Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Best part of the GOP debate tonight. Rick Perry forgets third agency he will do away with if Americans are stupid enough to elect him President. "Oops!"

You know I think "Oops" should be this dipshit's new campaign slogan.

By the way the third agency he would do away with was the Department of Energy. 

And here we thought the biggest screw-up in the GOP field was Herman Cain.


  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Is it ever going to dawn on this goon that he's in WAY over his head?

    Maybe an enormous fart that is picked up on all the microphones, would convince him to go back to Texas and have his fun killing people.

  2. Anonymous7:58 PM

    You better believe Faux news et all would be all over this if they were Dems...

  3. sleuth18:10 PM

    he should have listened to sarah's advice to crib a cheat sheet on his palm..

  4. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Perry is starting to sound more like Sarah Palin.

    They both need teleprompters and they both need to write notes on their palms.

    What a bunch of retards.

    Now we know why Palin dropped out.

  5. While I'm no longer a member of the GOP, I'm still embarrassed to see that these are the BEST representatives of the rival political party. It just sets the bar so low that it doesn't push the Dem Party to be as good as it should be for all Americans.

    It's a shame that elections cannot be based upon who has the most creative, substantitive ideas to tackle the challenges our country faces. Instead, we get smoke and mirrors, divisive polarizing campaigns, and clown cars full of shallow idiots shilling for their corporate masters's interests without regard for the long-term effects on our country's economy and the welfare of our people.

    Today's GOP...

    Not exactly the part of ideas.

    Nor of the people.

  6. Anonymous8:18 PM

    The Texas governor drawled through his plan to cut three government agencies, but then stumbled and admitted that he couldn’t recall which ones they were.

    “And I will tell you, it is three agencies of government when i get there that are gone,” he said. “Commerce, education, and the — what’s the third one there? Let’s see.”

    He proceeded to struggle a bit while his rivals and the moderators tried to jog his memory.

    “Five,” he said. “Okay. Commerce, education, and the —”

    “EPA?” a moderator interrupted.

    “EPA,” Perry replied. “There you go.”

    But then he realized upon further prodding that that wasn’t what he meant at all.

    “No, sir, no, sir. We are talking about the — agencies of government,” he said. “EPA needs to be rebuilt.”

    Eventually he just gave up.

    “Commerce and, let’s see. I can’t,” he said. “The third one, I can’t. Sorry. Oops.”

    Later in the debate, during a separate question, he remembered what he’d been aiming for. “By the way, it was the Department of Energy I was after.”

  7. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Herman Cain Attacks House Democratic Leader As ‘Princess Nancy’

  8. Anonymous8:22 PM

    CNBC Debate Anchor Challenges Herman Cain Over ‘Princess Nancy’ Comment Given Recent Scandal

    After Wednesday night’s GOP debate on CNBC, candidate Herman Cain was asked about the booing that took place when he was asked about the allegations against him, as well as his decision to refer to Nancy Pelosi as “Princess Nancy.”

    “Princess Nancy,” asked CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla, “in referring to Speaker Pelosi… Why go there, why refer to her that way given the controversy surrounding you and women?

  9. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Video: Rick Perry In The Post-Debate Spin Room

    Rick Perry stopped by the spin room after the Michigan debate to offer this response to the epic moment where he forgot one of the three cabinet agencies he’s promised to eliminate:

    Perry in spin room: “I’m glad I have my boots on because I sure stepped in it tonight.”

    “I stepped in it, man. Yeah it was embarrassing.”

    Video from NBC News:

  10. Anonymous8:26 PM

    At least Sarah is smart enough to write her most important bullet points on her hand.

    In her defense, Sarah KNOWS how shallow and stupid she is, while P-Rick has yet to realize his own "thickness".

    It's sad that The Donald couldn't be up there with them to push the average IQ up a couple of points. At least Trump knows he's completely full of shit. No one in this bunch seems to have that same level of self-awareness.

    What a bunch of intellectual lightweights!

  11. Just watching "Princess"Pelosi on The Daily Show. She's smarter than all the lunkheads on the CNBC debate tonight. What is wrong with the audience at the debate? Booing because someone asks Cain about his character?

  12. There's been some speculation that Perry might ask Mrs. Palin to join him as his running mate (if the worst happens for the Republican Party, infiltrated by the tea bagger movement).

    Can you picture the two?? It'd be a possibility. And it could mean international disgrace for our country even when they don't win.

  13. Anonymous8:29 PM

    So where's Sarah with her snide and nasty assessment of the debates? She hasn't been on Fox for awhile now, has she? I wonder if they let her go? She usually is teed up on Greta or Sean but nada so far. Not a tweet or facebook about the losses she endorsed. Such a relief, though, I have to say.

