Thursday, October 27, 2011

Courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine: "Rick Perry: Best Little Whore in Texas."

Oh this is good stuff!

Matt Tiabbi does not hold back in his evisceration Perry as a candidate, nor does he hold back on his denouncement of a campaign with the same ethical standards employed by a two dollar crack whore on the streets of Laredo.

Here is just a taste from the pages of Rolling Stone:

By the time Perry shows up, I'm jazzed and ready for history. You always want to remember the first time you see the possible next president in person. But as every young person knows, the first time is not always a pleasant experience. Perry lumbers onstage looking exceedingly well-groomed, but also ashen and exhausted, like a funeral director with a hangover. 

In a voice so subdued and halting that I think he must be sick, he launches into his speech, which consists of the following elements: a halfhearted football joke about Texas A&M that would have embarrassed a true fan like George W. Bush, worn bromides about liberals creating a nanny state, a few lines about jobs in Texas, and a promise to repeal "as much of Obamacare as I can" on his first day in the White House. 

"I will try," he says, "to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can." 

Then he waves and walks offstage. The whole thing has taken barely 10 minutes. 

I can't believe it, and neither can the assembled crowd of Georgia conservatives, who hesitate before breaking into polite applause. I feel like a high school cheerleader who just had her leg jizzed on in the back of a convertible. That's it? It's over? That was Rick Perry's stump speech? 

"Low energy, low substance," sighs Justin Ryan, one of the conference attendees. "That's sort of the candidate in general." 

But this is America, remember, where one should never underestimate shallow. And Rick Perry brings shallow to a new level. He is very gifted in that regard. He could be the Adolf Hitler of shallow. 

Oh yeah!  That's the stuff!

I will not give away any more of this brilliant article so you are going to have to click the link and read it for yourself.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

For the more adventurous and hardy among you I present a seven minute You Tube video of Rick Perry campaign commercials, which plays kind of like a John Wayne inspired snuff film for brain cells.

How far did you make it?

I am vaguely proud to reveal that I managed to watch the whole thing, from his early days as a male model type right off the pages of Rent Boy, to his time flogging sausages while running for Agriculture Commissioner, right through his George Bush mini-me period while running for Lt. Governor, to his campaign for Governor where he pretended to care about eduction, teacher pay, and health care.

Yep essentially what I learned is that Rick Perry loves him some political props, whether they be horses, small children, his carefully made up and coiffed beard wife, or a thick juicy piece of succulent sausage.


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Perry should watch the jokes about "poking Obama a little bit." Hmmm, perchance Sarah's not alone in her Obama obsession? (I know, eeuuuuwwww...Rick Perry poking.)

  2. angela3:05 PM

    Couldn't make it through . . . .

    I laughed then threw up a little in my mouth because I'd read the article in Rolling Stone earlier.

    Truly, Perry stands for nothing except money.

  3. ManxMamma3:07 PM

    Can't watch the video...can't stand to look at him. I believe it was the late comedian Dom Deluise who used to do a spot on imitation of an oatmeal cookie through the cooking process. Every time I look at Perry that's what I think of. At least it's a pleasant memory but Perry, not so much. What an asshat!

  4. Anonymous3:10 PM

    When Perry spoke - I heard GWB. When they showed Perry's face - I saw GWB. Not a good thing.

  5. OT.

    Congressional approval is at 9% now. "Not good at his job" Boehner (per @Maddow) is hell-bent on sinking that approval to even lower lows.

    Tweets from today:
    1) With economy staggered and joblessness high, House scheduled to work only 109 days next year; approximately $1,600/day for members.
    2) Rep [Joe]Courtney [D-CT]: "Foreclosure crisis & 9% unemployment & GOP Congress schedules 3 full work days in January!"

    Here's Boehner's 2012 House schedule:

    Also, HuffPo reports that Congress is stymied ("nobody knows why")
    on naming a Capital Hill room for Gabe Zimmerman, Gabrielle Gifford's Congressional aide who was killed in the Tucson massacre.

