Sunday, September 18, 2011

President Obama's American Jobs Act will help modernize schools. Because to SOME people schools still matter.

I thought this might give you a lift this Sunday morning as well.

(Image courtesy of The Obama Diary.)


  1. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Thanks for this post. I hope things can get better.

  2. Dear Gryphen --
    You really need to get Disqus so there can be a dialogue in your Comments.

    How hard is it to do this?

  3. Anonymous5:08 AM

    O/T but the c4per's are now saying Sarah will declare on the Feast of St. Jerome Day. I personally think it will be Rosh Hashanah or World Animal Day, or Columbus Day, or Dia de la Razo (probably not). No wait,I've got it Halloween!

  4. Anonymous5:23 AM

    What a terrifically uplifting way to start my morning, Gryphen, thank you so much for posting this.

    The look of utter joy on those children's faces is so heartening to see.

    Children have an amazing natural radar, from birth, to know who they feel safe with. President Obama is like a magnet for all that is good and right about human beings. He is truly a rare being of not often seen quality and integrity. I just overflow with pride that I got to be a part of electing this gentle, trustworthy, committed public servant.

  5. Anonymous5:28 AM

    David Axelrod:

    Public polling released this week makes clear that Americans strongly agree with the President’s plan to create jobs and provide economic security for the middle class and believe that leaders in both parties should move quickly to pass the American Jobs Act.

    Members of the media have focused on the President’s approval ratings as if they existed in a black box. Following the intransigence of the Republicans during the debt debate, the approval rating of the GOP brand dropped to a historic low. The approval rating of Congress dropped to a near historic low. Americans are still dealing with the impact of the financial crisis and recession and the long-term economic trends that have seen wages stagnate for many, and that is manifested in their anger towards Washington. There’s no doubt that Americans are calling on leaders in Washington to take immediate action to address their economic challenges – exactly what the President is advocating for.

    According to a CNN poll released on Wednesday, a plurality of Americans approve of the President’s jobs plan. Two thirds believe we should cut taxes for the middle class and rebuild America’s roads and bridges. Three quarters believe we need to put our teachers and first responders back to work. More Americans trust the President to handle the economy than Congressional Republicans by a margin of 9 points.

    Despite what you hear in elite commentary, the President’s support among base voters and in key demographic groups has stayed strong. According to the latest NBC-WSJ poll, Democrats approve of his performance by an 81%-14% margin. That’s stronger than President Clinton’s support among Democrats at this point in his term and, according to Gallup, stronger than any Democratic President dating back to Harry Truman through this point in their presidency. 92 percent of African Americans approve. And a PPP poll out this week showed the President winning 67 percent of Hispanics against Romney and 70 percent against Perry, a higher percentage than he captured against Senator McCain in 2008.

    The base is mobilized behind the President. 12,000 individuals applied to join the campaign as volunteer summer fellows, more than in 2008. 1,100 students across the country are organizing their campuses in support of the campaign as fellows this fall. We had 552,462 individuals give to the campaign in the second quarter — more than we had in all of 2007. Of our 552,462 total donors to the 2012 campaign so far, more than 260,000 of them are completely new to the Obama organization and have never given before.

    The Republicans have yet to choose a nominee, and therefore, most Americans have yet to learn much about their records or visions for the country. Their candidates are busy courting the Tea Party, signing off on any economic pledge it might demand – no revenue increases under any circumstances, ending Medicare as we know it, draconian cuts that will hamper job creation. And Americans are increasingly rejecting the Tea Party’s agenda and its ideological rigidity – following the debt negotiations, an AP poll found the Tea Party’s approval rating sinking to 28-46. When Americans learn the details of the Republican candidates’ plans, the choice about America’s future will come into clear view.

  6. Anonymous5:30 AM

    The way that people respond to Barack is just so awesome!

  7. Anonymous5:33 AM

    I love how he just keeps 'getting the job done' no matter what the talking heads and the nasty naysayers have to say.