  14. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Lawrence goes after Rick Perry and has Steve Schmidt and Alex Wagner on the show.

  15. Anonymous8:54 PM

    What a pathetic "debate". It's like these clowns think they're running against Obama as a team. I'm sure they wish they could since all of them together aren't even equal to one president Obama.

    And what's with the crowd booing questions about the pervert Herb's sexual assaults? I knew the GOP was anti-woman but usually they hide it better.

  16. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Did anyone else catch newts deer in the headlights moment when asked "what facts did the media get wrong about the economy?" he was stunned someone had the gall to ask him for facts to back it up!

  17. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Barbara @ 8:28

    I have heard that rumor, too. I'm sure old sarah is heaving a deep sigh of relief that she is debating right now. But if she is picked as his running mate, she'll have Biden again, and she came out of that having fooled the fools.

    Can you just imagine, the Dream Team. It would be a sight to behold, but I would rather not take that chance, no matter how slim.

  18. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Perry makes use of an old and very effective decision making process that I also use. It is called "eeny meeny miney mo".

  19. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Rick Perry's actual post-debate tweet:!/GovernorPerry/status/134481254623096834

    'Really glad I wore my boots 2nite because I stepped in it out there. I did still name 2 agencies to eliminate. Obama has never done that!'

    A. He's absolutely right. Obama has never named two agencies to eliminate. Why would he?

    B. Shut up, you stupid redneck.

  20. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Ex-SC GOP Official Calls Pelosi C-Word On Twitter, Tells TPM It Was A Joke

  21. OnionCreekTxforanyonebutPerry9:11 PM

    Rick Perry interviewed by the ONION!

    Onion: What about that little screwup at the debate?

    Rick: I really wanted to say 'Aw Hell everyone goofs up now and then', but with those fucking cameras and all those liberals and commies in the room I couldn't get the words out. I mean when people pay attention to what you are saying, and you can't even get the talking points right... that really gets old.

    Onion: Since we've had at least one Republican President come down with Alzheimers in office, do you think primary voters are worried about your lost in space minute?

    Rick: Hell they have enough trouble remembering where to go to vote. They aren't the sharpest shovels in the shed if you get my drift. Between lost on the way to vote and worried about our new electrocuting voting machines they won't give a shit who they vote for. Turnout will be high because of the new sweepstakes voting deal. You know,they just vote Republican and they get automatically entered to win $10 Million of Madoff's lost money.

    Onion: So how does all this translate to votes for you, especially that won't give a shit part?

    Rick : Oops again DAMMIT. I'll have to get the bootblack to clean my boots again. SHIT. There goes another $1.50.

    Onion: What about the electrocuting voting machines? Are those new?

    Rick: No worries unless you are illegal or democrat. You guys said you were with the Onion Creek Texas Tea Party didn't you?

    Onion: ????

    Rick: Ooops again.

    Onion: Anything to add other than oops? You did say "electrocuting voting machines" didn't you?

    Rick: Uhhh, maybe I did. We did get a legal opinion that the free sweepstakes entry makes up for the possibility of being electrocuted for casting a vote the machine doesn't like. I suppose now I said that you'll want to see the opinion too. Ooops.

  22. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Prediction: Sarah will find a way to insert herself into the news with some sort of ridiculous statement in the next 3-5 days. It's been too long since she made headlines and the narcissist needs her fix.

  23. Anonymous9:36 PM

    This wouldn't happen to Palin because she would have:
    (a) had the response written on her hand;
    (b) started talking about another, unrelated, issue;
    (c) winked at the panel;
    (d) criticized Obama

  24. Anonymous9:45 PM

    If Sarah needs a topic for her next attention seeking moment there is always the latest AKWTF post. Since she never reads the blogs, maybe someone can send her the link?

    Or this link?

  25. Gasman9:57 PM

    Naw, P.Rick's new slogan should be:

    "I stepped in it."

  26. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Should have written it on his hand

  27. Randall3:30 AM

    These folks are the best and the brightest that they have.

  28. Smirnonn3:35 AM

    Holy crap! What a moron!! This guy makes dubya look like a Rhodes Scholar. Hey Texas - WTF???

  29. Virginia Voter4:04 AM

    Somewhere in Texas a village is missing it's idiot.

  30. Anonymous4:16 AM

    This man is a comedic cornucopia....!

  31. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Gaffe-termath! Why Rick Perry’s Debate Blunder May Actually Help Him In The Polls

  32. Beldar Obama2012 Conehead5:50 AM

    Gryphen, as you may recall, I promised to provide you the top-secret final selection of GOP campaign slogans for each of the likely candidates. I can't identify my source but I think you'll agree these are highly credible.

    If it's Cain:
    Character! Meh.

