Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gryphen's Sarah Palin checklist. A work in progress.

When Sarah Palin burst on the scene as John McCain's VP candidate and started fanning the flames of racism against Barack Obama, as well as making incredibly dangerous and fraudulent claims against our future President, I made a mental list of priorities that I wanted to help accomplish. (By the way this list evolved over time and now includes subjects that I was not even aware were coming down the pike in 2008.)

1) Stop John McCain and Sarah Palin from making it to the White House.

2) Reveal the truth behind the fantasy that Sarah Palin is a good and effective Governor.

3) Get her out of office!

4) Reveal the pathetic and controversial truth about Sarah Palin's personal mythology.

5) Provide a platform for those who know truthful stories about Palin, yet are afraid to report them to the press.

6) Direct focus on Palin, and her family's, attempts to grift money from her ignorant supporters, and report on how frivolously she spends that money.

7) Help journalists, authors, documentary makers, and anybody willing to tell the truth about Sarah Palin, make contact with sources willing to tell of their experiences with the Grizzled Mama.

8) Reveal to the widest segment of the American public possible, one of the BIGGEST, and most egregious, hoaxes ever perpetrated on them by a politician in our country's history. Babygate!

9) Draw back the cloak of secrecy that shields those that supported, and used Sarah Palin for their own nefarious reasons, to reveal them to the American public.

10) Help to make sure that another potentially dangerous politician, like Sarah Palin, George Bush, or John Edwards never gets close to the White House again. (I only include Edwards because his adultery could have made him a very easy person to blackmail into supporting policies that could have done our country great harm.)

So let's see how I've done.

1) After her defeat I received a lot of heartfelt thanks from many of the visitors here.

But in my opinion it was mostly undeserved.

I did only a small part in getting the truth out about Sarah Palin, John McCain, and the Republican party.

Others like Katie Couric, Keith Olbermann, Charlie Gibson, and even Tine Fey deserve FAR more credit than I do.  Of course ultimately the real thanks should go to Sarah Palin herself for being such an incredibly unqualified, and gaffe prone candidate.

(Half-check mark for me.)

2) I helped to found the Alaskans for Truth, and used my blog and networking, to get the truth out about Troopergate, the per-diems she paid herself to stay in her own house, the free travel vouchers she got on behalf of family members, the cronyism that riddled her administration, etc., etc., etc., to my fellow Alaskans.

(Check mark!)

3) I don't actually know how much I helped to accomplish this, but she's out! (Check mark!)

4) I don't believe there are too many people who are now unaware that the idyllic life that the Palins paint for themselves is pure mooseshit. Check mark!

5) I helped Mercede start her blog, wrote posts containing information from anonymous sources about the Palins that they could not get published in other places, helped Shailey get her story out in the National Enquirer, on this blog, and later on her own blog, tried to help Levi get his book written two years ago when it would have made a huge impact, and have maintained a blogroll linking to blogs ("Sarah Palin's Least Favorite Blogs") that have done some truly ground breaking work on getting the truth out about Klondike Kardashian. (Check mark!)

6) From SarahPAC, to "Sarah Palin's Alaska", to Dancing with the Stars, and even to Palin's 2012 Political Prick Tease, I have tried to rake away the Palin bullshit to lay bare what is REALLY taking place as often as possible.

(Half check mark. I could have done better.)

7) I have provided support to Geoffrey Dunn, Nick Broomfield, Joe McGinniss,  as well as others, and I have helped them as much as I could to make contact with people living in Wasilla, and around Alaska, that have stories to tell about the REAL Sarah Palin. I have certainly not provided ALL of their sources, and in fact all of them have made very impressive contacts of their own, but I did what I could. Some truths remain unrevealed.

(Half check mark.)

8) Most of this work has taken place right here on this blog, or on one of the blogs in the IM blogroll, but with Joe's book we are finally seeing the bizarre story reaching a much larger audience, and hopefully with the release of Fred's book , a much larger audience still.

(Pending check mark I hope to give myself soon.)

9) The Koch brothers, Fox News, the Dominionists, and the Republican party have all had their hands up the back of Sarah Palins blouse working her like a ventriloquist dummy voicing on their behalf crazy inflammatory things like "death panels," or "palling around with terrorists.'" Or ginning up racial hatred toward Barack Obama or the Muslim community.  This is clearly a work in progress, but I believe that we have made some significant connections between Palin and her puppeteers that have caused them some serious blowback and have forced them to abandon her in order to move on to less controversial marionettes.  However now that we know how they operate we can remain vigilant and help to identify the NEXT empty vessel that they fill up with their rhetorical poison.

Looking at you Rick Perry!

(Half check mark.)

10) This has ALWAYS been my ultimate goal, even while I am recognizing the possible futility of ever making it a reality.

Sarah Palin was chosen to be McCain's VP for the most superficial reasons imaginable.  She was attractive, she had faked having a Down Syndrome child to cement her pro-life position, she had hacked various polls to make herself seem popular in Alaska, and she was considered a Christian.

And that my friends was the whole package.

The fact that this occurred should have sent an electric shock of realization to the American population that candidates for the most important political positions in our country were being selected by shadowy figures who have determined that we are so simple minded that we could be seduced by a horribly unqualified pretty face, trained to read talking points off of cue cards.

If this had worked, and it came much closer to working than I think most of us want to admit, it would have furthered a continuing change in the political realities of our country that could have proved devastating.

This change has been orchestrated by the Republican party and started with Ronald Reagan, an actor who played the President, to George W. Bush, a simpleton who played a cowboy playing a President, to a Sarah Palin, a telegenic spokes model who played a Governor, who could have been groomed to play the President, once John McCain kicked the bucket served out his term and she ran in 2012. (Insert scream of horror here.)

Ultimately THIS is what the American voting population needs to be educated about, and Sarah Palin is the perfect example to illustrate that lesson. After reading what Frank Bailey, Geoffrey Dunn, and Joe McGinniss have written, it is clear that the information is now available for any of those who want to really understand how completely broken the political system is in this country.

Now all we have to do is help to encourage people to read the information that is now available, and the information that is still coming, about Sarah Palin, and then use that to vet the shiny new politicians that are just over the next horizon.

That sounds simple, right?  Yeah right.

Well I am not giving up.  After coming this far, there is NO WAY I am just walking away now.

Are you with me?

If you are then I perhaps someday this item will have a check mark as well. But not yet.


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    ... fanning the flames of racism against Barack Obama

    Oh, for fritz's sake! Really? Everything *has* to be about race?

  2. With you, Gryph! You're a hero in all this.

  3. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I'm with you! Thx for a great summary.

  4. JayKen Knotstirred10:07 AM

    (Applause light flashes)

    Congrats G! You're a true patriot doing some very nasty work to make America a better place!

    Unlike that traitor John McCain!

  5. Anonymous10:09 AM

    You are kicking her ass all over the planet. You are also the most viewed ¨anti-palin¨ blogger on the net(he he he).

    Hey, sarah, you can start calling Gryphen ¨Daddy¨ now. You, too, Todd and Bristol. By now even you dullards know who your master is.

  6. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I just had a great thought. Maybe Joe McGinnis needs to write a book on McCain next. I always considered McCain a hero. For a split second, after Hillary lost the Dem bid, I considered moving my support to McCain. I wavered most of the summer. I was a lifelong female independent who turned Dem in recent years. Once McCain announced Palin and I heard her speech, I became and still am a fervent Obama supporter. I also have become aware of how much I dislike McCain for his policies and also his downright nastiness.
    I do believe a McCain book would be an interesting read, especially including the Palin debacle. Yeah, other's have written them already, but I'd bet McGinnis could get material no one else could.

  7. I'm with you.

    And I've got Barack's back, too.

  8. Anonymous10:15 AM

    With you, absolutely! Thank you, Gryphen, for all that you do.

    It's good you could go over those goals and see for yourself how far we have come.

    So true that it's the underpinnings that are not going to shaken off as easily, so we must remain ever vigilant. This has always been about more than Sarah Palin herself.

  9. Anonymous10:16 AM

    100% with you, Gryphen. The end of Sarah Palin as anything but a joke will make certain that other hollow vessels don't simply replace her. Bachmann is already being exposed far more than Palin ever was. Perry is next.

  10. It's not over until we help root out the sick and twisted people who are trying to steer America towards a theocracy. I see real danger ahead when candidates like Rick Perry are hailed as "Christians" who know how to govern and have all the answers. They are supported by a rabid group of non critical thinkers who will march in lock-step towards a totalitarian society if we do not continue to speak out.

    You can rest on your laurels for five minutes only, Gryphen. One big one down. Many more to go.

  11. Anonymous10:17 AM

    This was submitted to IM's Obama post this morning:

    You're a mean SOB Gryphen!

    The world just found out that Sarah Palin had / has a fetish for tall African Americans ballers who love to bang the boards on and off the court and how she secretly cheated on her boyfriend "Have You Seen Todd Palin" and now you start off the week talking about the forbidden fruit Sarah can't get her lips wrapped around... Obama.

    You the man Gryp!

