Friday, November 11, 2011

Rick Perry attempts to recover from debate gaffe by doing David Letterman's Top Ten last night.

Okay did anybody else notice anything odd about Perry's demeanor during this clip?

Make your own observation and then check below the fold for my tweet to see if we are on the same page.

Gryphen's Rick Perry tweet:

Just watched Rick Perry do Letterman's Top Ten list. Clearly drinking helps with comedy more than it helps with speechifying.

Did you pick up on that too? Of course I could be wrong, but I have a spent quite a few years around drunks, and Perry demonstrates all of the attributes.  Unless of course we are talking about something stronger.

And by the way watching him walk out on stage kicked my Bush administration PTSD into high gear as he looked all the world like Josh Brolin doing his George W. impersonation.  Didn't he?

So do you think this helps Perry, or is it too late for him to ever recover from his debate gaffe?

(P.S. By the way to see the MOST fun that anybody has had with Rick Perry's kerfuffle you have to visit the Daily Show and see how Jon Stewart responded to this comedy gold.)


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    "Check below the fold?"

    Oh, I'm so untwitterliterate.

  2. Anne in Texas9:07 AM

    I’m still thinking pain killers or other meds rather than alcohol, but yeah, we haven’t seen our Gov act like that until recently. I don’t think going on Letterman increases his chances of being elected, but I do think it was some of the best damage control he could do. At least he can laugh about it. Queen QuittyPants, unlike McCain, couldn’t even laugh at herself on her SNL appearance. I also thought his timing and delivery were actually pretty damn funny, and the whole thing made him seem a little more human. Am I happy he is my Gov and would I want him to be Pres after this? Aw hells no, but I was glad to see him actually try to make the best of it with a laugh.

  3. I think that it helps him quite a bit. He seems very likable in this skit. He does not seem presidential to me, but then neither did W and he was elected twice. The whole Republican party is a mess, so who knows what will happen.

  4. Demeanor:

    Closeted gay drunk person? Now I'll check what you thought.

  5. OMG- Comedy Gold, but much, much more!!

    If we can clear the dust for a minute here, a picture emerges that should cause both relief and bewilderment.

    The field of GOP candidates is constituted largely by a group of clowns or performance artists. They are not serious candidates.

    Regarding Perry: As I watched him read off Letterman's top ten, I knew that Perry craves the spot light, but he is misplaced in politics. Clearly, the place for a handsome, often tipsy, funny, gay man is the entertainment world-- don't ya think?? He is charismatic. Seriously, I could enjoy watching him in a light comedy, an evening talk show or a Broadway Musical. He has no business governing.

    Cain is a fraud, most of the rest are equally ignorant and incompetent-- except Ron Paul and John Huntsman... and Romney(?). NONE of them have any real answers for the problems and challenges that we face as a nation at this time.
    That is the POINT. The GOP is over. We are watching the last gasps of the desperate puppet masters seeking something, anything, to hold on to power. Unfortunately, they can't even find decent puppets.

  6. WakeUpAmerica9:42 AM

    Clearly under the influence. If you watch, you will see him stumble coming up to and through the doorway. Slow speech and mannerisms are telling as well.

  7. Anonymous9:45 AM

    This might help Perry get a reality tv show- in case his days as a politician in Texas are over.

  8. I think he indulges in something but I'm not sure what - probably alcohol since he wasn't too steady on his feet. But he's funny. I thought his sense of timing on the jokes was right on target. President? Oh no, never. From half-way following what's he's done to Texas, I don't think he's a good governor either. But he's likable and funny.

  9. Gryphen, Josh Brolin is the actor that played W, James Brolin's son. The younger Brolin actually has an uncanny resemblance to Perry.

    I bet it is a combination of pain meds and maybe an anti anxiety or anti depressant . Could be he takes a shot of liquid courage before he goes on stage, really who knows and who cares, because Perry is a flat out moron. This doesnt help him, it only helps Saturday Night Live with free material every weekend. Besides, Cain has the bagger vote locked up, it's too late for Rick. He's a national joke.

