.

  30. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Wow, those pictures are great and clearly shows she's not pregnant and why such a wrinkled pair of pants? Doesn't she know how unprofessional she looks?

  31. I agree that Sarah looks like hell in the Greta interview. What IS up with that hair? Ewwww...

  32. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Sorry, I dont believe Sarah gave birth to Trig. No way. But the photos really aren't strong evidence. They make you wonder but no one can be absolutely 100% sure based on photos. Joe McGinniss has talked on his blog what real proof and evidence are and I don't think these photos meet that criteria. Just me. I want to hear what others say and I'm curious what Joe thinks.
    You said that info was written under the photo. Where do you mean? On that website?
    I h ope more than anything this comes out. I really do.
    Thanks for sticking with this story in spite of losing friends. They aren't true friends in my opinion and I add my Fuck You to them as well. They were so above it all which i do not admire. It's disgusting really.

    1. Anonymous7:03 PM

      Joe also said the people who know her in Wasilla would not put it past her.

  33. Anonymous8:22 PM

    "Joshua the Centrist said...

    Your obsession with Sarah Palin is disgusting, bro.
    7:41 PM "

    If Gryphen's content is not to your liking, perhaps you would be happier reading another blog?

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

      Very amusing. Winters are very long in Alaska and people have a lot of time on their hands! Still, there is a delicious irony in a conspiracy theory purporting that Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy after all that birther conspiracy nonsense thrown at Barack Obama.

  34. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I agree with the consensus that adding other 7 month pregnant women under this would make it even more effective.

    Also, I think someone in one of the other threads was right. It looks like she probably just put some kind of lazy, homemade padding under her shirt, thinking that would be enough. Probably was holding it'd tide her over til the full fake belly arrived via mail.

  35. It is possible that she has abd 8x10 dressings stacked and taped they would be the right size. Look at how the fabric of her blouse bunches right where the tape which is often made of nylon or rayon would be. Then she wore the type of clothing that would cling to these fibers. A pregnant abdomen might have some bunching on the top, but it would look very different and would appear smooth lower. The shape of her abdomen looks nothing like a pregnant abdomen. This will not convince those who saw other pictures that were just as obvious.

  36. Who, What, When, Where, Why. The 5 W's. Sarah herself would appreciate the journalistic integrity applied in solving the mystery of Trig's genesis.

    Let's see which of the five W's have been covered:

    What: Sarah Palin seems to have faked the gestation of Trig.

    When: March 6-April 18, 2008

    Where: Alaska, Texas, and any other travel destinations during the time period mentioned above.

    The two unanswered W's are WHO and WHY.

    Who: Who did Palin wish to protect by faking this pregnancy? Who was actually carrying this child in seclusion?

    Why: Why did she choose to do this? Whose reputation could this pregnancy have had such a negative effect on that a sitting Governor would fake a pregnancy for her?

  37. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I have seen a "support" band in the maternity section at Target and have wondered Palin wore something like that during her faux pregnancy. One thing that has always bothered me is that she produced a thumping sound when she thumped on her "pregnant" stomach and talked about her tight abs. It's the video with her wearing the light blue windbreaker. Pillows don't thump, but something stuffed into a tight elastic abdominal binding post surgical or pregnancy support band would.

  38. Gryphen shows Sarah what it really means to be a pit bull.

  39. Anonymous8:38 PM

    I guess those of you who want to see comparison photos of other pregnant women are new to this topic. Many have been posted.

  40. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Question: could it remotely possible for SARAH to have delivered a baby in, say, February?

    Longshot I know. I just can't knock those irondog pics of her looking hefty. She's never looked like that while wearing that coat at other times.


  41. Anonymous8:42 PM

    For comparison sake, here's a five-month pregnant a man!

    Sarah's not even bigger than this dude, and she's supposedly in her 7th month.

  42. Anonymous8:42 PM

    This is all so weird to me. Little sarah heath back then was the last person I'd expect any sort of controversy from. She was so straitlaced and good.

    Hmm. Cautionary tale for those who are given power. Most politicians use power to their advantage. Heck most people use any semblance of power to their advantage. I for one am glad my uncle can get me out of tickets etc.

    But seriously. Sarah is definitely the epitomy of irony.

  43. Anonymous8:45 PM

    The other bull in Sarah Palin's story is that with such tight abs why did the RNC have to buy all the spandex for Quitter.

  44. For those suggesting that I post a comparison photo of a REAL seven month pregnant woman, stay tuned that will be in a future post.

    These pictures cost me $400.00, believe me this will NOT be the only time you see them.

    Which reminds me, you are welcome to examine them and download them onto your computers, but I would resist the urge to post them, as the rights are reserved for those who pay the fee.

    Laura Novak purchased the one on her blog as well.

  45. Anonymous9:00 PM

    So, when does the MSM take this and run with it?

  46. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Poor Sarah, her house of cards is about to tumble down.


  47. Anonymous9:10 PM

    >>Joshua the Centrist said...
    Your obsession with Sarah Palin is disgusting, bro.

    Joshua, you are a disingenuous person. You post on Gryphen's blog that you like what he does and that he should come over and visit your blog, and then you slam him in the next moment. What the hell is your problem?

    Don't bother to come here if you have an issue with Gryphen bringing to light the lies and misdeeds of one Sarah Palin.

    Gryphen is committed to the truth. What is disgusting about that? The MSM doesn't do their homework, they are cowed by their corporate overlords and they are covering their asses for covering this story up. It's been left to the bloggers to get to the bottom of this and Gryphen has spent time, money, relationships, reputation...put it all on the line to shine a light in the dark places that are Sarah. I am sure that you have some other place that would welcome your catabolic input, but this blog isn't it.

    I must say that I ventured over to your blog, with your first 'friendly' post to Gryphen, but now that you've shown your true self, I killed the link and won't waste a moment there. You of all people being a blogger must know that it is rude and bad ettiquette to go to someone's home (blog) and be disrespectful. But you did and you were and shame on you. Your grandmother would wup you upside your head for that kind of behavior. And you would deserve it.

  48. Anonymous9:14 PM

    How could she possibly have thought she looked 7+months pregnant that day? I suppose she thought she had to ease into it...? And Todd thought this would fool people too? A better soap opera could not be written.