    With a wink of her wonky eye and a playful whipping in and out of her slimy forked snake like tongue, Sarah Palin thought she could get the attention of heart throb Senator Barack Obama.

    The Senator is married to a beautiful woman and would not give Sarah the time of day which infuriated Sarah because no baller has ever refused her and now we know how the Glenn Close - Fatal Attraction love hate psycho passion Sarah Palin has for Obama started.

    The world laughed at how the momma grizzly Sarah Palin portrayed herself as the All American Brady Bunch mother who raised a combat vet, did not abort a DS baby, proud mother of a tiny graceful ballerina dancer with great work ethics, the mother of a daughter who fights for Gay rights, a mother who proudly had a photo op with her 9 year daughter who for some reason is just now learning her additions on flash cards then it is finally revealed that Sarah Palin was really a coke sniffing whore banging strangers she just met - Todd's friends - business partners and neighbors while leaving her kids to fend for themselves while she sells her wedding ring for a dime bag.

    What a way for Sarah Palin to wake up this beautiful morning and having to read about President Obama's accomplishments in The Immoral Minority.

    Pass the straw and needle, it's time for the barracuda to drift back into her own little self medicated world.

  12. Anonymous10:18 AM

    you can do it, G. I am with you.

    Thanks for highlighting the fact many Americans are unaware how badly evil people are distorting the politics in this country. To them, Palin seems harmless, yet she is a puppet for power-hungry traitors.

    McGinniss once made it clear with his "selling" the candidate book. Time for a refresher for Americans, and "The Rogue" may be a good book, but it's not enough.

  13. Yes we can! Yes we will!

  14. Am I with you, Gryph? YOU BET!

    Your "to do list" is brilliant, and it's a real testament to your own values and dedication.

    Your argument about WHY all this matters is crucial. Every MSM "journalist" should have to read this post to understand why Joe's book isn't simply "tawdry" but an important addition to the public record on Palin and how we got here.

    Yes, there is definitely still work to be done. And if any of the current R potential nominees (or others who aren't yet official) appear anywhere close to winning next fall, we need all be out in the streets, waking the sheeple the hell up!!!!! (In the meantime, we need to support candidates locally & nationally who will undo the nightmare we're in across the US.)

    Keep up the great work!!!!

  15. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I am with you, 100%. Great work. The media should bear responsibiliy for this fiasco, too. Had they done to repubs. what they ALWAYS do to dems., this skanky bitch would never have made it out of Alaska. Her credentials were never vetted, her claims of being a family values Christian were never investigated. The McCain people KNEW from the get go that she was a flake, that is why they scrubbed people's computers clean. Just proof of how much they REALLY think of the US. They were willing to make the country an even bigger laughingstock than we were with W in office.

  16. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Great checklist, Gryphen! It sums up a lot of hard work by you and others dedicated to the truth.

    Just read a Tweet and at C$P that The Donald is waiting on The Quitter to declare her candidacy before endorsing Rick Perry or any others.

    Must've been some hot pizza they shared there in NYC.

  17. Anonymous10:27 AM

    If anyone doesn't believe the "lamestream" media isn't controlled by Koch et al, then go find today's Howard Kurtz lovefest for poor, picked on types in the Teabagger realm (read Paylin and Gov. Rick the Slick.

    The whole show on (Un)Reliable Sources today was how McGinnis' book is all lies and inuendo, how the media is irresponsible for reporting on its contents AND how the media is exposing Rickie for the bagger fool he is on purpose. Hey Howie - that's called reporting.

    Wah, wah, waaaaaahhhh!!!! Guess the Baggers and their accomplices at CNN have their frilly little panties in a bunch and can't take it, even though they relish dishing it out.

  18. I'm just about ready to run for President myself....

    I would run on platforms of imposing tariffs on imports, on removing loopholes so corporations pay fair taxes, on paying people something—no matter how much they work as long as they show up for a "government-directed" temporary job to do the kinds of work needed everywhere on roads, green energy, etc., then have incremental pay scales given how well they perform, on providing education or training for a mechanical skill at costs based on family income, on increasing minimum wage to a living wage, to making abortion completely legal by putting the information about the science out there, for starters.

    I need a better job. But I also need a way to create a great website and I have pre-teen daughter at this time, so it may have to be 2016.

    Thanks for all you have done! You're miles ahead of many of us who are mired in survival right now. I know blogs are valuable, but I wish people would put energy in thinking of other ways to address the problems our country faces. (I love the people who walked to Wall Street yesterday!!)

    When I see the petty arguments on some posts, it seems like a lot of time is being wasted in our country, but maybe I am wrong, maybe all this is what is needed to get people together on like-minded issues, so many of which you raised in your list, and find ways to counter what's been going on behind the scenes for much too long.

    I have truly enjoyed your humor and your perseverance. I dream of becoming more active and hope I can find a way to accomplish as much and more as you have. You have truly provided an incredible service to our country! Thank you!

  19. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Hell yes I'm with you Gryphen! Right by your side in spirit... Keep up the fantastic work you do. Many thanks !

    Sherry in Calif.

  20. With you 100%, Gryphen! Sarah has only to look at your blog to see how a REAL patriotic American acts. Someone who puts TRUTH before self-interest. INTEGRITY before $$$$. Though I don't think it would register on her "brain." Bless you, Mr. G.! And Joe McGinniss, too.

  21. Anonymous10:32 AM


    You are the MAN!

  22. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I'm with ya!

  23. angela10:34 AM

    Always and forever with you Gryphen!

    You are dedicated, funny and doing the job that should have been done by the MSM years ago. . . if they'd had a brain or not been run by conservative corporate interests.

  24. Anonymous10:36 AM

    So Gryphen, you're saying that Palin was the original crony capitalist in government? It's funny how her recent speech was all about what she knows best: crony capitalism and many who knew better were swooning over her for that one speech. Maybe she was going to take on both political parties and take on the cronies. What bullshit! Where is Sarah, by the way? Haven't heard from her for a couple of days now, not that I am complaining or anything.

  25. ManxMamma10:40 AM

    Always with you Gryphen! Great post.

  26. Anonymous10:45 AM

    The eyeglasses that she is wearing are fake, you say? I'm shocked! Is there anything real about that woman? I guess the cottage cheese thighs she was sportin' in Hawaii were real. Was it ever proven that she faked the half marathon? Any pictures of her during the race? It's disgusting that she pulled a Rosie Ruiz in that! Sarah keeps getting away with crap like that. I don't get it. Come on Alaskans, speak up about this bimbo!

  27. Anonymous10:46 AM

    At the grocery store yesterday, there was a display that held several copies of Dick Cheney's book. I just shook my head. There is no way I would read that book. Then it hit me, when "The Rogue" comes out Monday, the GOP/Teabaggers will shake their heads and say, "No way would I read that."! Guess we have to hope that all the Dems that have stayed home and not voted, will pick it up and read it. She's kind of passe to many now that Ron Paul is trying to kill them all off. Death Panels is not used anymore! Only if the MSM makes a stink over this book will it convince people to read it and maybe the sex scandals and Sarah's short shorts will catch their eyes. We have dumb people in both parties it seems.

  28. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Thanks for your hard work, perseverance and dilligence Gryphen. You have done a great job and it has the added benefit of "rilly" getting under Palin's thin skin. You have made history and helped others to make history as well. We are living in new times, charting new territory, where bloggers are the real investigative journalists. Thanks and remember the all- powerful V word is coming soon......VINDICATION.

  29. Anonymous10:52 AM

    What's the new date that the bots over at the sea of peepee think she will announce her run for commander in chief? Sarah, don't disappoint all your fans. They would hate that you were playing them for fools, you know, like you accused Obama. Oh, we get it now. Everytime you talk about Obama you are just showing how infatuated you are about the black man, kinda like your one night stand with Glen Rice way back when.

  30. Anonymous10:52 AM

    This is all very nice but you've put a lot of work into it just when you should have been doing the promised rewiew of Joe McGinniss's book. So that's not coming now?

  31. Anonymous10:52 AM

    I'm with you Uncle Gryphen! But besides getting Granny Lulu exposed, we need to make sure other teabagging cuckoos like Bachmann are exposed. Thanks for all you do!

  32. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Southern Oklahoma is with ya, babe.

    Hey guys, let's make Tuesday a moneymaker not just for Joe but for Gryphen. If every person who buys Joe's book sends $2.00 to Gryphen via PayPal, I bet it would add up to a tidy sum.

    Gryphen has put so much heart into revealing the truth and all the while working a "real job", incurring great financial cost...and never once asking for money, doing a "money blast"/pledge bit, or complaining about the toll this takes on his life.

    Let's make it happen, guys. $2 on Tuesday. I'll donate first!

  33. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Sarah may not have publicized certain past events (things that are none of the public's business) but there is no false mythology or whatever you wish to call it.

  34. Anonymous10:58 AM

    A comment just posted at the See of Pee:

    "I am going to keep posting this: you can leave a comment/question here for the View.

    The McCreep is not on until Wedesday. (sic)

    Maybe if enough comments are left the ladies on the View will take the creep on."

    The Palinbots are freeping again, just as they do with the "poles."