    Tweet URLs:!/CBSAndrew/status/129617264415752192!/jamiedupree/status/129603661583224833

  6. Wow, what alternate universe did he come from?! All that pretty boy stuff isn't going to get him anywhere these days. I made it through the whole thing, Gryphen, and I think it would have been quite nice with the sound off. observed with the sound off. Yup! Another Palin.

  7. Anonymous3:22 PM

    This Prick out does Palin at the grifting and selling his soul gig! Yikes.

  8. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Gotta hand it to the man - he got maximum bang for the buck from those stock film clips he used.

  9. All of the posts today are excellent Gryph. Thanks so much. I don't know what I would read if you were not here.

  10. Perry looks like a gay Marlboro Man in these ads. I didn't know straight men wore chaps.

    Love that P. Ricks been rocking the same feathered hair since the 80's.

    If you wanna know how Perry keeps getting elected, take a look at the article on HuffPo. Perry's political donors who also happen to be appointed commissioners apparently have very wealthy children that can afford to donate thousands of dollars to his campaign:

    What a moron.

  11. Anonymous3:48 PM

    It's a race to the bottom. After McCain/Palin, all bets are off on how shallow the Republican party has become.

  12. Anne in Texas3:57 PM

    I read the article yesterday and it made me want to throw up. He does not need to be anywhere near the office of President cause he would pimp America out just like he has our state. I can't believe we have three more years of this stupid bastard. I'm hoping mine and the hubby's search for employment in another state pans out asap.

  13. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Just read the entire Rolling Stone article about "Buy Me" Perry. It was chilling.

  14. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn4:29 PM

    Brain cells...dead...made it halfway through...Stop! I'll talk! I'll talk!!

    Hey, wait. I thought the Bush Family Dynasty hated Perry??? Was this before whatever little feud they had?

  15. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Perry is Palin in pants! Cowardly idiot with a Texan drawl.

  16. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Why I am expecting the next words out of Ricks mouth to be "I can't quit you"

  17. N'yah4:47 PM

    I'm waiting to read it until my paper copy comes in the mail.

    Speaking of Taibbi, I saw a comment here once and I will echo it here: it is my deepest, sincerest hope that he is the mythical "Fred".

  18. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Whoo hoo hoo hoo!!! The palin project flickr has new photo displays and MAN OH MAN does this gal (guy?) give Professor BS the smackdown. I admit I even considered Brad's argument about Ruffles, and the only reason I was so slow to embrace it was due to his horrid attitude. But after seeing another Trig ear comparison, I am blown away that BS would hang his hat on such a flimsy premise.

    I don't know how to do a link to click on but it's the account palinproject on flickr.

  19. Beldar J Conehead5:00 PM

    Gryphen, you focus way too much on the negative. Cant you say anything nice about Perry? How about some well earned kudos to his campaign for quickly - in less than 3 weeks! - changing the campaign slogan to the current "Leadership. Experience." from the earlier flawed tho arguably more accurate "Leadership. Experience. Douchebag." It wont kill you to say something nice. Try it.

  20. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Cocky, errogant asshole. Cannot even believe people would vote for him as Gov of TX much less President of the United States!!!
    He and Palin match so perfectly it isn't funny!

  21. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Dj'all notice how whiiiiiet everybody is? Lots of whiiiiiet little kids!

    Howdja like that teacher-behind-the-desk scene with the multiplication problems on the blackboard? Here's a hint: No teacher in his/her right mind uses up a whole board with problems like that.

  22. Martha again5:16 PM

    Djall notice how whiiiiiiet those kids are? All of um.

    That's how you can tell he's a Republican!

  23. Sgt. Preston5:29 PM

    Gryphen & Virginia Voter:
    What's all this stuff about Perry being gay?
    I know about Eric Cantor and Marcus Bachman, but Perry?
    What's the evidence?

  24. Anonymous5:30 PM

    "snuff film for brain cells"

    first class imagery there, G., but it will give me nightmares. Does Perry/Palin/Cain/Bachman/McCain actually steal/destroy my brain cells? And I thought they were merely treasonous.