  49. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Now appearing: Sarah Palin in


  50. Anonymous9:15 PM

    for contrast you ought'a include the pic of $carah standing on the deck, squinting, looking like a blimp, carrying ( more 'n likely ) little track menard

  51. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I'm a tiny bit surprised that nobody has mentioned what I consider to be the real "gotcha" piece of the puzzle-

    Yes, we know Sarah did not go from this state to the Gusty state in eighteen days. Did not happen. But there are still her bot-pologists who will screech "my second cousin's best friend's sister's tree trimmer's wife had a baby and she was JUST like that, overnight she just POPPED!"
    Which is pure bunk of course, but it hasn't kept many from saying it.

    But what nobody can claim, and what is impossible for Sarah to explain...she went from flat in these about to drop a watermelon in the Gusty photos...AND THEN WAS FLAT AS A BOARD WITH AN EXTREMELY TRIM SILHOUETTE LESS THAN 48 HOURS LATER!

    The video captures which show her from a side view, and were taken AFTER the Gusty pics...are the smoking gun.

  52. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Anyone notice the dirty look she gave Andrea Gusty after Palin was done speaking @ the 5:20 point?

    She doesn't realize it until she looks towards the camera, and then has one of those, "oh shit" moments and suddenly smiles all nicey-nice.

    What a sham she is.


  53. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Hi Gryphen, the top three pictures look distorted to me (I'm not a troll...I do NOT believe SP gave birth on 4/18/08!!).

    Everything looks like it's been stretched horizontally. Look at Todd's legs, Todd's shoulder, space between SP's legs. Everything looks too wide to me.

  54. indy_girl9:21 PM

    AKPetMom asked, "Why: Why did she choose to do this?"

    To shill for votes from the right-to-life, special needs, Christian, and far right evangelical demographics....spinning a fake pregnancy with an allegedly "chosen, not aborted" DS child into a golden Vice Presidency for herself.

  55. WakeUpAmerica9:22 PM

    There is something totally odd about the wrinkle in her pants in the upper part of her left leg.

  56. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Sarah: TaawWDD! I think we are in trouble. They have pictures of my fake stomach!

    Todd: What do you mean "WE" you White Trash Trailer Park She Devil? I never told anybody I was pregnant or wore a seat cushion under my blouse! Don't forget, we are not married anymore. So kiss my ass, you are going down by yourelf!

  57. JayKen Knotstirred9:28 PM

    Hi Sarah, Welcome back!

    Quick question, Where's Trigs birth certificate?

  58. Loose Era9:29 PM

    What kind of man would not open the door for his pregant wife?!

  59. Indy_Girl @9:21 - wow, you put it so succinctly - so perfectly! It bears repeating, because MOTIVE is a very important piece of the hoax:

    "WHY did she choose to do this?"

    "To shill for votes from the right-to-life, special needs, Christian, and far right evangelical demographics....spinning a fake pregnancy with an allegedly "chosen, not aborted" DS child into a golden Vice Presidency for herself."

  60. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Was simple sarah palling around with a "terrorist" malitia group, whilst feigning a pregnancy? Or perhaps that was Tawd.

    Nevertheless, both are complicit in this hoax, along with a cloud of witnesses.

  61. Anonymous9:49 PM

    This is for AK Pet Mom @8:31 who asks:

    "Who: Who did Palin wish to protect by faking this pregnancy? Who was actually carrying this child in seclusion?"

    "Only her hairdresser knows for sure!" AND...her hairdresser @ Wasilla "Beehive" is getting her own TLC reality show! I kid you not!

  62. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Thanks for buying those photos!
    Now we won't have to worry about the evidence being scrubbed from the internet like 2008.

  63. Anonymous9:50 PM

    The thing about the Audrey picture is that when it was examined using high contrast techniques, there is some kind of small, rectangular pad where Sarah's baby bump should be. It's strange, and I don't think that we ever decided what it was--- other than the fact that it didn't belong in the picture.

    It should also be noted that the person doing the high contrast photographic studies was chased off the internet by some serious threats, as was Audrey. If there was nothing to their blogs, they would have been ignored. They must have been presenting a compelling story in order to warrant the threats.

    The one thing that Audrey said that made the most sense was the reason why Palin could never show Trig's birth certificate. In the case of adoption, the adoptive parents' names and the child's "new" name can appear on the birth certificate, but two things cannot be changed: time and place of birth. Most of us believe that Trig was born earlier than April 18. If we need to make a good guess, based on the letter that Sarah wrote before Trig was officially presented (born), that would be a likely date. Or, it was the date they learned that the premature baby with DS was going to survive and needed a couple more weeks in the hospital, but he was going to make it after all.

  64. The Palin Family Refrigerator9:59 PM

    Oh, Gryphen, I wish you hadn't posted this. When BigBoss sees this, it will not be pretty. That bitch is going to be furiOUCH! Stop! Please! Oh, no, not the value sized Chef Boyardee! That's gonna leave a mark!

  65. Tyroanee10:05 PM

    Wow, guess its true what they say... black is very slimin' especially paired with a US flag pin.

  66. Anonymous10:07 PM

    What a lying sack of shit, Mrs. Palin!!! She was no more pregnant w/that child than I was! 7 or 8 months pregnant (after already having had four children) would not look like that.

    She was, in fact, obviously wearing phoney pregnant gear. I hope these photos will be in the book that is coming out - that they will be enlarged and focused on her square belly.

    What a bitch! Makes me sick the media didn't cover this, that McCain and Palin covered it up, that she lied about birthing a retarded child for votes, that a doctor signed a phoney letter for her and on and on and on.

    Hell is awaiting you, Sarah.

  67. Anonymous10:14 PM

    If anyone sees an ugly multi clawed rat sailing through the valley sky this late evening, fear not: it's just Sarah's bumpit and nasty-ass wig, from when her head exploded tonight.

  68. Anonymous10:18 PM

    An acquaintance of mine who was a Palin appointee and privy to a lot of inside information told me that one of the Palin girls was pregnant. I'm not sure of the date, but I seem to remember that it was January or February. I recall that the Legislature was in session and we were walking in front of the Capitol Building when he was telling me about it.

    I remember him saying that they were trying keep i quiet. I kept it to myself and assumed that if it was true, it would be public knowledge soon enough. Otherwise it was just rumor.