    And anyone who criticizes their Immortal Beloved Quitter is a "creep."

  35. Balzafiar10:59 AM

    With you all the way Gryphen!

    I agree that Rick Perry is the next in line, and he really does have feet of clay.

  36. I am absolutely in love with you Jesse! I know, you probably get that a lot but I am so damn glad that this story not only has legs, but is walking upright and starting to run. Huge admiration for you always going forward and revealing what is most important on our national screen.

  37. How many people realize how close this country came to it's own Armageddon if McLame had been elected. He woulda been dead in months and what would have ensued is too scary to contemplate.

  38. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Excellent post. You have done well. You have much more of this road to travel, I'm afraid.

  39. Anonymous11:05 AM

    you betya!!

    Thanks for the very informative content in this ingauging blog.

    I like your commitment to the beterment of Alaska by exposing posers.

    Wu li wa

  40. nogravity11:09 AM

    Gryph, I'm with you and let me add 2 names to your watch list:

    Rick Scott, FL Gov and Chris Christie, NJ Gov.

    For some really interesting reading check out the Mother Jones articles on the recordings from the last super secret Koch bros meeting with the super villains of the republican party:

  41. Anonymous11:09 AM

    I'm with ya, bro. And a big thank you for ALL you've done through the years!

  42. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Team Gryphen! All the way!

  43. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I will give yo one thing. You've successfully made the Palin family unity strong as hell. The strength was definitely there, but having to deal with your bs, gossiping and lies, I'd say nothing will destroy them - despite "haters" wishes for their destruction.

  44. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Anon 10:01.

    It's all about race because back in 2004, the democrats knew it should be all about race. What better ploy than to enlist a black man, despite having no real job, experience or leadership ability and start playing their sly games. Luckily, I think most of middle America (lol) is waking up.

    You know deep down republicans don't condone racism. They simply call out the President and dems on their lies. WHY can't you see that? SERIOUSLY, you're scaring me with your ignorant, blind eye.

  45. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Yeah, ok Anon 10:09, because things have really changed. Palin is still cheap, her PAC is still pretty big. She's still one of the only politicians who don't abuse the PAC. She's still being defended or ignored. Thinking people don't put stock in Anon sourcing, for good reason. Under Anonymity, people will say anything. Do you know how many people have been caught in lies?

  46. Awesome post!

    If there is a God who is intimately involved in the affairs of men, he may have blessed us with Sarah Palin as a wake up call. Since her charisma draws so much attention, she's the perfect example to expose the greater problem. It's not enough to keep her off the national stage without routing out our political and media dysfunction.

    I don't think the corporate media is ready to make the change we need. We're going to have to find a way to demand it.

    Glad to know you're fired up!

  47. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Anonymous said:

    "Oh, for fritz's sake! Really? Everything *has* to be about race?"

    Unfortunately in many cases, it IS about race.

    Did Sarah do Glen Rice before or after the African America woman beat her in the Miss Alaska pageant? I am not sure of the timeline. Sarah's been had by a few black people in her day. LOL!

  48. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Question: how does spreading rumors and lies help things? I'm pretty confident that people's opinion of Sarah hasn't changed since 08, those who didnt like her still dont, those who did still do.

    It may have shifted a bit.

    The family still impresses people as they meet them. They're still a genuine set of people who have kind hearts. You can't deny that.

    Oh and to the person who said this;
    "He woulda been dead in months and what would have ensued is too scary to contemplate."

    You're despicable.

  49. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I think you have missed one very important aspect of Sarah's rise to power in Wasilla. Have you ever really taken a look at Todd's family? I think you may find many interesting little tidbits.

  50. Anonymous11:30 AM

    I predict that Palin will take advantage of the books and movie; it will be her ultimate excuse for not running. It is actually a way for her to take advantage of all the truth being revealed. She wasn't going to run, but now she has the excuse, "They're being mean to my family and loved ones." This allows her to keep her bots defending her. I predict there will be tears, and Trig will be present to really bring on the sympathy. She can get even with McGinness, you, Broomfield, etc. by blaming all of you for forcing her out of the race. It will be a soap opera worthy performance in 5, 4, 3, 2....

  51. Anonymous11:30 AM

    I'm purchasing the McGinniss book as gifts for Christmas. Many in my family are pro President Obama - thank God!! - and plan to vote for him AGAIN in the upcoming election.

    People like Palin, Bachman and Perry need to be brought to their knees.

  52. Anonymous11:31 AM

    10:52am - WAKE UP! Gryphen said a comprehensive review would be provided on Monday!

    Gryphen, Thank you, thank you for info and entertainment.Your writing is unique and fresh - every single day.

    Anon@10:53 - great idea - I just added another $2 to my donation today, so count me in as support for your Tues. event.

  53. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Love the pic!

  54. Anonymous11:38 AM

    there's a new thread over at the pee pond about an excerpt out of the fantasy book "Sarah Palin, out of nowhere" where it's now claimed that when $carah was returning to Alaska from her gig in Texas that on her little layover in Seattle that $he was checked over by doctors before continuing back up here to Alaska for the miraculous birth of Trig.

    Maybe i'm missing something 'cause that's one little "detail" i'd never heard before ? WTF ?!?

  55. Anonymous11:38 AM

    It is SO telling that not a single person has spoken out in defense of $arah Paylin (Toddry's ghost written rebuttal doesn't count)-- not one friend, family member, co-worker or acquaintance.

    And no tweets, facebook postings or FOX appearances by the cowardly Quitter!

    The ONLY ones defending her are from the L48, who don't know $arah and don't want to believe the truth.

    Must suck to be lonely $arah....

  56. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I think that Gryphen is doing a great job, far better than the mainstream media has done. Applause and keep up the great work!

    About that photo of Sarah's beautifully mascara'd eyelashes-- just how long does it take to coat each lash with mascara and get it just right, especially the lower lashes. It's even harder if the person really does need to wear glasses. They can't see their own eyebrows and lashes clearly.

  57. Virginia Voter11:53 AM

    11:22 am Everyone Loves the Palin Family Fairy Tale Troll.

    From this point forward, please provide actual sourcing for your claims, specifically names of everyone who loves the Palin family (not related to them) with direct links, articles, and pictures to back it up. You come on here spouting the same boring bullshit over, and over, and over again with no evidence, no names, nothing. If you are a friend from Wasilla you should say so, if you're not you are truly one sick, deranged stalker.

    You convince no one here. We have read time and time again from McCain campaign people, former staffers in Sarah's office, former family members, and former friends from Wasilla on the record, about how psycho Sarah is. We see her spew her hate and vitriol on Fox News, we've read her books full of vendettas, we've watched the strange family dynamic on their TLC reality show. We know they are a dysfunctional mess, nothing you ever write will change that, THIS I KNOW.

    Gryphen is kind to let your little rants through, but the jig is up. If you're not a Palin, you need to seek professional help.

  58. Gryphen, you rock. I really hope that the floodgates are now really beginning to open and soon, all the dirt in Sarah's life comes to light.

    I personally would love to see her in court for all her back room dealings.

    Now, a bit OT.

    Fox Kills Alec Baldwin's Phone Hacking joke on the Emmys, and Baldwin pulls out awards show. Courtesy of Huffpost

    Good for him. Glad to see Baldwin sticks to his guns on this. Boo on Fox. This just shows that Fox and Newscorp are guilty.

  59. Anonymous12:03 PM

    McCain was forced to accept Palin as his running mate because his campaign would otherwise have been thoroughly sabotaged by his old "friend" Lowell "Bud" Paxson, the very wealthy Christian broadcaster.

    Just when McCain was meeting with Palin in Feb.2008 at the big GOP meeting in DC, Paxson was out there gleefully contradicting McCain's sworn testimony that he (McCain) had not accepted favors from Paxson in return for furthering Paxson's agenda with the FCC.

    Paxson and his operatives were almost certainly behind the series that had just begun to run in the New York Times accusing McCain of a romantic involvement with Paxson's glamorous "real pro" lobbyist Vicki Iseman, who happened to look almost exactly like "the young Cindy McCain.

    Clearly the religious right and Paxson were trying to pull McCain's chain and make him accept a staunch Right-to-Lifer (Palin) as his running mate.

    After McCain met and chatted with Palin privately at the DC meeting, suddenly all the moves against McCain by Paxson et al. were called off.

    The New York Times expose stopped in its tracks when their sources suddenly dried up. I think McCain had succumbed to the blackmail.

    A few days later, when it the deal was sealed that McCain would get the nomination, on March 5, 2008, Palin announced to her astounded family, friends, and state that she was "7 months pregnant" -- a fact that went unnoticed only a few days earlier in Washington, DC. The"baby" would be named "Trig Paxson Van Palin.."

    It's all in Dunn's book, which has the virtue of an index and further references.

  60. Jesus loves you too12:03 PM

    I am entirely too entertained by the sheer hypocrisy. You accused Sarah of being a mean girl, yet 98% of the comments here are more hateful and immature than Anything Sarahs ever said. You nicknamed a girl you don't know, therefore cannot judge fairly, beefalo and things more crass. You pick apart everything about Sarah as a teen girl who's insecure would. I take it back. I'd be entertained if it just weren't so sad.