    I want both those fucktards, Cain and Perry, to stay in the race as long as possible. Let them drain the GOP electorate for $, hog the airwaves, and take the entire Republican party down with them.

  10. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Herman Cain laughing at an Anita Hill joke today.

  11. hedgewytch10:18 AM

    Dang, it must be nice to have that personal service from those Merck guys - wonder what kind of little happy pill they've got him on? No back pain tonight!

  12. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Letterman is usually good with eye contact but to me it seems DL can barely stand to look at him. Pushes RP away and off the stage at the end. RP gives every sign of wanting to stay awhile.

    Clearly, RP is better with a script and loves to be in the limelight. Effeminate. Tasteless ending (#1 reason). How low can we go?

    Meds or booze? Sure. But who cares?

  13. Gay and high and straight out of the Sarah Palin playbook with her cutesy and overused palm-writing joke. Sad to say I suspect this was genius damage control that at least covers the 'brain freeze' moment.

  14. Gasman10:43 AM

    The second P.Rick opened his mouth I though he was drunk.

    He might be fun at a party, but keep him the hell away from the reigns of power.

  15. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I thought he was a little drunk myself. Maybe a quick shot before going on. I agree with the conscious that Perry is somewhat entertaining, but not Presidential material.

  16. The investigative article about Rick Perry by Matt Taibbi in the current Rolling Stone is a must-read for everyone. I doubt anyone could find any of his antics, real or staged, humorous after reading of his many exploits. Pull off that handsome exterior and you will find devil horns, a tail and a huge pitchfork. Palin may not realize she 'pals around' with the absolute king of crony capitalism and she's likely to be crossed off his rolodex if she continues to bash the process.

    I feel sorry for the decent folks in Texas and am surprised that more of the Perry truth hasn't come to light during the campaign. If Letterman had read the article I doubt he would have given Perry five seconds of airtime to try to redeem himself from his flub. The next time I see Perry on TV it better be in a perp walk to the slammer as he is the poster boy for corruption and self-enrichment making Palinista look like the rank amateur she is.

    For those who don't or can't buy a copy of this edition of RS, they may be able to find the article on their website. He shouldn't be elected, he should be arrested.

  17. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I keep seeing Burt Reynolds in the musical"Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".

  18. Thanks Virginia Voter, I fixed it.

  19. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I wonder why Letterman asked him how he was feeling?Seemed to be indicating something.

  20. Molly said...


    Closeted gay drunk person? Now I'll check what you thought.

    9:33 AM
    Here you go, Molly.

  21. Anonymous11:05 AM

    It is pretty sad that I cannot name one lawmaker or leader I respect as a person or professional.

    These people are guaranteed income forever yet they're still cheats. And people who regularly comment here won't address it if it's not from the right.

    you're all enablers. The more you support President O and his "thugs", the more you enable cheats.

    The more you slander and obsess about people who don't matter, the more you enable those who are getting away with this.

  22. Anonymous11:13 AM

    anon @ 10:33, I agree about that eye contact thing. It was pretty obvious.

  23. Anonymous11:24 AM

    10:33 Letterman is usually good with eye contact but to me it seems DL can barely stand to look at him. Pushes RP away and off the stage at the end. RP gives every sign of wanting to stay awhile.


    Yeah, I sure noticed that. In fact Letterman seemed to be extra cranky for the entire show; he seemed falsely fawning over Katie Holmes (easy target) and suggested that the guest band at the end of show should consider trying out for American Idol.

    I wondered if his crankiness started with his disgust that an idiot like Perry exists in America (as a Presidential candidate)

  24. i think its safe to say this guy is on meds.

    but he really is stupid and yes..these type of things DO help...because........they dont hurt!

    simple as that.