    Then Sarah announced that she was pregnant with Trig. I chalked it all up to misinformation. That it was actually Sarah that was pregnant, not one of her daughters, and that my acquaintance had gotten bad information. I was surprised though. I (and it seems everyone else) didn't think she looked the least bit pregnant.

    Then, in September it was announced that Bristol was pregnant. So I thought that perhaps my acquaintance had been right after all.

    It had been about six months between the time that I had heard of the pregnancy and when it was publicly announced. So, it was plausible that everything was on the up and up.

    But, having been a kid once, I know that you don't usually tell your parents immediately after you've screwed up. You don't usually let them in on the screw up until there's no way to deny it any longer. So my guess is that she didn't divulge this until she was showing to the extent that there was no denying it.

    So, this makes me wonder how far along she was in February when I first heard about it. I guess it's possible that she let her mom in on it as soon as she was aware of it, but that's very unlikely. And how long was it before she knew herself? After she missed her first period? Her second? Do most kids keep track of time that well? I know I didn't at that age.

    So, I would suspect that I didn't hear about it until she was into her second or maybe third month at the earliest and more likely much later unless what I heard was total rumor. Therefore, I would find it hard to believe that she was only in her fifth month when it was announced in September that she was five months pregnant. At least not with Trip.

    I guess the official story is possible but I think unlikely. Maybe it's legit, but there was plenty of motivation to stage a pregnancy that didn't exist.

    I'm still not absolutely convinced of the faked pregnancy, but I get the feeling that something is wrong with the story. Especially the part about the flight from Texas.

  69. Anonymous10:18 PM

    What's with Todd's hair? Is he wearing a bumpit also too?

  70. Anonymous10:19 PM

    @anon 9:50-In the case of adoption, the adoptive parents' names and the child's "new" name can appear on the birth certificate, but two things cannot be changed: time and place of birth. Most of us believe that Trig was born earlier than April 18.
    Also, too, recently Sarah slipped and said Trig was born in Anchorage. Perhaps, by the real birth mother, and was released to Sarah in Mat-Su???

  71. Anonymous10:21 PM

    One of the problems with the Gusty photo is that it shows a woman who is appears to be obviously pregnant. There is no mistaking that in the pose, Sarah is cradling what is supposed to be her pregnant belly.

    Given that appearance, it's amazing that not one flight attendant on Sarah's flights to and from Texas noticed that she was pregnant. It's not a case of water retention, or having flat abs. The woman in that staged photo in the empty hallway is made to look obviously pregnant. A flight attendant would remember offering a seat belt extender, or in first class, a pillow or a blanket to make The Governor of Alaska more comfortable. Not one flight attendant, who is required to make seat belt checks on take off, landing, in choppy weather, not one notice that Sarah was pregnant. That Sarah is an amazing shape-shifter, flat abs one day, and obviously pregnant the nest.

  72. PollyinAK10:33 PM

    In 2008 after first reading about the fake pregnancy I was curious. A lady friend had seen Sarah from afar after the pregnancy announcement and she thought Sarah was pregnant. So, I wasn't buying into the fake pregnancy - at least at first glance; I had to read a lot, think a lot, do my own research, validate assumptions, and come to my own conclusion. With all evidence presented, I am convinced that Sarah Palin was NOT pregnant. (I have made this conclusion by trying to convince myself that she was!)

  73. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Anonymous 8:40 PM said... ►Question:
    could it remotely possible for SARAH to have delivered a baby in, say, February? . . .

    Not even 'remotely possible'! ! She had a 'Tubal-Ligation' -- Tubes tied AND cauterized right after Piper was born (10-11 years ago) -- to be sure of never getting pregnant again, nor being able to ever have the procedure reversed!!!

    So, my 'thoughts' are: There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY she could have ever been able to become pregnant, deliver a baby in February or April, or ever -- at least in the last 10 years.

    Any more thoughts? :o)

  74. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Gryphen... You called it. You deserve a big kudos for hanging in there when the rest of your Alaskan bloggers wimped out. This bitch was just playing to the right to lifers by FAKING that she gave birth to a DS child. What has she done to further the cause of DS children? Nothing!! Just a scammer like that prick Frankie Graham. Grifters!!!!! All they want is the power and the money. May they both receive the karma that is due to them.



  75. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Here's Gryphen's post with Sarah and Bristol, both at 32 weeks, before the new photos came out, still, one cannot ignore the difference between these two pregnancy.

  76. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Anonymous 8:40 PM said... ►Question:
    could it remotely possible for SARAH to have delivered a baby in, say, February? . . .

    Not even 'remotely possible'! ! She had a 'Tubal-Ligation' -- Tubes tied AND cauterized right after Piper was born (10-11 years ago) -- to be sure of never getting pregnant again, nor being able to ever have the procedure reversed!!!

    So, my 'thoughts' are: There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY she could have ever been able to become pregnant, deliver a baby in February or April, or ever -- at least in the last 10 years.

    Any more thoughts? :o)

    10:37 PM

    I used to think that Palin delivered Trig early in February 2008, but what point would there have been in her faking a pregnancy after that? If she delivered a 26 week Downs infant that was not expected to survive, could she have not just come out and said, hey, I had a preemie and no one knew I was pregnant, but he just got out of hospital on 4/18 and he is fine an he will now become part of our family. No need to fake her own pregnancy, in my opinion.

    It's much more likely that some close family member gave birth late in February 2008 to an infant that was not expected to survive. When he did, Palin announced her "pregnancy" in early March 2008 and poorly faked the remainder of the "gestation" until Trig was out of the hospital. Remember, her father was the one that spilled the beans about leaking water in Texas first and Palin and Todd jumped on that bandwagon and elaborated upon that tale.

  77. Anonymous10:57 PM

    LMAO at the Palin Family Refrigerator. :)

    Congrats, Gryphen, and thank you for buying the rights to these photos and ensuring that they're disseminated to so many of our computers! No scrubbing all the evidence this time, Lou Ssrah.

  78. That woman is a lying idiot!

  79. Anonymous1:17 AM

    My smoking gun ~

    WHERE is her belly button?

    Pregnant women have very prominent belly buttons; inny or outy - you should be able to see evidence of it in those photos. But there is no shadow of a belly button. It must be deeply hidden under layers of padding.