  8. Anonymous6:00 AM

    About a month ago, Warren Buffett, the chairman and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway, made a strong case in support of raising taxes on those who enjoy enormous wealth. He noted, among other things, that he has a lower tax burden, as a percentage of his income, than anyone in his office. Millionaires and billionaires, Buffett said, “have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress. It’s time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice.”

    It looks President Obama is inclined to agree.

    President Obama on Monday will call for a new minimum tax rate for individuals making more than $1 million a year to ensure that they pay at least the same percentage of their earnings as middle-income taxpayers, according to administration officials.

    With a special joint Congressional committee starting work to reach a bipartisan budget deal by late November, the proposal adds a new and populist feature to Mr. Obama’s effort to raise the political pressure on Republicans to agree to higher revenues from the wealthy in return for Democrats’ support of future cuts from Medicare and Medicaid.

    Mr. Obama, in a bit of political salesmanship, will call his proposal the “Buffett Rule.”

  9. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Obama's 'Jewish problem'

    ...It’s worth remembering that this exact same narrative emerged in 2008. Here is a NY Times article from May 22, 2008, with the headline “As Obama Heads to Florida, Many of Its Jews Have Doubts.” (The article also falsely asserted—without citing evidence—that Jews were generally “drifting to the right.” See my old post documenting that the percentage of Jews voting Democratic has increased over time. As Jon Cohen points out, Obama did as well or better among Jewish voters than did Clinton or Kerry.)

    So why won’t this meme die? In general, intra-party strife is newsworthy, as I’ve noted before. It’s not interesting when evangelical Christians dislike Obama. But when the base, including most Jewish voters, is “angry” or “demobilized”—no matter how weak the evidence—a thousand stories are spawned.

  10. Anonymous6:10 AM

    It’s quite a challenge for the House majority. On the one hand, they want to undercut the president, reject his relatively popular plan, undermine public confidence in political institutions, and hold the economy back until 2013. On the other hand, they don’t want to look like they’re doing any of this. Indeed, they’re being awfully polite, perhaps mindful of the public’s revulsion towards Capitol Hill lately.

    So what are we left with? Republicans are largely on board with most of the president’s tax-cut plans. But that’s about it. Aid to state and local governments to prevent layoffs to teachers, police officers, and firefighters? Republicans find this unacceptable, despite strong public support. Funding for school construction and repair? Republicans find this unacceptable, too. In fact, the memo suggested this isn’t even an area the party considers open to negotiation.

    And, of course, the GOP refuses to consider tax increases on anyone at any time to pay for anything.


  11. Anonymous6:15 AM

    This is a great president we have in spite of what the micreant dung eating republicans say.Our job as Americans is to get this fine man 4 more years.Git r dun.

  12. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Love it, love it, love it, Gryphen. Let's all get ready to work tirelessly to re-elect this worthy man. Never has it been more crucial to keep the right person in the White House.

  13. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Anonymous said...
    O/T but the c4per's are now saying Sarah will declare on the Feast of St. Jerome Day. I personally think it will be Rosh Hashanah or World Animal Day, or Columbus Day, or Dia de la Razo (probably not). No wait,I've got it Halloween!

    5:08 AM


    Thanks for your post ! It got me thinking and I Googled Weird Holidays. Here are a couple more possibilities sarah might choose to declare her run for President:

    October 22 is National Nut Day - This day honors all of the nutty people in the world. It gives recognition to all the kooks, loony birds and daffy people in your life. Show them you care today.


    October 24 is National Bologna Day - because we all know sarah is full of Baloney !

    and the best one;

    October 27 - National Tell a Story Day - Tell a Story Day celebrates story-telling of all kinds. It doesn't matter if its fiction or non-fiction, a tall tale, or folk lore. Today is a day to tell 'em all ! And sarah has told some wild ones !!

  14. Anonymous6:46 AM

    It is amazing how the media is playing up the Obama weak narrative, whilst the people say something different.

    There are many who have contacted their reps, yet the media claims not many,because it does not fit their pockets.

