Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet Alaska's newest domestic terrorist, "Ricin" Mary. Oooh the crazy is strong with this one!

Mary Ann Morgan enters courtroom for arraignment on Tuesday November 8 2011.
Courtesy of the Fairbanks NewsMiner:

Mary Morgan was not offered bail at court hearing Wednesday morning, but a federal magistrate left open the door to releasing her before trial if she can find a third-party custodian to watch over her. 

Morgan, 53, is charged with being a felony in possession of a firearm for allegedly having a handgun while trying to cross the Canada border last month. 

Prosecutors say Morgan cannot be trusted to make court dates and is a danger to the community because she had documents in her car related to poisonous plants and instructions on making a pipe bomb. Prosecutors also say Morgan is part of the sovereign citizen movement, whose members believe the government does not have authority over them. 

After two hours of testimony Wednesday morning, Magistrate Scott Oravec said the information about the pipe bomb and poisonous plants was “very disturbing to the court,” and the main reason he would not order her released without a third-party custodian. 

My first thought upon hearing that the courts would only release Morgan to a third party custodian was, "What kind of lunatic would take her into their house?"

But I just had a conversation with somebody in the know who says that there are potentially a number of Schaeffer's fellow militia goons that might be perfectly willing to take her in until the trial, for the good of the cause.

That is NOT good news Alaska!

As you may remember Morgan not only had a handgun in her car, but that she also had pipe bomb making material and information about the production of Ricin, a deadly bio-toxin that coincidentally was also being manufactured by a militia group in Georgia that were recently arrested.

Whether or not there is any connection between that group in Georgia and our own "Ricin" Mary is as yet undetermined, but as a source told me earlier, "When one group comes up with a crazy idea, it pretty much spreads to other groups in a matter of days."

Oh and my source also told me that Mary Morgan, might just be crazy. Though I think that was something I could have determined on my own.


  1. angela2:55 AM

    What is it about the Alaska court system that they are always willing to give dangerous terrorist type individuals a "get out of jail and maybe plot the destruction of the world some more" free card?

  2. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Surely they wouldn't release her to a militia member would they? Oh wait - what am I saying...

    Keep her locked up and away from all people for a long, long time.

  3. The militia group in Georgia is right up the road from where I live. They are mostly vietnam veterans who isolated themselves in a little bubble of Fox News, Glen Beck, and most likely, forwarded emails.

    They used a book written by Fox News “expert” Mike Vanderboegh as a basis for a plot to attack government officials and American citizens.

    I think this combination can literally make people go insane. As much as I hate to say it. I could see my father joining this group, or at least, sympathizing with them.

  4. Anonymous7:10 AM


    She looks like a wrongly righteous member of Westboro.

    I also cannot believe that the court would release her to another person. Isn't that practically an open invitation to have her go to another sovereign citizen movement member? Then disappear or act on her delusions before her trail?

  5. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Why would they let this woman select her third-party custodian? That's just insane!

  6. Anonymous8:44 AM

    TPMMUCKRAKER has new info on the Georgia militia.

    Federal prosecutors said Wednesday that four elderly militia members charged in a plot against citizens and federal employees were targeting Attorney General Eric Holder and former Rep. Cynthia McKinney as potential assassination targets.

    Holder and McKinney’s names were included on a hit list compiled by 73-year-old Frederick Thomas, federal prosecutors said at a bond hearing. Authorities also said Thomas had stockpiled 52 guns and 30,000 rounds of ammunition in his Georgia home. All four suspects pleaded not guilty.

    What do Eric Holder and Cynthia McKinney have in common? Why might they be targeted by these plotters? They are both former Green Party candidates? Nope. Both members of the Obama Administration? Nope. Maybe it is just a coincidence that they both are

  7. hedgewytch9:18 AM

    These people are certifiably crazy and institutionally stupid.

    She goes to the Canadian border, with a gun, that you even admit to having, and a whole bunch of printed materials that are of questionable nature and legality.

    Have these people never heard of the internet? All that information is there - no need to take printed copies with you, unless where you are going doesn't have internet connection. It's almost as if she wanted to be arrested, expected to be caught.

    So, you've got someone who is crazy as a loon, or just dirt stupid, who thought she could just walk through the border with that stuff. Or she intentionally wanted to be caught so she could make a martyr of herself and gain all sorts of media attention.

    The actions of this woman makes me think she is more of a danger to herself, than anyone else, but its those she's connected to that give me pause.

    But I'm sure this will not the only arrest coming from this group in the near future. Winter time especially seems to bring the crazy into full bloom.

  8. Anonymous10:23 AM

    OMG! She looks just like I thought she would, except with a few more teeth!

  9. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Imagine how hysterically the MSM would be all over this if she were MUSLIM.

  10. Anonymous2:45 PM

    She reminds me of "Mary Brown" from "The Blair Witch Project."

  11. Marleycat2:53 PM

    All you can see in that woman's face is anger, bitterness, and hate - it's oozing from every pore. Very scary that people would allow themselves to get manipulated and sucked into such hate and violence, to the point they would ruin their lives and harm others.

  12. Anonymous6:00 PM

    She's 53? I mean, I'm not Robert Redford or anything, but, my wife is 60 and looks 40. Mary must have been doing some hard living.

    She also had some manual on her that counseled the paranoid wingnuts to do things like coat ammunition with shellac so you can carry a loaded pistol in the shower, in case the UN bursts into your bathroom. After seeing that picture of her, I do NOT want to think of her ina shower with or without an automatic pistol!


  13. Anonymous6:21 PM

    I just have to scratch my head at what passes for the justice system these days. In what alternate universe does this ruling make any sense whatsoever?

    Great comments so far, if this woman was muslim, hispanic or black, the outcome would most definately be more harsh.

    OT Gryphen, your blog keeps getting better and better. Since the screechy wretch faded into obscurity, the diversity of your topics, and the content of the comments have become much more informative and interesting to read.
    I always come away with a new perspective, learning more from your content and the links in the posts.
    Thank You, and Thank your commenters!


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