Monday, August 29, 2011

That popping sound you hear is Teabagger heads exploding all over the country as Chris Christie commends FEMA's response to Irene.

From the MTP transcript:

MR. GREGORY: Safety first, as you've repeated over and over again. There will be a morning after kind of damage assessment. And this is going to be a big story, isn't it, Governor, up and down the seaboard? We already have local municipalities and states being so hard hit in this economy, what kind of cost, damage estimates are you expecting at this early point? 

GOV. CHRISTIE: Well, listen, I've got to imagine that the damage estimates are going to be in the billions of dollars, David, if not the tens of billions of dollars. We're going to start later this afternoon as soon as the storm clears. I'm going to personally go and start making assessments of the coastline and see what the damages are like there. And, at the same time, we need to deal with this inland flooding, which may not completely subside in New Jersey until Tuesday, some of our rivers. So the damage assessment's going to be a rolling one. The coastline will be the first we'll be able to judge. But then inland we're going to have a lot of damage, too, from these river floodings. 

MR. GREGORY: Any lessons you take away? I mean, this has been an extraordinary week, and not only for your state and this storm, but also an earthquake. As a Los Angeles guy, I was, I was not as freaked out about that, but now as an Easterner, I was. If you look at that and the coordination between a big state like yours and the federal government, are there lessons you take away from this week? Jobs well done, things that you can improve on? 

GOV. CHRISTIE: Well, certainly we're going to have an after action, you know, program, to look at what we could do better. I know there's always things that we could've done better. But what I'm proud of is that we're coordinating well with the federal government. We have FEMA folks right here on site in the operations and intelligence center you see here. They're working incredibly hard in providing things to us that we need. Our own team at the state level has put aside everything except for saying, listen, how do we best serve--making sure that human life is safe and then trying to minimize property damage? So we'll do an after action report, David, and take a look at--I know there's always things we could do better. But here's the key: The key is that we've tried to keep people fully informed, be fully transparent, to lower fear and raise confidence. And that's what we're trying to do, and I think that's the best thing a governor can do in this circumstance.

Now Christie did not personally give credit to President Obama for his response to Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene, but by giving mad props to FEMA he may as well have.

I would suggest that we will probably NOT hear Christie's name popping up as a potential GOP candidate for President any time soon. Because despite the Teabagger's seeming reverence for the idea of "common sense," they really don't like it when a Republican demonstrates any.

Now this in no way makes me a Chris Christie fan, but I can hardly wait to see his response if Eric Cantor interferes with the federal government's ability to respond to the needs in New Jersey because the House Republicans cannot find enough cuts in other federal programs to offset the cost.

Somehow I just don't think that Cantor wants to take on Governor Christie over budgetary concerns while people in his state are suffering.

Update:  Then as counterpoint to Christie, who realizes the need for government spending during a crisis like Irene, we have Michele Bachmann, occupying the space usually filled by crazed embarrassment to Christianity Pat Robertson, who seems to believe that the disaster was God's way of telling Ameircans to cut spending.

“I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’ Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we’ve got to rein in the spending.”

And of course the truly sad thing for politics in this country is that Michele Bachmann is one of the favorites of the small minority of poorly educated, and historically ignorant, Teabaggers who are now holding the GOP by the balls.


  1. I'd love to see Cantor get chewed up and spit out by Chris Christie. Boy, that'd make my day to see that! I can't stand either one of them.

  2. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I'm still trying to figure out how Cantor came to believe he and several other members of the House they run the country.

  3. angela11:52 AM

    Christie is probably afraid of being chased down the highway by pissed off NJ residents----and I don't think he has a sprinter's gate.

    And Bachmann as usual is just sitting in the crazy corner eating kleenex. . . . .

    I have nothing to say about Cantor as I've flushed shit with more substantial content than him.

  4. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Thank you FEMA and thank you President Obama for not letting my fellow Teabaggers the destroy services that were put into place to help America during hard times.

    Thank you Democrats for standing your ground.

  5. Smirnonn12:24 PM

    Baggers must hate Christie. As Gryphen pointed out, he sometimes demonstrates common sense. Yet, he's in the gop.

    Bachmann, on the other hand, doesn't even bother to try anymore. Natural disasters are God's way of telling Americans to rein in spending??? Seriously?? This is God we're talking about. Don't you think he'd find an easier way?? Twitter? IM? Email? Infomercial???? I'm sure an omniscient all powerful entity could get his point across in 140 characters or less including spaces.....

  6. Enjay in E MT12:26 PM

    The GOPers don't seem to follow the script do they? Where is the GOP talking points from Reince Priebus?

