Saturday, October 29, 2011

Where are you in the 7 billion?

This tool will allow you to find where you fit in the more than 7 billion people currently populating this overcrowded planet.

I was number 3,019,000,552 and I was flabbergasted to see how steeply the population grew after my arrival on this orb in 1960.

Personally I do not understand how anybody who is aware of these numbers, and the rapidity with which the population is growing, could advocate that EVERY child conceived should be born, or argue AGAINST sex education or readily available birth control.

The population is expected to grow to over 9 billion by the year 2070, yet these conservatives seem to believe that if an egg becomes fertilized then everything must be done to add that potential human to the huge mob overrunning this planet and decimating its resources, even if the mother thinks otherwise.

That just seems unbelievably ignorant, arrogant, and fatally short sighted in my view.


  1. ManxMamma10:54 AM

    Yikes Gryphen. In 1950 I was 2,544,405,911. Scary, isn't it?

  2. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Think I was about the 1,000,001st when I came around! 1939!! :-) My kids insist I was born before the wheel!

  3. More perspective from @RezaAslan:

    It took 250,000 yrs for world pop to reach 1Billion. 100 yrs to 2B. 32yrs to 3B. 28yrs to 5B. 12 years to 6B. Another 12yrs to 7B.!/rezaaslan/status/129613360986734592

    Evangelical's goals are to hasten the "Mad Max/Bladerunner" apocalypse onto all of humanity, whether they realize it or not.

  4. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Many religions and governments command their followers to reproduce as much as possible. Women are soldier makers in the battles for resources, riches, and minds. Perpetuation of religion and country are way more important than saving the planet.

    I didn't have kids because of my views on over-population but I'm a drop in the bucket. What else can sane people do to curb over-population and preserve resources when delusional masses pop out kids willynilly? Wish I had an answer to save us from us.

    My latest fear: Fukushima radiation poisons the Pacific Ocean.

  5. Anonymous11:26 AM

    You are a heartless jerk. Killing an unborn child is the same as killing an already born human. THERE IS NO MORAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ME GOING OUT AND SHOOTING THE FIRST PERSON I SEE IN THE HEAD AND TAKING THE LIFE OF A FETUS.



  6. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Dude, the planet could literally blow up at any moment just by nature alone. Humans have zero control over anything regarding how the Earth functions. Before humans made their presence, the earth changed drastically.

    Live and let live.

  7. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Well these are the same people who believe cutting taxes will increase government revenues. What should you expect?

  8. Anonymous11:30 AM

    This is why murder., war, famine, and disease exist.

    What, am I heartless for saying that? No more heartless than anyone who advocates killing a fetus.

  9. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Wow,that is one sick bastard of a troll!

    All in caps yet.

    Why is this person reading your blog anyway?

  10. Balzafiar11:41 AM

    The tool you give a link to does not work for me.

    Mac, 10.6.7, Firefox 7.0.1

  11. And my birth date hear the end of WWII was close to the 2,400,000,000th! We oldie moldies aren't the problem!

    As arapaho415 says, RWNJ/evangelicals don't realize that the Mad Max/Bladerunner Apocalypse will be happening BEFORE their Rapture.

  12. Wow. Anon @ 11:26 is insane.

    Just like Jared Loughner.

  13. Anonymous11:46 AM

    11:26 am, perhaps you could shoot yourself in the head. That would help to reduce the strain on Earth's resources. Hopefully, you haven't reproduced yet.

  14. Beldar Yersinio Pestis Conehead11:48 AM

    Every cell that doesnt become a baby is an abortion. And once the little bundle of joy is born, what happens to it in life is of much, much, much less importance.
    GOP Platform Plank #4

    Shamefully, you know nothing of the word of doG, Gryphen. It's in the bible, if you'd ever bother to read it.

    In the Book of Elocutions, Jeebus clearly tells The Grand Council of Fornicators: "Wasteth not the humble sperm, for shouldst thou doest so, it shall so be punished as murder. Murder!!! MURDER!!!".