    Show me a belly button!

  80. Anonymous1:33 AM

    You know, it just gripes my ass when folks come on here saying maybe $arah had the baby earlier.

    $arah was in the public eye constantly, and $arah was not pregnant PERIOD around any of these dates,

    So WAKE UP folks and quit with the dipshit remarks. I hate ignorance.

    $arah lied and lied and lied, face it and live with it.

  81. Anonymous1:57 AM

    Damn around the 3:00 mark that wonky eye of hers is going batshit crazy. rotf


  82. Anonymous2:17 AM


    You have a photo of Sarah in a red top and big glasses,that would be a good side by side preggers view.

    As to Joshua the centrist, TRUTH is never an obsession.

    You are a paid troll and not a bro. That is the stark truth.

  83. Just incredible and frankly, scary. To think that for whatever reasons, a person could try to get away with such a strange hoax. And ultimately, it appears that she has, for all intents and purposes. What could have motivated a person to do such a thing defies imagination. Is she mentally ill? Seriously.

  84. Anonymous3:08 AM

    To those speculating about the strange wrinkling/clinging of Palin's pants in the new pictures.... The pants look to be jersey or some cotton knit. It's likely that she is wearing some sort of pantyhose under the pants (probably to keep whatever bizarre pad she's wearing in place), and the pants are clinging to the hose. Or it could be static cling (it was March in AK, after all).

  85. Anonymous3:08 AM

    Wrinkles on her pants...pfft! Sarah Palin was photographed wearing a suit with noticeable and questionable stains on it, while wearing shoes that were too big for her.

  86. FloridaDem3:11 AM

    Photos will never be proof, unless it's a bikini shot. What they suggest is that she may have been faking it, because I agree, how do you go from that to that in 2 weeks? And we've seen photos of her in the snow bending and so forth. But it's not the end of the investigation it's the start of it. If it is true she faked it then there has to be more evidence. Find it or it will never be proven. Like Sarah's friend Greta says, people can say whatever they want but I'm still here! And it's the same with Sarah.

  87. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Hope Andrew Sullivan links to this post.

    Chuck said, "how can anyone prove that?"

    Chuck... these photos prove your daughter is a FAKE and a FRAUD.

  88. Anonymous3:21 AM

    The only thing I haven't heard yet is WHY she would fake this pregnancy. Who do you think had this baby? You have said you don't think it was Bristol, why in the world would she do this for anyone other that one of her kids?

  89. Holly3:26 AM

    Congrats to Gryphen & Laura and all the others who've been seeking better proof. Thanks to Mr Wallace, and to KMR, the commenter on Novak's blog who found the listing on the Net.

    And DONATE folks. Dig deep. Gryphen had to purchase the right to these photos, and that's not cheap.

    I am curious why Wallace posted the photos as he did, and why they weren't marketed. He posted these in April. Is he any relation to Chris Wallace? Is he reputable?

    I am still a little nervous about this. Showed the photos to my husband last night. He agreed she doesn't look pregnant but he felt it was no big deal. Since she's washed up, it is no longer an issue, even the parts about a GOP coverup and media not asking question. There is still work to be done to show why Babygate is still relevant.

  90. Anonymous3:29 AM

    That SQUARE pregnancy belly cracks me up! She couldn't find a round pillow? SarahPalin SquareGut!

  91. Anonymous3:35 AM

    For those questioning the authenticity of the pictures, they look un-doctored (no Photoshop).

    Nothing looks out of place, or placed, IMHO.

    I just hope that the date is accurate, if it is, "Babygate" can no longer be ignored by the MSM.

    I agree, these picture were leaked. I wouldn't be shocked if more damning pictures will begin to surface during the next couple of weeks.

    As, Sarah Palin herself likes to say, "There is no such thing as coincidence.

  92. Viirginia Voter3:44 AM

    Sarah stuck an airline pillow in her pants, secured it with a Thermacare heat pad, and called it a baby, he, he.

    Where are the fairy tale trolls on this thread? Did Sarah get then their talking points yet? Come out, come out wherever you are! I really want to get a good laugh out of their pathetic excuses this time.

    Some pregnant women carry high and round like a basketball, some wide like a tire, but they are NEVER rectangular . Pregnant bellies are rock hard, not squishy.They don't shift, roll, and only get larger as the pregnancy progresses.

  93. London Bridges3:49 AM

    Gryphen: While your efforts are appreciated, you forgot on small thing about Sarah which could affect your analysis: Sarah is satanically possessed. Everyone agree? Thus, her head, in these pictures is actually rotated 180 degrees much like Linda Blair's in the movie, The Exorcist. As a result, we are not looking at Sarah's belly, but rather, her back! That is why it is flatter than a pancake!

    ha ha!

  94. ManxMamma3:49 AM

    Anon 7:20 - That's her Michele Bachmann look.

  95. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Sweet! This just puts a whole new spin on the Gutsy picture - who held it and who released it after Sarah was selected as the VP candidate?
    Regarding some comments:
    1 - If Sarah was "pregnant earlier", how does that explain the March 14th photo?
    2 - Is Sarah Palin mentally ill? Ding-ding-ding, we have a winner! This is just another example of how Sarah doesn't "see" how others perceive her - ie the shoes two sizes too big on the red carpet. She probably thought she looked sooo pregnant when she left the house for the museum that morning.

  96. For those who say photos are not good enough....THIS one is. There are others but this one is beyond a doubt, the proof any rational person would need.

  97. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Audrey!!!!!! Can you hear me?

  98. Anonymous3:56 AM


    "what's up with her hair???"

    Looks like she's trying to copy Michelle Bachman's hair.

  99. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Governor Palin was frequently photographed during March 6- April 18,2008.

    For me, the "proof" is there are so FEW photos of the good Gov during that period of time.

  100. indy_girl4:03 AM

    Loose Era said...

    What kind of man would not open the door for his pregant wife?!

    9:29 PM

    One whose wife wasn't pregnant.

  101. I have been following this for a few years now with you, Gryphen. But I have to say, photos are always contestable. I want something to come out of the hospital where the baby was allegedly born. Photos are simply not enough to get the public to be interested - and surely not enough to "convict" her of faking it. What we need is hospital records, staff testimonies, etc. Sorry, but this just doesn't go very far. I wish it did.