  25. Anonymous5:38 PM

    There are many rumors that Rick Perry has has several gay affairs. His wife caught him with his chef.

  26. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Taibbi has won my heart many times over with his exceptional articles. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Anon at 4:52,

    You MUST find a URL or a link for us to see what you are talking about. Please.

  28. Anonymous6:23 PM

    I loved Matt Taibbi's article in Rolling Stone.

    The comment from the woman in FLA who shook hands with him was interesting, as were many of the other anecdotal stories from people who were interviewed in the piece.

    As I read the article, these pieces came together for me - Perry suffers from chronic back pain, he underwent a highly unorthodox stem cell procedure a few months ago. His behavior is erratic and he seems to be periodically more obtuse than at other times.

    He fits the classic profile of someone suffering chronic pain and liberally medicating with muscle relaxants and narcotics.

    If he makes it past the next few months, this should become more and more obvious.

  29. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Why don't we just nominate John Travolta in Perry's place? They're in the same closet.

    Larry The Cable Guy for third party should Sarah need an opponent.

    They're ALL THE SAME. God help us.

  30. Anonymous6:57 PM

    “If ignorance ever goes to $100 a barrel, you want to get the drilling rights on Perry’s head.”

  31. Anonymous7:06 PM

    I had to stop with the Lt. Gov ad where he was talking about increasing teacher pay and helping the schools. It just made me sick thinking of how far Texas education has fallen since he took office as governor. I'm so glad that we wound up moving out of state - my kids have had opportunities that they would not have had back in Texas.

  32. Perry and Romney got them some black box bravado. This time i think O has that all wrapped up. The only Hope i know is up the road.

  33. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I live in Houston, and it seems like during the last election season, there was a story that appeared everywhere- for about five seconds. Then we never heard a word about it.

    The perry/gay comments are what made me think of it.
    The story was that Kay Bailey Hutchison got her official web site BANNED from google! Reason being her web site was employing subliminal messaging. Seemingly random letters were just a shade lighter than the rest- not even perceptible unless one was actively looking for it. The letters when strung together said "RICK PERRY IS GAY".

    At least that is how the story goes. It disappeared from the news cycle so fast! Does anyone recall this?

  34. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Hey Gryphen, is Freds book still on?? I hope so!

  35. Canadian Country Girl8:34 PM

    Gryphen - Have you seen this yet?
    The Third Party Wild Card - with primary election on the internet?,0,4671890.column

  36. Ok Gryph, I think you could successfully move from the WGE to WGE2 and do quite well in the world. This was great.

  37. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I have a feeling that we're going to see an eleventh inning home run by the Republicans, when they take a cue about "corporations being people, too" -- and run the MONSANTO Corp. as their surprise candidate.

    (No worries about flip flopping; no embarrassing gaffes showing the candidate to be a shameless racist.)

    Weirder things have happened!

  38. Anonymous10:53 PM

    That article is amazingly funny!

    Sorry, Gryphen, I made it to the part where he's in the stable, dressed as a cowboy, the chaps......... reminded me of "Brokeback Mountain", and I loved that film too much to associate his image with it.

    But you're right, totally "rent-boy" material "low rent". Sarah material, most definately.

  39. Gasman11:03 PM

    Boy am I glad I left Texas in 1999. I knew that P.Rick was a thick-as-shit buffoon, but I had no idea what a whore he was/is. It’s apparent that P.Rick will say, do, eat, kiss, or suck anything or anyone if there’s enough cash on the table. Any teabagger who could read this - that is, IF they’re literate - and can still support P.Rick obviously isn’t all that concerned about big intrusive government. They apparently are all for big oppressive D.C. government, so long as it’s not headed by a black man.

    The day that P.Rick gets elected POTUS is the day begin looking for a new home abroad. P.Rick as president means we are all truly fucked.

    This article should be required reading for everybody even contemplating the remote possibility of voting for P.Rick.

    I also loved Tiabbi’s line about Bachmann as “a goggle-eyed megachurch Joan of Arc.”

    With their current crop of dysfunctional imbecilic brain dead shithead losers, it’s pretty damn the clear that the GOP doesn’t give a fat rat’s ass about competency, experience, ideology, or even sentience.