    Let us write/call/tweet etc and tell the MSM we are turning them off because of the lopsided coverage. I already have.

    Please contact your reps if you have not done so and ask them to pass the President's jobs bill. Let us help those who need it most.

  15. Anonymous6:48 AM

    We need to keep this amazing man in office for a second term. Anyone else in the running just can't compare.

    Gryphen, I second Barbara Carlson's suggestion. Comments & replies to comments would be much easier to post. Thanks.

  16. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Thanks for that Gryphen. Your great !

  17. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Anonymous said...

    O/T but the c4per's are now saying Sarah will declare on the Feast of St. Jerome Day. I personally think it will be Rosh Hashanah or World Animal Day, or Columbus Day, or Dia de la Razo (probably not). No wait,I've got it Halloween!

    5:08 AM
    She'll wait for April Fool's Day!

  18. Anonymous6:57 AM

    In the GOP world

    Education has become a bad thing

    Taking care of our senior citizens has become a bad thing

    Minimum wage is now the cause of
    all evils

    Taking care of roads and bridges is too "socialist"

    Work benefits for those in the middleclas is the cause of the economic collapse

    Why anyone can vote republican is beyond me. And since I do know we have many conservatives as regular readers I would like to ask them how they can support a party platform like this?

  19. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Thanks for the great photo.

  20. What a wonderful picture! That's just how I feel about him too.

  21. Anonymous7:10 AM

    I love that picture of the little boy hugging the Prez. You can see how kids really, really, love the President.

  22. Anne In DC7:11 AM

    I wholeheartedly support the American Jobs Act because in addition to providing badly needed jobs, it would also serve the purpose of modernizing schools as well as infrastructure.

    Unfortunately, the do-nothing Republicans in Congress and among the potential presidential nominees are content to wage cultural wars that are a waste of time, energy, and money since they interfere with this country's ability to address 21st century issues.

    I will also be doing everything in my power to ensure that our president is re-elected in 2012, as well as contributing to the efforts to oust do-nothing Republicans and their cowardly Democratic enablers from Congress.

  23. Anonymous7:42 AM

    In case anyone may have missed it, or is having difficulty locating it, here is the latest for our glorious Anon238 poster with some juicy new stuff from the Palin klan. Looks like Willow is revving up for some trouble and the one that really made me squeal...Todd DID NOT know about Sarah's little pre-marriage fling with the black basketball player...seems he's pretty PISSED and threatening DNA tests...ok, gotta go and get me some more popcorn, this week is gonna be a DOUZY!

    'Hello all. I'm finally home and couldn't be more thrilled. I'm re-acclimating, finishing some things for work, unpacking, and so on. Very much looking forward to collaborating with Gryphen this coming week.

    I just wanted to drop a few notes because SO much has been going on. Sarah is in an acutely manic state and I think her mind must be like a pressure cooker these days. Todd did NOT know about the Rice incident and Sarah had no idea it would ever come up again. (hardy har har, I said "come up again" ;)

    Anyway, Todd is PISSED. Way more so at Sarah than Joe. Todd also was not at all pleased with the "statement" Sarah's team put out. (penned by Rebecca Mansour) They didn't even run it by Todd before sending it out. He was very angry, saying not only did it not sound like him at all, but that all people were going to get out of it is "I make my wife mow the lawn".

    Much more to say on these issues about what is and will be coming out in books and other avenues, but that's for another day.

    One thing I just found out over the weekend--I was asking my person from Sarah's circle why the hell I'd heard about Willow tooling around in a seventy thousand dollar SUV. Last I knew, Sarah and Todd were determined not to have another PR fiasco courtesy of Willow and were really trying to toe the line with her...including telling her she needed to get a job if she wanted a car. They said if she saved a certain percentage they would foot the rest. (I guess that's "toeing the line" in the land of Palin)

    Well miss Willow decided to play dirty, probably because that's all she sees everyone else in her family doing. She basically demanded the use of her vehicle of choice "or else". Todd called her bluff--"or else what?"

