Thursday, November 10, 2011

OWS protestors interrupt Michele Bachmann speech forcing her off the stage. Yet another reason to support the protestors!

Courtesy of Fox News:

About 30 Occupy Wall Street protesters have interrupted a foreign policy speech by Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann in South Carolina. 

Bachmann was delivering the speech Thursday on the deck of the mothballed aircraft carrier USS Yorktown near Charleston when the protesters stood up and began shouting, "Mike check!" 

They told her she was more concerned with dividing Americans than helping them. They chanted for about three minutes while the Minnesota congresswoman left the stage. 

The protesters eventually walked off the ship after she left.

This is a breaking story, so the facts are still coming in, but I believe this protest may have been in response to Bachmann complaining about the OWS protestors the other day and telling them to stop blaming the top 1% for the country's problems. She needs to realize that the protestors were not going to accept that without an argument.

Personally I really enjoy watching somebody shut Bachmann up once in awhile.


  1. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Power to the People!

    Take that, Michelle.

  2. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Ouch. Much as I understand the feelings, and have little regard for Bachman's intellect, I cringe at the silencing of a political candidate. It fuels their victim status, reinforces their followers, and makes it harder to complain when someone tries to silence a candidate I do want to hear.

    I don't think silencing her is the solution.

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Speaking of the 99% and the 1%,

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Oh my. Fox will have fun with this. Bravo to OWS.

  5. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Aww poor Shelly...

    She loved it when the tea-turds shut down the townhalls during the healthcare debate. Those were "rill" Americans and only "rill" Americans have a First Amendment right to protest doncha know. I love how she runs from real democracy in action. Conservatives and Rethuglitards are the biggest cowards out there.

    They are all for protesting when it's astroturfed audience plants but when it's real citizens fed up with the BS going on in this country, they flee the stage...LOL. What a bunch of pussies(the men too)

    Cue the troll who will whine about Obama, Dems and Liberals in 3...2...1

  6. Anonymous1:46 PM

    @ 1:38 PM

    I'm in complete agreement. Well said.

  7. Anonymous1:54 PM

    They didn't silence her, she's just such a coward and scaredy cat that she runs away. If she was presidential material, she would have stayed and responded professionally, but she isn't and she bolted. Don't blame the protesters for shutting her down, she shut herself down and it's not the first time, she runs away from any confrontation. She always has.

  8. He, he...there were more protesters than actual supporters. Ole Buggy Eyes should be thanking them for getting her some badly needed press.

  9. eclecticsandra1:59 PM

    I don't think this is the American way to make opinions known. Just because the Tea Party did it doesn't make it right for anyone else. I don't know how this venue was organized, but it seems that they were parasites to take it over.

  10. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Yeah, not right, sorry. Civil rights means civil rights for all, especially for those with whom you disagree, or it means nothing.

    And you mean nothing.

    They could have stood up and accomplished something with a 30 second or one minute chant, then sat down and allowed her to speak.

    What they did was hurt their own cause. And themselves.


  11. Anonymous2:05 PM

    If it wasn't okay for the tea partiers to shout down town hall debates, why is it okay for OWS to shut down a political candidate.

    Silencing of dissent is bad for democracy.


  12. Anonymous2:10 PM

    These Repubs need to be told and shown how people feel about them. I'm all for the demonstations countering her presentation. Only wish more of that had been done to Palin these past couple of years when she was trying to include herself in everything.

    It's a different world out there when you are running for the President of the United States.

  13. Anonymous2:15 PM

    But... but... Shelly... you loved it when the tea.baggers pulled this in 2010 at all those Dem. Townhall meetings. THEN you called it "free speech".

  14. Anonymous2:20 PM

    wow.....that was beautiful!

  15. Anonymous2:26 PM

    This is just awesome:

  16. Anonymous2:34 PM

    She's a chicken. She can't take a few protesters?

  17. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I have a feeling the young people are ones who will not "sit down and shut up." This is only the beginning.

  18. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I can't think of anyone-other than Palin-more deserving of such a visible lambasting.

  19. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I spewed my coffee all over my keyboard, when I got to just where it said: "...foreign policy speech."

    What a laugh...that this bozo (-ette?) would even TRY to sound knowledgeable about things in OTHER countries, when she has no idea of the realities of THIS one.

    And as someone who cheered on the misguided Tea Party protestors, to come out against the people who are sincerely out to do something for those who are NOT billionaires, is just too ironic for words.

