Friday, November 11, 2011

Herman Cain barely holds top spot in GOP field right in front of Undecided/Don't know. Other candidates now praying that Undecided/Don't Know has a sex scandal in their past.

Courtesy of CBS:

In a new CBS News Poll, 61 percent of Republican primary voters say the sexual harassment accusations against Cain won't make any difference in their vote, but 30 percent say the charges make them less likely to back him, and that rises to 38 percent among women. Cain has lost support among women since last month - from 28 percent in October to 15 percent now. He has lost ground with conservatives and Tea Party supporters as well. 

But the race could still change; seven in 10 Republican primary voters say it is still too early to say for sure which candidate they will support. 

The field of Republican candidates now has three candidates within striking distance of each other at the top of the list: with 18 percent, Herman Cain is in the top spot, followed by Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich with 15% each. Support for both Cain and Romney has declined since late last month, and Gingrich is the only one of the top three whose support is steadily - if slowly - on the upswing.

You know just when I think this GOP contest cannot get any more entertaining, it does.

The idea that this late in the game the undecided vote is actually leading the obvious eventual nominee, Mitt Romney, by two points is absolutely hysterical! I have long heard the phrase "holding their nose while voting for a candidate" but I have never seen it so clearly defined among an electorate. They hate this guy!

At this point Mitt Romney must feel like the only unattached man in a bar full of completely uninterested drunken women, hoping that if he can just get them to down one last shot of J├Ągermeister he might get the chance to touch their naughty parts.

At this point I have to wonder if the Republicans are just about ready to throw up heir hands and say "Fuck it! Let the secret African born Muslim stay in the White House! We don't even care anymore! Just so long as we don't have to vote for that magic Underoo wearing, flip flopping over every issue, never a hair out of place , Mormon!"

And speaking of the Mormons, just how long can Jon Huntsman stay in the race when he is tied with No One at 1%? I mean how humiliating is that?

This whole thing is beginning to feel like a really bad season of "Survivor" where the viewing audience is essentially rooting for ALL of the candidates to eventually starve to death.


  1. Anonymous7:07 AM

    The funny thing about all of this is that Obama hasn't even started the race yet. Imagine one of these clowns debating Obama. By the time it is all said and done, there will only be a small percentage of Republicans who will actually want to vote in the 2012 election. I am loving every minute of this.

  2. Anonymous7:12 AM

    More Money, More Problems
    Why Cain’s “$9 Million” Not All Good News

  3. Anonymous7:14 AM

    McClatchy-Marist Also Shows Gingrich Surge

    It’s not just a new poll from CBS out this morning showing a Gingrich surge – it’s also a McClatchy-Marist poll showing Newt in second place nationally at 19 percent, behind Romney’s 23 percent. Herman Cain, dogged by nearly two weeks of coverage about past sexual harassment allegations is in third in the Marist poll at 17 percent.

    Also, this detail from the poll:

    Among the top tier, Gingrich has the most committed supporters. The poll found that 43 percent of his supporters said they are firmly committed to his candidacy. For Romney, that figure is 30 percent. For Cain, it is 31 percent.

  4. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Run, Sarah, run! Let the wild rumpus begin!

  5. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Video: Herman Cain jokes about Anita Hill

    Not only am I increasingly convinced that Herman Cain has a problem with women, but it's also becoming clear that he doesn't have very good judgment either. When you're in the middle of a sexual harassment scandal you don't call the most senior woman in the US government "princess." As Jon Stewart noted last night, it's not really appropriate to call any girl, past the age of 5, princess.

    But last night, Cain did it again. For some reason, on being told that Anita Hill had a new book out on race and gender, Cain doubled over in hysterics. Then he told a joke: "Is she going to endorse me?" Cain and the crowd laughed again, apparently because it's hysterically funny when women accuse men of sexual harassment and sexual assault. (There's video via the link.)

    Here's the thing. If you're facing multiple charges of sexual harassment, and at least one charge of sexual assault, and you're in the race to be president, you'd play it serious, at least for a few days. You'd avoid gratuitously denigrating women. And you'd definitely avoid any discussion of Anita Hill, regardless of your opinions of her. You wouldn't laugh at the mention of her name, and then crack a joke about it. Unless you were a rather unserious candidate, and a little bit creepy too.

