Saturday, November 05, 2011

Fun with pictures: Palin at Republican Party of Florida dinner in Disney World.

"Whoa there baldy, watch the hands! I get paid to be looked at, not touched! Just ask Todd."
"Ya know I was kinda nervous about coming here, but then Rick Perry hooked me up with HIS speech preparation guy, and now this really IS the happiest place on earth!  Woo hoo!"
"Look I don't want to freak anybody out, and it might just be the speech preparation lubrication talking, but I SWEAR I saw a giant rat and a duck with no pants walking around plain as day back there."
"The rat kind of scared Trig, and I don't want to tell you how Bristol responded to seeing somebody in a sailor suit with no pants!"
Azure's Ghost thought that Palin's outfit was lacking something. (You mean like "class?") So she fixed it.
Even Palin's personal  stylist thought it was an improvement.


  1. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Can't wait to see her in the remake of "Prickly Heat"

  2. Anonymous6:44 PM

    She does need a chinstrap on that helmet.

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM

    That's not Sarah, it's a wax dummy. Don't those bangs drive her nuts as much as it does me. She may have forgotten her brooches but she made sure she had her super hero wrist band.

  4. Anonymous6:50 PM

    I love how Sarah touted Scott's "work ethic"
    Wonder if she even knows that the healthcare company he was the CEO of until he resigned, was fined 600 million dollars because they committed 14 felonies of Medicare fraud...All on his watch
    Great work ethic...

  5. You've got to admit it. We in Florida have a strong contender to take the title from Palin for Worst Governor Ever.

  6. Her looks are so often what's talked about, something not done with any other 'politician'. At first thought it seems sexist but it really isn't; it's because that's really all she has, all she brings to the table. Without her looks she'd never been elected even dog catcher.

    Age, stress, all that hate, are wreaking havoc with her one asset: attractiveness. Finally, her elongated 15 minutes are running out.

  7. Anonymous7:07 PM

    It's a leopard print bed jacket:
    I hope that Sarah wore the matching leopard print platform sandals.

  8. Cheek implants = Madamism.

  9. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Really...the Red, White & Blue Wonder Woman bracelet with animal print. Who the hell dresses her?

  10. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Hey Sarah...I saw that bed jacket at ACORN for $70. Did you forget to have Todd pack you a grownup jacket?

  11. Anonymous7:32 PM

    "The book reveals that because of her injuries, Giffords has lost 50 percent of her vision in both eyes.

    It also mentions Sarah Palin, who was criticized after the shootings for a map posted by her political action committee that showed a number of Democratic-held congressional districts marked with cross hairs. Giffords’ was among them.

    Giffords found the map disturbing. After the shootings, Kelly vented his feelings about the map to President Obama. Kelly thought Palin might call to offer condolences, but she never did.

    Representatives for Palin’s political action committee, SarahPAC, did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment. Palin’s attorney, John Tiemessen, said he would relay to the former Alaska governor the AP’s request for comment."


    When will Palin's whining begin? Surely she will portray herself as the victim again. I noticed most of the media left out this part about Palin in all the other articles about Gabby's book.

  12. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Whoa...... She really looks terrible. Really, really bad. Remember the old saying - Speed Kills.

  13. I swear I saw that same animal print jacket @ a consignment shop in Destin, Florida 5 years ago for $18. I'm not kidding. Seriously! I was going to buy it for a Halloween Costume idea I had, that was pre-Palin. Damn! Missed the opportunity. :)

  14. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Her hair seems strange: it's either the dye job or that it might not be real. Just strangely manicured, like lawn.

  15. Anonymous8:04 PM

    minnie moose!

    Now that's a riot!!!



  16. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I'm only chimin' in cause I know Sarah reads these blogs. She is inappropriately dressed. There are only a few who can pull off the leopard print with enough panache and you aren't one of them, you wannabe.

    Let me simplify that to a language you understand, Sarah...

    You're dressed like a total slut.

  17. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Does anyone have a pic of her in Princess Euginie's wedding hat?

  18. Anonymous8:54 PM

    someone on another thread asked about Leah Burton - this was just posted on her FB:

    "Leah L Burton
    I have had to go into anonymity as a result of an attack due to my work and it threatened the safety of me and my family. I wish I could divulge more...but that time is coming. These people are NOT Christian...even though they invoke the name."

  19. Anonymous9:02 PM

    You know, I might have to re-evaluate my belief that there are no psychics. Edith Prickley is as much a precursor for SP as Dave Foley is for Glenn Beck

    Maybe all Canadian comics have ESP...

  20. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I laughed so much at the minnie moose comment- truly funny!

    Here she is in action!

    What a spectacle Palin's made of herself! Pathetic.

    They were accomodating her, not Trig.

  21. Anonymous9:35 PM

    OMG - $arah forgot her flag pin. How are we supposed to know she's a true 'merican?

  22. Anonymous10:31 PM

    This is at least the 2nd time she wore a genuine BED JACKET at a public appearance! There was a pink fuzzy one also; I think she wore it while giving her dopey speech in Hong Kong.

    As dumb as she is, she goes to a lot of trouble thinking up new ways to suggest sex. This seems to be the extent of her deep thoughts also.

  23. Anonymous10:46 PM

    $arah looks just like Snooki!

    My God, how could the Quitter ever wear that outfit! It looks like a flannel pajama top.

    $arah really is delusional.

  24. Anonymous11:02 PM

    That was fun. I particularly liked the last photo - time traveling, eh? That is what Sarah will look like in just a few years, right? Wow, just wow.