  102. Anonymous4:13 AM


    Are you going to share these photos with others who are investigating this or hold onto them as your own since you paid for them?

  103. indy_girl4:13 AM

    Anonymous at 3:21 said, "...why in the world would she do this for anyone other than one of her kids?"

    Regardless of who else was involved, I don't believe for a minute that Sarah Palin did this for ANYONE other than Sarah Palin. She was trying to protect her "commonsense conservative family values" political aspirations from some serious damage...which backfired anyway when Bristol got pregnant a SECOND time, that time deliberately.

    People with narcissistic behaviors don't do ANYTHING for ANYONE other than themselves. The people around them are an end to a means, and that includes their best friends, parents, spouses, and children. The decisions they make about those people are cold and calculated, and measure one thing only: "What can YOU do for ME?"

  104. Anonymous 4:13 said:


    Are you going to share these photos with others who are investigating this or hold onto them as your own since you paid for them?"

    The answer is I CAN'T share them on other websites. My license was pretty specific. Laura Novak purchased her own picture, and others are welcome to do the same, but I am not able to give permission for anybody to put them on their blog.

    And by the way neither is Brian Wallace, the photographer, who instructed me that his contract stipulates that we have to go through Polaris Images.

  105. To Anon @10:18

    Why isn't your acquaintance coming forward?

    Perhaps you could encourage him to talk to Gryphen and tell him everything he knows since he was privy to inside information.


  106. Anonymous4:47 AM

    x months pregnant is not as informative as n days before presentation of a 6+ lb baby.

    compare photos of similar body-type women 23 days from popping out a 6lb baby. For example, Palin in the Gusty interview photo MIGHT be appropriately big-belly for such a birth. Too bad, Palin was subsequently photographed in the stairwell WITHOUT the big-belly.

    There is Newsweek interview at 46 days before "birth" when Palin is able to effortlessly cross her legs at the knees and LEAN forward. There is the stairwell photo where Palin is just as slim and agile. And in between there is the Elan video with the belly thumping, these March 26 photos with rectangle belly and the Gusty photos with blimp-belly.

    The proof is not in one photo, it is in the expansion/contraction and distortion of the

  107. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Anon @ 8:38, not new to this topic in the slightest. I have been here since Audrey's days. I just think the comparison is critical in getting people's minds wrapped around this.

    I can never understand why people bother to make comments like yours. Just plain rude.

    Thanks, Gryphen, for the response. That will be good, for future posts. Thanks, too, for purchasing these and posting them!

  108. Anonymous4:54 AM

    @7:19 - I had the same question. I find it easy to use this photo as evidence, but don't understand why it's the nail-in-the-coffin.

    I didn't find the answer to you helpful either.

  109. Anonymous4:56 AM

    These pics are enough to convict her in the court of public opinion. Once Media hears that verdict, then their investigations can begin.

    I suspect we'll be seeing more evidence to capture the public interest.

  110. These photos reinforce Audrey's Nail in the Coffin photo. They're great. But I'm afraid they won't convince many if any who weren't convinced by Nail in the Coffin.

    The problem is that she padded herself a little bit (albeit ineptly) so that observers don't see her as not at all pregnant--but fail to focus on the fact that she can't be almost 8 mos. pregnant, soon to deliver a 6+ pound baby.

    The March 14 photo, on the other hand, shows a totally flat stomach, making the connection easier to no-way-is-she-7.5-mos.-pregnant.

    Hope I'm wrong and these new shots do the trick. But so many things so far should have done the trick, and here we still are.

  111. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Hahaha re the Palin Family Refrigerator! There are some truly clever people here, lurking amid the trolls and gatekeepers.

  112. London Bridges5:10 AM

    While I've been reading all the fake pregnancy blogs since Sarah popped out as McCaine's (sic) VP, what will be really needed besides the wooden stake and the decapitation to put the nightmare of Sarah Palin to eternal rest is a date by date, detailed listing of all of Sarah's right to life speeches, tweets, books and appearances that show how she knowingly bilked these poor people and the American public for huge speakers fees taking advantage of her fake deceptive pregnancy and bankrupted these groups.

    I still think there may be an abortion in this story: A daughter was pregnant. Everyone knew. No baby was publicly produced. The McCaine camp had a list of ??? for its candidates. One was have or anyone in your immediate family ever had an abortion? (This was to ensure the pro-lifers would vote for McCaine.) Thus Sarah faked a pregnancy so everyone would think she faked it to cover for a daughter. However, at this point there was no baby. Dr. CBJ helped out by finding 1-3 possible suitable babies for Sarah to adopt. All this was going pretty smoothly until Bristol told mommy dearest she was pregnant in the height of the presidential campaign.

    In a sense it worked. It deflected attention from a possible abortion. It merely got a little hairy, particularly since Sarah is the "I Love Lucy" of American politics.

  113. Anonymous5:13 AM

    The thing I find remarkable in that video is how coherent and intelligent SP sounds with none of the "aw shucks" persona that she picked up at the time of the 2008 nomination. That was not a word salad, but a extemporaneous speech by someone who had a clue. It wasn't deep or profound, but it also wasn't angry blather either.

  114. Anonymous5:13 AM

    Anonymous said...
    My smoking gun ~

    WHERE is her belly button?

    Pregnant women have very prominent belly buttons; inny or outy - you should be able to see evidence of it in those photos. But there is no shadow of a belly button. It must be deeply hidden under layers of padding.

    Show me a belly button!

    1:17 AM

    Can't show you a belly button, but I can show you two asses.... Ladies and gentlemen.... Todd and Sarah Palin.

  115. I wonder how old the fairy tale trolls are? I've noticed a lumbering effort to sound cool or hip lately; "bro", "dude", "G-man", and so on. I'm waiting for one of these to throw in "nothin' but love, baby!"

  116. Anonymous5:19 AM

    So. Was it to cover for Bristol? Who was she trying to cover for?
    I wonder if it was for sister Molly?
    Was that why the palins were going after the brother in law?
    Or was it a political ploy to get the religious right vote?
    SO then you have to think, who was telling her she had a chance at the VP~ God? or another republican was pushing her?

  117. Anonymous5:26 AM

    What's wrong with that woman Sarah Palin?

    One day her hair is flat, next day her hair is poofy.