    Turns out Willow came up with a pretty grown up threat. "I bet lots of people would be interested to hear whose purse I really found an ultrasound picture in".

    I think Bristol's Trig pregnancy might have been "outed" very late, and by Willow who was snooping through Bristol's purse.

    Have a great night, everyone. More (oh so much more, thank you Mr. McGinnis) soon.'

  24. AnneinDC@7.11a - RIGHT ON!

    And I assume Gryphen doesn't want to get Discus because he's - rightly - afraid of the grotesque comments that would come on the comment section. It really is too bad because it would help conversation.


  25. Anonymous7:49 AM

    "...tougher than the times we live in."

    Man, that sentiment is so universally applicable...very inspirational.

  26. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Mr. Gryphen,

    While I completely respect your blog and whatever it is that you choose to post or include, I must voice a very strong protest of that Palin panty sniffer you have on the blogroll, Leaddog Alaska. It is quite odd that you would support this kind of C4P style writer who is heartbroken about Palin's quitting her job. I found myself pretty sick to my stomach reading this tripe and finding it associated with your blog, so I respectfully ask why you would promote this site and how can you justify this deluded blogger as being a part of your blogroll. For me, it runs counterproductive to what you have worked so hard to do in educating and opening the minds of those who have been ignorant to Sarah's misdeeds and lies. Is it supposed to be snark or a joke? Because it sounds to me like this person is in major grief and that is just really sick. So, when you have a moment, can you please address this...I'm not the first one to notice and mention it, and I don't suspect I'll be the last. It's downright disturbing to say the least.

    Thank you, I really value your blog and was shocked to find this.

  27. His speech in NC the other night where he addressed the jobs act in terms of what it can do to improve/advance the infrastructure of this country, including schools (new or refurbished) really got me heated up/inspired. I went to that night and posted a comment and the next day I faxed and emailed my senators and representatives in my state to PASS THE JOBS ACT NOW! I wish everyone would do the same. Let us make our voices heard. I so would like to see our schools improved and I would dearly love to see improved train tracks, more routes, and high-speed trains with Wi-Fi where possible in this big country!

  28. Anonymous8:20 AM

    We can get behind Obama right now and contact Congresscritters and tell them to pass the Jobs Act NOW!

    President Obama has asked us to do this but I've read that not many of us are doing so.

    Gryphen, can you add an update to get us on the phone and writing email or snail mail?

  29. Anonymous8:26 AM

    For 6:08am

    ‘the jews aren’t going anywhere’

  30. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Just about any policy question is a brain buster for Palin, but she is smart enough to know that if she ever did face the scrutiny of a presidential campaign she would be exposed as having about as much substance as Kim and Khloe and Kourtney and all the bubbleheads around them.

    I haven't read Joe McGinniss' book, Thursday on the "Today" show, McGinniss called Palin a hypocrite and a fraud.

    Palin has gotten rich calling President Obama names, and getting suckers to believe she has solutions to the problems he and the country face. Now somebody is calling her names. What goes around comes around.

    Read more:

  31. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Do NOT miss this posted article, it is STUNNING!

  32. Sally in MI8:38 AM

    Can you imagine any other President, from Washington to Lincoln (well, maybe Abe and Clinton!) to FDR to Kennedy to Reagan, being hugged that way by a child? I can't even see Kennedy allowing Caroline to hug him and dragging her along like that. Bush would have had his bodyguards keep the children 10 feet away so he didn't catch anything! This man is a Pied Piper for kids, and that tells me a lot about his heart and soul. He deserves another term, and we have to make sure he gets it. Our nation's soul is at stake here.

  33. Anonymous8:39 AM

    This article is so right on!

    The Imminent Overness of Sarah Palin

    ...Similarly, the extended wallow we're just diving into around the release of Joe McGinniss's brutal takedown, The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, should at last burn people out on this morals-free harridan.