  61. Anonymous12:05 PM

    It has been an interesting 3 (!) years reading your work. I appreciate this blog more than you will ever know - your no fear snarkorama approach is refreshing. If the anon person is legit I can understand why s/he would use you as a conduit as I find you both trustworthy and brutally honest. Looking forward to your review of The Rogue!

  62. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Gryphen thank you for all you do. Two years ago when the story of the Palins divorcing hit the MSM I was referred to your blog and I've been a fan since, and a fan of the other anti-Sarah blogs as well. It was you who inspired me to start my own blog "Sarah Palin has a serpent's heart". I don't live in AK so I don't have the contacts and don't have as much time to work on my blog, but I enjoy doing it and getting the word out there about one Sarah Louise Heath Palin. The second she was introduced at the RNC convention I thought there's something about her I don't like. Troopergate confirmed my suspicions.

  63. Anonymous12:12 PM

    to everyone thinking why people don't speak up. Its simple. Humans are generally kind hearted and hate to see people hurt, regardless of who or what their opinion is.

    The blogosphere has proven by bring together a specific specimen of people, that not all people are inately kind. This segment of society proves everyday that people exist who are judgmental and gullible - in short, just hateful.

    Its that simple.

  64. Anonymous12:12 PM

    I like your site and find it interesting but your self-centeredness and arrogance makes it hard to keep coming back.

    And before you label me a troll, I am disgusted by Sarah Palin and that's why I visit here.

  65. Anonymous12:13 PM

    What is Sarah Palin's new presidential commercial going to say?

    I'll Suck Your Penis For Your Vote!

  66. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Funny, isn't it, how on Gryphen's blog the trolls can have their say, while over at the Sea of Pee you can get banned if you even question anything Scarah has ever done? What are they so afraid of over there?

    At the end of this September, I am done with worrying about the Quitter's dithering about running for Pres, for it will be too late for her to enter the race by then.

    Time to start concentrating on Rick Perry...

  67. Anonymous said...
    ... fanning the flames of racism against Barack Obama

    Oh, for fritz's sake! Really? Everything *has* to be about race?
    10:01 AM
    No, of course not. So why do the teabaggers so often and so relentlessly disclose their racism?

  68. Anonymous12:16 PM

    gryphen can't give an honest insight into Sarah and company because he's never met them for longer than 2 minutes. He's also been deceiving so his interactions and what ensued was expected. If you were Sarah, has someone state the claims he has, you'd probably be far more brash. Reading your comments in general, I can all but guarantee it.

    And the fact that Gryphen can claim he is not trying to ruin her kids is pure ridiculousness. Its because of him there are so many misconceptions. Luckily, most people don't judge those they've never met.

  69. icstraights12:22 PM

    Bring it! 100% on board! THANKS G!

    @10:53 AM I donated $20. to G last week. I feel he deserves more than I will pay for my JM Kindle edition of the book...

    Gryph has been a must need therapist to vent on how fucking absurd this whole Paylin debacle has been! Oh, what will the historians and sociologist say about this Circus Freak Show in ten yrs?!

  70. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Two ($2 donation) for Tuesday - I really like that Idea!

    Keep passing it forward through the threads ya'll :)

    Yeah, Jesse, I'll give it to you. A good assessment. I've often disagreed with you or some of the things you've chosen to post but in the long run one has to look at the overall picture, like you just did. Goals and results. And I think you did a pretty honest job of it. You're really in a kind of middle-man position here, trying to work up and push out information from both sides. And you've done a good job of that.

    With all this information coming out now(and it's a LOT) we're seeing how others grind it down into something that makes sense to them, something that is usable TODAY, relevant TODAY. You know? And that's where we all have to look at the Big Picture, the picture that emerges on the entire canvas that all of the little details come together to make! Take that to people, you paint that picture for people. And that is the picture of a person that No One wants managing the local dump much less the country.

    I met up with an Uncle yesterday that I hadn't seen in probably 20 years. As much as he was beloved to me years ago, I knew that he was now a very conservative Republican. I'd seen emails...the type that had that erroneous tea-party hysterical type information on it. Yuk. I was fearful he'd become a rabid tea-party believer. Luckily, when politics did come up briefly, he still seemed to be the same friendly, open-minded, nice Uncle I remembered. But still conservative. So I thought I'd inject mention of The Rogue. Turns out he'd been to Alaska twice. Also knows a guy who worked with Palin and sings her praises. But I thought I'd "paint" a picture anyway. I kept it pretty generalized and vanilla, but when I was done he agreed. Someone "like that" - no way for President!
    Ta Da!

    So you keep at it. And we all have to keep at it. I think a lot of people are not going to accept this Openly, you know? Oh but a whole hell of a lot will be talking about it in hushed tones, you can hella believe that. And it WILL become accepted knowledge about Palin in due time (I wish I could underline that!) In all the right places. Will Fox still use her as a talking Shrill? Sure, if she gets ratings. Uggh.

    Jesse, I hope that you follow through with what you said in regards to Levi's book, and whether or not he reveals what NEEDS to be said. You had said that if he does NOT, that you will reveal what YOU know. I hope that you do, because all of us would like to see some progress with babygate.

    Kudos to you.

    Susan in MD

    Pass on $2 for Tuesday :)

  71. WakeUpAmerica12:30 PM

    ANON@11:19 said
    "Thinking people don't put stock in Anon sourcing, for good reason. Under Anonymity, people will say anything. Do you know how many people have been caught in lies?"

    Do you see the irony in this? You are definitely a very dull idiot.

  72. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Tawd your wife has a boner for NBA players.

    Will Sarah watch NBA Lakers Ron Artest on DWTS on Monday?

  73. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Count me IN!

    Just want add a ginormous THANK YOU for all your hard work!

  74. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Gryphen, thank you so very much for all your dedicated, hard work trying to reveal what Palin is really all about. What an absolute disaster she would be as POTUS. While Joe's book reveals more about all her sleaziness, even more important is how very vindictive and vicious she really is, and what a phony she is. She is a bully who tries to intimidate others by fear. Todd also seems to be just like her in that respect, and no wonder people are now seeing him for what he really is all about.

    Professing to be a Christian, she acts anything but. Her and her family have turned out to be so dysfunctional, that it is a joke when they even try to get out there and say they are an "inspiration" to others.

    Hang in there and please keep up the good work! Thanks!

  75. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Anonymous said...

    there's a new thread over at the pee pond about an excerpt out of the fantasy book "Sarah Palin, out of nowhere" where it's now claimed that when $carah was returning to Alaska from her gig in Texas that on her little layover in Seattle that $he was checked over by doctors before continuing back up here to Alaska for the miraculous birth of Trig.

    Maybe i'm missing something 'cause that's one little "detail" i'd never heard before ? WTF ?!?

    11:38 AM
    Their fantasies are the only thing keeping them from the truth. I have worked in 2 different hospitals, a small town one and a regional trauma center that also had a NICU. There is NO WAY any hospital would send a woman leaking amniotic fluid onto an airplane flight, in fact, she would NOT have been allowed to leave--even if they would have had to put her into a 72 hr baker law hold to keep her ( yes that has been done before). Any hospital would have been liable if they hadn't held her. But the Pee Bots are too delusional to look at facts.

  76. Anonymous12:38 PM

    At Anon 10:01 am

    fanning the flames of racism against Barack Obama

    Oh, for fritz's sake! Really? Everything *has* to be about race?

    She did fan the flames of racism. Stop projecting and place the blame where it belongs, squarely on Palin's lily white shoulders.

  77. Anonymous12:39 PM

    So, 11:16, you think working as a community organizer, lawyer, constitutional law lecturer, and serving on the board of directors of several foundations means Obama has NO work experience?


  78. Anonymous12:39 PM

    At B

    "I'm with you.

    And I've got Barack's back, too.

    10:15 AM"

    Ditto for me, too!

  79. Anonymous12:42 PM


    I sent you some walking around money. Thanks for all you do!

    A fan in South Carolina.

  80. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I just listened to eternally smarmy Howie Kurtz smack down McGinnis. What IS the hold this pathetic woman "HAS on the MSM?? "Allegations can't be proven?" What about the endless FACTS that CAN be proven that the MSM doesn't cover? Her use of her sexuality to navigate through her life? The reports from people who HAVE worked with her.The UNLIKELY Trig birth story which has rec'd almost no MSM coverage. And the list expands. There is no way in hell that a progressive politician would escape media scrutiny to this degree.

    ALSO,I am revolted by the creepy pollyanna poster who INSISTS in a child like church kid way that this repulsive family is all cuddled up together in perfect harmony and love. NOTHING fits with this family. NOTHING makes sense. There are PILES of obfuscation and deceit and dysfunction associated with them which are too deep to penetrate. The talking MSM heads and their guests are largely clueless and Lazy.They live in a bubble.