    (This is a lesser known, but otherwise cheerful book of the bible which also includes the first use of the expressions "What goeth up, must cometh down.", "Thou should seeth the other guy", "It iseth what it iseth" and "Hey, everybody, watch this!!" )

    I'm not planning to be here in 2070 but 9 billion does seem a bit of a squeeze. But then Nature has a way of surprising us when we extrapolate trends too far into the future. Didnt half of Europe perish in the Black Death of the 1300s?

    On that happy thought....

  15. Anonymous11:49 AM

    By all accounts, soylent green tastes good. So there's that.

  16. Anonymous11:52 AM

    To Anon. at 11:26:
    Fuck Off you stupid uneducated moron.

  17. Anonymous12:07 PM

    After all the quivers are full then the real proselytizing can begin. At the tip of the spear if need be.

  18. Grimm Reaper12:12 PM

    No, the Conservatives want to ban abortion but get rid of health care. To me this looks like more deaths.

  19. sally in MI12:13 PM

    The morality card would be a bit more plausible from the right if they actually gave a damn about what happens to all the babies they force to be born. If the child is handicapped and born to poor parents, the child will most likely die anyway. If the child is born to poor parents, the right could care less whether the child eats, goes to school, has clothing....they just do not care. So somehow claiming the moral high road for opposing contraception seems just as hypocritical as their profession to be Christian while applauding the death penalty and endless wars. But then, these are the folks who would drill their way to an ecological wasteland, allow gas and coal and oil companies to operate with nor regulations, and think getting the hell out of Iraq is cowardly (because how will all those guvmint contractors make their big salaries now??) I am so sick of the right and their fallacies and lies I could spit.

  20. The more people born the more people die from famine, disease, and poverty.

    The idea that every child conceived is a "gift from God" and will live a blessed and happy life is a fairy tale told to the ignorant.

    And so is the notion that there are all of these loving families waiting to adopt children born to mothers who cannot care for them. Sadly I find myself living in the real world where happily ever after is not something many children born with FASD, or developmental delays resulting from the mother's poor nutrition or recreational drug use, or behavioral problems will ever realize.

  21. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Not so much live and let live anymore. More like exploit and let die.

  22. Ironically the right has no problem insisting that ALL fetuses be born, but have no problem euthanizing them on death row later on in life.

    One shining example comes to mind, Texas Governor Rick Perry. Wish his mother had used birth control or exercised her "choice".

    Hippocrite much righities?

  23. We need to come up with a way to attach sanctions on male reproductive freedom to all anti-abortion bills and maybe the idiots would back off.

    Castration for rape and impregnating a teen or unmarried woman? Jail time for spilled seed?

  24. To follow up on Gryphen's additional comment @ 12:14 PM, just Google "starving children" and see what appears under Images.

    In the first 3 pages there is one picture that is not like the others: two very fat white boys gorging themselves at McDonalds.

  25. eclecticsandra12:58 PM

    If we control death, we should be able to control birth. I hope the trolls don't take vitamins.

  26. Anonymous said...

    You are a heartless jerk. Killing an unborn child is the same as killing an already born human. THERE IS NO MORAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ME GOING OUT AND SHOOTING THE FIRST PERSON I SEE IN THE HEAD AND TAKING THE LIFE OF A FETUS.



    11:26 AM
    I was born in 1964 which makes me, the 3,254,195,523rd person born....YIKES!

    I see that the commenter @ 11:26am doesn't subscribe to logic or reason....yep typical bot'....I'm sure all that spittle you spewed on your computer (science...uh oh) will not slow you down one bit...I'm sure you are so busy searching on the internet(hmmm...more science) for anybody posting about the possibility of population control....of course you have to spittle some such nonsense about abortion! Dummy!

  27. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Who will feed, house and clothe these billions? Not the Republicans. What's their angle, anyway? Is it to suppress women's rights? Of course the world-wide problem of overpopulation has its roots in ignorance and poverty. There seems to be no solution at hand. This can't end well.

  28. Nancy In New York1:11 PM

    I'm only a couple of million people ahead of you, Gryphen.

    Thanks for making me feel really old. ; )

  29. God doesn't consider a fetus a human person. Abortion is Biblical.

  30. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I read about the concept of "depopulation" somewhere, and all of a sudden my intuition told me where the term "death panels" came from.