    I wish the GOP would just die already and let this country begin to heal.

  40. Not What You Want To Hear3:09 AM

    That is a stunning article. Seriously. I knew Rick Perry was a hack, but I thought he was a lot more benign of a hack. "The human price tag" indeed! This is a perfect illustration of how completely corrupt politics is. Oh sure, there's always been some pay to play, but the incidents described in this article are more the norm than the exception now. And it's very sad that people allow their tax money to subsidize all of these fat cats and their dubious ventures. Everyone should research how this shit is going down in their own states, too.

  41. Anonymous4:30 AM

    anon 725pm sad "The story was...Kay Bailey Hutchison got her official web site BANNED....her web site was employing subliminal messaging. Seemingly random letters were just a shade lighter than the rest....the letters when strung together said "RICK PERRY IS GAY".

    At least that is how the story goes. It disappeared from the news cycle so fast! Does anyone recall this?"

    If it's true, the old screenshots should still be on

  42. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Hey, Sgt Preston: I'll fill in a bit. There are LOTS of rumors about Perry being actively gay. I'm a gay man who lives in Austin, and I know someone who claims Perry answered his craigslist sex ad, someone else who saw Anita in a high-profile divorce lawyers' office a few times back a few years. They say she caught him in teh act of gay sex with a trooper, that he had affairs with other male elected officials, and that he's currently "seeing" on of his two male chefs.

    It's all rumor - i have no proof. But it's repeated so often, I believe some of it. I've heard heard reports that Bachman or Cantor actually had sex with other men, just that they appeared gay.

    I suppose i shoudl be excited about the possibility of a gay president, but I'd much rather have a GOOD president - like the one we already have.

  43. That Rolling Stone article was

    He and sp really are two turds in a pod.

    She let native villagers starve and die of cold; he's letting toxic waste invade the drinking water of up to seven states (calling Erin Brokovitch!).

    It's beyond frightening.

    (Interesting about the one donor putting up $3 million himself just to smear Kerry. This only means the $$ they spend to get their "guys" in office is a PITTANCE to what they will REAP once their guy is IN OFFICE. )


  44. Dom Deluise who used to do a spot on imitation of an oatmeal cookie through the cooking process.

    ...I can't even BEGIN to picture that!...

  45. I'm hoping mine and the hubby's search for employment in another state pans out asap.

    Good Luck, ANNE & HUBBY!!!

    As long as you're IN the game, you can still win.

    Rock on.
    (Hear that, Sarah? Ha! R U kicking your own ass now or WHAT??)

  46. Gay marlboro man?

    "I can't quit you?"


    You guys are freaking hilarious.

  47. @7:25- That is insane~ly awesome! OMG, it can't be real, can it?

  48. Anne in Texas6:21 AM

    Anon 7:25: Here is a link to the TPM article on what you were talking about.

  49. Thanks, Anne!

    A web site for the gubernatorial campaign of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) included hidden phrases including "rick perry gay," a reporter from the Austin American-Statesman discovered today.

    Hutchison officials said they used a tool that automatically generated keywords based on popular search terms. Such a tool could drive more web traffic to the site,

    "We did not know these offensive word associations were being searched for by hundreds of thousands of Texans everyday nor do we condone the computer-generated existence on our Web site," Hutchison spokesman Jeff Sadosky told the Austin American-Statesman. He said the offending phrase will be removed.

    Hutchison announced this week she will leave the Senate this fall in order to campaign against Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX). Rumors about Perry's sexuality have been circulated for years.

  50. Here is a full article.

  51. Anonymous7:41 AM

    The Damage Is "Irreparable"

    Rich Lowry puts a fork in Perry.

  52. Um, have you guys ever heard about


    I was attempting to find the old website at cuz I wanted to see what the reporter actually saw; if u follow the story it's not as "cut & dry" as it first appears.