    In the meantime I am so grateful for the dedication and --dare I say---obsession--- with which G has pursued the real truth of this woman. As a woman I had her pegged the night she trotted onto that stage. As women we KNOW these games. I'm jsut sad it couldn't have been a man---like Perry or Cantor or Boehner or Trump or ad infinitum--that
    G spent his energy on. Maybe later, huh?:)

  81. London Bridges12:43 PM

    Saw a New York license plate today with the following characters:

    1 IM

    That you Gryphen?

  82. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Sarah don't be a hater.

    Miss Alaska is an African American who beat Sarah.

    Glen Rice is an African American who banged Sarah so hard her eyes became wonky then Glen never came back for Sarah like he promised.

    Then African American Barack Obama beat the Palin / McCain ticket and never offered Palin a cabinet position.

    Now two African American brothers are pounding Bristol every night.

    Now we know why Sarah hates President Obama and his First Lady Michelle Obama with a passion.

  83. Anonymous12:50 PM

    By the way, Keith Olberman appears to have said Joe's book was overkill. I disagree! With Palin, unless the wooden sake is through her heart and the head is severed and her coffin is destroyed, she'd keep surfacing and trying to be a contender for the presidency for the next 20 years.

  84. Anonymous12:51 PM

    @11:22, please stop telling me that I "can't deny" x,y, or z about the Palin family. You are inaccurate and very presumptuous.

    You keep writing that we should not "judge" them because we don't know them. Your other big claim is that we can't deny that they are wonderful. Well, how can we make that JUDGEMENT if we don't KNOW them? Do you see the problem? You make no sense and you are endlessly repetitive. Please, either come up with new material or flip off.

  85. Anonymous12:51 PM

    @12:16 PM

    HI BRISDUL! Nice try asshole(s): We know your writing style.

    Hows that slutty, cunty thing working for ya gals?

  86. Anonymous12:54 PM

    People need to ask themselves, "how would I feel if my mother were viciously attacked by anonymous people on a blog who don't know her."

    Bristol and Willow were brave girls when she, multiple times, defended Sarah. Just ask yourself the above question.

  87. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Does anyone here have a timeline of the B.Hanson affair in comparison to the birth of Piper P and Scarah's "Tubal"?

  88. nogravity12:54 PM

    From the sea o pea:

    "Within days of my research of Governor Palin, and my consideration of other possible candidates as choices for the McCain ticket, Trig Palin was born on April 18, 2008. Sarah had been in Texas as the keynote speaker at an energy conference. She began to experience labor pains, but continued to finish her important speech. She contacted her current doctor, who had also delivered her daughter Piper. Sarah caught an Alaska Airlines flight from Dallas to Anchorage, with a stop in Seattle, where she was examined by doctors before returning to Alaska to deliver Trig. Sarah would later say, ”I am not a glutton for pain and punishment. I would have never wanted to travel had I been fully engaged in labor.” Either way, Sarah has always taken the unconventional road and, even if she does not admit it herself, she is one tough lady."

    So did she go to the hospital or does the airport have a medical center complete with a maternity ward?

    Only a man, making details up, would write something like that.

  89. Jesus loves you too said...

    I am entirely too entertained by the sheer hypocrisy. You accused Sarah of being a mean girl, yet 98% of the comments here are more hateful and immature than Anything Sarahs ever said. You nicknamed a girl you don't know, therefore cannot judge fairly, beefalo and things more crass. You pick apart everything about Sarah as a teen girl who's insecure would. I take it back. I'd be entertained if it just weren't so sad.

    You seem to be forgetting the time Sarah laughed LAUGHED at the fact Lydia Green had had cancer on a radio show. Doesn't matter if you like the person or not. It's no laughing matter.

    That's all I really need to know about how vindictive this woman is. And how "Christian" she is.

  90. This pissed me off greatly and it should make everyone on this forum very angry. This is where the country is headed and it is sad that the rich white man is so afraid of minority voters and newly eligible voters that it has come to this.

    I just listened to the first Prairie Home of the season and Garrison did a bit where he was referring to the "rich white guys" that Guy Noir was doing security for at a golf tournament as the "job creators".

    He did a little tongue-in-cheek thing regarding "don't piss off these rich white guys or they might outsource our jobs to Thailand." That speaks volumes about the "rich white guys" that are actually running so scared now that they are attempting to and actually getting voter legislation passed to make it more difficult for anyone that is not "rich and white" to vote. It's a long article, but worth the read. The "rich white guys" are finding it difficult to maintain their status quo if "everyone" gets a voice and has a vote. Thus, they will make damn sure that only "they" have a voice and a vote.

  91. To Anon @ 11:22a:

    If you have even a few functioning brain cells, you KNOW McLame would be out of the picture some time shortly after the election, had they won. Dead or in a coma.

    He would have been just another piece of collateral damage (like Curtis Menard, Jr) on the puppet grifter queen's God-ordained ascent to absolute power.

    Despicable? Hey, that's better than the weak, whining, saccharine comments you all usually make. Musta really hit a nerve, didn't I?

  92. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I found IM within hours after Sarah made her RNC speech. It's been an interesting and informative 3 year journey. Gryphen, your persistence has been remarkable. I start my day off with a trip to IM - probably just as Sarah does but for different reasons. LOL

    I'm severely limited as to what I can both contribute and do but then, ya just never know who a tweet, retweet or comment will reach and who it will ultimately influence.

    Today is like Christmas Eve "Eve" - Joe's book comes out day after tomorrow. In roughly 32 hours from now, I'll be reading The Rogue on my Kindle. Yeehaw!

    Hey, Sarah! Listen up! I'm telling all my friends and family to turn off their ceiling fans - 'cause of all that sh*t that's going to be flying around - then to turn on their Kindles. Have a good day, Sweetie.


  93. Martha again1:13 PM

    Please delete 2:13

  94. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Anonymous said...

    gryphen can't give an honest insight into Sarah and company because he's never met them for longer than 2 minutes. He's also been deceiving so his interactions and what ensued was expected. If you were Sarah, has someone state the claims he has, you'd probably be far more brash. Reading your comments in general, I can all but guarantee it.

    And the fact that Gryphen can claim he is not trying to ruin her kids is pure ridiculousness. Its because of him there are so many misconceptions. Luckily, most people don't judge those they've never met.

    12:16 PM


    So are you saying that it is Gryphen's fault that grifting drunk underage mother Bristol the moaner likes to bang in canvas tents, it is Gryphen's fault if Track would of murdered dozens of Alaskan kids or its Gryphen's fault that Willow is the leader of a gang and went on a breaking and entering spree? What about Piper's disrespect to adults, I guess that Gryphen's fault too?

    So tell us how is it Gryphen's fault that he ruined Sarah's dysfunctional uneducated family?

    So Willow as the saying goes,

    "Turd doesn't fall far from the Palin toilet!"

  95. Lynne1:20 PM

    I fail to see what constitutes a dysfunctional family for you (everyone).

    -they spend vast amounts of time together
    -they laugh with each other
    -they support/defend one another
    -they value extended as well as immediate family
    -they take trips (excluding the most recent bus tour.) They roadtripped last summer down here.
    -they receive visitors who respect them as people gracious and welcome them as friends.

  96. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Considering the beginnings of the readership of the Alaskan blogs, AKM, Celtic Diva, Shannyn, IM and many more who were trying to speak the truth about Sarah ad her like in Alaska, and often paying a price for their efforts, I for one honor each and everyone.

    Well done, true Patriots.

    And along the way you have helped reach out to the world for help for those in Alaska who have been ignored by their government and the so called Christians.

  97. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I find this post by one of Sarah's followers at C4P to be so sad. The poor fellow has no idea that he was deceived.

    RobBennett [Moderator] 5 hours ago
    The thing that got me when I heard the announcement of the Palin pick was that she had had a Downs baby born to her. My wife had had a Downs baby die at five months in the womb. The doctors had been relentless in their pressure on her to kill the baby and she had cried over this. Now I was hearing about someone whose power and wealth would be compromised by having a Downs baby who went ahead and let the baby live. That's all I needed to hear.

    The policy stuff is secondary. The three questions that matter most are: (1) Is this person honest?; (2) Is this person moral?; and (3) Does this person have a heart?

    I think God have her the Downs baby test so that we would all know what kind of person she was when the media was spreading its lies. That one act counts for more than 500 of the policy statements and promises of the typical politician. No one could fake that one act.


  98. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn1:24 PM

    "The Koch brothers, Fox News, the Dominionists, and the Republican party have all had their hands up the back of Sarah Palins blouse working her like a ventriloquist dummy voicing on their behalf crazy inflammatory things like "death panels," or "palling around with terrorists.'"

    Bingo--with you all the way, Gryphen! You pwn Noodnick of the North.

  99. Anonymous1:28 PM

    With you from the beginning, and staying as long as it takes.

    Funny how the concern trolls demean you for criticizing the Palins, saying you haven't met them so don't know them, yet none have met you, yet pile it on, and on, and on.... What's their point?

    Racism IS Sarah's calling card. She brought out the character assasination by associsation to a man who did something when Obama was eight years old. She's the one who called him a "blood muslim" long before her "blood libel" speech.
    Sarah's hooked on hate, racism, blood, guns, ignornace, religion, and sex. Her affair with Rice IS important, because it shows her hypocricy and jealousy. Babygate IS important because it shows she'll stoop to any level to impress the base. The woman is a walking study in narcissistic self destruction. And her followers refuse to believe it.