  6. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Jon Stewart’s Epic Take Down Of Rick Perry’s Gaffe: ‘It’s Over…Romney Wins!’

  7. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Sean Hannity Grills Gloria Allred Over Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Claim

  8. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Rachel Maddow Uses Props To Demonstrate Absurdity Of Cain’s Recent Line Of Defense

  9. NB: When discussing the Utah Cult, the second "m" is always silent.

  10. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Jon Stewart Fillets Herman Cain’s Claim That Democrats Are Out To Get Him

  11. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Herman Cain, the "serial sexual harasser," has gotten the endorsement of a female Republican state senator who has been accused of domestic violence.

  12. Anonymous7:28 AM

    What's most horrible is, Axelrod is STILL acting as schoolyard bully by orchestrating a bunch of pathetic women to falsely accuse Cain of improper conduct.

    Hey Axelrod, those of us with at least average intelligence know who you are and we are familiar with you and Obama's MOs and methods of thuggery.

  13. Anonymous7:33 AM

    If O wins, all we have to do is keep fighting hard against him. He's not skilled enough to win against people who know what's really best for the country. And what's best is NOT economy and Europe killing welfare programs.


    Without Cain, the dems can continue to play the race game. FUCK YOU ALL liberal assholes.

  14. jadez7:34 AM

    61% of repigs dont care that cain sexually harrasses women.


    but it seems pretty clear now what is going on.

    the money behind the scenes is making their grand push for the scumbag gingrich.

    the right has no where else to go after they dump cain perry bachmann...BUT...dont believe that these polls show large support for him..he may have gained a bit but has no real national support and even less when his disgusting lack of morals gets played out as it will eventually.

  15. It's amazing that the most competent among the "field" of candidates, Jon Huntsman, pols only one percent. What does this say about that party, anyway?

  16. Looks to me that if you add up undecided, someone else, and no-one, "anybody but these clowns" is winning by a landslide.

  17. @Anon @ 7:28

    In you dreams. Cain is doing this to himself. He and his ego have a hard time fitting in the same room and that's what is going to be his downfall.

  18. Anonymous7:54 AM

    CBS Atlanta is claiming Cain is innocent by way of voice detection software -

    I have no clue where this is headed...

  19. Wow. Guess Gryphen hit a nerve. Lots of trolls feeding today.

  20. Anonymous8:09 AM

    So the good Christians are flocking to Gingrich? I tell you, something is really wrong in Eden when a man can screw two wives, marry a third trophy wife, have an affair while attempting to impeach Clinton, and generally act like an entitled scumbag, stand up there and act sanctimonious and knowledgeable about anything other than spending money at Tiffany's? How do they figure this guy is Christian, moral, or a fiscally conservative person? Alas, one does not need an education to support the fact, I think the closet slogan is "GOP: education optional."

  21. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Looks like freeperjug or whatever his name is from C4P has come over to drop turds.

  22. Hey Idiot! Axelrod was not around when the women fiied suit with the Nat. Rest Assoc. They got a full year's pay, so he is guilty.

  23. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Sean Hannity got into a heated discussion with Gloria Allred, the lawyer representing one of Herman Cain's accusers, Sharon Bialek, on his show Thursday night.

    Allred appeared on "Hannity" to further discuss Herman Cain and the sexual harassment allegations facing the GOP candidate. Hannity welcomed Allred but told her that he preferred when she was "on his side, which is occasional."

    Hannity referred to an off-camera conversation he had with Allred when, according to him, Allred alluded that there was more information "to come." When asked if Allred planned to release more information, she said "maybe." Allred's response seemed to irk Hannity. Allred added while smiling, "don't you like surprises, Sean?"

    "Gloria, not when — this is somebody's life...this has gone on for two weeks, it's hurting his candidacy," Hannity said. He added that, according to him, Cain's reputation was "being ruined, maybe unfairly," by the onslaught of sexual harassment allegations that have recently come to light. "If you have facts or information, don't you think it's fair to just bring them out now?" Hannity asked Allred. "Let him respond to it, let the public decide, instead of drip, drip, drip."

    "What about the women?" Allred fired back.

