Sunday, November 06, 2011

Rick Perry may NOT have been intoxicated during that speech in New Hampshire, but he is obviously HAMMERED on SNL.

(If video does not play just click here.)

I was going to stay up to watch all of SNL last night, but only made it through the Ghaddafi cold opening and then apparently slipped into a coma.  Thankfully I have a DVR because it looks pretty damn funny.


  1. Anonymous5:57 AM

    That was hysterical. Emmy winning worthy.

  2. Virginia Voter6:05 AM

    The King of Texas should have never left his realm.

    Unfortunately for Rick, this was spot on. He...ambien and beer.

  3. Anonymous6:20 AM

    This is one case where the actual Perry performance was funnier than the parody. And the parody is hysterical.

    Thanks G!

  4. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Hilarious! I saw the original with Rick Perry and this one isn't too far from it. The dude is on something!

  5. That was great! They do know how to nail it.

    Finished off last night with V is for Vendetta. Watched it with a friend who had never seen it and said "I'll watch part of it. I probably won't stay awake for all of it!"

    Ha...glued to it!

  6. Anonymous7:05 AM

    It's a bad day for Penn State and Joe Paterno.

    Press release issued by Pennsylvania Atttorney General yesterday.

    "Child sex charges filed against Jerry Sandusky; two top Penn State University officials charged with perjury & failure to report suspected child abuse

    HARRISBURG - Attorney General Linda Kelly and Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan today announced that criminal charges have been filed against three Centre County men as the result of an extensive and wide-reaching grand jury investigation into reports of the sexual abuse of children.

    The defendants include:

    Gerald Arthur "Jerry" Sandusky, age 67, of 130 Grandview Road, State College, former Defensive Coordinator for the Penn State University football team and founder of The Second Mile, a charitable organization that operates programs for young people.
    Timothy Mark Curley, age 57, of 201 Meadowlark Lane, Boalsburg, the Director of Athletics for Penn State University.
    Gary Charles Schultz, age 62, of 636 Rosslyn Road, Boalsburg, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business at Penn State University, a position that includes oversight of the Penn State University Police Department.

    "This is a case about a sexual predator who used his position within the university and community to repeatedly prey on young boys," Kelly said. "It is also a case about high-ranking university officials who allegedly failed to report the sexual assault of a young boy after the information was brought to their attention, and later made false statements to a grand jury that was investigating a series of assaults on young boys.

    "I hope people will understand that any suspicion of sexual abuse should be reported to the police," Commissioner Noonan said. "Sexual abuse is a serious issue and children are often scared to tell anyone about the abuse - many cases are hidden for years - but by informing the police they can stop it."

    The Grand Jury report is at a link in this press release. See pages 6 and 7 to read about the Paterno Grand Jury testimony.

  7. Funny! Although I will never believe he WAS NOT drunk during his New Hampshire speech....EVER. I was a bartender for 30 years, I KNOW a drunk when I see one. :D

  8. Anonymous7:24 AM

    The Perry Camp claiming he wasn´t drunk is worse than admitting he was chitfaced. Makes me wonder if he was toasted on narcotics.

    Perry reminded me of Palin. He does wear a lot of makeup. Do his shoes fit?

    I can´t wait until he starts wearing a crooked wig.

    Pass me that bowl of popcorn.

  9. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Sarah does incognito well.

    She disguises herself as a bald senior citizen man.

  10. Rick Perry + Ambien = Sarah Palin on a good day.

    OBAMA landslide in 2012!! And let's give our dear, hard-working President the Congress he deserves to get our Country back on track . . . not the one we have now that's filled with TRAITORS and RACISTS.

  11. Dear God, I am smitten with Bill, I may not be objective in saying this skit was the best part of one of the funniest Weekend Updates and SNLs ever. They illuminated Rick Perry and Herman Cain in less than 4 minutes. Anybody else think Hader played Perry hammered AND gay?

  12. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Anon 7:05

    As a resident of Pennsylvania, I'm beyond disgusted with this whole bombshell. Joe Pat did report it and nothing was done about it for years. What pissed me off even more, is he KNEW nothing was done, and didn't pursue the issue further


    And these kids were the most vulerable and innocent victims. Penn State is an excellent public university, and now it's reputation has been tarnished

  13. Anonymous7:39 PM

    For years, SNL flatlined, but since Tina Fey did the fraud grifter, it's been getting better and better.

    This was a riot! Can't wait for them to do Cain, then Santorum.

  14. hauksdottir6:51 AM

    When SNL gets around to doing Willard, will the actor be wearing "magic underwear" (I envision a 1930s swimsuit with lace trim and arcane symbols embroidered all over it) as various barbed comments bounce off... until someone asks about the terrified dog on the roof of his car and someone else runs into the scene with a firehose.

    Run, Willard, run!


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