Thursday, November 03, 2011

Get your popcorn ready kids! "Sarah Palin: You Betcha!" to be available for Video On Demand by November 11th of this year.

Courtesy of Talk TV World:

SARAH PALIN: YOU BETCHA! will be available on Internet VOD/EST on November 8th and Cable VOD on November 11th from Freestyle Digital Media. The DVD will be released in 2012. 

The film is directed by Nick Broomfield (Biggie and Tupac, Kurt & Courtney) and Joan Churchill (Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer) with appearances by: John Bitney (Palin's former Legislative Director), Howard Bess (Former Alaskan pastor), Colleen Cottle (Former Wasilla Deputy Mayor), Walt Moneghan (Former Police Chief of Anchorage), Mike Wooten (Palin's former brother-in-law/Troopergate Scandal), Chuck and Sally Heath (Palin's parents) , Lyda Green (Former Alaskan Senate President), and Laura Chase (Palin's former campaign manager). 

SARAH PALIN: YOU BETCHA! tells the story of Nick Broomfield's quest for the real Sarah Palin - a journey across the icy snows of Alaska in mid winter, to meet the school friends, family, and Republican colleagues that in previous days gave their heart, and souls to the charismatic, charming, and intoxicating ex hockey mum. But it's not all plain sailing. People are frightened to talk, Wasilla makes Twin Peaks look like a walk in the park. It's a devout evangelical community - 76 churches with a population of only 6 thousand, and the Crystal meth capitol of Alaska. Who are the flying monkeys, the enemies, the friends, and most importantly - are you with her or against her? Join the quest and for Christ's sake buy some thermals! 

I am of the mind that much of the reason that this film did not get more attention, and a wider release, was that Palin took herself out of contention for the Republican nomination. Which was great news for America, but really unfortunate for this film because from what I have seen of the documentary it is highly entertaining.

As a rule I do not ever take advantage of my VOD as it always seemed ridiculous to pay the cable bill and then pay additionally to watch a certain movie. I will of course make an exception in this case.

And I will also purchase the DVD which is supposed to be available in 2012. In my opinion we owe Nick, and Joe McGinniss, and Geoffrey Dunn, and Frank Bailey a huge debt of gratitude for scaring Sarah Palin back into the shadows, so if I can repay them even a little by purchasing their books and movies I am definitely going to do so.

(I actually received a free copy of both Geoffrey and Joe's books in the mail, but still purchased an additional copy as well which I have donated to people who could not afford one of their own. They have now both been donated to local libraries if I am not mistaken)

Oh and speaking of books, I had another conversation with Fred this morning and he and his publisher are still working out some kinks, but hope to provide an update, including the release date, in the near future.  From what I understand part of the hold up has to do with the number of pictures included in the book.


  1. Anonymous5:49 PM

    And here's an explanation of why some 'bagger called Elizabeth Warren "a bitch." Whole article over at Huffpo:
    "The Tea Party was founded on a sense that something ephemeral had been stolen by someone, and that a movement was needed to "take the country back." Occupy Wall Street is now getting media attention the Tea Party believes is rightfully theirs, and the perceived slight can only inflame the movement's sense of victimhood. They didn't just lose the country as they knew it. Now they've lost coverage on CNN, too."

  2. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Nate Silver has weighed in on Palin's chances if she is a potential late entry. She won't understand what he is saying so let me summarize for Sarah and Todd - it's too damn late, even if you worked very very very hard 24/7 between now and June it ain't gonna happen.

    Now, someone like Chris Christie could still maybe somehow get it done. Very unlikely though.

  3. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Pictures good, but hold up is not. Hope Fred can get publisher MOVING soon. thanks for the update, G.

  4. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Sounds like Mrs. Palin was in major rant mode tonight.

    Much of Palin's address offered the view of Washington D.C. from Alaska. She concluded that Obama, Eastern elitists, leftist environmentalists, the mainstream media, "some of those socialist groups, ACORN, and the Communist party" all try to impose their views from afar.

    As one example, she mentioned restrictions on oil-drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve.

    Such rules are espoused by "people who live 4,000 miles from Alaska and will never see a caribou in their lives, much less enjoy one in their stew," she said. "They say they want to save the caribou — from me. In the war for oil in this tumultuous world, in the words of (conservative pundit) Ann Coulter, Mr. Caribou may have to take one for the team."

  5. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Nice wig... what a goof!!

  6. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Yay for biased films that purposefully leave out positive interviews of people who actually know what theyre talking about.

    Sarcasm off

  7. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Palin kids not in school... what a surprise!!

    She brought he daughters Bristol, 21, and Piper, 10, and son Trig, 3, who has Down syndrome.

    “It was good to see good people, and a good organization at Disney, accommodating a child like Trig,” she said.

    Her husband Todd and other daughter Willow didn’t come, she said, because they were busy hauling a truck of snow blower machines from Minnesota to Alaska.

  8. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Now this is one thing with Its name on it that I will buy ! Can't wait !

  9. Anonymous6:23 PM

    I am going to watch the movie and buy the DVD next year. It is a small gesture to support what has probably contributed to a much safer country for all of us if we can keep her out of politics.