  20. Anonymous2:54 PM

    The difference between teabagger protesters at Dem speeches and Occupy protesters is that the former don't mind showing a lot of rage, being threatening, and strapping on a gun, while the latter are peaceful, say their piece, and act civil.

    If you're afraid of peaceful protesters, there's something wrong with you--it also means you know your position can be whittled down to nothing. Peaceful protesters threaten no one.

  21. Anonymous2:59 PM

    She looked like a scared little rabbit all buggy eyed. Why didn't she take command of the situation and respond to the chanters. She was whisked away from the stage like she was in danger or something. She can throw the verbal bombs, but when it comes to being confronted on her crap, she runs. Those protesters were doing exactly what is American, expressing their views respectfully, without violence. For anyone to say otherwise is flat out wrong. She doesn't get to spew her filth about our president and citizens of this country, without getting some blowback from those of us who find her lying and fact twisting to be reprehensible. Those people are to be commended for their courage. She doesn't have the gumption to stand up for much of anything she's really in the trenches, it's only when she's protected and shielded that she acts the bully that she is. Otherwise, she is a poor excuse lobbing from the sidelines. I fully support what they did. FULLY. If she had a clue, she could have turned that into an amazing win, speaking to their concerns, but she can't because she's a fraud.

  22. Hi Michele, Welcome Back!

    Quick question, Are you and Marcus still collecting Federal Funds to finance your "Pray Away The Gay" clinic?

  23. Anonymous3:23 PM

    PRIOR: If you're afraid of peaceful protesters, there's something wrong with you--it also means you know your position can be whittled down to nothing. Peaceful protesters threaten no one.

    RESPONSE: Peaceful protest does not include silencing others.

  24. angela3:37 PM

    I agree with what the protesters did. Bachmann didn't have to leave. She could have engaged them. But she is an empty pant suit. If she's going to run from a few protesters how the hell does this tea bagger think she can be president?

    I am sick of know nothings like Bachmann raging against anyone who isn't a right wing theocratic nut bag or a corporation. This loser has no balls as long as she isn't egging on armed racists.

  25. Anonymous3:43 PM

    She also wanted to make sure EVERY American pays taxes - the poorest should pay at least 'two Happy Meals worth'...

    About time someone shuts these idiots up!

  26. It's a tough call. I hated it when the Teabaggers did it. I thought it was rude and incredibly offensive. While I think she deserved it based on her own past behavior, I figure she can shoot herself in the foot (and please pardon the shooting comparison) without that kind of help from anyone else. I think we need to be careful not to go over the line and be no better than the TB'rs.

  27. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Anon@1:41: BULLSH*T!!!

  28. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I love the trolls that come here 'If it is not ok for the teapartiers to do it, it should not be OK for these guys to do it'
    Yeah, I agree - to some extend. However, eating your own medicine is bitter sometimes, isn't it!

  29. Marleycat4:07 PM

    I would love to have been there! I am so proud of these people for forcing her to shut her mouth and leave the stage. Just desserts!

    It may not be a solution, but when a candidate basically has nothing truthful to say other than hate, makes no effort as a Congresswoman to represent her constituency other than to support the 1%, preaches a fundamentalist platform that means to take away people's right to choose for themselves, and rails against the poor, elderly, and disabled - while she and her husband are raking in taxpayer dollars to enrich themselves, it really doesn't bother me at all.

    I am also really glad that Glenn Beck no longer has a show on FOX, and if Rush Limbaugh could lose his voice I'd be even happier.

    OWS protesters were exercising their free speech rights, too - if she can't handle a response to the criticsm she gave against them, too bad. If only people had shouted down Hitler when he began his reign of terror.

    Hear, hear, Anon@1:43pm!

  30. Wonderful!!!!!!!!
    Elaine in Canada

  31. Anonymous5:12 PM

    You mean she didn't run screaming out of the building the moment they started their organized human bullhorn speech?

    She finally held it together in the face of adversity.

  32. Anonymous5:21 PM

    The Hill blog is reporting that Cantor got interrupted for about 3 minutes in Houston Tx at Rice Univ. by OWS. I bet he didn't expect to get that treatment in Tx. We get bashed in Tx all the time but some of us aren't rightwing idiots. I am so glad they did this, that it was Cantor, and that it was in Tx. Take that Repubs! The Repubs have angered many in Tx. I can't do the link but it is worth reading.