    Michele thinks God is telling her if we don't cut spending - we'll have another disaster....

    Christie is greatful for Federal support .....

    Perry is checking his million dollar citizen insurance policies to see if any of the dead are on his "membership list"

    Cantor says no federal assistance regardless how hard people & businesses were hit, no insurance -= too bad soo sad. Quotes his favorite GOP leader (Boehner) with a "so be it"

    In the meantime, the President and FEMA Department are working with state & local emergency to provide services & assistance where needed.

  7. Sweet anny12:26 PM

    Thirty-five people dead. Millions w/o power and some will be for weeks.

    I wonder if the folks that lost loved ones, homes and are w/o power or a clear future think this bitch is funny.

  8. Cantor is what you get when you enclose superheated flatulence inside a BB. It's bound to get out.

  9. Anonymous12:32 PM

    If God is saying anything to us via Irene, maybe its something to the tea baggers in the effect of "quit your angry rhetoric in my name, follow Christ's example, and learn humility and charity toward your fellow man".

    Not sure that fits Michele Bachmann's or Pat Robertson's notion of Christianity, though. :-)

  10. AJ Billings12:36 PM

    And speaking of Presidenial candidates, you are NOT going to believe what Michelle "crazy eyes" Bachmann said at a Baptist church over the weekend..

    “I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’ Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we’ve got to rein in the spending.”
    ---end quote

    And here's the reponse from a blogger on Washington Monthly, which I though was very incisive.
    I realize there are conservatives in evangelical circles with whom this message will resonate, but under sensible political norms, this should probably be a career-killer for a national political figure.

    Consider exactly what she’s saying here. A major storm swept through the East coast over the weekend, causing at least 20 deaths across eight states.

    Michele Bachmann, a member of Congress and a leading presidential candidate, believes the hurricane was a message from God? And that the deadly storm has something to do with Bachmann’s opposition to federal spending?

    And that God is somehow aligned with Tea Partiers’ agenda?

  11. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Add to this the Teabaggers who want to repeal the 18 cent federal gas tax which goes to the states for road and bridge construction. The states can't begin to pay for the reconstruction after Irene without federal aid.

  12. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I like Christie. I would vote for him under certain circumstances, depending upon the Dem candidate. His politics might differ in many areas, but he is a problem solver, not just a politician.


  13. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I think the baggers started hating Christie when he belittled their claim that a judge he had appointed believed in Sharia law. He was appalled by the claim and was quite vocal about it.

  14. Anonymous1:17 PM

    It's not so much that God has it in for the gubmint. God is simply worried sick that the Bush tax cuts for the rich might be allowed to expire in his favorite country on earth. Why not spending cuts instead?

    OK, not for the military!

  15. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Off topic.

    From July 29 -

    There is much more happening behind the scenes which must stay behind the scenes for now. But trust me, just as soon as all of the loose ends are tied up we will be hearing MUCH more from Shailey.

    Should be very explosive indeed.

    Posted by Gryphen at 7:00 AM

    So, have we been hearing 'explosive stuff' from Shailey Tripp, Gryphen?

    Is she your anonymous poster?

  16. Anonymous1:23 PM

    No fan of ANY GOP member, but FEMA is on the ground working and as the federal government should be in a crisis situation. I am glad Christie is giving credit where credit is earned!

  17. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Notice that Gov. Christie never mentions President Obama. New Jersey and several other states along the East Coast would be in pretty bad straits had George Bush still been president last week.

  18. Anonymous1:53 PM

    NJ resident here - I definitely dislike Gov. Christie for many many reasons - but 2 things I cannot fault him for - he is not a bigot and he is not a teabagger.

    OT - Here is a great article with 3 charts to share with anyone you know who is stuck in the right wing bubble of misinformation (easy to read and understand charts showing the truth of Bush year economics)

  19. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Bachmann stories are all over the internet and cable TV today. The half term governor skank must be very upset.


  20. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Didn't Christie appoint a buddy of his as the new head of the NJ Dept. of Education? The same buddy who owns his own chain of charter schools? What better reason to see NJ public schools fail and begin forced vouchers and charter school attendance, eh? And Christie slashed the NJ public school budgets to the bone.

    Rotten, fat mouthed, redneck, Republican blowhard is what I think of Christie.