    Hannity insisted that the way Cain has been accused over the past two weeks was detrimental and unfair. "Isn't he entitled to a fair trial?" Hannity later said.

    Allred seemed to take issue with Hannity's focus on Cain and fairness. She said, "you talk about him, and fairness, what about the fairness to women?"

    "I'm against sexual harassment, but I'm also against false charges which happens more and more." Hannity said. He added that he has known Cain for "a decade," and that female members of Hannity's radio staff have worked with Cain and always have nice things to say about him.

    "People say that about child molesters too," Allred responded.

  24. Anonymous8:24 AM

    heh, 7:33 AM

    How about a big FU and go away, if the shoe is fittin' herbie 'otto' be quittin'

    when the shoe is on the other foot, kind of sucks doesn't it!
    go back to your cave you MORAN!
    or the other castle if its you TOAD
    Don't you have a snowblower racing machine to get ready--hahaha

    If O wins, all we have to do is keep fighting hard against him. He's not skilled enough to win against people who know what's really best for the country. And what's best is NOT economy and Europe killing welfare programs.


    Without Cain, the dems can continue to play the race game. FUCK YOU ALL liberal assholes.

    7:33 AM

  25. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Rachel Maddow: Herman Cain Lawyer's Comment 'Shocked' Me (VIDEO)

    Rachel Maddow proclaimed herself to be "shocked" by a recent, threatening comment made by Herman Cain's lawyer to any potential victims of sexual harassment -- so shocked that she devoted the first part of her Thursday show to the remark.

    In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Lin Wood, Cain's defense attorney, said that any new women who are thinking of coming forward with allegations against the candidate should "think twice" before they do.

    Maddow said that, while little in politics actually makes her pause, Wood's comment did. Before she tackled the statement, though, she engaged in a rather chilling, darkly funny bit of Rachel Maddow Theater, employing a car wheel, a man playing a police officer, and a woman playing a woman who Maddow had just run over with her car in a brief skit.

    "The vast majority of the people in the street who I drove by have not been hit by my car," Maddow said to the officer by way of an excuse. She compared this to a recent statement by Cain that, "for every one person" accusing him of sexual harassment, there were thousands of people not accusing him of sexual harassment. It was, she noted, "not a great defense."

    She then turned to Wood's comment. It was, she said, a "remarkable moment," because a lawyer was telling potential harassment victims to "shut up," and seemingly threatening them with some kind of retribution if they didn't.

    Pointing to the heap of abuse that Sharon Bialek, the first accuser to go public, has received, Maddow...

  26. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Herman Cain Losing Support Of Women Voters After Sexual Harassment Allegations, Poll Shows

    "Cain has lost support among women since last month -- from 28 percent in October to 15 percent now," the poll reveals.

    The problem, naturally, is the series of past sexual harassment allegations that have been leveled at Cain in recent weeks. At least four women have claimed Cain harassed them while he headed the National Restaurant Association in the late 1990's, claims that have likely persuaded 30 percent of all respondents to say that they are now less likely to back his candidacy. That number rises to 38 percent when restricted to female respondents.

  27. laprofesora8:28 AM

    "FUCK YOU ALL liberal assholes"

    Wow, we have a lot to learn from your very articulate discussion of the important issues of the day. That was sarcasm, by the way. You're obviously too ignorant to form a cogent argument defending your point of view. No wonder your party is circling the drain, with intellectuals like yourself as members. I guess anger is all you have left, so sad.

  28. Anonymous said...
    What's most horrible is, Axelrod is STILL acting as schoolyard bully by orchestrating a bunch of pathetic women to falsely accuse Cain of improper conduct.

    Hey Axelrod, those of us with at least average intelligence know who you are and we are familiar with you and Obama's MOs and methods of thuggery.
    7:28 AM
    You are an absolute moron. The two women that filed claims against Cain did so back in the 1990s.

    Pathetic women? The one that was named recently is a consummate professional with a responsible position now and high praise from NRA officials then.

    You are not familiar with anything regarding President Obama or David Axelrod because you so obviously don't know a damn thing about either one of them.

    Although it's clear that you and moronic Michele read the same chain emails. Ooh, Axelrod. Mysterious man of all evil.

    Clearly, you do not have "at least average intelligence."

    Go play with your boogers.

