Thursday, October 20, 2011

"I Am Not Moving!" Powerful short film by the Occupy Wall Street folks.

I think that this should put to rest the idea that the OWS protestors are made up of left wing pro-Obama supporters.  Their anger and frustration is directed at ALL of the people who did nothing to stop this financial crisis and allowed the banks and corporations to victimize hardworking Americas with virtually no consequences whatsoever.

And yes the response by the law enforcement community, at many times, has been shameful.

(If video does not play try clicking here.)


  1. WakeUpAmerica3:45 AM

    Wow! That's a very powerful film. I hope it goes viral. I will do my best to pass it on.

  2. Anonymous4:25 AM

    But there's evidence that the Occupy Wall Street movement is actually starting to change this, and that the media is starting to pay attention.

    I'll direct your attention to some sharp work by Zaid Jelani over at Think Progress, who did a spotlight survey of two months worth of cable news coverage looking for what subjects dominated the airwaves. He begins in July 2011, where "the word 'debt' was mentioned more than 7,000 times on MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News, and 'unemployed' was only mentioned 75 times."

  3. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Everything The Media Told You About Occupy Wall Street Is Wrong

    Based on my observations, here's what I consider the Top Ten Myths About Occupy Wall Street.

    Myth #1. The Movement Is Violent.

  4. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Reports that Khaddafy has been injured or killed now coming out. US gov trying to confirm.

  5. This is a very powerful video. There is a disconnect between what is happening at OWS and between what our country supposedly stands for. I don't know what the end game is for OWS, but at some point I think the President and Congress need to address some of the OWS issues.

  6. Visited Chicago over the weekend and attended the rally Saturday night in front of the Federal Reserve Bank. I was so impressed and proud of my fellow citizens. The mainstream media will do its best to present this movement in its traditional left vs. right paradigm, because that is all they understand. That's not what this is about. Traditional Liberal institutions sold their souls for a place a the corporate trough long ago. While they will certainly try, I hope they are unable to co-opt this movement. If Tea Partiers had any sense or were anything other than shills running interference for corporate America, they'd join with the OWS protesters. They had many of the same complaints, at least initially. Whatever happens, the establishment is circling the wagons. They are frightened and it's great to see.

  7. Randall6:39 AM

    But... but...

    Bill O'Reilly and John Stossel said the OWS people are just a bunch of loons that don't even have a coherent message.

  8. Not What You Want To Hear7:09 AM

    Man, that gave me chills. And hope. I think there is something inevitable about the OWS movement, no matter how many befuddled pundits are trying to identify it's "brand." (By the way, their efforts to attach a "brand" to an anti-corporate greed movement is really annoying the fuck out of me. OWS is a movement, not a company; protestors are citizens; not consumers or shareholders!I didn't hear these people asking what the Arab Spring "Brand" was!!!)

  9. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Thanks Gryph for putting this up. Pay close attention to how our own government responds to "We The People." The media can't spin it this time, too many people are going to seek the truth for themselves. A New Age of Enlightenment is upon us, and if we hold together as a people Congress will no longer be writing the laws brought to them by the lobbyists. We may see the rule of law prevail, and Attorney Generals do more than slap fines on the offenders. Nassim Taleb, author of "The Black Swan", did a most excellent interview on OWS. He explains why the people have every reason to be pissed, and how banks and corporations are using the government to funnel the money up to salaries and bonuses in the trillions. It's on you-tube.

  10. Anonymous4:20 PM


  11. Anonymous5:12 PM

    There isn't a word that expresses the power of that piece.

    And asshats like Cantor have the audacity to show scorn, concern and self righteous indignation at the "angry mobs", after supporting the inane depravity we've seen with the Tea Party for over three years, as he remained silent.

  12. Not What You Want To Hear4:35 AM

    I believe that OWS is only going to grow, and as it does, the public and the media will focus more and more on issues like money in politics and how so many parasitical financial institutions are extracting the life out of our economy. I just feel there's something different this time. The conversation is finally starting to focus on where it should.


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