    Sarah, honey, wash your hair, get it sheared at the dog groomer's if nothing else - and, oh, lighten up the color. As we women age, we need to lighten our hair color tone a bit so the wrinkles don't appear so harsh.

    That jacket is right out of the Bad Taste file for the 1950's. Talk about dowdy. Yikes!!

  25. Anonymous11:08 PM

    @Anon 6:45
    "super hero wrist band"
    Good one! Love it.
    She does think she's Wonder Woman.
    I only "Wonder" what the hell is wrong with her?!

    I watched the video of her speech and I think it was the worst one I have seen. She could hardly take her eyes off the notes and she still couldn't keep track of what she was suppose to be saying. This routine of hers is just so old and tired. Someone needs to get the cane and pull her off stage by the neck.

    In the immortal words of your hero Ronald Reagan...
    Sarah - Tear Down That Bumpit!
    Good lord you crazy ass woman, does the Bumpit get higher the higher you are?


  26. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Gosh, so sorry to hear Leah Burton has been forced into hiding because of the right-wingers.

    Leah is a class-act, a top-notch researcher, writer, and thinker. I hope she and her family will be safe.

    People, particularly those of you who are mainstream Christian, it is time to step up and speak out against the radical faux Christians whose hateful hearts are poisoning our country. We must speak out and condemn their violence.

    It is past time for followers of Christ to do their part to stop the pretenders from sullying His name.

    That a writer has to go into hiding because she has the courage to expose the wickedness of the far-right religious freaks is shameful. Are we going to allow those people to stop someone from exposing them? I hope not.

    Please join me in wishing safety for Leah and her family, and in condemning the far right's reign of terror.

    Gosh, Sarah Palin, see what you have unleashed? Shame on your very soul.

  27. Anonymous12:17 AM

    She fits right in with the name of that organization - 'RPOF '........(RipOff) !!!

  28. Sarah looks like sje forgot to remove her smack after a visit to the hairdressers to get her wig fluffed.

    Even in Disney World, there are standards.

  29. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Me thinks she used the water from the bra to try to wash the wig,and had to go spotty to cover the flats.

    As with all things Palin, maybe some one gave the jacket and she had to wear it because it was free.

  30. Marleycat4:07 AM

    I really just can't understand why Sarah Palin dresses the way she does - the only time she dressed with any kind of fashion was when she was dressed by the RNC. Prior to that she consistently either dressed as if she's a dingbat teenaged girl, a deranged bag lady, or an old hooker from a red light district. Her three signature "looks". No, wait . . . two more looks - like a mental hospital hospital escapee or a clown.

    I think the wigs are used so she doesn't have to bother with showering and washing her hair. It is truly weird that someone in the public spotlight would appear on stage dressed the way she does, If she's trying to look young and sexy she's sadly mistaken.

    Doesn't anyone in her family or inner circle care enough to let her know how dirty, crazy, and inept she looks? That at no time has she looked "Presidential", professional, or fashionable (except for RNC time)? Are there no mirrors in the house?

  31. Anonymous4:21 AM

    With all her money, why doesn't she buy a couple of REALISTIC wigs? These look like Halloween wigs. That outfit is gross, so busy. Was THAT her Halloween costume also, too?

  32. Anonymous7:10 AM

    WHY DOES SHE NOT HAVE A STYLIST???????? for the life of me I can not figure out where she gets the horrible clothes she wears.

  33. Anonymous8:26 AM

    LOVE SCTV!!!!

  34. Lord Jeezus, that wig!!!! Oh mah gah! It's like a 1920's flapper hat!!!!! Yuckoooooz!
    Yeah...I know....sigh. I'm just JEALOUS.

  35. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Are there any pictures out there of her in Disneyland/world?

  36. Anonymous10:48 AM

    God knows what she sees when she looks into a mirror.

    I suppose she thinks she looks pretty good, or she would not keep putting on these hideous outfits.

    And what is it with the leopard prints? That is a tricky choice to incorporate into a wardrobe without looking tacky, and she always fails.

    Michelle Bachmann is a complete nut, but Marcus always dresses her nicely.

  37. Anonymous11:17 AM

    When is the last time that woman washed her hair???It looks FILTHY!

  38. Maybe all of the mirror's in $arah's house are broken.
    They were aiming the canned goods at the Fridge and each other, but ended up breaking all the mirror's instead.
    And we all know, $arah is too damn cheap to buy any new ones.

  39. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Is it just me or does the RPOF logo make you think of those license plates that don't have all the letters but spell out a phrase? All I can think when I see the RPOF logo is RIP OFF!!!

  40. Anonymous1:08 PM

    "I don't want to tell you how Bristol responded to seeing somebody in a sailor suit with no pants!"

    Another ruined keyboard, Gryph! So wrong but so TRUE!

  41. Janet Carter2:38 PM

    That is the ugliest and filthiest wig I have ever seen. Is she too damn broke to get her real hair done? Or at least invest in a decent wig? What a SLOB. And that hideous muumuu. She looks pregnant in that hideous rag.

  42. Beldar Alopecio Conehead2:58 PM

    Thought Bubble Joke Writing Contest!!!

    Bald guy stares at a woman who is wearing extraordinarily obvious cheap wig and thinks to himself: _________________________________

    Get your entries in right away!! Deadline is midnight. Not sure what day, but definitely midnight one day soon.

  43. emrysa4:16 PM

    I am lmao at that wig!!!! damn that is bad!

  44. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I called Disney, and told them to count all their dwarves, they did, and confirmed Dopey is missing!


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