  25. Nikogriego11:54 AM

    I found it somewhat strange that Mr. Perry chose as one of the reasons that he supposedly forgot the third government agency he wants to cut, during the debate, was that he was being stared at by Mitt Romney, who is extremely handsome? To have this as a reason when there are rumors about his sexuality is pretty weird.

    No. 6: "You try concentrating with Mitt Romney smiling at you-that is one handsome dude."

  26. Anonymous11:54 AM

    What if Letterman HAS read up on Perry (as I believe he has). What if he was ordered to have Perry on the show and DL said NO? What if they have DL by the balls and his heart and mind followed? (Who owns the network, anyway? Who would like to see how fast Perry can get recovered from that little mistake?)

    Wouldn't that make YOU a little cranky?

  27. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I think he was really good in this skit. The very strange thing was that he truly acted out each one--as in REAL acting--assumed the persona of the line he was giving...which is a little bit freaky and weird--one, that he would be so inclined to do that, and two, that he would have the guts to do that. Maybe the guts are political confidence and/or controlled substances, and the inclination is the weird part--he has a theatrical streak? Maybe he is gay. As far as the good looking Mitt Romney add, if anything that suggests he is NOT gay because tv writers wrote this, and if he was afraid of being outed he probably would have refused to go with that one.

  28. Lortab 10 with a Single Barrel Bourbon chaser....I was a bartender for over 30 years, trust me on this one. I wouldn't serve the man. Also, why do I always think of Dean Martin when I see that mug?

  29. Anne in Texas12:08 PM

    Nikogriego, my hubby and I found that kinda strange too since there are always those rumors.
    Someone mentioned the slow talking – that’s not real unusual when you have a heavy Texas drawl so may/may not have to do with whatever intoxicant he’s on.

  30. nswfm @ 11:05 a.m.,

    Is that the same mechanical bull that Bristol was riding?

  31. Well, he's definitely got the chops for comedy improv. Way better timing than for his political appearances for sure.

  32. Beldar Bobo Conehead12:58 PM

    Gryphen, whenever I read one of your posts about Rick Perry (the politician from Texas, not the former Journey frontman) I hear circus calliope music.

    If you're doing that, please stop, because it's very disrespectful to this dimwit who may be our next president.

    If you're not doing it, then I guess just the sight of this Rick Perry somehow spontaneously triggers derisive clown music in my head. Which, upon further reflection, isn't altogether a bad thing, I suppose....

  33. Anonymous1:43 PM

    His behavior is strangely childlike. I thought the same thing about the New Hampshire speech. Like a 8 year old.

  34. Anonymous2:04 PM

    What is the candidate's stand on the issues that are important to me?

    Is the candidate staggering drunk or merely stumbling drunk?

    It sure would be nice to have a field of candidates where I could ask the first question not the second.

    Perry's campaign staffers were too busy polishing their resumes to limit his alcohol/drug intake before this appearance.

  35. Kimosabe2:14 PM

    RP's inability to name the third agency he'd cut was a neurological tic known as "failure of recovery", it happens to everyone in a stressful situation. Interesting article about it in the WP today.

    What should be covered, and hasn't been, is not his verbal stumble but the inanity of his desire to cut those departments. Everyone s focusing on the wrong thing.

    Actually, and I almost hate to admit it, I thought RP was funny on letterman. Not drunk, just at ease.

  36. Anonymous2:27 PM

    "Regarding Perry: As I watched him read off Letterman's top ten, I knew that Perry craves the spot light, but he is misplaced in politics. Clearly, the place for a handsome, often tipsy, funny, gay man is the entertainment world-- don't ya think?? He is charismatic. Seriously, I could enjoy watching him in a light comedy, an evening talk show or a Broadway Musical."

    I agree that he would do MUCH better in show-business and make much more money! I would love to see him in his own talk show!! lol

  37. For those trying to find hidden meaning into the Top 10 reasons, especially the 'handsome Romney' line, keep in mind they are written by Dave's staff writers. Perry is not clever or funny and he has only proven that he can read the teleprompter.