    One day she has men salivating over her short skirt, perky breasts and monkey shoes and on another day Sarah looks like a blotchy faced bag lady or a train wreck while on the beaches in Hawaii and men would not even give her a look.

    One day her tits looks like flap jacks or a pair of Dachshund’s long floppy ears then the next day she has big perky 20 year old breasts trying to bust out of her tight white t-shirt.

    One day her pregnant belly looks like a square seat cushion and in a couple of weeks her belly looks like a ripe watermelon?

    I really don't understand that woman and she wants to be president?

  118. Anonymous5:33 AM

    9:17 "But what nobody can claim, and what is impossible for Sarah to explain...she went from flat in these about to drop a watermelon in the Gusty photos...AND THEN WAS FLAT AS A BOARD WITH AN EXTREMELY TRIM SILHOUETTE LESS THAN 48 HOURS LATER!"

    I have been saying this from day one and no one ever addresses this aspect. Go take a look at Pink & Goldie Hawn's daughter who just gave birth recently. Both of them are on-line and you can see that even a week after birth they still look pregnant.

    This has always been the smoking gun for me.

  119. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Real proof would be an authenticated medical record showing she had her tubes tied after Piper.

    It's a small town. Some people were there. Either at the birth of Trig or at Sarahs tube tying. Whoever came
    forward now could make a mint. So my question is, why doesnt anyone come forward??

  120. Anonymous5:39 AM

    AKPetMom asked, "Why: Why did she choose to do this?"

    After the previous summer when the Weekly Standard crew cruised into Alaska and were gushing all over her, she hired a PR consultant, traveled to see "her troops" (though no idea why they were deployed) and there was talk of her being named VP. There was also talk of Bachmann at the time. She had similar credentials but was a foster mom; coupled with hospital records/billing having no "white out".

  121. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Two intriguing bits of info from previous comments: 1. Palin's hairdresser! of course! her hairdresser would have known P wasn't pregnant. Think of how many pregnant women the hairdresser had had sitting before her-- and then P arrives looking all squishy, spongebobsquarepants.
    2. this was the "nail in the coffin" in more ways than one. it was one of Audrey's last posts, no? so here we are, right back where we left off. . .

  122. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Christian Bristol, come forth and claim your 1st born.

    You'll probably make more money with your story about Trig than your canvas tent conception story of Tripp.

    Then you can revise your story about how hard it is for a twenty year old single mom with two kids, two nannies and two African American... ummmm room mates.

  123. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Tawd always said that he did not know how Sarah gets pregnant.

    Now we know Tawd, Sarah has been doing your next door neighbor's patio furniture and Sarah is now the proud mother of a seat cushion.

  124. Anonymous6:21 AM

    @4:47, I agree with you in general, but the stairway photos were taken on 4/8 or 9 and the Gusty interview was 4:13. As far as I know, there is no picture of a slim Sarah Palin AFTER the Gusty picture. Slim Sarah was walking around in the Dallas and Seattle airports, though - you can bet on that, because she did not appear pregnant to airline personnel on her two flights. Too bad nobody got a pic!

  125. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Did you really copyright those pictures? Weren't you just complaining about people who are trying to take the credit for babygate all for themselves. That sounds like you!

  126. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Anon @ 9:17

    That's my 'gotcha' as well. How does one go from 'Gusty' to flight attendants not noticing a pregnancy? The answer is empathy belly which she didnt wear aboard a long flight because of the discomfort. Anyone in the stage of pregnancy as seen in the Gusty photo would have needed a seat belt extender, would have been fidgeting the entire flight and would have been up and down the cabin to stretch or use the bathroom and flight staff would have seen that.


  127. I want to know where the 2 photos from the spouses luncheon are and why anyone is keeping them out of view!

    I asked Mercede about them and she wouldn't even post my question on her blog.

    Joe McGinnis says he and she have discussed these photos.

    WHY are they being kept hidden???????

  128. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Since the state of Alaska (Gov .Palin) took down her Trig-pregnancy era photos, isn't that proof enough they were hiding how she looked? If there is nothing to hide, there is nothing to hide, so why hide? Why make something look suspicious? It is like finding a drowned child, duct taping the kid's face, then throwing the body in the woods, rather than just calling an ambulance.

  129. Anonymous7:48 AM

    To the poster at 5:37 who seems to insinuate that since no one has come forward to collect "a mint" there is nothing to this story. He/she asks why they haven't come forward.

    I would suggest you research what happened to that maternity nurse who was found dead in her home, along with her dogs, and her house set on fire. That would be a pretty clear warning to anyone who might think about telling the truth.

    Sarah and Todd have some really nasty assed friends and family members. Todd has been long time member of the AIP and they have quite a checkered history of violence. The recent arrests of that gang of thugs shows that there is a real lunatic fringe up there and the police are definitely not to be trusted.

    If you read Joe McGinnis's blog, he tells today of the threats he and his family and even his agent's family received.

    So, I absolutely do not blame anyone for keeping their mouths shut and staying out of the public eye. I worry about Gryphen and his daughter's safety. I figure that is why some of the other bloggers have backed off of this story.

  130. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Anon@7:16 PM, you betcha the state paid for it, and will be paying for a long time.

  131. Anonymous8:26 AM

    The only way Sarah Palin could conceal a pregnancy well into her 7th month, as she claims she just hid it because of tight abs, would be if she was overweight to begin with, but she wasn't. Overweight pregnant women can conceal pregnancies longer than women who are thin and straight as a board to begin with, just like Sarah Palin.

    And who's pregnant boobies stick out further than their pregnant belly? No one I've ever seen pregnant, only the freak of nature (apparently!) Sarah Palin. She and Bristol just keep on physically defying mother nature, with their ever expanding and shrinking bellies. I guess it's a hereditary condition of convenience, since they are able to do it when ever it best suits them, just like the pathological lying they both seem to be afflicted with. Poor souls, both of them!

  132. Dis Gusted9:21 AM

    You have said you don't think it was Bristol, why in the world would she do this for anyone other that one of her kids?

    3:21 AM

    SP did this for SP. This did not benefit anyone but herself. She got the idea from her girlfriend Gina Loudon. In SP's head, it made her look young, fertile and sexy plus it gathered the teabaggers to her side.