    Just as Dan Quayle's introduction to the nation was immediately marred by the focus on his avoidance of Vietnam, Palin's was accompanied by widespread speculation about whether she was actually the mother of the child she claimed to have recently birthed, or whether the whole thing was a stunt designed to hide the fact that her daughter Bristol was an unwed 18-year-old mom. The point of that whole bizarre kerfuffle was that this woman whom most people had never heard of days earlier instantly gave off such a viscerally negative vibe that a large portion of the population was willing to believe her capable of such a grotesquely brazen deception. How laughable it is from this vantage point to imagine this "Snowbilly Grifter" -- as Wonkette so sublimely dubbed her -- being embarrassed enough by such a trivial transgression to go to the trouble of hiding it. (And, of course, the delightful proof that the child was, in fact, Sarah's was that Bristol was already expecting her own Tripp before Trig was born. So there, Andrew Sullivan.)

    Always more a trashy reality star than a serious politician, her entire platform was Nixonian umbrage, but the Sarah Palin Show had something for everyone. The dismayingly expanding lunatic "fringe" identified with her braying rage, while the rest of us were simultaneously fascinated and repelled by her relentlessly deceitful jabbering. Even in politics, it was rare to find someone with such a compulsive contempt for the truth. But the act is stale. We're sick of it. And now we have new shows, starring new loons.


    So we don't need Sarah Palin anymore. After three years of overexposure to her tawdry toxicity, we know her too well, and our remaining schadenfreudal needs will more than be met by the cornucopia of damning nuggets Joe McGinniss has unearthed. He'll be gleefully sharing them all over the place over the next couple of weeks -- with Piers Morgan, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher and lots more -- just as the question of whether or not she's going to run for president is finally going to have to be answered. The only surprise she could still have in her would be to say yes.

    Not that she's about to disappear. For the next year she'll be blithering away about the campaign with all the other Fox fools. She'll be there "analyzing" Election Night results along with O'Reilly, Van Susteren, Hannity, and, one hopes, that consummate doofus Doocy. But that will kind of be that. We're bored with stupid and lazy now, and we're moving on to stupid and crazy.

  34. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Lindsey Graham sure does sound confident about 2012.

    South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says the 2012 presidential election is the GOP’s to lose.

    “President Obama has done everything he knows how to do to beat himself,” Graham said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “The reason people have little conference in President Obama’s policies is they’re just not working. Everything is worse.”

    Now, as I recall, Graham’s record of election predictions isn’t exactly sterling. A week before the 2008 election, Graham was in North Carolina touting John McCain’s chances. “[McCain] fits North Carolina like a glove…. I’ll beat Michael Phelps in swimming before Barack Obama wins North Carolina.”

    A week later, Obama won North Carolina. Michael Phelps was unavailable for comment.

    The senator’s track record notwithstanding, I still think Republicans are making a mistake with this “everything is worse” nonsense. Sure, Graham’s a hack, more concerned with cheap shots than telling the public the truth, but he should nevertheless realize he’s making the wrong argument.

    “Everything is worse”? That might make more sense were it not for the fact that:

    * American job creation is better now than when Bush left office.

    * American economic growth is better now than when Bush left office.

    * Al Qaeda is dramatically weaker now than when Bush left office.

    * The American automotive industry is vastly stronger now than when Bush left office.

    * The struggle for equality of the LGBT community is vastly better now than when Bush left office.

    * The U.S. health care system is better and more accessible than when Bush left office.

    * The federal budget deficit is better now than when Bush left office.

    * The major Wall Street indexes and corporate profits are better now than when Bush left office.

    * International respect for the United States is better now than when Bush left office.

    Want to try that again, Lindsey?

    Whether Graham realizes it or not, he and his cohorts are inadvertently making President Obama’s pitch to voters significantly easier.


  35. Anonymous8:50 AM

    RE: the Jewish mem...the reason why this is popping up is because of the loss of Anthony Weiner's seat. It's a heavily Jewish district and at least one Democratic voter was quoted as saying that he was voting AGAINST the democrat because the Democrat supported Obama's policies...