    Shame on Dave for giving this devil any hint of respectability by letting him spoof himself on the show.

  38. Anonymous3:11 PM

    as my (rest her) grandmother - who was no stranger to the drink would say "three sheets!" - oh yeah.


  39. nswfm3:34 PM

    colacarat said...

    nswfm @ 11:05 a.m.,

    Is that the same mechanical bull that Bristol was riding?

    12:24 PM
    I've read that the artist has it on good authority from his operatives in Austin, TX that Rick Perry is bisexual ("Gay Perry or Gay Paris Texas. I had a Texan assure me he is gay ;-)"). That would explain the full-page ads that have appeared for actual Perry partners.

    Bristol is one that can't keep her knees together, thus the multiple pregnancies, but I don't know if she's been to Austin.

  40. Diz @ 10:51-

    I couldn't agree more; the article is a must read.


    NOTHING funny about that sack of shit.

    I would rather watch Sarah Palin's corns fall off her gargoyle toes than watch Perry.

    Don't ask me how or why, but I saw three seconds of Sucks to be Huckabee on FOX and that fuckwit was trying to make light of the Cain sex scandal by saying he'd just been to Popeye's Chicken-

    and he "must" have been "sexually harassed",

    "because as soon as I walked in they called me 'darling' and 'honey'".

    The moron fucking crew was laughing and I shut that shit off.

  41. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I thought he did o.k., a little too mechanical when reading his cue cards, but you could see it in his face when his brian catches up with his mouth and he "gets it".
    Replay his debate, and it's pretty obvious his brain never caught up.
    Not sure about the "gay" part, but have YOU seen Anita Perry?
    I do think you're right with the substance abuse, have YOU seen Anita Perry?

    Read my lips, "No More Texans"

  42. Beldar Bobo Conehead @ 12:58,

    I do love your ever-changing middle names. Don't confuse Rick Perry with Steve Perry of Journey. I'd vote for Steve any day over Rick!

  43. While he isn't and never could be anything close to presidential and I could never conceive of voting for any of the Republican candidates, I didn't think Rick Perry did a bad job on Letterman. If nothing else, he came across as able to laugh at himself. I'd like to point out that not only do I consider myself a progressive democrat, but the only two places that I've ever been registered to vote are Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA. While I lived elsewhere in college, from the time I registered to vote in Boston at the age of 18, I maintained that until I became a legal resident of CA many years later.

    He certainly didn't come across as a serious candidate, although GW was President for 8 years and I don't think he ever came across as serious or able to run a road race, let alone able to run the country, so while I discount him as a viable Presidential Candidate, I'm not convinced that this performance or any other is a deterrent to Republican primary voters.

    In my opinion, he didn't appear to be intoxicated.

  44. Anonymous3:59 AM

    He belongs on Saturday Night Live more than a debate. What a buffoon. Texas sets the bar VERY low for their elected officials, seems the goofier the better. How I miss Molly Ivins.

  45. Anonymous7:20 AM

    He definitely is showing signs of impairment. I would guess drunk as his physical actions were not normal. And watching him there was an odd sense of being able to smell the booze. David Letterman noticed enough to ask if Perry was ok before starting the first question

  46. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Perry is a clown, and doesn't have a clue about how to move our economy forward. All he wants to do is eliminate programs of our Federal government that protect all Americans. He obviously does not care about the middle class, seniors, disabled, vets, etc. He's all "talk" - a rootin', tootin' tough gun-totin' cowboy from Texas, who sounds a lot like Bush - he needs to stay in Texas with his "good ole boys" - for sure, he doesn't have a clue about the majority of Americans out here!

  47. It's true that Dave asked him if he was alright...but when he got close to shake his hand...he must of got a whiff of the alcohol coming out Drunk Perry's pores! That's why Dave did the....WHOA...and the step back motion. He must have REEKED!


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