Thursday, October 27, 2011

Progressive Democrats deliver 30,000 petitions of support for the 99% percent to Speaker Boehner's office, only to find that he will not allow access.

I cannot say I am at all surprised to see the John Boehner chooses to hide behind his female aides rather than to come out and face the people who he is supposed  to be representing. Lately it seems that the color that best represents the Republicans is not red, it's yellow.

You can add your voice to those supporting the 99% by signing the petition at this link.


  1. Gryph,

    Where were you when supporters of Bradley Manning and Lt. Dan Choi delivered petitions to the White House with tens of thousands of signatures asking for sanity from Obama on Manning’s inhumane treatment at Quantico and the serious charges against Lt. Choi that were (and still are) pushed by the administration? Don’t you care about those issues?

    Where were you when Bill McKibben and the 350.0rg people were demonstrating in front of the White House, protesting against the Obama administration collusion with the Koch Brothers on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline?

    Where were you when supporters of wikileaks and Julian Assange pushed for the White House to let up on false charges against what wikileaks represents and the WH characterizations of Assange as a criminal, when he is merely a courageous reporter, doing his job to get the truth out?

    Where were you today, when Nancy Pelosi came out and announced that social security, medicare and medicaid cuts are on the table, even before Boehner has acknowledged he will give way on tax hikes - even teeny weeny ones - for the top 1%?

    Where were you when Obama started ordering the killing of American citizens without even issuing a warrant for their arrest?

    Where were you when Obama pushed more neo-liberal free trade agreements that ship American money and jobs overseas, and kill unions and the middle class?

    To paraphrase you: I cannot say I am at all surprised to see Jesse Griffin chooses to hide behind his Obama hysteria rather than to come out and face his readers, to whom has an obligation to address holistically, when it comes to how screwed up both parties are in DC. Lately it seems that the color that best represents the Immoral Minority is not blue, it's ____ (fill in the blank).

    You can add your voice to those supporting the 99% by starting to call Obama and the Blue Dogs out when they certainly deserve it.

    I’ll see you Saturday at Occupy Anchorage, if you can make it down there, my friend. Come early, and help me help Ray Metcalfe set up his giant rat in Town Square.

    ps -- I signed the petition. Thanks for posting the link.

  2. What a pussy that crybaby Boehner proves himself to be!

    The only person in his office with any balls at all is this young blonde-haired gal whose skirt Boehner is hiding behind.

    Unfortunately, I'm not surprised at all that Boehner is too afraid of "We the people" to meet face-to-face ...just a little embarrassed for the people of Boehner's House district.

    Vote that alcoholic fool out of office in 2012!

  3. Sweet anny11:50 PM

    "You can't make chicken salad out of chickenshit."

    Lyndon Johnson

  4. Give Boner a break, Gryphen - it's hard to meet with the people, or those representing the people, when you are drunk.

  5. Anonymous3:08 AM

    Thanks for posting this Gryphen, and thanks for all that you do!

    I signed the petition, and want to thank you for making it available.

    I have a friend who married a Fox news watcher (she "doesn't care about politics") and she has no earthly idea what is going on in our country anymore. It makes me sick. She is starting to believe the government is out to get them, etc.

    So I signed not just for myself, but for her and people like her who will not get the truth.

    R in NC

  6. CJumper in San Jose4:32 AM

    Why do you specify "female aides"? Why not just "aides"? There are many reasons to be critical of the man, but accusing him of hiding behind women's skirts isn't helpful. It harkens back to the days of Westerns. A man rides up carrying yellow flowers...

  7. Anonymous5:11 AM

    You forgot to mention while he is cowering, he is must likely crying too.

  8. OOmpa-Loompa was either tanning, playing golf or crying. One of the three.

  9. Anonymous6:02 AM

    yes, it is a shame the Speaker was not available to personally take the petitions. think of the good PR that he missed...he could have been sitting at his desk, busily crunching numbers on his calculator showing that he is "working for jobs".


    everyone seemed to be very polite and the message is heard by us out here on the outside - stay in the hall and give the petition to the nice lady who repeats the same pre-approved response.

  10. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Phil Munger:



  11. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Yes, Grypen, you MUST obey Mr Munger, genuflect and address all HIS grievances publicly on YOUR blog. Do it now and do it often, or you'll look petty and cheap and get a toungue lashing.

    And we all love watching public displays of flaggellation among "friends", they progress everyone's cause in an effective manner.

    I'll leave it to your discretion to post this comment publicly or not. Do what you feel is best for you. Sometimes we're our own worst enemies even if our intentions are good.