    Now, I grew up in this area -- not in Queens, but in the New York area and my parents are from Queens and everyone I knows parents are from Queens -- but I have to say, you've never met a racist until you've met a New York racist. The Italian-American population from this area is the most racist group of people you could ever imagine (I'm Italian American, btw.) The younger generation isn't so bad but the old people...ugh...they HATE black people...HATE HATE HATE...I think that view has been ignored.

  36. Off topic, but:

    Nancy French on Co-Writing Memoir With Bristol Palin

  37. Anonymous9:16 AM

    OT For those of you guessing when Sarah will declare her candidacy, I think that she is waiting to see what the political fallout is going to be over "The Rogue" by Joe McGinniss.

    So far, we have been treated to some sexy leaked tidbits. I am waiting to read Gryphen's report, which will probably be more accurate than the pass that the MSM is giving to their ratings darling.

    I am interested in some of the less sensational excepts that have been leaked, such as Chuck Heath forming a violent mob to support his good friend, the school principal who should have been more responsive to the reports of the third teacher sexually abusing children.

    Sexual abuse is a crime, and when people ignore it, they are aiding and abetting that crime. Look at how the Catholic Church is paying now for ignoring all of those reports of child abuse. The fact that Chuck Heath organized an angry mob seems have left an impression on his daughter, Sarah, who is just as good at organizing a mob which threatens violence.

    Sarah declaring a candidacy? She has a small, unprofessional staff. She does not have ground operations in key primary states. She is thin skinned and reacts too quickly, issuing that emotional rant that Todd was supposed to have written. All it does is make me wonder why Sarah mows the lawn instead of Todd or Track.

    Chuck Heath is the one who told us that Sarah doesn't make her own decisions. I think that the Big Boys who once thought that Sarah was going to be their puppet are rethinking a rogue candidate who cannot control her emotional outbursts. She's waiting to hear what they decide. Sarah is just enough of a rogue to do what she wants instead of what is politically practical.

    Sarah would run out of spite. However, (Hi, Sarah!) if she does run, she will lose, and that will not be a good thing for her. But, Sarah never thinks three moves ahead. She just reacts emotionally. Go ahead and run, Sarah, we can all use a good laugh.

  38. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Disqus would be great! Easier for Gryphen too. However, I can see the wisdom in moderating this blog. After all, IM is the blog, that "you know who" (and her troops) reads/comments on every waking hour. - it could become an off-track mess - imo. I would like a "like" button. Enjoy and appreciate so many poster's comments.

  39. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Whut? Us rill Muricans dont need no edication!


    a lowal Teebegger

  40. That's MY President!

  41. Anonymous10:00 AM

    You're a mean SOB Gryphen!

    The world just found out that Sarah Palin had / has a fetish for tall African Americans ballers who love to bang the boards on and off the court and how she secretly cheated on her boyfriend "Have You Seen Todd Palin" and now you start off the week talking about the forbidden fruit Sarah can't get her lips wrapped around... Obama.

    You the man Gryp!

    With a wink of her wonky eye and a playful whipping in and out of her slimy forked snake like tongue, Sarah Palin thought she could get the attention of heart throb Senator Barack Obama.

    The Senator is married to a beautiful woman and would not give Sarah the time of day which infuriated Sarah because no baller has ever refused her and now we know how the Glenn Close - Fatal Attraction love hate psycho passion Sarah Palin has for Obama started.

    The world laughed at how the momma grizzly Sarah Palin portrayed herself as the All American Brady Bunch mother who raised a combat vet, did not abort a DS baby, proud mother of a tiny graceful ballerina dancer with great work ethics, the mother of a daughter who fights for Gay rights, a mother who proudly had a photo op with her 9 year daughter who for some reason is just now learning her additions on flash cards then it is finally revealed that Sarah Palin was really a coke sniffing whore banging strangers she just met - Todd's friends - business partners and neighbors while leaving her kids to fend for themselves while she sells her wedding ring for a dime bag.

    What a way for Sarah Palin to wake up this beautiful morning and having to read about President Obama's accomplishments in The Immoral Minority.