    She never expected the acute observation nor the fact that her daughters and son would get pregnant. So many babies - how many? They've been scattered in multiple states now. Hard to tell - hoping Joe's book reveals some info.

    1. Anonymous7:20 PM

      What? Joe’s book? it has been out for some time!

  133. Anonymous9:52 AM

    What a dick. Todd doesn't even open the door for his 8 month pregers wife

  134. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Dear idiot at 6:53. Is that you Todd?..or maybe Willow? If you had bothered to read G's comment with a clear mind (I guess that is not possible, considering the amounts of wine coolers you drink up there) about the pictures....HE did not copyright the photos. He told us that we were welcome to copy them for our own personal use. However...the company from whom he BOUGHT them had strings attached that he must follow. Not brain surgery to figure out what he said..but anything harder than tying your shoes is probably beyond you. If you want to, you can go to that site and give them your own $400.

  135. Anonymous10:05 AM

    First off, to those asking if SP could have given birth in February of 2008, I would respectfully request that they simply look at photos of her between June of 2007 to February of 2008. At no point does it show her even remotely pregnant. There is simply no evidence to substantiate this theory and I think we should put it to rest as it only distracts from the time periods we should really be focusing on which is from mid-February to mid-April of 2008.

    Also, to anon @ 3:08, you ask why would she perpetuate this hoax for someone else; To that I would say the answer is that she didn't do this for someone else, she did it for herself. Remember, this is SP we're talking about.

  136. sunnyskies10:24 AM

    I am thinking that Trig may be Todd's baby, the result of one of his affairs.

    If the real mother was just a nobody, perhaps they could hae ignored it.

    If, however, the mother was a threat - maybe threatening to go public, they paid her off and adopted the baby to keep the incident under wraps.

    However, if the motoher was somebody important, a family member,there would certainly be more of a motive to fake the pregancy.

    I am looking at Molly, Sarah's sister. Todd was, afterall, the most vicious in trying to take down Molly's ex, Wooten. Why was Todd so overly concerned about Molly and her ex?

    What do we know about Molly? Just asking.

  137. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I kind of think one of the big reasons that Scarah keeps herself so anorexically thin these days is so that when anyone looks at pics of her in Dec 07-March of 08 that they think she looks pregnant because she looks "fuller" than she does now. But comparing those pics to her back in the Summer of 07 and the previous Winter, she looks exactly the same.

    I don't know what kind of pills or whatever that she is on to keep her weight down to such an abnormally low level. I have simply never seen any pics where she is as thin as now, not even in her 20s.

  138. Punkinbugg11:27 AM

    Fantastic pictures. (Where have they been?!)

    Such a bright, sunny day!

    I looked up the recorded weather for 3/28/08 in Juneau:

    High 45 Low 23 and no precip.

    I'm assuming the museum was just as chilly.

    I agree with the poster who said it was static cling. It comes from wearing hose with knit pants.

  139. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Didn't Molly work in a dentists office, like someone who cleans teeth, a hygenist.. the one who got a degree in Idaho who's photo Sarah used to say she graduated.

    Heather, the babysitter of the bunch. Doesn't her husband own a gas station. Considering he is her husband currently, I doubt she would be the mother.

    Todd seems to care for the boy.

    I saw one of her bots put out a picture of a very sloppy, grey t-shirt, a flattish chested Sarah holding Trig. A recent photo she must send out to her bots.

    They worship her.

  140. Anonymous11:39 AM

    In the photo where SP is just stepping out of the door and turning to look aside, it appears that her maternity vest is not turning fully with her body. Or to put it another way it almost looks like her belly is pointing one way when it should be pointing another, as if her shirt is grabbing onto it and keeping it from staying aligned with her real belly.

  141. Anonymous12:02 PM

    TLC Adds Wasilla Hair Salon to Fall Lineup

  142. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I think the first thumbnail pic in this post is the best at showing her unprego belly because it is straight on. The "twisted" one looks like it could possibly be a bit distorted just by the way she's turned.

    Gryph, could you lighten the first on too?

  143. Anonymous said...
    My smoking gun ~

    WHERE is her belly button?

    Pregnant women have very prominent belly buttons; inny or outy - you should be able to see evidence of it in those photos. But there is no shadow of a belly button. It must be deeply hidden under layers of padding.

    Show me a belly button!

    1:17 AM

    Several years ago, my Halloween costume was a pregnant cheerleader.

    I stuffed my belly with a wadded up down vest and it looked realistic except something was definitely missing.

    A pinched-up cotton ball made for a very realistic belly-button ~ and, Voila! I really did look 7 months pregnant!

    (a couple of years before that i really was pregnant and set to deliver the first week in November; i was a nun that year )

  144. Anonymous2:13 PM

    More than ever it appears that Todd is Trig's daddy.

    ... totally explains a lot of things about Todd and $arah's relationship.

  145. Anonymous2:35 PM

    "Anonymous said...
    TLC Adds Wasilla Hair Salon to Fall Lineup

    12:02 PM"

    What the hell? Are people that into watching the regular folk fart around? I am so behind the times--I NEVER watch reality TV, I'm still watching Three's Company, I Love Lucy , and The Twilight Zone.

  146. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I remember reading Audrey's blog and looking at these photos, and later, Andrea Gusty's rebuttal that these pictures were somehow "faked", and thinking, there is too much focus on the least likely thing: that the photos were "faked" in some way. That they had somehow been tampered with or photoshopped to make a non-pregnant Palin look pregnant. Many went to great lengths on that blog with detailed diagrams and exotic theories of what could have been done to the photos and that Gusty and the others were in on the fake pregancy conspiracy. There was a lot of talk of "Occam's Razor"--and that usually it's the simplest explanation which explains the puzzle. And I think after all this time, we've arrived at it: Andrea Gusty probably wasn't in on any conspiracy. At least that she was aware of. Probably McAllister and the other guy weren't either. They were just used. Sarah Palin used them to get a photo op of herself looking indisputably pregnant, using a fake pregnancy belly. I just now realized the timeline. She was to "give birth" in just five days from that video/photo op. She knew she was to give a speech in Texas and get back to Alaska to receive the baby from who know where or who knows who. She needed to produce some pregnant-looking photos of herself for the public to see. Maybe somebody told her there were a lot of doubters out there, and she needed some undeniably pregnant-looking photos of herself out there for the public record, because the earlier ones (with pillows) just weren't cutting it for some of her more observant critics. She needed to silence these critics, so she donned the pregnancy suit and got herself some airtime discussing the Alaska legislature business. SOMEONE--no one knows who--made sure these photos got posted on a Flickr account--thus insuring the pics hit the Internet. And the rest is history.