    I bet depopulation is part of the Koch plan: so many of us in the 99% are undesirables, esp those of us who get pensions, use a lot of medical insurance, are unemployed and pretty cranky about it -- the list goes on.

    What a great plan to solve these issues: cut funding for disaster relief, to guarantee lots more deaths, esp of the most vulnerable among us; cut Social Security and health insurance; reduce police and fire services; again, the list goes on. Lots of "extra" deaths there.

    After all, we know that the anti- choice folks want every pregnancy to be born, but they don't much care what happens after that.

  31. No one will ask the question I do every time I see one of those horrendous ads on TV for feeding and clothing children in Africa and South America, usually focusing on a young boy who has six younger siblings he's taking care of.

    My question, WHY ARE ALL THESE CHILDREN BEING BORN? Why isn't birth control being provided these children's mothers? I can't believe that the mothers of those children wouldn't rather have two children who live relatively good lives than six children who live mired in poverty.

    Oh, and why aren't these "aid" groups passing out birth control? Because Jeebus (or someone holy) said, "Be fruitful and multiply", even if you can't even begin to give your children a semblance of a decent life.

    I truly never see anyone else ask this question...

  32. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Phoebes@1:26 pm, I ask it.

  33. Anonymous2:16 PM

    It breaks my heart to hear about all the deaths of children already on this earth. By there families no less. They stick to certain bible verses but there are pleanty more about other things. The nuts-lies spew out of their mouths.Greed spews from them. hate speew from them. They think they are so rightous,but God doesn't know them and never will, The bible also says pay your taxes. I was taught not to have more children than we could afford Where did that message go to? We are doing a diservice to our children by not teaching them that.

  34. Anonymous3:01 PM

    There are two kinds of abortions. One is a spontaneous abortion, and 'just happens' without an abortionist. Lay people call this a miscarriage, but the correct medical term for it is a spontaneous abortion: the life of the fetus is aborted, though it is through no fault of anyone. The other kind of abortion is called an induced abortion. It occurs when the loss of the fetus is intended. Usually this occurs for medical reasons, though there are rare instances where the mother simply can not afford a child, where rape or incest has occurred, or where the mother is simply unable to handle the introduction of a child into her life.

    In both types of abortions, the life of the fetus is lost. However, spontaneous abortions are far more common then induced abortions, with approximately ten to 20 percent of all pregnancies ending in spontaneous abortions (miscarriages).

    Since the poster at 11:26 am claims to believe that "THERE IS NO MORAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ME GOING OUT AND SHOOTING THE FIRST PERSON I SEE IN THE HEAD AND TAKING THE LIFE OF A FETUS.", he or she needs to have a real long talk with God, very soon. When it comes to abortions and the loss of precious fetal life, God is the biggest abortionist in the business.

    Is the baby and the loss of his/her life any less precious when He (God) makes the decision than when someone else makes the decision? The righties would do well to dwell on this question for a very long time. Because as of now, they are accusing God of being a murderer. I will also remind them: the fetal stages are not the only stages of life when God decides to take a life. Would the righties accuse God of being a murderer in those cases as well?

  35. Of course once that fetus is born, the majority of pro-lifers couldn't give a flippn' fig about the living breathing human child...or all the ones that are here already!

    Love the fetus, hate the child.

    It's one of the many hypocritical things that makes my head explode!!!

  36. Anonymous said...
    You are a heartless jerk. Killing an unborn child is the same as killing an already born human. THERE IS NO MORAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ME GOING OUT AND SHOOTING THE FIRST PERSON I SEE IN THE HEAD AND TAKING THE LIFE OF A FETUS.



    11:26 AM

    Here's an interesting factoid for you. Alaska just became #1 in the country in combatting infant mortality; we save premies and kids with complications and then send them home to their parents.

    Here's the flip side: Alaska is near the bottom in infant survival for children in the 6 month to 1 year age group.

    So, these parents "choose life" and then take their little bundles of joy home and can't care for them or feed them or abuse them and they die between 6 months and one year old.

    Are you still going to tell me that abortion is wrong and that every child should be born? Even to parents that are abusive and aren't fit to raise and care for an infant?