  12. hedgewytch7:38 AM

    You know Philip, I'm a progressive too, and I read your blog occasionally. But your attack on Gryph, which is completely uncalled for and not correct, is NOT productive for our conversation here.

    The Immoral Minority isn't Progressive Alaska. That's your blog- go over there and post what you want, and we'll all try to not to get our panties in a wad when you don't cover a topic, or cover it in the manner we don't like, o.k.? Now, how about giving this blog the same consideration.

  13. hedgewytch7:42 AM

    As a matter of fact Philip, by the very fact that Gryph keeps your site on his blog roll should be proof that he feels you cover such subjects better than he can/could and so leaves you to do that - I often have surfed over to your blog after seeing the headline on this blog - so really you need to refocus your attitude and anger.

    The in-fighting between those who should be working together does nothing but serve those who love to see us tear each other down.

  14. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Yeah! Fuck you Phil Munger. What an asshole.

  15. BJeFF7:49 AM

    Anonymous @ 6:26 AM says:
    "Phil Munger: FUCK YOU.
    Signed, Everyone."
    DITTO from here -- I will 2nd (3rd, and more), that fantastic idea!!!!!!

    Hard to believe he really 'claims' to be friends with Gryph? ? ? With friends like that - as they say - "Who needs enemies?"

  16. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Thank You, Gryphen. I signed it and shared the link.
    I'm grateful for everything you're doing, This blog just keeps improving with each new post.

    This one just blows me away. The sole purpose of inaction on the Republican side is to ensure Our President fails, McConnel and Boehner have no scruples, courage, nor integrity whatsoever, and it shows.

    Off Topic, I'm so proud of the Democratic Party. Locally, we have a lot of young, socially consious hard working ladies and gentlemen actively canvassing and campaigning and running clean, topical, and saliant ads, doing the door to door grunt work and being humble when complemented on their work.
    They've even volunteered to help us OFA folks with our work on the phones. I feel that the "Occupy" movement has inspired people to move and get involved. Even our high schoolers are expressing interest in politics.

  17. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Hmmm, I guess you can't be all things to all people.
    Some of us needs plaques and ribbons to validate us and our walls.

  18. Wow, that is pathetic! John Boehner hides behind his little robot with pre-programmed talking points. I would have felt sorry for her, but she seemed quite okay with it. I guess you have to lose your scruples to work for him.

    What a contemptible wimp that man is!

  19. I agree with all the comments about Philip Munger! Is this the only way you can get people to pay attention to you? Go home.

  20. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Dear Philip Munger: Keep up the extreme bashing of President Obama,the Dems, IM and Jesse Griffin, AND of course, everyone else who is not the other side of the coin that is the Teabaggin' Fundamentalist Far Right.

    With the propaganda you steadily put out we will soon have a Teabagger President and Congress that will make short shrift of the rest of our Constitutional Rights. You can pride yourself on your inflammatory rhetoric as America loses what little remains of the checks and balances of power as they are turned over to the Republican/Teabagger/ Corporations you decry.

    Most Democrats are fairly Progressive, but not many are extremists - since we recognize it's a big country with lots of different "constituents" - hence the requirement for a realistic broad-based approach to governing and politics.

    And by the way OWS does not represent only "Progressive" politics, it is comprised of that broad-based spectrum of Dems, Old/Young, some Republicans, probably even some Teabaggers - all kinds of people sick of the status quo.

    I think it is telling Mr. Munger - just a couple of weeks ago - on your Progressive Alaska blog - one of your own "progressive" bloggers/followers was accusing you of the very same things you are hurling at Gryph today.

    When you posted your disappointment at the low turnout for the OWS in Anchorage - that commenter was asking where YOU were and stated that "you sat on your fat ass" doing nothing to make the event more successful. How did it feel to be unfairly accused by a progressive extremist who refuses to give you one iota of credit for all the hard work you've done around progressive issues?

    Everyone is entitled to express their political opinions the way they see fit - but, do you really want to see NO PROGRESS when you facilitate a Teabag President/Congress as opposed to SOME PROGRESS with the Dems? How smart is it to throw everything away? Isn't there a better way to express your views to further Progressive goals without calling the President nasty names and falsely claim he has accomplished nothing.

    I do check out your blog every now and then - and, gee whiz - You don't seem to have very many visitors other than Obama bashers and the ones that bash you! Maybe it's the way you and your supporters seem so intolerant and extremist.