    I am of the opinion that Gusty was used. Not so sure about McAllister. Although from his statements about this to Brad Scharlott, he may realize he had been used, and that's why he was so testy toward him. I would completely understand his anger at being used. So, once again--Occam's Razor--it is usually the simplest explanation that explains things. Just my opinion.

  147. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Thanks Gryphen!

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the obvious fraud this woman has perpetrated for the perfect prop for the fundies.

    To think she actually hopped on a plane and took the wild ride is offensive to me as a mother and caring human being.

    There MUST have been many people involved in allowing this to happen, and I'm sure McCain and Franklin Graham know much more than they've divuldged. But CBJ's complicity crosses a line in medicine that I can't believe she's allowed to practice at all.
    What sane woman hides her seventh pregnancy, with a special needs child, from her other children, the ones who would be this child's support system, the ones who would need time to prepare, to educate themselves, to realize this child's needs will impact their lives forever?

    None of it makes any sense on any level.

    My aunt recently passed away, she was the mother of two, her first has a rare form of epilepsy. She worked hard all her life to make sure he would be taken care of, to make sure his sibling understands his needs, his medical schedule, his theraists and the goals and modalities in place to meet those goals. It's something no one takes lightly, let alone hides.

    Sarah's a disgrace to real mothers, she's taken the platform needed to educate others, and squandered it. Yet it's perfectly ok that Bristol cashes in on her promiscuity. She makes me physically ill, and she needs to be exposed for the fraud she is.

    Did I say Thank You, Gryphen?

  148. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Here, here, 6:52 pm. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  149. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Anon 10:21 said:

    One of the problems with the Gusty photo is that it shows a woman who is appears to be obviously pregnant. There is no mistaking that in the pose, Sarah is cradling what is supposed to be her pregnant belly.

    You know what else I notice about these staged Gusty photos? That very smug, almost smirking smile that Palin has on her face. That "I-am-totally-getting-away-with-this" look. Such a look of smug satisfaction is to me, the most obvious giveaway of this huge hoax.

  150. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Who cares!!! Besides it is private. You Americans have strange obsessions. There are many real bad conspiracy's going on that are far more worth the effort.


  151. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Amazing photos.
    What is truly more amazing is that you know people know things and aren't talking. Mercedes, Levi, the nurses or doctor.
    This woman must be evil to have so many people afraid to talk.

  152. Anonymous9:07 PM

    First, let me start by saying that I have 5 children.
    I can also say that I was in great shape with my first child, and while even giving birth to my first child at 7 months and 1 week, still had an obvious belly. This even included me going back to my regular weight 24 hours after birth.
    This being said, I wasn't so lucky with the rest, and as any doctor will tell you, you start to show much quicker in the beginning of your pregnancy the more children you have. So I find it hard to believe that after all the children she has had, that she wouldn't be showing when she was 7 months pregnant, nor the fact that she could become so "HUGE" in just 2 weeks, being that far along. She would have been growing, belly wise, with the trimesters.
    If ever there was proof, this would be the smoking gun!

  153. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Wow. I hate Sarah Palin and fundies in general, but you people are a bunch of kooks.

  154. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Also--too cool how this blogger person champions freedom of expression but screens all comments.

  155. The real horror of this whole story is not Sarah Palin, she's a proven pathological liar, it's the millions who would want her to be vice president or president. What kind of country is this?

  156. I'm coming late to this party, but just had to add that there ARE some women who barely "show" even days before delivery. Judging by a photo (the link to which I've lost...sorry) of her at 7 months in an earlier pregnancy, Sister Sarah was NOT one of them. In that photo, she was already as "big as a house".

    In another photo taken when she was supposedly 6 months pregant with Trig, as she kissed Hubby goodbye at the beginning of a cross-country dogsled race, she was wearing a form-fitting red wool coat, and there was absolutely NO baby bump. Not even a hint of one.

    Lastly, I don't know of ANY commercial airline that will allow a near-term pregnant woman, let alone one who claimed to already be in labor, to board a flight, even a short commuter hop. And having worked on an OB ward and considering this was SUPPOSEDLY SP's FIFTH baby, there's NO WAY she could count on a 20-hours-plus labor. Had she REALLY been pregnant and gone into labor in TX, for her OWN safety...remember Sarah ALWAYS comes first...she would've gone straight to the nearest TX hospital and delivered there.

    I also find it ODD that NO photos of her at that governors' conference can be found and that none of the other attendees were ever interviewed about what she looked like that day. Not to mention, she would've had the same problem as above even being allowed to board a flight from Alaska to Texas in advanced pregnancy. Oh wait. Maybe she rode her broom... ;D

  157. Anonymous10:37 AM

    at least she believes in your freedom to waste your lives gossiping, haters

    1. Anonymous6:09 PM

      Give it up whomever you are. Palin is a manipulative and dishonest woman. If anyone in my family behaved as she did while pregnant with that little boy, I would worry about their sanity. Not VP material, And her pro-life cred was gone when I heard about the flight from Texas. That was insane and put her baby at risk — not even considering the other passengers on the flight seals it too. What if the flight had been diverted? what if one of the passengers on that flight needed to get to a birth or spend the last minutes with a loved one? Sarah Palin only considers what Sarah Palin wants, nobody else.

  158. It's nice story. I like the you have shared the whole process regarding pregnancy of Sarah Palin.

  159. Anonymous10:22 AM

    The showing of a notarized birth certificate would put this to rest. The obstinate position she has assumed ("Why should I have to prove my son isn’t my own ... who are these people to ask!!!!”) really makes it look as if she is a liar and not to be trusted. Any sane politician would have had that birth certificate out there within hours of speculation Trig wasn’t her child.

  160. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Very amusing. Winters are very long in Alaska and people have a lot of time on their hands! Still, there is a delicious irony in a conspiracy theory purporting that Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy after all that birther conspiracy nonsense thrown at Barack Obama.


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