    Keep up the good work, Bachmann will do herself in politically, and Perry IS the next Palin, only with better hair and different plumbing.

    The bot's standard posts always include...

    And before anyone calls me a bot....This I know for sure.....the palins are happy and strong..... Sarah doesn't pay attention to anything on the blogs.... "haters"... and anything about judging people.

    Which proves you were right all along!

  100. DaleinSanAngelo1:29 PM

    Has anyone been over to c4peee today. Lynda on the open thread will be the first to cut her wrists when Sarah officially bails on them. You really should read it, it is sad and pathetic.

  101. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I can't be bothered to source the info here on this blog today regarding Palin "holding tight in labor and having been checked out in Seattle".

    But really, if Palin's water had broken then even a 3 hour flight from Seattle to Anchorage would have been risky. Contractions could have become very close and "pushing" would have been instinctive. The pushing process of childbirth tends to void bladder and colon. Not to be indelicate but are we to believe that Palin would have chosen to sit on a plane and push and poop herself and pee herself.

    This woman had 4 kids prior to the supposed birth of Trig. She knows what birth is like. It's not something that you sit in a plane seat at 39,000 feet and just maintain until you get to the proper facility. Birth happens, often fast and hard and full of stinky effluents from all orifices. There is no holding it back once it is in progress. Her story is utter bullshit regarding the wild ride.

  102. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn1:33 PM

    Anon @ 10:52am--
    I heard that the new date the Bots are hanging their pathetic little hopes on is October. Then it'll be November, then December, then...hell, why doesn't she just wait and announce three or four weeks before the election, kinda like her "pregnancy?"

    Anon @ 11:44am--I'm sure that perfect mascara was courtesy of a well-paid makeup artist!

  103. Anonymous1:35 PM

    This Troll meme of "you can't judge people you've never met so don't judge Sarah, etc." is getting old.

    Did you folks ever "meet" Jesus? I mean really MEET Jesus in person? You know, did you ride your dinosaur down to your local Wal-Mart and meet Him? Did you ever "meet" Ronald Reagan? Did you really "meet" Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck?

    Have you actually "met" Sarah? Do you really want to say that only those who have "met Sarah in person should vote for her or send her money because only those who have met her really know her"?

    We all have to depend on TV, books and the actual records of people's actions to form our opinions. If Sarah wanted people to know her, why doesn't she do interviews besides on Fox? Why does she only rely on Fox, Twitter and Facebook? Does she think she'll win an election with 600,000 Twitter followers and 3,500,000 Facebook followers?

    And doesn't the Bible say "Even a little child will be known by his actions"? Sarah is known by her actions .. and lack of actions. Quit thumping that Bible and start reading it!

  104. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Congrats, Gryphen! You OWN (or PWN, if I were a cool kid) those Palins and their sad assortment of defenders! They have nothing better to do than refresh your blog continuously throughout the day (do they work in shifts, like a prayer circle?). LOL!

    Consider yourself a real threat to the false Palin facade. Those fools can post early and often. Makes no difference. The truth will out.

  105. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I'm not sure if I'm with you, Gryphen. I might have to think and pray about that for years, and every time you ask me, I will have to say, "I don't have an answer to that yet. I'm still discussing it with my family." And sometimes I will say, "It's a big decision, and I'm still contemplating such an earth-shattering, life-changing decision."

  106. Anonymous1:45 PM

    The blogosphere has proven by bring together a specific specimen of people, that not all people are inately kind. This segment of society proves everyday that people exist who are judgmental and gullible - in short, just hateful.

    Its that simple.

    12:12 PM

    So, since you are obviously reading and posting at this site, we are to assume ..simply put...that you are judgmental,gullible, and just hateful? I always thought so.

  107. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Let's support the Bloggers finacially who have spent the last 3 years defeating the Fraud from Wasilla. Everyone pony up and help our bloggers continue their spectacular writing and reporting. The MSM media has proven they are only mouthpieces for the wealthy. Dig in and be generous!

  108. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Sarah... batten down the hatches another storm is coming this week.

    Books will be sold and read... people will be gasping and some will be laughing at how fucked up you and your family are.

    But there is good news too... Mike Tyson said he would bone you any time you need it.

  109. Anonymous1:53 PM

    It's pretty interesting to me that in late 07/early 08, Sarah dealt specifically with individuals embroiled in some domestic problem. Recheck the emails. She's in talks with OCS a lot and speaks to that one girl in Anch.

    It's these little things that stand out. She may not have moved AK forward, other than giving residents oil money but there are many little things like this to be observed.

  110. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Great work, Gryph! And you're absolutely accurate in your assertion that one of Palin's premiere goals was to "fan the flames of racism" as she so inartfully and overtly did from the stump in Florida. People there were fearful for their lives due to the capricious, racist remarks this was woman was intimating and stating. We'd never witnessed anything like this in our political lives thus far. Anyone who did not see this for what it was: an empty vessel put out there on stage to fan the flames of vulgar racism has their head up their anal orifice...not to mention that if they cannot see this it is purely because of their own level of self-loathing in knowing themselves to be filled with ugly racist thoughts. "De-Nial" is not just a river in Egypt, drooling Palin trolls so evident here on the site!

  111. Anonymous said...
    ...She's still one of the only politicians who don't abuse the PAC. ...Thinking people don't put stock in Anon sourcing, for good reason. Under Anonymity, people will say anything. Do you know how many people have been caught in lies?
    11:19 AM
    Says anonymous. I guess you don't want to get caught in your obvious lies.

  112. Anonymous2:02 PM

    The bottom line right now is that due to the diligent work of you Gryph and a constellation of others you've named, Fraud Palin has now been outed and her 3 minutes of fame are drawing to a swift close.

    It's clear that John McCain, in his own capricious irresponsibility selected a virtual 'neophyte' devoid of common sense with a habit of lying and creating her own reality for the major portion of her life. I have no doubt that McPappy's now infamous 'claim to fame' was foisting this vulgar individual upon this country. She never had any real credentials and hacked her own polls which became evident in her overwhelming inability to even finish her term as Governor. The credibility he worked years to create in the minds of Americans has been totally besmerched by this fraudulent woman. But then, he has no one to blame but himself which is precisely why he deserves to carry all the blame for ever pretending and trying to dupe all of us into believing that she even has a brain.

  113. nogravity said...

    From the sea o pea:

    "...Sarah caught an Alaska Airlines flight from Dallas to Anchorage, with a stop in Seattle, where she was examined by doctors before returning to Alaska to deliver Trig..."

    So did she go to the hospital or does the airport have a medical center complete with a maternity ward? (snip).

    There's no way she went to a hospital in Seattle. Unless the guy who saw her sitting quietly reading a book in the lounge was a doctor. And he had no clue she was in labor.

  114. Anonymous said...
    People need to ask themselves, "how would I feel if my mother were viciously attacked by anonymous people on a blog who don't know her."

    Bristol and Willow were brave girls when she, multiple times, defended Sarah. Just ask yourself the above question.
    12:54 PM
    We do know her. We know her very well. Through her hateful, lying, stupid, vicious, senseless, own words on her facebook, on twitter and on her numerous fox appearances. We know her very well and can accurately judge her character from her own words, actions, and behaviors.

  115. Anonymous2:10 PM

    To anonymous @10:01am

    You said, "Oh, for fritz's sake! Really? Everything *has* to be about race?"

    REALLY? Oh dear lord! Are you always so damn ignorant? If you would have taken the time to properly read the paragraph you would have realized Gryphen never implied everything *has* to be about race. Racism was only one of many issues that caused him to take action. There were several other issues with Palin that were listed in the same paragraph but you only focused on race. I wonder what that says about you? Maybe you're ignorant or maybe you're a racist, or maybe you're both! Please learn more about reading comprehension before you comment again. And for the love of God don't give the Grifter Granny any more of your money, at least not until there is a significant improvement in your reading comprehension level. Your comment was so far off the mark, you should really be embarrassed!

  116. Eppito2:13 PM

    I'm definitely with you. I'm buying the kindle version and a hard copy for my wife on Friday, so I'll throw in a fin.

    You've made me laugh and think, occasionally at the same time. Your work is of major importance!

    Don't let go the pen.

  117. I am with you 100%. I count on you for my real news and you can count on my loyalty forever. You should have given yourself many more full check marks. I hope I have the privilege to meet you someday and thank you in person.

  118. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Troll ... do you realize if reading these comments makes the Palins stronger... then you are admitting they do read them.

    and if they do read the comments...

    they are some serious fucked up masochists

  119. Anonymous2:19 PM

    It seems simple really. People don't "attack" for no reason. People who receive harsh judgment or action do something to deserve negative treatment.

    If people wish to live happily, they have that choice. They don't have to associate with people they wish not to. Wasilla may be sparsely populated in comparison to cities down here, but the area is huge. There are definitely people in the Valley who've never met the Palins. and are oblivious because of it.