  10. deebee6:25 PM

    Apigalypse feed is coming soon!
    Roasted mayonnaise cottage cheese thighs, turkey waddle throat, tossed roadkill hair buns, and foamed breasts with Blackberrys are on the menu. Lipsticken good, you betcha!

  11. Anonymous6:47 PM

    I was one of the lucky ones that got to see this film. HIGHLY recommended!

  12. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Where has Mudflats been all day?

  13. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Didn't Tripp get to go to Disney World? Or is there too much focus on pictures of him and how old he really is? Were they afraid he would talk in Florida?

  14. Anonymous7:34 PM

    6:11 "She brought he daughters Bristol, 21, and Piper, 10, and son Trig, 3, who has Down syndrome."

    Where was Tripp? Where was Bar$tool's 'godson'??

  15. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Sarah Palin is an idiot.

    All of the people in Nicks movies knew Sarah very well.
    They definitely know what they are talking about.
    She has very few true friends, if any. No one who really knows her had ever come forward and says glowing positive things about her. Her immediate family maybe but no one who has worked with her.

    So are there any photos of Trig in Florida?
    And why Bristol without her babies?

  16. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Short article in the NY Times today about Palin going off during her Florida visit on the OWS. She said the protesters are asking for a handout from the government.

    How could anyone be so dense as to come up with such a pithy and lame analysis?

    Leave it to Palin.

  17. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Omg at 6:02

    That is a wig.....!!!!

  18. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Mitt's own party can't find it within their religion to vote for him...
    Perry is just downright unelectable, maybe in Texas..
    Cain is DONE with all this sexual harassment stuff...and the campaign fund scandal (next to come!)
    Michele Bachmann is from another effing planet...

    Even if the party COULD get a nominee, there is so much infighting now between Perry, Cain and Romney, a collective to come together to support the front runner would be near implausible.

    Don't rule Palin out.....
    But I think the Republicans' only hope is Chris Christie..that would be a good presidential race..
    Anything they got now is just going to be a cake walk for Obama.

    Let's just get on with the business of Hillary 2016
    And until he started tweeting his junk, I was all for Anthony Weiner for a shot at the highest office.

    The Republicans just don't have anyone that beat Obama...
    Right now, the ONLY person that COULD beat Obama in a presidential race would be Bill Clinton!! See? It's a win win.

    Wonder if we could get Bill to run in 2016???

  19. Anonymous8:51 PM

    How could anyone be so dense?

    How can she think the world is 4000 years old?
    How could McCain have picked her without being properly vetted?
    Why would she fake a pregnancy?
    How can she put enough brain cells together to tie her shoes?

    Nobody knows...but alas, she is THAT dense.
    Like a eerie fog that creepily envelops your town with a Liberty-wraped tour bus and demands a speaking fee.

  20. Fingers crossed Fred gets everything he needs/wants.

    I'm so appreciative of all the Palin truthtellers. The Cain scandal is a reminder of how the corporate media did the opposite with Palin...accepted irrational statements, refused to investigate, facilitated lies.

  21. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Yay for biased films that purposefully leave out positive interviews of people who actually know what theyre talking about.

    Sarcasm off
    6:08 PM
    Hi bristol! Sarcasm- I don't think that word means what you think it means! Keep trying! LOL!

    PS-how's the kidS?

  22. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Why doesn't tri-g ever appear without Bristol?? Hmmm that's weird!

  23. AJ Billings2:54 AM

    Hello friends..

    I hope that the rumors about $arah running as a rogue, 3rd party, wee=weed up mandationing candidate are not true.

    She's proven time after time to be nothing but a feckless and wildly ignorant stooge for the ultra right of right wing christian supremactists.

    But if she does actually dare to show her face on the hot glare of
    the election stage, she's going to get the Cain treatment, you Betcha!.

    Hey $arah, what about Mat maid, Paul Revere's shots and bells, Couric interviews, Wooten vendetta, quitting the Gov job, and your blood libel idiocy?

    YOu think that all won't come rushing back at you? Never mind the 2 Trigs, Mr Ruffles, and the wild ride?

    What about "fire in the belly" and "reloading not retreating"?

    I guess you didn't have the fire when you quit as Governor, and you didn't reload when you abandoned your flying monkey bots, and broke their hearts.

    Just go ahead dearie, and dare to declare for the money, and run for anything short of dog-catcher, and watch what happens..!

    The libs, the indies, thinking conservatives, OWS, and 90% of Rill 'mericans even the the heartland think you are kookoo for cocoa puffs just like Michelle the loonie tune..

    Make our day!

  24. Anonymous3:05 AM

    lol looks like she is wearing something from Target's maternity line!!
    Sarah, ya look more pregnant here than you did with the faux hoax Tri-G "pillow in your panties pregnancy".
    You are a joke. Run Sarah. run. You will be so exposed and by golly we can't wait!! You betcha.