    If it's Perry:
    EXPERIENCE! INTEGRITY! and... something... else...

    If it's Romney:
    He Believes Whatever YOU Believe!

    If it's Bachmann, Gingrich, Rick "GOOGLE ME, NOW!!!" Santorum or Ron Paul:
    seriously, I will eat my left shoe if anyone them, all of them are the nom. And that's not a slogan, that's a promise.

  33. Anonymous6:09 AM

    There are three things dumber then Rick Perry:

    rocks, pond scrum, uh, uh, uh, saltine, uh, uh, uh, sheet rock, no, uh, uh, uh, kudzu (?), no, uh, uh, uh, I'll tell you later.......ooops!

  34. Anonymous6:18 AM

    To all the goopers out there who keep saying things like "anyone who thinks Obama is going to be reelected is a delusional libtard" and other such nonsense, let's sum up the current crop of repbs, shall we?

    - a shallow android, loathed by conservatives, who will say anything to be president and who has flipped flopped on so many issues it's amazing he can remember his own name

    - a bugshit crazy congresswoman who thinks FEMA is setting up concentration camps and vaccines give kids a healthy shot of retardation

    - a governor who, if he were any dumber, would need to be watered twice a day (side note: Bush must be trilled that someday when people talk about "that idiot ex-governor from Texas, now there's only an even-money chance they're talking about him)

    - an anti-gay, anti-birth control, anti-anything that makes him the least bit uncomfy nitwit who could care less if the civil rights he wants to abolish conflict with the constitution, who is perhaps the single most unlikable person to run for the executive in 30 years

    - a serial sexual harasser (also possibly guilty of sexual assault) who is utterly incapable of giving a cogent answer to any question, including his own daffy economic plan

    - a dyed-in-the-wool libertarian who, for all his goofy likeability and hard-core following, has zero chance of scoring any electoral votes

    - an intelligent and decent former ambassador who worked for Obama (and thus has zero chance of getting the nom)

    - a former House speaker who exudes the same level of personal integrity as an eel.

    And you guys think Independents in vast numbers are going to vote against the President for one of these yahoos? Based on what, the fact that you don't like Obama?

    Obama will be re-elected. It's that simple. Get used to the idea. You want to come back on here and say I'm just a "libtard" now, be my guest, but be man enough to admit all you're basing your vast prognostication skills on are 1)where unemployment sits today (thanks to the gop), and 2) your unfettered hatred of Obama.

  35. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Perry: Bad. Cain? Worse. Another night at the circus with the GOP

    What can you say about a debate in which one candidate had perhaps the worst moment ever in a presidential debate — Rick Perry’s brain freeze about the third of the three government agencies he wants to eliminate — and he didn’t even give the most embarrassing performance?

    No, that would be Herman Cain. Look, he wasn’t going to be the nominee at any point during the cycle, and he certainly wasn’t going to be the nominee after it turned out he was an alleged serial sexual harasser. But after dragging American political rhetoric to a new low, referring to the House Minority Leader and a former speaker as “Princess Nancy,” it’s about time that Cain was called to account for insulting the American people and the political process for the farce that he’s engaging in. Whether it’s not knowing that China has nuclear weapons, or repeatedly botching his own position on abortion, or any of a number of other gaffes, Cain has made Perry look like a well-briefed genius throughout the campaign. And Wednesday night, he was even worse.

    Yes, he’s that bad.

    And so the debate season will continue. Can Perry’s campaign find a way to turn his inept performances into a plus? Seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened. No one else seems to be doing anything more than auditioning for a Fox News spot; unless I missed something, the only one during the entire session who even mildly attacked Mitt Romney was Jon Huntsman (on China-bashing), and he practically apologized for it while he was engaged in it.

    Real candidates who are actually trying to win do more. Cain, Gingrich, Bachmann? Nope.

  36. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Michigan Debate Reax

    Rich Lowry:
    That might be the most uncomfortable moment I’ve ever witnessed in presidential politics.

    Larry Sabato:
    To my memory, Perry's forgetfulness is the most devastating moment of any modern primary debate.

    [Perry is] down to 4.9 percent now on InTrade; before the debate he was at 9.3 percent. Remember two months ago when he was going to be the guy who saved us from Romney?

    Adam Sorensen:
    Watching Rick Perry fail to recall the third part of his own answer in tonight’s debate was like watching a thoroughbred get euthanized on the track. It was shocking, grisly and impossible to look away.

    Alex Massie:
    You can stick a fork in [Perry], he's done.

    Joe Gandelman:
    I wonder: Will Rick Perry remember which office he’s running for? Impressions: I can’t see Cain losing any ground with this debate (even if it increasingly seems like a fitting campaign slogan for Cain would be “The White House or bust.”) Romney holding firm. Gingrich waiting in wings as Anti-Perry understudy for Cain.