    It seems like people are just nosy and looking FOR TROUBLE. Thats the impression I get. The truly gossipy folks in small towns are not happy when they're not in the center of attention and those types will say anything to receive attention.

    Ivonne Bashelier = huge liar who has the Atlantic ocean as a buffer so she feels comfortable rewriting history. Thats one example.

    Again, if you wish to live peacefully, you dont have to embroil yourself in petty, underhanded gossip. Wasilla is a beautiful part of AK. I've been several times. The people are super friendly and welcoming. It's getting a bad rap because there are those who need money or attention or because they're malicious.

  120. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Has anybody seen Sarah? She has been very quiet since we found out she cheated on bf Todd and that she is a crack whore.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah is a switch hitter and experimented playing for the other team while at the 5 colleges she attended.

    Sarah is scared shitless that her secret bisexual days will come out.

  121. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Read Malia's post today. Malia thinks SP is going to announce that she is running.

    (My thinking is SP knows if she does announce, people will start talking. She is sure to get indicted including her co-horts. Who wants to be spend the rest of their lives in court? I doubt if her family will "support" her because it opens them up -even more- to be fair game!)

  122. Anonymous2:28 PM

    10:52 AM

    " What's the new date that the bots over at the sea of peepee think she will announce her run for commander in chief? "

    They're speculating today that Christmas might be too religious, so possibly Thanksgiving.
    I swear , I'm not making this up.
    They do agree that one day , out of the clear blue,
    when they least expect it ,
    the miracle they've been praying and crying for
    ( again, not making this up )
    will happen.
    If I was a professor teaching psychology or psychiatry ,
    I would make studying that website
    part of the course curriculum.

  123. DominionistEscapee2:28 PM

    12:12 p.m. said:
    "to everyone thinking why people don't speak up. Its simple. Humans are generally kind hearted and hate to see people hurt, regardless of who or what their opinion is."

    That would explain why people who DON'T like her might not speak up, but it doesn't explain why people who do like her remain quiet. If they really didn't want to see her hurt and had evidence to contradict all the dirt coming out, wouldn't the logical and kind response be to speak out and balance the picture?

  124. Gryphen ~ Thank you SO much for picking up on Babygate where Audrey was forced to leave off...

    ... gonna donate $20 on Tuesday to help make up for all the non-paying mofuckers (trolls).

  125. Anonymous2:30 PM


    Of course you have 100% support of devoted followers in your efforts to bring Sarah Palin down. That goes without saying. Heck, an entire Anonymous universe (including lots of trolls!) weighs in here with comments every day. So, no reason to toot your own horn--iIt's unbecoming to you.

    BTW, when are you going to let go of the blog rivalry? Kind of Wasillan, don't you think?

  126. Anonymous2:35 PM

    "What's my name biotch?"

    Sarah shaking and dripping with sweat: It's G G Gl Glen......

    "Now get off of me skank and make me a moose sandwich."

  127. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Anon (Brisdull?) at 12:54 said

    People need to ask themselves, "how would I feel if my mother were viciously attacked by anonymous people on a blog who don't know her."

    ...Just ask yourself the above question.

    Back atcha. How do you think Malia and Sasha Obama feel about their father not only being viciously attacked on blogs but on the mainstream news, receiving threats on his life, being impugned and misrepresented at all turns? And their mother being mocked--by a wannabe celebrity/ failed politician who doesn't "know" her--for encouraging children to make healthy eating and exercise choices?

    As far as MY mother being viciously attacked by people who don't know her...well, MY mother isn't running for any political office. MY mother was a virgin when she married my father and has never cheated on him. MY mother has never done drugs, never gotten drunk, never even smoked a cigarette. The only government money she has taken is social security, and she has never been remotely linked to any suspicious deaths. She has ample proof that she actually gave birth to all three of her children...all of whom have college degrees, none of whom has gotten knocked up as a teenager or been involved in vandalism or other brushes with the law.

    So if someone did find reason to viciously attack my mom, it would be easy to counter with the truth. Unfortunately, Sarah's kids don't have that option. And Sarah should never have placed them in the position of feeling like they have to defend the indefensible, aka her.

  128. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Gryphen, We know from Sarah's book, she had two miscarriages/abortions. Does anyone know when the second one happened in relationship to Sarah's affairs with Brad and her rehook up with Rice before Willow has born?

    Enjoy your blog.

  129. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I'm mainly a lurker and I don't post much, but this troll who keeps popping up to castigate us for "judging" and "lying" about poor little Sarah and her perfect little make me SICK!
    For 3 years now, at EVERY opportunity, Sarah Palin has lied, slandered, judged, and belittled ANYONE who doesn't agree with her, regardless of party. She sat her flat ass on Fox news and judged both Anthony Wiener AND Arnold Schwarzenegger, declaring that their extra-marital actions "spoke to their character." While most people would agree that Arnie and Anthony did bad things, the fact that this mentally crippled, morally bankrupt CHILD PIMPER, SLUT, LIAR, HORRIBLE MOTHER AND UNFAITHFUL WIFE AND GIRLFRIEND sits in judgment on others ,and then cries and whines when people discover she's not exactly the Virgin Mary herself, just makes her hypocrisy that much more insulting.
    You are a f'n idiot if you believe this stupid bitch is somehow more accomplished than our President when he has been a community organizer, a civil rights attorney, a state senator, a Constitutional Prof, and a US senator who YEAH - IS SO NAIVE AND INCOMPETENT THAT HE RAN A HISTORICAL GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN, DESTROYED THE CLINTON POLITICAL MACHINE AND PUT THE BEAT DOWN ON SARAH AND MCCAIN to become the first African-American President! And it has slowly but surely become clear that Sarah just can't handle the fact that she got her ASS WHUPPED BY A BEAUTIFUL BLACK MAN THAT NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT HER. Why do you think she hates Michelle when Michelle has NEVER done or said anything to her!
    You claim we fear her, well, yes, we did! We feared her ever getting her hands on the nuclear codes and having an opportunity to piss off other world leaders with her stupidity and belligerence. Her election to office would mean the end of our country. Do you doubt this? Then you underestimate both the fear and loathing other countries have had us for the last decade, as well as the disgust most of the planet feels that we would risk our lives and the lives of everyone on Earth by putting such an obvious psychotic ignoramus in any position of power.
    SARAH is the one who is AFRAID...and everyone knows it! Michelle Bachmann is crazy and stupid but at least she has the guts to stand on stage with the boys (without leopard print stilletos and a mini-skirt) and has the courage answer questions and to to refute their points...your stupid little tin goddess Sarah won't even take her stupid ass to a debate venue WITH HER OWN PARTY. Yet you idiots think that she will destroy Obama in a debate and that he is somehow losing sleep over this jobless retard. Jesus Christ you people depress me, but hey, keep sending her your money dipshits. Sarah needs a new house!

  130. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I and my husband are with you, Gryphen. We believe in your purpose and your integrity.

  131. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Thank you, Gryphen, for all of your dedication to this blog.

    I am more than a little bit surprised that the Palin supporters and MSM are OK with the idea of a one-night stand with a young athlete while working as a sports reporter. Regardless of his or her race it is just plain unethical on so many levels. Think about it. You are a 22-year old, young "professional" just starting out as a sportscaster. You are in a serious relationship with your boyfriend at the time (according to Going Rogue), and you decide, on a whim, to go and sleep with some guy from the basketball team. I don't know. I am very liberal and am not at all against premarital sex but that decision of hers was just plain irresponsible, disrespectful (to Todd and Glen), and indicative of something! Looking for Mr Goodbar comes to mind. Also, if there was one there's a hundred (as my father used to say). How many other one-night stands did Sarah engage in? How does this impact on her ability to lead the country? Wow! How does it NOT impact? Bad choices, no accountability, no honesty, and lots of hypocrisy.

    I realize that I am preaching to the choir but the whole thing is just mind-boggling. Next topic ... illegal drug use ...

  132. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Crosshairs Sarah - Godmother of 21st century mass marketing and mainstreaming of hate. History will not be kind to her.

  133. Teutonic133:27 PM

    Just imagine Chucky (looking like Rodney Dangerfield), in a dingy white, torn wife-beater tee shirt- wearing loosely fitting piss stained cotton briefs, that reveal Sparse tufts of white pubic hair jutting out at perverse angles.

    One shriveled nut hanging from a turkey- gobbler thread, partially exposed from the gap between his crusty shorts and his hairy thigh.

    That nasty image should make you less nervous, and more apt to squash him like the filthy cockroach he is.

    Get the picture? LOL

  134. It occurs to me that Sarah's old, white racist teabagging worshipers might find it just a tiny bit titillating that their fantasy girl has been "just a tiny bit slutty" in her life...

    (They do manage to turn everything around.)

    And I think an in-depth McCain book by McGinniss would be dynamite!

  135. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Sara is toast but the crazies she brought out from under the rock are still here and are going to end up running this country into a dominionist driven third world country while the super rich who are orchestrating the sham sit back and laugh as the inmates take over the asylum. That's why the MSM will NEVER actually knock Sara down. They need the stupid's to keep supporting her and the other batshit crazy pols so they can keep stealing and impoverishing us.