  25. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Since it was time for Trig to make an appearance, Piper went to Disney with her mom and Trig went with his, and Willow thought it would be more fun to be driving long hours on the road with her dad, who isn't needed to play the part of loving husband anymore so is free to do whatever he wants now. Why would a mother (Bristol) go to Disney without her kid (Tripp) if it wasn't to take care of her other kid? Otherwise, wouldn't Sarah take care of Trig herself? Piper's certainly old enough to be independent, so Sarah would only have to take care of one 3 year-old. You'd think after "5" kids she'd be able to do that but she can't be bothered, esp. if one of them is not hers. Real parenting was one of the things she lost interest in long ago when it wasn't fun or cute anymore. And she's signed up for a lot of years of parenting still to come.

  26. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Did Bichtol leave her kids when she went to Korea too? MOTY!

  27. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Her husband Todd and other daughter Willow didn’t come, she said, because they were busy hauling a truck of snow blower machines from Minnesota to Alaska.

    Does this story check out?

    Now that she had to go and try to explain Todd's and Willow's absence in Florida, you know the above is probably NOT TRUE. When is she gonna learn that the way to cover something up is not to mention anything at all? She always underscores the very thing she wishes to conceal.

  28. Anonymous6:03 AM

    "Her husband Todd and other daughter Willow didn’t come, she said, because they were busy hauling a truck of snow blower machines from Minnesota to Alaska."

    Is that code for Todd Palin is pimping again?

  29. Anonymous6:20 AM

    What an apt quote about $carah form a Huffpo commenter:
    253 Fans
    21 minutes ago (9:53 AM)
    On the front page photo of this article, I saw Sarah Palin standing next to Rick Scott; and on the sign below, RPOF. My brain processed that as ripoff. How apt.

  30. Anonymous6:28 AM

    i'm all don't have snow blowers in alaska? we have 'em in washington at home depot, so that seems weird. anyway, the leopard is verrrrrry presidentially. it screams 'trustworthy'. disappointed her shoes weren't photographed.

  31. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Sarah Palin is definitely not worthy of Mother Of The Year Award.

    What is wrong with the Palins and education? Is there something about school that interferes with making money?

    Sarah has millions of dollars and she has 5 kids…. not one of them is in school.

    Why aren’t these Palin kids in school?

    Track, over 21 years old, did not graduate high school and is at home in Wasilla and never been to college.

    Bristol, over 21 years old, used her mother’s governorship position to get a high school diploma and never been to college. Where is Bristol? Not with her children, Bristol is at Disney World.

    Willow, under 18 years old, suppose to be in high school but was kicked out and where is she? Willow is hauling snow blowers? WTF?

    Piper, a minor, nobody knows what grade she is really is suppose to be in because she missed so much school and everybody knows Piper used her mother’s governorship position to advance to the next grade. Where is Piper? Not in school, she is at Disney World instead of school.

    Trig, a minor, the only Palin with an excuse not to be in school and we all hope he is enjoying Disney World with his 24/7 paid SarahPac nanny.

    Ya give trailer park people money and you would think they would want to advance themselves and go to school…

    Not the Palins!

  32. Saw the movie when it was in NYC. Invite your friends. It's funny, but it's not funny. The woman has done a lot of damage to this country.

    Gryphen, if people are suffering withdrawl from daily doses of Palin truth-searching, they might find The Palin Place blogspot helps them get through it.

    My approach is to treat Babygate like a cold case investigation and review "evidence" that's been in cyber-storage for a long time. With this year's books, some old things need a fresh look.

    We are all anxious for Fred to get his book out. Meanwhile, some of us are filling time exchanging ideas at

  33. Anonymous11:22 AM

    O/T, but more facts about income inequality from Krugman.

    Not O/T really, because it's this unlimited wealth at the top that has enabled the PalinHoax to remain unaddressed in the MSM. Too embarrassing for those 1%er enablers.

  34. Anonymous6:02 PM

    "Pay it forward" is my mantra. I always buy an extra copy of a good book, magazine, or dvd, and gift one to a friend, library, or most anyplace that has reading material in their waiting rooms and are agreeable to accepting them.
    Can't wait to see this movie, and the same for Fred's book as well.

    I'm not sure I'm with you on your thought that interest in Palin has diminished. Joe's book got the pre-emptive spin from her series on tee vee and the lazy press who never bothered to read it.
    She may have faded from the spotlight, but in a bad economy, people need to laugh hysterically, and for that reason alone, Sarah is still a marketable product.

    I feel that every author who's published a book on her has done this country a great service, and support all of them, but Joe's is the best I've read yet.

  35. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Like cheap, greasy spoon mexican food, Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's back!

    Major Eyeroll

    Leopard Print? Wowza! My gradmother has a snuggie and slippers that match that, but nothing even remotely close to the polyester wig.

    They haz leppards in Wasilla since when?

    Bristol 21- at Disney with her mommy----- ha ha ha ha ha. Guess it wasn't "Gay Days".

    And the tired injection of Trig, the special needs child, being well accomodated at Disney.....the fairy tale continues.

    Willow and Todd are blowing ---, er hauling snow blowers? Is this a new family business, or just one of many interests and hobbies they do as a "family"?

    Schools were closed due to...what?


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