  33. Is this what Sarah Palin is waiting for?

    "Conservatives uniting to defeat Romney"

    "...Akbar hopes the effort will help provide a framework to gather leaders behind the conservative candidate who will eventually become the movement’s preferred option to Romney.

    'We’re treading water until this viable candidate presents him- or herself,' Akbar said, suggesting it will happen sometime after Florida’s primary on Jan. 31."
    "One, the Western Representation PAC, plans to air TV and radio ads statewide close to the New Hampshire primary. New Hampshire is a state that is widely credited as Romney’s to lose and he has staked his campaign’s fortune on winning there. According to co-founder Dustin Stockton, the group is “on pace” to raise more than half a million in funds targeted specifically to stop Romney in the state.

    The PAC, founded in 2009, includes various Tea Party activists, including Joe Miller, who lost his bid for an Alaska Senate seat to establishment candidate Lisa Murkowski in 2010."

  34. Marelycat said...

    "I am also really glad that Glenn Beck no longer has a show on FOX, and if Rush Limbaugh could lose his voice I'd be even happier."

    Well Rush did lose his hearing so we're half way there eh'.

    @ the fuck did you get in here!....*looking around for my troll spray....ah there it is....behind the sofa....SSPPRRAAAYYYY! Not sure how long it will last but maybe we should all leave for awhile while it's back later!

  35. She could easily have stood up to the protesters like Elizabeth Warren did last week when the protester called her a "socialist whore". By running away from the opportunity for a teachable moment, she shows that she is a coward!

  36. Anonymous6:48 PM

    @407: , it really doesn't bother me at all.

    Does it bother you when some conservative who things that what Obama says is garbage interrupts Obama? Is the standard that if a listener thigns the speaker speaks garbage that it's okay to interrupt them?

  37. Anonymous6:49 PM

    3:49: I love the trolls that come here 'If it is not ok for the teapartiers to do it, it should not be OK for these guys to do it'
    Yeah, I agree - to some extend. However, eating your own medicine is bitter sometimes, isn't it!

    RESPONSE: Do you believe that if we don't agree with you, or Gryphen's post, that makes us trolls? How does that differentiate you from C4P?

  38. Anonymous9:13 PM

    She's such a coward- but what isn't shown in this clip is that she came back to the podium after they left, and said "don't you just love free speech". So to the people "on the fence" or calling it "Silencing her", bullshit.

    She should know that if she's elected ( ha ha ha ha rotfl ha ha ha ha), she represents ALL people.

    Anyone ever see President Obama run off stage, behind a unformed guard? No. He stands and listens calmly, lets the people speak their minds, and then respectfully continues his speech.
    When a fucktard Republican screamed "You Lie" , he didn't flinch, but the offender was reminded of protocol rules in the setting of the White House, and the President took it in stride and kept speaking.

    It's called free speech for a reason. It's a constitutional right protected by the first amendment.

    Snark on
    During her break off stage, she stripped naked and told Marcus to cover her in Purel before putting her clothes back on and going in front of her adoring crowd.
    Snark off

  39. Anonymous2:38 AM

    Good. blechmann deserves to reap some of the harvest from the divisiveness that the likes of her and paylump have sown. She is a disaster and MN 6th had better get their shit together and finally vote this fundie tard out.

  40. Snark on
    During her break off stage, she stripped naked and told Marcus to cover her in Purel before putting her clothes back on and going in front of her adoring crowd.
    Snark off

    MB's reaction:

    Ew Ew Ew Ew, naked lady! Ew ew ew!

  41. What a large group Bachmann has supporting her-NOT! Why bother wasting the money of her supporters when she doesn't have a chance in hell of winning a primary and nobody is going to ask her to be their V.P. after the '08 debacle with Palin. It's funny seeing her almost running backstage from a small group of people who are only speaking out against her. Thank God, they aren't like the TP'ers who want to have the right to carry concealed weapons to their rallies. They were there to shut you up, Michele, and it worked for awhile so it was worth it.

    How dare she use the argument about veterans day when she voted for decreasing veterans benefits just last year? Another RW hypocrite at work.

  42. Anonymous5:43 AM

    She wasn't "silenced". She could have stood right there, let them finish, and have a strong conversation with them. But she is a coward.
    She has no original thoughts.
    And she was giving a speech on foreign policy? I mean, seriously, how intelligent of a conversation could that have been??/
    She should have stayed and addressed them, instead of walking out like a coward.
    What you didn't see was at the beginning of the tape Marcus throws his hands over his head and runs away screaming like a little dump bump...


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