    Anyway, I couldn't find, but i did find this:
    Alex Jones Radio Show -
    January 15 2010 -;

    Alex welcomes back to the show Debra Medina, the Wharton County, Texas, political candidate running to unseat the globalist and ******Bilderberg attendee Rick Perry******* as governor of Texas.

    so i google it:

    Bilderberg Conferences: Secret lobbying for Anti-Democratic United ... Bilderberg is an extremely influential lobbying group


    Wikipedia 'editors' censor Bilderberg's Nazi roots - Did you know that almost all the money in the Western world is now controlled by secretive financial/political/military clubs that meet in secret behind the scenes

    Then I got to this article, published June 8, 2008...

    Bilderberg has long been an important forum for up-and-coming politicians of Western nations to be introduced to the global financial elite; the heads of the major multinational corporations, international banks, world financial institutions, global governing bodies, think tanks, and powerful individuals of the likes of David Rockefeller and various European monarchs, including Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, daughter of founding member, Prince Bernhard, as well as Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos of Spain.

    According to The Globe and Mail, such Canadian Prime Ministers have, in the past, (often before becoming Prime Minister), attended a Bilderberg Conference as a guest, including Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and Stephen Harper.3 Tony Blair attended Bilderberg before becoming Prime Minister,4 as did the current British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who also recently called for the establishment of a "new world order."5

    Interestingly, as the Washington Post reported, Vernon E. Jordon, a high-powered American executive, who sits on several corporate boards, including American Express, Xerox, J.C. Penney, Dow Jones, and Sara Lee, to name a few, also happens to be a very close friend of former President Bill Clinton. However, "it was Jordan who first introduced then-Gov. Clinton to world leaders at their annual Bilderberg gathering in Germany in 1991. Plenty of governors try to make that scene; only Clinton got taken seriously at that meeting, because Vernon Jordan said he was okay."6 Clinton subsequently became President.

    Barack and Bilderberg

    Recently, there has been much discussion about Barack Obama having possibly attended the recent Bilderberg conference in Virginia. This speculation arose when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton sneaked off for a secretive meeting while in Virginia. As the AP reported, "Reporters traveling with Obama sensed something might be happening between the pair when they arrived at Dulles International Airport after an event in Northern Virginia and Obama was not aboard the airplane. Asked at the time about the Illinois senator's whereabouts, [Obama spokesman Robert] Gibbs smiled and declined to comment."7


    Bilderberg to Pick Obama’s Vice President

    As the Financial Times reported in May of this year, Barack Obama appointed James A. Johnson, the former CEO of Fannie Mae, "to head a secret committee to produce a shortlist for his vice-presidential running mate." A short list was discussed by the article, which listed, other than Hillary Clinton, "Jim Webb, the former secretary of the navy, Vietnam veteran and senator for Virginia; Tim Kaine, the governor of Virginia; John Edwards, the former vice-presidential candidate in 2004; Ted Strickland, the governor of Ohio; and Kathleen Sebelius, the governor of Kansas." Other potential nominees include "Sam Nunn, the former chairman of the Senate armed services committee; and Wesley Clark, the former head of Nato in Europe."10

    James A. Johnson, the man Obama asked to pick his running mate, played the same role for John Kerry back in 2004, and he selected John Edwards.

    As the New York Times reported, "Several people pointed to the secretive and exclusive Bilderberg conference of some 120 people that this year drew the likes of Henry A. Kissinger, Melinda Gates and Richard A. Perle to Stresa, Italy, in early June, as helping [Edwards] win Mr. Kerry's heart.

    Mr. Edwards spoke so well in a debate on American politics with the Republican Ralph Reed that participants broke Bilderberg rules to clap before the end of the session."

    The Times further reported, "His performance at Bilderberg was important,'' said a friend of Mr. Kerry who was there.

    ''He reported back directly to Kerry. There were other reports on his performance. Whether they reported directly or indirectly, I have no doubt the word got back to Mr. Kerry about how well he did."

  54. The more I read the more frightened I become of this country. I cannot imagine it in even 10 years. So all of Palin's sexual escapades are protected somewhat like Perry's.

  55. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Not even half way through. AHHHHHH once little man W showed up, that was all I could take. Two idiots in one frame of video is all for me.


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