  21. Anonymous2:44 PM

    I hope Bachmann's constituents are listening to what this idiot is saying, and they remember it when she is up for reelection. After she made that rediculous statement, her campaign is now saying "She was joking". What a bold-face lie. Like Palin, Bachmann is not only highly unqualified for President, but her religious beliefs would be a very real danger for this country. Obviously, she runs her life according to her beliefs, and she no doubt would also run the country based on those same beliefs instead of intelligence and careful thought.

  22. Anonymous2:53 PM

    I'll believe the Tea Party folks want to "cut spending" when they get off the silliness of trying to count a few thousand here and there, always on programs for the poor, women, minorities, and for anything to do with education...

    ...and instead start screaming for the stoppage of BILLIONS spent on the occupation of countries the U.S. has invaded.

    The obvious problem is that military spending is a way to launder money into the hands of the likes of Cheney and company--unabashed war profiteers whose lips are stuck tight to the taxpayer teat, like leaches.

    THAT is where the "entitlements" are to be trimmed!

  23. Many people without electricity cannot hear the BS coming out of Cantors mouth. These people are trying to figure out how to get thru the aftermath. We were without electricity for no less than 5 days after Ike and many people in Houston were without electricity for two weeks. You learn to appreciate the little things....and to ignore the horror of the war zone like neighborhood you are in. Hopefully people are helping each other....

  24. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I just watched MSNBC with an appearance by Texas Congressman Barton on Politics Nation.

    Barton is backpedaling Cantor's remarks as fast as his spit can fly.

    And Barton apparently needs to translate Cantor's remarks for us because we are all tooo stoopid to get what Cantor REALLY meant since we took Cantor's statement to mean exactly what he meant.

    Yep. In extreme damage control mode, Barton's translatese: Cantor merely meant that 'we oughta' just THINK 'bout putting together a rainy day fund in THE FUTURE for disasters like this.'

    Now let ME translate...when Cantor said any aid to Hurricane Irene victims needs to be matched by comparable spending cuts NOW, what he NOW means is, "I take that shit I said BACK. Because MY STATE OF VIRGINIA got REALLY FUCKED up, sooo...GIVE ME DA MONEY! No holding disaster victims hostage THIS TIME. NOSIREE! Do it NEXT time if it hits the WEST coast and shit!"

    Uh-Huh. You Fuckers.


  25. Anonymous3:26 PM

    If they want to run that fat fuck against my Obama, I say, Bring. It. On...

  26. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Doesn't that idea of Uncle Sam telling all the people of the land to STFU and die 'cause the government is just soooo Democratic, kind of run against the parables of mana from heaven and the story of the fishes and the loaves where God, created PR miracles to keep the free goodies flowing till the needs of all were met?

    Oh. That's right the Bachmanns of this country only read the Old Testament. The part of the Bible Christ was speaking against.

  27. It's good to know Bachmann's god is moving on to economic issues and away from punishing us for legal abortion and gay civil rights.

    Does this mean passing a balanced budget amendment would permanently end hurricane seasons and earthquakes within our borders?

  28. True Blue Girl3:33 PM

    I am so tired of the "straight from God's mouth to my ear" crowd. They know this how? Oh, that's right - faith. Not to forget naked ambition and relentless greed.

  29. Anonymous3:34 PM

    So, according to Glenn Beck, hurricane Irene was a blessing from God. But according to Michele Bachmann, the hurricane was God's punishment for what little degree of compassion still remains in our government. Both are blasphemers and/or stark, raving lunatics. How DARE they claim to speak in God's name/behalf, when every word they speak and every act they do contradicts the Bible, and when everything they stand for is an affront to common decency and an insult to the dignity of other human beings (you know, all those other people that God created?)? They are having their day in the sun now, but may melt like Icarus once they come under close scrutiny and the public really starts listening to what they say and watching what they do.

  30. Anonymous6:43 PM

    The whack job level for Sarah's Saturday speech just went even higher.
    Christine O'Donnell will be speaking
    before Palin.
    Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel...

  31. Anonymous9:03 PM

    But but ....but... but...the first six letters of his last name is "Christ", wouldn't that be sacriligious?

    He's got balls, hasn't found them in years, but he's got them...somewhere.

    Seriously, Ron Paul wants to dismantle Fema, Cantor wants to tax the victims for being victims. and Bachman's diving board is at the shallow end, and yet, she keeps diving!

    The news said that her campaign is walking those comments back, citing the need for a bit of levity, you know, floods, injury, death, loss of property.... Michelle feels the need for some showtunes,,,,,

    "The sun will come out.... join in Marcus!...... tomorrow.... !

    Can't wait for all these "fiscal conservatives" with their hands out for FEMA money, will make a great visual for Obama's camopaign!


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