  21. Not What You Want To Hear11:04 AM

    Philip Munger, the Occupy Movement is shining a light on most of the issues you mention, in one way or another. If not directly, then by generally pushing for a focus on the 99% of us who are not benefiting from all of those policy decisions you mention.

    So, while Gryphen may not have posted about all of the issues you cite, he's covering the movement that is going to do more to change those issues than anything else. I appreciate that his blog - and your own, in fact - is paying so much attention to OWS. Keep up the good work, and if possible, good relationships with your likeminded bloggers, instead of giving in to various frustrations. Just my advice, for what it's worth.

  22. Not What You Want To Hear11:06 AM

    hedgewytch said..."As a matter of fact Philip, by the very fact that Gryph keeps your site on his blog roll should be proof that he feels you cover such subjects better than he can/could and so leaves you to do that - I often have surfed over to your blog after seeing the headline on this blog - so really you need to refocus your attitude and anger."

    That is a very good observation. It wouldn't hurt for some of the posters who responded by telling him to fuck off to refocus their anger, too, though. I realize his post was a bit inflammatory, but most of the reactions were pretty uncalled for, as well.

  23. I'm not attacking Jesse.

    Good grief! My wife asks me more pointed questions than I posed to Jesse here.

    Blind support of ANY president seems to be somehow missing from my makeup.

    I think I lost that component of my personality back in late 1966, while standing guard duty over our Army unit's chain-of-command pictures. Some warrant officer pilots had burnt their predecessors a few nights earlier around a drunken bonfire. The NCOs (us) had to do guard duty until somebody came forward to turn in whoever had destroyed LBJ's and McNamara's pictures. We kept quiet, didn't rat on the WO's, until the CO tired of the 24/7 armed guard around some black-and-white pictures on a barracks wall.

    The incident got me to question - for the first time - blind worship of presidents and people in authority. Obama is no different from the rest in terms of being the peoples' servant.

  24. Marleycat2:24 PM

    Re: Dear Philip Munger - I didn't mean to sign that with "Anonymous", sorry. I agree with those who urge everyone to work together on the issues - Progressives and Dems, but I do not agree with the tone and aggressiveness taken by Philip Munger - reread what he said and how he said it.

    He was rude, condescending, denigrating, and disrespectful - that's why people are disgusted - NOT that he is much farther to the left than Gryphen. I have never seen Gryphen attack Phil Munger for having different views here at IM or at Progressive Alaska.

    We don't need pissing contests, for sure - so the one that starts them, whether here at IM or PA, should quit it, hear that Phil? Nobody here started any diatribe against your purism, but will respond to misinformation, lies, and hate about the President, the owner and readers of this blog who didn't deserve to be treated like "traitors" to your cause.

    Dems share almost all of your goals - learn how to educate people respectfully and more will hear your message. FACT: IM routinely covers a wide range of political topics and issues, in addition to the Sarah Palin debacle.

    This blog has so much more readership than PA, Phil, thus is more successful at getting its message of liberal/progressive/moderate blend of politics out there. There's a lesson for you there, Phil - quit unfairly attacking those who have treated you with nothing but respect. Gryphen is entitled to his Obama-mania here at IM - it's his blog, AND his readers love President Obama, despite knowing that he does not walk on water. You should keep the Obama Hate on your own blog - you know, where hardly anyone goes or reads anything there.

  25. Sign that should be on Boners office door:

    NOT open to the public.

    Obviously he cares nothing about the welfare of Americans... He is only concerned with his own personal comfort.

    Boner, election time is just around the corner... start packing that office you bone head.

  26. hedgewytch4:16 PM

    Oh, B.S. Philip. Gryph isn't "blindly supporting" the President. And neither am I.

    Grow a pair and apologize for your immature rant this a.m. I re-read your comments just to be sure I was being fair to say that to you, and yep, I stand by it.

  27. hedgewych,

    I owe Jesse no apology. I doubt he thinks I do. My questions were honest. They warrant an answer or two.

    I've praised Jesse's work here at my blog more than has any other Alaska blogger. Jesse has linked to my stuff that he agrees with.

    Come on down and help us set up Ray Metcalfe's giant rat Saturday at the Town Square in Anchorage. I've bought two Gadsden flags, so we can take that great American icon back from the teabaggers. I hope Gryph can fit it into his schedule to come help us, partially because I enjoy being around him and have a lot of respect for him.

  28. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Hi Grypen,
    I just re- read my original comment, and I admit it was a misake. Please accept my apology.

  29. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Not sure where this would go on this blog, but check out this OWS proposal:


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