  136. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Just read that there is some revisionist history going on and now Sarah was checked out by a Doc in Seattle? Was that before or after being in the lounge reading a book, while Toad was chatting with some dude? I picked up Going Rogue for 99 cents at Borders. Gonna go check if this is in there, I'm sure it's NOT. Also, too who was that Doc or medical clinic? Gotta go make a JCAHO complaint for putting her on a plane while leaking amniotic fluid in her 7th pregnancy , high risk, carrying a DS fetus. Oh this just gets better and better every day!!!

  137. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Anonymous @ 1:53 said:
    "It's pretty interesting to me that in late 07/early 08, Sarah dealt specifically with individuals embroiled in some domestic problem. Recheck the emails. She's in talks with OCS a lot and speaks to that one girl in Anch.

    It's these little things that stand out. She may not have moved AK forward, other than giving residents oil money but there are many little things like this to be observed."

    Yes, what stands out to me is that it is so totally out of character for Sarah to give a shit about anyone that isn't useful to her that perhaps these emails might point to a time when she was "shopping" for a baby who would magically appear in early 2008.

  138. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Of course I'm with you, Gryphen! Just please please stay safe, and keep those close to you safe.

    Ignore 2:30. For all your dedication, hard work and "rill" patriotism, you deserve to pat yourself on the back & toot your own horn. If I ever had the honor of your company...well, I should keep those thoughts to myself.

  139. Crystal sage, to you I say WORD!!!

  140. laurareneah - I'd forgotten about Sarah's judgment on Anthony Weiner and Gov. Arnold. Thanks for the reminder!

  141. Anonymous4:19 PM

    McCain would never have finished his first term. Someone would have seen to it that he "accidently" tripped going down the first set of available steps. Whoopsie....

  142. Olivia4:20 PM

    100% with you Mr. G. You go!

  143. Gryphen, I love ya, dude!

  144. Anonymous5:02 PM

    11:14 The Palin family is NOT strong!! What a load of garbage you spew. They never were strong and united and thanks to Sarah they never will be!

    If you truly knew them, you would know how the kids are unhappy and unprepared for real adult lIfe. But you only know them through a phony looking glass. If you happen to BE one of them, you are fooling no one. The people around you think you are Selfish Sarah and don't care about your kids. You care about them but it's more foe what they can do for you.

    Anonymous fairy tale troll, you are perpetuating a myth about the Palins that is false. That only hurts them you know. If you really cared about the family you would not be making things up about them and putting them on a pedestal. The truth is all the kids are messed up and the marriage is a sham. Stop spreading lies and fairy tales.
    They are a fragile and dysfunctional family and the kids need help!!!! Why are you hurting them fairy tale troll. You aren't helping them.

  145. Anonymous5:15 PM

    I have no problem with you making this list, Gryph, and checking it twice. You deserve all you deserve. You have a special niche in the Center for Palin Disease Control, the hard way, as you are on the front lines in Alaska, take it in the chops and you refresh this site daily with multiple posts. And you are a terrific, imaginative writer.


    I kept waiting as I scrolled down the list for you to give props to ALL of the other anti-Palin bloggers, large and small, with us and demised, who also did a lot of heavy lifting. Lifting that benefited you directly and indirectly.

    Just imagine this: that you were the ONLY such blogger from Sept 1, 2008 forward. Do you really think you would have accomplished all you have without all of the cross pollination from the other bloggers? All of the posters here and on other sites that came up with solid leads, by process of elimination or intense, unheralded research? They too, deserve accolades and you should mention them in your list.

    We are all sucking each other's bus vapors and egging each other on.

    As "marbelous" as you are, you could not have accomplished all you have without these unattributed minions.


  146. Anonymous5:15 PM

    You and the other Alaskan bloggers have done us and the world a great service.
    M from MD

  147. Sweet anny5:27 PM

    I don't know for sure how long I've been coming here, and cannot begin to guess how many I've referred here.

    Like many, this is my first stop for news.

    I've leaned a lot from this site, and the others on the blogroll.

    I don't know what I could possibly add to all the affirmative comments that I've made and read from others here.

    If a person does not use plastic or paypal is there a PO box or some other way to show support?

    I would let that speak for itself.

  148. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Thank you very much, Gryphen.

  149. Anonymous5:34 PM

    3:18 - You bring up a very interesting point: if there was one there's a hundred. Reportedly, Sarah freaked out because she "fucked a black man". Not because she cheated on Todd. Just saying if it was me, and it was an isolated incident, I'd be more concerned about destroying my relationship than the race of the guy I did it with.

    On the other hand, perhaps Todd & Sarah were far more liberal (or "librul", as the TP'ers say), and it was only Glen's race that would've destroyed their relationship.

  150. Better late than never...

    Anonymous @ 10:13 AM, about John McCain, read the October 16, 2008 Rolling Stone article by Tim Dickinson. It's an eye-opener, all right. He's as disgusting as his distaff running mate.

  151. Anonymous6:38 PM


    Though one shade the more, one ray the less might impair you near perfect portrait might I suggest leaning him against the door frame and slurring,'Good gurls sleeps nekkid.'

  152. Anonymous6:39 PM


    Though one shade the more, one ray the less might impair your near perfect portrait might I suggest leaning him against the door frame and slurring,'Good gurls sleeps nekkid.'

  153. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Hear, hear!

    For the race is not always given to the swift ~ but to he who perseveres.

    Put the champagne on chill . . .


  154. Anonymous7:54 PM

    re Anon 10:13 comments on John McCain:

    More information is good, but in the mean time you should check out current documentation such as the Robert Timberg's "Nightengale"s Song" that covers the Military careers of McCain, Webb, Poindexter, and Oliver North.

    Critical thinking is required.

    If we do not study history, we are destined to repeat history.

  155. Anonymous8:51 PM

    5:34, in which case they were Librul only up to a point.

  156. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Anonymous @2:30PM here:

    Anonymous @4:00PM said,

    "Ignore 2:30. For all your dedication, hard work and "rill" patriotism, you deserve to pat yourself on the back & toot your own horn. If I ever had the honor of your company...well, I should keep those thoughts to myself."


    I'm one of those devoted supporters I referred to: I've been reading IM since, well, it seems like the Stone Age, and Gryphen's "hard work and 'rill' patriotism"--admirably--stand on their own, without the need for solicited plaudits. I just think the time has come to bury the hatchet, recognize that the various anti-Palin blogs have been working from the same page but in different arenas, and move on. There's a lot at stake beyond festering intra-blog rivalries right now. What's wrong with that?

  157. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Gryphen, The latest revisionist history of the Wild Ride is pure hooey, as we say here in Texas.

    Sarah didn't leave the Seattle airport to go to any hospital. She was observed in the lounge sitting quietly and reading. Remember that email in the first MSNBC FOIA request back in 2009? It was from a family friend congratulating them on the birth of Trig. The friend happened to be at the Seattle airport. In the email, this friend wrote that he had no idea Sarah was in labor because she was sitting so quietly and calmly. Yeah, I remember how quiet and calm I was when I was in labor.

    Frankly, it makes no sense that she would seek a doctor in Seattle. In fact, I think this is just a big LIE in an attempt to get in front of this story. In Dallas, after leaking amniotic fluid for over 8 hours (started at 4am, with speech at 1pm) plus "big laughs, bigger contractions," (her words in Going Rogue) Sarah didn't see fit to hustle over to Baylor to get checked out. Why in Seattle, when all is so wonderfully calm?

  158. Anonymous9:42 PM

    1:13, if you are referring to the brake line incident, that happened in another school district and Track had no involvement. Eagle River? All Track and his buddies did was deflate tires.

  159. Anonymous4:07 AM

    I hate to say this, but Katie Couric did not contribute to Sarah Palin's unveiling as a nincompoop. Not intentionally, anyway. If anything, she asked her softball questions, she gave her yet another opportunity to clarify the Russia proximity thing, she was polite and gracious (the opposite of someone like, say, Bill Reilly).

    The only reason I bring this up is because the bots constantly accuse Couric of intentionally sabatoging Palin. That simply was not the case. Sarah Palin sabotoged Sarah Palin.

  160. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Crystal Sage said..."It's not over until we help root out the sick and twisted people who are trying to steer America towards a theocracy."

    We also need to change the conditions that make such people be considered as plausible candidates in the first place. And by that, I mean the fact that too many people are resigned to hierarchical systems where the only real power is at the top - as opposed to democratic, caring societies. To paraphrase the Prime Minister of Norway, the answer to violence (or in our case, what is obviously a deliberate intention to create chaotic violence in America), is even more democracy.

    Register more people to vote. Demand more government transparency. Get your fellow citizens engaged in making a real difference in their own communities. In short, bring back power to the people, not the slick politicians who will say anything to get and to hold onto power.

  161. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Gryphen, you moderated my comment! I was answering the poster who accused you of being "Wassilan" and fomenting inter-blog conflict and competition!

    Well, I think I know why. It's 'cause I indicated that I knew where it was coming from.

    Don't think Gryphen doesn't try to keep the cross-blog sniping down, people, because he sure didn't let me get away with it, haha!

    Love you, Jesse G.


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