    Matt Yglesias:
    [N]obody should be allowed to get away with hazily waving at whole cabinet departments without talking about what, exactly, it is they’re saying should happen. My strong suspicion is that Perry actually has no idea what the scope of the Energy department’s defense-related activities are and is just running his mouth off.

    Adam Serwer:
    While having the majority of women you've met not accuse you of sexual harassment might seem like a low bar for a human being, let alone a presidential candidate, the debate audience cheered enthusiastically.

    Ewen MacAskill:
    Cowardice on the part of the journalists on the debate panel. Having raised the sexual harassment issues with Cain, they backed off after being booed by the audience. Having raised it, they should have seen it through, putting it to at least a few of the candidates.

    Daniel Foster:
    It should not be lost that Herman Cain called a person who could plausibly be third in line to his presidency “Princess Nancy.” I don’t care for Nancy Pelosi. I might even, in a stroke of inspiration, call her “Princess.” But I am not running for president.

    Ace of Spades:
    I'd like to know if people really think non-super-partisan Americans will be similarly willing to overlook the fact that Cain doesn't seem to know anything.

    Will Wilkinson:
    Romney continues to finish better than second while somehow now exactly "winning". Herman Cain's failure to show any development in the breadth and depth of his ideas is making it increasingly clear that he's little more than a genial bullshitter. Huntsman again had several opportunities to really stand out by articulating an intellectually credible moderate position, but he lacks killer instinct. He can't rhetorically close the deal even when he's won the point. Perry's senior moment seemed like accidental seppuku.

    Joseph Lawler:
    Romney was on point, as usual. Tonight he faced only the weakest and most halfhearted criticisms of his record, including on health care. At one point he echoed Ron Paul's call for free-market, patient-centered health care -- without drawing comment from any of the others. Maybe the others have just given up on attacking Romney on health care.

    Taegan Goddard:
    Mitt Romney prevailed in yet another GOP debate. He was the home team candidate on his home turf: the economy and jobs. He's comfortable on the stage and is at least a full notch above the other candidates.

  37. Beldar Obama2012 Conehead6:29 AM

    "You know I think "Oops" should be this dipshit's new campaign slogan."

    Gryphen, your snarky lack of respect for the Commander in Chief of Texas is appalling and yet predictable for an ADMITTED progressive like you. The man, regardless of how humiliatingly inadequate his intelligence appears to be, was elected multiple times by his constituents - regardless of how humiliatingly inadequate their collective intelligence appears to be - and deserves a modicum of respect even from people who do not agree with him!

    Please, in the future, refer to him as Governor Dipshit.

  38. Beldar J Conehead6:44 AM

    Hey, Gryphen, I just finished reading every comment for this post and have to say - with the exception of the frivolous ones by yours truly and a few others - you attract a really articulate, insightful (and 'incite'ful, also, too) group of engaged readers. That's equally as impressive as the original entries you post every day. I'm really pleased to see how you've transitioned from "All-Screechy All-The-Time" to a wide range of important, interesting topics with a consistent well-defined point of view. Good job, sir!

  39. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Yup, let's eliminate uh, . . . uh . . . you know, that agency that supervises all of our nuclear power plants (and sets their earthquake standards), the one that guards Lawrence Livermore Labs and Los Alamos. Yeah, THAT one!!!!

  40. Anonymous7:03 AM

    They should have asked WHY he wants to eliminate them - I bet he doesn't know, he was just instructed to do it.

    If he had a reason in mind to eliminate Departments, he certainly would remember which departments they were.

  41. GOP debates are like a bad comedy show. white house.

  42. Anonymous7:24 AM

    SPOT ON!

  43. A friend of mine had the best comment regarding P-Rick’s performance last night.

    “Earth to Perry: if you’re going to dismantle three government agencies, placing thousands of people out of work, it might behoove you to remember what the agencies ARE.”

  44. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Can't wait for Saturday Night live this weekend. They are gonna chew him up, he makes it so easy!

  45. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Texas Bullshit: The worst kind.

  46. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Perry, I believe,has never had to actually do anything to win but be a Republican run and payback his supporter out of public funds.

    He literally does not know how to run, now to preach to anyone who is not in his own choir, or even to answer questions that require anything but boilerplate BS.

  47. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I watched the entire debate, and I have to give credit to the moderators who asked the questions, especially Maria Bartorolomo (sp?), for some pretty damn serious questions.

    The whole lot of them failed miserably, Ricky and Herbie showed their true ignornance the best.

    The "it" that Perry refers to when saying "I stepped in it" is a fresh, warm pile of Santorum.

    Can't wait for the comedy cycle. SNL will have the best ratings since Tina Fey played Pain.


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