    I personally think an early term abortion is much less traumatic for the child.

  37. Anonymous3:49 PM


  38. Anonymous3:51 PM

    @Anon: 11:26 AM

    So when god kills unborn children he is moral? I'd just like to understand the difference.

  39. Anonymous7:50 PM



  40. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Gryph, you're 5,739,159 peoples older than I am.

  41. Anonymous8:45 PM

    You are a heartless jerk. Killing an unborn child is the same as killing an already born human. THERE IS NO MORAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ME GOING OUT AND SHOOTING THE FIRST PERSON I SEE IN THE HEAD AND TAKING THE LIFE OF A FETUS.



    I take it you haven't read e.e.cumming's poetry. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and flies are a shithead's best friend.

  42. Gasman8:58 PM

    Anon @ 11:26,
    Fuck you very much. Your bullshit dualism regarding abortion is dependent upon a "life begins at conception" argument which is REJECTED by mainstream Christianity and Reformed Judaism. Your pompous sanctimony does not lessen the number of abortions by even one. If you weren't such a supercilious holier than thou prick you'd realize that you'd actually have an opportunity to help minimize the number of abortions if you weren't so damn absolutist in passing judgement.

    Your arrogance and pietistic moralizing will pretty much guarantee that your position will ALWAYS lose.

    Dismount your high horse and maybe you could actually do some good.

  43. Gasman9:23 PM

    3,106,130,119th and holding.

  44. Anonymous9:29 PM

    What a neat tool!

    I'm older than Gryphen and I'm2,905,102,861st. Over five billion since then.

    This new "personhood" law is frightening. Women are born with a certain number of eggs,and a limited number of times to reproduce.
    Men are sperm factories with an infinate number of chances to reproduce over a longer period of time.

    I like the idea of holding men accountable for their sperm, perhaps a tool similar to this could calculate the numbers and we could put a tax on each sperm over x amount.

    We could balance the budget, fund fully planned parenthood, rebuild our infrastructure, build better schools, hire teachers, and help obliterate poverty, hunger, and war.

    I want abortion to be available and safe, I doubt any woman uses it as a form of birth control on a regular basis, nor makes the decision on a whim or takes it lightly.

    These rabid pro-life idiots (that's you, anonymous 11:26) aren't capable of rational thought nor reasoning, they're hellbent on controlling other people's lives and bodies, yet scream for smaller government.

  45. Paisely3:47 AM

    To Anonymous at 11:26 -

    Those who believe that every zygote is precious must believe that said "child" if aborted will go straight to Heaven.

    Wouldn't that be a good thing? Avoiding neglect and abuse, incompetent parenting, and the degradation of the human condition certainly seems like a good thing!

    Here in the U.S. we do not suffer the severe effects of overpopulation. Why do we think we have any voice in the matter at all? Ask a starving child what he/she thinks.

  46. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I'm 3,850,840,421. Meh.

  47. DAMN IT! I clock in at 3,033,852,038, well behind your 3,019,000552.

    I was SURE (for some reason) I'd come in ahead of you, so I could yell at you to stay offa my lawn....But now, you get to be the old geezer yelling at me to keep off YOUR lawn....

  48. As for the all the faceless, nameless, and presumably fetusless trolls calling you a heartless jerk, for your apparent support of abortion--those people are mistaken.

    There is no scientific basis for the assertion that a zygote is a "human being," and ample evidence to the contrary. Therefore, to argue there is no "moral" difference between "killing" a zygote (or a first trimester fetus) and killing an "already born human" uses a definition of "morality" meaning a purely, personal subjective belief, contrary to all objective evidence.

    Therefore, G-Man, you need not feel shame at being a heartless jerk, because of your Pro-Choice political stance. Being Pro-Choice, in and of itself, does not make you a heartless jerk.

    On the hand, nothing I've said precludes you from being a heartless jerk for any number of other reasons. Whether you feel shame about that fact, I don't have enough information to make a determination. Finally, it is also entirely possible that you are heartless, but not a jerk. Or perhaps you are a jerk, but a sincere, heartfelt jerk. Again, I simply don't know you well enough to say, one way or the other.

    Hope that helps.


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