    Pass the straw and needle, it's time for the barracuda to drift back into her own little self medicated world.

  42. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Want a Real Economic Stimulus and Jobs Plan? Forgive Student Loan Debt!

    By Robert Applebaum (Contact)

    To be delivered to: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate and President Barack Obama

    Forgiving the student loan debt of all Americans will have an immediate stimulative effect on our economy. With the stroke of the President's pen, millions of Americans would suddenly have hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of extra dollars in their pockets each and every month with which to spend on ailing sectors of the economy. As consumer spending increases, businesses will begin to hire, jobs will be created and a new era of innovation, entrepreneurship and prosperity will be ushered in for all. A rising tide does, in fact, lift all boats - forgiving student loan debt, rather than tax cuts for corporations, millionaires and billionaires, has a MUCH greater chance of helping to rise that tide in a MUCH shorter time-frame. The future economic success of this country is wholly dependent upon a well-educated, prosperous middle class. Instead of saddling entire generations with debt from which there is no escape, let's empower the American people to grow this economy on their own!

    Therefore, we, the undersigned, strongly encourage Congress and the President to support H. Res 365, introduced by Rep. Hansen Clarke (D-MI), seeking student loan forgiveness as a means of economic stimulus.

    For over 30 years, the rich have gotten richer, the poor have gotten poorer, and the middle class is slowly but surely being squeezed out of existence. Instead of more of the same corporate welfare/"trickle-down" economics that have been an abysmal failure for the middle class, why not try a trickle-up approach to rebuilding our economy by targeting relief at those most likely to actually help grow the economy?

    We need 275,000 signatures
    There are currently 270,690 signatures

  43. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I absolutely loves photos of our President Obama with children. They love him!!! And, that should tell Americans something.

    He has my vote again.

  44. Anonymous11:43 AM

    My favorite photographs of the President are those he takes with children. They clearly adore him and he obviously loves being around them.

    That's a man with a BIG heart!

  45. Anonymous11:45 AM

    For anyone who wants a quick and easy way to contact your representatives and urge them to support the jobs bill, here's a link. It automatically sends the message to your Congressman/woman and both Senators and even provides a pre-written message (although I would encourage writing your own).

  46. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Personally, I read IM first and the most frequently. The blogs with the back and forth or comment stuff, such as Disqus have too much personal stuff etc. and time doesn't permit me all that "trivial" though for many "entertaining" dialogue reading.

    Just my 2 cents worth but I fiercely hope you don't change anything on your blog, Gryphen.

  47. Anonymous1:40 PM

    The blogs with the back and forth or comment stuff, such as Disqus have too much personal stuff etc. and time doesn't permit me all that "trivial" though for many "entertaining" dialogue reading.

    Just my 2 cents worth but I fiercely hope you don't change anything on your blog, Gryphen.

    11:55 AM

    I agree; it turns the discussion into a clique, and that is one thing that became a turn off on another blog. Plus, newer interesting points get lost when everyone is commenting on one person's post.

    Thanks Gryphen!

    P.S. Barbara Carlson, your "you really need to..." is rude and pompous.

  48. Anonymous1:42 PM

    He truly is "The only adult in the room". The republicans are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. They've played the "obstinate child" card, refusing anything the President proposes, simply because they want so desperetely to see him fail.
    He's taking their own talking points, and using them to prove to the world, that the President genuinely cares more about the poor, the elderly, the uneducated and undereducated more than his position as President.

    Of course the polls are wrong, they're for strippers, skiers, and washed out has been half term governor's chances at holding any office.

    Obama is a man of grace, humility, and steadiness. Great qualities for a leader.

    OT. Has anyone read, heard, or seen in the news, anything at all about the "hacked" fox site that announced the death of President Obama? Did I miss something?

    Thanks in advance if anyone can update me on it.

  49. Anonymous8:00 PM

    I love that image!

    "And a child shall lead them . . ."


  50. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Kathy Griffin On The Sarah Palin, Glen Rice Sex Rumor


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