  29. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I'm starting to see SEVERAL postings on the internet by "conservatives" (what are they trying to conserve anymore? they have ruined pretty well EVERYTHING) admitting that with the slate of characters pretending to run for the Republican presidential bid--they are thinking it'd be better to just keep OBAMA in there.

    "At least he hasn't started World War III, like could happen with these Republican fools," is a typical comment.

  30. Don't you wonder if sane, intelligent Republicans are seeing supposedly the best & brightest representing them, and are horrified at these nuts are their only choices, realizing the 'new' Republican party is not for them at all.

    Talk about a third party thus far has been the far-right loving the notion of running someone like SP, but suddenly a third party possibility might become the disenfranchised smart Republicans, conservatives with brains and hearts. Can't think they might choose to head them, but there must be some possibilities.

  31. Canadian Country Girl8:55 AM

    OT. Sorry. But WHERE is Joe McGinness? Not a word for so long. Did I miss something?

  32. laprofesora9:22 AM

    "Go play with your boogers."

    My new favorite line!!! And so appropriate!

  33. I have been wondering about Joe M. also. Do you have any word G? What is going on?

  34. Anonymous9:35 AM

    @7:28 AM and 7:33 AM:

    Where's your proof? You have none, you lying piece of shit! Barack Obama would love to run against Herman Cain. Liberals aren't afraid of Herman Cain, or any of those fools! And, black people fucking hate Herman Cain! Herman Cain is going NOWHERE. Deal with it!

    "If O wins.." What's the matter? Scared? GOOD! You right-wing fools don't know shit about what's best for the country, since YOUR side already caused a recession, which most Americans rightly still blame republicans for.

    What's best for the country is no more rich assholes on Wall Street getting rich off the backs of people who actually have to work for a living! A strong middle-class equals a strong economy. NO MORE WELFARE FOR RICH ASSHOLES, LIKE $ARAH PALIN!


    The democrats aren't playing the race-card, that would be YOU right-wing assholes, since YOU keep bringing it up, like you just did. The "support" for Herman Cain never would have translated into real votes. Republicans would never really nominate him, because he black. REALITY! If Herman Cain by some miracle won the republcian nomination, Barack Obama would be quaranteed another landslide win, because like 80% of the rethuglican party would have stayed home.

    We lefties are on to YOUR games, and your method of thuggery: Shooting congress people, stomping on people's heads, cutting gas lines, accusing lefties of playing the race-card, when it is in fact really YOU. Afterall, it is always YOUR side who whines that Barack Obama only won because he's black!

    And, David Axelrod is a wimp. He's not a schoolyard bully. It's not David Axelrod's fault Herman Cain is an idiot! Only those with LOW intellegence, (like you) would believe Herman Cain's lies, without any proof to back it up. I'd hate to be on trial, with you as a juror. You are a mentally disturbed fuck-wad!

    FUCK ALL YOU inbred conservative motherfuckers!

    P.S., Willow, you should be in school, instead of playing on this blog!

  35. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I love the troll meltdown. All the trolls got is insults, and unproven accusations. Other than that, they've got nothing but their anger.

  36. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Herman Cain caught on camera laughing at an Anita Hill joke today.

  37. Anonymous11:21 AM

    The "debate" was seen on TV in the UK. My brother in law lives there, and he saw Perry trying to remember just what he is for!! After W, the British people are not surprised by any politicians. They have their own clowns, but at least theirs are intelligent.

  38. Anne In DC3:26 AM

    Herman Cain is his own worst enemy because he is a prize idiot who suffers from diahrrea of the mouth and constipation of the brain. This is in addition to being morally bankrupt. I laugh at the right wing retards who swallow the nonsense that people on the left are doing Cain in. It doesn't seem to occur to them that there are most likely Republicans in high places sabotaging Cain's campaign while grinning in his face. Of course, as dumb as Cain is, he's playing right into their hands. He's the black, male
    version of Sarah Palin. Anonymous 9:35 is 100% right, because we African-Americans despise Cain from the bottom of our hearts. Now, another flavor of the month might emerge in the form of equally morally bankrupt Newt Gingrich. His candidacy is a bad idea whose time passed back in the
    1990's, and he is just as big a fool as almost all the GOP candidates.


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