Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Bill Clinton praises President Obama's attempts to create jobs while condemning lack of support from Congress.

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Clinton carefully avoids discussing in detail some of the criticism voiced about the Obama administration in his book, even going so far as to admit he was wrong about the administration's failure to raise the debt ceiling in 2010, which (surprisingly enough) he did not realize was subject to a filibuster.

Clinton goes on to point out that the people who compare Obama's presidency to his are not being fair, and that he faced many of the same challenges that Obama is facing now in his first term as well. Continuing on to say that until the American people send a strong message to Congress things will not improve.

I have VERY mixed feelings when I think of Bill Clinton. On the one hand he was the first presidential candidate that I was excited to vote for, and did so twice. But he is also the politician who disappointed me the most, this during the Monica Lewinsky affair. I am not one to preach morality at anyone, but I just thought that for eight years he could manage to keep his dick in his pants for the good of the American people.

Having said that he is an extremely gifted politician, and Obama would be smart to seek his counsel occasionally. However I would caution Clinton, like I do everybody these days, to resist the urge to criticize the President too much, as it does provide ammunition to the GOP who are actively looking for every hint of disunity in order to capitalize on it and use it to defeat the Democrats in 2012.

Newsweek has already gleefully dissected the book searching for critical language directed at Obama, and then presenting it as proof of a fractious relationship between the Clinton's and our President.


  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

    I totally agree with you Gryphen. President Obama has faced tremendous opposition from the Repubs since he even had not taken over office. He inherited a tremendous mess from Bush. Now we see all he is trying to do to help create jobs being obstructed by the Repubs who want to ensure that unemployment stays high, and the economy doesn't improve, so people will blame President Obama for it all. It is appalling what these Repubs are trying to pull, and so evident that they are protecting the wealthiest and huge corporations, while caring nothing about the middle class and poor.

    Clinton didn't have to face a situation like this, and I wish he would be more supportive of President Obama!

  2. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Gryphen, I just read that a big storm is coming to Alaska. Maybe it will affect you, maybe not but Seattle says take care and be safe!

  3. Dinty7:56 AM

    Erik Erikson has a sad:

    Mitt Romney as the Nominee: Conservatism Dies and Barack Obama Wins


  4. Anonymous8:20 AM

    You know, I do love Bill Clinton in general, and believe he is brilliant. This book may serve a positive, clarifying purpose, who knows? I saw that interview with Kate Snow last night and was struck by it.

    However, Bill Clinton is a certifiable egomaniac and absolutely can never be let off the hook for squandering years of his presidency with a pathetic affair - and lying about it.

    He wants to take advantage of this moment and make some more money, first of all.

    Given all of that, he does have an incredible ability to explain things in a way that the average person can understand. His empathy chip is amazingly developed. President Obama errs on the wonkier side, though both men are equally smart I feel.

    I also can never forget how Clinton treated the Obama ascendancy when he realized his wife might not make it through to the nomination. I would be very happy if Hillary ever did decide to run in 2016, however. She was always very polarizing, but perhaps now with her Secretary of State work she would be seen differently.

    I don't really know what Bill's game is, in other words. If he is on record criticizing the White House, then shame on him. Always trying to re-write his own legacy, which will never ever recover from his personal mistakes. What a waste. We have him to thank for Bush, in many ways.

    Bill Clinton is unfortunately all about Bill Clinton.

    President Obama has more humility in his pinky finger. I stand with him, in the face of enormous obstacles. Clinton should be personally advising him, and not undercutting President Obama's authority in public to enhance his own credentials and make a buck in the process.

  5. Anonymous8:34 AM

    It's damnably hard to plow new ground when the Republican horses refuse to leave the barn; the Blue Dogs pull in opposite directions; corporations oppose any and all non-Monsanto seeds; and people like Palin shriek dire warnings--dutifully reported by the MSM--that Obama's intended crops will kill old people. Or worse yet,be used to feed people too lazy to find work where there is none.

  6. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Man, this guy is slimey!

    Herman Cain Makes Light of Sexual Harassment on Jimmy Kimmel


  7. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Herman Cain Comes Unglued In Crazed Sexual Harassment Email Rant


  8. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I have never understood why people were more concerned about Clinton's sex life than they were about NAFTA and other trade agreements that have contributed to the loss of jobs in the U.S. But, I agree, Clinton is very intelligent and a gifted politician - he needs to let his ego rest and throw his support behind Obama. The stakes are too high for this country. Imagine enduring a presidency with any of the GOP hopefuls!

  9. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I so wish the media and Dems would 'praise' and acknowledge the good that President Obama is doing and accomplishing in spite of the Repubs in the House of the U.S. Congress.

    So, so hope Repubs are voted out of office their next election cycle. Cannot occur fast enough!

  10. Anonymous10:51 AM

    The current republicans in the senate and congress are political terrorists no different than the Taliban in Afghanistan. They want our economy ruined. They want America to fail.

  11. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Ann. 10:51.


  12. wendy1:32 PM

    I love Pres. Clinton, what will Munger have to say about that.

  13. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Great Post and excellent comments.
    President Clinton accomplished a lot for our country, despite the Lewinsky and Linda TRIPP thingy. The wasted money the Starr report accomplished nothing, and he still left us with a surplus.
    We had the distinct pleasure of meeting him in his Harlem office, the man definately has his heart in the right place and a good head on his shoulders.
    I just wish he'd stay low-keyed while another Democrat is in office. Sure he can give good advice, but his ego always gets the best of him.
    I think history will be kind to this man.

    I feel your pain, Gryphen.


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